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Thread: Las Noches Peruanos/Peruvian Nights

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    Las Noches Peruanos/Peruvian Nights

    Hello board,

    I haven't written in quite some time (and long since forgot my password on this site), but I hope you enjoy this story. It is written with some dialogue in Spanish, and typed into a text editor that does not allow for special characters. Apologies if that makes it at all hard to read, but understanding the Spanish is not critical to understanding the story.

    Las Noches Peruanos/Peruvian Nights


    "Hablas el ingles?"

    The hispanic girl smiled at me and shook her head no. She took a sip of her drink and glanced over to where my girlfriend Sarah was sitting, watching. It was a warm night in Cucso, Peru, and the bar we were in had a nice atmosphere.

    "Mi novia y yo queremos beber contigo, y hablar. Esta bien?"

    She looked at me appraisingly, and then again over to my girlfriend.

    "Si, por supuesto," she responded, and waved Sarah over to our table. As my girlfriend made her way over to us, the hispanic girl stretched, brushing her chest against my arm. Sarah came up next to me and held my arm, her own chest now pressed against me as she introduced herself.

    "Hi, I'm Sarah. It's nice to meet you," Sarah said, offering her hand to shake.

    "Marisol," replied the Peruvian girl, as she grasped Sarah's hand confidently. The girls looked each other up and down, and I knew Sarah was making mental comparisons between their bodies.

    "Marisol doesn't speak any English, sweetheart, but I can definitely translate for both of you," I said, putting my arm around my girlfriend. "Why don't we all sit down and order some more drinks?"

    I took a seat next to Marisol, and Sarah sat on the other side of me.

    "Her body is just like mine, I can't believe she's into us too," my girlfriend said quietly to me. "Does she know that we're looking for more than just a threesome?"

    "Well, let's get to know her a little and find out, huh?" I responded, waving down the bartender.


    It seemed incredible that just a short time ago, I was completely unaware of the direction my life was about to take. It was after sex one night in our shared apartment that Sarah and I were cuddled up, talking about whatever came to mind. With her lithe, athletic, naked body in my arms, that conversation quickly went back to sex.

    "Come on, you don't have any fantasies? Nothing you would try in your wildest dreams?" I asked her, kissing her neck.

    "Well," Sarah started hesitantly. "I don't think I should say. What if you're not into it?"

    "But what if I am? Either way that's better than not telling me at all," I reasoned.

    "I've always wondered what it would be like..." she started again.

    "If you need some persuasion, just let me know," I teased, tracing my fingers slowly down her body.

    "Mmm yes please," she moaned gently, closing her eyes as my fingers found their way down to her inner thighs.

    "You know I'm just going to tease you until you tell me, right?" I whispered into her ear.

    "Okay, okay," she said, looking at me. "I want to compete against another woman's body."

    Completely caught off-guard, and very turned on, I gave her an emphatic yes.

    "If we are really going to do this, we should go somewhere new and exciting, right?" Sarah asked.

    "Yes, absolutely," I replied. "Is this going to be a competition with you and the other girl, or am I involved in this fantasy of yours somehow too?" I asked hopefully.

    "Every competition needs a prize, right?" She grinned, grabbing my now rock-hard cock and kissing me deeply.

    "God damn this is going to be fun," I thought to myself as Sarah kissed me passionately.


    "Ask her if she's ever kissed a girl before," Sarah said to me. We had been hitting things off with Marisol, and she was flirting with me and even with Sarah as we drank at the bar.

    "Has besado a una chica?" I asked.

    "He hecho mas que eso," Marisol replied, resting a hand on my knee and leaning forward across me to show off her chest to Sarah before blowing her a kiss. I could see that Marisol wasn't wearing a bra, and I knew that my girlfriend wasn't either.

    "I've done more than that," I relayed to Sarah, grinning. Sarah breathed in slightly and looked at Marisol with anticipation.

    "How does she feel about a competition?" asked Sarah intently.

    "Como sientas sobre una competencia?" I asked the black-haired girl to my right.

    Marisol furrowed her brow and looked quizzically at Sarah, and then to me. Slowly she began to smile with realization, and in response she locked eyes with Sarah. Slowly, I felt her start to slide her hand up my right thigh toward my growing manhood.

    "Does that answer your question?" I asked Sarah, who steeled her blue eyes to Marisol's brown.

    My girlfriend brought her hand quickly to my left thigh, sliding up to match the teasingly slow pace of Marisol's. They were on a tantalizingly slow collision course, and I couldn't believe my luck. With the crowded bar no one seemed to notice the beginnings of an erotic competition taking place right next to them.
    As the girls' hands reached the crotch of my pants, I knew they could both feel the bulge formed beneath them. Both girls' hands traced the outline of my hard cock, and then continued on so that Sarah's hand met Marisol's. I breathed a small sigh of excitement as both girls started to move their hands together up and down my cock.
    I could feel their hands struggling against each other, Marisol trying to slide her hands over my cock and Sarah trying to claim what was hers, all the while never breaking eye contact. Both girls had leaned into me now, staring each other down with their chests pressed into my arms and their hands moving in unison, struggling for control of me.

    Abruptly, Marisol leaned away and broke their eye contact. Finishing her drink, she stood up and kissed me on the cheek, looking for Sarah's response. Then, she put her hand on my chest and leaned in to whisper in my ear.

    "Quiere una competencia su novia, si? A ella les gusta los dardos?"

    With that, Marisol kissed me quickly on the lips and walked off in the direction of the dart board, showing off her ass along the way.

    "She's perfect," Sarah said to me, kissing me deeply. "I can't wait to get her taste off your lips, and put her in her fucking place."

    "She wants to play you in darts first, babe." I said.

    "I wonder what else she has in mind," Sarah said, walking off confrontationally after Marisol.

    The two stood next to each other for a while, throwing darts and sizing each other up. It was really pretty incredible how close their physiques were to each other: height, hair length, breast size, matched up down to the last detail. From where I was standing, I really couldn't see anything to separate the two of them physically, and they were realizing the same.

