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Thread: Hatred 3 (re-upload)

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    Hatred 3 (re-upload)

    An Old Friend

    "You've been distracted."

    "I'm distracted?" Scarlet looked up from where she lounged on Rufus's couch. "Says the one working while there's a naked woman in his room."

    "I said you've BEEN distracted," Rufus corrected her. "You know how I hate repeating myself."

    "I was trying to lighten the mood," she replied, getting off the seat and swaying over to younger lover's shirtless form. "Things've been so busy we hardly get time together anymore."

    "I'd say you've been as guilty, joining your troopers in scouring the lower areas for signs of Avalanche ever since we got back to Midgar," Rufus rotated his seat to stare up at Scarlet's lush form. "Two questions, one, why would they return to MY city after stealing MY airship and two...would this have anything to do with the missing data on the cannon security tapes?"

    He smiled coldly at Scarlet's silence. "My father used to say that humiliation built character, right before sending me off to build said character. Nonetheless he was correct. Our funding of Avalanche has bought us closer to our goal than even my generous estimate provided for. Is whatever happened in the missing twenty odd minutes after you and that Tifa girl started hitting one another worth risking everything we've gained?"

    "We risk nothing," she replied hurriedly. "They still have friends and family here and we still need leverage over Ti...Avalanche to ensure their behavior until our plans are complete."

    Rufus kept his gaze steady. He hadn't missed the slip and it only confirmed his suspicions that something had happened on the Sister Ray, something that Scarlet was more than willing to kill to keep secret if the missing couriers were any indication. And she knew better than to lie to him. Keep things hidden he expected, she was a woman after all, but never outright lie. Despite his better judgement he was...fond...of her ever since they'd begun planning their takeover. That she was exceptional in bed was an added bonus. He weighed the pros and cons in his mind and let them argue among themselves as Scarlet shifted from foot to foot, the swaying motion of her heavy breasts deliciously distracting. Also distracting was fantasizing over what she'd edited. Decision made he rose to his feet.

    "Very well then, I'll trust in your judgement...for now." He stopped in front of her, right hand gently kneading the firm flesh of her breast while the thumb flicked at the nipple. He smiled again at her moans of approval. "A bit of insurance is always an acceptable risk."

    "" She panted, her own hands working furiously at the belt of his pants. The pants came and she stared in what could only be described as hunger at the tent in his briefs.

    "Done...we've only just begun," Rufus replied as he guided a willing Scarlet to his bedroom.


    Scarlet woke up alone the next morning. Alone and deliciously sore. This was nothing new as Rufus was anything but gentle in bed. It took her only five minutes to clean up and leave Rufus's room via their personal elevator. Neither actually cared if rumors circulated but appearances were important.

    Which was why, after reading the message she found in her office she merely picked up her pace as she walked to the garage despite a desire to run regardless of how silly it'd look in her heels. Her driver already had the engine running after getting word and fully aware of his boss's impatience, took off as soon as she was seated knowing directions would come when she was ready.

    "Sector 2." she said.


    "Mr. Vizad, aged 32, occupation wholesaler." Scarlet ticked off as she sat cross legged across from a very nervous Aaron Vizad in his small kitchen. He had no idea what was going on or why he was receiving a visit from a Shinra exec while troopers filled his front yard. This would have tongues wagging. "You done well for someone who started as a simple courier back in Sector Four."

    "How did you..."

    "That does not concern you. What should concern you would be what your customers will think the longer I keep my men in your front yard." Scarlet paused for effect. "Now where is the tape?"

    "Tape?" Aaron repeated, confused for a moment. Then his face paled as realisation hit. "What tape? I don't..."

    "Lie to me and I'll have my escort look for it themselves," Scarlet snapped. "And I can't promise they'll be anle ot avoid breakages. You were lucky to survive to plate collapse a year ago and even luckier to move up like you did..."

    Scarlet rose off her seat to lean over at her victim, "Think lady luck'll come through for you a third time?"

    The view he was getting was the farthest thing from Aaron's mind. She was right on pretty much every account. He had felt lucky and more importantly the tape wasn't the only thing he'd scavenged from the rubble of his employer's mansion. All stashed away, untouched, in case of emergency as the tape proved to be his golden egg. No one had ever been able to figure out how to burn it and his was probably one of the last remaining copies. Which meant he charged top gil for viewings...and there were plenty who wanted to view. But even knowing that, the last thing he wanted was to be on Shinra's shit list. He nodded his submission.

