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Thread: A Social Experience

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    Re: A Social Experience

    Hi King! Another fantastic chapter! I'll send you a PM with more extensive commentary, but the confrontation between Silvia and Maggie in this chapter really hit it out of the park but, even more, really felt like just the preliminary in a much longer, hotter battle - just as you want! Great work!

    Really, really looking forward to the next chapter!


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    Re: A Social Experience

    Great update and really liked the flash back with Isabella and Maggie. The amount of character development and chemistry you put in your stories makes them incredibly fun to read. So Izzy getting fleshed out a bit more is a big plus.

    You're one of the few writers in this genre where I'd enjoy stories with these characters without a fight being involved, madness I know.

    Sylvia's sllloooowly growing on me, but she's still this jarringly awkward "fight me for her panties girl" that's now evolved into "slut fight me", hard to shake that perception. Do like that her and Maggie's current fight is leaning more to finding someone that can push them to their limits. Bonus points if this gets JB57 -New Neighbors crazy, where who's winning and losing goes out the window cause they can't keep their hands off each other, or accusing each other of cheating, derailed by orgy, dehydration, ect.

    What else while I'm rambling?

    Looking forward to whatever goes down between Marissa and Maggie, loved Mari's personality in Gala ,why I'm happy Isabellas getting more personality. Them stealing each others panties and being to stubborn to literally kiss and make up is fun, Bratty Maggie is seldom seen but always welcomed.

    Also wondering how Isabel and Amber will workout. They don't really have a beef with each other, besides Mari's "tutor", and Bianca blew Izzy off so honestly they could almost be friendly/non-rival ish to each other. Guess I'll find out with the <anime?>convention story.

    Also question, the trinket from the end of A Cold Chill. Whenever that sequel happens will it be a new girl, girls?, or someone that's already been named from your other stories?

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    Re: A Social Experience

    Sexy dance scene!
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    Re: A Social Experience

    Great Chapter,
    I am not a big fan of Silvia but the story works well with her, and I really like that Isabella got much more personality

    Keep up the good work, I admire your writing speed

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    A Social Experience Part 4

    Part 4--

    The couch section was far emptier than the dance floor, but there was still a decent amount of people mingling. Maggie walked over and stood in front of a three-person section right in the middle. In her black mask, she turned around and cocked her hip as the angry as the sexy looking Silvia marched towards her, more than ready to go further down the gutter in this orgy.

    Silvia didn’t stop moving until she came right up to her rival. She lifted both her hands to push Maggie by the shoulders lightly and the redhead allowed herself to fall back knowing the leather couch was right behind her. Then she didn’t even try to fight Silvia as she crawled atop her in a sexy straddle on the smooth leather, the bartender’s knees on the side of her hips. Maggie didn’t mind this position as it allowed her to fill her hands with the hot ass of her rival. There was still a little bit of cum there, but most of it had been sweat off. Silvia moved her hands off of the pale shoulder’s and traced them down to the big pale tits to fondle them. They were here to fuck each other into submission, and there hadn’t been enough sex so far for either of them. They were hungrily looking at each other and didn’t even notice the two sexy girls kissing next to them in the same position and a guy getting a blowjob from a hot girl on the other side.

    The bartender brought her face down slightly as Maggie looked up, each holding some of their sexy enemy’s favorite body parts. “You think you can lead me around slut? In my fucking orgy?!” She growled loudly.

    She pushed her own big tits forward, almost as of offering them to Maggie, to suck, compare and feel how taut and large they really were. Maggie growled back and added a hot spanking that seemed to jiggle the largest muscle on Silvia’s body. Then she grinned, “I think you like it slut, you like being told what to do.”

    Silvia’s smile was hungry and twisted, “Slut, I’m going to fucking show you.” She whispered as she again brought her mouth down, her hands filling with Maggie’s curly red hair after leaving the big tits.

    “Then let’s fucking fight slut.” Maggie whispered back as their lips met, and her black nailed claws dug into the perfect ass of the bartender with a sharp sensation, while her own hair and scalp were given the same treatment. The pain only lasted a second as the kissing was softer than they expected. No tongue was used as they let their lips do all the work. It seemed for all their bluster they both needed a slight break, mainly because their groins were sore from the hairpulling and demanded a rest from their dance. Though Silvia knew any sex break wouldn’t last long, not between them.

    Right now, they were simply part of the sex orgy around them. Hungrily kissing like the other two couples to their left and right. Their lips moved in a smooth sequence on the leather couch, lost in their own world for almost five minutes. The girl on the left of them started going far faster and the man let out a groan from the bj, while the other two girls effortlessly switched places.

    As Maggie’s sex drive recovered, she pulled her rival tighter into her form and then aggressively rolled them without warning. Silvia hissed in surprise, their peaceful kissing ended, but she was more than ready. The sudden movement accidentally rolled them into the other pair of hot thin girls who looked to the right to see who had touched them. It was a massive surprise to see the queen and her rival in a tight hot make out as Maggie was trying to straddle the bottom girl. The thin girls shared a look between their bright green and blue eyes that sparked mischief. Meanwhile, in the space between their mouths, Maggie and Silvia’s tongues shot forward and spun wildly and deeply, each trying to gag the other in the now very aggressive kiss. For both women, the make out was a quick reminder that while the other people in the orgy could be a nice distraction, the real fulfilling sensations could only be found with each other during a sexfight.

    After just a few seconds, Silvia attempted to roll them back to their original spot, but Maggie resisted, and a grunt of exertion passed between their locked mouths. For a few seconds, they rested on their sides on the couch pressing only with their lips. Each wanting the top spot however, they quickly brought forward four of their best assets. They pushed their big chests forward and into each other; led by their rubbery nipples that stabbed into the other meaty pair. The pairs of breasts almost seemed to bounce and then they firmly moulded. From the outside, it looked simply like an intense make out, but between their bodies, their back muscles were burning to push the other down. Slowly Maggie began to win out and her form started to push Silvia towards the bottom spot. Sensing what was happening, Silvia gasped and threw her arms around Maggie. She launched her entire body weight off the couch and pulled the redhead with her. Even though Maggie was surprised by the shift, she and her rival’s lips did not separate the way down until they roughly hit the floor in front of the couch. Quickly their legs began to jostle for position, but the limited space due to the couch made this difficult.

    Now on the floor, they kept kissing wetly, sucking each other’s tongues over and over. But they shifted slowly, moving their bodies into a more pleasurable position. They tried to keep their mouths connected for as long as possible until they just couldn’t anymore, breaking it with a loud smack. They moved their upper bodies away while their lowers ones stayed close. Their bushes were twitching to meet and answer some burning questions and it seemed like the perfect time for that to start.

    “You want this slut?” Silvia asked as her left leg crossed over Maggie’s right.
    “Do YOU want this slut?!” Maggie responded as she crossed her right leg over Silvia’s left. Settled onto their asses, they quickly pulled each other closer but kept their hairy pussies just a few inches from meeting. As if by mutual decision, they renewed their wet kiss, creating hot lines of spit that remained holding them together for almost a whole foot as they separated again a minute later.
    “Fuck.” They both gasped in unison breathing heavily with desire and frustration that neither of them was able to gag the other girl fully, but this new position was worth ending this kiss, it had been a long time coming.

    Maggie flipped her sweaty red hair back as her green eyes took in the incredible body that challenged her. “Ok, Silvia let’s do it. Fur to fur, what we both wanted from the second you sent me that photo.” She widened her legs a bit more like she had done back in the soapy water at the Showtime, offering her fiery bush and perfect pussy to her rival.

    “I was just waiting for you to ask.” Silvia huffed, equally ready for the unkempt battle of their messy cum dripping cunts. She had grown this pubic hair for this exact moment; she had taunted Maggie just to see if her rival would match her, and like everything else, the redhead had answered. Now it was time for her to make do with their threats. Just like 3 months ago, the two pairs of sex lips were hungry to meet, this time underneath the curly hair. Though they both had their brave faces on, both girls gulped silently in fear and anticipation of what was about to happen. Neither knew exactly how it would feel going against another rival with hair like hers, neither had ever done it, but tonight was the perfect night to find out.
    Maggie was the one to close the distance first and fur met fur for the shortest of seconds. As quickly as they touched, they pulled away with a gasp not getting close enough for their sexes to meet. It confirmed their thoughts that a completely new sensation of a hairy fuck was about to happen between them. Every red and brown hair were like tentacles looking to hook to the other’s bush and ensure they could not separate once they had fully locked bodies. Silvia now moved forward, and the two hairy mounds began to dig in, this time both accepting the erotic contact and tingling sensation of hair. It took a full extra second than normal, but after the hair had been pushed out of the way and into each other, pussy touched pussy and they screamed in pleasure openly into the air. Refusing to pull away while green and grey eyes met, they felt a flash of remembrance of the hot storage fight and soapy battle, the previous times they locked sexes. They pushed in harder as their sex flesh merged fully and the tribfight was on between Maggie and Silvia. They were already very horny and wet so there was no need for any further foreplay as they produced plenty of cum for the needed lube as they began to rub up and down, sex lip to sex lip spreading, underneath the hot bushes.

    Under the thick hair, the two soft labia split each other and increased the sexual pleasure between their groins, sending spikes of desire up to their heads from each nerve meeting. They flexed their asses into each other and leaned back on their hands to increase the pressure. Silvia’s sex was incredible Maggie thought and it was wild how these fights could turn her on so much. She had never fucked another girl with so much pubic hair, and she tried to stop herself from enjoying it as much as she did. Silvia was matching her thrust for thrust and she began to feel her clit prepare for battle with the sex knob of her enemy.

    Silvia moaned as she was fucked fully by Maggie, finally having her bush meeting its counterpart. It was impossible to remember how good it felt to fuck one of her sex rivals till it was happening, and Maggie’s sex was one of the best. The hair was harsh, and they were literally bouncing on each other, creating lines of sticky cum between them. Neither girl was able to use her pussy to break her rival’s cunt quickly as the trib fight dragged on.

    They groaned at the sensation, it was an unbelievable new feeling, rougher, but so soft between their lips. It didn’t matter however and still, they dug deeper, the delicate folds invading the other’s, the soft womanly flesh of their pink pussy lips gave way and molded underneath the mound of hair harder. Their thrusts slowly became more precise and every few seconds one of them would adjust to rub her hair on the soft labia of her rival to earn an extra hiss from the abrasive feeling.

    Their clits slowly came out of their hood and they began to search for the other as they flexed their cunts together faster. Silvia couldn’t believe how much rougher, and hotter it felt. It felt like a challenge, and her sexual drive only got turned up higher from the sensation and her rough bush being granted by another. A few seconds later she let out a louder gasp than before as Maggie’s red crotch invaded her pussy for half a second, the hair entering and even tickling her. Her eyes opened as she watched the big pale tits bounce during their thrusting and then up at Maggie’s face who was grinning at her reaction.

    “What’s the matter slut? Can’t handle a little hair?” The redhead taunted as she held in her own desperate gasps from the incredible battle going on. Her own soft lips assaulted by the thick brown locks that seemed to be combining with her own as Silvia attempted to return the favor. The softness and warmth sensation of Silvia’s actual pussy was overwhelming when compared to the crisp hardening bush. Every time she and Silvia met, it felt like their sexes were trying to swallow the other.

    “I can handle it slut, but can you?!” Silvia thrust back aiming her clit at the other love nub. Somehow, her aim was true and the small bundle of nerves met and squished to their absolute shock and desire.

    They moaned louder, a satisfying groan as their hairy mounds provided an almost insulation, keeping their clits more erect and letting all the cum soak each other’s pubic hair. It took a few seconds for them to pull away, but quickly Maggie’s was back on the hunt and they accidentally flicked clits on the next pass. They froze and let out dangerous gasps as they started to get closer to the edge, the sexual dams looking to be broken again. But they were desperate to force the other girl off before herself and pressed the pleasure down. Sweat was flying off their bouncing tits, as the trib fight continued, but their louder groans attracted the notice of the two women who had still been making out on the couch. These two girls had great thin bodies, smaller tits, but perfect asses that would even Maggie and Silvia check out their bums. They were a bit more knowledgeable than the average orgy goer about what these girls were doing and were very interested in getting involved between queen and red just to see what would happen. They also had a bit to drink, and though they remembered the rules, they could tell in their haze that Maggie and Silvia were out of their little ring. They were a part of the orgy as everyone else and to Coral and Amelia, that’s all that mattered.

    Meanwhile, both of the fighting sex queen’s eyes were closed as they concentrated on holding in their building orgasm with the clit fight. They guaranteed they didn’t notice the two women get off from the couch and approach them. It all happened before Maggie or Silva could say or do anything, lost in their fight and sound of the music. They felt the new bodies sit on each of their hips as the two women mounted Maggie and Silvia’s scissoring forms. The new girls had climbed in between the two sex fighters and put themselves being back-to-back while on the tribbing girls. Maggie’s and Silvia’s eyes shot open but before either could protest, their mouths were absorbed by the new girl’s, and they were being kissed deeply.

    They struggled to force the new girl’s off, but they were in better shape than Maggie and Silvia expected and were able to easily resist. At the same time, they forced Maggie and Silvia down flat to their backs even though their hairy labia remained in full contact all the while. Maggie panicked for a second thinking Silvia planned to overwhelm her with other people but as her own thrusts had stopped, so had Silvia’s at the exact same time. Now they were simply resting sex on sex while being kissed by the two girl’s whose asses were pressed into each other. It confirmed to Maggie that the bartender was clearly in the same position, getting kissed by the unexpected guests into their duel.

    Maggie didn’t know what to do as she experienced the orgy more so. She could have tried and aggressively thrown the woman off, but she expected this new girl might get aggressive back and if she teamed up with Silvia and the other woman, she would be in trouble. Luckily for her, she wasn’t the only one in this position as Silvia was thinking the exact same thing. They were trapped, a ball of sex flesh of four hot women, Maggie and Silvia on their backs, their groins fully scissored while the two top women were bubble ass to bubble ass while kissing them from on top.

    The new girls were far more skilled than the girl’s Maggie had kissed on the dancefloor and she quickly realized they meant business. They began to rub the two sexfighters massive tits while keeping their mouth occupied intensely, not giving a second of repose. But even as she was being kissed, she felt Silva begin to make small movements with her hips, continuing the sexfight all the while this make out occurred. Maggie slowly began to move her own pale hips to match as they teased each other with their clits best they could.

    “Fuck’, Maggie groaned from her mouth as her pussy still duelled her rival while making out with this sexy brown-haired woman. She was glad it was not one of the two women who had bodies like theirs, but honestly, if those two had been busy, she would have picked these girls as the next best option. They were incredibly attractive in their own right and was sure might have even been the preference for many people with their perky chests and perfect asses.

    The position she was in made her feel like she was back with Marissa, Bianca and Isabella though thank god not as intense because the top girl seemed only wanting to annoy her and not fully sexfight her. Her pussy lips were spread again as the pink flesh melded lost in the forest of their hair of Silvia and the same rival started to thrust her ass harder into the pale body. For Silvia, the new girl’s presence was equally frustrating, but it also was the exact experience she had wanted in this nasty orgy fight.

    Desperate to break this tie, Maggie broke the kiss and whispered at the girl, “Please…suck my tits instead.” She begged. The sexy brown-haired woman smiled looking at Maggie’s eyes. “Only because you asked nicely.” She replied and ran her tongue down Maggie’s chin and chest until she reached the massive pale tits where she took in each pink nipple. The redhead smiled at her and looked over at Silvia who was still making out with the blonde girl lost in the sensation of kissing her while still pussy fighting Maggie. She was sure this was exactly what the bartender had wanted when she had invited Maggie to this orgy, to be lost in sex even as they fought. To ensure the short-haired bitch didn’t expect that Maggie’s mouth was now free, the redhead kept thrusting lightly, matching her rival so that they both felt as if nothing had changed.

    Maggie’s mind tried to process her next actions as quickly as possible in these new circumstances. She needed to surprise Silvia and break the girl’s concentration somehow, and in some way. But in this environment that there was only one way to do this, and it would take doing another thing she never would have done in any other circumstance. Looking to the left, Maggie recognized the woman who was just about to finish the blowjob of the man on the couch. They had kissed on the dance floor, Maggie remembered, and an idea came to her head as she watched the girl work on the dick. She decided now was an as good time as ever to make do on her maybe later promise from earlier. She reached over and squeezed the girl’s ass to get her attention. The girl ended her sucking, jumping in surprise as she looked down on who had just touched her firm butt. Her eyes then widened out of their sockets when she saw who exactly had just squeezed her booty and the position that the incredible bodied redhead was in. Maggie gave her a shh motion and then waved her to come closer. The girl kept rubbing the man’s dick that looked seconds from exploding as she leaned down and Maggie put her mouth to the girl’s ear.

    “Hey…can we share?” She asked with a sexy swoon and small lick. The girl’s eyes widened and then she nodded excitingly as if she had just received the best offer in the world, and for her, it was.

    The girl jumped back and put her mouth on the dick, pumping up and down fast so that even Maggie was impressed by her enthusiasm. Just two seconds later the man groaned and clearly shot his load directly into the girl’s mouth. The girl took it easily and after almost five pumps she broke off the contact and turned back towards Maggie. The redhead grinned at her and opened her mouth offering the exact thing the girl wanted. She leaned down and slammed her lips into Maggie’s, and they shared a cum swapping kiss with a lot of tongues. The white goo swashed back and forth with their combined spit and Maggie found herself with three people at the same time. Fucking Silvia by the cunt, a sexy brown-haired woman sucking her tits with a fantastic ass, and finally cum swapping a hot girl who had just blown a man. There was no one to deny she was fully in the orgy now, and in fact, was doing more than almost anyone else in the basement. It was almost too much for the librarian, who for a second lost her sexual haze as she took in each action. She might have stopped it, broken off and ran…but stopped herself.

    Amber told her to win kept her going and then an image of Silvia came into her head, the memory of the big titted bitch rubbing her cum covered tits in her face and how annoying she had been over the last four months. ‘Fuck that bitch’, she thought angrily. She had already done so much in this orgy, and she would go as far as she needed to beat this slut. The thought relaxed her once again knowing she was ready to go the distance in every sexual act needed. She quickly sucked most of the cum out of the girl’s mouth, who for the second time that night was overwhelmed by the sensuality of Maggie. They separated with a small gasp, and Maggie smiled at the new girl who felt like she had just cum herself from the kiss alone, “Thanks so much baby,” She breathed, and the girl rolled away with a smile. Maggie flipped her head forward and smiled seeing her rival still kissing the hot blonde.

    The tit sucking girl looked up with a grin and moved up to kiss Maggie again. But the librarian dodged her lips with a slight shake of her head. Fortunately, the perfect ass girl seemed to understand after she gave her a questioning look. “Thanks.” Maggie gargled with a whisper at the girl on her tits, making sure she didn’t drop or swallow any of the cum she had just gotten from the kiss. She slowly pushed the wavy brown-haired girl off to the side gently and the girl, noticing what the redhead had done went off with a grin about what was going to happen. Hell, she seemed equally excited about what was about to happen in the sexfight and didn’t do anything else except get on her knees next to the other girls to watch. Maggie then leaned up with a mouthful of cum and pushed Silvia’s girl off of her slightly more roughly. The blonde fell to the side and looked back annoyed, ready to start something with the big breasted bitch, but her friend pulled her arm towards her and gave her a shake of her head. Maggie’s green eyes met the crystal blue in the last second and the message between the blonde and redhead was one of understanding now that Coral had whispered something in her ear.

    Silvia’s eyes shot open from the sudden shift and loss of contact of the lips. The hot blonde was quite the kisser, and her hands had got a feel of the best ass besides Maggie’s she had felt so far this night. But she grinned as Maggie was coming forward, clearly more desperate to kiss her than she had been. The bartender leaned up quickly, meeting the redhead almost halfway while opening her mouth ready to kiss, but was not ready for the mouthful of cum that suddenly invaded and was forced deep into her throat. Their big breasts crushed just as Maggie let all the cum and spit flow out from her lips and into Silvia’s oral cavity.

    Silvia gasped out in surprise, but that only allowed Maggie to shoot her tongue in deeper to continue the attack. It thrashed all the way to Silvia’s tonsils while the bartender’s own pink muscle was trying to force it back. Between their still connected cunts, their tits molded with their nipples bent, and the cum going down her throat made all of Silvia’s senses go into overdrive. Unable to stop herself, the bartender gagged, and Maggie felt her rival’s hands try and push her away, but the redhead did not let up. She had just let a random person’s of cum into her mouth, so she was going to use it to its full effect. The jizz had cut off Silvia’s breathing for a few seconds and it also forced her to stop her constant thrusting between their conjoined pussies.
    Maggie used the distraction of the cum in their mouths and the now stillness of her sex rival to force her own clit harder. It only took a few more thrusts with her powerful ass to break the sexual stalemate. Without being able to tense back, Silvia screamed in pleasure as she began to cum unable to stop herself from taking it. It was too much, her clit pressed, her body held to Maggie’s, the hair on their pussies, the make out with the random girl, it sent the bartender over the edge. She tried hard to thrust back aggressively as the orgasm started but was unable to pull Maggie down with her. The redhead pushed her down and took the dominant position atop the girl as their mouths finally separated. This gave her more power and turn the small orgasm quickly became one of the hardest orgasms of the sexy woman’s life as she was forced fully back. The redhead thrust harder with her clit and sex and she felt the cum leave Silvia’s body and spread into their mingling bushes. It felt incredible having Silvia’s cumming body under her, and Maggie felt their skin ignite as her nerves felt electric.

