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Thread: A Social Experience

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    A Social Experience

    Hello everyone! So, after the Gala I thought about taking a long break. Then I thought, Nah, I want to keep writing but I should not use the library girls. Then I thought, Nah, they are just too fun to write about haha. I know I still have Perfect Ingredient and Home Invader outstanding, both of which I plan to have finished by this summer (WOOT). But below is not one of those stories. This is the beginning of a new story that really began during the Library Gala and Showtime contest if you wanna go far back. I would recommend reading both of those (check out Rival’s site for them) before this one or it might not make sense. OR fuck it and just read this one cause it will still be good...I think. Anyway, enough blabbing and enjoy Part 1.

    Part 1---

    The hot shower was a good way to calm her nerves, standing under the downpour of heated liquid. Each drop landing and tracing curves of her womanly form as she rubbed her body clean. She spent extra time washing her red hair too, the natural red curls longer than even when she had been at the Gala, it was now past her shoulders even when not straightened like it had been that night.

    Then her hands ran down her lightly toned stomach till she got to the new additional piece of hair. A fiery red bush, a freshly grown mound of thick red curls above and around her pussy in a reverse triangle shape. She hadn’t shaven in almost three months and it had come in thicker and curlier than she had ever expected. She ran her fingers through it, happy with how it felt between her digits. Bushy, strong, and even rough, exactly what she had hoped for when it came to what she planned to do with it. At full length, it must have been an inch long, maybe a little more when she pulled it out.

    After almost 15 minutes she turned off the shower and stepped out with just half an hour to get ready and go. She re-entered her bedroom in a blue towel and noticed she was alone. “Amber?” She called out and got a muffled reply from her kitchen over the sound of a blender. She smiled as just hearing her girlfriend’s voice somehow relaxed her in a way no other person had been able to before. Maggie Reynold’s life had been a different type of crazy now that she was dating Amber Fielder, but it was a ride she very much enjoyed being on. It had been three months since the Gala, and this time with her new girlfriend had taught her quite a few things. The first and most severe was that trust was a slow-building emotion.

    They were adapting to this new change day by day, and sometimes hour by hour. A relationship that had been built on hate, attraction and jealousy was slowly morphing into one of love, respect, and a continued attraction fueled by the endless desire to one-up the other in sex. Was it the most functional type of relationship? No, but it was the first one in Maggie’s life where she really felt like she was herself and that meant more than anything. She didn’t care if it was not like the other types of relationships people had or posted about on social media. As long as it made the both of them happy, that was enough.

    For her, and Amber, it was that they were trying, both as hard as they could to make this weird bond work. But there were challenges and a big one was this weekend. She was going to pay a visit to Silvia while Amber was going on a weekend trip with Marissa and Isabella. She didn’t know why this weekend felt so different, but it did, and she felt like her relationship would be put to the test. It wasn’t as much about the sexfighting, they had discussed that and the many women who played their dirty game. It was more the why and who that was giving Maggie some hesitation about what was to come.

    She dressed before her girlfriend could come in and jump on her; it happened a lot between the two of them if one of them was nude. Covered up, she pulled out a small backpack and started filling it. She wasn’t sure exactly what she would need and felt weirdly that she was getting ready for a sleepover back in high school if she had ever been invited to one. The main outlier was her mask, a small black domino mask that was normally made for an evening ball. It covered her eyes enough to where she wouldn’t be instantly recognizable but kept her mouth and nose free for obvious purposes. Up next was the new bikini, her high heels…and then a toothbrush, because she felt just couldn’t help herself being prepared.

    As she placed the mask back into the bag on top, she looked up to see her stunning girlfriend watching her from the door of the bedroom. The blonde was clearly teasing her even without saying anything. It was just what she was wearing that gave Maggie a pulse of desire. Amber had picked tight black workout shorts that seemed to only just cover her bubble butt along with a bright pink sports bra that was stretched to the limit by her chest. When they worked out together in the gym, they got a lot of looks and Maggie knew her girlfriend’s outfits were definitely the reason why.

    The freckled girl sighed again as she shot her own look back at Amber, “I won’t go if you don’t want me to. I won’t risk us…like I said before.” She noted while sitting down on her bed and waiting for her girlfriend’s reaction. She expected it would be the same one she had gotten every night over the last two weeks and she was right as Amber rolled her eyes.

    “You’re fucking joking, right? I’m already bored of this conversation; we have had it like five times!” The punk girl huffed as she walked into the room holding a red smoothie in her workout gear. The blonde’s hair had been dyed again, but instead of pink, she had several shades of purple along with her natural darker brown at the roots. Maggie really liked it.

    “Yeah but…”

    “Holy fuck, shut up,” Amber said, with a bit more firmness. She walked over to where Maggie’s bag was placed and picked up the mask. “Kinky.” She noted, then dropped it back into place and crawled onto the soft bed next to her girlfriend. Maggie watched her go, aroused just by the view of how the ex-student moved but was desperate to have this conversation one more time. Amber seemed to know what was coming and waited as she laid back on the bed looking up at the ceiling.

    “I know we have…but...god, can I really do this? An orgy…what the fuck was I thinking?” Maggie suddenly exploded as she laid out with a groan. She had been wrapping her mind around it the last two weeks more than ever as the date had approached with her rematch against Silvia.

    “I…never thought I would ever do something like this, and I don’t know how you are so cool with it!”

    Amber didn’t respond but did look up to give Maggie an annoyed look as she let her girlfriend rant. It was clear Maggie was trying to get her to tell her off, give her some excuse to not go; that deep down Amber knew Maggie didn’t want.

    After a few seconds of silence, the blonde let out her own little sigh because neither of them was going to back down and they knew it. “Ok Mags, clearly this is bugging you more than you let on. So, let’s figure this out before you go. Tell me, why are you having so many reservations?” Maggie opened her mouth to respond but Amber kept going, “And be honest because I already told you I don’t give a fuck about the whole thing.” She finished forcefully. Maggie looked almost surprised at the comment from her girlfriend and knew she had to keep pushing. She just wanted to explain it one more time to Amber, because she felt that if she didn’t, she would lose her somehow or someway.

    The cause of the doubt all started because Amber had learned about the orgy from Jenny before Maggie had a chance to explain it to her girlfriend. The librarian guessed the bitchy singer did it to cause drama between Amber and herself as their relationship was found out by some of their ‘friends and rivals. By this point, everyone knew, including Bianca, who Maggie knew had her eyes set on Amber in a way that worried her.

    Fortunately, Amber had played it cool with her band member and acted as though she knew the whole time. She even pushed back at the singer, thinking she would want to get involved considering her constant need to be the centre of attention. It seemed like something Jenny would enjoy but the singer quickly scoffed at the idea. ‘If Silvia ever wants her third rematch with me, it will be on my terms. Your little girlfriend can go play in her sticky web if she prefers.’ She had told Amber after one of their shows. It had been weird talking about this stuff with her bandmates, but she, Jenny, and Daphne were getting closer as they continued to perform together, to the point Amber felt Jenny might actually be a friend, though she was never fully sure with that girl.

    Maggie chose her words carefully to best explain, “Ok…I just wish I had been the one to tell you about the orgy and every time I have participated in a sexfight, it has been for something. Something I’m trying to win, something really important at stake. But this orgy…this fight with Silvia, there is nothing to gain or lose except my pride! Is that reason enough to join in something as crazy as this? I’ve never been in an orgy, and no, the fight with Marissa, Izzy, and Bianca doesn’t count!” Maggie hissed as she saw Amber’s mouth open to say that very thing. The blonde closed it with a look as Maggie continued, “I’m only going because I want to put Silvia in her place, I’m just doing it for the satisfaction of beating her…and having sex with her.”

    “I mean, you are also going because you couldn’t beat her in that hot little storage room fight you had.” Amber quipped at her with a slight turn of her head.

    The green eyes shot a glare at the brown pair, “I was only in that fight and made that deal because I needed to make sure I could get to you in time at the Gala!” Maggie growled for the 10th time to her girlfriend, it was a sore subject that Amber liked to attack.

    “I know and I’m happy you did obviously. Just reminding you that you lost or well ‘tied’ and that put you in this situation.” Amber replied with her somewhat bitchy tone while sipping her smoothie.

    Maggie rubbed her temples, this was just another weird day in her life with Amber, but she secretly loved it even now. Amber was more honest with her than anyone else ever had been, and in a way kept her sane, even when she could be annoying and blunt like she was now. The blonde noticed Maggie’s frustration and rolled her eyes slightly before deciding she would have to tackle this conversation one way or another.

    “Ok, I get you about the lack of reason, but let me say. I think it will drive you crazy if you don’t go because Silvia would hold it over you forever. Trust me, I know her better than you, she would never let you forget if you don’t even show up. And who cares about having a reason or thing to fight her for? You like to fuck her, and you hate her, and she feels the same way, sounds hot. There are quite a few girls in my life who are in the same category.” Amber mused with a look up at the ceiling again, not wanting to make eye contact with Maggie just yet as she knew what was coming. There was another reason that Maggie was thinking so much about this night and Amber knew it. Even with how much they had forgiven each other, some hurt was still there.

    It seemed Maggie was on the same path, “Fine, but…Amber…I know you know what I’m going to say. It doesn’t answer how you will feel afterwards! Remember how you acted when I fucked Bianca…I…I…just am scared you would act the same way and leave me if I do this orgy.” Maggie finally admitted and Amber gave a second sigh as the blood rushed to her cheeks.

    “Ahh, so that’s the real problem.” The ex-student replied and then she looked down unsure of what to say. She still felt some guilt about how she had run out, and she knew she had been in a lot of the wrong before they had finally gotten together. It was still the biggest thing that had held them back. It made her worry that Maggie was always holding back how much she wanted to show her love even after they had talked about this multiple times. They had already moved past it she kept thinking, but it still came back up and it made her sad that Maggie still seemed scared. She just had to put the redhead at ease…somehow, but that would take time.

    “I understand Maggie, I do, but I mean…let’s be real. We already both have ‘hung out’ with Isabella and Marissa while we have been together, right? So, I don’t know why you think I care anymore…about you sexfighting girls. I…I…won’t be like that again. I want you to be yourself, and if that means doing these kinds of things then I get that. I know I was jealous and irrational, but now I have you as mine and I don’t feel that type of insecurity anymore…well most the time.”
    Maggie shot her a look and Amber shrugged. “I’m working on it, but like…having you in sex and having you as my girlfriend…I guess I just seem them as different now. Is that weird?”

    Maggie gave her a small smile, “Yeah it is…but I feel the same.”

    Amber smiled back, “Then, about the orgy, again it surprised me you even considered it, but you explained it…and again, I understand.”

    “Are you sure…do you promise?” Maggie asked and Amber gave her another nod and roll of the eyes.

    “Yeah…I know, I know. I’m not making sense, I just…those feel different…I don’t know why. I think it might be that it scares me that you are fucking a girl who hates me as Marissa does. This weekend feels different.” Maggie admitted, knowing Amber had blocked her other attempts so she slightly flipped the script.

    “So, you don’t want us to hang out with them anymore? Also, FYI it’s obvious that Isabella doesn’t like me either and I have never spoken a word to her.” Amber shot back at her girlfriend.

    “No, I do want to hang out with them! I know, I know! I’m not making sense. Isabella’s becoming a really good friend even without the sexfighting too, and yes…I’ll admit she doesn’t like you, but I think it’s Bianca’s fault! But do you really want to go to this convention with Marissa? You know Isabella’s going too? You are going to just get left out!” Maggie questioned, half hoping the blonde would back out of her weekend plans.

    “Firstly, Yes, I am going. I promised, and Marissa and I are friends. I like hanging out with her a lot even without sexfighting, just like how you like hanging out with Isabella. Secondly, just so you know, if you and Marissa just both apologized about the misunderstanding at the Gala, I’m sure you guys could get over this little thing. And thirdly, yes, I know that Isabella is coming, I’m looking forward to meeting her.” Amber smiled with a hiss that Maggie knew there was something that would go down that weekend in some form or another.

    “Ugh, I know, I’ll think about making up with Marissa later…I’m still annoyed with her though,” Maggie added as she thought about her ex-intern. “But forget that now.”

    “You brought it up.” Amber quipped again, but Maggie ignored her.

    “I just want to talk about both of us and our plans again, because I know we both love sexfighting, and I know we can make it work doing it with the other women, I just…want to talk again…for some reason.” Maggie finished knowing she sounded a little needy and was losing ground.

    “Ok, so if that’s not a problem with the other girls…and you aren’t worried about me leaving.” Amber then leaned down to Maggie’s face. “Stop being a little bitch and do the orgy.” She whispered into the redhead’s ear with the smallest of love nips to the lobe.

    Maggie let out a slight hiss, she knew her girlfriend was trying to rile her up, and it was working.

    “I’m not a bitch, and I’m not scared of Silvia or…the orgy. I told you that. I just feel like we are getting better at communicating, and if I do this…it might just open up a whole can of worms…an orgy is not the same as some little hang out with Marissa or Izzy.”

    Then Maggie’s head filled with new and problematic feelings in a torrent that she couldn’t stop.
    “What if you do get jealous? What if I love the orgy? Or what if I get jealous after you go fight? What if you fall for Bianca or Marissa after fuck fighting them? You got feelings for me after we fuck fought! Bianca wants to fight you badly; I think she is obsessed with you even more than she was with me!”

    Amber was looking at her girlfriend with a confused look. Sometimes her girlfriend’s mind was too much for her own good. “Oh god, where the fuck is this coming from Maggie? I’m not going to fall for anyone else and neither will you. We both knew we would fuck fight other people when we started this thing. It’s hot, we enjoy it, and it’s an amazing way to settle things between girl’s like us.” She huffed rubbing her own temples now. Maggie was overthinking everything again like she did every day. In a way it was cute, but sometimes it irked her in a way that only Maggie could do.

    The redhead wasn’t even paying attention, her mind running fast and she lost a tiny bit of control. “And what if we break up? I’ll hate it, it’s my worst nightmare. I’ve never been able to be myself like I am with you, and like, I don’t want to lose it. And what about…!”


    “What?” The redhead jumped in surprise as Amber brought her out of her own head and kissed her softly, reassuringly, as they moved their lips in near-perfect sequencing. They were so in tune with the other’s desires and body that it was almost scary. After a minute they broke apart with their foreheads resting together while they caught their breath from the intensity of the kiss. The fire was still there, the endless attraction that had brought them together and now had grown into something even more special.

    “I love when you kiss me like that,” Maggie whispered as she reached to pull Amber closer.

    “And I love kissing you like that,” Amber whispered back but then dodged Maggie’s attempt to continue the intense lip-lock. Maggie gave a little pout and Amber laughed at her before looking suddenly very serious.

    “Now listen Maggie, even if the sex with her blows your mind in ways that I can’t. If you love the orgy and only want to do orgys from now on. I don’t care. You fill a part of my life that even sexfighting can’t fill and I’m not letting you go.”

    Maggie nodded, “Me too.”

    “So, I don’t care if you fuck Silvia if you sexfight with Isabella or anyone else because I’m doing the same thing. We are equal and that is what matters to me. I know now that this thing, our fights, are not special to us…and that’s okay. All that matters is that you promised you wouldn’t leave me, and I promised I wouldn’t leave you, so let’s drop it.”

    Maggie nodded feeling more secure than she had all week as Amber’s words calmed her. The wild ideas started to quiet in her head until they were gone. She was going to go to the orgy, and she was going to win. Amber smiled seeing her girlfriend’s shift, but then her smile turned hungry. “God, you are so fuckable though, I want to fight you now just for bringing the past up, even if you haven’t shaved in months.” The blonde commented with a snicker as her eyes flicked down to Maggie’s hidden pubic mound.

    The librarian blushed as she thought and felt her thick red bush between her legs. Silvia had sent a photo a week ago of her own pussy, covered in brown fur. It had grown too from when Maggie and she had tangled in the storage closet at the Gala. Dark brown and thick all around the dangerous sex lips that lay underneath. Maggie didn’t return the photo, but just from the view, she knew that she and Silvia’s bushes were near, if not the same size and thickness. She knew at some point tonight her fur and Silvia’s would tangle, and she couldn’t wait to see which bush had outgrown the other.

    “So, back to your fight. What are you going to do if a guy tries to bang you?” Amber asked, with a curious wonder. She gave Silvia credit, it sounded like one hell of an event to fuck fight in. Even she would have been hesitant on joining, the idea was just so wild and out there. “You gonna just let him fuck you?”

    Maggie thought about it for a second, she had asked herself the same thing the last month quite a few times, “It’s an orgy…I don’t really know the rules but I’m not keen to have some random guys stick it in me…but then again, maybe if it’s a really hot guy.” She trailed off giving Amber a coy look to tease her. It worked as Amber moved her head back slightly with a shocked expression on her features before Maggie laughed slightly.

    “I’m just kidding, but I won’t lie, I have just felt so wild recently! Like, I’m not really into the idea of just fucking a random guy, but like…” She paused and Amber raised an eyebrow at her waiting to see where her girlfriend was going with this. “Honestly, if Silvia was doing it and taunted me…by like saying she could take more dick than I could, then maybe…ugh, I don’t’ know, she just drives me crazy! I just won’t let her outdo me in anything.”

    Amber’s face relaxed and then she laughed. “I mean do what you have to do, but god be careful babe; I might actually get jealous with how much she frustrates you. I don’t even think I got to that level of being under your skin.”

    “No, you did. Don’t worry.” Maggie replied simply and Amber laughed. It made her feel better that Amber was willing to talk about this, and that she was also planning to fight other girls. They could do this.

    “I know that doesn’t sound like me…I just ugh, I get so annoyed with Silvia, like if she did something, I’m worried I would just do it too without thinking! I mean, hell, I’m going to an orgy just to fight her…but I don’t think she is looking for a gang bang, in fact; in terms of saving our energy, it would be stupid of either of us to drain ourselves fucking random guys or girls.”

    “Yeah, I guess that’s true,” Amber murmured, thinking about her interactions with the bartender over the last year. “But Silvia is…Silvia and I’m sure she has something planned with those dicks, tits, and you…even if it’s just getting cummed on and stuff while you fight.” She thought, then gave her girlfriend an almost wide-eyed smile. “It’s wild Mags, you are wild.”

    “That’s a compliment, right?” Maggie asked, generally wondering.

    “For you, yes.”

    Maggie laughed this time at her girlfriend’s bluntness and couldn’t help smiling as she felt a little bit better. “You know, you never told me what contest you had with her and won at.”

    “That’s between me and Silvia, but don’t worry about me. She wants you a lot more than she wanted me. Clearly you two have something nastier than the average little rivalry. She wants to humiliate you more than anyone I have ever seen, so you better keep your focus completely on her.”

    “I could say the same thing about how Bianca feels about you,” Maggie replied without thinking.

    “Hmmm, I’m sure.” Amber hummed, but Maggie saw a flash in her girlfriend’s brown eyes that made her gulp. She knew something had been building between her co-worker and her girlfriend, something that was very nasty and dirty that was maybe on par with her and Silvia’s thing. She wasn’t sure if she wanted them to meet again after their brief fuck at the Gala because she honestly didn’t know who would come out on top. They were both very aggressive and had their sights targeted at each other to the point it felt dangerous. Luckily, Amber wouldn’t be able to go after Bianca or vice versa with her going to the convention…that was the only good thing about it, Maggie thought.

    But she also knew and trusted that her girlfriend could handle herself and that the blonde was right. If she was going to win against Silvia, she would need to go all-in against her rival and not worry about anything else.

    The redhead let a natural smile come to her lips, “You know, you really are the best as much as you drive me insane.”

    “I know.” Amber smiled cheekily, she then rolled over to Maggie who lay there on the bed as Amber got closer until they were face to face.

    “You’re also very annoying.” Maggie grinned as she looked into her lover’s brown eyes.

    “I know again, but I love you,” Amber said with sincerity, and Maggie felt herself relax fully. She knew Amber still struggled to say those words in moment’s like this, but every time she did, Maggie felt a little more secure.

    “I love you too and I can’t wait till Monday night when I can make you scream.” Maggie smiled back with a cocky grin; her heart filled with the emotion of how lucky she was and how she felt at this moment. Their path had not been easy but Amber Fielder was hers and she would keep it that way no matter what.

    “Guess we will see Monday. Text me when you can, and more importantly…win.” Amber whispered and Maggie gave her a lustful smile and nod. They kissed once again with a little more aggression unable to help themselves. Maggie let their lips linger together until Amber pulled away with a wink, then the librarian finished packing while her girlfriend told her about the convention plans. A few minutes later they walked to the door of Maggie’s flat, Amber twirling her own key that she had gotten just last week from the redhead. The blonde stopped at the door and watched Maggie get into her car the rest of the way. The redhead gave her girlfriend one last little wave before the blonde went back inside to get ready for her own little trip. Somehow it was working with Amber Fielder, Maggie thought, and she really didn’t know why. By all accounts, it shouldn’t have worked, but maybe that’s why it did. They were both too stubborn to let each other go, and she absolutely loved it.