    "Very good," Scarlet smiled. "I knew you'd make the right choice."


    Back in her office, Scarlet sat back in her chair as tape ended. She'd hit pause as whoever operate the camera had focused on Tifa as she was escorted from the arena. So the little cunt had known what she was doing and played Scarlet like a fiddle. Her nails drummed on the hardwood desk as she considered her options. She'd already sent out word to locate this Viola woman and bring her to the tower. However odds were high she had changed her name or her appearance. So she also sent word to locate Don Tervin and do the same.

    Picking up the remote she rewound back to around the halfway mark before resuming. This Viola had been pretty much dominating Tifa throughout the fight despite the hits the brunette got in clearly shaking the redhead. She had to admit she was fascinated by the concept. Her dealings with the various ganglords, royalties, Dons or whatever titles the guttertrash of the slums gave themselves had occasionally taken her to pretty seedy locations but this was something new. Her accepting Tifa's challenge had been a spur of the moment thing and, ironically, just like the Tifa in the tape she hadn't known what to expect or what she was getting into. The idea that there was an actual market...or even participants for this intrigued her.

    But was it really that surprising Scarlet pondered, pausing the action again before moving over to an office window and staring at her reflection. Her reaction to Tifa's disparaging remarks about her chest had been instant and without thought. What had the announcer called them...a woman's pride and joy? She loosened the buttons of her blouse, her breasts spilling out of their confines. Well that was certainly correct from where she stood. In the days following their return to Midgar Scarlet'd found her eyes unconsciously drawn to the chests of many female employees wandering around the building, judging whether or not they were a...threat. Even judging whether or not one or the other would defeat the other. Shifting her boobs around she buttoned back her blouse just as there was a knock at her door.


    "Ms. Scarlet," her secretary bowed on entry. A busty blonde herself, she was one Scarlet had given a mental Moderate threat level, and a fair chance against any other woman in the building, except her of course. "Seargent Kole is requesting permission to escort a Mr. Tervin to your office."

    "Permission granted," Scarlet moved back to her desk. By the time Tervin was ushered into her office she was reclining comfortably in her chair as her was pushed, not to roughly to stand before the one opposite her.

    "Don Tervin," she greeted him, while waving the seargent out. "A pleasure to finally meet you."

    "That makes one of us," the heavily built man replied. Now that Scarlet could get a good look at him she had to admit he was quite easy on the eyes, the hint of grey in his air lending him an air of sophistication she was unused to. The slight bruises on his face made it clear that he hadn't come entirely willingly. "What does Shinra want with a barely making ends meet chef?"

    "Please, take a seat," she gestured to the chair, sniffing pointedly. "I just have a few questions for you before you can return to restaurant was it?"

    "Sushi," he said stiffly. "And I'll stand if you don't mind."

    "if that's what you want," she answered toying with the remote with one hand as she rose to her feet and sauntered around the desk the other resting on desk's vid screen. "Though I think you'd need a seat after this."

    She clicked resume as her movement turned the screen to face the former Don. His eyes widened at the sight of Tifa and Viola, arms on each other's biceps smash each others chest twice before knocking each other back. She kept the volume low since her office wasn't soundproofed, but from the look on Tervin's face he didn't need to hear to know what was going on in front of him. "What do you want?" he whispered, sinking into the seat eyes glued to the screen as the two women got to their hands and knees crawling towards one another.

    "This woman," she tapped the screen, intrigued by his reaction. "This...Viola, I...we are looking for her. I'm thinking you know where she is."

    "Why would you think...that," he asked, cringing slightly at the screams that could be heard over the cheering crowd as the two women rolled across the mat. "She cost me everything. I had no use for a stupid bitch that couldn't handle an amateur."

    "Your actions speak differently," she replied resting against the edge of her desk legs crossed. His head jerked up. "I have your dossier, you were quite popular for a Don. You looked after your girls and, despite what you made them do, they were quite fond of you."

    "While looking for Viola we came across more than one of your former entertainers," she continued, pausing the screen at the moment Tifa and Viola rested on their sides, heads thrown back, screaming. "They all had similar stories of generous "gifts" they received after you were forced out of Sector Four. The don had a heart, they all said. I can't imagine someone like that just abandoning this girl who gave everything to try and please him."

    She gestured back at the paused screen, at the agonized expression on Viola's face as she fought desperately against her opponent, their arms wrapped around one another. Scarlet's finger hovered over the resume button.

    "Don't..." he pleaded holding out a hand and taking a deep breathe. "What do you want with her?"