    I walked over to Sarah, who was finalizing the darts contest with Marisol.

    "301, best of three, winner gets a makeout session in the alley behind the bar with Corey while the other girl watches," Sarah said to Marisol.

    "Si," was Marisol's reply when I told her the rules of the contest. "pero primero, que sobre una leccion?"

    "She says she wants to give you a lesson, babe," I said to Sarah.

    She gestured to Sarah to stand and start the darts game, and then came up behind her.

    "Como esto," Marisol said gently behind Sarah, handing her a dart. Marisol turned her to face the dart board, and from behind grabbed her right hand and cocked it back. Marisol pressed her chest into Sarah's back and was breathing instructions in Spanish into her ear as she rocked Sarah's hand back and forth in a throwing motion. I was turned on just watching my girlfriend being touched by another girl.

    Showing her how to stand, Marisol put her left hand on Sarah's navel, just below her now slightly heaving breasts, and pulled Sarah back into her own body. I could tell Sarah was getting turned on by how close Marisol was to her and the hold she had on her, but Sarah wasn't going to let her get the upper hand that easily. She arched her back, pushing her ass gently into Marisol's crotch before she started grinding subtly back and forth. I saw Marisol shudder, and grab Sarah more firmly.

    Marisol let her hand drop to Sarah's hip as she directed her left leg back a little, being sure to slide her hand up my girlfriend's thigh as Sarah grinded against her crotch. They seemed lost in their own world, each trying their best to excite the other when Marisol took it to the next level. She groped Sarah's left tit from behind, and bit her ear gently as she continued to whisper Spanish rapidly in hot breath.

    Finally, Marisol had enough and left Sarah, who looked like she was trying her best not to fuck her right there in the bar. Marisol also looked a little flustered, but her plan had worked to perfection. Two quick games and Sarah lost handedly.

    "Fuck," Sarah said in genuine frustration. Marisol looked smugly at her, and then her eyes flashed to me. Sarah still looked flustered from what Marisol had done to her earlier, and I wondered how much longer we could continue our competition out in public.

    "Venga conmigo," Marisol said, taking my hand in hers and leading me out of the bar. Sarah reluctantly followed us out to the alley we had seen earlier. As soon as Sarah came around the corner and could see us, Marisol pulled me in to a passionate kiss. Her hands explored my chest and body as kissed me hungrily, and I returned her excitement and passion in kind. Pressing her against the wall, I let my hand wander up her shirt and grabbed her chest, feeling her moaning into my throat and her legs spread slightly. Now we were grinding against each other, and I knew Marisol was loving the fact that Sarah could do nothing but watch.

    She stopped kissing me for a moment and looked over to Sarah, who seemed angry and horny watching us. It felt strange to make out so passionately with another girl in front of my girlfriend, but that was the stakes of the competition, and I knew Sarah was going to do everything in her power to exact her revenge.

    "That's enough," said Sarah walking up to us, and Marisol and I broke apart. "Now it's my turn."

    Marisol started to protest that Sarah had lost, but Sarah interrupted her.

    "I'm not talking about him," Sarah said, and to my surprise, she walked in close to Marisol and took my place. Pushing Marisol against the wall, Sarah started kissing her just as passionately as I had. I think she was taking the anger and jealousy out on her, and Marisol was taken by surprised at this turn of events. Both of the girls were so turned on by each other from earlier, it didn't take long for them to start moaning loudly into each others' mouths. The next part of our sexual contest was on, and I could hardly contain my own excitement.

    Breasts rubbed against breasts and hands grabbed hair as the two mashed their lips together, exchanging spit and fully exploring each others' tongues with their own. I could hear Marisol moaning more intensely as Sarah's hands found the same breasts I had just been fondling, and she returned the favor, sliding her hands up Sarah's shirt and eliciting an excited cry. Pressed in close together, both girls had shifted their weight so that their crotch was grinding up against the other girls' thigh.

    As Sarah became lost in the kiss, Marisol opened her beautiful brown eyes and saw her opportunity. She pushed off against the wall and flipped the position, so that she had Sarah pinned against the wall. Sarah gave a startled "Oomp", and broke the kiss for a moment, catching her breath. Marisol dove in immediately, her white teeth gently biting Sarah's exposed neck as she kissed and breathed warm air onto my girlfriend's sensitive skin.

    Pushing their tits together and resuming their kiss, Marisol knew she had my girlfriend on the ropes. Sensing the time was ripe, she slipped her hand down the front of Sarah's pants. Sarah's eyes widened in shock and desire as she felt this other girl's touch on her pussy for the very first time. After all the teasing and touching, I knew it wouldn't take long for Marisol to bring Sarah to the point of losing all control.

    Marisol kept her lips connected hungrily to Sarah's, and was pushing her tongue down Sarah's willing throat, greedily slamming and swirling her tongue inside Sarah's mouth. Sarah was doing everything she could to fight back against her opponent, but her arms were flailing as she desperately tried to gain some ground against the Peruvian girl. Pinned against the wall and becoming overcome with pleasure, Sarah's face showed it all. How overwhelmed she was by Marisol's deep-tongued kiss, how it felt to have Marisol's firm tits rubbing sensually against her own, and the anticipation of Marisol's fingers rubbing tantalizingly along the outside of her pussy.

    Suddenly, Sarah's whole body arched back and her hands grabbed Marisol's back. I knew Marisol had slipped her fingers inside my girlfriend's dripping wet pussy, and Sarah had given up any semblance of fighting back. Her head thrown back in ecstasy, she could only claw at Marisol's back as the Peruvian girl finger fucked her. It only took a few more thrusts from Marisol before my girlfriend came, letting a muffled scream escape into Marisol's mouth. Her body shuddered and gave way completely to Marisol's as she rode the waves of her orgasm.

    Marisol didn't let Sarah come down easily. Keeping my girlfriend pinned by the chest against the wall, Marisol kept her fingers and her tongue inside Sarah's body, teasing and coaxing her orgasm out of her. I could see my beautiful blonde girlfriend shaking and quivering with each thrust, gasping for air as Marisol forced her tongue into Sarah's mouth. She was completely in control, and she was reveling in having won the first real sexual competition of the night.