    But then she looked at herself in the small car reverse mirror and nodded. She pushed her girlfriend out of her mind for now and brought up the side of her that had awoken in the last year. A woman who could use her body to make other women scream in pleasure and surrender in the best of ways. The bitch she could be, and the one she needed to be to fight against a girl like Silvia for no other reason except to prove she was better.

    She knew if this night was anything like she had imagined, then she would need every drop of her sex, every muscle in her body, and every sense of her incredible sexual skills to win. It was 4 PM Friday and the invitation told her to be there at 5, but the orgy didn’t start till 10. Tonight, she was going to match her body and sex against Silvia, a woman she had no feelings for except pure disdain and intense sexual attraction.

    Feelings she knew were shared and returned which made each of their sexual encounters like infernos. They were going to meet in person for only the third time in their life and what was shaping up to be their craziest fight ever. No more one-offs, no more dirty text messages and chat logs late at night with pictures and threats. This would be till one of them whispered “I give up” into the other’s ear as part of full sexual surrender. By the end of the night, one of them would have the dominating role in their unique relationship and Maggie couldn’t wait to see which of them would take the spot.

    The drive was longer than she expected, almost over an hour. The directions led her to a very nice neighbourhood that was anything but what she had imagined. In the end, she pulled up to a large gate in front of a massive driveway that could easily hold 8 or 9 cars. The house itself was all white, two floors with a two-car garage that amplified its size. Maggie checked the address three times before she accepted that she was indeed at the right location in which Silvia had sent her. “Of course,” Maggie grumbled; it was clear that Silvia was far better off than she let on.

    She parked her shabby civic in the driveway and got out with a slight stretch. An older couple walked by giving her a smile in which Maggie returned with a little wave. Besides them, there were no other signs of people near the house. It seemed like a normal quiet upper-class neighborhood that must have been blissfully unaware that an orgy was happening right under their noses. With a huff, Maggie locked her car and made her way down the long brick walkway bag in hand. She took one last breath as she reached her destination and knocked on the brown door with her knuckles.

    She waited at the door for 15 seconds, 30 seconds, then a whole minute. She knocked harder, knowing that this was just another game that Silvia was playing with her. The bitch seemed to never get bored of her mind tricks and Maggie knew that they would continue up to the moment they started to fight. She reached for the doorbell this time, but the brown wood swung open right before her finger touched it.

    Standing in the newly opened door was the host of the night. Maggie’s green eyes hungrily took in Silvia, the first time she had seen her since their heated moment back at the Gala. The young woman was wearing a massive fluffy white cotton robe that looked overly big on her. Her sexy legs were bare, looking toned, and visible because the short robe ended around her mid-thigh.

    Her hair was still short, but longer than it had been when they first met back at the Showtime. It was light brown, straight and reached the top of her shoulders. The bangs were longer, and the look was done in a way so that her hair covered her left eye while the right one sparkled in excitement at Maggie’s appearance. Her facial features looked like a pixie with a hidden tomboyish smile, with her skin being paler than before but could clearly hold a tan if she wanted. Her lips were naturally pink, and her makeup-less face was as pretty as it was without the foundation. She had a distinct air around her of a sex queen no matter what she was wearing or doing.

    “Hello, Maggie. So very punctual.” She commented with the sexy grin that was so common on her features. Her grey eyes were sparkling in what Maggie only assumed was excitement and hunger because she knew her own green eyes were returning the same messages. The bartender opened the door wider and stood directly in the entrance, one arm above her head, leaning on the frame. She looked like a snack, and it took all the mental strength Maggie had to not jump on her right then and there.

    “Hello, Silvia. Of course, I wanted to ensure I didn’t miss a second of our time together.” Maggie responded waiting outside the door in her long green skirt and black sweater. She had planned to keep her body hidden in every way she could. Every second they were turning each other on was part of the sex war. The one that had started the second Silvia had answered the door.

    It seemed Silvia expected Maggie to be wearing something less revealing than her but wasn’t bothered at all. She opened the door further, “Come on in, I’m so glad you will be joining me tonight for the event, I think it will be quite the time for both of us.”

    Maggie gave her a friendly but overlay fake smile as she took a few steps to enter the house. Just as she passed the threshold, however, she turned so that her sweater covered boobs brushed the cotton covered pair with a little extra contact. Silvia rose an eyebrow at the obvious breast challenge given but ignored the urge to attack Maggie in response. It seemed she wasn’t the only one ready to play games tonight. Maggie moved full past her and took a few extra steps looking around the entrance of the house.

    “As you know the event doesn’t start for a while, but I wanted to give you time to prepare and enjoy my hospitality,” Silvia said as she closed and locked the door behind them with a loud clink. The redhead looked around the well-decorated foyer of the house, again impressed at the grandness.

    However, she was quickly brought back as Silvia began stalking around her as if she was prey. The redhead didn’t back down and stood there following Silvia with her head. She now felt more confident in her decision to come as the fire of their rivalry was re-ignited. They eyed each other as Silvia moved around doing a quick inspection. After three full orbits, she was satisfied to see that the redhead’s body was as good as ever even hidden under her clothes. “A bit of me was very sure you wouldn’t show. I’m very happy I was wrong.” The pixie girl commented with a playful tone as she continued her stalking.

    “Are you sure you weren’t hoping I wouldn’t show? Maggie responded with an air of her own confidence. Even if she was nervous, she wouldn’t show it here. She felt a passion for putting up an assertive front in Silvia’s presence. Their texting and exchanges had really heated up a rivalry for two women who were standing face to face for only the third time in their lives.
    It felt like before when she first encountered Amber, but here, there was no mystery like the one that had kept her close to the blonde. With the bartender, she knew it was pure disdain and a level of attraction that really bugged her.

    Silvia responded with an equally confident tone. “Oh, no, no. I very much wanted you to show, I have been waiting for us to be able to…hang out longer than an hour like our previous encounters.”

    “Well, I’m here, but I want to know why so early if it doesn’t start till 10?” She had guessed that Silvia wanted a prefight or something of the sort, but the bartender didn’t mention anything of the sort.

    “I told you, so you could enjoy my hospitality before our long night, I want you fully rested. Now, I won’t be giving you a tour of my house so pay attention. Up the stairs and to the left is your room for the evening. You can rest there until it is time. There is food, wine, a hot shower or bath, whatever you need or want, it’s all there.”

    “Ok…and then what?” Maggie questioned as she glanced up the stairs. All the while she also watched her opponent continue to circle her like prey, like a wounded animal. Her eyes traced the curves that the robe struggled to hide. Silvia’s tits and ass were too prominent to be hidden even by an item of clothing that bulky.

    “Well at 10 PM it starts down in the basement. It’s a very nice venue and the door is right there next to the kitchen. Quite a few people will be joining us, more than usual.”

    Maggie opened her mouth to comment but Silvia kept going, “Don’t’ worry, I have a list of rules that everyone always follows during my events, or they are kicked out of here, no questions asked, I’m sure you read them. This isn’t my first rodeo…though I’ll be honest with you. This will also be my first orgy with a rival such as yourself joining, so it will be a new experience for both of us. I hope you keep your mind open to the possibilities.”

    Maggie didn’t like the idea of more people coming to potentially watch her fight Silvia in the nude. The whole idea of an orgy was already something she had never imagined herself doing, and really it all just seemed like a big distraction that was not needed to settle things between them. They were here right now. They could settle it right now and Maggie felt they might as well, she was itching for a fuck fight. “I’m not here for an orgy Silvia. I’m here to fuck you till you beg me to stop, and then…I’ll keep going till you understand that I’m sexier, hotter and can outdo you anytime!”

    Silvia’s eyes flashed and her playful sexy persona dropped for the briefest of seconds. “Well, bitch, that’s what we are here for, you and me settling it in a very different type of sexfight.” But she caught herself before she lost it totally and the playful tone returned. “But we can have our fun tonight at the party, so you are going to need to have a bit more patience.”

    Maggie huffed and even tapped her foot in annoyance, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Silvia.

    “Don’t worry Maggie, you and I are here for one reason. None of the people coming, the men or the women will be able to keep pace with us. It might feel normal to you now, but girl’s like me, Amber, Jenny, or your little interns are quite a rare find. Though I think our little rivalry is quite special.”

    “Special? Don’t flatter yourself.”

    “You don’t think so? I mean, trust me, I can get the pleasure of sexfighting I crave from others too, but…”, But she was caught off by Maggie,

    “So can I.” The redhead hissed.

    Silvia laughed out loud and covered her mouth with her hand, “Oh I know you can. I heard about you and Amber. You two are very cute, but your blonde girlfriend can’t save you from me tonight.”

    Maggie felt her eye twitch at the mention of her relationship, “Firstly, what Amber and I have is something you would never understand, and secondly, I don’t need her to deal with a girl like you. I’m more than you can handle. This is about us, and only us.”

    “You’re damn right it’s about us and only us. I’m glad we think so much alike…it is exactly what makes our relationship oh so very intense.”

    “Yeah, it does.” Maggie admitted, “So tell me then, what is the plan? Where the fuck is this orgy even happening?”

    Silvia stopped in front of Maggie, giving her a full up and down. “At 10 PM, make your way down to the basement. It will all make perfect sense once you are there. I’ll be in a mask, but you will know who I am. I’m interested to know; did you buy that bikini I messaged you about?”

    “Maybe,” Maggie answered sharply and Silvia smiled knowing the answer was clearly a yes, even if the redhead was still not admitting her excitement for the fight.

    “Well, IF you have, just know that I purchased the exact same one. It’s so tight that it makes me groan when I slip into it. But god does it feel good.” Silvia grinned as Maggie felt a twitch in her groin.

    Then a small snicker came to Maggie’s lips as it confirmed that she and Silvia were far too similar body wise. “Well, if I did buy it, I bet mine is tighter in all the right places.”

    Now, Silvia’s eye and pussy twitched at the little insult, but she kept her cool. In fact, it only made her more excited that Maggie’s fire seemed alive and burning. If they both had that bikini, it would only increase their desire to fight.

    “Well, well, well, I’m glad to see you’re as bitchy as ever. We obviously have quite a lot to work out between us…but that will be for tonight. For now, make yourself at home, but I ask that you keep your robe on when in the main sections of the house if you want to explore. Just in case any of the other guests show up early. I usually allow some of them to lounge around the living room and such. They won’t come upstairs, however, so if you stay up in your room, you won’t be bothered.”

    “And are we alone now?” Maggie questioned with coyness, and she watched as Silvia’s grin grew as she understood the hint. The tension in the room was already so thick that it was palpable. But that question only made it thicker.

    “Yes, we are very alone…but I’m not here just to out fuck you Maggie. If I wanted that, I would have just kept you in that little storge closet all night back at the Gala. No, tonight I’m here to humiliate you in ways no woman has ever been humiliated in a sexfight. That is why you and I are going to get to play during my orgy.”

    Maggie couldn’t help but scoff, “You know Silvia, you are a sick and twisted bitch. Since our first meeting and all of our texts, you have proven time and time again to be from the lowest gutter imaginable.”

    “That’s the pot calling the kettle black. You came here, you know what we are going to do tonight. You want it as much as I do, so let’s roll in the filthy gutter together.” Silvia shot back, stopping her stalking of Maggie as she cocked her hip in the white robe in front of the pale girl.

    Maggie cocked her own hip in the challenge right back at her rival. “The only thing I want to do is shut you up by fucking your pathetic body until you quit, that’s why I’m here. This whole orgy thing is just a distraction from our chance to settle it. I don’t care about it; in fact, why don’t we start now?” Maggie huffed. She felt aggressive with Silvia, she always did. The woman just put her in a mental state that made her want to embarrass her sex rival. The bartender and herself had been orbiting each other for too long without being able to really settle it.

    “No.” Silvia said firmly, “We are playing by my rules and it’s orgy or nothing tonight.”

    “Why? Because you are scared to fight me alone?”

    “No, I could fuck you alone easy, but that’s not why we are here. We could do that anywhere or anytime, but we can do this type of fight tonight. And we need to fight in it, you and I are the only two girls who are willing, who want to do it. Because we are alike, I know you want it as much as I do, and that’s why it has to be us!”

    Maggie opened her mouth to rebuttal that comment but stopped as Silvia put her hands on her hips while doing another up and down of her rival, but this time when she spoke her voice had a more serious tone to it. “Listen, Maggie, you are I are similar, get over it. I know you are interested in this because you never would have shown up here in the first place if you weren’t. Guess what? This is an orgy with men and women who love sex as much as you and I do. That’s the game of the night. We do it because we like it, and it allows us to be as open as we want with our sexuality and have things done to us that can’t be done in a normal setting. But if you are scared to get cummed on or disgusted by the idea of grinding on a random man for fun or kissing random girls, then you should leave now because I’m not going to waste my time with a prude.”

    Maggie glared at her rival as she attacked the doubts in her mind. She did love sex; she loved the fire and competition she felt with other women in her sexfights to the point she was even obsessed with it. And Silvia was a special type of fire that was offering her a chance to fight in a dirty new environment.

    Silvia continued with her serious look and voice. “You and I can always settle things later, but I will always know that my sexual limit is further than yours. That I was willing to do things you wouldn’t and that I am better than you in what matters most.” She paused, making sure Maggie absorbed her words, then she continued with a coy tone. “But if you aren’t scared of tonight, of the sex, of me, then stay and fight me during the orgy. Take part in it so that we can push both our sexual boundaries to the absolute limit with each other.”

    Maggie felt her breathing increase as her heart sped up from every single word that poured out of her rival’s mouth. Silvia was having the exact same reaction as the understanding of what could and would happen tonight was laid out in front of them. The bartender kept going after catching her heated breath.

    “Cum, dicks, tits, it’s all fair game during an orgy. But most importantly, you and I will get to see who can out fuck who, during an event that will allow us to embarrass each other. To fuck and fight in ways that will push our sexuality to the limit.” She stopped again; her grey eyes were burning with a passion. She knew what she wanted to hear, she needed this fight, to go into the dirtiest of places and Maggie was the only girl that would do it with her. Their interactions, their slow-building rivalry, the redhead’s filthy side that Silvia could sense was like her own from the second they met. It was a rivalry that demanded more than just a little sexfight as she had with Jenny, Amber or any of the other sluts she had met. She knew Maggie wanted it too, she could see the real whore the redhead was, and she was the exact same type of whore to bring her down. This was a game and gutter built for two, but she had to make sure her rival was willing to join.

    When Maggie didn’t answer right away, Silvia pushed and gave out her final question. “So, are you here to play or are you running away?” She panted as they felt their pussies come close to dripping just from the imaginations of what the night could bring. Of what they could do to each other, and how they could settle the burning question between them.

    The sexual tension was already unbearable and would make the most stoic of people pant in heat. It would take one touch; one wrong look and Maggie was sure their fight would start prematurely. She took a breath as she considered her options, but honestly, it didn’t take long. She had already come this far; she knew what this night was about and what could happen. Some of the dirtiest parts of her mind, the place that imagined sexfighting in public with Bianca, blowjob contesting with Isabella, and threesomes with her girlfriend were demanding she stay. She knew why she was here, and she knew Silvia was right. They were more alike sexually than many of the other girls. Her wallflower self was a quiet voice now, and Silvia could bring out a part of her that had only appeared a few times in her life and it filled her with a wild sexual rage. She dropped her bag on the white tile making it a clear indication that she wasn’t going anywhere.

    The robe-wearing girl smiled as the bag landed. Somehow her already hungry look became even more feral as the grey and green eyes sparked at each other. “Well, I shall see you at 10 then.”

    “Yes, you will,” Maggie responded with her own sexy tone, unable to stop herself from panting in desire lightly.

    With that said, Silvia took one extra step closer and brought her naturally pink lips a centimetre away from Maggie’s; holding them there and allowing them to smell the desire they had for each other. Maggie held her ground staring eye to eye with her sexy rival. She wanted to kiss her, force her tongue into her mouth and choke her with it, but she didn’t. She was going to play the game just like Silvia was and let the tension grow even more. The bartender’s lips twitched into a smile after a long 10 seconds with neither of them pushing the standoff further.

    “Slut.” She whispered with a sexy breath of air but didn’t kiss her redheaded rival just yet, there would be plenty of time for that later. Letting the moment saturate for an extra second, she then backed off and turned towards the stairs without another glance or look at Maggie. The green eyes followed her as the bartender slowly made her way up the steps towards the second floor, her ass flexing hidden behind the thick white cotton. Each stride up the stairs allowed Maggie to see up the robe little by little and she couldn’t look away.

    Then Silvia stopped at the final step. “Oh, I forgot, this one is yours.” She called down the stairs with a giggle while not looking back at her rival. She undid the easy front tie of the robe to allow it to gracefully fall off her perfect form. Maggie bit her lower lips as she took in the backside of her sex rival as the cloth fell to her feet. The bartender was fully nude, her ass looking as good as it ever had the many times she had seen it. Even from this distance, Maggie could see how round, big, and bubble-like it appeared. Completely unblemished adjoined with the ass dimples that were so prominent on her lower back. It was quite a view and a very frustrating taunt to Maggie, that only turned her on more. Before she had time to retaliate or comment, Silvia had disappeared from view leaving the discarded robe behind. A second later, and Maggie heard the door of what she assumed was the master bedroom open and close.

    Waiting a few seconds, Maggie then followed her rival and made her way up the stairs. At the top, she leaned down and picked up the robe and was surprised too how soft it really was. To the right was the double door of the master bedroom where her rival had just escapade too. A part of her wondered if Silvia was waiting for her just inside. She could go in right now and half expected to find Silvia waiting for her, nude and legs open ready to fuck. Or maybe the door would be locked, and it would just prove she had the weaker mindset. Unwilling to take the risk of getting taunted further she turned to the left and made her way to her own room.

    She would never admit this out loud except to Amber, but a quiet part of her wanted to take part in tonight’s orgy. It was weird and confusing, but the excitement of the unknown, the thrill of her imaginations that could be met in one evening was too tempting to pass up. She never would have done this a year ago, but now with her sexual confidence and desire to beat her rival, nothing was off the table. She wanted to humiliate Silvia as much as Silvia wanted to humiliate her, and there was no better place for the two of them. She knew she had changed the last year, but in reality, it wasn’t a bad thing she thought. She liked being more open with herself; it had gotten her a girlfriend, and now had given her a further chance to explore and see how far she could go.

    The guest room was large and very nicely decorated with an air of sophistication that matched the rest of the house. In the middle was a soft queen-sized bed that had dark red sheets and pillows. To the left of the door was a small desk and leather chair, along with a flat-screen TV on the wall. Maggie slipped off her sandals and allowed her feet to sink into the thick white carpet for a few seconds. It was good to rest her feet because had brought a much sexier pair of heels with her that she would wear tonight for extra effect.

    Finishing her inspection of the room, she opened her backpack and pulled out the clothes to layout on the bed. She was going to take bath, a very hot one and make sure every inch of her skin was smooth except for her now almost wild bush. It would also help relax her muscles, including her ass that was almost twitching after seeing Silvia’s fantastic backside. Taking a second, she reached back and felt her own strong full buns through her skirt, they would have quite a workout tonight she bet. They had been firmed at the gym and tested against her girlfriend almost nightly, but from the looks of it, Silvia hadn’t just been lying in wait and had been working out her own buns just as much.

    The guest bathroom was smaller and less grand than the rest of the house, but the size of the tub was big enough for her to stretch out. She turned on the hot water putting it at a steaming temperature. As the water ran, she pulled out the new bikini she had bought for the night. It was different than anything Maggie had ever worn before, and that was now saying something over the last year. It was a one-piece slingshot thong from a wrestling link that Silvia had sent her a week ago. Maggie had thought these only existed in movies or TV shows, but it was very real.

    It went around both her shoulders in two small lines then down her front covering both nipples with about two inches of white cloth. The two lines connected to a small white triangle that only covered her pussy. A single string went around her ass and split in two at her lower back with a small gold ring holding it together. From behind, unless you were only a few feet away, you would assume the wearer was nude. All in all, Maggie calculated that it covered about three percent of her total skin, making it one of the skimpiest bikini’s she had ever worn.

    The main thing she also noted was that her new thick bush was widely visible from the top and sides of the front triangle. She assumed most women would be cleanly shaven down there if they dared wear this thing, but she knew it was exactly why Silvia had sent her the link. It would allow them to rub their pubic hair together even before anything else happened. The link also suggested there would be some wrestling before they started to really fuck, just like back in the soapy water at the Showtime.