    All the while Silvia’s entire body was spasming in front of the couches. Her legs were shaking and her pussy tingling as it was flexed on by her rivals. The sensation went from her clit down to her toes, then up to her head, and then right back into the clit. She was able to swallow back the cum and spit in her mouth and throat long enough to let out another wail as the pleasure spread.

    The two ass perfect girls watched with grinning mouths as the redhead forced the sex out of the orgy queen. It was a sight, but Amelia slowly stood and pulled Coral with her as they moved away to the dance floor. They were sure they would get to see more of the show later and were on the hunt for some dick now. The friends had changed a lot over the last few months.

    On her back Silvia continued to cum under Maggie, hating it, loving it, the pleasure almost overtook her fully, but she held on. It took almost 15 seconds for her body to finish and she gasped as she finally got the cum out of her throat and was able to control her breathing. Satisfied with the feeling of Silvia’s post-orgasmic body, Maggie finally peeled their cum soaked cunts and pubic hair apart with a special gasp. Catching her own breath, she slowly moved up and sat on Silvia’s hips. A few people were watching but were not brave enough like the sexy two women had been to join or interrupt while the two masked fighters glared at each other.

    “Looks like I am the better slut!” Maggie hissed, happy that her dirty move had the exact effect she had imagined. It had been filthy, but Maggie was smiling. She wanted to win, and she was having a type of thrill and fun she had never expected when she was. “You want to give up yet, bitch?” She asked with a lick of her lips.

    The grey-blue eyes flashed in anger behind the domino mask while a light blush came to her cheeks. She had expected Maggie to quit the fight long before this, and honestly never thought that she would cum first, in front of a bunch of people without dragging Maggie with her. She realized people were watching, and for the first time in a long time, Silvia felt the embarrassment that she was supposed to force onto Maggie tonight. She pushed the feeling down hard and looked up at the cocky looking redhead who was slowly starting to feel her up.

    “That was pretty fucking dirty of you. I’m happy to play that game, because we have all night bitch, and it will take a lot more cum and sex than that to get me to choke like a bitch!” She basically yelled angrily at Maggie and gripped her rival’s wrists to pull them off her big squishy tits.

    Maggie giggled, “You just did choke though Silvia! So, I guess you are a total bitch! Don’t worry though, I have plenty more to give you tonight slut.”

    Silvia blushed again and Maggie couldn’t believe her always confident rival could look so embarrassed. It brought the biggest of grins to her face and she thought maybe, just maybe she would be the one to force Silvia out of the fight the same way the other woman was trying to get her out. So embarrassed in an orgy and disgusted that she couldn’t go on. This was the game they were daring each other to play.

    “You…bitch…I’m not even close to being done. I’ll take everything you want to give me tonight and give it back to you in the dirtiest of ways.” Silvia snarled as she pulled Maggie’s arms out so that the redhead’s body lowered, and they were face to face.

    Maggie’s eyes flashed back in annoyance, desire, and excitement. That was the first time she had forced Silvia off without going off herself and not getting to relish in her victory was very annoying. But that feeling was diminished by the thrill that this fight would go on. It was exciting her so much that the night was still young with her dangerous sex rival. There was nothing on the line but pride, but for them two, it felt like a whole lot more.

    Silvia suddenly got her legs up between and bucked Maggie off of her in a sudden jolt. The redhead yelped as she fell off but got to her knees quickly ready to fight. But she didn’t have to worry at that exact second. Silvia had already stood up and was walking slowly towards the empty table section and away from her rival. Maggie watched as the bartender picked up the biggest bottle of cherry flavored lube on the table and then headed towards the stage, swaying her own ass in a challenge and shooting a glare back at Maggie. The redhead let out some heated air from her nose, she was not going to be led around again after what she had just done to her sex rival on the floor in the orgy.

    She was winning and she was going to show Silvia exactly how she planned to stay ahead. She jumped up and went after Silvia in a near-nude sprint. The bartender had only gotten halfway to the stage when Maggie took hold of her short brown hair. Silvia screamed in surprise, dropping the bottle of lube and whirled around. She shot both of her hands into Maggie’s curly hair in retaliation as they faced each other.

    People watched, as a little hairpulling catfight began, but it was short-lived. Both of the girl’s seemed to have the same goal in mind, so their pulling was more just them both leading each other to the same destination. They stepped onto the stage in unison, pulling at the roots of their manes. They then stepped around the stripper pole and ended up standing near the edge of the pool, their massive tits bouncing and their asses flexing as they struggled to control the other’s sexy body. They snarled at each other behind their black masks, the tension between them as thick as ever. Then Silvia let go of the red hair and wrapped her arms around her rival before Maggie could stop her. Their big tits and smooth stomachs slapped together hotly and with a timber like motion, Silvia fell back into the pool taking Maggie with her.

    Around the orgy, several people had noticed them getting back on stage and were now watching the ‘official show’ of the night. They cheered as the two sexfighters fell back into the swimming pool, watching the two girls give their full attention to each other. There was a flurry of motion, Maggie’s big pale ass on top of Silvia, then Silvia’s equally sized ass atop Maggie, their bodies jiggling in all the right places as they traded the top spot. Their strong legs twisted and clutched the other limps harder every time they traded position.

    After a whole minute, Maggie was able to get onto Silvia’s hips, but the bartender used it to her own advantage. She leaned up at her waist and latched her pink lips right onto Maggie’s left nipple with a glob. She sucked as much of the freckled pale fat into her mouth and heard the redhead gargle a curse and moan at the same time. The pale girl took the brown hair in her hands but struggled to pull her rival off. Unable to get away, Maggie rolled to the bottom and crushed Silvia’s waist with her thighs. This forced the bartender to let the big pale tit out of her mouth and as she looked up and Maggie looked down, they snarled at each other like wild animals each wanting the other’s boobs in their mouth.

    But then, the fight shifted as Silvia forced two fingers into her rival and Maggie gasped at the invading digits. She attempted to back away but only got a foot before she hit the side of the rubber ring. She launched her claws to scratch Silvia’s back because she couldn’t reach her heart-shaped ass in this position.
    “You like my fingers bitch!” Silvia growled, and Maggie felt the sensation of their pussy fight quickly rushing back. The redhead groaned in response and Silvia could tell her rival was about to cum, but that was not how this would go down. Maggie had forced her to cum in front of people on the couch section, she was going to return the gift one way or another.

    “Oh bitch!”, Maggie groaned, feeling the fingers enter and leave her each time. It felt like she wouldn’t last without being able to fight back, and her strikes had not done enough to break them apart thus far. Though the whole time, Silvia growled, unsatisfied that her redheaded rival was going to get off with just her fingers in her and hidden in the ring. An hour ago, that would have been fine, but tonight after all they did, it wouldn’t be.

    Silvia then moved, sliding her sweaty body forward and kissing Maggie for a hot second. Then, she shot up to sit on the pale hips. She left Maggie’s cunt for a second, only to reach behind and her and begin impaling her. Maggie slapped at the bartender’s tits a few times to stop her, then reach down and fingered the top girl. This went on for a few seconds, but the redhead was only holding on by a sliver. All the while, Silvia knew what she wanted and was ready to pay Maggie back. She pulled her cum covered hand out of the hairy pussy with a loud squish then, suddenly slapped her rival in the face with it. The slap rang out and Maggie shrieked from the shock and pain. It wasn’t as hard as Silvia could have given but was enough to stun the redhead.

    Silvia then rolled the shocked redhead who couldn’t resist at that exact moment. She was frozen from both the slap and trying to stop herself from exploding in the ring. In a smooth motion, Silvia remounted the flipped Maggie, placing her weight on her rival’s lower back. This time, however, she didn’t push her rival down into the rubber. The pale girl tried to turn and even crawl away, but Silvia had other plans. She took hold of the librarian’s curly hair and pulled it up sharply, while slightly standing which forced Maggie to her knees with her ass in the air.

    Silvia then sat on her back like a horse as several people cheered her on seeing what she was going to do. Maggie’s face went dark red as she realized her position and where she was, but she couldn’t keep the focus on it for long with her body so close to orgasm. Wanting to get Maggie off now in this spot, Silvia took her still sticky cum covered fingers and stuck them teasingly into Maggie’s asshole. It was instant, the green eyes widened behind the mask as she was forced to look out at the crowd of the orgy. “FUCK! Oh my god!” She cried as the small crowd watching cheered and Silvia pulled her red hair harder, bending her up so her tits looked forward while her ass was in the air too. It only took the teasing, but Maggie began to cum as her whole body shook in this sexual position, unable to stop herself. It felt humiliating though the pleasure was incredible, and Maggie groaned as the indulgence flowed to the top of her face and blushing cheeks, it was very intense.

    The bartender laughed as she felt Maggie cumming under her like a bitch as she rode her. Her own big tits bounced in the open as she rode her, but she didn’t care and loved it even as long as her rival was the one cumming. She pulled her hand free of the soaked pink pussy and asshole, then slapped the heart-shaped pale buns hard, all the while laughing as people cheered at the sight and sounds of Maggie’s wails. After the spank, she reached back way behind her to rub Maggie’s pussy and tease her asshole again through the final phases of her orgasm making sure she had to ride it out as long as possible. While moving her hips it also rubbed her own brown pussy hair onto Maggie’s back, leaving a small trail of cum down the redhead’s spine. Maggie’s cunt flexed; her ass tensed as she came in this somewhat doggy position. Silvia’s fingers seemed to know her weak points and were giving her everything she wanted and hated.

    “Look at my slut everyone!” She yelled out, which somehow made Maggie’s whole face even redder. Her mask was the only thing that kept things somewhat under control in her head. The pleasure was ending as her pussy finally stopped flexing and dripping, but Silvia wanted to finish with a bang. She let go of the red curls and pushed Maggie’s face into the rubber, leaving her ass in the air for one more really hot spank. She did a full round the world motion and slapped the perky white ass one more time that rang out through the basement. The librarian groaned, but in this position, she was able to buck making Silvia fall of her and forward to her knees. The bartender landed and turned slowly, expecting to see Maggie running out the ring, or collapsed in sexual surrender. But that was not the case, and all Silvia could do was scream as she was tackled by the furious librarian that was still coming down from her orgasm.

    Silvia grunted as Maggie’s tackle had enough force to send them over the edge and out of their pool. They landed on the wooden stage, and Silvia tried to roll away, but before she could, Maggie had brought her own mouth towards Silvia’s right tit, sucking it hard. Her red lips enclosed on the shaft and sucked it like a bottle, covering it with warm spit and then swallowing it back. Silvia gasped as she also felt the pale left hand of Maggie go in between her legs and her soaked wet pussy getting pumped before she had time to react.

    “Fuck me!” Silvia screamed as she almost humped the air and fingers in desperation, again getting driven closer back into the wall of sexual will. It lasted for almost a minute, but Silvia started to thrash, knowing she needed to get more even. She sent her own black claws into the pale girl’s stomach and abs hard enough so Maggie broke contact.

    Out of the ring now again meant they were fair game, but no one in their right mind was about to jump on them or even attempt to separate them as they launched themselves at each other like wild cats. Hot bodies crushed and claws sunk into the toned asses as they battled on their knees. A second later, they fell to their sides and began to roll roughly on the hardwood, going off the stage with a yelp two full rotations later.

    They landed with a thud, but didn’t separate, their legs far too entangled, their tits unwilling to lose contact. They rolled once more, and Maggie was able to take the top position and slowly peeled Silvia’s strong legs apart with her own. Hands still in each other’s hair, Silvia snarled as she was spread, fighting it every inch. Maggie huffed as she struggled her body against the other woman, trying to focus on the lower leg test of strength when her green eyes caught sight that they had rolled right near some left cum. It seemed while they had been dancing, some men of the orgy had cum around the stage, whether on purpose or accident, the loads were on the floor, most likely having missed their mark on whatever woman had been there.

    The freckled girl released the leg fight and Silvia’s pythons snapped close to wrap round the pale hips, but Maggie had other plans. She roughly rotated them while releasing Silvia’s hair and putting them on her rival’s shoulders. Putting the pixie’s face a foot away from the cum she shifted her hands. With all her weight, and before Silvia clocked what was happening, she leaned forward and pressed her weight into the bartender’s head towards the ground.

    Silvia hadn’t known why Maggie had given up the leg fight, but she did now. She felt her face turned and pressed into the ground with both of Maggie’s hands while her own struggled to force them away. In a second, the bartender felt the floor with her cheek and what lay on it. Maggie couldn’t help but laugh as Silvia screamed having her face pressed into the floor and into the gooey cum. The entire right side of the pixie girl’s face was covered in the substance, all the way into her eyebrow and brown hair. She struggled frantically, letting out a second scream and some of the cum slipped into the side of her mouth. Then in desperation to get out; she used her tongue to lick some of it up into her mouth. The second the pressure was lessened for Maggie to reapply it, she forcefully turned her head back up and spit the goo at Maggie’s face, hitting the freckled girls’ eyes and nose with a blast of spit and cum.

    “AHHH!”, Maggie cried as she tried to quickly wipe her eyes free. Meanwhile, the grey eyes flashed, and she saw red with the cum on the side of her face. She leapt up and tackled the sexy body with her own, putting Maggie on her back and her on top. Even more fortunately for Silvia, there were several other pools of cum directly behind Maggie’s head now.

    The pale girl resisted, but not enough and her red hair was pressed with into the dirty cum and held there as she screamed in disgust and frustration. She could feel it almost soak her curly hair, and now it was time for Silvia to laugh as she watched the wet goo get deeper. Their eyes met and ignited, and their hands went into the other’s cum covered hair as Maggie forced herself up with a growl.

    But instead of going body to body, she kicked Silvia way and jumped back onto the stage with Silvia trying to follow her a second later. Though as she tried to step on, Maggie used the height advantage to again take too full handfuls of Silvia’s short hair. She pulled the bartender up with her as Silvia’s attacked her knees but was forced to try to free herself in this position.
    Using the momentum of the hair, Maggie took Silvia off balance and spun them twice, intending to throw Silvia back off the stage, but she messed up her timing and sent her towards the ring. The bartender stumbled from the toss and her feet sweaty feet made her slip further.

    Maggie was able to toss Silvia towards the pool winning the round of hairpulling, but Silvia only fell half into the ring with limited momentum. Her knees landed on the wood and she was bent at the stomach with her tits and face inside the inflatable pool. She tried to push up quickly, but Maggie saw her chance and did not let it pass. She threw herself into the pool and was able to sit on Silvia in this position before her rival could recover. The pale buns pressed into the back of Silvia’s neck, applying an almost painful pressure. The bartender’s big tits were pushed into the ground with the weight on her upper back and head too heavy to push up. It was a bad spot to be in, but the main thing was Maggie now had Silvia’s perfect ass in full view for the orgy.

    Maggie didn’t even think, she was so angry after being forced to cum with Silvia on her back minutes before that there was nothing she wouldn’t do. It was her turn to embarrass the slut. She even laughed, realizing she was in a similar power position that Silvia had been in, and it felt great.

    “Hey Everyone!” She yelled at the people already watching who gave her more attention. She spanked Silvia’s ass hard, causing the toned muscle to jiggle and Maggie felt her rival struggle harder with a long groan. People cheered and Maggie felt more motivated to embarrass her rival and get her to quit. With little hesitation, she widened Silvia’s legs and gym ass and grinned as she felt the bartender scream behind her, understanding what was happening and that she was being fully exposed. She tried to roll or buck, but Maggie simply spanked her again. Then her red lips grinned, ‘Ok’, she thought, she understood why Silvia had enjoyed getting cheers while riding her, she should not be enjoying this…but she did.

    “Anyone want more?” Maggie asked and the crowd went wild just like they had when she had been forced off like a slut. She turned around to look at her own toned booty pinning the back of her rival’s head, “Hear that Silvia? They want to see it, and this is for trying to embarrass me bitch. I can do anything you can do!” Maggie growled. Silvia heard it, but she didn’t know what Maggie meant until she felt it. The pale girl leaned down and stuck her tongue right into Silvia’s asshole and she screamed like a banshee. People around cheered, moaned, screamed as they watched the redhead dirty tongue ass fuck her rival in the pin. Maggie couldn’t help enjoying the sensation of doing this to Silvia, as she pushed the intense pleasure into her rival’s body. She had to be careful, it was turning her on too doing this.

    After almost ten seconds Maggie removed her tongue from the puckered hole flipped her head up with a smile. ‘Oh my god, I am doing this…I have to keep doing this, I have to out fuck her.’ She thought and went back down and gave a light bite to Silvia’s ass and then slapped it again. The bartender cried out in surprise and continued pleasure, nearing another orgasm in this embarrassing pin.

    She could feel the redhead’s tongue began to slide down the crack again, and Silvia screamed even louder. She knew her rival was leaning forward, as she felt Maggie’s teeth give her bubble butt a cute little bite before inserting her taster again. She was able to get her head to face forward still feeling Maggie’s own buns pressed into the back of her neck. She found that Maggie’s calf was right near her mouth. She leaned forward and sunk her jaw into pale muscle harder than she had before to make the top girl hiss and release some of the pressure on her back. Silvia then pushed up in an instant and Maggie who had been leaning forward so much for the tonguing fell forward down Silvia’s back and out of the ring. People awed with the pin over while the bartender crawled to the other side of the ring, her face bright red.

    “Biting!?” Maggie barked, sitting up and looking at her retreating rival.

    Silvia turned to look at Maggie with a deadly glare but didn’t respond. Her own pussy felt close to exploding from the ass play and she couldn’t believe Maggie had just tongued her in front of the crowd. She never would have guessed the redhead would do that; it was almost equally embarrassing for her to perform the action as to take it. Her face was bright red behind her mask, her legs wobbling from the pleasure, but she held onto the orgasm. She glanced back at Maggie and guessed she was somewhat close to another one as well then, but Silvia didn’t know for sure.

    The redhead could see the blush on her rival’s cheeks and felt some satisfaction getting revenge, “Not so great, is it?! Being exposed!” Maggie hissed as she re-entered the ring and went to her knees. She began to move forward, the memory of her being sit on like a horse fresh in her head and still driving her forward. She wished she had forced Silvia off by the ass, but it just meant she could get her into an even worse spot next.

    “I don’t give a fuck about being exposed, but now, I’m going to show everyone your body again!” Silvia hissed and charged at Maggie who welcomed her with open arms in another struggle. Their big tits bounced into each other as they crushed, while teeth sunk into their rival’s neck where they chewed harder than what was necessary. But it didn’t last long. A few seconds later, Maggie broke off with a yelp as her neck was attacked once again far rougher. She tried to back off as Silvia let her go, but the bartender then slapped her pale tits on the retreat, making the librarian howl in pain. She turned to protect her girls, but this allowed Silvia to get behind her and wrap her arm around Maggie’s neck. She pulled the redhead up, so they were aligned on their knees, Silvia’s breasts pressed into Maggie’s back, the redhead’s head bent up at the ceiling.

    “My turn.” She hissed into Maggie’s ear, then used her wet tongue to lick the side of the freckled face right near the mask. Maggie let out a gargle and rubbed her ass into Silvia’s sex mound and fur, but it didn’t have any big effect.

    Silvia used the position to control Maggie and pulled her out of the ring, holding her around the neck with a forearm. Maggie struggled, but her strikes and thrashing didn’t do much as the physical exhaustion had drained them both. They rotated slowly on the wood, and then Silvia went to her back with Maggie on top of her facing the ceiling. She used her legs to slowly spread Maggie’s as the redhead had done to her just a few minutes ago. The pale girl screamed in annoyance and frustration as her wet sexy hairy cunt was exposed to the orgy and knew she was about to be given the same treatment. “Fuck!” She yelled as Silvia used her other hand to finger her and people around the stage who moved standing up next to it cheered louder seeing Maggie split.

    “You all want to see her squirt?!” Silvia screamed, and the crowd agreed. She started pumping faster, but it wasn’t to last however as only a few seconds later, Maggie’s legs broke free and she rolled away by sinking her white teeth into the bartender’s forearm. Silvia let her go for a second and then leapt at her in a chase. But Maggie had rotated enough and caught her front side up as they struggled like animals.

    The crowd had no loyalty, happily cheering for Silvia or Maggie whenever one of them was in full control of the other and on top. But neither could hold the top spot for long and struggled to starfish the other girl for longer than a second. After several attempts, they broke apart with both girl’s faces bright red under the still holding black masks. The exertion, the sex and the gnawing indecency of being exposed send blood rushing to their cheeks and sexes in a new wave of sex.