    Finally, Marisol removed her fingers from my girlfriend's cum-filled pussy and took her tongue out of her mouth, backing away from her slightly. Sarah was breathing heavily and slid down the wall dazed, catching her breath. Marisol looked over at me and licked my girlfriend's cum off her fingers slowly, suggestively. I knew that Marisol was turned on just as much as Sarah was, and had Sarah been the one to start fingering her first, things would have gone the other way.

    Marisol started to walk over to me, but stopped and turned back to Sarah. She walked over to my girlfriend and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back so that she was looking up at Marisol. Without a word, Marisol opened Sarah's mouth with her other hand and spit into it, the mix of her saliva, Sarah's saliva, and Sarah's cum dripping its way into my girlfriends mouth.

    Sarah accepted this mixture, never breaking her eye contact with Marisol. She swallowed all of what Marisol had given her, and stood back up. Sarah licked her lips and stared defiantly at Marisol, nose to nose and tits almost touching.

    "This contest is nowhere near over, bitch," Sarah said.

    Marisol moved in closer so that their chests made contact, eliciting a faint moan from both of them. Their lips were almost touching, as Marisol breathed back, "Solamente estamos empiezando, puta."

    Sarah gave Marisol a kiss, and I thought another fight was going to break out right here. Marisol had other ideas though, as she came over to me and gave me a deep kiss. I could taste my girlfriend's fluids all over Marisol's lips, and I was so hard from watching this sexual contest that I couldn't help but grind my crotch into Marisol's.

    She stopped kissing me for a moment, and I could feel her hand reaching down to unbutton my pants. I helped her spring my cock free and she grasped it in her hand, resuming our kiss as she pleasured me. I could see Sarah looking on angrily, but Marisol was loving the feeling of victory. She knelt down in front of me and took my cock in her mouth, expertly bobbing her head back and forth while her big brown eyes looked up at mine.

    It wouldn't have taken much to make me cum after having seen what I just saw, but Sarah had seen enough. She crept up behind Marisol and knelt behind her. Grabbing her by the tits, she pulled Marisol back roughly and my cock popped out of her mouth.

    "Que chingados?" Marisol started to exclaim, looking back at Sarah, but Sarah was on the offensive. Gluing her mouth to Marisol's from the side, she used both hands to knead and play with Marisol's breasts. I knew that Sarah could taste my cock on Marisol's tongue, and I was tempted to bring it back between their warring mouths.

    Sarah broke off their kiss and bit Marisol's neck from behind, eliciting a moan from the horny Peruvian. Keeping her left hand firmly around Marisol's left tit, Sarah let her right hand wander down Marisol's tight torso to her waistband. Marisol flailed, slapping at Sarah's body and trying to pull her hand away but Sarah was too strong and too intent on her revenge.

    Breathing hotly into Marisol's ear, Sarah whispered sexual obscenities to her rival and slipped her fingers down into Marisol's pants. With my cock still out, I started to rub myself at the sight of my girlfriend exacting her revenge on the helpless hispanic girl in front of her.

    It was truly a sight to behold: two girls on their knees in the throes of a sexual contest that at the moment was completely one-sided. Sarah was in complete control of Marisol, paying her back for the mind-blowing orgasm she had given her just a few minutes ago.

    Sarah's tits were pressed firmly against Marisol's back as the Peruvian girl threw her head back and started to grind her hips in time with Sarah's fingers. Sarah's left hand was still kneading and playing with Marisol's left breast, holding her body tightly against Sarah's. The wrap-around fingering was bringing Marisol to the edge, as her strong hips moved faster and faster, fully accepting and fucking back against Sarah's fingering.

    "He is mine, bitch," Sarah whispered into Marisol's ear, loudly enough for me to hear. "I'm going to make you regret sucking his cock, and I'm going to keep you away from him all night if I have to."

    Sarah finally increased the speed of her fingers so that she was pounding Marisol's sopping wet pussy, and it wasn't long before the Peruvian girl was completely overwhelmed and started to cry out her own earth-shattering orgasm. Sarah quickly slapped her hand over Marisol's mouth to keep her quiet, and I could tell by Marisol's intermittent shudders and quivers that Sarah was playing with her clit while she came down from her orgasm.

    Finally, Sarah released her hold on Marisol. She fell forward, catching herself with her hands so that she was down on all fours. I moved over to my girlfriend who took my cock eagerly in her mouth and started sucking. After the show I had just seen, I was dying to get in on some of the action and Sarah was more than happy to oblige. I was so turned on from the events of the night that I came quickly into my girlfriend's mouth, finally getting some relief myself.

    Sarah kept sucking, being sure to take all of my load into her warm mouth before pulling off and looking up at me mischievously. I knew exactly what she was up to, and bit my lip as she walked over to a still dazed Marisol.

    Just as Marisol had done to her a mere 10 minutes ago, Sarah grabbed Marisol by the hair and pulled her head back. Brushing her own hair out of her face to give me a better view, Sarah started to let my cum and her spit slide out of her mouth and into Marisol's. Marisol seemed only too happy to accept this return of punishment, and she seemed almost submissive to my girlfriend's will.

    Once all of my cum had left Sarah's mouth, Sarah licked her lips and smiled at me.

    "Enjoying the show, love?" Sarah asked, flouncing her her chest flirtatiously and beaming at me. Her demeanor was completely different from earlier, and I could tell that she was loving the carnal intimacy of this competition and the feeling of overcoming her opponent.

    "I think the show might still be going on," I said, nodding to Marisol. She had stood up, and was looking at Sarah intently. Her mouth was still full of my cum and Sarah's spit, and she motioned Sarah to come towards her. Sarah flashed another smile at me, and walked up to the Peruvian girl. Just as before they met nose-to-nose, lips-to-lips, and chest-to-chest, but this time was different. This time the two girls were on equal footing, and they were looking to show off a little.