    Putting the bikini aside, she stripped out of her clothes and stood nude in front of the bathroom mirror, examining her pale freckled body. It had served her well over the last year and she felt again how she had transformed into a more sexual open person. So many decisions had led her to this moment, but she wouldn’t change it in any way with how it turned out. She picked up the cotton robe and put it on to see how it felt. It was super soft, but Maggie didn’t even notice. What she did notice was that it smelled like sex and Silvia. She assumed the bitch has masturbated in its last night, soaking it in her sweat. Maggie took it off and tossed it on the bed with a huff, both aroused and disgusted at the thought.

    She ate a light snack and even drank a glass of red wine as the water finished filling. She then took an hour-long soak before relaxing on the soft bed. It was more tranquil than she had expected, and she felt like a pampered gladiator preparing for a big fight. She didn’t text Amber, though she smiled when she thought about their conversation. She didn’t want to say that Amber was quickly becoming the love of her life this early into their relationship, but god did it feel that way. In a way, they had been ‘dating’ a lot longer, it just took them a bit more time to figure it out. It felt amazing knowing that they could get through this and she couldn’t wait to hear how the convention went with Marissa. But again, she pushed her girlfriend from her head as she glanced at the clock and 10PM drew closer.

    At 9:45, she got dressed in the small white slingshot bikini. It was tight in all the right places just like Silvia had mentioned, and she felt her heart rate increase as she stepped into the mirror. She looked like a sex wrestling queen with her makeup done with a few touch-ups and her red curly hair out. It was still longer than it had been before, but with her natural curls, it looked shorter than it had at the Gala. The bikini looked great too, and she imagined that everyone at the Gala was going to take an extra look if they could.

    Maggie pulled out the small domino mask that Amber had given her from a fancy party the secretly rich punk girl had once attended. It wouldn’t really hide who she was as it only covered her upper face, but she doubted she would know, or anyone would know her anyway. It was more important than it kept her nose and mouth clear so that they could be used in the sexual warfare to come. Though there was that piece of her that wanted the orgy, there was also a bigger piece that had massive reservations, and she couldn’t help being nervous. She didn’t want to fuck a bunch of random people, that was a bit too far for her, but she was sure Silvia wouldn’t either…maybe. But it was an orgy…and she wasn’t sure about Silvia, but at least for their fight she again told herself the bartender wouldn’t want to drain herself like that. It was natural to be nervous she told herself again and again while resisting the urge to text Amber one more time. This was about her and Silvia, and she had to be the one to deal with it. Her fight in that storage closet had gotten her here and she could do this. She wanted this. She wanted to fight her rival this way. If she hated the orgy and everything about it, she would just never do it again. It was just another step in her sexual life, albeit a big one for the young librarian.

    She did a light stretch in the mirror after pushing the doubt from her head. She was feeling giddy and nervous all at once, but weirdly as the time got closer, she felt strangely calm and almost excited. This fight was going to be raw, with no emotion like the last real fight she had with Amber. It would be more like her fights with Bianca, Isabella and Marissa…or maybe in the future with Teagan or Jenny. Like with those other girls, all she had to do is out fuck her rival, something she would always bet on herself to do. Then she saw the clock hit 9:55. It was now or never, and she knew what she had to do. She pulled on her 3-inch white heels and grinned at herself in the mirror, remembering how she used to feel and even act a little mousy, and maybe a little tiny bit of that girl was still there in her personality and looks. But tonight, she felt a flush of real confidence and hidden excitement, it was time for her and Silvia to settle it all between them.

    =====End of Part 1

    Note: Prepare for a very long comment below. Please ignore if you still do not give a fuck which I respect lol and I will hopefully see ya in part 2

    And that’s part 1...with almost no action but I still think some spicy scenes of what is to come. I hope you enjoyed it! ORGY FIGHT! Hahah, yeah, I’m excited for this one but it has been tricky! Maggie with Silvia is spicy enough and I have never written a fight like this, it's a weird balance, but I REALLY think you will all enjoy it if you keep an open mind haha.

    This story does not have as much buildup (on its own ) as I normally do, but that’s because most of it was done in the previous stories! That’s a big benefit after writing a story like the Gala. ALSO, I have to say to everyone who responded to that story that I have read every comment on where to go next, along with both the criticisms and comments about it. They were all fantastic and I just want to really thank everyone who commented there and again apologize that I’m so lame at following up on the stories to answer questions. You all are so nice to leave notes because it does mean a lot. Honestly, I write for myself but am so glad some people here like them as much as I do and it is an extra slice of motivation.

    So, that is really it, I always end up writing a lot more here each time now haha. I would love to know what you think and if you enjoyed the build up. Or if you want to tell me that I ruined Maggie because she would never do something like this, or Amber would never be okay with Maggie doing it, I get you. To me it makes sense, but I’m the writer so it has too haha. I believe this is how the characters would act with their growth while also getting to continue their sexfighting adventures which is the most important thing! (Or you can be like, fucking, who cares about the two girlfriends, lets get some sexfighting in here!) (Personally, I think Maggie and Amber deserve some happiness though, after all they have been through the last stories. Right? hahaha).

    Okkkkk I think that's it. Again sorry for the old long message, and looking forward to seeing what y'all think. Till next time. King

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    Re: A Social Experience

    Just saw this! Looking forward to reading it right now! More Maggie! Yay!


    King, I just read the story. I will PM you. But it's absolutely great! Fantastic buildup, nice psychological development, and an incredibly sexy last part. Maggie in her slingshot bikini is an incredible thought to put in the minds of your readers! I really liked the interaction with Amber, too.

    I hope that we don't have to wait too long for Part 2!

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    Re: A Social Experience

    A new story this soon, awesome! Love to read some more from this interesting world you have created. Have to say that this orgy thing may not be my cup of tea, but I’ll keep open mind and give it a chance. Looking forward to the next chapter.

    - - - Updated - - -

    A new story this soon, awesome! Love to read some more from this interesting world you have created. Have to say that this orgy thing may not be my cup of tea, but I’ll keep open mind and give it a chance. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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    Re: A Social Experience

    More Maggie always is a pleasure
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    Re: A Social Experience

    I didn't expect Maggie and Silvia this soon. That said, I'm really excited to see where this goes. The first chapter felt really breezy which is something I didn't expect. It'll be interesting to see what changes (if anything) with Maggie and Amber after this.

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    A Social Experience Part 2

    Part 2

    She left her room and returned to the hallway of the dark house in her fluffy sex smelling robe. There was no sign of Silvia, or anyone else even as she made her way down the stairs to the first floor. She assumed there was another way into the basement so that the bartender didn’t make everyone who joined the orgy walk through the front of her house. It felt like she really was the special guest of the night given her treatment, but knew it was all to ensure she was rested for a long battle. She explored a bit more to get a feel for the many rooms but found nothing worth noting. After a few minutes, she made her way to the kitchen and quickly found the door that Silvia had mentioned when she had first arrived, the one that led to the basement and orgy.

    She checked her black mask once more and now satisfied with it being secure, opened the door. Instead of the darkness she expected, she was met with bright lights and the sound of music. It seemed like the whole lower level was illuminated with a red glow giving it a sexy radiance as if it was a dance club instead of a basement. Confused but also very curious, Maggie moved down, taking the stairs a step at a time. As the basement came into view, the first thing she noticed was it was far larger than she expected, double the size of the two-car garage above.

    The setup was not like the rooms she had viewed online when she had researched orgy parties in a feeble attempt to be prepared for tonight. Her investigation had taken her to some questionable internet sites, but it seemed like everything with the bartender, Silvia took the idea and make it far grander and more elaborate.

    There were colorful fairy lights hung up all over the ceiling, and more intense strobe lights in a few of the corners and center. To the far-left was a fully stocked mini bar with a sexy shirtless server that Maggie couldn’t help wonder was the same man she had seen at the Gala. A memory came rushing back to her, and she wondered if those two girls who were fighting over him at the Gala knew about this?

    She looked away from the bar and took in the rest of the setup. The room seemed to be broken up into four sections of space, each seemingly for a different type of erotic enjoyment for an orgy to take place.

    The largest section was near the bar by the strobe lights. It was easy to tell that it would be used as a dance floor judging by the lack of furniture and large speakers on the walls. She imagined that many of the people here would very much enjoy dancing or specifically nude grinding. It looked like Silvia had set up a place to do just that.

    The section closest to her by the stairs was very simple. There were about three long couches and several love chairs that formed a small square. It seemed a good place for couples or small groups to sit and chat…along with having sex on all of them she guessed.

    The one section Maggie had seen on most of the videos she had viewed was on the left side of the room. Simply put, the entire square was covered in large mattresses, pillows and sheets. She assumed that in the end, that is where everyone ended up one way or another. At least that was how the video’s ended most of the time, just a pile of bodies, exhausted and drained from a night of vigorous group sex. She would avoid that section if all possible she thought to herself.

    The final of the four sections was to the right of the stairs and seemed nothing more than a waiting area. It was the least decorated with a few tables and chairs. It looked like a place for people to take a break in and was where most of the guests were now. It looked harmless, but as her green eyes adjusted to the light, she did make out a large number of lube bottles, alcohol, and even some extreme drugs lined on the tables and walls. So, it was a bit more than just a ‘waiting’ area.

    ‘Wow.’ Maggie thought before she turned her attention to the center of the large room where the four sections intersected. That part had a look all to its own. Right in the middle of the room was a 10 by 10-foot raised wooden platform highlighted by a stripper pole right in the middle. It was the centrepiece of this crazy get up and Maggie had a feeling that pole had seen some action. There were quite a few spotlights above the platform as well, and it looked almost more like a performance stage than anything else.

    Weirdly out of place, (besides herself Maggie thought) was a small blue baby pool next to the stripper pole. Everything else in the room was far too set up for that to be there for no reason, but she couldn’t guess why. The whole thing seemed so elaborate, and Maggie felt like she was in a movie or some porno…her old self would never have imagined places like this really existed, and yet here she was, in a room that was made just for large groups of people to have sex with one another…and she was one of them…kinda.

    Maggie couldn’t help but be impressed by the room that Silvia had created. It was nothing like the online videos and in a way, it calmed her down even more. If she was going to be fighting someone during an orgy, she was glad it was this orgy that looked a class above the gross things she had seen online. But yeah, it was still an orgy she reminded herself and gave her a slight shiver. With her inspection of the room complete still standing on the stairs, Maggie then turned her view to the many people that filled it.

    It was again way more bodies than Maggie had expected. She couldn’t count them all but guessed there had to be around 50…which was way more than any video she had seen. Most of them limited it to 15, but this room felt more like a club than a sex spot. And they would all see her nude, ‘Fuck,’ she thought, it was a weird feeling, both something she couldn’t have ever imagined herself doing, but …now… maybe she could. That feeling was almost even weirder. She was very proud of her body and the year of growing sexual confidence gave her more than enough courage for most types of sexual events. It also helped that she was now dating Amber, that was another thing she had never imagined herself doing a year ago and filled her with self-assurance.

    As Maggie ended up standing at the bottom of the stairs, she couldn’t help but gawk. All the bodies in her line of sight were very nice, far nicer than the ones she had seen in videos once again. Nearly all of them, the men and the women were well in shape and attractive in some form or another. She assumed Silvia made it a point to find only the best-looking people for this thing. Hell, some people didn’t have masks and Maggie admired their boldness, though she was sure they must not have had jobs like hers. Per the email from Silvia, no electronics were allowed down here, and Maggie had left her phone in her room. Maybe that is why they could go without masks; they just didn’t worry about anyone having proof.

    Most of the men were in bathing suits while the women in a mix of robes and bikinis of varying types. Some of the bolder ones had thongs on, but nowhere near the skimpiness of her own Maggie considered. Most of the women were pretty and a few could have given her a bit of a run, but none seemed to be exactly in her and Silvia’s league except for two that Maggie made a quick mental note of.

    Standing there long enough, she took the final step and fully entered the basement. Conscious of where she was, she stayed on the outside of the mass of people near the tables. No one really took notice of her and she found a spot to lean against the wall and just watch and observe. Her style of mask was the most common and seemed to be the natural choice for the women except for three or four in full leather masks.

    She hung around the side for a few minutes waiting for whatever was going to happen next, her heart beating quicker as the minutes ticked by. It seemed a few people knew each other and were talking while others seemed to wait alone and drink. As she continued to view the mass of bodies, she found her eyes were continuously drawn to specific figures and she quickly began calculating. Two men were very muscular and in great shape to say the least. She wouldn’t have minded fucking either of them back in her single days, or really before she found the addicting drug that was a rival’s hot body in a sex contest. She still could enjoy a good man’s body and dick, though it was more fun to imagine fighting another girl for it or sharing it with Amber.

    This also gave her time to take in the sight of the two women in particular whose bodies could compare to her and Silvia’s. They seemed overly friendly with every person that came up to them, and they were very popular. They were both wearing thong bikinis and for good reason with the muscular buns. Their asses looked as good as hers did, but did they know how to use them? She wasn’t sure.

    After watching for a minute, she almost looked away but was glad she didn’t. For a brief second, she caught them shoot a glare at each other, but then it was gone, and she wasn’t sure if she had imagined it. She shook her head a little bit, since the Gala, she had found herself making up rivalries in her head that in no way could exist. It was just a thing now after she had discovered this part of her life. Not to mention how many women in the last year played her game and more and more seemed to pop up one by one. But that didn’t mean every girl with a body like hers knew or had ever participated in a sexfight she reminded herself again. It was fine, they could be fun, but she wasn’t there for the orgy, she was here to fight Silvia.

    As she was doing the calculations in her head about which person she could fuck, or wouldn’t, one of the good-looking men noticed her and came up to lean on the wall next to the nerdy redhead.

    “Well, hello, haven’t seen you before.” He chatted, and Maggie realized after a second that he was talking to her. She looked to her left and took in his body, well in shape with a light 4 pack and tanned. Long hair, and a charming smile behind his mask, not bad at all she couldn’t help thinking before she realized she would have to respond.

    “Oh, um first time,” Maggie commented briskly looking away, then realized that she shouldn’t be cold just because these people were here for an orgy. So was she, and in fact, she considered it might be better to talk to some of the people who would very soon see her very naked? Maybe it would help with her nerves or humanize them in some way.
    “I’m sorry, I’m a bit nervous, I haven’t done anything like this before,” She said and turned to face him. Behind his mask, he smiled at the freckled girl.

    “Oh, don’t be. The queen who sets these up has some pretty strict rules that make it safe for everyone. It’s just a fun time for all, as long as you love sex, that is.”

    Maggie smiled at his friendliness and openness to converse, if anything, at least she did love sex, so she did have that going for her. She had also read the list of rules multiple times over the last week. But as she digested his words, something did raise a question in her mind. “The queen?” Maggie asked the man but had a strong feeling she knew what he meant.

    He laughed, “Oh sorry, that’s what our wonderful host goes by during the event, I mean, I think most people know her real name, but it’s all for the fun of it. She does have a body of a queen though.” He added with a wink.

    “I see,” Maggie replied, stopping herself from rolling her eyes at Silvia’s chosen name. She hadn’t thought of a nickname but that did seem like a really good idea. Then she continued, trying not to look too lost in thought, “Well, that is reassuring, do you come to these types of event’s often?”

    “No, just the Queen’s, her high standards for both looks and rules makes them far better than the average orgy you see online. But hers, I just can’t get enough of them. They are really fun when everyone gets into it; I would be glad to show you around.” The man offered, shooting his shot even before the orgy had begun.

    Maggie picked up on it and smiled, it wasn’t the worse thing to be desired, and she had a feeling she would be a very sought-after prize in this type of event. It also wouldn’t be bad to get a tour and a closer look at the places where she may find herself tonight. “Sure.” She replied as he turned and led her to each of the sections of the room giving her a bit closer view. A few people said hello to him, and everyone seemed friendly to her, way more so than she had expected.

    It took a few minutes to do a full round of the room, but it Maggie a full layout and she was happy her initial review seemed pretty spot on. After a short stop at the bar, they returned to the corner drinks now in hand. They chatted back and forth for a few more minutes while several other people joined them. It felt weirdly ordinary for the young librarian, and the people all seemed far more normal than Maggie had expected to the point she was almost having fun in the conversations. She reminded herself to reset her expectations and not judge the people too quickly for participating in this type of event.

    She lost track of the time for a few minutes, but as the clock hit 10:20, the good-looking guy got her attention as the group slowly dispersed towards certain sections of the room, “Well, I’m going to get one more drink before we start, if you are around later, come find me.” He added with a second wink.

    Maggie smiled at the man, feeling grateful to him for the conversations, so she decided to let him down easy, “I might be busy, but I’ll think about it.” She teased and he grinned at her. It felt weird flirting when she was in a relationship, but she pushed down those feelings. It was fine, Amber had wanted her to do this fight, and this was just part of it. She also didn’t have to tell her blonde lover every little detail that happened tonight. It’s not like anyone besides her girlfriend and rivals could really give her the satisfaction she needed anyway; the challenge is what made it so hot and Amber was the perfect challenge. He walked off and Maggie admired his back muscles one more time before returning to converse with the few stragglers.

    One of them happened to be a girl Maggie had noticed before her tour. The girl had a body to match her own, and that alone was a rare find even after the Gala the redhead knew. She had milk cochleate colored hair and a lot of it. It was done in a braid and went all the way down to her ass. Her skin was slightly darker than Amber’s as if she had gotten a bit too much sun. They said hello, but didn’t converse much beyond that, though Maggie felt that hidden feeling she got around her rivals as they did an up and down of each other. It was clear the unnamed girl noticed it too, but Maggie guessed she had little to no experience in what that feeling really meant. Again, she reminded herself that what she did was crazy, and not every woman who looked like her had the same feelings…though it felt like they did after the last year. After a few seconds, the group fully dispersed and the hottie left as well, but at the last second, she shot a glare back at the redhead behind her black mask, one Maggie returned.

    Another minute passed as Maggie finished her small drink, wondering how long they would wait. It seemed they were all anticipating for the host herself to make her appearance. Then, it finally happened. There was a great commotion and Maggie looked over at the sound. From the other side of the room walked in Silvia. It seemed there was another door that she hadn’t noticed on her little tour.

    Maggie eyed her rival with a renewed disdain, the brown-haired bitch had a big smile on her features as she moved, flanked by two sexy shirtless men. She was in an identical white robe like the one she had left for Maggie, though the redhead doubted it smelled of sex and sweat like hers did. The same white heels as well ensuring the two women would be eye to eye. It wasn’t the only thing they were matching however as she also dawned an identical black domino mask on her pixie-like face that only added to the secret allure of Silvia’s already extreme sex appeal.

    Her bright pink lips were shinning with fresh gloss and middle length shoulder hair was well down with the similar front covering her left eye as it had been in when she arrived. She looked like a very intense challenge and Maggie knew she had been lying to herself about how much she wanted this fight. She really, really wanted it.

    People split the crowd to allow the host to make her way into the center of the room. After a few seconds, Silvia walked onto the stage with a wave while many people hooted, whistled and cheered the incredible looking woman. Her grin grew as she did a little twirl on the stripper pole to very loud applause. She seemed very popular, and Maggie could tell she was very much enjoying being the center of attention. From what Amber had told her, she wondered if this desire is what caused her and Jenny to have their little fights that Jenny won.

    Silvia’s little show was not over. She even lifted a leg up nice and straight in a sexy stripper motion and Maggie noted how flexible she was. Then she leaned down at the waist while holding the pole so that you could almost see up her robe before shooting back up with a giggle. The crowd was going wild while the grey eyes scanned the mob until they found the green pair. Everything else in the room melted and for a second only Silvia and Maggie existed in each other’s thoughts. The redhead was here, and Silvia knew the hunt was on. Her smile widened just a bit so that only Maggie could notice and sense her excitement. The long-awaited slut fight was about to begin.

    She broke the eye contact and did one more wave out to the crowd. As they finally started to quiet down, she began to speak with that cocky voice Maggie couldn’t stand.
    “Hello and welcome everyone, I’m glad you all are here to join us. I know it’s been a while since we have had one of our fun nights.” She paused while the music was lowered for her little speech as the bartender gave her a thumbs up to continue. There were cheers and nods all around as Maggie watched Silvia with cool disdain. The bartender seemed natural on stage in this little group, this was her place after all.

    As the hollering ceased, Silvia got back their attention once again. “I know, I know. I’m as frenzied as everyone else here for our night to get started, but like always, I remind everyone to remember the rules. For our few newcomers, please pay attention.