    "Her, nothing," Scarlet lied smoothly. She shifted her finger to Tifa's face. "But we believe she might have information that could lead us to the other woman onscreen."

    "TIFA?" Tervin surged from his seat and Scarlet involuntarily recoiled, legs uncrossing as she slid into a fully seated position. "That bitch! Why would Viola have anything to do with her?"

    "It's an ongoing investigation and her name popped up," Scarlet said her face expressionless though her heart was hammering in her chest. This was not a reaction she expected. She decided to give a variation of the truth. "With her help we might be able to locate if not apprehend Tifa and more."

    A cruel smile crossed Tervin's face. "Good. Viola was just doing her job, she didn't deserve the humiliation she received from that fucking bitch." He snatched up a piece of paper and pen from Scarlet's desk. She frowned at his forwardness but said nothing as he scribbled away.

    "She's at the Honey Bee Inn. Use my name and ask for Andrea Rhodea. Show him this and he will give you no trouble," He thrust the paper at Scarlet's hands. He nodded at the screen. "She doesn't perform often but I've heard she's on the itinerary for tonight. You'd better leave early since she always draws a crowd."


    Scarlet scowled as she maneuvered her way through Wall Market. No wonder this woman had managed to evade her squads. Sector Six had been declared off limits by the former president Shinra as a way to allow those down below to have a way to blow off steam without worrying about getting picked up. Rufus maintained the status quo despite the brief surge of Shinra troops while Avalanche still operated within Midgar. Of course he did let slip the fact that Don Corneo would not be returning anytime soon and encouraged the Trio, his three lieutentants, that maintaining the status quo was in everyone's best interest.

    She had never met Andrea Rhodea but remembered the name as one of those lackeys. Even before she made out the flashing neon sign of the Honeybee Inn she'd noticed the buildup of pedestrians heading in it's direction. She paused for a moment pulling a compact from her tight jeans to touch up her makeup. She had to admit she looked good in a ponytail, and with the proper application of her personal brand of makeup she looked in her late twenties, so at least ten years younger. By the time the night was over all anyone would remember was the hot ponytail blonde in tights and a crop top. Done, she snapped it shut and proceeded with an imperious step that had people make way without either realizing it or why. When she reached the line proper she made her way up it's side ignoring the angry looks and shouts. But she could not ignore the pair of bouncers that blocked the entrance.

    "Back of the line, babe."

    "I'm here to see Andrea," she stated, holding out paper she'd been given. The bouncer who's spoken to her, a big boy who bore a passing resemblance to Rude studied what was written on it then stared at Scarlet as if she was a bug to be squashed. She sighed, "Tell him Tervin sent me."

    That got a reaction as the first bouncer whispered something to his compatriot. Whatever was said the other quickly turned and ran back inside while the other stepped aside, gesturing her past. Ignoring the noise at her back Scarlet strutted past the doors resolving to have a few of her men keep an eye on Tervin. It might prove beneficial to keep tabs on him.

    She was intercepted by a pair of busty brunettes scantily clad in bee costumes that either made it difficult to know where to look, or obvious where toy WERE supposed to. The two bore enough of a resemblance to clearly be sisters as she passed the reception desk following the path laid out for the guests that made their way in. She could see more rooms that were clearly out of use tonight. "Or currently in use," she thought to herself with a small smirk.

    "Please follow us," the shorter brunette said, a smile on her face that didn't reach her eyes. Scarlet was familiar enough with such expressions that it didn't bother her. What did however how the almost contemptuous once over the taller woman gave her. Almost eye to eye with her and blessed with a wasp's waist she didn't bother hiding her disdain as she merely crossed her arms across her own ample chest, staring at Scarlet almost challengingly.

    "Lead on," Scarlet said, swallowing down her irritation, breaking eye contact with the second woman as she walked past. The brunette however kept pace and made it a point to walk side by side with the blonde, eyes still staring until Scarlet returned the look Maintaining contact out of the corners of their eyes while shoulders and elbows rubbed against one another in the tight corridor until they reached a series of steps. Increasing her pace she positioned herself directly between the two sisters. She made sure to give her hips plenty of swing as they ascended before coming out into an open balcony area to the sound of loud cheers and laughter.

    "Andy!" she heard the first girl squeal wriggling her way over to stand before a, what she could only describe as, flamboyantly dressed man lounging on a couch overlooking the show floor and stage. His shirt was opened in a deep V from his neck down the navel with straps that appeared almost like webbing across his chest. The collar was raised high and fluffy in appearance. He rose off the seat even as the second girl shoved past Scarlet with a furious look running up to join her sibling. Scarlet had to admit the tall man had a king, flanked on either side by a pair of clearly adoring women in ridiculous costumes. Or should it be queen she mused, considering the theme of the place.