    They came together again, but after two minutes of wild sex action, which firstly involved Silvia getting on top and sucking each of Maggie’s tits wetly and ended with Maggie getting behind her rival and doggy finger fucking her for a few seconds; they broke away.

    Silvia rolled away to the other side of the stage as Maggie got up to her knees, the separation giving them both time to rest. Both of the pale freckled tits were dripping in Silvia’s spit from a quick sucking they had been given and Maggie felt like her nipples were sending spike after spike of pleasure. The short-haired girl sat up to her knees as well and looked at her sexy rival in the ring, her own cunt nearly exploding from the doggy fuck, her g-spot rubbed sore. Now more and more eyes of the orgy were watching, but Silvia and Maggie didn’t notice or care, they were lost in their sexfighting world. As soon as Silvia’s eyes were on her, Maggie took two of her cum covered she had earned during one of their rolls and started sucking them clean. A loud ooooo came from the crowd as Maggie taunted Silvia and the bartender felt a spike of desire with the little show. Her body was close to another one, but she had also fingered Maggie pretty well before, so they both had to be close. She might have caught up.

    “Is it tasty?” Silvia asked sliding forward on her knees loud enough for the two of them to hear.

    “You know it is,” Maggie responded, sucking each finger clean with loud pops then licked her lips at her enemy, the passion and attraction somehow higher now than when they had started. The sensual pleasure was building in their cores begging to be unleashed.

    “Hmm, that’s good. I think I want some of yours.” Silvia cooed, with confidence above how she felt at the exact moment.

    “Come and get it then,” Maggie growled as she moved backwards and got back into the ring, waiting for her rival, and fully planning on finger fucking her to oblivion.

    Silvia moved forward and crawled back in as well until their hot bodies pressed nude chest to chest right in the center. Both girl’s right hands went down into the other’s groins and slowly began to tease the outer folds beneath the pubic hair.

    “Did you like being my little horse? That’s pretty fucking embarrassing going off like that.” Silvia breathed into Maggie’s face, their bodies reacting from the other’s womanly presence.

    “It’s almost as embarrassing as having your asshole shown and licked Infront of the entire orgy.”

    They had twin evil grins and then glanced out at the hungry eyes of men and women who seemingly had paused the orgy to watch this show. When their eyes met again, the hunger was even more so. No words were shared, as they began their battle once again.

    Lips touched and their wet mouths began to swap huge amounts of wet spit they planned to rub on each other’s face. As they began to finger each other’s open cunts, the wet sounds of their sexes filling their ears and the ring. The warmth of the cunts gave them sensations on their own fingers as they rubbed and teased. But after only a minute, however, the wet fingers of Maggie started to falter, her body edging after holding on so long in the last fight and fingering. Silvia felt it too, her fingers getting squeezed by Maggie’s pussy involuntarily. The redhead’s breath started to become shallow as she held on by an inch, trying to gain as much ground she could before she came. However, Silvia was not off the hook, and after the ass play, a few seconds later and her own pussy gave a responding squeeze that she could not control.

    They both used their middle and ring fingers to press deep into the other’s folds, moving them slowly and bending them to send further sensations. It was close, both girl’s ass play had turned them on when they had been in control. The breaths were becoming wild as they screamed trying to force the other off. Their tongues retreated back to their mouths, not willing to risk being trapped and sucked by the other’s soft lips if her orgasm began.
    Seconds ticked by and from the large, molded tits that were pressed forward, their asses being clawed, and their cunts being speared, it was too much for the fighting sluts after only 15 seconds.

    “No!” Silvia gasped, she had to escape, she had to keep her sex energy up. If she came again right now this hard, Maggie might take control. She had just removed her finger’s when the redhead yelled, “Get off!” in equal desperation to get away.

    And surprisingly, instead of cumming hard as they had promised, they pushed each other away, just a second too late to stop it fully but enough to make both their finger orgasm’s weaker and far less intense. It was a weird orgasm for both of them; small enough they were able to push down part of the pleasure but not all of it. Each groaned and collapsed to the ground away from each other and to the applause of the orgy. Catching their breath allowed them to push back the near orgasm down into their core showing their incredible sexual control. Around them, the orgy waited for them to move, but after a minute they realized the girls had drained themselves to a far greater point, so the attention left-back to all the other nude bodies.

    The sexfighters laid in the pool, covered in each other’s dripping cum and spit for almost a full five minutes of earned rest. The last portion of their sexfight had been viewed by the audience, and Maggie couldn’t believe it. She didn’t understand how she let Silvia push her like this, how it came to this. What the fuck would Amber think of her? The doubt threatened to return, but she forced it back until she had time to deal with it, just like she had all night. She had to finish this orgy fight, win or lose, she had to see it to the end…then she could think of the consequences.

    Silvia was in a similar boat, it was happening. She had finally found a girl to do this with, and now she had to prove she could beat her, take her to a place they could only go in this sexual paradise around them.

    Maggie sat up, knowing the sexfight was not over, not even close. The orgasms she had forced on her rival so far were strong, but not enough to demand sexual surrender. This fight was about finding a limit to the sexual will and energy of the rivals. That wouldn’t be completed till the wall was met somehow or someway. She wondered which of them had gone off harder tonight so far, but considering her own legs were wobbling slightly and her breathing was labored, she was worried it was her. Silvia was sitting up too, gasping at her body's edge. She had been able to push it down like her rival but was almost shaking from the growing sensations erecting in her body. They were driving each other insane with lust and as they continued, she was sure one of them would overwhelm the other fully.

    For a few moments, they rested in their own world in the tiny ring. It was about to start again they knew and this time till one of them finished it. Then they sat up and slowly moved forward towards the center on their knees, glaring behind their mask. Suddenly, a random cheer went off on the other side of the room, and both Silvia and Maggie paused to turn just in time to see the two hot bodied girls, the only two in the orgy that was built nearly like them, grab each other’s hair and go to the ground right on the edge of the dance floor. People on the couches and dancing area cheered at the sight as the women’s sexy strong legs entangled. It quickly looked far more catfighty than sexfighy as they tore at each other’s hair with wild abandon and rolled back and forth bumping into other people. It was quite a sexy sight and one that both Maggie and Silva would have enjoyed in the right circumstance. But as the new fighters rolled faster trying to stay on top, it started getting a bit too aggressive.

    “God fucking dammit.” Silvia hissed as she watched the growing aggression of the catfight between the two hotties. She rubbed her temples while her body teetered on the edge even after the mutual mini orgasm, she and Maggie had just forced on each other. She wanted to find her and the redhead’s sexual limit as soon as possible, but she couldn’t ignore that this catfight was a problem; one she would have to deal with before it really got out of hand. The last thing she needed was a bloody girl in her orgy and though she enjoyed watching a good ol catfight, it was not smart. She trusted Maggie, only in the sense that they both knew how they would fight; that they could hurt each other to a point, but the sexual skill was far more important to both of them. But these new girls might do something stupid, especially if something here finally pushed them over the limit to actually start fighting mid orgy.

    She looked over at Maggie who was also watching the catfight but seemed to sense that Silvia had turned back. Silvia watched the green eyes behind the black domino mask examine her with a hidden rage, one she knew was reflected.

    “I need to stop them…you don’t fucking move from this ring.” She snipped at the pale girl. The freckled girl didn’t nod or acknowledge but did sit back on her ass in the ring. It seemed she understood, and Silvia glared an extra second before finally taking her eyes away from the sexy pale body that challenged her in every way. She crawled out of the ring nude, her legs a little shaky from the intense spasms that were still going down her limbs. Not wanting to look weak for even a second, she stood and pushed her head high as she made her way off the stage with a confident smirk. She swayed her ass, not even checking if Maggie was watching, she knew she was.

    It only took her a few seconds to reach them and the crowd parted as the angry-looking queen came to stand by the heads of the rolling hissing women.

    “What the fuck is this?” She yelled loudly over the music, and suddenly the two girls rolled apart, looking like caught children as they glanced up and realized who had interrupted them. They went up to their knees side by side with their heads down, but Silvia noticed they both stuck their chests out a bit more as if they just couldn’t help it. Silvia almost snorted, these girls had the potential to challenge her one day with those bodies, but right now, they were novices in their game and would be easily get overwhelmed by her, Maggie or any of her current sex rivals. She doubted it would even be fun.

    “She started it!” The one on the left yelled, a sexy honey blonde girl with short wavy hair and brown highlights. She was darker than the other girl’s because she had a really deep tan.
    “No, fuck off, you did!” The long auburn-haired girl on the right hissed, an also well-tanned girl, but slightly lighter with tan lines that showed she wore some skimpy bikinis from the paler skin.
    “Say that again!”
    “Ok! You fucking started it!”

    They turned and almost attempted to start up again, but Silvia got their attention with an impatient tapping of her foot.

    “Stop.” She ordered and the girls froze and turned away from each other with a huff. Silvia thought about the situation and how to fix it quickly while people were slowly getting back into the orgy. The most important thing is she wanted to get back to her ring and continue her fight as soon as possible, with no more interruptions. So, she wouldn’t let these girl’s ruin her orgy while she was preoccupied. She would need some type of compromise for these bitches could get their aggression out, but in a way that kept them from tearing each other apart. Good thing, of course, she knew a perfect way.

    “Listen, I don’t have fucking time to deal with this and am not letting anyone catfight here tonight besides me. You two want to settle something? Do it my way or not at all.”

    The two women looked up at Silvia, confused for a second and the bartender leered down at them. These two had come to her orgies a few times, and she had seen the way they looked at her and each other. It was apparent they both liked to show off and even if they didn’t know what sexfighting was before tonight, they clearly already had some interest.

    When the two women didn’t answer her, Silvia sighed and spelt it out for them, “The first one of you to bring the other to orgasm wins, the other one gets the fuck out.”

    The two hotties glanced at each other as their own breathing became hitched as if maybe that is what they wanted the whole while. From the looks they gave her; she knew they were very aware of the same fire that drove her. It was as if girl’s like them were all drawn to each other. She wondered if they had been watching her and Maggie’s fight more closely and used it as the catalyst to start their own. Clearly emboldened to drop their fake friendliness and finally settle whatever had been bubbling between them.

    The hot short-haired blonde with a small beauty spot on her cheek eyes narrowed at the suggestion, but then she looked at her rival. “Fine. I’m game.” She announced with sudden confidence.

    The other girl looked surprised, but then stuck her chest out further. “Me too.” She shot back and when they looked at each other again, there was a new type of hunger.

    Silvia smiled, “Good, once Red and I are done…” She looked back towards Maggie, but the redhead was not in the ring, in fact, Silvia couldn’t see her at all. ‘Huh’, she thought with sudden surprise. “You know, never mind, start wherever you two want, but if I hear any other way of fighting, I’ll be back to break it up for good.” They nodded, and Silvia left two new sexfighters to their own way. She walked back to the stage and looked around, not seeing the sexy pale woman anywhere from her viewpoint. She then turned to a group of people who had been watching the sexfight before the little distraction, “Have you seen my friend?” She asked the three guys and two women.

    “Yeah, she went up the stairs after you left the ring. Didn’t say anything to anyone.” One of the girl’s responded from the group and Silvia looked at her with a little smile. The girl seemed to enjoy being noticed by the Queen and smiled back widely.

    “Did she?” She responded, unable to hide her surprise. She couldn’t believe it; had she had done it? Had fighting in front of the watching crowd and being exposed like they had done really taken Maggie out of the fight? It looked as though the librarian had run away from embarrassment which meant she had won and it was over. Silva took this in stride and smiled at the group of people even as she felt a flush of victory mixed with the un-satisfaction of not getting to fully drain the redhead. Maggie had been her chance to find a new limit, but it seemed it was not meant to be. Noticing the eyes still on her, Silvia stretched in front of the group who took in her body with hungry eyes. Even with all the nude people around, the queen was a sight unlike any other…besides the now fled redhead.

    “Well, I guess I will have to go check on her…make sure she is truly done with our game.” She sighed aloud and stepped away from the group. While moving, she looked around at the orgy and then at her empty ring. It gave an emotion she just couldn’t quite place now that the slut fight was at an end. This night had been weirdly perfect thus far, but the ending was…disappointing. It was over before the climactic finish, and though Maggie quitting from embarrassment was the ending she had expected, it wasn’t the one she had truly wanted.

    She slowly made her way off the stage and towards the stairs, thinking about her redhead rival and what had happened thus far between them. It seemed like a further accumulation of everything else that had led her to this fight. It had been a very strange road for her, both filled with regret, anger and a lot of sex. She made her way to the stairs and smiled at the people watching her heading to the exit with desperate eyes. “Don’t worry everyone, I’ll be back, just wanting to make sure my guest really accepted her defeat.” She announced and people nodded and smiled.

    She started to move up the stairs when she noticed the two catfighting hotties from a minute ago hop onto the stage into her and Maggie’s inflatable ring. They each took a side and paused as if letting the tension build. In fact, Silvia could see how nervous they were even from all the over by the stairs as they faced each other. This looked to be their first sexfight and doing it in front of other people was a big leap. She thought about stopping them from using her pool, but then shrugged, if they were still there when she got back, maybe she would jump in and join them.

    It did, however, again make her think about her first sexfight, and what led her to this point, hosting orgies, fighting with other women about who was better in bed, using her body to fuck for things she desired. So much had changed since then, and nothing more than herself since that first duel against Jenny, the beginning of her change. They had both been novices that night in only her second week working at the Showtime. She wondered if these two girls really knew what they were getting themselves into, and how it might change them.

    When she had started at the Showtime, she had not been the person she was now. She had been, well, normal was the best way to describe her. Her body had only blossomed just the year before and she was only really into vanilla sex, with only a fleeting curiosity about more. She was fresh out of high school and had moved to the city with her fiancé who had popped the question the minute she had turned 18. She remembered saying yes, fully planning to spend the rest of her life with him.

    But then it happened her first fight, the sexfight against Jenny in the back of the Showtime. It was a life-changing moment. In one night, sex became boring with her fiancé and changed her entire perception of what sex should and could be. It had at first made her feel angry because it ruined the status quo of what she had planned to do with her life, but also gave her a new passion. Dominating other women, testing her body in many ways against others of similar sexual skill. Over the next year, she untied herself from anyone who had pushed expectations on her, throwing herself into as much sex she could, an almost addiction. Her engagement was thrown away and using her talents, she became the number one waitress, then bartender, then co-owner of the Showtime.

    It had been almost 3 years since that first fight. She no longer blamed Jenny for what had changed, and in fact, was happy they had introduced each other to this type of combat. Sure, the woman had beaten her twice the first two times, but Silvia knew that win or lose, she would have ended up this sex nymph anyway. It had awoken something in her that she loved and also hated.

    The hate came because she had a problem, and this problem is what had led her to this point hosting orgies and searching for rivals. No matter what, no matter how many other women she had found that played her game. None were willing to push the boundaries as she wanted. Her rivals always wanted to fight for something, needed something to fight for in order to have a sexfight. That was fine in most cases, she could normally make one up, but it really wasn’t enough for her. She wanted a rival who just wanted to fight, just wanted to push their limits, fuck each other and then discard the other till the next time they met again, just to fuck fight further.

    She fought because she loved it, and she always felt unsatisfied until she was on top of a sex rival bringing her to orgasm or being brought to orgasm after a hard fight. It was the only thing that kept her not bored in bed, which was honestly the only thing she cared about. Her best rivals, the ones attractive enough or sexy enough were not like her though, Jenny brushed her off most times to fight till the point they were now friends. Silvia knew that the singer loved sexfighting as much as she did, but only did it to get what she wanted or put people under her like in their first fights. To Jenny, it was a trump card, and only against women that she really felt like getting in her way.

    Amber was a different case because it was who she initially had wanted as a real sex rival, but the once punk-looking girl seemingly no longer cared what Silvia did. Hell, the blonde hadn’t even seemed bothered that the bartender was texting her girlfriend and demanding the librarian come to an orgy fight. In truth, Amber made little sense to Silvia, and that was because of their last fight. It had been a week before the Gala, the guitarist had shown up to the Showtime and told her not to go after the redhead. Amber then offered up her own body in return, and a quick match to settle which of them would end up with Maggie at the end of the night. Silvia happily accepted the blonde’s challenge, because again, she had truly expected Amber to be the girl who pushed her to the absolute sexual limit. Three hours later, she got half her wish. Silvia found herself under the victorious Amber, her own cum all over her dirty bar completely beaten. Though she had drained Amber quite a bit as well, Silvia felt like Amber had been very determined for some reason and had been a sexual monster that night. The blonde was incredible at sexfighting and Silvia knew if their rivalry heated up more, it could be truly special.

    But to Silvia’s dismay, Amber didn’t seem as interested as she had hoped. Instead of setting another fight, she turned the conversation back to the freckled glasses-wearing girl. “Don’t go after Maggie. She is mine at the Gala.” Amber had demanded. “I only brought you in because I needed a bar to help sponsor Jenny and I’s band.”

    Silvia huffed, knowing she had lost and wouldn’t back out of the deal made, it was the one thing she still held onto. “Ughhh, fine bitch. I won’t look for her and won’t text her anymore till after the event.”

    Amber nodded, though she was quite sure Silvia was lying; there was nothing else she could do. As they dressed, Amber looked at Silvia with a different look that was a bit more questioning than she was used to receiving, “Silvia, why are you so interested in Maggie?” She asked, and the bartender felt the question was loaded and Amber was judging just how much of a threat she really was.

    Silvia scoffed, “Don’t fucking worry. I’m not interested in someone like her or you like that. I just like sex contests, anywhere and anyhow I can get them…and your redhead seems to feel the same way. I thought you would be too, but you are like Jenny, you like sexfighting, but you don’t love it.”

    Amber laughed, this was the most open Silvia had ever been with her, and of course, it came after a round of hot sex. Amber assumed that was her thing. “I would actually say I love it just as much as you and maybe more than Maggie, but you and I aren’t really that intense of rivals, are we?”

    “We could be more intense rival’s if you fucking wanted it,” Silvia growled, pushing her tits out more, trying to maybe get another round in before Amber left.

    The musician, however, did not take the bait, “Maybe, and who knows maybe we will get there…but right now, Nah, I just out fucked your ass easy. I have some other women I need to deal with first, including Maggie.” Amber smiled with a little grin. She picked up the red thong Silvia had decided to wear that night with a smile. “I think this one you took from me a few months ago, right? I’ll be taking it back, thank you.”

    Silvia watched her, then sighed. “Amber, I want to fight you again, fight me next week. Let’s push each other to the limit!” She demanded, shooting a shot.

    The blonde laughed, “You are just obsessed with it aren’t you? It is a tempting offer, but all I can say is maybe…depending on how the Gala goes. Afterwards, you, Jenny, and I can have a long talk about it, though I did use my favor to get her to join my band.”

    “See? That’s the problem. I want to set some time!” Silvia groaned as she pulled back on her jeans. “I need to find more rivals.”

    Amber gave her a nod. “Silv, I’ll happily match you again, but only after I talk to Maggie. Till then, I don’t feel like it.”
    They talked a bit more about plans, and their lives until Amber left her a few minutes later, leaving Silvia with a gnawing annoyance.

    It was true, Silvia had thought. Even if Amber didn’t need anything to fight for, there wasn’t that extra spark. Endless attraction sure, and the fights were still better than any normal sex, but Amber was like herself and Jenny. They weren’t at each other’s throats enough, unlike herself, Maggie, or Natalie.

    Natalie, she hadn’t thought about her in a while. She had been a waitress from a bar across town. They had met when there had been some issues between their workplaces, and they quickly established a rivalry that exploded faster than any other. The sexy silver-haired girl had been the closest thing Silvia had found to a true sex rival in her life. They fought quite a few times, both equally as invested in finding out which one of them was better for no other reason than to fuck and overpower each other. The woman had even accepted Silvia’s orgy fight challenge, but she moved away a year ago before they could do it. They still chatted and even did a video fight initially but the distance had muted their rivalry far more than she had wished.

    But finally she had found someone like Natalie, the first girl since the waitress that seemed to be her equal about how much she loved sexfighting. The redhead brought out a similar feeling that Silvia had only felt once before, and it was intense. Something about Maggie pissed her off, a combination of her attitude, stuck up self, and clear fakeness with how she saw herself, and she knew the librarian felt the same about her. It was just like how she and Natalie had acted and felt and was the reason Silvia needed this fight to go all the way.

    Maggie and Natalie didn’t need something to fight for, and that is why Silvia went after them the hardest. She knew those two sluts sexfought just because they enjoyed it because they got a thrill of dominating other women and finding which could take or give more pleasure any particular night.