    Maggie had memorized the list that Silvia had emailed her like the librarian she was. It seemed like the host must have sent to everyone who was planning on joining judging from the people who mentioned it. It was a well thought out plan and again Maggie felt a bit of admiration for her sex rival, at least the bitch had some other skills besides sex. As Silvia talked, Maggie ran through the rules in her head, there were only three important ones.

    The first was always ask permission. If you attempt anything without full consent and get reported, you were out of there. The note next to it was: We all want to have fun, and we all know what we signed up for, but keep communication between all parties. It made sense, and Maggie felt like it was very important. The second one, no phones, no electronics at all. They were all stored upstairs or behind the bar and Maggie doubted anyone could hide anything when they were fully nude or wearing such skimpy clothing anyway. Again, it made sense, Silvia had not been busted or caught, meaning she ran a tight ship and only brought in people who would take the rules very seriously.

    And third, of course - Have some wild sex. That was the Silvia that Maggie had come to know from their dirty text conversations. The many photos they had shared, all their lingerie, and sexy threats that drove them wild.

    Silvia had finished her announcement of the rules, and again was waiting for the crowd to stop their cheering to the end of the announcement but the host wasn’t done.
    “Now, there will be one new rule because of a special event happening tonight.” Silvia continued and there was a small mummer all around the room. The grey-blue eyes found Maggie’s again from across the room, and the redhead realized that this was all about them.

    “As you can all see, I have this little rubber baby pool set up behind me on stage. There is a reason for that…Tonight I will be putting on a show with…well, I guess you can call her my special guest. This show is something that I hope you all get to watch and enjoy even as you enjoy each other.”

    She seemed to pause simply for dramatic effect as the crowd waited off her every word. “Tonight, she and I will be having a little sex contest, or I guess you could call it a little sex wrestling match, right here in front of all of you.”

    There were mummers in the crowd and Maggie noticed most of them seemed confused and even disappointed. She imagined it came from the fact that it seemed Silvia wasn’t going to be fully engaged in the orgy. She was sure most of the guys here and likely a whole lot of the girls wanted a piece of whatever Silvia brought to the table.

    Silvia noticed the mixed reaction as well and quickly worked to regain control of the room. “Now, now, don’t be disappointed! I’m still here for the orgy and won’t be fully out of the fun. But, basically, she and I have a little problem, and neither of us would back down. But she enjoys sex as much as I do…so instead of continuing to snip at each other, we have agreed to settle our little dispute with sex. Now, of course, you don’t have to watch our little sexfight, but it might get very electric.”

    The further explanation worked, and the mob shifted towards very excited, and in a way so did Maggie. She felt the thrill of the sexual competition take hold of her and having it announced to all these people was making her shiver in both fear and excitement.

    “So, this little pool on stage is our ring. A new rule for tonight is that no one besides she and I are allowed in it or to touch us as long as we remain in it. Of course, unless she and I both agree.”

    Maggie took in all the information quickly. It was made very clear to her exactly what Silvia had planned for them. It seemed they would be ‘part of the orgy’ but untouchable, more like a show for everyone to watch. They wouldn’t be interrupted as long as they stayed in their ring where they could sexfight to the end. But Maggie noticed that Silvia seemed to choose her words carefully. The bartender had emphasized that when they were IN the blue pool, they were untouchable, but if they went out of it…she guessed they would be fair game to participate and engross themselves in the orgy. Or at least that is what Maggie took from her comments.

    After almost three months of worry, the pieces were finally coming together. Maggie felt an extra surge of desire as she saw her arena, the place where she would fight her endless rival. It was small, maybe five feet by five feet and only took up a minor portion of the stage, and its low walls would make sure anyone standing could easily see into it. It looked soft, like rubber, and Maggie was instantly reminded of the mats at the Showtime where they had fought their first fight. The soapy wet showdown that ended with her getting face sat by that slut’s perfect ass. She was snapped back to the present again as Silvia started speaking in a way that felt like it was directed towards her once again.

    “Now I won’t let that take all of the fun out of this. Some of you girl’s might get a lucky chance to join us and men, don’t worry, I’m sure your moment will come. This is an orgy after all, and she and I both are…sexually enthusiastic to say the least.”

    Ok, maybe she was wrong. It seemed Silvia very much planned for several dicks and tits to be involved in their fight…and that was fine. She expected that from the second she had accepted this type of duel. If Silvia could do it, so could she. A roar of the crowd came again as Silvia undid the front of her robe for a brief second, revealing the same tiny white slingshot thong bikini that Maggie was wearing. From all the way in the back however, she simply looked nude. However, her body looked as good as ever, and a perfect match for Maggie’s sexy form. The remarks exploded once again, and Maggie looked around at all the men and women who were openly drooling at the sight.

    “Wow! That is one hell of a bikini!”
    “Look at that bush! It looks so thick! Girl’s never grow their hair out like that anymore!”
    “I swear, queen has the best body I have ever seen in person.”
    “A sexfight…I have heard of those, but who the fuck would try to take on the queen?”
    “Last time some guy came in under 10 seconds with Queen on top of him, I don’t think anyone can last with her.”

    More and more mummers filled the room that Maggie was forced to listen too. She wondered if this was just another game Silvia was playing with her, knowing that people would talk and gawk at her body. She felt the competitive side of her yearn, a yearning to show off her own body, to prove that hers was easily better than Silvia’s. She was as frustrated the point now her palms were gripped in tension. The bartender re-did her robe to the groans of the entire audience, but it had done its job. One quick view of the hosts body was enough to get the juices flowing, and no one understood that better than Maggie.

    “Now, if my special guest would be so willing to join me on stage and in the ring, we can get the night started.” She made eye contact with Maggie once again. The redhead almost jumped from the fact she had just been called out of the crowd. She had expected it at some point in the night, but it was now or never. She double-checked her mask and robe were secure and took a deep breath. She was already here, there was no going back, if Silvia could do this, so could she. Taking a few steps forward, she moved through the crowd of very nude or nearly nude people person by person. A few people commented at her as she moved past, and Maggie could hear them.

    “I mean she looks cute with that red curly hair.”
    “Is she hot? I can’t tell with that robe.”
    “It’s the same one queen is wearing…”
    “She has no chance, look at Queen’s body, we have seen men and women cum in seconds under her.”
    “Probably going to be a pretty one-sided sexfight.”

    As Maggie stepped onto the stage, she already had her fists clenched in extreme annoyance. Hearing these people comment about her the whole walk was infuriating and insulting. That they thought she had no chance, that Silvia’s body was better than hers. The bartender meanwhile seemed to relish the anticipation with a taunting smile and Maggie’s thoughts were confirmed. The bitch was simply playing another game, and that is the exact reason she had shown her body off before calling Maggie up.

    “And here she is, my wonderful guest of the evening.” Silvia motioned as Maggie looked out at the massive crowd. They seemed in awe of her, a woman who was willing to try and fight their queen when she seemed so invincible, so incredible. Maggie felt her nerves and for half a second she questioned everything with all the eyes on her. She might have left just then, but one look at Silvia’s taunting face quieted them for good. Right now, she wanted nothing more than to make sure these people understood that this fight was not a David vs Goliath. It was Goliath versus Goliath.

    The fire that brought her here, the fire that in a way started this whole rivalry with Silvia drove her to take the next action which she never would have done before. With a cocky look at Silvia, Maggie undid her robe and opened it up for the party to see her own matching slingshot bikini. Her sexy pale freckled body was revealed in the spotlight for the whole group to see right on stage, even as Maggie blushed slightly while doing it. The reaction was incredible, and the entire party gasped at the sight of her form. Maggie’s body was as good as ever, and at the age of 25, she felt more alive than ever doing this. The whole while she was looking at Silvia whose mouth opened slightly in surprise at her guest’s boldness and wondered what she hoped to accomplish.

    “Wow! Her body is just as good as Queens!”
    “Her tits are huge! Maybe bigger than queens!”
    “Holy fuck! I can’t tell whose bush looks thicker from here.”
    “A sexfight between them!? God, they might be the two best bodies I have ever seen.”
    “I’m putting my money on red!”

    Silvia surprised look quickly turned into an annoyed one. She could tell the crowd was split by that little show and just like Maggie, hearing the comparisons of her body to the pale girl gave her an incredible drive to dominate the bitch more than ever.

    “Well, I guess you can all see why she and I need to settle some things! Now, how about we get this night started?” She clapped at the bartender who amped the music and dimmed the lights beside the ones above the stage. The mob began talking amongst themselves again, but this time much closer with sexual intent. The music however drowned out the words and the two girls on stage couldn’t hear anything now besides the music.

    The orgy was slowly beginning to take off as Silvia walked up to Maggie. The attention was now off them, but they were still standing a foot higher than everyone else on the stage and the showdown felt tense. The sexy bartender put her hand on the pole and did a little twirl in front of her pale rival. The redhead felt another spike of desire at the little pole dance she was getting; Silvia knew how to turn people on. Personally, she had never done pole dancing, but she figured she could do it just as well as the other girl was now if she tried.

    “You always find a way to surprise me, Maggie. Showing off your body like that…didn’t think you would have it in you.”

    “We are about to fight in these bikini’s, so I thought, why not?” Maggie shrugged at her but felt her body tense. At any second, they could end up in the ring and the sexfight would be on.

    “I guess that makes sense, but to show it so willingly like I did. Hmm, again, we are just so alike.” She laughed, while Maggie didn’t respond. A small voice in her head was confirming the same thought, with Silvia next to her, she wasn’t sure what she would get up to.

    Silvia then gave her another smile. “Well, I think it’s time for us to get this little orgy fight on. I’ll be right back, just going to go lock the door.”
    Maggie didn’t say anything as Silvia swung on the pole once more before hopping off the stage. The green orbs watched her go, but her eyes were slowly drawn to the display of foreplay that was exploding around the entire room.

    The redhead watched as the group of women and men suddenly started to move and the early sexual acts began. Robes were discarded, women jumped on some of the men, two of the women started kissing and even one pair of guys. It was quite a sight as Maggie stood frozen on stage. Watching it on screen and actually being there and seeing it were two very different things. She suddenly licked her dry lips, it was disgusting she told herself, but then a second voice screamed how hot it looked. She couldn’t deny it, she loved sex, and her pussy felt a shot of desire of what she could do among all of this. All her decisions she had made led her to this exact spot, and it felt both wrong and right.

    With the robes all gone, Maggie got a better look at some of the girl’s at the party. Some had racks as big as hers and a few other girlsas as big and firm of asses, but none of them, besides those two girls she had seen in the beginning, were a match for herself or Silvia. She looked away from the people and went around the pole to look into the small kitty pool that was her and Silvia’s play area. It was as she had thought, made of soft rubber with low sides so neither of them could hide.

    She looked up to see a hot girl lean forward onto one of the tables as a good-looking guy came up behind her. They seemed a step ahead of everyone else in the orgy as their underwear had already been discarded. Maggie watched as the unknown woman widened her legs and allowed the lubed-up dick of the man to slide in right in front of the redhead’s wide eyes. She watched the well-sized big shaft thrust in and out and the impaled woman moaned in satisfaction on the desk. Just to the left, two girls and a guy were kissing in a weird three-person hug that looked to soon become a double blowjob. The sights, the sounds gave Maggie another thrill, her nasty side was begging to come out and play. Silvia was right, this event and room just oozed sexual tension and got her blood flowing.

    Then it happened. She sensed the person behind her before she could react, and Maggie screamed as she was pushed into the pool. She landed on her knees on the very soft rubber and quickly tried to push up, but Silvia had already jumped on top of her. The librarian groaned as she felt the bartender’s big tits land and press into her back through the robes, and she was pushed down onto her tits and stomach.

    “Ugh!” She grunted and heard Silvia snicker behind her. They were finally touching again after three months of imagining this very moment. The orgy was still warming up, so people weren’t really paying attention to the women who had so suddenly begun their long-anticipated sexfight. With their robes still on, it limited their skin contact, but it didn’t stop the intense sexual feeling rushing in their bodies.

    The bartender kept one arm on Maggie’s neck while the other ran down to the edge of the white robe. She reached in and immediately found the freckled girl’s thick red bush between her legs. The redhead growled at the very sudden intimate contact as she heard Silvia give the slightest of gasps. Maggie could feel her rival’s fingers run through her pubic hair, sending a feeling of desire through her body as her rival seemed to thoroughly examine it with her digits.

    “Oh, so you did grow it. I heard the crowd, but I wondered after you didn’t return my photo. It feels thick, but not as dense and bushy as mine.” Silvia whispered with a slight snarl as she tugged the red curls.

    “I guess the only way to find out is to see which one can handle the other.” Maggie hissed as her pubic hair was lightly pulled. She began to struggle, and Silvia grunted knowing she wouldn’t be able to hold her rival down for long. She pulled her hand out of Maggie’s robe and lowered her pink lips to her rival’s ear.

    “That sounds like a wonderful plan.” She whispered before rolling off the other woman before she escaped on her own.

    Maggie huffed, frustrated she had been taken by surprise so early in the game. She couldn’t let the outside sex distract her like that again as she knew it could cost her far more later in the fight. She pushed herself up, the front of her robe open by accident and turned to where Silvia was also getting onto her knees. There in the pool, surrounded by a starting orgy, the two big breasted girls eyed each other. Around them, couples and groups were making out, and some hot foreplay was occurring. You could hear dicks being sucked and sounds of some light spanking.

    Right now, however, it could not distract Maggie and Silvia from staring each other down in the pool. The tension, the photos, the dirty text chats in the middle of the night, and their hot but terribly short showdown at the Gala had built to this movement. Silvia smiled, a real smile, the smile that only came to her face when she went hunting other women, and now she had cornered what she considered her top prey, the ultimate rival.

    “I have been waiting for this Maggie. Now I’m going to prove that I’m better than you and have you submit to me in front of everyone. From the first time you tried to barge your way into my bar, I knew you were special, and nowhere, you even joined an orgy to fight me. I fucking love it. You will be my slut by the end of this.” Silvia confidently remarked as she undid her robe. It slid off her body as it had earlier in the day, but this time Maggie got to see her rival nice up and close. The matching bikini looked as tight as Maggie’s had in the mirror. Her green eyes traced the white cloth, judging the strain on the fabric holding tightly to the bartender’s curves. They were so close in size that only measuring in millimetres could maybe find a difference.

    Silvia’s brown pubic hair looked thick and course as it had in the photo from a week ago. It was peeking out the top of her thong between the girl’s muscular and thick thighs that looked more than ready for battle. The bartender’s tits were every bit as nice as the day they had met almost 5 months ago, large and firm and her smooth toned stomach was perfect. Instagram models would be lucky to have a body like Silvia’s and the bitch knew it.

    Maggie’s whole world revolved around her rival at this moment. She fucking came to an orgy for this, all for this fight, to feel that thrill that had been missing, and finally put Silvia back in her place. She grinned her red lips at the sex queen in front of her, as a look of pure hunger came to the redhead’s face.

    “Babe, you made a big mistake inviting me here, because now, I’m going to embarrass you. No one will be calling you queen after I’m done. This night, this orgy, fuck it all, as long as I have my claws on your tits and my mouth on your clit.” Maggie snarled back, then she smiled again. “But I won’t lie, it will be fun to watch all these people be shocked as their ‘queen’ cries out her sexual submission.”

    Silvia’s face contorted in anger at Maggie’s threat, the bitch knew how to dig under her skin just as easily. Finished, the redhead pulled her robe off and let it slide off her shoulders. Her white slingshot was every bit as tight as Silvia’s, with her red bush hanging out the top. The grey-blue eyes did the exact same type of inspection that Maggie’s had gone through. After a second, the pink lips grinned grew as she came to a similar conclusion. Her rival’s body was perfect, just like hers, and it would come down to whoever could use it best, and longest.

    “Do you remember that hot night in the closet Maggie? How sweaty it got, how our bodies rubbed up in our dresses?”

    “I remember Silvia, I remember every detail to the second our clits met, and we came together. I’m looking forward to making you go off again with my fur.”

    “Oh, we are both going off tonight, but we will see who goes off last. This is no first cum to lose fight, this time we have all fucking night.” Silvia growled, and as they talked, both women easily unclasped their three inch stripper heels and tossed them out of the ring to the side and out of reach.

    The shoes discarded, Maggie licked her lips at her rival. “That’s exactly how I want it. Come here, Silvia. I’m tired of you always being a thorn in my side, always playing your little games. Those are over now; you and I are going to settle it right here and now.” Then Maggie’s grin turned as feral as her rival’s. “I am going to make you MY personal slut.” Maggie hissed. She felt wild, her face showing a mask of rage and lust. She was already panting in desire, but so was Silvia. The sounds of kissing and moaning filled the room, the air was already becoming quickly saturated with the smell of sweat sex.

    Silvia’s head turned slightly, “Then let’s play slut and see who is talking in the end.”

    “Sounds perfect slut.” Maggie replied happily.

    With that, they threw their white discarded robes out of the kitty pool, leaving them only in their skimpy wrestling gear. They slowly crawled towards each other in the ring, needing only to close a few feet. They were almost creepingly smiling at each other as they approached, fully ready to consummate their hatred and desire. They were like two animals, ready to fight for territory and domination against each other to the end. Maggie felt herself lose her final few inhibitions, she felt the raw desire, the girl who challenged Amber so long ago, who sexfought Bianca for her job and was ready to use her body like the weapon she had forged it to be.

    They got closer and closer each thinking the other would stop, but neither did. Their foreheads met with a light thud and their eyes winced at the first contact. Not stopping, however, they continued to put pressure forward turning it into a test of strength with their heads and necks. From the outside, their asses were in the air, the smallest of white fabric being the only thing hiding their bare assholes and wet pussies. The whole time their eyes were fully locked, looking for even the smallest signs of weakness. The pressure caused their cute noses to brush and brought their lips into striking distance. Maggie couldn’t stop herself from sending her tongue and lightly licking Silva’s pair. Her pink taster ran the full pink length for half a second before retreating back into its lair.

    “Slut.” Maggie whispered at her rival.
    With no hesitation, Silvia returned the lick to Maggie’s red lips, performing the same motion.
    “Slut.” She whispered back and their grins grew.

    Keeping their foreheads together the entire time, they slowly moved up to their knees, causing their large breasts to press lightly for the first time. Their hard rubbery nipples could be seen behind the white cloth, and in this position, the pairs almost flicked. The test of strength continued, but it switched to focus on their tits. Their arms wrapped around each other in a light embrace, that was quickly becoming a bearhug. Their exposed touching skin sent electric shocks down their forms, already desperate to just quit this and start fucking.

    “Just like our first fight…do you remember how that ended?” Silvia huffed, as she put a glob of spit on her puckered lips and pressed forward. Maggie had seen it and prepared her own glob just in time. The two lips connected, and the globs meshed as they rubbed their lips together for a few hot seconds.

    As they separated with a few strands of spit, Maggie responded, “I remember you running away from our pussy fight.”

    “Doesn’t matter if you couldn’t adapt to the change of position.” Silvia growled, “I won, and I came on your face that night, I wonder if you can still taste it.”

    Maggie growled and the pressure of the bearhug increased on both sides. The nearly nude women pulled each other in tighter, forcing Silvia’s and Maggie’s left tits to shit. They ended up in between the other’s girl’s pair as they lost the mushrooming aspect of their fight but got closer, nonetheless.

    They grunted in exertion, still lost in their own world, and not at all viewing the ongoing orgy just a few feet away. Face to face, Silvia again beamed at Maggie in a way that was everything but friendly.

    “We wrestled a lot that night, first in our clothes, then in our little white thongs. I think we still could have a little wrestling between us.” Silvia huffed and hinted at how she wanted to start this bout. It was true, a little wrestling would turn them on faster, Maggie thought, and it felt like they had never really settled it from their first fight.

    “If you want to get pinned, let’s do it. These tight things are perfect for wrestling and I was sure you were thinking that when you sent me the link.”

    “It might have crossed my mind.” Silvia panted as they prepared for a further showdown.

    “Good, I wouldn’t mind roughing you up a bit before I really get down and fuck you like the whore you are.”

    “A little rough fuck? That’s exactly why we are here Maggie, so you better be ready.”

    “Oh, I’m ready. Wrestling, sex, it doesn’t matter bitch. I’m going to beat you and make sure you never forget it.”

    “No, you will be the one beaten by the end of this night. I will fucking finish you!” Silvia screamed at her sex rival.

    They broke apart and then came together far more aggressively with catty cries. They clinched like two boxers on their knees, trying to push each other to the far side of the ring. Their sexy bodies flexed the toned muscle of their backs and asses as they matched against their counterparts. The increased exertion and heat of the orgy allowed the first few drips of sweat to leak out from their foreheads.