    Sarah leaned in and kissed Marisol, letting their mixture of spit and cum swirl back into her own mouth. I could see drops sliding down the corners of their mouths as they kissed each other messily, their lips smearing over each other's. Hands grabbed backs and asses as both girls started to bring their tongues into the kiss. Sucking and exploring and mixing saliva and cum, the girls swapped spit back and forth between their sealed mouths.

    My cock was already hard again, and I knew both of the girls were getting each other turned on too.

    "Why don't we go somewhere we can finish this," I said, my voice betraying the desire I felt for both of these beautiful girls.

    Reluctant to end the kiss, Sarah finally broke away from Marisol. A disappointed "mmh" murmured from the girls' throats as they stood facing each other, mouths still full of my cum and their opponent's spit. Marisol swallowed, and looked at me seductively, her face covered in fluids from my girlfriend's kiss. She pulled the front of her shirt up to wipe her face, exposing her naked tits to me for the first time. Gyrating her hips and bouncing her tits she cleaned herself off. I knew Marisol was trying to turn me on as much as she was trying to intimidate my girlfriend.

    When Marisol finished, she looked over at Sarah expectantly. Sarah mimicked Marisol's sexy dance, showing off her own tight c-cup breasts as she wiped the cum and saliva off her own face. Marisol seemed just as turned on by Sarah's show as I was, and I knew that even after their orgasms both girls were more than ready to take this competition to the next level.

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    Re: Las Noches Peruanos/Peruvian Nights

    Great read and a very good set up for the she story, scored many points with me, i speak spanish, a very interesting change on the ussual structure with such a little thing.

    Can't wait for next part and welcome back

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    Las Noches Peruanos/Peruvian Nights

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    Re: Las Noches Peruanos/Peruvian Nights

    Thank you for beautiful story!
    Muchas gracias por esta historia!

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    Re: Las Noches Peruanos/Peruvian Nights

    "Su apartamento es muy bonito," I said to Marisol appreciatively as we walked in to her spacious apartment.

    "Gracias. Es demasiado espacio para mi pero me gusta mucho," She replied. "Mi cuarto esta aqui," she said, leading Sarah and I to her bedroom. She had an open bottle of wine on the nightstand beside her queen-size bed, and the three of us took turns finishing it off.

    "Red wine always makes me horny," Sarah said, taking a big gulp to finish off the bottle. She looked at Marisol, who was sitting on her bed. Marisol stood up and Sarah tensed, ready for whatever Marisol had in mind. Marisol simply walked out to her kitchen, and returned a few moments later with a bottle of tequila.

    "Juegas el ajedrez?" Marisol asked Sarah. Sarah looked at me unsure, so I translated.

    "I think she wants to play chess."

    Marisol left again, and returned to the bedroom with a chess board. She invited Sarah to sit on the bed across from her and started setting up the pieces. All three of us took a sip of tequila, and Marisol explained the rules she had in mind as I settled down in a chair near her bed.

    "She wants to play a different kind of chess," I explained to Sarah. "For every piece that gets captured, there is a different penalty."

    "I'm interested," Sarah said, looking over at Marisol.

    "If you lose a pawn, it's a piece of clothing. If you're naked and you lose one, it's a drink of tequila."

    "Okay," said Sarah slowly.

    "If you lose a knight or a bishop, I lose a piece of clothing or take a drink."

    "That's more like it," Sarah purred.

    "And now for the big ones. Each time you get put in check, your opponent has 10 seconds to do whatever she wants with me."

    "Yes," Sarah said simply.

    "If you lose a rook, your opponent has 30 seconds to do whatever she wants with you."

    "Even better."

    "And if you lose your queen, your opponent has five minutes to do whatever she wants to you."

    Sarah breathed in slightly and nodded her assent to the rules of this competition.

    "And when I win?" Sarah asked evenly.

    I looked to Marisol, who grinned devilishly. She reached into her nightstand drawer and pulled out a 7" black strap-on dildo.

    "You fuck the loser."

    Sarah took another swig from the bottle of tequila and passed it to Marisol, who did the same.

    "Let's do it," Sarah said excitedly. Marisol set the dildo down on the bed next to the board as a reminder of the stakes, and moved her pawn forward to start the game.

    As the game began, two things became clear to me. These girls were going to play aggressively, and there were going to be a lot of penalties. Back and forth they played, calculating out their opening moves. On the fifth move of the game, the girls exchanged one of their bishops. In keeping with the rules, I had to remove my shirt and pants, leaving me in nothing but my underwear. Both girls looked at my strip show for a moment and then returned their heads to the game at hand. They were looking for any opportunity to gain the advantage over her opponent, and soon Sarah found her chance. Moves 9 and 10 saw bishop takes knight, pawn takes bishop, and knight takes pawn in rapid succession.

    "Jesus you two, slow down," I said, standing to strip out of my underwear. Both of the girls watched as I pulled my briefs down to my ankles, my slowly hardening cock springing to life. Marisol, having lost a pawn, opted to remove her pants. She stood up off the bed and came over next to me, bending over in front of me as she shimmied out of her tight pants. Giving me a brief look over her shoulder, she made her way back to the bed and sat down across from Sarah. My eyes were drawn to the wet spot on the front of her cum-stained panties.

    "That's only three, babe," Sarah said, plainly trying to go tit for tat with Marisol. She hopped off the bed and handed me the bottle of tequila. Kissing me quickly, she gave my cock a squeeze before heading off back to the bed to resume their game.

    "Fuck me," I thought to myself as I took another swig from the bottle.

    Back to the chess game, the action on the board wasn't slowing down one bit. Moves 13 and 14 saw an exchange of pawns and knights. I took a shot of tequila as Sarah pulled her shirt slowly off over her head, letting her breasts drop back against her chest tantalizingly. Marisol also opted to take her shirt off, and for the first time I was able to compare both of the girls' chests and bodies. As they sat across from each other, I wouldn't be surprised if they wore the exact same bra size with the exact same measurements. The girls arched their backs slightly as a challenge to her rival, and I, still naked, I sipped my second drink of tequila.

    "Me gusta sus tetas," Marisol purred appreciatively to Sarah, as my girlfriend contemplated her next move.