    That is what she needed. She was desperate to find a rival to take that role, a woman who didn’t need something to fight for, just for the pleasure of beating each other. A sexfighting slut, that would fill the sex void that she had struggled the last year to fill. Her other rivals made it too sporadic for her taste. She wanted a rivalry that would last till one of them fully dominated the other after maybe a year and many nights of struggling, only then she could move on to the next slut. Maggie had been her newest choice, and so far, the redhead had been perfect, doing everything she or Natalie would have done…but it seemed the librarian couldn’t finish what they had started tonight and that would be the end of it.

    As she made her way up the stairs and away from the orgy, she thought about how she felt regardless of this night. A mixture of surprise and wonder that Maggie had run like she had after how far they already had gone, but she guessed it made sense. Maggie had been fine fighting with cum, and the small group, but they had just been watched by a whole lot of people. She doubted many women would have been able to handle it, even the slutty redhead. It was fine, she would have gotten bored of the redhead eventually, but had hoped at least the next year, while she looked for her next rival, that Maggie would have entertained her.

    She made it into the kitchen and then the living room with no sign of the redhead. She then walked up the second flight of stairs slowly stretching her body. She could still cum maybe a few more times if she wanted, though she knew something had been building in her core, something she wasn’t sure she would have been able to control had the fight continued. But it looks like she would have to save that for another day, and a different rival. Those interns might be interesting, or maybe that Bianca woman. Or maybe she could finally get Amber or Jenny to finally accept their role.

    As she reached the top step of her house, her mind was now running through the last few months. It made no sense to her how the redhead and Amber were now dating, but she begrudgingly admitted they were a very attractive couple, and a threesome with them was an incredible idea. At the Gala, she hadn’t hunted Maggie like she had promised, as it still meant something to her about keeping a deal after losing a fight, but…it wasn’t her fault the redhead ended up in the same hallway as her. And then, she just couldn’t help herself, Maggie was very easy to frustrate and all of their texting was enough to push them over the edge. So much so that Silvia was even able to set up the fight she really wanted, the orgy fight to see if the redhead would go that far. In fairness to Amber, she had let Maggie leave after their storage fight, and made some excuse about creating connections. So, she didn’t really break the full promise to Amber, just some of it. She had made sure Maggie was free later so that the blonde could meet her.

    That didn’t stop her from feeling slightly nervous the next time she saw Amber, but the blonde simply shrugged about her going after Maggie and only surprised Silvia, even more, when she found out that the redhead had started an actual relationship with the musician. That was new and worried her. Not because she gave a single fuck about Amber or Maggie’s relationship status, but because all she wanted was this fight. The slut fight, the fight that had eluded her. She had finally found a new girl to do it with her, but now it was at risk once again. She panicked thinking Maggie would back out like when Natalie had moved away.

    She remembered sending the text with the time and her addresses, praying that Maggie would respond. Honestly, the feeling of relief when Maggie replied saying she would be there that night was very close to an orgasm. It made her jump for joy because there was still a chance. There was still a chance to find that sexual overload and sex rival she had been missing. Amber hadn’t really brought it up to her again, but the blonde did give her a few curious looks at the Showtime the last few weeks once she had found the about the orgy. But Amber just shrugged, “My girlfriend can do whatever she wants.” Amber had said to her the last time they spoke, and that was the end of the conversation. But she could think about that later, right now she just had to ensure Maggie was really out of the fight. Then her search for a new rival would go on.

    Reaching the second floor of her house, she walked towards the guest room and peeked inside. As she expected, Maggie’s stuff was gone, no bag, no clothes and even a made bed; she laughed at that. Maggie was a peculiar character, and it would have been very fun to find out if she had really been able to satisfy her need to be as dirty as possible. But alas, the redhead had run from their fight. It felt good, maybe not as good as it could have been, but enough at least to keep her going for a few weeks. Her sexual will had again proved too much for another girl to match, so she would keep looking.

    She was going to head back down to the basement, and try to lose herself in the orgy, try desperately to find her limit alone. She doubted anyone down there would be able to really help, but some toys she owned could help fill the gap that Maggie had left. She walked towards her room and froze as she noticed the door was ajar. A wave of fear, and other emotions she couldn’t describe washed over her as she slowly pushed it open half-hoping what was on the other side. No one was ever allowed in her room. As the door swung open, she first noticed the sidelight next to her bed was on and there was her sex rival, the sexy redhead laying in her black sheeted bed, looking incredible in the dim light.

    Maggie looked up, and smiled, she hadn’t been sure Silvia would have come up to search for her, but it seemed her gambit had worked. “I’ve been waiting for you slut, what took you so long?” She breathed as she watched her rival stand at the door of the master bedroom looking dazed. Silvia’s mind was reeling; after all those thoughts, it turned out the fight was still on, and it looked like they were about to make it far more personal.


    Oh man, this was wild to write, hope you all enjoyed it! Poor Maggie, she is really into it, now isn’t she? But what is she gonna do? I guess she should have expected this and now has to finish what she started and deal with the consequences later. I’m not sure Silvia is exactly right on her thoughts, but I do think Maggie enjoys sexfighting more than she tries to lets on.

    I enjoyed showing a glimpse of Silvia’s past and her desires. I had been wanting to do that for a while. If you all hate this story, I get ya, it's different from the Gala, but is just another piece of Maggie’s story. I can promise her story will continue eventually, but I do plan to step away to visit Amber and some other girls.

    Random Note: Some of yall are very good at guessing what I’m going to write next haha.

    Answer time! Because I’m so shit at responding and feel bad having my story go back up top each time I answer, I’ma put them here.

    JB!- Thank you, your comments always keep me going and your commentary helps so much. I’m glad you are enjoying this fight and yes, the dance was the prelude to the long battle that was on this part and will now continue with them alone. Here they go!

    Eights- Thank you for the comments! I agree Silvia is a bit more sex crazy than the rest of them and hopefully, this part explains a bit more into her mindset to why. She wasn’t always like this, but she just loves it! I do like her, but get why some find her a bit more off than the other girls, I also just like having a wildcard in my stories and this is her role. Whole knows, she might get bored of Maggie tomorrow and go after a new girl, that's the fun of having her.

    Random note: Natalie is a character I have had planned for a long time, and I think bringing her up here is a good way to introduce her. She was initially one of the main figures (the waitress) in the Showtime Contest way back then! But when I changed that story to make it more Amber vs Jenny and Maggie vs Silvia instead of Amber vs Everyone, she got cut out.

    Second question. It is an Anime Convention that Marissa, Isabella, and Amber are off to! I’m looking forward to dressing them up (don’t know if I’ll use anime’s or I’ll make up my own) I look forward to exploring those possibilities, I wonder who they will meet and how those fights will go. It should be a fun story. Def Longer than this one, but prob shorter than the Gala.

    On a Sequel to a Cold Chill- I have the outline done, but I’m LEANING towards two new girls and not any of the library girls to take part in that. I really like crossing stories, like how I brought Amelia and Coral (indecent heatwave) into this story above, (Hanging out with Amelia has changed Coral a LOT…more on that later) but a Cold Chill is quite a different type of story.
    (With the magic and spells that I want to go crazy with). I know some ways I could do it, but I think having a new girl would let me go a bit wilder with it. Either way, I am excited to do that story eventually.

    Anubisx!- I’m glad you liked the dance. I def saw yours as an inspiration.

    Spear- I get ya, and I’m glad you think Silvia works in this story. I get that she isn’t as deep as some of the other characters, but I do like her. (again as a bit of a wild card) I’m also glad you liked Isabella getting flushed out, I really want to do more with her and Marissa and plan too in one of my next stories.

    To other unanswered questions from the Gala that I never answered (apologies for that!)

    The ski story is still active, but I MIGHT change the characters. I really want to do a proper titfight, but I always end it up going further. It’s in la la land right now, but I think I should get to it soon-ish.

    I do plan to return to the Gala night. Mainly for Jenny/Bianca, the sorority girls and restaurant girls).I will get to all of those fights eventually and more on what went down and what they will lead into. Though I haven’t felt as much excitement for the Sorority girls which makes sense.

    The next story I post will be Perfect Ingredient even if the Amber story is done before. I’m going to force myself to finish it. Paige and Teagan deserve that much and honestly, after I re-read it, it is fun. I really like those characters.

    Thanks to everyone who pm’d me as well. The next part is prob two weeks away, but who knows. This was supposed to be two weeks and I just wrote it FAST cause it was fun.

    UMM, wow, I always write way too much here. Another one of my word vomits lol. I’ll try to answer more questions if ya leave them here, or don’t, cause I’m sure you are like, fuck this guy he types too much. ANYWAY. Please let me know whatcha thought and if you liked it!

    Cheers till next time- King

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    Re: A Social Experience

    Hi King!

    Thanks so much for Part IV. This was a really good chapter and I loved the various ways in which Maggie and Silvia fight. I also enjoyed the bit of backstory that you provided for Silvia and the hint of a hope that her rivalry with Maggie may continue beyond this fight, however it ends. I also found this chapter incredibly frustrating - which is exactly what you want, I think! I'll PM you with some more detailed comments.

    I literally cannot wait for Part V!

    Also, in respect to your comments, I'm really looking forward to "The Perfect Ingredient" but even moreso to the sequel to "A Cold Chill" !

    Take care,


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    Re: A Social Experience

    Infinity War the best crossover? I doubt it very much!
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    Re: A Social Experience

    What a masterpiece, once again! I haven’t been replying for a while, but definitely still reading! Like I said earlier, this kind of fight might not be my cup of tea, but your writing is so good that it keeps me coming along.

    And there is lots of interesting parts to follow even though the orgy fight might be too much for me. Loved the dance and learning about more from Isabella and Sylvia. The story grows into a massive novel, excellent job creating the world!

    At last I have to admire how quickly you keep writing and posting this long chapters. Love it! I have no idea how you are doing it, but I love it! I have been only able to write short blog posts once in a day, and even that is often too much to handle.

    Thanks again for these awesome stories and take care! We’ll be waiting for the next part(s)!

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    Re: A Social Experience


    I'm really enjoying the story so far. Things have gotten much crazier than I expected. The dancing was especially good because of the Isabella and Maggie flashback. I also find the stuff with Melissa and Maggie interesting. I wonder where that's going?

    Silvia is another interesting character. I was wondering when you'd get around to her backstory. It seems like she found what she was searching for with Maggie but where does it go when this is over? Anyway, I just find all of the moving pieces interesting. (Also, that was a cool cameo.)

    Sorry if that was a lot. I noticed I missed posting about the last 2 chapters.

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    A Social Experience Part 5

    Part 5

    Silvia gasped at the sight of the wide-legged redhead watching her from the bed. She was not used to being completely caught off guard and for once felt not in control of the situation. It was weird seeing someone in her bed, her sexual sanctuary. She never allowed rival’s up to her room because this was her place where she fucked people once they were broken, not in challenge. Maggie was the ultimate invader and she realized with a wave of both fear and excitement that her limits might still be found tonight.

    Maggie was enjoying the shock on her rival’s face. “You didn’t think it was over, did you? I told you, I’m going to put you in your place. Enough so, that you won’t be bothering me anymore once I leave you drained and out sexed.”

    “Get the fuck off my bed and out of my room,” Silvia growled, not caring what the redhead had to say. Maggie however picked up on the girl’s tone and quickly realized that she had finally found a real nerve with her sexy opponent.

    “Why? It’s so soft and big…and wow, a mirror on the ceiling. You really are a slut of sluts; I have never seen that before.” Maggie laughed as she looked up and saw her nude body looking down at her. She had heard of this, but it still made her giggle, Silvia was a walking sex joke come live.

    Silvia glanced up as well and gave a huff, most people questioned her when they saw it, but it was to make the normal sex she had daily at least somewhat interesting, “I use it to make sure people can watch themselves cum under me, and if you want to see yourself, you are more than happy to lay down and take it like a bitch right now.”

    Maggie let out a little snort, “No. I don’t think I will just lay down and take it as you put so eloquently put it. You can join me on here, however, and we both can take it. I think we still have a lot to settle.”

    “You ran from the orgy, I already won,” Silvia remarked as she entered the room fully and closed the door behind her, sealing the women in.

    “No, I walked away, not from embarrassment, or exhaustion, but because I just thought a change of scenery would be nice for us. I was getting tired of you using the orgy as a distraction between us getting into each other’s fur.”

    Silvia felt her bush tingle at that comment, and she laughed, “Wow, I just can’t believe it would be you? I really had wanted Amber to be my little slut when I met her, to fight her every week, to push each other in every sexual way. Hell, I dreamed of having her in this exact spot where you are now, but how ironic I get to out fuck her little girlfriend instead.”

    Maggie tilted her head with a sly look, “Interesting…so you would rather it be Amber than me in here?”

    “Maybe, but now I’m not so sure.” Silvia responded with her own little cocky look, “Does that bother you?”

    “Not at all, I would rather be fucking her too, but you at least are a bit of a challenge.” Maggie replied simply and they shared a look that was a mix of annoyance and desire from their words.

    “Well, at least we can be honest with each other about that and who we want to fuck, but honestly I don’t know if your little slut would have been as willing as you have been this night. You really threw yourself into that orgy, didn’t you? You are a real slut.” Silvia mused with a smile.

    “I think she would have, in the right circumstance. And the orgy? I was just playing your game, and I would say, I was doing it better than you. Does that bother you?”

    Silvia let out a heated amount of air out of her nose. This was not going to end her way, but she wouldn’t just give Maggie instant satisfaction. “You think so? Well then, get out of my bed, and we can go back down and find out who plays the game better once and for all.”

    Maggie laughed, “I told you I’m not going anywhere.”

    They had a bit of a standoff, Silvia standing by the door, Maggie leaning on the bed frame looking almost bored. The bartender knew she was at a disadvantage, she had walked in, so if she walked away now, it was the same thing as basically giving up the fight.

    After a few seconds, Maggie smiled again and reached to the nightstand to take hold of something. “I picked this up on the way up here. It was the same one you dropped before bringing it into our little ring. I have to assume you have something in this room we can use?” Maggie hissed holding up the big bottle of cherry lube and shaking it at Silvia.

    The pixie girl huffed, but then gave Maggie a bit of a leer, “So, you won’t leave, and you are also saying you haven’t lost after running from the orgy? Fine, this is even better. I’m going to fuck you so hard that I’ll be able to drag your body out of my bed and room.”

    Maggie didn’t say anything but stretched her arms up and gave a little shake to her big pale tits. She was waiting to see if her rival was brave enough to join her on the bed and didn’t plan to go anywhere till it happened. The bartender sighed again but then smiled at the waiting girl, if this is what she wanted then fine. She turned and moved slowly to the left side of the room with a sway to her hips, her bubble ass flexing to each side as she moved. Maggie’s green eyes following her every step until she reached her dresser where she pulled a small box from the top shelf. Inside were her sex toys and it was a collection like no other. Vibrator’s, dildos, beads, plugs, gags, if it had to do with sex, Silvia owned it and had most likely used it at one point or another. She dug in for a second and then pulled out a personal favorite of hers, a double-headed dildo that she could use for this exact situation.

    She had cleaned it only a few days ago, so it was nice and fresh to use on her room invader. “Does this look like something we could share? I have quite a few other toy’s I wouldn’t mind getting you off with, but I’ll save those for maybe some other time.”

    “Other time? Please, you won’t be thinking about messaging me for a while once I’m done with you.” Maggie replied, then she shook her tits again to piss Silvia off more, “But yes, I think that would do nicely with our cherry lube.”

    It was pink, a surprising color from the pixie faced girl. About 10 inches long and made of a soft rubber that was supposed to copy an erect dick as near as possible. Silvia held it up to Maggie who eyed it from across the room with a little grin on her lips. Happy with her selection, Silvia put the other toy’s back and returned the box to the shelf. Then turned around to face the bed but was surprised to see Maggie had stood up off the sheets and was walking towards her with a sexy strut. Instead of moving forward, Silvia gave a little shake of her own breasts as she waited until the redhead got right into her face. The taunting tits met first and mushroomed each other as they went body to body as their foreheads met with a light thud.

    The bottle of lube had been left on the bed, while Maggie used her left hand to take hold of the dildo that was danglingly in Silvia’s right, each girl getting a grip with the shaft at their sides. Then Maggie roughly pulled it hard and out of Silvia’s grip, but the bartender didn’t react, and the librarian didn’t attack with it. She simply turned and tossed it towards the bed, landing closer to the edge than the middle, but only three feet from the massive bottle of lube that was just waiting to be opened.

    “Let’s settle this Maggie.” Silvia whispered as the redhead turned her body and face back.
    “Fuck you, Silvia,” Maggie whispered back with a lick of her lips.

    The short brown-haired girl stood back a step and lifted her arms and hands, offering a clear test of strength. Maggie understood and got into the same pose as they interlaced their fingers in front of them, already starting to breathe heavily in anticipation. Once they were set, palm met palm with a slap and the peace was broken. The girls each grunted as they began to push each other around the soft carpet looking to pin or throw their rival down. They stepped back and forth in the room, perfect asses and legs flexing, tits jiggling every single step of the way as they tested each other’s physical ability once again.

    “I’m going to throw you onto the bed, then I’m really going to start fucking you.” Maggie growled, but she felt a wave of nervousness as her muscles were already starting to wane just a minute into the battle. Luckily, they seemed roughly even as they moved all around. Their eyes remained locked, but on a quick glance down, Maggie felt a pulse of desire as she watched Silvia’s toned womanly body flexing in a contest with her own.

    “No, that’s not happening in my room!” Silvia gasped back, as her body struggled against its rival. They moved around with little goal in mind except to overpower the other in some way. The bed was a few meters away, too far for them to throw each other, so they tried something else. They moved towards the wall near the door, both planning very much to pin the other back.

    As they got closer to the wall, their struggle intensified, each sensing the potential danger of being pinned. Maggie hissed at the stalemate and decided to change it up. She pulled their conjoined hands down to their sides and led with her tits. Of course, this put Silvia in the same position, and they slammed each other with their womanly body parts. “Oof.” They released at the same time as their firm big tits held strong against each other. Then, without any hesitation they backed off and slammed them again, being far more aggressive in their strikes than they had before. Each slam rippled down their bodies sending signals of both pain and pleasure. It was a reminder of how many times they had pressed each other this night with their breasts.

    After the third slam, they held their bodies together, no longer wanting to continue that type of fight. It was too late in the evening for a real hard titfight but resting let their nipples meet each other between the womanly fat, and sexually begin to turn each other on more.

    “You miss the crowd whore?” Silvia gasped as her brown nipples found Maggie’s rods and they sawed them back and forth for a second. The pale tits moved in sequence and then the librarian pressed forward so that her pink bumpy areola met Silvia’s little bumps.

    “Yeah, I miss them cheering when I showed them your fat ass.” Maggie taunted with a puckering of her lips.

    Silvia hissed at the taunt, and in response licked Maggie’s cheek with an extra amount of spit on her tongue. Surprisingly Maggie flinched back at the wet goo and let out a little girlish gasp. Silvia noticed the sudden weakness and quickly went back in for another wet licking hoping to break the redhead’s concentration. She wetted her taster and sent it out, but at the last second, a small grin appeared on Maggie’s lips. The bartender knew she had messed up, but it was too late. The red lips of the librarian caught the pink tongue of Silvia and sucked it into her mouth like a cock. The bartender could do nothing but groan from the sensation of her tongue tenderly bobbed. She freed her hands from Maggie’s and tried to pull her off by the gross red curly hair, but the second her rival was trapped by the mouth was all Maggie needed. Silvia’s concentration on the titfight was broken, and the pale girl pressed forward with her gym-built booty. The trapped tongued girl let out a muffled scream as she stumbled backwards, pushed by the tits and mouth and was slammed into the white wall next to the door. Her firm lightly tanned boobs were instantly flattened by the pale pair and her tongue finally released as Maggie let it slide out of her puckered lips.

    She gasped in some extra air as she looked at Maggie with a rage-filled glare having herself restrained. She hated this, that little fake look felt like a dirty little move. All the while the librarian gave her a little smirk in return.

    “You really thought I would be scared of your tongue and a little spit?” Maggie questioned the trapped girl.

    “Yeah, because I know you are a little sex bitch.” Silvia grunted as she tried to adjust her body, but Maggie held firm, not letting the hair pull distract her strong figure from keeping form.

    “Am I?” Maggie giggled, then she put as much spit as she could on the front of her tongue. Still holding her rival by the tits, she placed her pink muscle at the bottom of Silvia’s chin, and then she ran it up, across the pink lips, across her rival’s nose and between the grey-blue eyes to her eyebrow. Silvia moaned from the long lick, and she felt her pussy drip a bit onto her carpet, it was really hot and she hated how easy Maggie could turn her on.

    “Bitch…”, She breathed, but Maggie didn’t give her another second, doing the same thing on the other side and making a spit x on the bartender’s face.

    “Spit painting your face is really fun.” Maggie laughed, but she knew she would have to drop soon. Her scalp was sore from the constant tugging of her rival, and her muscles burned to hold the equally built enemy to the wall. It seemed Silvia noticed the slightly less pressure and placed her hands on her rival’s shoulders leaving the red hair. She began to press forward but Maggie used it to her advantage, and in a sudden instant pushed away from Silvia. The short-haired brown hair gasped from the freedom and annoying sensation of being separated, but it wasn’t too last. Maggie had released her, but only to aim a perfect slap right into Silvia’s face, turning her head and body as she yelped from the ringing sound that went around the room.