    Their heads were side by side, as their hands were pressed into the other’s shoulders, keeping their jiggling tits apart yet bouncing in the slingshots. The pressure was strong and after almost 15 seconds of intense pushing, they began to huff harder.

    “You’re mine tonight,” Maggie growled through the breaths. Her muscles had re-woken to match Silvia’s form and they burned slightly as the force continued. They felt so even strength-wise and every inch she gained she lost a second later.

    “No, you are mine.” Silvia hissed back against her. Everything was perfect so far Silvia thought, now it was just about who was the better sexfighter. It would come down to which of them could push the limit of the other and use the dirtiest of tactics to force her rival out of the action either through sex or embarrassment. Moving on their knees they began to rotate in a tight circle after the long stalemate. Though they were already heavily breathing, they had plenty of energy and strength to do what needed to be done.

    Their big tits jiggled and swayed, still standing firm on their chess despite their size. After a full rotation of their bodies, neither girl seemed to gain any advantage as the two bodies clashed and the tits came together with a slap.

    “Yours aren’t as big as you think they are,” Maggie growled as the two pairs of tits crushed, broke apart and crushed again.
    “Bigger than you,” Silvia responded as she swung her girls forward into Maggie’s pair with a light boob slap. The bikini’s allowed the nearly full motion and they swung their boobs up and down to land thuds on the other’s girl’s fat pair. The strength test ended without one getting pressed back, but a new jiggling titfight had evolved from it.

    “Fuck.” Silva grunted as Maggie landed a good thrust with a forward slam. Pressing her advantage, Maggie put as much spit she could on the front of her tongue and forced it forward. Silvia did the same and the front of their tasters roughly connected with all of their combined spit. The wet goo exploded as the front of their tongues ground on each other roughly. The third test of strength was now in action as the two snakes surged forward. Unable to close their open mouths, spit drooled out and down their chins towards the melding breasts. They began to whimper slightly from the continued force, their tongues were not meant for this type of battle. Maggie broke off contact first with a groan, but Silvia didn’t let her get far. The bartender’s lips enclosed around Maggie’s and she forced the redhead into their first full deep kiss in months. They moaned loudly and intensely into each other’s mouths vibrating their throats while the breast fight continued mid-kiss.

    They moaned as the kiss seemed to signal that the rest of their bodies were fair game. Their hands released the bear hug and they each took two handfuls of the other’s perfect ass. As their glossy lips moved in a rough sequence, their fingers explored each other’s buns, looking for a flaw, something that they could use, but as they had the previous two fights, they found only a body that was built to be fucked, a temple of womanly forms and desire.

    Their smooch lasted almost a full two minutes until Silvia surged her tongue forward to gag her rival. The pink muscle almost made it to the librarian’s tonsils before the redhead had a chance to retaliate. Her finger’s involuntarily gripped Silvia’s perfect ass harder while her tongue tried to fend off the attacker, but it was too late. They were tongue wrestling too deep in Maggie’s mouth, so instead of being choked, she broke off the kiss with a inhale. She moved her mouth away from Silvia, but the bartender wasn’t done or letting her getaway. With her own claws still in Maggie’s pale ass, she went down and lightly sunk her teeth into the pale neck, all the while the redhead was trying to catch her breath.

    “Ow!” Maggie gasped pulling away roughly from the attempted hickey, but Silvia followed up, and this time used her tongue to run up from the base of Maggie’s collar bone to right under the redhead’s chin finishing with a light bite. She chewed on the pale soft skin until Maggie pulled away from the white teeth once again with a gasp from the aggressiveness.

    Silvia didn’t change anything however and kept up her attack, diving her face back into Maggie’s neck. She clinched once again, and the redhead moaned as her skin was abused and marked by her sex rival. Frustrated by the continued nipping, Maggie used a different tactic instead of running. She put all her force into her arm and slapped Silvia’s big ass with a loud strong spanking that made the bartender moan and end her bite prematurely. With some space to move her own head, Maggie dove down and gave her rival the exact same treatment on the opposite side and front of Silvia’s neck. She sucked hard and nipped roughly with her pink lips, intending to leave a sex bruise early in the night like she was sure she would have on her. She bit into Silvia’s sweaty sweet skin even harder than what had been done to her, making Silvia’s start to hiss. The rival tried to get her lips back down on the pale neck, but Maggie’s head refused to move. They held each other tight, body to body so only their faces could move, their pressed breasts continued to jiggle and bump each other as they tried to hickey the other, the slingshot bikini’s offering little to no protection from their skin touching.

    “Bitch!” Silvia hissed after an extra hard nip and forced her way back down to match the chewing once again desperately, but Maggie ended her pecks and latched her teeth onto Silvia’s lower lip as the pair crossed paths. She chewed it lightly for half a second as Silvia gasped and pulled it away roughly. Maggie’ pearly teeth held on for an extra second before the bartender’s lower lip bounced back as she pulled off. Then, the redhead pushed her rival away separating their sexy bodies before Silvia was able to retaliate. Breathing heavier than just a few minutes ago, they eyed each other. Already their necks were red, and their eyes flashed in desire and ready as they faced off a foot away. It didn’t matter if they were in an orgy right now, they only wanted to fuck and fight their sex rival and take the pleasure they craved.

    Without saying a word, they moved forward and clinched once again as they swayed back and forth with gasps on their knees until they went to the ground holding each other tight. They squeaked and growled as each tried to get on top and a desperate rolling battle began in the small kitty pool. Their backsides had so little coverage that it looked like the two girls were fully nude already. A few people were watching wide-eyed from the two gym-built buns traded position and firmly flexed trying to stay on top. As they rolled harder, each slammed their rival down with more force to her enemy’s head as their legs became hopelessly entangled.

    So far, not many people had noticed the fight, the orgy was still far too early that people were too busy warming up to take in the incredible sight of Maggie and Silvia rolling on each other with grunts of exertion escaping their panting mouths. They could feel the other’s thick bushes on their thighs when one of them moved forward enough while their upper bodies stayed touching by their large tits. After almost five rotations, they broke apart, got to their knees and threw themselves back into that same initial lock. Snarls were escaping out of their pink and red lips as they used the little novice wrestling, they had.

    Silvia felt a growing frustration that she hadn’t overwhelmed Maggie thus far and the redhead was actually willing to fight like this, in these thongs, in front of people. She truly believed there was no way the redhead would make it to the end of this fight. She threw her whole body to the right trying to take Maggie with her.

    It didn’t work, as her hand slipped, and Maggie resisted by leaning back. Silvia fell to the rubber and ended up on her front as Maggie half turned her mid-fall. She tried to roll away from her rival, but the redhead jumped on her back before she could shift. Maggie’s big pale tits crushed into Silvia’s back, not unlike before but this time reversed and without the robes. The redhead grinned as she humped Silvia once as her red fur rubbed into the white girl’s fat ass and felt Silvia shake in desire and frustration.

    “Grr, fuck.” Silvia huffed loud as she to strike out behind her and force Maggie off. The redhead pressed her big tits harder to keep the woman down, but the struggle was intense. The black nailed claws of Silvia moved down and dug into her pale thighs making Maggie grimace in pain. She had to control her rival’s arms, and to do so, using a more wrestling like move. The near-nude struggle ended as Maggie got Silvia in a full nelson on the ground, her hands clenching behind the bartender’s neck lightly as Silvia’s arms went above her head and she screamed in anger. Everywhere their skin touched was increasing the heat and sweat and the close contact as Maggie laid atop Silvia was making them horny at an unbelievable rate. After just a few seconds, Maggie found herself continuing to struggle and keep the hold as Silvia thrashed in anger. The bartender was burning energy doing this, but she would not be pinned like this and Maggie’s nude body was sending her into a new frenzy.

    Maggie rolled them slowly, their grunts lost in the sound of people starting to moan in pleasure around the basement as the two sexfighters rolled around in the small kitty pool. Forcing Silvia to look up at the ceiling, Maggie didn’t know what to do, so she decided to attack once again. She released the full nelson and moved her hands down Silvia’s bikini lines before the bartender could roll free. Her hands filled with the tits and squeezed them with her own black claws. Silvia froze then cried out in pain as the black nails sunk into her skin around her nipples. They had sunk in deeply and the pain was harsh like their biting had been prior. Silvia thrashed even harder and now being on top, Maggie could not keep her there for long. She let go just as Silvia had used her free arms to reach behind her and almost got a full grasp of Maggie’s popping out pubic hair.

    Separated again, Maggie stood up as Silvia rubbed her sore boobs from the clawing a few feet away. The redhead took a few steps forward and attempted to gain a further advantage by sitting on her rival’s back, but before she could do anything, Silvia rolled onto her own feet with a fantastic display of flexibility. Maggie seemed almost surprised at the shift, and her freezing was a massive mistake. The short brown-haired girl didn’t hesitate while charging forward and went low to the surprise of the redhead. The librarian tried to slap at Silvia’s back, but the sexy rival didn’t stop and slammed her shoulder into the pale stomach while her hands went around and took hold of Maggie’s hamstrings. With a strong pull, she flipped Maggie off her feet and onto her back with a scream in an aggressive tackle that could be heard around the orgy.

    The freckled girl groaned as she lost some air out of her lungs being slammed into the rubber of the kitty pool on stage. The worst part was having her head knocked onto the floor with a slight whiplash that caused the librarian to be dazed. Even in this pain, Maggie tried to kick her rival away, but Silvia snarled and dodged the limps easily by rolling off the pale girl for just a second. Then she jumped forward, and after ten minutes of trying, the sexy pixie girl crawled fully on top of her sex rival for the first time of the night. Somehow their two white slingshot bikinis stayed on during the intense wrestling match. Maggie groaned as Silvia moved forward not satisfied sitting on her rival’s hips, until she placed her sexy bubble ass right onto Maggie’s proud tits, squishing the freckled globes down while bending her pink nipples slightly with her muscle. Maggie groaned in frustration and clawed out while kicking her legs up twice to force Silvia off. Two attempts, then three, but none of it worked as Silvia was too far forward and used her knees to trap Maggie’s arms. A short second of further struggle went on until Maggie stopped. She was trapped under her rival roughly ten minutes into their little wrestling match. With a pause of the action and heavy breathing, the fight went quiet as Maggie realized she had been pinned in the pool and Silvia was looking down at her with a savage hungry smile.

    Silvia had successfully schoolgirl pinned her rival near the side of the blue pit, ending the aggressive wrestling for now.
    “Looks like I got you again Maggie, I’m getting quite used to being on top of you.” She taunted.
    Maggie gasped as more weight of her rival was applied to her body and could feel the brown hairy bush on her chin. Only the white slingshot thong kept the pink lips and full bush from pressing into her face. The sweaty strong thighs of her rival squeezed her head, as she tried to squirm out of its Silvia only increased the pressure. One of the bartender’s hands quickly went down and into her thong and bush until they did a quick rub of her soaked pussy lips under the curly red pubic hair. Maggie moaned at the first touching of her sex, she expected her thong to next be pulled aside and her pussy fingered wetly, but when she looked up Silvia wasn’t looking down at her anymore and had taken her hands away from her labia.

    The redhead couldn’t see out of the pool, but it looked as though her rival was waving someone over. She was right as the guy in question dropped the group he was in a flash and hopped out onto the stage, amazed he had just been picked by the queen. He didn’t seem to question what was going on between the girl’s and now standing by the pool, Maggie could see that it was one of the few good-looking guys she had considered earlier in the night. She didn’t know why but she began to struggle harder, knowing something was up. The boy wouldn’t enter the ring, that was part of the rules, but it seemed Silvia had other thoughts. The short-haired girl smiled best she could as she flexed her body to hold her rival down. Maggie swung her legs up wildly, but Silvia dodged them easily, moving her body forward enough, but kept the pressure on Maggie’s form, mainly on her chest.

    “Well, I think it’s time I show you what an orgy fight is all about,” Silvia said down at her trapped sex rival. Maggie felt a shiver of fear, it seemed she had fallen for exactly whatever Silvia had planned. The queen turned her attention back to the boy who looked like a puppy waiting for orders. “May I?” Silvia asked in a sexy voice that could make any man or woman faint. The man responded in near shock. “Yeah. Yeah! Of course!”

    “Red, I hope you enjoy the show.” Silvia giggled as the man brought his rock-hard dick forward to her mouth. Her grey eyes had a new level of excitement. She loved to suck dick, and to do it in front and atop a sex rival was a new thrill in her sexual life.

    “You bitch! Get off me!” Maggie growled, trying to claw her rival’s thighs with her black painted nails in order to free herself. She saw Silvia wince slightly, but it was nowhere near enough for Silvia to end this pin. In this situation, there was little else she could do besides thrash in this section of the pool under Silvia’s muscular ass. While the librarian groaned, Silvia happily took the cock into her mouth and began to bob it up and down with long sexy strokes. She didn’t use her hands, keeping them free to stop any chance of Maggie’s escape, so she let her tongue and mouth do all the work. It wasn’t the biggest dick she had blown, but it was a nice size for the job she had to do. In and out the pink lips left a sheen of spit on the shaft as her short brown hair swayed with her face’s movement.

    As Silvia gave him a sensual blowjob, Maggie was forced to watch with wide eyes. The sight was very erotic as much as she hated it from the position and circumstance she found herself in. She had never seen a blowjob from this angle or even watched another one in person. It looked very pleasurable, and Maggie felt almost jealous she wasn’t doing the blowing with Silvia pinned under her. The top girl’s throat got into the action as she used a deep sucking method Maggie had used before as well. The pink lips swallowed and then receded leaving a glob of spit on the hardened dick. The pale girl groaned and tried to get out from under her rival, but Silvia used her strong ass to put more of its weight onto the freckled tits. After just 20 seconds, the man’s legs started to shake, and Maggie wondered what the hell this bitch was doing while they were sexfighting. How was this going to help her? Was the bitch going to cover herself in cum?

    Silvia began to suck in and out faster to the point it was like a piston. It was clearly a very wet blowjob to the point some of the spit dripped off the man’s dick and down onto Maggie’s face below. She could only grimace as more and more spit came raining down onto her face like a small shower. With her arms stuck, she couldn’t wipe it away and simply was forced to have her face covered. As she watched the show further, Maggie found herself memorized while her pussy twitched seeing Silvia’s skills to the point she stopped struggling. What the hell was Silvia doing and god, why did Maggie like watching it? But she had to get out before whatever Silvia had planned was pushed into action. Still trapped, she tried a new method by spitting into Silvia’s curly bush near her face and finally seemed to get the bartender’s attention who shifted at the wetness. Maggie shot her legs up and spit again into the hair, but Silvia moved away from the reaching limbs and ignored her soaking pubic hair best she could. The redhead then tried to rub her nose into the white cloth to somehow get Silvia to lose focus on the blowjob or her pin by applying some pleasure to her rival’s cunt. Unfortunately, the man was not able to last against Silvia’s mouth and though Maggie would have escaped with a bit more time, she ran out.

    It hadn’t taken long; Maggie could imagine that if Silvia’s cock sucking skills were as good as her pussy fucking then it would be over quick. She watched the man’s dick twitch once then twice as Silvia sucked hard on the head, using her tongue to rub the tip. He groaned loudly, but at the last second, Silvia pulled her mouth off the shaft and used one of her free hands to aim the dick so that it shot its full load onto her chest, exploding at the impact. The top girl moaned at the sensation, she loved the feeling of being cummed on, and it was only intensified knowing that she had Maggie underneath her all the while.

    There were five good thick shots that strung across her tits. Even from Maggie’s point of view, she could tell they were long and gooey, plenty thanks to the short-haired girl’s overzealous skills. Once the final shot had been completed, Silvia smiled at the young man. “Thanks.” She said as she lightly pushed him away who went down in near shock to how good it felt. His night might have just ended but he felt so lucky to be drained by the queen. With him gone, the sexy blue-grey eyes looked down and met the green with a spark.

    “Hey, Maggie! Enjoy this slut!” Silvia cried and in one fluid motion, she slid down Maggie’s sweaty body and pressed her cum covered tits right into the redhead’s freckled face. The pinned girl screamed in shock as she was suddenly motorboated by Silvia, but that only opened her mouth for some of the sticky substance to get in. The bartender rubbed to the left and the right laughing as she spread the white cum on Maggie’s face using her massive boobs. Her brown nipples dragged like daggers atop her two sticky balloons getting some of the cum into her rival’s curly red hair. It felt like a perfect welcome to the orgy fight and was the start to how exactly Silvia intended to break Maggie’s sexual will.

    The redhead groaned in disgust and panic with what was happening to her in this pool. Her mask offered some protection, but not enough as the cum was spread on her face and chin. She could hear Silvia laughing at her, and Maggie’s hands shot into the short brown hair to pull her off. The laughing stopped and Silvia hissed, trying to keep her boobs onto her rival’s face as her hair was pulled roughly. The white slingshot bikini on Silvia finally gave way and her boobs became fully free as she moved back and forth before pressing down. Desperate for some separation from the cum covered tits, Maggie did what she had to do to get Silvia off. As another nipple passed by her mouth, Maggie latched on and despite getting more cum in her mouth began to chew and suck it. The bartender moaned suddenly relieving some of the pressure for Maggie to get some air, but not enough to escape. Then, the redhead used both hands to grip the white slingshot behind and pulled it up Silvia’s ass and pussy as hard as possible. The top groaned louder and felt her body began to react to the sexual attacks. She had gotten enough cum on her rival, and it wasn’t worth getting turned on like this just to keep Maggie below her.

    She lifted off the redhead and rolled away from her rival, both freeing her sucked nipple and allowing her ass and pussy to be relieved of the pressure. She wanted to keep Maggie there all night, but it was fine. She had just given Maggie the first taste of what she was going to do tonight in this orgy. Hell, she wondered if maybe the redhead wouldn’t give up right now after that.

    Maggie pushed herself up and gasped, her face sheened by the cum of some random man. She wiped it with her forearm and even gagged for a second. Her initial thought was only of disgust, but she licked her lips anyway. It was nowhere near as tasty as one of her rival’s, but it wasn’t bad. So, this is what Silvia wanted, a sexfight like this. Not just about who could out fuck who, but who could use her environment to get an advantage. The disgust slowly left and was replaced with both anger and desire. A desire to do to Silvia worse than what had just happened to her.

    Her anger doubled as she heard Silvia laughing from the other side of the pool, the bartender was giddy with glee at both her attack and Maggie’s perfect reaction. This was the fight she had wanted from back at the Gala. It had been a while since she felt this nasty…and it felt good to give it to Maggie like that.

    “You ok Maggie? I told you that an orgy offers up plenty of ways to really disgust and embarrass each other. If you have the sexual freedom to do it as I do.” Silvia taunted her rival.

    Maggie knew her rival was right. It would only get worse, but it also meant she could give it right back at her rival. She had been given a literal taste of what was to come, and she was surprisingly fine with it. This was a game, and she was getting the rules.

    Silvia was watching her, looking at the disgust in continued delight. Even if the night ended now, she would be satisfied in the look on Maggie’s face. This bitch would never be able to go as far as she was willing to go, and Silvia seemed to already have proven it.

    “Already too grossed out to continue Maggie?” Silvia taunted again, as the light coat of cum shined on the librarian’s face. “If you want, you just lay down and let me sit on your face for a few minutes. Once I know you are my slut, you can leave and run.”

    A piece of the bartender expected the redhead to take the offer, so she was more surprised when Maggie only smiled at her. “You really think that would scare me off, Silvia? I’m just glad I understand how nasty you want to be. I’m going to pay you back in kind.”

    “Oh, still feisty? I wonder how long that will last.” Silvia quipped, surprised yet delighted. It looked like Maggie was more than willing to continue. The bartender hadn’t been sure if they really would get to have a full-on slut fight because she assumed Maggie would give up from embarrassment. In fact, half the fun for Silvia was seeing if she could break Maggie that way. There were multiple ways to win this competition, but to finish each other fully would only happen if they both were willing to go the distance.

    Maggie huffed in anger, “It will last as long as I need to beat you. This isn’t your little castle anymore, and you aren’t the only sex queen here tonight.”

    The grey eyes flashed in anger as Maggie found the sore spot that even Silvia herself couldn’t control. She would not be outdone in her place; it was the risk she was taking. “Hmm, you can think that. But so far, neither queen has cum yet, though my wet fingers tell me you’re really close.”

    “Maybe, but you rolled off me pretty quickly when I started sucking your tit, close to a nipple orgasm, were you?”

    Silvia gave her a feral smile and didn’t answer the question, “It might not be a one-off, but I won’t lie, I very much plan for you to cum first baby.”

    “I feel the same way.” The freckled girl replied as she began to scoot forward. She was happy to keep wrestling but was very much ready for the sex aspect of their fight to at least begin. Surprisingly, the brown-haired girl didn’t move and was looking out at the fast-developing orgy.