    "She likes your tits," I relayed to Sarah, choking down my tequila. "And so do I."

    "Ask her if they felt good earlier pressed into hers," Sarah said, flashing a seductive smile across to Marisol.

    Marisol smiled back and nodded, licking her lips.

    "Maybe we'll have to see whose are really better after this game, huh babe?" Sarah said mischievously.

    "Yes, please," I replied, my cock twitching at the thought of what Sarah had in mind.

    Sarah wasn't letting her plans for the night cloud her judgement, however, and she soon delivered the first check of the game. Looking pleased with herself, Sarah bounced over and wrapped her arms around me, for ten seconds kissing me with wild abandon.

    "Why don't you come over to the bed, love," she said to me, breaking the kiss. "I have a feeling we're going to need you more than once."

    I climbed on the bed with the girls, and I could see that Marisol was in some trouble. Already stripped down to nothing but her underwear, she was about to lose a pawn to the fork that Sarah had put her in with check. Marisol moved another pawn forward to block the check, but Sarah simply took the first pawn.

    "Puta," said Marisol, now with two pawns - and two articles of clothing - less than Sarah. Marisol got up on her knees and slid her underwear sexily down her hips before sitting down and sliding them off her legs, discarding them on her bedroom floor. I couldn't keep my eyes off Marisol's naked body as my topless girlfriend continued to punish her on the chess board.

    Taking the pawn had threatened one of Marisol's rooks, a penalty that I was very much looking forward to seeing. Not wanting to let Sarah have the rook, and the punishment that went with it, Marisol castled long to protect it. Unfortunately for her, in doing so she had abandoned the defense of her bishop. Sarah quickly pounced with her queen.

    "Puta!" Marisol again exclaimed, as I took another shot of the tequila. Now down a bishop and two pawns, Marisol needed to do something to try to pull the game back in her direction. Sarah was winning comfortable, and Marisol knew she needed to shake the momentum up a little. A few moves later, she devised a plan. She moved her queen to the square directly next to Sarah's, she looked across at my girlfriend challengingly.

    To trade queens when you are winning is a good idea in a game of chess, but when that trade comes with ten minutes of raw, unbridled teasing, touching, fondling, and fucking your opponent, the idea seems a little riskier.

    Sarah thought for a while, and finally took Marisol's queen with her own.

    "Check," Sarah said, removing Marisol's queen from the board. Looking up excitedly, Marisol smiled at my girlfriend and recaptured her queen with her rook.

    The challenge had been set and accepted, and the two girls looked at each other with anticipation. Carefully, I removed the chess set from the bed, and got out my phone to set a timer.

    Having lost her queen first, Marisol lay obediently back on the bed, her slightly spread legs showing off her shaved pussy. She looked seductively at Sarah who hopped off the bed.

    "I'm not going to be the only one here with any clothes on," Sarah said, stripping out of her pants and underwear, "but Marisol has to take a couple drinks of tequila to even it out."

    Marisol happily agreed, and as she drank from the bottle, she eyed my girlfriend's newly-exposed pussy. Setting the bottle down, Marisol resumed her submissive position on the bed.

    "You'll get your prize once I'm done with her," Sarah said, kissing me. I kissed her back and watched mesmerized as she mounted the bed, crawling up so that her body was lined up above Marisol's.

    "Ready, set, go!" I said, starting the timer. I expected Sarah to jump right in, ravishing Marisol like earlier, but Sarah had other plans. Gently lowering her athletic frame down onto Marisol's, she kissed her eager lips tenderly. Marisol moaned at this unexpected sensuality, and her legs spread subconsciously to accept Sarah's body. Their tits pressed together, and both girls cooed as bare skin touched bare, sensitive skin. Their nipples lined up and rubbed against each other gently, a tingle of sexual desire running through their cores.

    Marisol knew she had to let Sarah do whatever she wanted to her, and she was surprised and pleased that this gentle make out and full-body contact was what Sarah had in mind. What she didn't anticipate was how worked up she was from before, and how quickly the sensation of Sarah caressing her body was turning her on. One minute of the five had passed before Sarah broke their kiss, and pulling away slightly she hovered her face over Marisol's. Staring into her brown eyes with desire, Sarah slowly lowered herself back down onto the prone Peruvian girl. This time, Sarah kissed the side of Marisol's neck, gently grazing her skin with her teeth.

    "Mmm" moaned Marisol involuntarily, grinding her hips lightly against Sarah's thigh as my girlfriend teased her. Sarah proceeded down Marisol's torso, kissing a trail down her bare skin. When she got to Marisol's breasts, she took her nipples in her mouth, gently swirling her tongue around and sucking the sensitive brown skin. Her nails traced their way down Marisol's body, keeping time with her mouth as she gave Marisol's shivering skin sensations of pain and pleasure.

    At three minutes, Sarah finally reached Marisol's pussy. The Peruvian girl threw her head back and steeled her gaze. Her lips tightened and her hands gripped the bed sheets in preparation of what was about to come. But Sarah again denied her immediate pleasure. Instead, Sarah focused her mouth around Marisol's pussy, using her hands to massage the skin of her inner thighs as she kissed closer and closer.

    Finally, Sarah let her tongue penetrate the inner folds of Marisol's pussy.

    "Oohhh," moaned Marisol as Sarah slowly flicked her tongue around her most intimate areas. To see my girlfriend naked with another girl, her head buried between her legs was a fantasy of my own come true.

    Four minutes had gone by now, and Sarah slipped two fingers easily into Marisol's dripping wet pussy. Marisol arched her back in pleasure and squeezed her thighs around Sarah as she started slowly sliding her fingers in and out of the brown-haired beauty. Her tongue found Marisol's primed clit, and my girlfriend increased the rhythm of her finger-fucking. Marisol's face was a mask of complete pleasure as she rocked her hips back and forth, fucking back against Sarah's fingers. Sarah slipped a third finger into Marisol, whose toes curled and body clenched completely.