    Not waiting for her rival to recover, Maggie took hold of the nasty shoulder-length brown hair. Her fingers filled with it, and she noticed the stiffness from the dried cum and dirt they had rolled in. She pulled harshly and nearly ran towards the bed, leading a screaming Silvia by the roots, the blue-greyed eye girl unable to get her footing as she was dragged. Right as she was at the edge, Maggie let go and successfully succeeded in throwing Silvia by the hair onto her own bed. A yell escaped the pink lips as she landed on the softness of the mattress onto her side. It was almost relaxing touching something so soft after the wooden stage, but she could not let that distract her. She quickly turned onto her back to see her opponent, but Maggie didn’t jump on her. The nerdy librarian was standing at the front of her bed with a confident little smirk. She reached down between her legs and ran her hands through her still thick cum soaked red bush and into her wet pussy before bringing it back out. It was soaked with discharge and Silvia knew the pale girl was just as wet now as she had been down in the orgy.

    “How about we do some bush to bush? You didn’t last very long when I out fucked you in front of that couch.” She taunted with glee. Silvia snarled, still feeling the cum in her throat from that nasty attack. After months of growing her pubic hair, she refused to let this other girl think she had outgrown her. Silvia widened her legs showing off her own curly brown bush and then even wider so that her pink pussy was in full view for Maggie. The brunette was just as wet, cum dripping out of her sex hole and down between the crack. Her own thickness, her pussy that made women scream and men cry in joy, she was ready to match against its rival once again.

    “Let’s do it firebush. If you are too scared to go back in front of the crowd, I’m happy to give it to you here.”

    Maggie gave Silvia a charming smile as she crawled onto the bed, her big tits firmly hanging down, her heart-shaped ass pointing in the air.

    “You have it all wrong Silvia. I didn’t mind and even enjoyed the crowd. Just know I fully plan on dragging you back down to the basement and showing off your body once I have you nice and submissive.”

    Silvia’s grin widened at the threat, “Do you now? Well, then maybe I’ll do the same to you.”

    Maggie hissed but didn’t respond as she moved closer and closer each step. Not just willing to wait again, Silvia laid down on her bed flat with a red pillow under her head. She could see herself in the mirror, her perfect body looking down at her, as she watched Maggie’s back and ass move until the redhead’s face blocked the mirror. They laid there for a few seconds, letting the moment build until Silvia wrapped her legs around Maggie’s waist.

    “How slutty are we?” Silvia moaned in a sexy voice that sent a shiver down Maggie’s spine, unable to deny the fact.

    The sexy librarian didn’t answer but oozed a long glob of spit that hung from her lips all the way till Silvia caught it on hers, connecting them. If a picture was worth a thousand words, that was all that was needed to define how wet and dirty they would go to finish this fight and each other. The spit line snapped a second later and landed down the bartender’s smooth neck towards her chest.

    “I’m going to fuck you till you say I’m better, then I’ll leave you in your own bed wide-legged and drained.” Maggie breathed, her body ready for sexual warfare, the same kind she felt when she fought Bianca or her other rivals. A sex rage that would match against any other woman and use to force Silvia into submission.

    “Then let’s fight slut and find out who is the better giver of pleasure. Let’s see if we can really find our limits.” Silvia gasped back, as she admitted more than she had normally to another girl’s she challenged.

    “Perfect.” Maggie moaned back, not fully understanding but made Silvia moan deeply.

    Maggie lowered her wet lips and Silvia moved up to meet her in the bartender’s large bed, a more private duel in action to settle the sex war. Pink and red lips met, and their mouths opened to kiss deeply once again. Tongues went to battle, meeting and sliding around, swirlingly and knotting as they moved back and forth between their jaws. After a second, Maggie fully laid down atop Silvia, aligning their bodies, one leg in-between the others limps and into the bushes like they were back on the dance floor. They kissed for a good while, feeling each other out, again probing for weakness or sense any sort of hesitation as they entered this new stage.

    Their hands began to move as well, Maggie’s ass was groped as she held onto the top spot. There was plenty of dry cum on their skin from the orgy, and the sound of their kissing was prominent. It was very different from the overwhelming music from downstairs, and the isolation made them feel far more alone.

    Silvia rolled them, and Maggie allowed it, looking to feel her rival’s ass just as much as hers’s had been groped. The bed was large enough for them to maybe do three full rotations before falling off. It was no secret that the bed was the most comfortable arena they had ever struggled in together.

    “You are fucking filthy.” Silvia whispered between their locked lips. Her hands had moved into Maggie’s hair where the dried cum was holding patches together.

    “We both are…” Maggie breathed back, the grime of her skin making them sticker and grosser than they ever had in a sexfight. They rolled on the bed a few more times, their bodies in sync, their breasts pushing the other pair back with their deep breaths. They were humping each other once lightly, working to build a sexual frenzy in the other’s groin and erogenous zones.

    After almost fifteen minutes, they knew it was taking far too long to get really started and wanted to get back at it. They had rolled to the far side of the bed, away from the lube and dildo. They broke apart, with Maggie on top right near the edge of the bed.

    “I thought you wanted a bush fight bitch.” Silvia growled, squeezing the toned pale ass once again and then giving it a light spank.

    “Mmmm, it’s going to happen bitch, but I think I have another idea.” The freckled girl turned her head and saw the dildo was a full body length away. Silvia followed her gaze and knew exactly what the redhead planned.

    “I’m going to impale you.” Maggie suddenly hissed confirming her rival’s thoughts. A bush-to-bush fight with a dildo between their sex holes seemed like the exact right way to start the beginning of the end of this sexfight.

    “Not before I do you.” Silvia screamed back, but the redhead was already moving. She leapt off Silvia and lunged for the dildo but didn’t reach it. Silvia sat up and gripped Maggie’s legs with a ferocity. She pulled with all her strength backwards, even standing and moving off the bed to use her body weight. Maggie screamed as she and the sheets were pulled backwards. She flipped around and threw several kicks with her strong legs before thrashing to the point Silvia was forced to let go. But she had already succeeded in pulling Maggie back to her original spot and away from the dildo. The pale girl flipped over again and started crawling towards the toy, determined to get it first but Silvia wasn’t done. She launched herself forward and right into Maggie’s sexy ass, using her tits to press into Maggie deep into the softness of the bed.

    “Ugh!” Maggie groaned from the bottom as Silvia now used her advantage to push off the pale back towards the dildo from over her rival. Maggie knew she couldn’t reach it first now, but she could do other things. She rolled over as Silvia loosened the pressure to reach the shaft. But this action sent Silvia’s big firm tits to come right in front of Maggie’s mouth and the redhead locked onto the left passing brown nipple, letting her tongue flick it with spit quickly.

    Silvia moaned as she felt her tits attacked, and now she was stuck with Maggie’s arms holding her tight. She was only a foot away from the dildo, but every inch to gain was a struggle with Maggie’s mouth on her. Desperate, she reached forward and found something, but it was not the dildo but the lube bottle. She took it into her hand as Maggie switched tits, and sucked Silvia’s right nipple hard enough to the point the bartender swore the woman was trying to milk her with her mouth.

    She screamed and rolled to the bottom letting Maggie get on top, but the librarian did not let up on the firm large tits, only looking up into Silvia’s grey-blue eyes with a gaze of pure hunger. Then she returned to her task while using her now free hands to work both breasts equally with a big squeeze and rubbing. She had not noticed that behind Silvia’s head, the bartender had opened the cheery lube bottle.

    She leaned up and squirted a huge load right onto Maggie’s back, the cool substance chilling to the redhead’s hot body. The pale girl let out a girlish squeal as she stopped sucking and even arched her back as it leaked down her spine. She rolled away and Silvia let her go this time, as Maggie rubbed the goo off and onto the sheets before it reached her bubble butt.

    Silvia sat up and held the bottle in front of her like a water bottle. She squeezed it and shot a wet load of lube at the redhead, who had just finished wiping the substance from her back. It exploded on her pale toned stomach and breast, and she gasped at the weird feeling of being squirted on by the sticky goo.

    “Hey!” Maggie yelled as it dripped down her pale skin after the splash had landed on her left tit. She jumped at Silvia on her knees while the bartender, not wanting to lose control of the lube lifted it over her head and out of reach. But Maggie jumped up slightly and was able to take hold of it as Silvia squeezed another shot from above but missed. Both girls gripped it at the high point while the lube leaked out and made the grasp all the harder as it squeezed between their fingers. They found themselves on their knees in the middle of the bed, chest to chest again, but they were looking up fighting with both hands on the bottle.

    “That’s mine!” Silvia yelled almost childishly as Maggie was able to pull the bottle down between their bodies, but the attempts to wring it free shot load after load of cherry lube out and onto the four massive breasts jiggling around.
    “Let go!”
    “You let go!” They screamed as two shots each hit the jostling balls of womanly fat on their hot bodies. It made them slick but also a bit sticky and added a new sensation to the rubbing of their breasts. Though it was clear, unlike the white cum from earlier, it was noticeably going to make a mess on both their bodies and the black sheets.

    Regardless of what they meant to do, their big boobs now could slide easily up and around each other, making loud squishy sounds as the lube was spread by the other’s firm set of weapons. Looking for any sort of advantage, Silvia lifted the bottle again above their heads, but this time while Maggie’s face came closer, she attacked. The redhead had been looking up, following the bottle when Silvia latched her white teeth lightly onto her red lower lip. She quickly began sucking it tenderly and Maggie whimpered as her pussy clenched in desire from the feeling. The redhead tried to pull away, but the sensation was both painful and alluring as Silvia lightly dragged her teeth on the sensitive skin as the lip pulled away.

    Right when Maggie’s lip pulled free, Silvia used a strong tug and won out, finally pulling the slippery bottle free from Maggie’s grip. But the librarian switched tactics and wrapped her now free arms around the hot body of her rival. She lunged forward to take Silvia down to her back with her on top. They landed with a soft thud, their boobs docked again, but Silvia used the won bottle now from this new position and squirted it as hard as possible. It shot like a rainbow down Maggie’s back and all the way to the bubble ass of the librarian. The redhead moaned as she felt it land all over her hind and a decent amount of lube slipped into the crack of her sexy ass.

    It was just like the cum dance from earlier, but this time only Maggie was getting the dirty sensation. Silvia squeezed again and shot another quarter of the bottle onto the pale buns that seemed to almost jiggle in desire from it. But Maggie wasn’t going to be the only lubed up woman in this bed. She reached behind and scooped up a handful of the lube from her own ass and swung it forward into Silvia’s face. It was less of a slap and more of trying to cover her rival’s skin as much as possible as she palmed her with the pale hand.

    “Bleh!” Silvia gasped as Maggie got a lot of the cherry substance in her mouth and almost into her eyes. She twisted her head free but was forced to drop the bottle to defend herself. She took hold of Maggie’s arm to pull it off, while also rolling their bodies to take the top spot. Maggie hissed as she found herself pressed into the back of the bed, the lube getting deeper into her ass crack. She reached behind her from the bottom to take hold of the bottle that Silvia had dropped. She took the wet jug and squeezed it wildly, but most of it only made it to the upper back of Silvia, because there was not enough left to shoot towards Silvia’s ass. “Grr.” The redhead growled, frustrated she couldn’t return the favor, but would not give up. She tried to bring it forward, but Silvia caught her wrist knowing what she was planning.

    The resistance lasted only a second however as Silvia’s grip was easily freed due to the lube on Maggie’s arm. The redhead successfully brought it between them and squeezed it again to shoot some liquid onto Silvia’s upper chest. The bartender moaned as it splashed her neck, it was a very similar feeling she got after giving a man a hard titfuck. They growled at each other as the lube dripped off their bodies. Every single place they touched spread the cheery substance all over the other’s skin, making them stickier and slicker. They rolled twice more, and Maggie lost the nearly empty bottle and their hands wrapped around each other’s body. Up and down the bed they went, neither able to hold the top spot for long, their strong legs slowly lubing twined to keep each other in check. It took a whole minute, but after the bottle fight, their fighting energy was drained. They stopped on their sides to catch their breath, but as Silvia looked up that the ceiling mirror, she noticed they ended up right next to the pink double dildo from before.

    Maggie followed her rival’s gaze and saw the same thing. She watched from the mirror as Silvia reached up and then pulled it between their bodies where the bottle had just been. Maggie eyed her rival with a small lick of her lips and Silvia returned it. Slowly, they untangled their legs and they scooted away from each other for a few feet, giving them just a bit of space to get into the new wanted position.

    Grey-blue eyes bore into green as they breathed through the already hot tension. The lube fight had clearly drained them of some of their fighting energy, but the sexual fighting fire had only increased the whole time.

    The pink lips of the bartender turned into a dangerous smirk. “Well, now that we are all lubed up, I think it’s time we find out who can use this toy better.” She hissed and then with an extra smile, took the pink dildo and placed it between her massive tits. She then used her other arm and squeezed the huge jugs together, covering the dildo with the smooth substance between the mountains of fat. Maggie watched the little show with desire, it looked very appealing and she bet men would have paid thousands if not more to be where that dildo was. In fairness, she was also quite sure they were both wet enough without any lube to fuck each other raw, but it didn’t hurt to have the extra wetness. If anything, they would be able to slip in easier and faster, while also getting to prove who could really control the toy better.

    “You are on slut.” Maggie replied as she sat back on her perfect sticky butt. She widened her legs as far as they could go in front of her rival, showing off both the red bush and her wet tight cunt. Silvia tit fucked the dildo an extra second, before she let it slip-free, and drop first onto her toned belly and then into the bed space between them.

    Maggie reached for it, but Silvia got their first and picked her side. The redhead could only huff as she watched her sex rival slowly push the fake cock into her tight sex. She let out a girly gasp to show good it felt and shuddered at the anticipation of what it would feel like when Maggie took hold of the other side.

    The redhead wasted no time, she scooted forward and for a brief moment of peace, Silvia adjusted to help aim the dildo for her rival. They crossed legs as Maggie moved closer, they’re panting the only sound in the quiet room. Maggie took her end and slowly pushed it between sex and into her pussy for two inches. She moaned, as her tight pussy squeezed on the shaft, she felt it easily start working nerves on her inner walls.

    It had been a while since she had used a dick or a toy. She and Amber of course had them and brought them in occasionally for their fun little matches, but it was rarer than just using their own bodies to force each other off. Silvia watched the sexy expression of the librarian’s faces she took it, wondering if she was as nervous and horny as she felt. It didn’t matter, because she was going to find out exactly how Maggie felt.

    They slid their lubed covered legs further together, and each took another inch of the pink leaving two inches between their sex organs, but only one between their curly pubic hair. Silvia then used her cunt to squeeze it best she could and thrust the pink shaft forward and deeper into Maggie. The redhead cried out a gargle of curse words before she took a deep breath. Focusing, she squeezed back and returned the thrusting motion with her hips forward and pressing it into Silvia who also panted a groan as her inner vaginal walls were split.

    “Not bad, bitch” Silva huffed as they both began to move forward to take the final inches of the rubber and let their labia meet behind the fur.

    “You too, whore.” Maggie gasped, and for once she actually meant it. They were going into another round of sex and this one felt very different. Her green eyes looked away from Silvia’s lightly tanned tits coming closer and instead watched as the pink shaft disappeared into their tight cunts. Soon they had swallowed it fully, and all they could see was their pubic hair, but lost in it was the pure pleasure of the rubbery toy. It was hard to tell what felt better for Maggie and Silvia, was it their pubic hair slowly entangling once again? Or their set smooth labia pressing underneath it? Their tits, now flicking or of course the long dildo that was now deep inside both of them.

    They held it there looking at each other, as they deepened their rivalry further literally with the dildo. Then Silvia’s ass began to move back and forth as she leaned back on her hands, letting her cunt do its work. Maggie groaned as the dildo slid in and out of her for just a second before she matched the motion. Their inner muscles clinched as they shared the dildo with their tight pussies, the lube making it even slicker and much harder for them to control. Then they got into it, moving back forth with increasing speed, their pubic hair meeting and separating, their smooth open sex lips kissing every time they both went deep.

    Maggie moaned and focused, holding the shaft and turning her hips slightly to rub up on Silvia’s other inner walls side. Silvia groaned at the shift but instead of matching, she reversed and used her hips the other way, so they were mirrored. The pink rubbery dildo was barely visible even for seconds as they worked up a hot sweat struggling body to body, and sex to sex.

    A good minute passed the only sound in the room the squishy sounds of two wet sexes fighting for a toy to impale the other. “Bitch!” Silvia hissed, but at the same time they were grinning at each other, two nude sluts in a sexual duel with a dildo lodged into their tight sexes. If one took control fully, they could really push a lot of sexual pleasure into the other’s form using the toy. For both of them, looking up was a mistake, as the mirror showed off two of the best bodies in the city laid out with their legs open and a shaft between them. Both pair of tits bounced up and down in tune with getting impaled a little deeper.

    “Fuck me.” Maggie moaned as she worked through the sensations spreading from her split cunt to her clit.
    “God damn it.” Silvia gasped back equally lost in her own mind, fighting both her own bodies demands and the woman in front of her.

    The long duel for the shaft began to get more frantic as they slammed each other over and over with more wild abandon, not worrying about their own building pleasure and focusing only on breaking the other. Up on the ceiling, their big tits happily bounced up and down with their bodies. Their short hair swayed slightly as they moved their womanly forms showing their muscle’s that they had gym built to fuck and fight each other.

    Whenever the dildo revealed itself between the wrestling cunts it was covered in their mixed slick white cum. After almost 3 minutes of this toy fight, Maggie let out a low growl, tired of this stalemate that was driving her body to overheat in a frenzy. The smell of sweet cheery mixing with their sexual aroma filled their noses and only turned them on more. She lunged forward, and easily got on top and gained an inch to Silvia’s anger as she fell to her back. She locked her legs around the pale waist, stopping Maggie’s thrusting slightly. They hissed and then kissed for a short second before working on their humping more and more.

    They rolled as Silvia took back the top spot a minute later and Maggie’s legs strained to keep her from really being able to hump. It took a few thrusts, but Silvia took control and began to pump Maggie, their bushes tearing away and reconnecting every thrust of their sweaty lube covered bodies. The redhead moaned as she began to struggle to hold in her body’s growing desire while being pounded by her sex rival’s toy. It felt good, too good for a fight in which they used their sexual skills. Her brain was starting to blur in the erotic haze that was being cast in the room.

    “You slut! Fucking cum!” Silvia growled as she had driven Maggie back a few feet on the bed. The sheets getting scrunched up as their asses moved to the sounds of hairy pussies slapping.

    “After you bitch!” Maggie growled back, and Silvia screamed, as she started to lose ground in which she had gained. Maggie humped up harder, but the pleasure peaked on her as well and for a second, she stopped to Silvia’s reprieve. They rested for maybe one second when Silvia’s eyes flashed. She started up again, but so did the librarian, neither giving up or letting the dildo leave their proud pussies. Now the two sluts had ended up near the head base of the bed around the many dark maroon pillows near Maggie’s head. The green eyes had narrowed behind the black mask as they fought for the toy. She began to squeeze the pink shaft to her best ability and started pushing deeper into Silvia who felt her cunt begin to pulse with no signs of stopping.

    “Fuck!” Silvia cried, but again, she was able to match, and they pressed their hairy pussies into each other, both holding five inches inside of them as they ground hair to hair, their clits almost flicking as well. The stalemate of the pussy grinding lasted almost 15 seconds until they both gasped from almost cumming and lost their labia grip.

    At the same time, the nearly fully cum covered dildo fell free from the tight cunts and onto the bed. The break didn’t last however as Silvia was already moving.

    “How about this bitch!?” Silvia groaned in an erotic rage. Maggie hadn’t doubted for a millisecond that the dildo fight was not over when it fell out, and she really wanted to continue it. She was right as Silvia rotated her whole body to go to her knees in a doggy style position. Her perfect sexy ass that won her many tips at the bar was open and in view for Maggie to see, the same one the pale girl had shown the orgy crowd earlier in the night. Silvia doubled down and shook her ass and wide-open pussy at Maggie.

    “Like the view?” She taunted, with an extra shake and letting her cunt drip down onto the bed.

    “Yeah, I do.” Maggie taunted breathed back, making Silvia’s eyes behind her own black mask narrow dangerously. She moved a foot back and dropped her lower body while reaching behind her to take hold of the pink shaft, but Maggie did the rest knowing the plan and willing to get it started. The redhead held the dildo firm as Silvia remounted it in the new position and quickly took back her five inches so that her cunt touch Maggie’s upside down.

    “Let’s see who can last whore!” Silvia hissed as they prepared for another round.