    “You know Maggie, I’m having so much fun with you, but I think I want to play with everyone and see if you can keep that feisty nature up like you say you can. Won’t you join me in the party?”

    Maggie looked at Silvia confused for half a second at what she meant. Then as Silvia stood up Maggie realized her rival meant to leave the pool, “What the fuck? No! We are in the middle of our fight, and you are not leaving this ring! Neither of us has even cummed yet!” She jumped at Silvia to pull her back down, but the other girl hopped away and out of the baby pool faster than Maggie could catch her. “You can stay bitch, though I’m sure people will be wondering what you are doing…”, Silvia taunted.

    “Silvia! Get back in here you bitch!” Maggie growled as her eyes glanced around the room almost as remembering where she was. The break in the fight made her very aware she was sexfighting in the open. Fortunately, after 15 minutes, it seemed the orgy was far more in swing and there was really no one paying attention to the queens wrestling except a small group that were only half paying attention at this point.

    There were groans as two couples fucked in the open, but mostly foreplay was still present. A large group had taken to dancing, hot naked grinding was the style of the night as people laughed and drank in the nude, relishing in their sexual freedom. The bartender grinned at Maggie’s fuming face. “Don’t be mad babe. Come, let’s have some fun, we have all night to fight, these people won’t last nearly as long as us…so let’s enjoy it while we can.”

    She unclipped her white slingshot and it fell off in an instant already at her hips, leaving her fully undressed with her full brown bush out. Maggie’s green eyes took in the nude form of her rival, desperate to get back in contact with it. Silvia’s body looked incredible as she gave a little stretch for both herself and Maggie’s enjoyment. She had already been 99% bare, but for Silvia, the orgy wasn’t fully on till she was exposed and naked. This was her kingdom, even more so than the bar. Her thick pubic bush was dense and out, though Maggie could see the pink sex lips dripping underneath. Her own pubic hair seemed to twitch at the sight. It wanted to fuck another bush, one like itself. It was something it had never done, and Silvia’s was basically its counterpart; both grown for the specific reason to be torn at by the other.

    Maggie had quite a few retorts to say to her rival, but she didn’t get them out in time as Silvia moved away and off the raised platform. She could do nothing but gawk as the slut slipped into the crowd of dancers as she left the safety of their sex arena. The last look from the grey eyes was one of daring, daring the redhead to follow her, to join the orgy as a willing participant.

    She knew she could just stay in here like how Silvia had taunted her, but it felt weird without the other woman to fight. Even worse, some people were watching her, clearly wondering what was happening in the sexfight contest. She made a choice right then and there. A year ago, she never would have done what she was about to do. Now, she didn’t care as long as it meant continuing her duel and pushing her boundaries, that is what this night was about she reminded herself. The freckled girl stood up, looking around the swarming room as she stretched for a half-second and steeled herself mentally and physically. Most of the bikini’s and shorts were off the many guests, but it didn’t look like full-on sex was happening in most sections. Mostly a lot of foreplay. Her rival had gone into the dancing square which was by far the busiest of the lot and in full swing like a night club. Maggie noticed that one side of her slingshot was already broken and her right nipple hanging out, but she didn’t care. She had never expected it to last the night anyway when she bought it. She stripped it off easily, making herself completely nude like everyone else in the party. She then stepped out of the baby pool, then off the stage and onto the floor in front of the flashing lights and moving people. With one last breath and telling herself, she could do this; she walked onto the dance floor to be surrounded by the nude grinding crowd of hot bodies, following her sex rival to continue their slut fight.

    Random Monday update.

    WELL- I will say, if you didn’t like the image of Silvia motorboating Maggie with her cum covered tits, then this story might not be for you. I know it’s not like the Gala which was a lot more story and emotion compared to this; just a dirty old sexfight. I RESPECT if you want more build up like my other stories, I do get it and will touch on it, I promise. Personally, I found it hot to write. I love how they push each other, and it’s gonna get nastier. Silvia and Maggie have it in them when together.

    I also get this might not be what people want after the Gala or maybe they wanted to see Amber be angry and they break up because of this orgy fight. I will touch on how Maggie and Amber’s relationship changes/work soon because of this and some future events. It will be part of the process of returning to Amber in my next story. (The next story is already turning really fun, but we are a few months till that one is out. Marissa, Isabella and Amber are wild with a few new rivals and some old faces. BUT that is for later. (BUT DAMN some hot scenes are being written lol).

    Alrighty, well fuck, another long message. Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts if you are willing on this story, they are always appreciated. I am very curious to see how this story works and if it is something people enjoy.

    On a final note, I really have enjoyed seeing how active this board is recently. It’s awesome!. BUT now the downside I saved to the end, my next update is about potentially 3 weeks away. I do apologize, but it can’t be helped. Life gets in the way, nothing serious but enough to keep me away from writing for a while sadly. But we will see!

    ALRIGHT. That's all I got. Till next time. King
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    Re: A Social Experience

    Alright! Just saw this and I'm really looking forward to reading it!


    Fantastic new chapter - I can't wait to see what come next! The pool is a great idea, as is the idea of Silvia pushing Maggie to her limits. Ultimately, though, the fight has to be about them. Great work.

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    A Social Experience

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    Re: A Social Experience


    Just finished part 1. I hope to get to part 2 in a day or two. But I will say this: man, you really know how to set a table! WOW!


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    Re: A Social Experience


    So happy you continued this series so quickly! I love the way you use the environment to enhance the fights. The house with Carrie and Elise, the closet with Maggie and Silvia, even the four-way fight with the librarians and the interns. Can't wait to see how the orgy plays into it!!! Thanks for more great content!

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    A Social Experience Part 3

    Part 3-

    At first, Maggie tried to avoid touching the other people as best she could, but she quickly realized that it was nearly impossible. The lighting made it hard to see, and the dance floor so crowded. It felt like a nightclub as she was forced to squeeze by a few tight windows of sweaty flesh. Her breasts and ass made this difficult and for once not on purpose, they squished into random people’s backs. After a few seconds, she wasn’t even sure she was heading in the direction of Silvia; it was very easy to get turned around. She was simply a masked nude woman standing in a mob of other nude people, all planning on fucking each other. She felt a sudden awkwardness that hadn’t been present while she had been fighting. She turned a few times, wondering if she could make it back to the pool, but ended up bumping tits with another girl who had approached her. Her brown eyes were lighter than Amber’s as Maggie ended up face to face with the new arrival. The girl’s tits were pretty small but very perky and part of a very athletic looking body. She had an excited look in her eyes. “Holy fuck, you are the girl fighting queen! You wanna make out?” She whispered with a fire. Maggie didn’t really hear her and gave her a confused look. All the while she was still scanning for Silvia but couldn’t find her with all the movement. The girl seemed to take the non-answer as a yes, and pressed her body and mouth forward, kissing Maggie wetly.

    The redhead jumped slightly in surprise from the lip contact but started kissing back naturally unaware of what else to do. Their kiss was hot and sensual as Maggie got her second taste of what tonight could bring as she swapped spit with the random woman. The redhead’s hands moved before she could stop them and filled with the stranger’s ass for just a brief second, but then she let it go. The girl tried to push in harder, but Maggie quickly took control overwhelming the other girl with both her tongue and sexual skill. The athletic girl seemed thrilled to be ravaged, but Maggie found it boring. She separated their lips and took a step back, only to see the disappointment in the girl’s eyes.

    “Maybe later, come find me.” She whispered, trying to make it not sound like the girl really bored her. The other girl nodded, and the words did end up returning a smile to her face. With an extra little grin, Maggie licked the girl’s lips causing her to slightly swoon. She would need a second to catch her breath as her body reacted to Maggie’s surprising playfulness.

    The librarian turned and moved on, slipping past another group and slowly taking in what she had just done. It was like a weird dream; she had just acted without thinking and kissed some random girl. Then, she had even licked the girl’s lips to make her feel better. ‘God, what is with me.’ She thought as she slid past a few more people, brushing up on two dicks and a big pair of breasts. It wasn’t the worse thing, and this was an orgy, but she wasn’t supposed to join in she had told herself. But why was she enjoying this? The kiss was hot, watching Silvia blow the guy was hot until the cum was pressed into her face. Did she just like it? Would Amber be right that she would want more of it? Maybe with her girlfriend? She didn’t want to believe that being around all these nude sweaty people was as fun as Silvia had made it sound.

    She was forced to squeeze by another girl who, like the first, looked in awe of Maggie’s body. The redhead wasn’t even surprised as she was pulled into a kiss just like the first one. This girl had large tits, and a bit extra fluff around her stomach, though would be considered curvier than big. Maggie kissed back more aggressively this time as she would do with one of her rival’s and the hottie seemed to melt in her arms a second later. The make out only lasted for a second more as Maggie separated from the new girl. The big breasted girl quickly started trying to drag the sexy redhead off the dance floor and towards the beds where Maggie was sure she planned to get under Maggie as quickly as possible.

    Again, not wanting to say outright no, she leaned into her ear, “Sorry, can’t right now, but maybe later.” She whispered and then licked the girl’s ear, leaving her dazed in pleasure long enough for Maggie to getaway.

    A second later, she stopped in a small free space near the edge of the dance floor to catch her breath. She shook her head slightly, “Fuck,” She breathed aloud. It honestly bugged her that she didn’t mind kissing random people as much as she thought she should…hell, maybe she was just a slut. But both of those kisses lacked the spark of her girlfriend or rivals. It just proved to her how special, no matter how annoying they were. The women she had met over the last were a league above the average person sexually and she was really noticing it here tonight. She doubted nowhere she went in this basement, people wouldn’t try to at the minimum rub up on her. She again looked at the nude dance floor, the breasts bouncing, the dicks hanging out and hot bodies moving in sequence. It was as wild as Amber had said it would be.

    ‘Wow, I’m really doing this?’ Her mind questioned, but she did admit the dancing didn’t look terrible. If she had her girlfriend, she would have made Amber do it with her. But she didn’t and the only thing she could do was find Silvia and drag her back to the ring. She didn’t want to leave the dance floor without finding her rival but also didn’t want to make out with every person she bumped into, which seemed to be a theme and she knew it would continue if she slipped back in.

    It felt weird, but besides hiding in her little pool there was nowhere to go that people wouldn’t jump or try to pull her in. It was like she thought, she was a highly desirable prospect which was both a compliment and a nuisance. Looking around she noted the bar was packed and people were making out there. The beds were still empty-ish, but she had no intention going over there alone or at all if she could help it. She needed a distraction, so she wouldn’t have to stand out here like a fish out of water and have to reject every single person.

    Another piece of her also didn’t want to get jumped on from behind by her rival. What she needed was something or someone to use as cover. It was the only thing that seemed to be an option. Luckily for her, her eyes found that exact someone who could fill the role as a toy. It was a really hot guy; in fact, it was the same friendly man she had talked to earlier in the night when she had first arrived at the orgy. He was preoccupied with a woman in his arms and another massaging his back, and she wasn’t surprised he was as popular as she was with the opposite sex. If she used him, she could limit her interaction with other people with the only downside of keeping his attention somehow. She weighed the pro and cons, but quickly decided it was the best option. That was going to be her plan, and she told herself that Amber wouldn’t mind. Her mind and soul belonged to Amber, but she could enjoy a hot dick or at least use one as a toy. Though even if she was that horny, she was not going to let some random guy fuck her. That was Amber’s job and even more so, she refused to let anyone drain her sexual energy besides Silvia tonight in their fight. All in all, she would have to play the game to keep him occupied. Ironically, she was reminded that just a few weeks ago she and Amber had talked about bringing in a guy just to ride his dick together and see who could go the longest. Though she assumed it had been hypothetical.

    She squeezed past two people and came up to the guy who turned at the approaching woman. His eyes widened behind his mask and he ditched the girl he was kissing and moved away from the one rubbing his back faster than anyone could move. He stood up as his eyes traced up Maggie’s fantastic body, her pale form, from her nicely toned legs, wide hips and thin waist that had a thick curly red bush. Her soft light-toned stomach to her huge tits and kind looking face hidden behind the black mask. The girls who were left looked up at Maggie for a second but didn’t seem bothered that the man had moved on in the slightest, and in fact started kissing each other instead.

    “Hey, you free?” Maggie asked in her sexiest voice, and the guy didn’t even think twice.
    “Uh, yeah!” He responded as he stood up and Maggie took his hand and pulled him back towards the dance floor. She decided at that point she might as well get over her hesitation. She pressed her pale sexy body into him, and he seemed to groan just feeling the pale girl’s big tits and smooth stomach on his own. Satisfied that he wasn’t going to move away or get distracted, Maggie pulled him in further to the dance floor to hide from the view.

    Happy with the spot she picked a few seconds later, she turned back to him and his eyes were wide. “You...we talked, but I didn’t know you were the one fighting Queen!? That’s insane, so hot. Is it over?” He asked, his eyes roaming up and down the pale body again and again.

    “Not even close.” She sighed, and he looked confused but brushed it off quickly trying to make sure he didn’t say the wrong thing.

    “Oh…well, are you up to fuck?” He asked, almost begging, and Maggie wanted nothing more than to reject him at that second because compared to Silvia, or any other girl were more worth her time. But this was in an orgy, people were here to fuck, and even if she wasn’t, she needed to use him for just a bit longer.

    “I’m down to kiss and dance and see where it goes.” Maggie lied and he nodded enthusiastically. With that leaned up and began to kiss him, and he quickly accepted the kiss. It felt weird, not bad, but just not what she really liked now. It just made her want to kiss Amber again, or maybe Isabella.

    He was a decent kisser, nothing on Amber and nowhere near as hot, but he would do as a point to blend. She felt his dick harden on her skin and she was happy to feel he had a good package. After a minute though she got bored once again of the little make out. It had only been five minutes since she had been separated from Silvia and already she was missing the combative sex. But having him near her kept any surprise attacks from the horny other slut who she was sure was just waiting for her to be distracted. They broke off the kiss and he looked dazed, clearly wanting to feel up the pale girl’s perfect body.

    “Man, I thought you would be busy all night, but this is so great, I have never hung out with a girl with a body like yours.”

    “You should see my girlfriend.” Maggie giggled and his eyes seemed to widen just at the implication of her hinting at being with a hotter girl. Maggie doubted his mind would be able to consider a girl like Amber and her together. His hands began to move down her body, and though it felt decent, Maggie wasn’t interested in what he wanted. To be fair, it felt nice, but she needed every drip of her sexual energy to fight Silvia, and there were other ways to turn guys on she considered. She also needed to be able to look out in the crowd and in her current position that wasn’t possible. But there was one way.

    “Here, let’s dance.” Maggie offered, not wanting to fuck the man, but okay with a little grinding to keep him interested as a distraction. She really didn’t have to worry, however, as he wouldn’t have separated from the redhead in any circumstance. For Maggie, dancing allowed her to look around the room while also not drawing attention to herself. There were plenty of nude couples grinding around the room like she was about to do and blending in was the idea. She pulled him forward a few more feet into the dancing crowd so that they only had a foot or two between the other nude woman and men in tight embraces.

    She turned around and begun to grind on him with her perfect bubble ass; all the while scanning the room for her rival, very aware that what she was doing was crazy. But it was all about the fight she was having with Silvia, and sex was the game they played, so sexual acts would always be on the table.

    At least now she was well hidden in the mass of bodies and though her own incredible figure was impossible to fully blend, it did help. She quickly felt his shaft harden between her buns which made it easier for her to control, using the sweat as a light sheen of oil to move. It had been a long time since she had fucked a guy, and she did smile at the feeling, but not for him. She just had this continuous thought that she and Amber could have a lot of fun together if they had a guy to play with for one of their fights…and then ditching him to finish each other after.

    For now, her plan was working, and no other girl or guy dared approach her. They were clearly one of the hottest duos engaged in a sexy dance. Then, only a minute in, she felt his dick pulse and he backed off for a quick second. Maggie let out a sigh, she had forgotten how easy it was to turn men and women on with her body. It was almost funny. At least the women she hated and fought gave her a long enough challenge, and now she had Amber to give her that experience every night. Working out combined with blossoming right after high school gave her a body to make people moan in pleasure. It was one of her favourite things to do before she had discovered sexfighting other women.

    He recovered slightly and remade contact but was clearly being more careful when touching Maggie’s sweet body. As he moved with her, Maggie started to sway her hips to the beat in a way that seemed like she had been doing it for a long time. It almost made her look like a very skilled dancer, but in reality, her sexy dance skills were actually very new. In fact, this man was the first person who got to witness them besides her teacher.

    When she was younger, she had been too shy to dance and was not into going to clubs. Then, when she was older, even with her found confidence, they didn’t interest her. She knew what dancing was about, but she was not one to know how to shake her body to a beat. But that all changed from her hangouts with Isabella.

    It had been the second time she had hung out at her ex-intern’s dorm since the Gala. After a long talk with Amber, they had agreed to hang out with the two girls. Maggie wanted to make it up to Isabella for how the semester had gone, while Amber wanted to keep her promise to Marissa, so they both had a strong reason. Still, the talk had been long, and many promises made between the new girlfriends as it became the first big test of their relationship. They knew their relationship was something that could not be replicated. The time spent together, the many nights and days alone is what had built it into love, and now they had to trust.

    Maggie had come over to the dorm a second time while Amber had invited Marissa to her place. It was a weird dynamic. Sexfighting other girls to settle things was something they had agreed to when they started the relationship, but neither Maggie nor Amber could hate their chosen pupils and it was mutual from Marissa and Isabella. This made it slightly more complicated on whether their relationship was truly open or not. They finally agreed that the interns were the two people that they didn’t have to outright hate to sexfighting. It was more of a friendly, but intense competition that kept them involved with the other pair. Though friendly didn’t work for two of the interesting 4some.

    Marissa and Maggie still hadn’t spoken after their exchange at the Gala, except for a brief moment at Amber’s place on the first hang out. A hot tit bump was exchanged and a sexy standoff with some choice words between the ex-friends. It ended with some of their spit on each other’s faces and a torn shirt of Maggie’s. It might have escalated into far more if Amber didn’t intervene. It came down to that Marissa was still furious at Maggie for their miscommunication about the Gala no matter what the redhead said. The librarian knew the sexy blonde student might have accepted her apology at first, but then the peace offering to Isabella had been the nail in the coffin.

    After the first week, the redhead got very annoyed with the student. The fucking of her girlfriend didn’t bother her, because she was doing the same to Izzy. But Marissa seemed to try to leave as many lipsticks and claw marks on Amber’s body every single time as if her girlfriend was being claimed by the playful student. Maggie also noticed that some of her thongs had gone missing and she knew her ex-friend was doing everything she could to get them into a sexual showdown, one the redhead was more than happy to have. But so far, both Isabella and Amber seemed to stop the two from getting the chance, which only raised the tension between Maggie and Marissa more.

    That was because there was also a slight proxy war going on between the girlfriends that they didn’t outright say. It was clear there was a little bit of competition between the two lovers about who could turn her ‘friend’ into a better sexfighter faster. The ex-interns seemed to be very aware of this as well which only raised the tension between them. Right now, the interns had a very tense truce after the slave period ended between them. Finals were also coming up along with the selection of next year’s roommates, something on both intern’s minds.

    During the first hangout, Isabella had told Maggie about her long month of being Marissa’s sex slave, but the redhead assumed the sexy black-haired girl left out some of the dirtier details. She could only guess how many times Marissa forced her to pleasure her or take out her anger at Maggie on Isabella. The redhead couldn’t deny in the back of her mind though that it sounded hot having a slave like Isabella, something the redhead wouldn’t have minded. Though Bianca or that Jenny bitch seemed like a better candidate.

    Fc Their first hangouts were spent hanging on Isabella’s bed getting to know each other better and make up for the lost time they wasted hating each other when Isabella had been working in the library. Plus, a very short sexfight. The redhead knew that every second she spent with Isabella drove her further from Marissa, but she didn’t care anymore. She and the blonde would eventually meet up and figure it out between them whether Izzy or Amber like it or not. by making up or fighting.

    This time she and Izzy’s conversation moved towards their weekend plans and a club that Isabella was going to. “Have you ever been?” The Spanish girl asked as she looked up from her laptop towards Maggie who was lounging on her bed.

    The redhead shook her head and didn’t ask how Isabella planned to get into a 21 or older club, she doubted it was hard for a girl like her. “No, I don’t really dance,” Maggie answered nonchalantly.

    “Wait, you don’t know how to dance? Like at all?” Isabella questioned, sitting up from the floor. A shocked look on her beautiful face and her dark red lips in a small o shape.

    Maggie gave her a confused look, “I can like, slow dance, but I never went to clubs or anything like that. Wasn’t my thing.”

    Isabella was looking at her shocked between the two beds.