    The sensation was too much for her. Practically vibrating her body against Sarah's fingers and face, Marisol screamed out her orgasm, drenching my beautiful girlfriend with her cum. Marisol grabbed the back of Sarah's head and squeezed her thighs together, desperately riding out the waves of this full-body orgasm.

    My timer went off as Marisol rolled off of Sarah and collapsed quivering on the bed. Breathing heavily, Sarah got up off the bed and walked over to where I was standing. Like before, she was beaming with pride at her handiwork and she wrapped me in another kiss. I could taste nothing but Marisol's pussy on my girlfriend's lips, and my cock was standing rock solid. Sarah looked down and smiled.

    "10 seconds for a check, right?" she said with desire, and knelt down in front of me. Taking my cock in her mouth, she started blowing me passionately. Looking up at me with her big blue eyes, she swallowed the entirety of my shaft into her warm mouth, bathing my cock in her rival's cum. Forward and backwards she bobbed her head, greedily sucking my cock like she was claiming it for her own.

    Suddenly taking her mouth off my cock, she started jerking me off with her hand instead.

    "Did you see what I just did to her, babe?" she asked me, kissing my cock from the side. "She didn't stand a chance against my body, and now I get your big, hard cock all to myself."

    In response I could only groan in pleasure, sure that I was going to explode at any moment listening to Sarah talk dirty about the orgasm she had just given her rival.

    "Cum for me baby," she pleaded to me as she played with my cock faster. "I want to taste you again."

    Unable to contain myself any longer, I finally came with a loud moan. Ropes of cum shot onto my girlfriend's waiting face and open mouth. Sucking me off gently, Sarah milked all the cum out of my spasming cock before letting me fall back into the chair to catch my breath. Sarah looked amazing, reveling in her own sexual prowess with her face and tits covered in both my and Marisol's cum. She swallowed my load and licked her lips before grabbing Marisol's shirt off the floor to clean herself off.

    "Disculpe," Marisol interrupted from the bed where she had been watching the blowjob. "Ahora es tu turno."

    Sarah threw Marisol's shirt back down on the ground and walked over to the bed. My girlfriend laid down where Marisol had been brought to orgasm a few minutes ago, her naked ass covering the damp spot on the bed. She spread her legs, defiantly glaring at Marisol as she willingly exposed her own shaved pussy. Marisol stalked her way to the side of the bed and looked at me to start the timer.

    "Listas? Empieza!" I said to Marisol as I pressed the timer on my phone. To my surprise, Marisol did not jump on to the bed right away. Instead she stalked over to where the strap-on had fallen next to the bed and picked it up. She unstrapped the dildo from the harness, and Sarah's eyes widened with apprehension.

    "No fair, you can't use that thing on me!" Sarah said nervously, the swagger from her recent conquest beginning to fail her.

    "Callate," Marisol snapped at Sarah, as she climbed up on the foot of the bed. The tender dynamic that had brought Marisol to orgasm earlier had completely dissapated. This was a competition, and this was war. Weapon in hand, the Peruvian girl prowled her way towards my girlfriend's prone body like a dominatrix. She lowered her head and spit on Sarah's glistening pussy, watching as it slid down Sarah's inner folds. Sarah trembled with anticipation of what was about to happen to her, but Marisol didn't seem to care about her pleasure. Marisol's brown eyes snapped up to look at Sarah's face, and she crawled her way on all fours, further up Sarah's body.

    "No," Sarah moaned pleadingly.

    "No te quiero oir mas, aprobado?" she said to Sarah as she drew level with my girlfriend's face. Sarah breathed nervously, lying face up as her enemy looked down above her. Brown hair cascaded down into blonde as Marisol hovered her face and chest threateningly above my helpless girlfriend's. Sarah's eyes glanced over to the dildo that Marisol still had in her hand, and the Peruvian girl grinned menacingly. Marisol placed her knees on either side of Sarah's hips and kneeled up, her pussy hovering only a few inches above Sarah's.

    "Dije, no te quiero oir mas!" Marisol repeated, slapping Sarah's tit roughly with her free hand. Sarah winced in pain as her breast bounced from the blow. Marisol moved up Sarah's body to sit on her stomach. Leaning in to Sarah's face, Marisol whispered to her.

    "Solo quiero oir sus gemidos," Marisol snarled, and grabbed Sarah's chin with the palm of her hand, her fingers slipping between Sarah's lips. She opened my girlfriend's mouth roughly, and brought the dildo next to her lips. Toying with her, Marisol teased the tip of the dildo around Sarah's mouth while Sarah stared back at her assailant defiantly. Marisol slipped the dildo into Sarah's mouth, and made it clear to her that she was not to spit it out.

    Gagged by the dildo sticking halfway out of her mouth, the only sounds Sarah could make now were moans and gargles. Just the way Marisol wanted it. Arching her back and taking a dominant position on top of my girlfriend, Marisol went to work on Sarah's tits.

    The sounds of slapping filled the bedroom as Marisol punished my girlfriend for the orgasm she had been subjected to earlier. Sarah cried out with each impact of Marisol's feminine hands alternating cross her breasts. Before long her tits were growing more and more red, and Sarah tried to cover her chest with her arms to protect herself. She had withstood the pain in defiance as long as she could.

    Marisol growled at this development and grabbed the base of the dildo, pushing it farther down my girlfriend's throat. Sarah choked and gargled, thrashing her head from side to side to try to escape her tormentor. Marisol let go of the dildo and Sarah spit it out onto the bed next to her face, gasping for air and looking up at Marisol. I found myself hard once again tonight, seeing my girlfriend completely sexually dominated by another woman.

    Not happy with Sarah's disobedience, Marisol grabbed my girlfriend by the base of her long blonde hair. She moved up Sarah's body to mount her face, her pussy hovering over my girlfriend's cute nose and lips.

    "Lameme," Marisol said, lowering herself onto my girlfriend. For the second time tonight, my girlfriend's face disappeared into Marisol's glistening pussy. This time though, things were different. Marisol was in complete control of Sarah's every movement, and it was the Peruvian girl who was rubbing her pussy onto my girlfriend's face.