    “Bring it!” Maggie jeered, as she remained on her back, but leaned her hips up so she could really thrust into her rival. She humped up as Silvia began to hump down as they began to piston each other in this new position. Their grips were still loose from the sweet cheery lube and now mostly their gooey white cum, but they held on to fight. They used all their sexual ability to out plunge her rival, showing their tight cunt’s prowess. The meaty asses they had taunted at each other were being pushed to the limit, and for Maggie, she got to see it right in front of her. Looking up she saw herself and looking forward she had to see the hot buns almost jiggle in time with the pleasure dividing her pussy.

    The new sexual position was intense as it was sexy for both of them. The shaft was causing them to lose control of their orgasm faster than they expected, but while Silvia’s new position allowed her to really twerk her ass faster, it had some fallbacks. One, her g-spot was getting touched every second and that was almost enough to break her. It also gave Maggie the ability to give her lightly tanned buns a bit more pleasure.

    The redhead didn’t let the chance pass as she slapped the perky buns twice and Silvia groaned loudly. But the bartender focused and used her sexual dancing skills to hold the shaft and impale Maggie with all she could twearking more. The redhead was trying match to meet her rival’s labia and fur every time, but it wasn’t working. Her grip of her pussy lessening slowly as Silvia was able to push harder into Maggie to the redhead’s growing dismay and frustration. It slowly showed the doggy style was proving to be more effective, and they both were feeling it happen.

    “Fuck!” Maggie groaned as she reached both hands to the side of her head trying to focus on anything but the pink dildo pounding her body harder and faster than any man had. She sat up as her hold was loosening and rubbed her spit finger on Silvia’s ass for just one second, but it was too late. The dildo slipped free from her cunt’s hold and Silvia seemed to take control, using her vaginal muscles to break Maggie’s best they could with the toy. She twerked faster, sensing the other girl starting to take more than giving it. Her thoughts were confirmed as Maggie screamed like a banshee as she took the pumping in. Unwilling and unable to escape she looked up at herself in the ceiling mirror, watching herself be fucked in this sexfight. It was so alluring seeing Silvia’s back and ass moving in strong smooth motions that sent shocks through Maggie’s limps.

    Then her vaginal muscles slipped further and she started just taking the pumping, the shaft moving in and out without Maggie able to control or stop it at all. It felt horrible and incredible all at once.

    “Fuck!” She screamed as she felt her body start to crack. The dildo like a battering ram to her walls, and with a final big pump under Silvia’s pussy, Maggie finally had to release. “NO, FUCK! FUCK!” Maggie wailed as her pussy gripped the pink dildo even tighter, yet this time not on purpose. She felt her cunt convulse as the orgasm started and Silvia looked up in the mirror to see Maggie’s cumming body. The bartender flicked her short hair to the right as she looked back at the cumming Maggie and their eyes met, the green showing panic.

    “Yes!!! Time for you to take it bitch!” Silvia screamed in desire as she nearly put her whole body down to the bed. Then continued to use her ass in a way she rarely was ever able to do, because people couldn’t last long enough for her to go at this speed. Maggie was cumming hard, her legs shaking wildly as her pussy flexed, covering her side of the rubber with more of the discharge. Maggie was forced to look up at her body in the mirror. Even now, she couldn’t deny how hot she must look, and for once saw what Amber must-see on a nightly basis. It only made her cum harder thinking of her girlfriend’s thoughts.

    Fully now lost in the sensation, she screamed loud enough that maybe even the people in the orgy could hear multiple floors away. She couldn’t escape, and half of her didn’t want to, it felt so good. The sweat on her body, her nipples sharpening, and the pleasure was crawling down her body as the dildo entered and left her again and again. She swore she could feel some of the top girl’s cum run down the sides of the pink toy and then was pressed into the redhead’s tight pussy by it.

    Maggie screamed as Silvia backed up and went into a frog squat motion to fuck the librarian a few more seconds with her big strong buns. Then Maggie’s legs went flat, as the redhead’s orgasm finished, one powerful enough to shake her core and she collapsed lightly. Silvia did two more pumps then paused a few seconds just to make sure she didn’t explode right after. It took her a long time to slip off the dildo with a gasp, her own pussy spasming from the sensation, very close to cumming after having her g-spot slammed so well. But it didn’t matter now, she had held out longer than her rival, and it looked like Maggie was out for the fight. The pale woman didn’t resist and seemed to be breathing heavily, loud enough to where Silvia was confident, she might have just gotten her overwhelmed for good. She moved back and happily sat on Maggie’s chest who groaned, still too out of it to attack back, the librarian’s body trying to recover from the extreme amount of pleasure. Silvia smiled as she looked up at the mirror at herself sitting reversed on the pale woman’s hips with the pink dildo peeking out of the red fur. It was a very hot look; one she would remember for a long time.

    “See bitch? I’m the queen here!” Silvia said as she flipped her short sweaty hair out of her eyes and sent some droplets behind herself and onto Maggie’s face. The redhead was trying to recover, her breathing shallow, she needed just a bit of time, or she would be drained fully. She didn’t feel fully overwhelmed, but it was close, she had known this would be one hell of a fight and it was so far proving to be exactly that. But her body wasn’t done, unfortunately, Silvia was not about to give her reprieve to get back up.

    “Nothing to say now? Well, here’s your fucking remainder Maggie!” Silvia laughed as she scooted back further and placed her ass and hairy pussy onto Maggie’s pretty masked face, their rivalry looking to peak as she claimed the top and rubbed her wet cunt into Maggie’s face. The redhead moaned in despair as the cum and cherry lube was rubbed on her red lips, nose and forehead. She could feel Silvia’s asshole and pubic hair, the disgust and desire in her own mind mixing as she was forced to accept this pin.

    Humiliation, shame, Maggie was given this very punishment after she had been out dildo fucked. She screamed, which only gave Silvia an extra thrill. The redhead had the perfect buns on her face, and the brown bush on her chin as she was pinned. The librarian’s mask the only thing that was fully keeping her face clear, but it offered very little protection in the grand scheme of being face sat. Silvia reached down and filled her fingers with the pubic hair of her rival. It was hardened with cum and now moist with cherry lube. She tugged it lightly and got a groan from Maggie in response. ‘Hmm’, she thought, her rival had just had an overwhelming orgasm, but she wasn’t sure she had been able to break Maggie fully with it. She needed to be sure before she could really claim victory and drag her body back to the orgy.

    “Do you quit Maggie? Just say the word if you can’t handle it.” Silvia laughed and she rocked her hot body back and forth a few times, not caring if Maggie used her tongue. The humiliation was worth it, and she wasn’t letting the redhead up for anything. As Silvia waited for the muffled answer, she leaned forward to play with the red pubic hair again, giving Maggie a chance to glimpse herself in the ceiling mirror, of Silvia’s body on her face, and it filled her with a new rage. But she also was able to see Silvia pull the dildo out of her, making her moan loudly into her rival’s ass. The bitch then let the dildo drop in front of her, right near the redhead’s feet. This was her chance. She was going to show this bitch she wasn’t the only one improving in this game and make that mistake cost her. Maggie focused her leg muscles and while Silvia again looked back at her rival’s face, she put the dildo between her feet, feeling the cum on her toes. Silvia glanced forward back at just in time to see Maggie’ use her improved flexibility to launch the pink dildo towards Silvia’s face using her feet and legs.

    “Ow!” Silvia yelled as it hit her in the face with a very light slap. It didn’t have much force to get Maggie out, but the small surprise had made Silvia’s upper body move back enough while also allowing Maggie to get her left arm free. She shot it up and took a handful of the short brown hair. With a hard tug, she ripped it backwards with enough force to slam Silvia’s head onto the bed frame with a loud thud. Silvia groaned in pain as she whiplashed forward, her head pounding from the jarring impact.

    It all happened so fast, one second, she had been on top, face sitting Maggie, laughing at her upcoming victory. Then, a second later the pale limps had been able to shoot up, catching Silvia’s neck as Maggie went into an upside-down L shape. At the same time, Maggie used her tongue to lick the wet sex, and ass hole of her rival to distract her with pleasure and limit any resistance. Showing off her own improved flexibility and strength of her legs, the librarian flipped them, but forward in a summersault motion. It was wild to watch, the girl’s rolled as one on the bed, Maggie leading them as he forced Silvia’s head down and around. But Maggie stopped them halfway, so she ended up on her knees, Silvia’s straight legs caught under her arms. Silvia was forced into a reverse c shape form and Maggie had a perfect view.

    “You aren’t the only one who has worked on her flexibility bitch!” Maggie growled, and Silvia didn’t respond, dazed from the spin and not even having time to understand where she was at and how it had been flipped so suddenly.

    Then she felt it, Maggie’s lips locked around her clit, and Silvia who was still close started going off in this awkward pose.
    “FUCK!” Silvia screamed, having to look up at the pale booty that was so much like her own. It frustrated her in a way she could not explain with words. She couldn’t think for long however as the clit sucking sent her over the edge. She had just started to cum, when Maggie released both her legs and released her clit from her powerful lips. With the freedom, Silvia thought for just a second that she would be able to keep this orgasm lite, but Maggie had other ideas. A second later, and the discarded dildo was back in action as the freckled girl picked it up and pushed it into Silvia’s sex hole. This time Silvia screamed so loud it shook the room, as her orgasm fully started while Maggie pumped her with the pink toy, the lightly tanned legs widening without their owner’s control.

    Maggie fucked her with the dildo, returning the favor intensely and in a new way with her hand. Silvia had no way to resist, her body knotted so she couldn’t get any momentum to force her rival off. But Maggie wasn’t done, a toy fuck not enough for this bitch, she was going to win this now. Just as she felt Silvia begin to peak under her, Maggie leaned her head down, willing to chance getting rolled, to place her tongue on Silvia’s clit while pumping her till with the pink dildo. She pushed her chin thru the brown curly hair and pressed the tasty love flesh down hard with her taster. Silvia tasted great, and with the toy and the tongue, the grey-blue eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

    “Oh my GOD MAGGIE! FUCK!” Silvia screamed, and Maggie had been right. She didn’t have to worry about being rolled as Silvia came like a faucet, unable to even think about fighting back. The pleasure exploded, her clit going crazy, her vaginal muscles grasping the dildo again and again as entered her body. The duel sensation was far too much for her to handle. She finally tried to claw at Maggie, and then tremor her way out of the hold, but it was no use. Her pussy was no longer able to be controlled and her clit seemed to be going haywire sending her body wild as it was pressed back like a button. At the same time, Maggie lifted her head and screamed in her own self-gratification, a peak moment for her in this power position. It was very good revenge for what had happened moments ago. A good 15-second orgasm left Silvia drained as the height of her indulgence slowly abated. The top girl noticed and shifted back, letting the toy fall out of her rival. The pale girl smiled as she kept her ass hovering over the pixie’s girls face for an extra second, enjoying the moment. Then with a big grin, she lowered it.

    The hot pale buns pressed her red fur and perfect ass onto Silvia’s face with as much force as she could provide. The pale wasn’t going to cum, but she was still dripping some of her ooze down onto the pixie’s face who only groaned at what was happening in her own bed. The bottom girl threw her legs up to get out, but Maggie was more prepared than Silvia had been, their increased flexibility no longer a secret. After two attempts, the legs relaxed and Maggie had successfully pinned Silvia onto her black bed, her ass pressed into her rival’s face, the grey-blue eyes having to watch Maggie’s back and herself from the mirror before they were covered by the pale muscle. She screamed as Maggie shifted her buns back and forth, making sure Silvia didn’t get a second to relax.

    Maggie moaned loudly as she continued to pin Silvia to her bed, loving the feeling and moment. Her ass in her rival’s face and the bottom girl trapped finally, “Tap once if you want out bitch? Maybe I’ll let you up once I get you off again.”

    Silvia groaned and struggled but Maggie pressed the ass weight harder into the pixie who tried a few more times to use her legs or roll, but it was useless, Maggie had her trapped, and she was getting face sat in her own bed like a bitch. She licked at Maggie’s pussy and ass, but Maggie took it easy and even pressed down harder to force the tongue back.

    After a minute, Maggie watched Silvia’s legs rest and she took it as a sign she could have a bit more freedom. She smiled as she reached down and ran her fingers in Silvia’s bush, making the trapped girl shiver and moan deeply into Maggie’s ass and pussy. It felt good for the redhead to have this control, but not enough for to even consider letting the bartender up, this was a chance to win. Weirdly, however, she wanted more struggle, and she was surprised Silvia seemed so out of it, but the librarian did just give an orgasm for the storybooks.

    She sat back and giggled at her sexual enemy. “That’s four each slut, but I don’t think you are getting up after that one.” Maggie taunted and when Silvia didn’t respond she sighed in disappointment even as a little grin came to her lips. Winning like this felt good, but she had wanted more. She didn’t think about it too much however, she would just enjoy it.

    “That’s what I thought. I’m the queen between us.” Maggie huffed and she slowly waited for any sort of challenge letting her pussy hold onto Silvia’s nose for a second longer. Then she slowly lifted up when she got nothing. She almost was able to lift her leg, but Silvia had just been able to recover and refused to let Maggie walk away like this.

    “We aren’t done!” She hissed and pushed Maggie’s firm buns with her hands in an attack. Maggie gasped as she fell forward, her big tits landing on the soft mattress. Silvia sat up in a flash and jumped onto Maggie’s back who grunted as her brown nipples poked her back.

    “Cheating bitch! You just fucking lost!” Maggie screamed even as she found herself in this disadvantageous position, but Silvia didn’t speak and rolled off her rival. The freckled girl pushed herself up quickly to see what she was doing and turned in time to see Silvia catching her breath, clearly still out of it.

    “You cheated by leaving the orgy!” Silvia suddenly gasped without looking at her rival, and Maggie didn’t even know how to respond to that.

    “What does that mean bitch!?”

    “This was an orgy fight, and you ran, so I won already!” Silvia jeered at her enemy. Both felt the embarrassment of being face sat by their rival and wanted the other to back out now.

    “No way! You wanted to continue the fight here, and you brought out the dildo!” Maggie yelled back, their masks hiding their expression just how angry they were.

    “Bitch!” Silvia screamed and jumped at Maggie who caught her. Their hands slide down to finger each other on their knees, but Silvia had another plan. Instead of entering the redhead’s still tight sex, she began to scratch Maggie’s bush and felt the redhead scream in pleasure at the new sensation. It was instant as the freckled girl literally started shaking from the non-sexual attack and was pushed over onto her back with Silvia’s womanly form on top of her.

    The scratching was euphoric, and she suddenly felt like she was close to cumming from the feeling alone. Desperate to return it she ran her own black nails into Silvia’s pubic hair and scratched the skin underneath lightly. She felt and heard her rival scream in her face at the equal sensation and both of them felt like they had started light orgasms as they scratched an itch that only their hairy sex rival could find rolling on the bed. They seemed to know each other’s hairy bushes, itching where only another woman with an equally thick bush would know to really get into. All around the top, the sides, any place the hair could reach, and they had ignored so far. Then, as if mutual understanding they rolled apart gasping, both suffering a small almost skin orgasm from the few seconds of this new type of duel.

    The minutes ticked by after the last 25 of near non-stop fighting as both girls rested, trying to build up their strength for another round of erotic fighting, the sexual energy starting to wane after the crazy bed fight.

    Maggie looked up with a scowl on her face, she knew another big orgasm like that might take her out of the fight, so she had to be the one to give it. “I wanted to bring you back down to the orgy, but you don’t look up for it now.” She taunted as she sat up from the bed, her body shaking, the added itching a new sensation that was placed into her pile of sexual overload.

    “Neither do you.” Silvia growled back, as she sat up too, shaking slightly. Then both girls stood up off opposite sides of the black bed, seeing if either of their legs would give out. When it didn’t happen, Maggie walked slowly towards the front of the bed and Silvia moved to meet her.

    “You already lost bitch.” Maggie growled as she turned the corner towards her endless enemy.

    “No way, but I bet you are going to run again. Look for another change of scenery.” Silvia shot back with a snarl, her black mask hiding the true rage on her features as she came to stop in front of Maggie. This time they didn’t touch, trying to use any amount of time to keep their sexual organs from overdriving.

    “I didn’t run bitch, and I’m pretty sure you were fucking out a second ago under my ass! I already won!” Maggie hissed back; a matching look of fury hidden on the freckled face.

    “That’s bullshit, and you know it.

    “I don’t think it is.”

    Their tense standoff lasted a good few seconds, each waiting for the other one to accept her defeat and drop to her knees. But of course, that did not happen, and Silvia huffed. “Ok, Maggie, then let’s fucking call us even and continue this sexfight. You lost by leaving the ring and orgy, I lost in the bed just now. But right now, I’m up and so are you! So, this isn’t over!”

    “You want more slut? Let’s go then!” Maggie hissed, and she meant it. She did want more, and Silvia seemed like the perfect girl to give it to her. The sex was too good, and the drive to beat each other put a spark that few others could match.

    “Downstairs or upstairs, pick one.” Silvia growled, looking at Maggie with a fury beyond what she had felt before. Getting pinned by the ass in her own bed was humiliating and she would not let it end there. She also could feel her limits and knew Maggie could as well, yet somehow, they were still building something in their core from the non-stop sexual frenzy. They were close to finishing each other, and if they locked up again, she wasn’t sure who would be standing at the end.

    “You pick! I already left you drained on your bed. So, tell me where you want me to do it to you again.” Maggie hissed as she moved forward one inch. Silvia moved too and they didn’t stop until their nipples touched in another sex standoff. They could feel their hot breath on each other’s sweaty lubed skin.

    “Then downstairs, in our ring and the orgy!” Silvia ordered, wanting more than anything to take back her control and finish where they started, with all the eyes. Her orbs flashing in sexual hunger to see if Maggie would match her one last time.

    “Lead the way!” The redhead hissed with no hesitation and with that answer Silva turned and walked out of her room. She reached the stairs and began walking down with loud slaps of her feet, hearing Maggie follow her closely. They reached the bottom without incident and Silvia turned towards the kitchen and the door down to the basement, but as her hand found the doorknob, Maggie bumped into her by the hip roughly.

    “I’m not following you down there; you follow me.” Maggie shot as she tried to box out her rival.
    “No way bitch; they are going to see me leading you back here.” Silvia growled, knowing exactly what her rival meant. The one leading would immediately get the crowd on her side, and both wanted it to give them that extra motivation…not that they needed it now.

    The door had been flung open, but they had turned to face each other on the top step. Another round of catfighting may have started, but they paused in time to look down at the stairs. It was far too dangerous, and they both knew that fighting this way did not appeal to them now. It was as it always had been between them; all about sex.

    “At the same time.” Maggie compromised, knowing that down those stairs was an incredible pleasure, and the risk of losing and winning that made it so. She would not hesitate anymore.

    “Fine,” Silvia agreed, and they turned away from each other. They moved at the same time and squeezed into the door trying to push the other one out of the way. They got in somehow and moved down the steps side by side. They moved in sync, neither letting the other jump a step ahead. It caused their hips to bump every single step down as they swayed their bodies into each other. They were so distracted that they didn’t notice that the once loud music was now quite a bit lower. Before they were able to even see anything, Silvia knew what had happened. As the full orgy came into view, it was clear that the people had fucked themselves out of it as was common during her nights. She and Maggie had been fighting for an hour upstairs, but the orgy had continued without them. As they reached the bottom, Maggie couldn’t hide her surprise. It seemed that the whole party was out and sexually done. Most people were laying on one of the soft surfaces passed, their eyes closed and looking relaxed from the pleasure of the night.

    It confirmed to Maggie once again how sexual she and her rivals were in these situations. While everyone else couldn’t go on, she and Silvia still had some in the tank. And they had gone harder than anyone else in this room.

    Silvia noticed the sexy bartender Toby was out on one of the couches with a grin on his face, he must have joined in after everyone was tipsy enough. Though as she finished her scan of the room, her eyes did catch the sexy straight-haired blonde and wavey brown haired girl who had joined in their duel earlier. They were back sitting on the couches and sharing a drink, no longer kissing, but seemingly having a pleasant conversation and clearly not out like the other people. The bartender wasn’t surprised they were still up, they were gorgeous with incredible bodies in their own right, and she felt they had some experience in her game.

    Amelia and Coral had also seen Silvia and Maggie reenter the room but paid them no mind. They had already had their fun with the sexfighters and were tired themselves. They planned to leave shortly anyway and go back to their apartment, so they would have to find out later what happened.

    The other sections of the basement were all the same, but the people around had moved. The dance floor was empty, while the bed section was now by far fullest and as Maggie had predicted, a big group of nude bodies seemed to have found home there. They walked past it in unison to the pool but paused right at the edge of their stage as they got close enough to look in.

    There in it was the sexy blonde tanned woman with the beauty spot on her cheek. She looked as though she had suffered an intense orgasm from her rival but may have won the match. The amber haired girl looked to be nowhere else in the basement, and she guessed she had been the one to suffer a defeat. Being novices, she guessed the intensity of a sexfighting orgasm was too much for one of them. Like many of the girl’s Silvia knew, she was sure they would improve their stamina quickly if they continued this new sexual game that had just joined.