    “Honestly, is that surprising?” Maggie questioned looking at the girl.

    Isabella closed her mouth, “Umm, no I guess not, but well maybe! You are so good at sex! And dancing and sex go hand and hand!”

    Maggie laughed at her friend’s explanation. “I mean, they are not exactly the same thing.” She countered and then flipped it around, “I’m surprised you like dancing…no offence but being in the centre of the attention or being on a dance floor doesn’t seem like you at all.”

    Isabella nodded and even let a rare smile come to her face, “No, you are right, I hate that normally, but I have always felt the dance floor is different!” Her face seemed to get animated, and for one second, Isabella let her walls down. “I just love it, I feel so free, and I’m really good at it, I think it’s the only place I don’t act…cold, like people or Marissa say I am.” She quickly caught herself and huffed while flicked her hair back, her icy walls quickly back up. Izzy was self-aware of what people said, and if she wasn’t, Marissa had told her all her flaws anyway. For how different they were, they both struggled to make real friends which made their personal animosity all the more frustrating.

    Then Isabella threw more questions at her. “Wait, and your new girlfriend is that musician from the Gala, right? Amber? The one…hanging out with Marissa.” She finished with a flash of annoyance in her eyes.

    Maggie sighed, “Yes.”

    Isabella pondered, “Well, then I guarantee your girlfriend must know how to move her hips, she dances?”

    “Yes, I know she does, but I never have gone out with her. We have only been dating a month.”

    Isabella was quiet for a second, and then she looked at Maggie with a little smile. “Let me teach you.”
    Maggie paused the Youtube video playing and now fully focused on her ‘friend’, “What?”

    Isabella flipped back her long very curly black hair over her head. “I mean, I think it would be fun, and maybe even great foreplay before I fuck your ass.” She added with a sly look. Maggie returned it and then Isabella looked away.

    “I also want to give you something back for my…lessons during our hangouts going forward.” She whispered with a flush of her cheeks. The cold girl still struggled to fully admit what she was doing, that she was taking literally lessons on sex fighting, so she never had to be under Marissa again.

    She had no one to talk to about it except Maggie, this addicting way of fighting. It was a perfect way for a girl like her to settle disputes, but it’s not like she had any friends to discuss it with. To Isabella’s confusion and dismay, Bianca seemly had cut her off after she finished her internship.

    It made no sense to the Spanish girl, even more so after what her mentor had done to get her the credits. The professional woman had gone as far as to offer up the Gala and even her job for her intern…and made it only more confusing for why she had pushed Isabella away.

    From the outside, it seemed the raven-haired woman was just a total bitch, and maybe she was, but Maggie wasn’t sure. She knew Bianca didn’t care for showing any weakness, and maybe she regretted how she had almost given up her professional career for the girl. Maybe she just wanted to move past it and not let anyone get close to her again. To the raven-haired beauty, friendship was a weakness, even if she had really liked Isabella.

    When the intern had tried to reach out, Bianca had only sent her an email. “Thank you for your internship, and I’m glad you got the credits, you were a good teammate. I would be happy to write you a letter of recommendation but no, I have no interest in meeting up as you so put. With regards, Miss Marshall”.

    It had hurt Isabella more than she admitted and for once she understood what Marissa had been saying the whole semester about Bianca. Even if the professional woman had other motives, it seemed Isabella was no longer privy to them.

    Maggie too had been surprised by the email, especially after her conversation with her co-worker before the Gala. But it didn’t matter, and she could not help. She and Bianca’s relationship was again souring and a sexy third showdown between the two librarians was coming, she could feel it. Forgetting that for now, Maggie looked down at Isabella while trying to think of every single excuse she could to get out of dancing.

    “Umm.” Maggie responded nothing really coming to her, “I really don’t need to learn to dance, I think we should keep it just sexfighting unless you are scared of it?”

    The ex-intern ignored the little snip, “Please?” Isabella begged and Maggie looked at her new pupil with an understanding that she didn’t want to just be getting taught. The black-haired girl continued, “It would be good if I can show you something too, and maybe we can look up new moves together, it will help I swear!”

    “I mean…I guess we can for like a few minutes, but I have no idea when I would ever use it. I doubt Amber would ever want to go out with me to a club.”

    “Yes!” Isabella jumped up off the bed and pulled out her own laptop quickly finding a spicy group of music that she really liked to dance to. Then she grabbed Maggie’s arm and pulled her to her feet. Maggie couldn’t help but smile seeing Isabella get overly excited about this and decided no matter what, she would just play along.

    “Ok, for this first lesson, we will stay dressed as we are, but as we go on, we will see how it goes when it comes to clothing.” Isabella smiled with a twinkle in her deep dark brown eyes. “I’ll show you how it can be used as some excellent foreplay. It can make you better in bed too and trust me, your girlfriend would like this surprise!”

    Maggie raised an eyebrow at her ex-intern and Isabella caught herself with a sheepish smile. “Ok, fine, I’ll admit you don’t really need help in that department, but it is still good to know!”

    Maggie laughed as the music started and she paid special attention while Isabella began to move her hips sensually in a way that made the librarian gawk. Ok, she was clearly very good at this. Feeling out of place, Maggie started to copy her best she could, but it was tough. The music helped but it still felt strange and she looked like a stiff board when standing next to Isabella.
    “Good, but more thrust and pick up the beat,” Isabella ordered and she walked over to show Maggie how it was done.

    This quickly became a regular occurrence for them as they hung out, getting better in both actions, for both girls. It became the lesson before the lesson.

    The last time they had hung out was two weeks before the orgy. They were down to only wearing sexy simple blue workout thongs while grating on each other. Isabella had shown Maggie more and more moves; behind grinding, the best ways with men, women, and most importantly, rivals. Maggie honestly enjoyed dancing far more than she had ever expected and they had a lot more fun now that she was more comfortable and could keep up the pace somewhat.

    “Does Marissa know how to dance?” Maggie asked her mid-song. She was getting pretty good for a person who had just picked it up two months ago. She did have the body for it, and Isabella wasn’t a bad teacher. They now normally spent a good 30-minute dancing before they got down to sexfighting in ways to dominate each other. Maggie could now move her hips in a way she never had before, and it excited her every time she improved. She begrudgingly admitted it did help in the bedroom, but not against Amber. Her lover was somehow getting better in bed too like she was…though she didn’t’ know-how. She couldn’t wait to show off her new dance skills to her girlfriend but wanted to catch Amber by surprise.

    Between the roommate’s beds, Isabella pulled their faces close, aligning her deeply tanned breasts into Maggie’s pale pair, the meaty globes clashing to the beat. The music dropped low and Isabella grinned, “Not as good as me, but she does know how to move her hips. She isn’t bad.” She admitted, and Maggie wondered if Marissa was actually very good.

    “Have you two ever danced?” Maggie asked and she threw an extra sway in that caught Isabella by surprise, but the Spanish girl quickly recovered and ground harder on Maggie who let out a light moan from the sensation.

    “Not yet, but it’s only a matter of time…the Convention we are going to is coming up and I’m going with her. I think we might have our fight before…or maybe during it.”

    “This is the final fight between you two, right? You going to win?” Maggie panted as the heat in the room seemed to have gone up almost 20 degrees.

    Isabella hissed at the question. “I won’t lose to her again ever. I fucking almost had you last week before you fucking cheated…” Isabella hissed, as she reached and tugged Maggie’s thong to the side.

    “Cheated, did I? That’s not how I thought of it, you falling off the bed seemed like you not knowing your surroundings. You know, for how much we get along sometimes, you still are a fucking bitch.

    “So are you!” And slowly the dancing stopped.
    “Say that again.” Maggie hotly breathed as they went forehead to forehead.
    “You. Are. A. Fucking. Bitch.” Isabella growled as her big breasts squished into Maggie’s form, and they smiled at each other. Seconds, later they screamed as they fell onto Marissa’s bed with matching snarls.

    Two hours later, the black-haired beauty was pinned on Marissa’s yellow bed by the curly redhead as they breathed hot air into each other’s faces. Their blue thongs had been torn off aggressively the heat of their fight. Their mouths and fingers covered were covered in each other’s sticky cum from the many positions they had fought in. The music was still playing, and they had definitely fucked to the beat during their intense trib minutes ago. Now on top and in control, Maggie teased her rival’s lips with small brushes that caused Isabella to groan, while the redhead’s thick bush pressed into the Spanish girl’s smooth groin and pussy lips.

    Isabella had gotten her rival off twice, but Maggie had pulled four out of the sexy student in the same timeframe who was now drained and once again overmatched.

    “You are getting better,” Maggie whispered but licked the defeated sweaty girl’s face a few times.
    “Fuck you.” Isabella hissed, she hated losing and Maggie had beaten her every time they had fucked. She hadn’t won a single fucking fight against her redhead ‘rival’ when they were alone, and it was pissing her off. She might have been close a few times, but she always ended up on the bottom. It was beyond fustigating that Maggie was still too much of a mountain to climb, but she knew she was getting closer.

    “Do you think I cheated again?” Maggie asked, the words dripping with sarcasm.
    Isabella didn’t say anything, but a small snarl escaped her lips.

    Maggie smiled down at her intern; it was almost friendly, but she kept it angry because she liked to be with Izzy. They might get more along than they admitted, but this was a rivalry and Maggie knew soon, they would be on even grounds for their sexfights.

    “I like your attitude, but it’s time for you to submit bitch.” Maggie demanded as Isabella moaned in sexual frustration.

    The dark brown eyes flashed with a competitive fire, and she kissed Maggie one more time with the last bit of fire and even bit at her rival’s lips, but as they separated, she sighed. “Fuck…okay. I submit.”
    Maggie giggled and finally rolled off her intern and sex rival. Izzy sat up and huffed as she wiped her sweat on Marissa’s pillow for good measure. She then looked at Maggie and smiled as she handed her Marissa’s pillow too with a little smirk. Maggie took it with a sigh, it was so petty, but she couldn’t help it and ended up wiping her own sweat on the other side. She would make sure Marissa would smell her and Isabella tonight as she tossed and turned. She would also take one of Marissa’s thongs as payback. They had been stealing them from each other, and Maggie sighed as she knew she was only lowering herself to the childish games Marissa played.

    Isabella exhaled loudly and laid back down with a huff. “I might be getting better…but so is Marissa! She brags that Amber is better than you every time she gets back.”

    “And do you brag back that I’m better?” Maggie queried, raising an eyebrow at her ‘friend’.

    Isabella rolled her dark brown eyes, “I don’t stoop to her level…but sometimes.”

    Maggie laughed as Isabella huffed as she kept going, “She is lying though, I know she hasn’t beaten your crazy girlfriend either.”

    “Crazy? You and Amber think a lot alike, so if she is crazy, so are you crazy.” Maggie commented, but Isabella didn’t respond so Maggie continued. “I know I have said it before, but I just don’t know how you and Marissa don’t try to kill each other every night stuck in this room.”

    Isabella was rubbing her temples. “Yeah, it’s getting really tense…but we won’t fight yet…though our little strip offs are getting passionate…not to mention those two poor boys who we fucked on the same night. I don’t think they will ever be the same as we demanded each of them last longer.”

    Maggie smiled at her rival and the sexy tales, but she would get the details on those later. “Forgetting that, it sounds like you will finally meet Amber, but I guess you did at the Gala meeting. I haven’t been able to convince her not to go to the convention with you two.” She finished sounding very annoyed with her blonde lover.

    Isabella’s eyes seemed to light up with a bit of mischief. “You might hate it, but I find it exciting! Who knows, maybe we will hate each other, or maybe I’ll like her more than you.” She glanced back at Maggie who shot her an annoyed look. Isabella sexy features grinned darkly as she sensed she could get Maggie a bit angry, it was fun teasing the redhead. “Maybe I could fight your girlfriend…maybe she and I could fight over you, see which one of us gets to take you for a night? Would you like that you fucking bitch? I bet you dream about that.”

    Maggie rolled her eyes, but inside her stomach gave a leap she couldn’t control. She hadn’t told anyone about her dirtiest fantasy, but the idea of Isabella and Amber fighting over her, both begging for her to take them…was very appealing. But even with their agreement to fucking the interns, she doubted Amber would play that game, or she could see her girlfriend taking it far too seriously.

    She turned it around instead of admitting anything. “Maybe you and Marissa should fight in front of me and Amber, and we can find out who the better teacher is.”

    This time Isabella rolled her eyes, but she knew that there was a far better chance of that occurring though she knew Maggie was hiding her desires. She did want to see her and Amber fight, and meeting the other blonde was something she was very looking forward to. “No, we both agreed, I and Mari want to be alone to settle it, it will be our last fight till we move out and get new roommates for next year. So, it will be for it all.”

    “You don’t want to live with her again? What if you get someone worse? You too are more alike than you act.”

    “Marissa and I are not like you and your girlfriend. We will never start dating.”

    “No, and I get that. Amber and I had months alone fighting and getting to know each other. I fell for her in between the sexfighting. But just my two cents, I would stick with her as a roommate, I would rather have the bitch I know than one I wouldn’t.”

    Isabella only hissed in response as she and Maggie slowly dressed. The blonde roommate in question would be back soon, but Maggie had left some thoughts in Isabella’s head.

    Back in the present, Maggie used her hips to sway the man’s dick cheek to cheek and then rubbed it up and down as Izzy had taught her. Though they focused a lot more on how two girls could grind one on one, the intern had shown her how easy it was to drive men crazy. She needed to remember to thank Isabella later, she doubted either of them would have predicted the dance lessons would come in handy this soon or in this circumstance. Clearly, the man was thoroughly enjoying it as he reached around and felt up one of her tits.

    “God, your ass, how much do you work out?” He groaned as the muscular buns seemed to engulf his dick. Maggie gave the slightest of shrugs, “Enough for me to want to fight another girl about it.” He laughed at that response, though didn’t understand she meant it. One year ago, Maggie would have literally called her current self a slut if she saw where she was and what she was doing. Fuck, she was having fun though on this floor as she began to get into the dancing as did the people around her. Maybe she should make Amber go to a club with her and play with her girlfriend. But she had to stop thinking about that and focus on her fight.

    She could hear the man groaning and knew that her ass seemed to be too much for her partner. She would have to give him some time or find another guy if this one couldn’t last. But where the hell was Silvia? Surely not fucking a bunch of other people, but she couldn’t know for sure. She guessed she would have to continue her hunt because it seemed the other sex queen must have left the dance floor.

    She was just about to move when a dancing couple broke apart to the left. Her eyes turned and a slight gasp escaped her lips as she saw her rival. There was Silvia, and the slut was fully making out with a man and doing a slight front grind on him all the while. Maggie recognized that it was the other hot guy from earlier and it seemed both queens were able to pick their choice of toys quite easily. The short hair girl had a toned leg up on her man and seemed to be thrusting lightly into him but without any penetration. It looked like even though she had taunted, Silvia clearly didn’t want to drain herself with some random guy either, it was too risky in their kind of fight.

    For once, Maggie realized she had the drop on her rival. Silvia hadn’t seen her, and the memory of the cum on her face gave her a new rage watching the slut hump some guy. She wanted to surprise Silvia with something nasty like what had been done to her. If she didn’t, it would drive her crazy. Their game of embarrassment had to continue, and Maggie wanted to get ahead. She had to do something to turn her rival on while also one-upping her sex rival. She couldn’t just jump on her though while on the dance floor or she was sure they would get separated because they weren’t in their ring. Then she had an idea, one she couldn’t believe came into her head, but it felt right and was the exact type of idea Silvia must have had made when they were back in their ring.

    If Silvia wanted to play with cum, then Maggie would play with it too and she already had the source she needed. She turned around to the man whose eyes were wide looking at the black mask and the emerald green eyes behind it. He was already way too close to cumming this early in the night, but who could blame him? Maggie only made it more intense as she pressed her massive tits into his chest and smiled up at him. “If you wanna cum, you can, just do it on my ass and lower back while I grind on you real hard.”

    He looked about to protest, and Maggie considered it was because he wanted to cum in a woman, but then he stopped in his tracks. She could see the gears going in his head as he realized there was no doubt in his mind that this redhead was the hottest woman he had ever seen or been with, orgy or no orgy. Maggie sealed the deal using her nerdy sexy voice that she didn’t use often. “I really really want you too.” She fake begged, and before he could say anything, she turned around again and used her bubble built ass to its full effect. She ground on the man much harder, even using her glutes to squeeze the muscle into the hard shaft with one-two grinds and boom, the man began to cum with a gasp.

    Maggie turned her head to smile at the guy who was lost in pleasure as she felt the sticky substance shoot up her lower back and then ooze down to her ass in large shots. She almost pulled away but remembered what she was doing this for, and why it had to happen. If Silvia could do it, so could she. Amber would understand…she hoped. It was a good load as the cum covered the top of her glutes with a decent amount on each cheek. Her ass was ready, and now it was time for action, all to surprise Silvia. Then she would drag her rival back to the ring and sit on her face with cum covered ass. There were a lot of steps to the plan, but the first was clear and if she was going to let a guy cum on her, shad had to make it worth it.

    She looked to the left to where Silvia had been and came eye to eye with her rival. The bitch was watching her, and Maggie didn’t know for how long. She cursed knowing that her gambit of surprise had failed, and now she had just let a guy cum on her ass for no reason. The bartender was glaring at her, then smiled in a way only Silvia could. She turned around to make out with the guy again and Maggie was gifted to see that just like her, Silvia was sporting a large cum spot on her ass and lower back from the other very good-looking man. Before anything else, Maggie’s only question in her head was, ‘Did she get more on her? Was she able to make him cum harder?’ She couldn’t tell, but it looked stringy and long just like the goo she had allowed to explode on her ass.

    Silvia then turned her head at the still stunned Maggie and shook her buns at her sex rival, offering a disgusting challenge that the redhead knew she couldn’t refuse after already going this far. Ass to ass with a whole lot of cum between them, just like two dirty sluts. Maggie’s toy was wavering after cumming so hard, but she dragged him slowly towards her rival moving backwards. Silvia glanced around to see the pale ass and red hair moving towards her, a big cum shot on the cheeks. Silvia decided to wait in the spot as her breathing picked up thinking about what was going to happen. She had been shocked to see Maggie was willing to grind a guy to orgasm to get at her…and was now even willing to slap their asses together with cum. The redhead once again was proving more and more difficult to break with embarrassment, fuck, maybe they would go all the way in this orgy fight. It made Silvia weirdly nervous for the first time this night that she and the redhead seemed willing to do anything to compete.

    Maggie pulled the man until she and Silvia were back-to-back on the dance floor, making out with the random guys who were so lucky to be pawns in the girl’s sex war. In a way, Silvia couldn’t believe Maggie, this bitch was trying to match her again and had intended to out dirty her here, in her orgy. Maggie also was feeling crazy, she wasn’t even thinking straight, but it meant everything to prove that she could make Silvia back down from how dirty she was willing to go.

    They moved closer and closer until their asses were swaying a few inches apart. They could sense and feel the heat of the other woman’s strong sexy body. The moment built for just a few long seconds until finally, Silvia would wait no longer to test Maggie’s sexual will once again. She pulled her toy back the final few inches and closed the distance between the two cum coated behinds. Their asses crushed, and cum was pressed into the cracks as the two sets of bubble buns met in a fresh muscle lock, one that had been built and demanded for a long time. The gym-built asses that they trained, that they had toned even harder for these moments were brought to fight each other, now met and sloppily spread the men’s cum onto her rival.

    It was filthy, dirty and everything these two had to do for their game of one-up games manship. They moaned loudly from the dirty sensation and understanding with what they had just done, loud enough for the other to hear even over the sound of the music. The two men were far too lost from their two orgasms thinking it could have been them. As Maggie and Silvia fought to see which of the two asses could finally push the other back and down to submit.

    At first, they were satisfied just touching, spreading the ooze all over the buns of their rival. After a minute though the ass-to-ass play picked up. They began to grind far harder on each other to see who could really get the other one-off balance.

    Maggie’s buns muscular were everything Silvia thought they would be on hers. She had felt them in her hands and on her face, but now ass to ass made it all the more challenging. She could feel cum slitting up her ass hole and she returned the favour with her buns, flexing them on Maggie’s as they moulded muscle on muscle. It was turning her on far faster and she started to pant and even shake in desire. She was impressed on how firm Maggie was and hoped that her rival was getting the exact same feeling. So far neither of the two bubble buns looked to pop, or even break against their equal rival. They switched cheeks allowing each bun to be almost squeezed by the fat ass of her rival. They were both trying to throw the other off-balance with some quick bumps or force the other’s pussy into the limp dick. Anything to increase the embarrassment of the other as they found their sexual wills matched again.