    The timer went off, and I thought to myself, "whew, saved by the bell." Marisol wasn't stopping, so I told her that time was up. To my surprise, it was Sarah who looked at me and shook her head no, eliciting a moan from Marisol.

    "Sarah you really want her to keep going?" I said incredulously. Sarah nodded her head quickly up and down and gave me a muffled "mm-hmm".

    "Okay," I said amazed, sitting back down in my chair.

    Pulling Sarah's head even closer against her crotch, Marisol repeated her command from before.

    "Dije lameme, puta!"

    Sarah had no choice but to acquiesce. She stuck out her tongue and started licking against her rival's grinding pussy.

    "Si, como eso," Marisol moaned as she closed her eyes. I looked down Sarah's body to see that her own pussy was dripping wet. Clearly she was actually enjoying this sexual experience. Sarah's hands grabbed Marisol's ass, pulling her crotch even tighter against her tongue. It seemed like Marisol was using my girlfriend's entire face as a vibrator as she bucked her hips back and forth.

    Finally Sarah needed to come out for air, and she turned her head away from Marisol's pussy. As she took a big gulp of air, Marisol growled in frustration, opening her eyes and squeezing her hold on Sarah's hair. With her free hand, Marisol reached behind her to squeeze Sarah's exposed nipples. Sarah arched her back and screamed out in pain as Marisol pinched her left niple as hard as she could.

    Marisol yanked Sarah's hair to get her pussy back onto her face. Sarah gave another muffled cry as Marisol continued to knead her sensitive nipple. She flailed her arms against Marisol's trying to push her hand away from her breast, but to no avail. Marisol smiled sadistically at my girlfriend as the flailing subsided. Sarah grabbed Marisol's ass with her nails, trying her best to return some of the pain that Marisol was dishing out to her.

    Suddenly, Marisol yelped out in pain and let go of my girlfriend's poor tortured nipple. Letting go of her hair as well, Marisol scooted back quickly so that she was sitting on top of Sarah's tits. Sarah had her teeth bared, and Marisol rubbed her pussy in pain.

    "Ella me mordio!" Marisol exclaimed to me, rubbing her pussy after my girlfriend's bite. Somehow despite all the domination Sarah had been subjected to, she still had some fight in her. Sarah looked up at Marisol and snapped her teeth at her, tauntingly. Enraged, Marisol pinned my girlfriend's arms under her legs and plopped her ass down hard on my girlfriend's battered breasts.

    Sarah responded by spitting at Marisol's pussy, which was pressed now against her own tits.

    "Dame mis bragas," Marisol said, turning to me. I collected her panties from the crumpled pile of clothes we had discarded earlier and threw them to her. They were still soaked in Marisol's cum from the alleyway earlier, and she pushed the crotch of her panties into Sarah's nose, forcing her to smell them.

    "Abierto," Marisol said to Sarah as she grabbed her lower jaw once again. Opening my girlfriend's mouth, she stuffed her panties inside. Sarah shook her body from side to side, trying to dislodge her rival. Marisol didn't move, however and instead leaned back a little. Reaching back with her right hand, she flashed an evil grin to me. She lined her hand up above my girlfriend's still wet pussy and slapped down hard. Sarah screamed, her eyes bugging in pain as she struggled desperately now to get out from underneath her attacker.

    Sarah tried to cross her legs and prevent Marisol from slapping her pussy again, but the Peruvian girl persisted. There was something in Sarah's eyes that betrayed a hint of pleasure from this utter domination, and the fresh pool of juices forming on the bed beneath Sarah's pussy confirmed it.

    Marisol clawed at Sarah's thighs, and my girlfriend separated her legs slightly. Marisol rewarded her cooperation by sliding her fingers gently now across my girlfriend's hyper-sensitive pussy. Sarah moaned through the cum-filled panties in her mouth, and gyrated her hips to meet this sensation of pleasure. To my surprise, Marisol didn't do anything to try to bring my girlfriend any pain. She kept rubbing her pussy, and Sarah spread her legs more and more, inviting Marisol's fingers inside her.

    Marisol did just that, and slipped two fingers deep into my girlfriend's soaking pussy. Sarah groaned in pleasure, and seemed ready to give in completely to Marisol's ravashing of her body. Spreading her legs completely, Sarah gave Marisol complete access to her primed, quivering pussy. Closing her eyes now, Sarah moaned loudly with each thrust of Marisol's fingers.

    Suddenly, Marisol pulled her fingers out of Sarah's pussy. Sarah looked desperately up at the Peruvian girl on top of her, who responded by slapping down once again on her exposed pussy. Sarah cried out in pain, but Marisol quickly shoved her fingers back into my girlfriend's pussy. Pumping her fingers in and out, Marisol was in complete control. She slapped Sarah's pussy again, and then immediately plunged her fingers into her. Back and forth she tormented my girlfriend, alternating pain with overwhelming pleasure.

    Tears streamed down my girlfriend's face as her body was used by Marisol. Each painful strike brought a grimace to her face, and each delicious finger-fuck highlighted her own body's betrayal and her desire for her tormentor. These overwhelming sensations were becoming too much for my girlfriend, who had been reduced to humping Marisol's hand for pleasure. Just as Sarah seemed close to orgasm, Marisol pulled her hand away from her pussy entirely.

    Leaning forward onto Sarah's tits again, Marisol reached up to the head of the bed and grabbed the dildo that she had discarded earlier. Sarah could do nothing but whimper as Marisol got up off Sarah to turn around and reposition. Kneeling above Sarah's stomach, Marisol now faced Sarah's pussy. The Peruvian girl lowered her head in a 69 position, and started licking Sarah's beyond-stimulated clit. Sarah's eyes closed again, and as Marisol licked she teased the dildo around the entrance of Sarah's pussy.

    Finally plunging the black dildo deep into the poor blonde girl's sopping wet folds, Marisol drew her head back to look at the effect she was having on my girlfriend. Sarah could only grab Marisol's ass, her head thrown back in absolute ecstasy and her legs spread wide apart to allow Marisol complete control of her. Marisol started thrusting the dildo in and out of my girlfriend's exposed pussy, and she humped back against it like an animal, desperate for release.