    Silvia amusedly looked at the napping girl in the ring, making a note to catch up with them and see what had happened. But this was a problem, their ring was full and moving the girl seemed like a lot more effort than she was willing to expend. She was not going to waste any energy if it didn’t involve fucking Maggie.

    With their ring occupied, there was only one place Silvia could see them going at it. The very busy bed section with all those bare bodies. Sure, it was already very full of nude hot people laying down and even some of them in mounds with few open spaces. But she knew there would be places, and it might finally give her the limit she needed to see.

    As she eyed it further, she knew that is where it was going to happen. It really would be the final test, and she wondered if after everything they had said and done Maggie would still follow her. She began to walk over towards it not saying anything and felt Maggie hesitate for the briefest of seconds. But not for long at all, and Maggie started following her with determination in her eyes. This area had been the one place she never had planned to go in this orgy, but like everything else, she couldn’t worry about it now. She even felt a thrill, knowing this was the place they would find out who would conquer who, as disgusting as it may be. They reached the edge of the section and paused as Silvia turned to face her perfect rival of the night.

    “Here.” Silvia pointed to the section, and near the middle where you could make out a few open spaces of a mattress, just enough for them to squeeze if they kept each other nice and tight.

    “Fine.” Maggie replied, not much emotion showing from her face.

    Not waiting for her rival to say or do anything else. Silvia dropped to her knees with her hot ass facing Maggie. She then began to crawl over the naked people, letting her body rub up on the sweaty skins as she moved. She gasped lightly as her sharp nipples and bush dragged on men and women, even for herself, who enjoyed orgies, she rarely made her way to the center of the bed section this late.

    Not thinking about it much, Maggie dropped to her knees and followed Silvia’s perky ass once again. In just a second, her own pink nipples and sweaty skin were rubbing on sweaty flesh as she moved past, giving her flashbacks to her and Silvia’s nude dance earlier in the night. Silvia crawled for another few yards until she found a small section of the beds that had just enough space for two bodies to play. There will still plenty of people around them and it would be impossible for them to roll or without getting pressed into the other form. There was also cum, some of it pooling in the canyon of the free section, that seemed more liquidly due to the heat. The body temperature alone from the crowd caused Maggie and Silvia to start to sweat before they even started touching, in fairness the bed section seemed to be 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the scorching basement.

    Silvia found just enough space near the center to turn around, her upper back resting on a woman who was behind her. Maggie crawled up to her a second later, panting already from the heat, her curly red hair dripping sweat off each strand. Silvia went to her knees and brushed her brown hair from her eyes, and Maggie matched her, their bodies coming tother lightly so that their pink and brown nipples touched slightly. They were filthy, covered in lube, sweat, cum, spit, and dirt from their long fight that was nearing its end as they held their standoff.

    “One of us is getting finished here bitch.” Maggie growled, her body horny, her sex ready to go at it again with Silvia’s in this nasty little pit.

    “That’s right bitch.” Then Silvia grinned widely knowing they would not separate again. She reached up to her head, and Maggie watched her for a second of confusion. Silvia’s black nails peeled the mask off her face and for the first time in the night, she was fully nude. She threw the mask away and looked at Maggie with a haughty expression. There were slight red lines imprinted on her face, but it only made her look wilder on her pixie like features.
    She smirked, now fully open and bare to the world.

    “Let’s do it, Maggie. Slut to slut, until one of us, drowns by the other’s cum and spit. Right here in this nasty pile of nude bodies.”

    Maggie took a breath and then reached up and peeled her own tight mask off. It felt sticky to her skin like it had been glued by cum and lube, but still, it pulled free a second later. She didn’t care anymore, and the entire party was out anyway. This way, they could see each other fully when one of them finally was able to take control of the other sex.

    “Let’s do it, Silvia, you wanted this orgy fight, this slut fight. Now I’m going to make you regret it. Let’s find out who will sit on who.” Maggie said confidently and threw her mask as far as she could out of the arena. The freedom of their faces somehow increased the tension further. Unable to hold back anymore, Maggie flicked her pink nipples onto Silvia’s brown nubs. They hissed as they teased their abused areola. Silvia flicked her girl’s right back on the pink pair and Maggie hissed in ache and desire.

    They looked up from their sword fighting nipples to watch the discomfort on their rival’s pretty face. They each smirked, liking the pain, and also how hot they made each other. Then, without warning Silvia spit on Maggie’s now fully free face and the redhead gasped as she felt it hit her one clean spot between her eyes. She spit back right away, and Silvia flinched as it landed right on aim. They snarled as they slammed their sticky chests together a second later, sweat exploding as they struggled for only a second until Maggie went down to her back and pulled Silvia with her into the canyon created by the wall of sexy flesh. They quickly spread their legs and Silvia pulled up to ensure she could missionary Maggie, bush’s roughly grinding on each other.

    The rocking of the bed was light with their wiggling forms, luckily, they seemed to just be on their own mattress in the setup, so it didn’t wake any of the drained people around them and allowed them to continue the sex duel in a weirdly private way. Their clits were already erect and pressing each time they got close with a synced thrust, asses were groped, and they stopped kissing to simply lick the other’s cheeks and face.

    Then they stopped thrusting and rotated their clits around each other in the smallest of dances, trying to force the other one down for good. When they lost contact, they would press their full labia together. Then Maggie rolled and took the top spot. She spread her legs as well, and so did Silvia, their feet touching the hot skin of random people who created their makeshift ring. At this point, each welcomed both the top and bottom position just to ensure their fight kept going.

    A few seconds later and Silvia re-took the top position for the second time and Maggie widened her legs for access, their tits grinding all the while. The heat in between all the bodies was intense, and there was no way to move a few inches without being pressed into the other men and women’s bodies. They wrap up in a ball and began to kiss harder, Maggie’s hands filled with Silvia’s buns, squeezing, kneading, moaning as she felt the sexy body of her rival that was covered in cum and sweat, both hers and others. Each cheek was so strong, and the sex like Bianca’s sex style, with how they ground. It would be a testament to whose ass who could out flex the other, which buns looked better, and worked better. This was her body to challenge, to fight, to fuck. It was so perfect, this ass so round and taut, she just had to break it or be broken by it.

    Another minute into of this desperate fuck, and they started drooling spit into the other’s jaw, trying to cut out the air. It was all they could do, needing to breathe to keep them acitve. Then, halfway through a roll, with neither on top, they froze, their clits in a stalemate. Their pubic hair molded with plenty of brown and red mixed into their own, stolen off their rival’s body. Their fingers had been tweaking the other’s big breasts which may have been the key to getting the other over the edge.

    “You cumming?” Silvia whispered, as she felt Maggie’s labia flex on her own, this was it.

    “Yes…are you?” Maggie answered truthfully, as she did everything, she could to stop it.

    “Ugh, yes.” The bartender replied also honestly, but Silvia had to keep it going. With a deep breath, she pushed down her orgasm, only letting a small one hit her. She had done it, now she just had to watch Maggie go off like a slut. She would even push her enemy into the full pile of nude bodies to make Maggie really go off.

    Unable not to taunt her rival, she smiled wildly, “Woops, guess I’m not.” She hissed and she wanted to laugh as she held it in by a thread. She was going to beat Maggie, sit on her face, and claim the top spot in their rivalry. But then, Maggie stopped shaking, her green eyes narrowed as she brought her face forward.

    “Looks like I’m not either.” Maggie responded with a crazed look on her features as Silvia let out a gasp of desire. Somehow, they both had pushed it down, only letting a small spike of pleasure out and now the final sprint was on.
    “You bitch…break!” The bartender cried, more determined than ever, their tight hold increased as they looked to give them one that would never allow the other to push it down again this night. They were going to finish each other, and they shifted onto their asses, in a perfect trib. Holding each other tight, boobs again meeting, cunts fused and hands on asses teasing. It was a full sexual lock.

    Silvia and Maggie came together as their bushes were soaked with more precum and they fused into one sexy forest. This was it, the final fuck between the two rivals. They no longer thrust, and only ground hard, rubbing their grown bushes to hide the clit fight underneath. Their tits pressed it, their hands rubbed each other everywhere, trying to overwhelm, trying to get their rival’s senses to explode as they sat on their asses in front of each other pooling the sweat around them.

    Silvia kissed Maggie hotly, letting their tongues, breasts and clits settle it. Maggie kissed back as they put each other into a place only the two of them could go together, a cum filled gutter that gave them the sick pleasure they so often craved.
    They whispered and growled over and over at each other between their spit filled kiss. The girl’s threatening and pushing their fight to the limit, and even starting to go past it. Silvia pulled in Maggie tighter, every nerve on her skin firing in connection to the sweaty girl in front of her. She felt an answering pressure but knew her limit was here. She could feel every sexual sense on her body go off at once, it was too much. Their clits found each other in the hair, as the seconds ticked by, unable to talk or gasp with the heated kiss. It wasn’t some great thrust like their other fights that ended it or a final crush, this time, they were just flicking, over and over, too many times to count, a consistent spike that pulls them over the edge. Then on a random flick, one of their clits spasmed just a bit too much.

    Maggie felt her clit tremor and her incredible sexual endurance and skill split as she felt everything at once. The whole night, her rival, and all the dirty experiences she had pushed herself into. Now it was her cum covered skin, the wet sweat-soaked mattress and Silvia’s hard and soft body in front of her, all of it touching her at once.

    “No…fuck” Maggie whispered, and Silvia knew it was happening, she felt Maggie’s whole body do a shiver against her. She was overwhelming Maggie’s senses, she just had to hold on, her own senses attacked on every level. But the heat, all the other bodies were forcing Maggie into a place that would finally end this duel. She pushed her spit and cum covered face forward into Maggie’s trying to touch more of their skin, trying to force Maggie to go off harder to the point she couldn’t stop or wouldn’t get up again.

    “Cum and lose slut.” Silvia whispered through her bated breath, licking Maggie’s sweaty spit dripping face, the tension was high, the pleasure higher. She quickly tried to push Maggie down to her back to mount and finish her, but the redhead somehow still resisted even as the beginning of a spike hit her that was starting to make her feel dizzy.

    Silvia looked at Maggie’s face, confused, how she had not fallen back, how was she still fighting it? But it was answered, as the sexy librarian’s features seemed to harden with a snarl, “You slut…you are coming with me to this fucking gutter.” She gasped, as the first seconds of an orgasm would find her limit in this orgy fight. She slammed her mount into Silvia’s and then smashed her cumming incredibly sensitive clit into her rival’s, not caring how much it hurt or stop. Silvia couldn’t respond as she was trying to push it down, blank her mind of everything to last just a bit longer, but Maggie’s body was so intense on hers, even after hours of fighting, it felt just like it had the first time they met. It was as if Maggie’s clit was sending electrical shocks between them directly into her sex soul. They passed from the already cumming body into Silvia’s in milliseconds and the bartender let out a scream that filled the orgy. She felt it, she was beginning to cum, the orgy pushing her to the limit, and her body exploding against the hot form of Maggie in a way it hadn’t before.

    “NO! YES! FUCK ME!” She cried as Maggie slapped her ass, still fighting the starting of her orgasm and screaming as well. But Silvia had the advantage as Maggie froze with the real pleasure starting. In the brief second, she was able to push Maggie onto her back as she really began to cum, to let out and be washed in the gratification of her orgasm. They kept their tight pussies pressed together with their pubic hair still fully mixed. The cumming Silvia ground the cumming Maggie from the top spot, but then the bartender’s whole body entered a phase she had never been in, one the redhead was already started. They moaned in unison, no longer caring if anyone around the orgy woke up even with their faces free from the discarded masks.

    For Silvia the orgasm sent her into a high she had never been and every muscle in her body seemed to be firing towards her cunt, this was the orgy fight. She could feel every inch of Maggie’s cunt connect to hers by the cum they shared, watching the bouncing freckled tits move up and down as Maggie’s face twisted in her orgasm. Then Silvia screamed at the peak, the highest orgasm point of her life, the sexual experience of the orgy fight and having Maggie cum under her was the final nail in what she wanted. She exploded, that was the only word to use, unable to barely control anything even as she held on for a few seconds longer than the redhead. Maggie meanwhile was cumming just as hard, her mind going fuzzy, all of the actions of the night. She now understood what Silvia had meant, the orgy was oozing sex and was like an aphrodisiac to their sexfighting bodies. It was a new and incredible sensation even as she rode it with her hated enemy, her body peaking as it road her entire sexy form.

    The orgasm on that disgusting mattress was far too much for either of them after lasting almost twenty seconds of them cumming. It might not have been Maggie’s hardest, but it was far more than enough after everything she had done tonight with all the other sex experiences. Cumming first had her finish a few seconds earlier than Silvia as she collapsed, her head turned, sexually overwhelmed and drained on the bed. The librarian was finished, and her mind struggled to think as she just couldn’t get Silvia’s orgasming face, and sexy body out of her head.

    Silvia came for a second longer, then unable to hold herself up, fell to the side of her sex rival. Their bodies leaking cum, their sex nerves dulled after what they just did to each other. But still holding on, she reached down into her bush and touched some of their mixed cum. She wanted to sit on Maggie’s face, or be sat on, it had to end that way, but there was no chance now. She couldn’t move after that, so she covered her fingers with the mixed sticky substance and brought her hand to lightly press into Maggie’s cheek who didn’t react, taking the cum painting for only a half second. Then the sex addict’s arm collapsed down, the sex rival’s orgasm was too much, and the fight was over. The cum on Maggie’s cheek the only sign of Silvia lasting a second longer. It wasn’t much, but it was all she could do as the two sex rivals drained each other to exhaustion amidst the pile of nude bodies.

    A few hours later.

    It was now roughly 12 PM on Saturday and Maggie had gotten out of the guest bed upstairs about an hour before. She had woken up after her and Silvia’s final fuck laying with all the other nude bodies about two hours after cumming and very early in the morning. She knew that she hadn’t won, and doubted she could argue a tie, though she knew Silvia had been just as out of it. Neither got to complete their promise of sitting on the other’s face, but at the time she just needed to get away from it all.

    The redhead had peeled away from Silvia’s sticky form and gone up to her room. She had no interest in being down there when everyone was waking up and leaving the orgy. She simply passed out on the soft bed, and let sleep take her. Once she awoke quite a few hours later, she hadn’t left her room and simply seemed to be waiting. Maybe 10 minutes later she noticed Silvia walk by the bartender looked as ragged as she did, but seemed surprised that Maggie was still there. Honestly, the librarian herself wasn’t sure why she stayed.

    “I’ll be back once the others are all gone.” Silvia had said to her without much else and Maggie just nodded. Maybe a bit of her wanted to see what would happen now, even though her pride was bruised, she felt like she needed to know what would happen next between them.

    So, she packed slowly, and didn’t shower, she wanted to do it at home. While putting her clothes into the bag, she let out a sigh of frustration. She hated that she had cum first, her body overwhelmed by the sensation Silvia gave her on those nasty beds, all those nude bodies, the heat, Silvia’s perfect body on her own. She struggled to even remember how she had felt in the moment. ‘Fuck’, she thought, Silvia had got her again, and it was even more frustrating with how close it had been. The bitch didn’t get any chance to go further, she had cum just as hard, and only a few seconds after, maybe it was more of a tie.

    She looked up to see Silva at the door of the guest room, dressed the least provocatively than Maggie had ever seen her, shorts and a t-shirt but still with that annoying smirk on her face. It reminded her of Bianca at the coffee shop when they had met after their group fight. It seemed after a hard fuck fight, even girls like them had to take a breather from the constant one ups man ship of sexual display.

    “Well, what a night…” The house owner cooed as she entered the room, surprisingly holding two cups of hot coffee and Maggie’s pair of white high heels, and ruined thongkini. She offered the cup to Maggie, who took it with suspicion, but was desperate for a kick of caffeine.

    “Don’t worry, I won’t poison you…this time, if you are as tired as I am, I’m sure you will need it for your drive home.”

    Silvia sat on the bed and then suddenly remarked, “Well, what are we going to do? Here we find ourselves again.”. Maggie knew this conversation was going to happen and prepared herself for whatever argument she had to make.

    “What are you playing at?” Maggie questioned, though she didn’t push too hard. Silvia was acting strange, and she wanted to know why. She knew she had come first, and in a way lost their sexfight, but it wasn’t like either of them walked away. She had Silvia down as hard as she went, or at least she thought she did. Neither girl had been able to fulfil the real promise to fully overwhelm the other.

    “Oh nothing, I just honestly can’t believe how tight our battle was. I mean, you went off first, but I couldn’t take advantage…I came so fucking hard.” She mused, then tapped the bed with her cup, “It is very frustrating and so satisfying.” Silvia commented, but by the breeziness of her tone, it sounded like she was almost happy it had happened the way it did. Then she looked at Maggie with some determination on her features.

    “Listen up Maggie. I think we can both say I won but granted it was so fucking close, enough to make me have to reconsider how it should play out. Of course, initially, I wanted you as my little bitch, but having you as a slave sounds so fucking boring…I need to break you, and I can’t do that with you taking my orders. One of us has to sit on the other’s face for good.”

    Maggie was quiet, calculating her next words, but somehow, she was getting turned on. These words, the competitive battle she and Silvia shared and craved, it was addicting, and it seemed Silvia wanted more. Maybe she had been wrong, their war was not over, and she would not be able to force the girl from contacting her. This orgy was not going to be the end of their sex duels and might only be the start.

    “So, I’m going to give you a choice and let you pick. One, be my slave for the next month and you might as well kiss your relationship goodbye. You will move into this room and be my slut every second of every day. I recommended not picking this one because I will do things that you won’t be able to handle, and I want the other one. The other option…” Silvia came right up to Maggie, with a look that could on be described as resolute. The smell of dirty sex filled their nostrils, making them slightly horny even after the level of sex and orgasm they had shared the night before. For Silvia, this one is what she really wanted, and she wanted Maggie to pick it.

    “Every final Friday of the month, you are going to come over to stay the weekend at my place. Not as a slave, but a rival, fresh and ready for you and me to find out which one of us is on top. Think of it as a way we can really push each other, find out limits over and over until one of us can’t go on, and claims the deserted spot.” Silvia breathed unable to hide the desire she felt for the commitment.

    “A whole year?” Maggie hissed, “I’m not going to commit to that, Amber and I….”

    Silvia cut her off with a wave of her hand, “Amber? Please bring her, I would love it if she joined us, but I don’t really care as long as your ass is here in my house. Unless you are scared of course.”

    Maggie glared, and her vision went red, they both knew the fight had been far too close for Silvia to be demanding like she was. But it was happening, and Maggie quickly weighed her options. Being Silvia’s slave was unacceptable and she would never do it, so that was out of the question. Walking away and saying nothing would only lead to more aggravation or fights that were out of her own control. At least this new deal would guarantee they would continue to have contact with each other at specific dates, with the only ‘downside’ of them continuing to see each other in person. But a tiny bit of her wanted that, she wanted to see how far she and Silvia could go in their fights. Monthly dates to fight seemed appropriate for them to use.

    She opened her mouth to respond, but a flash of Amber came to her head that made her pause. She had promised her girlfriend they would talk before committing to more sexfights…a thing that Amber had emphasized was important to her. The blonde was desperate to keep the communication open so she wouldn’t overreact, and if Maggie accepted this deal without telling Amber first…it could be a problem. It caused her to hesitate and almost say no, but Silvia seemed to know the exact buttons to push to get the redhead to do what she wanted.

    “I know you secretly want to Maggie, don’t deny it. You want to see how far we can go; you want to shut my mouth up for good because it didn’t happen in the orgy. I know you want to sit on my face again, just like I want to sit on yours…let’s do it bitch. Let’s settle it, over an entire year, till we truly know which of us is the other’s queen.”

    Maggie couldn’t help it; the flash of her girlfriend pushed out to the side by her competitiveness with her rival, with women like Silvia, Bianca, and Jenny who tried to push her around. The promise was delicious to her sex, and she would do anything to wipe that smirk off the bitch’s face, and sadly that included even the warning signs about her relationship going off in her mind.

    Maggie took a step forward, “You talk a lot for a woman who came just as hard as I did.”

    Silvia was smiling at her because she knew Maggie had not yet said no.

    Maggie huffed considering further, “No texting me, or bothering me unless it’s about our fights, like how it was before this orgy.” She offered and then added, “And don’t bother Amber.”

    “Deal.” Silvia smiled, wider and felt more elated than anything.

    “Fine, then I accept. Every last Friday. You and me, till we find out permanently which of us is on top, or at least until I find another rival who can easily replace you.” Maggie added with a little lip.

    The bartender’s body gave a shiver as her rival confirmed and then she smirked at the little dig. “Wonderful, and don’t worry, I’m always looking too for a better slut, but for now, let’s seal it with a kiss.” Silvia stepped up and surged her lips into Maggie’s who took the contact and sealed it. It was wet with a lot of tongue, them both taking turns to explore the other’s gums and suck each other’s tongues, until after almost five long minutes ended it.