    "Madam," he greeted her, voice rich and deep. "You bring me greetings from my close friend and a request for aid. Tell, me how is dear Tervin doing."

    "A bit worse for wear," she answered. "Still complains about barely making ends meet with his sushi place."

    "Ah, that sounds like him," Andrea laughed with genuine mirth. He slowly circled Scarlet eyes flowing over her body. "Dear, dear Tervin. Too proud to ask for help, but ever willing abase himself for others. Truly a man among men."

    "Yes," Scarlet agreed, irritated. She could see the jealousy in the eyes of both brunettes as Rhodea continued his examination and while it amused her she hadn't come to be stared at or to hear praises sung of the former Don. "I trust the note explained what I needed."

    'You wish to talk with one of my darlings. A simple enough request to grant," he answered. Then gestured to a second couch. "However I must ask your patience. Dear Viola is currently engaged and once started an event cannot be stopped until a resolution. This one in particular is of a personal matter so I doubt I could stop it even if I so desired."

    Curious now, Scarlet realised that he had been standing directly in her line of sight with the stage, as he spun and returned to his seat the possessive, giggling, siblings joining him she got her first good view of what this "event" was. Two topless women, their hands firmly in each other's hair stood rigid, ankle deep in a large pool filled with mud. She only recognised Viola from her hair color since, as she'd correctly assumed back in her office, she had changed considerably in the years since the tape was first made. Her formerly short cut was now shoulder length and though possibly curled at the ends, thought it was hard to be certain with the mud from the fingers tugging at it. While not noticeably taller she was definetly more trim which made her larger bust size more noticeable. Her opponent was shorter by at least a head with twin ponytails that for some reason she'd had colored a horrendous pink, though she was probably regretting her fashion choice as Viola had a handful of either tail and tugging enthusiastically. She was also impressively top heavy despite an incredibly slim build for her small body.

    "Here," she heard Andrea say, as he handed her a pair of opera glasses. "It is important to maintain appearances, but this position can make viewing difficult."

    Nodding her thanks she got her first close look at the action. Up close it was easier to spot the differences. Twin tails short, slim body made her chest stand out even more up close. Viola had definetly lost much of the softness from the tape and she could detect slight musculature. During her examination, Viola, clearly tired of the lack or effect the hair pulling was having, shifted her hands to Pink's globes, her long fingers digging into the flesh. Twin tail shouted at this yanking Viola's hair forward and down, causing her drop face first in the mud as her grip slipped.

    "You said this was personal," Scarlet asked, watching as Viola's opponent dropped to her knees and began banging her head into the mud. "What did you mean?"

    "Oh Shirley there had been making life difficult for a few of the newer girls that Viola was in charge of." he replied, raising a clenched fist as Viola tossed mud into the face of the one called Shirley, allowing her to escape. "I offered to discipline her personally, but Viola chose to handle matters herself. She is quite protective."

    "Sounds to me she just enjoys a brawl," Scarlet muttered to herself. Both women had wiped the mud from their eyes and were scrabbling at each other's chest and upper bodies, but slapping hands and the mud made grips slippery and hard to maintain. "What does she do around here exactly?"

    "Fitness and self defense for my little darlings," Rhodea replied, pinching the cheeks of one of the gigglers on his elbow. Scarlet wanted to gag. "She's also one of our biggest draws. It was before my time but I understand she had been in what's considered the greatest catfights Midgar has ever seen. So my customers know they're in for a show when she's involved."

    Scarlet perked up at that but kept her peace. Back on the stage the women had locked up, one hand around the other's neck while the other hand grabbed at a breast. Scarlet noticed that Viola had eschewed the breast itself instead using her thumb and forefinger to pinch and twist at the nipple while Shirley had wrapped her hand as best she could around the entire breast, fingers squeezing deep. Both women's faces were contorted in agony so it was difficult to tell which was more effective.

    "I find myself fortunate to not meet just one, but both famous beauties of that incident," he continued, gaining Scarlet's full attention. "Viola was not pleased to hear that young Lockhart had passed through the Sector without her knowledge. But I have to admit I found her and her friends quite charming. Especially the young man travelling with them."

    "Is that so?" She kept her voice bored and uninterested. "Was this a recent occurrence?"