    Maggie flexed back while her own ass was split, and she let out a gasp at the feeling. Silvia’s ass was like feeling her own, and the buns felt as good as they looked when she had seen them from afar earlier in the night. She needed to prove hers was better, but she wasn’t sure how. They both had gone cum ass on cum ass, and the battle continued as their booties bounced off each other like springs.

    Right now, they were using each big cheek like a cum covered pole and it turned them on even more to feel how invested their rival was in this heated exchange. It looked like cum was going to be the lube of the night and Maggie really wasn’t sure how she could deal with it, but she would try. These up and down movements went on for a whole two minutes until they found their asses too even, too perfect to rub as the cum made them stickier with the sweat.

    They were hotly turned on by the sexy duel of their behinds and neither was showing any sign of quitting or backing off to the point they started to bump each other harder, trying to make the other girl lose her focus and break apart. Slap, slap the meat crushed hotly, cum and sweat droplets flying off as the asses jiggled on the impact. This battle was about turning the other on to the point she could not take any more pleasure and every second they built up was leading to a more intense orgasm.

    As their asses separated for a longer second than they had been for the last three minutes, it was time. It was clear that more direct bodily conflict was needed and desired for both parties. The ass play had driven them wild, and they were both panting from the constant flexing and desire to get back together. An orgasm had been building deep in their core for weeks and now amplified by the last hours of waiting, and the dripping of their pussies was sign enough to how close they were.

    Maggie and Silvia were both far closer to orgasming than they had anticipated with just this little grind off, but when they considered their wrestling from before and the long build-up. It wasn’t crazy they were this close to exploding everywhere right there on the dance floor. It was all about building each other up, to try and overwhelm the other down with her superior pleasure. They had gone far too long this night without being together and the desire to force a disgusting orgasm out of her rival was unbearable.

    Silvia ended her grind and heated kiss with the man. “Sorry baby, I have something to do, but this was fun.” He nodded and backed away without any complaint, he had already felt luckier than any other man in the room.

    Maggie was having an identical conversation with her boy toy of the night. “Thank you for the fun and showing me around earlier. It felt really good, but I do have to go.” She said as she lightly pushed him away. He didn’t argue either and simply fell back as the two women turned to face each other with wicked smiles on their faces.

    The two masked girls were finally face to face again after their little brief separation that felt far too long. Silvia motioned towards the stage and their pool, and Maggie gave the smallest of nods. But before they could even take a step, the music changed to a wild rhythm. The mob surged and Silvia was bumped from behind by a wild dancing couple. She shrieked a girlish yelp and fell forward, directly into Maggie’s form unsuspecting body.

    Maggie tried to react, but the mob behind her wasn’t about to let the other half push them off the dance floor. They surged in the opposite direction and pressed Maggie back into her rival as the two girls were squished in a nude mass of sweaty hot bodies. Maggie and Silvia both moaned in each other’s ears as they felt tits, dicks, and just a lot of skin touching every inch of their bodies. It was so unexpected and fully by accident that it made it all the more intense. Most importantly, they were touching each other tighter than they could ever have alone. They both gasped girlish aloud as the mob of nude people shifted and became tighter, only forcing Maggie and Silvia together in more intimate ways with no way out.

    Maggie panicked for a second being trapped, surrounded by all these nude bodies was not what she had ever wanted or expected. But then she relaxed, and just let her sexual self take control. All she could do was feel Silvia squirm in equal discomfort, and that made it bearable.

    The mob didn’t release from the up-tempo music, and they could do nothing but feel not only the sweaty queen in front of them but the hot bodies behind them for the growing seconds. Unable to push away, Maggie once again decided to use her newfound dancing skills in the way she had trained them, and what she had really trained them for.

    She was going to turn Silvia on to the point the other woman wouldn’t be able to last and to start that, she had to give this bitch her first orgasm. They had to start somewhere, and once they opened the dams, she was sure they would pour. She began to move her hips again in the way Isabella had shown her when going body on body with another girl. It was tougher with the people around them, but at least she felt more hidden in the crowd than ever. The sensation of her bush rubbing on Silvia’s skin made the bartender freeze from her constant squirming. Then, the sexy bartender began moving her hips back in a very similar motion, showing her own woman to woman dancing skills she had self-taught herself…and practised with Jenny. They bumped hips and used their legs as poles in an identical tight dance as both the brown and red bushes found a home on the other’s leg. For Maggie, it wasn’t surprising that Silvia knew how to dance, it was just another part of the fight they would have to settle, and they would find out who could seduce the other into a more powerful sensual experience.

    As their light grinding began, the mob loosened just enough for them to bring their heads off the other’s shoulder and go face to face as they felt sweaty skin of random people on their hot backs move around them. It was intense, but not distracting enough as green and grey-blue eyes sparked with lightning.

    “We might be stuck in this hot mob for a bit.” Maggie hissed as her rival; her pale tits docked with Silvia’s, so their nipples impaled each other side to side. The balls of fat had been ignored during their ass fight, but now they were back in the sweaty action. Their soft smooth stomachs also pressed with everything in such close proximity. She picked up the pace so that her hot pale body moved to the music fast spaces as her slick skin rubbed on Silvia’s over and over. Their thighs starting to increase some friction with the bushes, but the pubic hair was still avoiding direct contact in their current stance.

    “It’s fine with me. I love it here,” Silvia hissed with a lick of Maggie’s lips using her tongue, then she smiled widened. “All these hot sweaty bodies touching us everywhere, this is just another piece of an orgy…you scared yet? I bet you can’t handle this…I know you want to run like a little bitch.”

    Maggie paused, but then smiled right back, “And here I thought we were finally getting to know each other. I can do anything you can slut, including a sweaty little dance or our little ass fight. Maybe you are the one who wants to run, maybe you will back off first.”

    “Guess we will see…slut!” She leaned her mouth forward and they locked into a wet kiss, their tongues moving like their legs and hips, slashing and pressing into each other, the music giving them a natural beat in which to hump.

    As they earned just a bit more space, their arms looped around their rival’s thin waists and the two masked queens began to really dance. Silvia took a good grip of Maggie’s cum covered ass and gave it a big squeeze and massage. Maggie groaned at the sensations, and happily returned the attacks, her hand running over the sticky cum they had shared between their buns. Her fingers tracing figures in the white goo as they started getting their chests involved, boobs bouncing slightly apart before coming back together. They kept each other nice and tight while dancing with a girl who had a bush like her own. For two minutes they were tightly pressed, unable to do much but use their hips and chests to turn the other on.

    Then, finally, the crowd loosened as the song switched, and they had a chance to escape, but now Maggie and Silvia didn’t want to. It was a sex dance-off right on the floor, in front of everyone and they had no intention of separating. With space, they began to dance like a few other couples, more space to thrust into each other with their strong squat asses. Taking long hot motions that would make any man or woman watching drool with their bodies moving. Thighs grinding on each other’s pussy, the fur irritating their rival’s groin harder and harder as they moaned getting turned on and on.

    Maggie was using all the tricks Isabella had taught her, stepping around her rival and rubbing her ass on her opponent’s hips. It was a challenge as Silvia used her own dancing skills made with her times at the club with Jenny, matching Maggie move for move as the dance duel intensified. While the other hot groups swayed around them, Maggie and Silvia danced like strippers. This went on for half a song until Maggie placed one of her hands onto Silvia’s big left tit when their upper bodies moved apart for one beat. Their eyes flashed as the pale girl squeezed the fat for a second and then she ran her fingers down the sexy toned stomach of the bartender. It moved slowly lower until the hand reached its destination. Maggie filled her fingers with Silvia’s brown fur all still while dancing slowly to the beat. She ran her fingers through it, then pulled it lightly, just enough to make Silvia groan in pain mid-dance. The grip was returned a second later as Maggie felt her sex red curls pulled in retaliation. It quickly turned into an attempt to control the other’s hips by their pubic hair.

    “Oh, yours is pretty thick.” Maggie hissed into the bartender’s ear as their boobs crushed in a tight sweaty grind again and again. If this had been a normal club, this open groping would never happen, but in this orgy, however, they were allowed to do and touch whatever they wanted, and they used this sexual freedom to its full extent.

    “Yes, it is, but so is yours,” Silvia growled as she ran her hands through the red curls completely, causing Maggie to moan at the sensation as their dance somehow heated up further. Silvia then twirled some of the hair between her fingers and felt her own twisted in revenge once again. They couldn’t really start fighting now, and if they did, they weren’t in their ring, so they had a very high chance of being separated. That didn’t mean a little hair-pulling wasn’t out of the question and they increased the pressure. The heat made them feel like they were still in that hellish storage closet body on body, but this time they both had pubic hair to pull.

    As the music dropped for a brief second, Silvia brought her face to Maggie’s ear as her slippery tits bounced on her rivals in a sweaty slip by. The hard grinding had lessened, and it morphed slightly into a game of seduction with slower more sensual movements. It was as though each was trying to get the other to demand they go back to the ring first. Right now, however, they resisted, though both were being seduced by the other to the point it was driving them crazy. The pair of lips touched again, but this time they didn’t kiss and chose to exchange words. “I never would have thought you would be having so much fun in the orgy. I noticed how hard you rubbed that guy with your ass, and then you even kissed him, and let him cum on you. I wonder what your girlfriend would think?” Silvia taunted as the music went to a low beat so they could hear each other while standing face to face. Maggie didn’t react, and Silvia went in harder, “Maybe I’ll tell her when I see her, maybe she will break up with you…we both know she is the jealous type. I wonder what she would think seeing you now…in a fully nude dance-off with me.”

    Instead of answering, Maggie suddenly flipped around and placed her perfect ass right on Silvia’s front and bush. The pale beauty began to shake her hips harder, spreading the cum from her buns into her rival’s brown pubic mound as she pressed her muscle into the cunt. All the while Silvia’s tits were forced into Maggie’s back and the redhead began to move up in down in a sensual manner. Silvia gasped at the shift in tactics, and she couldn’t stop her hands from locking onto Maggie’s hips and pulling her in tighter. This went on for a few seconds before she hissed as she felt a spike of intense pleasure. She tried to back off her rival’s body, but the mob was closing in on them again and she couldn’t back away further. Maggie then dropped low to the floor and turned around to face her rival’s knees. All the while Silvia was frozen in pleasure, the redhead smirked as she pressed her tongue into the brown fur and ran it up Silvia’s whole body. Up the stomach and between the magnificent tits until she came back face to face with her rival. Silvia’s mind was trying to figure out what had just happened and how she felt herself almost cum. The only thing in her head right now was, ‘oh fuck.’

    The redhead grinned from behind her mask as if reading her rival’s thoughts as they paused their intense dance. She knew no matter what she did, she really really turned Silvia on. And now, instead of letting the doubt into her head, she smiled as she ran her hands up Silvia’s body from the side of her hips to her shoulders in a teasing way that made her rival shiver. They were turning each other on more and more, wanting to settle the score in their way. For how much they hated and despised each other, the attraction between them was off the charts.

    Then after the little move, Maggie brought her red lips to Silvia’s ear. “Amber would think, why did my girlfriend need three grinds to get that guy off when I could do it in one with my body.” She confidently remarked, and she knew she was right. Then she doubled down, “And she would love to watch me dance and fight you nude…she and I do it every night.” Maggie giggled and then bit her rival’s ear.

    No matter how far she went tonight, she and Amber would be okay, and she had to believe that with all her being. This bitch would never get to use her relationship against her, no one would. If Silvia wanted to beat her, it would be about them, not Amber.

    “Hmph.” Silvia huffed, her little jab not having anywhere near the effect she had hoped for to increase the doubt in her rival’s head. But that was fine, and even a positive in her mind as she thought about it. She didn’t give a fuck about those two bitches dating and was happy it didn’t seem to distract Maggie. She just needed to just focus on this fight and out sexing or embarrassing the bitch into submission, that’s what she wanted. To have this incredible redhead finally submit to her and get to prove she was the more sexual woman.

    With the music still playing the sexy bartender wanted to return the favor of the ass sway. Before Maggie could stop her, she flipped around and leaned over at the waist with her hands on the floor, her long sexy legs nice and straight. Now it was her turn to press her ass as hard as possible into Maggie’s cunt and red bush. Some of her earned ass cum quickly pressed into the red curls. The pale girl felt her pussy come in full contact with the muscle and she gasped as Silvia amped it up by twerking her ass right onto her pink pussy. The redhead couldn’t back up without running into people and had to stand and take the grind for almost 10 seconds, even as her clit began to peak and demanded to cum from the vibrations.

    Then, she decided two could play in this position. She spanked Silvia which stopped the twearking and even drew a groan of desire from the dancing girl. The rival shot back up to get more skin on skin, while Maggie put her hands around her rival’s thin waist and ran them up the stomach to her big tits, feeling them and squeezing them as they synced their hips. Now they both moaned aloud in the orgy as they fondled each other publicly on the dance floor.

    Silvia turned around again, and they came face to face, but it was clear something had changed. The ass grinding had put the women on the path to finally cumming after holding it in for so long. Maggie hissed at her rival with her pussy dripping, her body far closer to cumming than she would want. The redhead tried to breathe and relax, but it hitched loudly as a long finger slid into her wet cunt. Maggie groaned, being fucked on the dance floor was disgusting and thrilling. She instantly dove one of her fingers right into Silvia’s cunt and received a sexy gasp in her ear. Their fingers both used a come-hither motion directly on their g-spots almost tenderly for a few hot seconds that nearly made them cum, but then the music picked up once again. Silvia and Maggie both had to regrettably free their hands out of the other’s soft wet sex to ensure they didn’t get pushed over.

    Put they had enough, and they forced their sweaty thighs between their rival’s legs once the mob paused. They forced their muscles into their opponent’s groins pressing the dripping pussy with perfect pressure. Their hands both went into each other’s hair on their heads, gripping the other’s scalp face to face as they were squeezed once again by all the bodies around them. They had ground and danced into a frenzy, and now right on the dance floor surrounded by 30 or so other nude bodies, Maggie and Silvia were about to see who could draw first cum. The dance had been hot, and Silvia felt her body heat up beyond what she had expected. The sweat made Maggie’s leg like a greased pole that wiggled on her sex every second.

    After all the pre-wrestling and taunting, she was finally about to cum in her orgy. Luckily, it looked like Maggie was in the exact same boat and the look on their faces said it all as they bit their own lips.
    “You about to cum bitch?” Silvia jeered even as her own breathing hitched and she felt her clit start its process.
    “I think you are about to cum bitch.” Maggie mocked back, but her own legs were shaking, not from tiredness, but her pussy and clit beginning an orgasm.

    They glared, as Silvia and Maggie both knew that they were indeed about to cum. At the same time, they locked into a hot open mouth kiss, panting wildly as the first stage of their orgasm began in near sequence, all the while the music had been building on que to their sexual limits.

    “Oh fuck.” Silvia moaned into Maggie’s open mouth as the pale leg ground her to the beat.
    “Fuckkk.” Maggie groaned back, as Silvia’s leg gave her own cunt the same treatment.

    The music hit a note that caused the bodies to squeeze their nude forms and for a long second all the bodies pressed into Maggie and Silvia’s back once again. Every inch of Maggie’s pale skin seemed to meld with Silvia’s, while other sweaty bodies were rubbing her back. It was a feeling she could not ignore, and neither could her rival. They screamed as the increased pressure turned their first light orgasm into a full explosion on each other’s sexy thighs. Silvia felt her body go flush as the pleasure made her scream into Maggie’s mouth. This what she had wanted, all the nude bodies around her, and her sex rival in front of her, giving her everything she had, but she was cumming just as hard.

    Maggie felt her nerves explode, and her legs wobble as her pussy retracted and she felt the wave of pleasure go down her limps. It felt incredible as she could feel Silvia’s body going through the same process so tightly pressed. They pressed their thighs harder into the other’s wide-open cunt, spreading the cum they had just discharged back into her rival’s own pubic hair. Goosebumps exploded all over their skin and they could feel the other girl’s breasts mould into her own. They groaned in each other’s mouths, letting the waves past as their legs squeezed their rival’s thighs harder than ever for almost 5 seconds. Hands let go of the hair and moved to squeeze and spank each other’s bums, forcing them to release the extra tension. The music peaked just as they passed through the final waves and slowly the pleasure finally subsided as the song ended. The mob fully relaxed and the girls at the first chance pushed each other away to create a small amount of space between them shaking in post-orgasmic pleasure.

    Behind their masks, their eyes narrowed as they took in their sweaty dance rival in front of them. The little seduction game they had just had on the dance floor had brought two strong orgasms between them, but not one near strong enough to push the other down for good. In fact, it only got them hungry for more sex and their sex drives were recovering at an incredible rate.

    “That’s one orgasm for me slut.” Maggie gasped, shocked by how strong the pleasure had been without it even being a pussy fuck or a mouth on her clit. This fight was turning her on way too much and she would need to control herself to come out on top.

    “And one for me slut.” Silvia gasped back, her body shaking in post-orgasmic pleasure, but she already wanted more. Cumming with Maggie at the same time drove her crazy and now, she knew there was a chance that they would go all the way. That no amount of embarrassment could scare either of them off. But she would test that to the end.

    Still recovering the lightly tanned girl took a step forward to be tit on tit again with her enemy. Then with a cocky grin, she reached behind and squeezed Maggie’s fat ass slightly only to get an answering squeezing in return. The sweat was dripping off them and the red and brown hair on their heads looked almost damp from the heat. They stood there, no longer moving their hips or bodies as they caught their breath. No one seemed to have noticed the two fighters had cum on the floor as the rest of the orgy continued with wild abandon.

    “This is normally when we go our separate ways,” Maggie commented, thinking how crazy it was they had only fought in two one-offs so far. It was wild, even by sexfighting standards how far they had jumped in their third fight. They were clearly way too invested in this nasty rivalry and fight for how short a time they have known each other.

    “Not tonight,” Silvia said forcefully, making sure Maggie knew she wasn’t going anywhere.
    “No, not tonight,” Maggie responded with equal force, then a cocky grin came to her red lips. She attacked without warning, reaching down and taking a handful of Silvia’s sweaty pubic hair. She ripped it forward and Silvia’s screeched at the aggressive painful sensation drawing a few eyes towards her.

    “Ugh, Maggie, OW BITCH!” She hissed and then used her released hands to try and slap Maggie away, but the redhead had already freed her. As people turned to look at them, Silvia prepared for a catfight right on the dance floor. But Maggie simply turned and walked away, leaving her alone on the dance floor. The grey-blue eyes followed the toned back in the flashing lights as they settled on the juicy pale ass that seemed to sway in a challenge as it moved away. The redhead was heading towards the couch section of the room and surprisingly not back to their little ring. In truth, the green-eyed girl was tired of being led around by her rival and wanted to see if the bitch would follow her this time. She shot her own taunting look back to see if Silvia was taking the bait and found that indeed, her rival was following her with a dark look on her pretty features. She knew Silvia well enough that the bitch needed to be in charge and would hate being the one to have to follow, but it was time for Maggie to show her that there was a new slut in control.

    =====To be continued

    Ohh, what a dirty orgy dance they just shared. I wonder if Amber would mind…or would she join in? OR maybe she wouldn’t care because she has her own hands filled with someone else’s body while this is going on hahaha. I can’t wait to finish that next story, but more on that later. Hopefully you all enjoyed! It was fun writing a dance scene with these two. I enjoyed adding the flashback and I look forward to showing more of Maggie’s times with Isabella and Amber’s time with Marissa. Wonder what else the interns can teach them. Well, hope you enjoyed this part! And as always, let me know whatcha think if ya want. Things are gonna keep going in the orgy and maybe a bit more private.I’m just having a lot of fun with this story. I think its hot and will keep it rolling to keep it spicy.

    Ummm ok enough on that story. Rando updates: Still working on PI and the spy story. (But when am I not lol)
    Playing with Jenny and Bianca’s Gala showdown and my titfighting story on a ski trip.
    Ummm then I’m working on the new story tentatively called Sorority Wars, but that’s a LONG way away and I think it’s been done a lot by other writers way better than I. I haven’t felt as much intrest for those girls, but I’m going to continue to play around and see if it comes together.

    Just wanna say again. WOW so many good stories on here recently. Each time I log in I’m like sweet, a new read. Hopefully you all aren’t getting bored of this continued storyline, personally I really like it so ima keep posting and hope you all keep reading! I’ma try to keep the stories as hot and as fresh as possible!

    Ummm yeah, god, I write so much here nowadays. Thank you for all your comments as usual, sorry I never respond to them but I read them all and super appreciate them. I’m just bad at it responding. (its a mix of me, don’t know what to say, lazy, no time, mix of everything, and I am just lame lol)

    OK THATS IT. Till next time. Hopefully in 2 weeks.

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