    They gasped as they separated, and Silvia took a few setps, back, “Hmm, perfect. Well, I would love to make you eat me out, but I have a date tonight, so I feel like being a bit fresher than I am now. Stay as long as you want, however, but I’ll be going back to my room and locking it. Oh, and I will be shaving tonight, I think it would be fun for a smooth fight next time.” She added with a giggle. Maggie didn’t respond but watched as Silvia turned and made her way to the guest room door.

    “Bye Maggie, it was so much fun, can’t wait to see you in a few weeks.” She stated as she blew a kiss at the redhead and left the guest room, a confident and elated look on her features. She had done it, she finally had gotten her deal.

    Maggie didn’t wait, she quickly packed her stuff and left, her mind becoming clearer every step away from Silvia’s house. The drug of her sexfighting starting to wane. Right before she started driving, she sent a text to Amber, “Hey call me when you can!”

    As Maggie drove home, the weight of what she had just done really began to hit her in a way she didn’t expect. “Oh my god, what the fuck!” She screamed over the music of her radio. It happened again, getting lost in the heat of a sex fight. She had told herself she wouldn’t do it, but it was no use, she kept wanting to fight other women with her body. She just felt wild when she was sexfighting and liked that side of her. But now that she was slowly becoming free of the hot chains that bound her during the fights, all she could think about what her girlfriend’s smile.

    Did she tell Amber everything? Including the monthly deal, she had now made with her bitter sex rival. She had to, but she had to explain it carefully. She knew it had been a mistake to make it before telling Amber, but it was fine. She could make her girlfriend understand, as long she told her in the right way.

    She thought more as she drove home. This orgy was weird and different from her other fights. Losing didn’t bother her as much because it had been so close. It was annoying that Silvia had only been able to offer the deal because she had lasted a second longer, “Damn it. Damn it.” Maggie gasped as she thought about everything. How had she changed so much? And why did she love it? But could she have both sides of her heart? Would Amber still look at her the same? Would she still love her after the orgy and breaking their trust? A wave of doubt she had forced down through sex and violence the entire night was now back and overwhelmed Maggie’s mind as she pulled up to her apartment.

    She had kissed several women including a cum swap with one of them! She let a guy cum on her ass and ended up fighting around a bunch of nude people with her mask off. She even had cum in the ring in front of everyone! It wasn’t normal…she wasn’t normal and though Amber wasn’t ordinary either, between the two of them, the blonde looked far saner now.

    The real problem though was she had agreed to more sexfighting without talking to Amber, to go and fight Silvia once a month for a year, how the hell would she explain that? How could she break the one promise Amber wanted?

    Losing was not fun, and her pride was sore after how much they bragged to each other about winning, but not as bad as she had expected. She assumed this is what sexfighting for nothing, but the rivalry was. Also, a piece of her felt like win, lose, or draw she would have ended up making this annoying deal with Silvia and that bothered her even more. Hell, maybe she would have demanded the deal…and that thought scared her the most. She huffed, maybe that was her rival’s plan the whole time to trap her.

    She walked into her flat, dropped her bag and then took an hour-long hot shower, cleaning herself multiple times until she was sure, every spec of grime from the orgy was off her body. Then she lay in bed, replaying the intense sexual night in her head. It had been so hot, and she couldn’t deny, another orgy was not out of the question. But first, she needed to call Amber and explain everything before it went wrong…she knew she might have made a big mistake. If Amber didn’t want her going again, she would never do it again, that was a promise she told herself.

    Then as she continued to lay in bed and think about her conversation, she got a text. A wave of relief washed over her; she had felt nervous for some reason she couldn’t explain. She pulled out her phone to see when Amber would be home or if she could talk but froze as the phone lit up. It was not from her girlfriend, or anyone else she wanted to talk to. In fact, it was from the one person she didn’t; it was from Silvia.

    “Hey Maggie, just a heads up. I’ve texted Amber all the dirty details of our little orgy fight and that you agreed to our monthly duels. I hope she doesn’t mind J.
    See you in a few weeks!” Love Silvia.

    It was followed by screenshots of the messages her sex rival had indeed sent directly to her girlfriend. Maggie read thru them five times, her heart stopping at every line, and the final nail in the coffin being the deal at the end. The details were unfortunately far more truthful than she wished, but the way Silvia described them somehow made them seem even worse. It was heavily implied that Maggie enjoyed it far more than she had and that the many instances of her with other people were more cheating than part of their fight. The biggest problem though was at the end. The details that she had indeed made the deal with Silvia to continue their sexfighting and even setting specific dates. It was a nightmare because when she and Amber started, they had promised to always talk to each other first before making deals like this…it was the one thing Amber wanted. The one boundary she had set, just open communication, and somehow in her rage and lust, she had broken it.

    She hadn’t cheated, it was all part of the fight! She could explain, she just needed to talk to Amber. She was sure she could make everything okay.

    But then she began to hyperventilate when she saw Silvia had sent them before she had texted Amber asking when she would be home. Is…this why Amber hadn’t responded? Her mind immediately questioned in a frantic state. She almost texted and drove back to Silvia’s in a rage but stopped herself from doing anything rash. It was exactly what Silvia wanted, to get some reaction out of her and she wouldn’t give that bitch any more satisfaction this weekend.

    Instead, she quickly messaged Amber in a bit of a frantic state.

    “Amber, please call me. Don’t read those texts from Silvia. I can explain.”

    10 minutes later, and with still no response from her girlfriend she sent another one.

    “Amber…please! Please respond. I promise I can explain, please!”

    30 minutes later and nothing. It was only Saturday afternoon, and she was already losing it. Amber wouldn’t be back until Sunday night at the earliest, so that meant another 24 hours of waiting. When the blonde hadn’t responded to any calls or texts, she tried Isabella several times, with no luck. Unable to stop herself and in her growing desperation she finally swallowed her pride and called Marissa, now imagining that her girlfriend might be dead. Three rings and finally, a voice answered.

    “Hi, this is Marissa!” A bubbly tone came through the responder, and it made Maggie almost jump, followed by a wave of remorse. She missed the endless positivity from her ex-friend, something she could use right now.

    “Marissa, it’s Maggie please don’t hang up!” She said into the speaker and held her breath. There was a long pause as she waited.

    “You still have my number?” The student questioned back, though the cheer was now absent from her voice.

    “Yes, I do….” Maggie answered, but didn’t want to explain to her ex-friend right now that she still hung to hope they could make up one day. That would be for another time. “Marissa, please, I need your help. Can you tell me if you have seen Amber? Is she with you?”

    “Why?” Marissa asked, and the tone edged on even more annoyed.

    “I…I haven’t heard from her or Isabella…and I’m worried. Please Marissa…” Maggie begged, unable to hide the desperation in her voice

    The blonde intern hesitated, but even she could tell that Maggie wasn’t in a great place judging by her ex-mentor’s tone. It was tough because she was still angry with her mentor and honestly couldn’t deal with this and everything else that was going on at the convention, she decided to be at least civil. Though she was doing it more for her best friend Amber’s sake rather than Maggie’s.

    “I saw her like an hour ago, and she didn’t look happy, but I don’t know exactly why and that is the honest truth…this weekend hasn’t really gone as planned.” Marissa grumbled.

    Maggie wanted to pry more information about this. Her intern had been looking forward to this event for months and she didn’t know many things that could have caused Marissa to sound so annoyed.

    “Is there any chance I can talk to her?” Maggie asked again, holding her breath.

    “No, I can’t go looking for her right now. But like I said, I just saw her, but I don’t know why she isn’t texting you back.” Then just to help out for some reason and feeling somewhat sad about her fall out. “I don’t think she is mad at you.” Marissa added, quietly.

    Maggie felt her heart give a jolt as she took in the info. She knew Marissa hadn’t needed to say it, but it helped. Though in the grand scheme of things it only raised more questions than answered. Knowing she wasn’t going to get much out more, but desperate to talk to someone, she changed the subject.

    “Ok…umm and what about you? Are you having fun? I know you really were looking forward to the anime convention.” Maggie asked, and she realized she meant it. She missed these talks with Mari, they use to have them every morning before work.

    There was a long pause and Maggie wasn’t sure if her ex-intern was still there, but when she glanced at the phone, it confirmed the call was still connected.

    “Marissa?” Maggie said after another few seconds of silence.

    “I’m still mad at you.” Marissa replied with a huff, but Maggie could tell there was slightly less anger and hate in those words this time around from their two previous encounters.

    “Well, I am mad at you too.” Maggie couldn’t help replying. If they were going to makeup, apologies had to work both ways but unfortunately, she got nothing else as Marissa hung up the phone.

    The call made her feel better and worse at the same time. She now knew Amber was at least okay physically, and not dead. But that didn’t explain why she hadn’t responded to a single text or call. Unless Marissa hadn’t told her everything about what was happening at the convention. The blonde had sounded more on edge than she would have guessed the bubbly girl would have been in at an event she loved. She remembered her two ex-interns had planned to have a final fight between them potentially at that event, maybe that was distracting them all.

    Or maybe it was worse, and Amber was so mad at her that she didn’t feel the need to respond anymore. Maybe the blonde now hated her, because she had agreed to more sexfighting without talking about it between them. It had been one of their biggest promises when they had started their relationship and she had broken it. She had been the one, and the knowledge that she had messed it up, hurt even worse.

    The next 24 hours were some of the longest in the redhead’s life as she could do nothing but wait for Amber to come home. She received no texts, no calls, from any of them. Her anger at Marissa grew knowing there was a good chance her ex-friend had not delivered the message to Amber or Isabella, but then it receded. She was just trying to push blame; it was her fault, and she knew it.

    She thought of every little conversation or excuse she could to explain to Amber. Everything from her mistake without talking to her from the internal fire she felt from her fight. It had been incredible, and it really bugged her how satisfying it was, even when she lost. With Silvia and Isabella, there were too many women out there that wanted a piece of her and that she wanted a piece of, but Amber was the only one she really needed. This orgy fight had been a stretch to her limit, and she didn’t want Amber to ever feel like she was not her first priority. She never should have gone, though, in the end, she opened her notebook and made a pro con list as she always did, over and over again.

    At 7:30 PM on Sunday, Maggie was dressed in loose pajama pants that should not have been as sexy as they were. They were just tight enough to show off her ass but was hidden by an oversized T-shirt that belonged to Amber. Her logic being if Amber wanted it, she would have to take it off her, so at least they would have to fight before the blonde could break up with her. She was not in a great mental state with that logic.

    She was sitting in front of her TV, watching re-runs of a comedy that made her feel just a bit better. But nothing could stop her from glancing up at the clock, watching the minutes tick by slowly. She knew Amber would be at her place any second and she felt so nervous that it almost made her feel ill. Her 5th pro-con list of the day was in front of her, her pencil chewed raw. The tell Amber everything side and beg for forgiveness for not communicating had won. Even worse, on the other sheet; The continue to fuck fight other women also won. It was a conundrum, and she was not in the mental state to solve it. She hated herself more than anyone else in the world right now. Amber was going to freak out, and Maggie knew she would deserve it. She would never fight again if it meant she and Amber could stay together. She would give it all up if she had to, she told herself, barely holding in the tears.

    She jumped slightly when she heard the door lock click and wiped free the tears that had been going down her cheeks knowing it was time

    She heard her girlfriend open the door and walk into the apartment. Maggie was unable to suppress a sop as she waited on the couch, wiping the fresh set of tears from her eyes that she was unable to stop. The amount of stuff going through her head would make even the most dramatic of novel writer’s pause. She was not ready for a conversation that she felt could end with her heart broken.

    “Maggie? You there?” Amber called out before she heard a sniffle and saw the curly red-haired girl sitting on the couch facing away from the door.

    “Hey, are you ok?” Maggie heard her girlfriend ask with a lot more affection than she expected right now, and it only made it worse. Without looking, Maggie started to cry unable to hold it in for a second longer.

    “Amber…Before you say anything, I understand why you are so mad…I would be too. But please just let me try and explain…I love you more than anything and these last three months have been amazing, and…and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.” She rambled, the entire conversation she planned already off course. When she heard nothing in response, she slowly turned her head around from the couch to look at what she expected was her furious soon to be ex-girlfriend. “I know those texts about what I did were horrible. And me making that deal with Silvia without talking to you, breaks the trust we had agreed on. I know it’s exactly what we said we would never…huh?” She stopped mid-sentence as she finally took in the sight of Amber who was still standing at the door. Maggie’s green eyes widened, and her mouth fell ajar in shock as she took in the sight of her lover. There was a short pause of silence in the living room.

    “Amber…what the hell happened to you!?” Maggie yelled in shock that rang around the room. The tears stopping almost instantly and was replaced with nothing but confusion in her head.

    “Hey Mags…umm first, I love you too more than anything. And umm yeah…I promise I can explain.”

    The END…. Almost.

    A few miles away.

    Silvia stretched out with a yawn as she laid in her black bed after a very fun night of sex. Next to her were two different men, one on each side, both completely out. The short haired girl was somewhat satisfied, the men had done a decent job, but after what she had done with Maggie, she was sure normal sex would be a bit boring. This happened every time she got into a sexfight, but the orgy fight seemed to amplify the feeling. She could still smell the sex, and cherry lube that soaked her sheets…she wasn’t sure she would wash them for a bit.

    A small smile was on her lips as she thought about her wonderful weekend. She had won, sort of. Not being able to take advantage of Maggie’s defeated body sullied her fun, but it did renew her drive to fully sexually conquer her rival one day. At the very least she had finally found a new person to fight her just for the sick pleasure of it after such a long hiatus. She had also found her limit that night, but now she craved it again and was already hungry for another match.

    It seemed she would get the chance once a month with Maggie, which was fine. But while she waited, she would happily look for new rival’s as well, no point in denying herself. She scrolled through the contact list groups she was making on her phone. She made one group and added Isabella, Marissa, those two interns with rocking bodies that she had met at the Gala. Then Bianca, some hot bitch she had talked to briefly about the business between the school and the ShowTime. They worked with Maggie, so she was confident they played their game. Jenny, Daphne, and Amber got added to the next group with a sigh. She and Jenny hadn’t gone at it in a long time, but watching her friend fight was a real pleasure, and then Amber…she really wanted to sink her teeth into her almost more than anyone. She hoped the little text game she had sent would piss off the blonde to come after her, she knew Amber cared about her relationship more than she let on so it could be enough. Daphne and she hadn’t tried each other out yet but had butted heads in the past over scheduling, it could lead to something. The drummer had a lot of potential as a really good sex rival.

    Then she got to the next group of girls and started sorting them accordingly. Torrie and Fia, the new sex fighters from the orgy were first. She had to find out about them more and how their first fight went. Then she added Amelia and Coral, those thin but sexy girls with the asses that broke physics, she would need to pay them back for their little game during her and Maggie’s fight.

    She then added several sorority girl’s she had met at the Gala as well. She couldn’t really remember which of them belonged to their names, so she just put them all in one big group, six in total. Then the contacts she had made from the restaurant Meza, there were four in that one. Two who had fought for Toby, Whitney and April, and their bosses, Teagan and Paige.

    “Wow.” She said aloud as she looked over the groups and the names of the girls. This city was living up to its potential.

    Maggie was, for now, her favorite and she added a little star next to her name. She planned to match that girl’s lust and rage against hers for a long time but would also be ready to discard her for a new rival if the opportunity arose. It felt like in just a short bit, her number of potential sex fighters, these rare women who used their bodies to fight with satisfaction had increased to an extraordinary number. She would have to thank Amber and Maggie for that one day, they did seem to like to draw people in whether by accident or on purpose. Once the grouping was done, she nearly giggled with glee at it all. She was just about to put her phone down when a text lit up her room. She clicked it open, and her eyes widened; it was a message from a name she hadn’t seen in a long time.

    “Hey Slut, guess who is moving back in a month and applied for the open job at the Showtime? I think it’s time for us to play and continue our little slutty games. Hope you haven’t forgotten who the real queen is between us.”
    Love, Natalie.

    Silvia’s breath hitched as she read the message over and over. Then her smile widened to show her pearly white teeth in the dark. Maggie and Natalie, two sluts like her, willing to fight for nothing but beating each other and proving they could give and take more sexual pleasure. The idea of them meeting, maybe at another orgy or even alone was enticing. Making them fight each other as dirty as possible while she got to watch…she could make it happen. She created one last new group and dragged both Maggie and Natalie contact info’s into it, leaving a little star by both their names. There were suddenly so many sexy fight possibilities in Silvia’s head that she could do nothing but begin to play with herself in her big bed. No matter what would happen next few months, it was going to be very fun.

    The real END.===============

    There we go! Hope you all enjoyed the orgy fight! Ugh, I know and I’m sure I’ll hear from people very angry that Maggie ‘lost’ again to Silvia. Sometimes people just have your number, but it was a damn close fight and even Silvia admits she was in no position to use any advantage on Maggie, cumming just as hard as her rival. So, I think it was closer to a tie, but they do both know the redhead came first and was out a few seconds before her rival.

    Some people may hate she lost, some may hate it was closer to a tie than some of my other stories, but this is the ending I wanted and felt right. I swear I was cheering for Maggie the whole time too! It was a pretty hot fight to write, so I hope you thought so too. Will they fight again? AND what the hell happened with Amber? Why didn’t she connect with Maggie? Are the girlfriends going to be ok? Can Marissa and Maggie ever kiss and makeup? And where was Isabella? What was she up to?! Oh goodness the questions and questions.

    And now Natalie is coming back, and she is just as horny as Silvia when it comes fuck fighting for fun. Maggie better watch her own sexy back if they come after her.
    And a big group chat with all those girls? Oh man, what the hell Silvia thinking? (And what the hell am I writing myself into)

    OK, that’s enough of me just fucking around and laughing at all the fucking stories I want to write over the next year. THANK You for everyone who enjoyed/commented/liked/ or just read it. I appreciate you all and am glad you all still enjoy these stories. And for those who fucking hate them, I hear ya, sorry for posting so much. I know this story was a bit more just FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT than the Gala and others I have done, but I tried to add in a lot of story building near the end which is some of my favorite parts.

    Honestly, I struggle with that balance between the fighting and the characters stories. I always want to make sure the fight itself is juicy with all the sexy details but also just love building up of the characters themselves and show all the moving pieces around them. To me it makes the fights all the better. Plus I just REALLY like world building (thanks One Piece lol)

    ANSWER Time.
    JB- Hopefully this part helped with the frustration because it did for me! But I know Maggie losing is going to put a sore spot on it. As I have joked with you before, maybe people will never read my stories again when my fav librarian loses. I don’t think she and Silvia are done though, and something tells me Maggie will be looking for another fight with her rival even if everything goes okay with Amber, and even if right now she thinks she doesn’t want one. I said before I was done with the library girls. Well, that was a fucking lie, I just enjoy them too much.

    GMC10: Your comments are always so kind. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the pieces in this story that wasn’t the orgy. I think you said once you hate ties, so hopefully this wasn’t to disappointing. Silvia did ‘win’ but it was damn to close (like even compared to my other stories where the girl’s almost go off at the same time) to really have her celebrate.

    Hahaha yeah, my writing has been really fast lately. I don’t know how long I can keep it up, but while I can, might as well go as fast as I can (without making my stories come out shit lol)

    Anu- MORE CROSSOVERS and lots more to come. AND MAN, now I’m playing around with doing another Gala (but bigger) one soon, but that is for another time. Up next, I have no idea. I think nearly all my stories are connected now except a Cold Chill and my LONG OVERDUE spy/Halloween story That one is the mystery of my life. Loved the morton easter egg in your story. You do those so well!

    UltimateZeroStar- It was crazy! Hahah, yes the dancing was fun, and yes, Maggie and Marissa do have somethings to settle! I’m glad you liked the Silvia backstory, I enjoyed it too. Never worry about posting, I do love the comments, but I get why people don’t want to.

    MaritalKombot- Thanks! I’m glad I continued it too. Its jusst so fun to write! I need to finish The Home Invader with Carrie Elise because I have a few future stories I want to include them in it! Hope you enjoyed the end!

    AP- Thanks! Hopefully the dinner was as good as the setup of the table. Sometimes I struggle with that balance ehaha.

    I think that is everyone I didn’t respond to last time. Sorry abou that!

    OKAY, that’s that. I promise to actually try and respond to any other questions if ya want to post them after this story, like whats coming next and stuff. Or who everyone’s fav character is. I’m always wondering that. I’m still up in the air on how to start a Cold Chill 2 but I might give it a shot this weekend and see if it flows like the convention one has. Well that’s it. Umm up next I should post a completed Perfect Ingredient after 3 years. (Gross) Then, I will prob be working on the Anime Convention or the spy story BUT always happy to hear what people want to read or what’s not.

    Don't known if I will be able to keep up this writing pace, but who knows! i'm just super enjoying these fights , hope you are too!

    OK- ENOUGH RAMBLING. I always write way to much now.

    Thanks again and till next timeeeeeeee- Kingofdapirates

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