    Marisol gently rubbed my girlfriend's clit as she slid the dildo in and out of her, and then drew her hand back. Gently this time, she slapped Sarah's pussy with her hand as she fucked her. Sarah screamed out and arched her back, spitting out the panties that had still been in her mouth.

    "OOOOOooooooohhhhhh" cried my girlfriend, completely overcome by the sensations that Marisol was giving her. Increasing her tempo, Marisol began alternating thrusts with the dildo with a gentle slap to my girlfriend's battered clit. Sarah was shaking violently now, and seemed to have lost all control. Marisol slapped her pussy harder and harder as the thrusting came faster and faster. Sarah's entire body tensed and convulsed as she experienced more intense sexual pleasure than she ever had before.

    Finally she came, squirting all over the bed with the most intense orgasm she had ever had in her life. Over and over again her body spasmed, and I thought she was going to pass out from the pleasure. Her beautiful blue eyes were completely dazed as the waves of sensation wracked through her body. It seemed like an eternity went by as Sarah moaned and whimpered, completely lost in an earthquake of carnal pleasure. Marisol for her part held the dildo inside of Sarah as she came, and let her ride out her orgasm to completion.

    As Sarah came down from her epic spasms, Marisol slid the dildo out of her with a pop. Sarah shuddered at the sensation, and lay panting on the bed, completely knocked out. In that moment I doubt she had any idea where Marisol was, where I was, or even where she was.

    Finally my ravished girlfriend's dominatrix climbed off of her, and moved to lay down next to her in the now soaking-wet bed. Victorious in dominant fashion in their sexual contest, Marisol was completely satisfied. She wrapped her arms around Sarah tenderly, and Sarah murmured gently at the touch. Marisol kissed her gently on the lips and let her breast rest lightly on Sarah's. Sarah's eyes fluttered open at the contact, and she looked into the eyes of the girl who had beaten her.

    Tears started to well in Sarah's eyes, as she realized that she had lost her first ever sexual competition with another woman. Not only had she lost, every part of her body had been completely humiliated and utterly dominated.

    Marisol beckoned me to finally come join them on the bed, and she wiped the tears from Sarah's eyes. I laid down next to Sarah and wrapped her in my arms, as Marisol kissed her tenderly. I knew it wouldn't take long for Sarah to recover psychologically from this battle, or for her sex drive to kick back on.

    Pulling herself away from Sarah, Marisol looked over to me.

    "Ahora puedo reclamar mi premio," she said, eyeing my hard cock. She climbed over my girlfriend and settled herself on top of me. I turned my head and gave Sarah a deep kiss as the Peruvian girl slid herself onto my cock. I moaned into my girlfriend's mouth as I felt another girl's pussy engulf my cock.

    I turned back to give Marisol my full attention and kissed her passionately as she rode me. Her pussy was so wet from what she had just done to my girlfriend that she was sliding up and down my cock with ease. I grabbed her and flipped her over, laying her on her back on the edge of the bed. Standing next to the bed, I fucked her hard and deep while she played with her own tits.

    "To the winner goes the spoils," Sarah said. She watched Marisol and I celebrate her complete destruction in sexual combat. I knew that this was part of Sarah's competitive fantasy though, that either of them could truly win and that either of them could truly have me.

    Sarah climbed over to Marisol, who was completely focused on fucking me. Sarah climbed on top of her in a 69 position and licking the Peruvian girl's pussy. Marisol moaned in pleasure and grabbed Sarah's ass above her face. Sarah looked up at me, her tongue stuck to Sarah's clit and her face just millimeters away from her boyfriend's cock in another girl's pussy. I could feel Marisol's pussy quivering in orgasm, and I started to cum as well. I pulled out of Marisol and stuck my cock in Sarah's mouth, cumming there for a third time tonight.

    Sarah kept rubbing Marisol's pussy with her left hand as she moaned out her orgasm. With her right, she was rubbing my cock as she sucked me off. I knew Sarah was well used to the way Marisol's pussy tasted by this point in the night, but it was different for her to be cleaning that taste off of her own boyfriend's cock.


    When we had all finished, Sarah and I looked for our clothes to get dressed.

    "Nunca voy a olvidar este noche," Marisol said to me as we were getting ready to leave her apartment. Sarah looked completely disheveled, and I wasn't looking much better.

    "She said she's never going to forget this," I said to Sarah.

    "It's too bad we never got to finish the chess game," Sarah replied wistfully, looking at the board. "I was winning and I was really looking forward to fucking her."

    "I don't see why you guys can't keep playing," I said hopefully. I took a picture of the chess board. Marisol and I exchanged numbers, and she took a picture of the board too.

    "Maybe we can host next time," I said to my girlfriend with a smile.

    "Absolutely, this bitch isn't going to know what hit her," replied Sarah.

    I gave Marisol a kiss goodbye, and so did Sarah. Saying our goodbyes and promising to keep in touch, we took our leave of her apartment.

    Back in our hotel room, Sarah collapsed on our bed.

    "You know what I want to do right now?" Sarah asked me.

    "Shower? Sleep?" I guessed.

    "Not quite," said Sarah, as she started taking off her shirt.

    "Oh my god babe," I moaned as Sarah came on to me.

    "I want to make you mine again," Sarah said, lowering her naked body onto mine.

    Just then my phone buzzed. Sarah glanced over at it and reluctantly drew herself off of me.

    "Guess who," Sarah said as she looked at the screen. I moved over to her and together we watched the video that Marisol had sent. She was on the corner of her bed, pleasuring herself with the dildo that had just been inside of Sarah. As she reached her orgasm, the phone fell to the ground and the video cut out.

    "I guess we have to send her one back," I said, taking my phone from my girlfriend. I started recording Sarah's naked body and she smiled. She blew a kiss and flipped off the camera, then climbed on top of me. She slid my cock into her pussy and started riding me gently.

    "Next time you don't stand a chance, bitch," Sarah said to the camera as she moved her hips in time with my thrusts. "He is all mine."

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