    "Oh no, it was around when the plate fell in Sector Seven, terrible event." He answered shaking his head as Shirley, either weakened or lost her balance, was the one to falter and get dumped face first into the mud as both women lost their holds. Viola however wasn't done and she quickly mounted the pink haired twin tail, embracing her from behind. Her hands found their targets and latched on tight. They heard Shirley's shriek from up in their seats. "I ran into them in my brother's gym. She is incredibly athletic for one so young."

    Viola hung on like leech as Shirley thrashed over and over in the mud desperately pulling at Viola's hands even as they crushed, squeezed and yanked her massive orbs into painful contortions. When this failed she reared up abruptly throwing herself backwards. Viola however had released her grip rolling clear in the mud even as Shirley crashed onto her back. Taking charge Viola again lunged forward, blinking the mud out of her eyes, to once again grab handfuls of titflesh. Now, however, her own orbs were hanging heavily over Shirley's face who quickly latched on in turn.

    "Are you not worried about your...darlings...getting hurt in events like this?" Scarlet was quite stunned by the sheer viciousness the two women were displaying. If either had nails of any kind there would certainly be at least temporary injuries with how savagely the two were mauling each other. She honestly couldn't tell if Viola had the advantage since she had Shirley supine as squashed and crushed and squeezed, or if Shirley did with the with how Viola's dangling breasts being easy targets for pinching and grabbing and slams.

    "These events are not commonplace. My darlings are normally well behaved." he answered patting the shorter sibling sitting in his lap as the pair kept their gazes fixed on the stage. "but sometimes discipline needs to be enforced and I'm am too kind an employer sometimes to do what needs to be done. And there are rules in place of what they can and can't do."

    Scarlet noticed the taller brunette staring at her as Andrea spoke. With slow deliberate movements, her eyes as boring into Scarlet's, she gently pulled down one her left bikini cup freeing a boob that made clear that the outfit was at last two sizes too small. Fondling at the exposed tit that barely fit in her hand she lifted it before, not breaking eye contact, lowering her head to flick a pink tongue at the dark nipple which she then angled pointing in challenge at Scarlet. "So that's your game is it bitch?" Not breaking eye contact, Scarlet held her pair of glasses left handed as she pushed her right breast up to spill out of the confines of her top, bouncing at it's freedom. Scarlet ran a hand over and around the glorious orb before pulling it upwards to suck the pink nipple into her mouth, in the manner that so turned on Rufus. Smiling condescendingly at her opponent she gave it a couple of bounces before replacing it back into it's confines. The brunette, a look of consternation and anger on her own face quickly pulled the cup back into place as Scarlet returned her attention to the match on the stage.

    Somehow, probably during her little exhibition with the brunette, Shirley had reversed their positions now kneeling while Viola lay before her. But now sweat was mixing with the mud and despite the ample grabbing surface both were having difficulty maintaining grips. Whether it was Shirley who dropped, or Viola that pulled, Scarlet blinked and missed who it was but both women cried out as Shirley fell heavily on top of Viola. Both reacted quickly and naturally as arms wrapped around the other's upper body trapping one another in a reverse bearhug position. Viola wasted no time rolling Shirley under her before, even as Scarlet thought it, raising her body to drop her breasts heavily onto Shirley's. If Scarlet had had any doubt that this was who she was looking for they were dashed in that moment. It was the same move she'd used on Tifa. She did this twice before other woman reversed their position...or did she.

    Scarlet narrowed her eyes as the fight continued. While both women rolled briskly back and forth in the mud the flexing of Viola's body seemed to be more of continuing the roll rather than trying to stop it, while Shirley's gasping face when she was on top seemed almost desperate as neither woman appeared to be able to take control. And then Scarlet knew.

    Viola was prolonging the rolling brawl...she was certain. She was firmly in control and now just humiliating her pink haired, twin tailed, rival who was barely thrusting back and appeared to be just riding out the fight while Viola had her choice of position. She was making a point Scarlet decided, and as if deciding the point was made, Viola ended a roll and pushed herself off of Shirley and onto her knees. As the other girl tried to rise, the muddy red head pushed her down roughly, trapping Shirley's arms under her legs before once again grabbing at her boobs. Shirley writhed desperately as Viola's hands mangled her tits, arcing her back and kicking out her legs frantically as she tried to escape. Though the smaller woman's motions made it difficult for the red head to maintain her grip it was more than enough as Shirley screeched out her surrender, sobbing out what sounded like an apology and begging for Viola to stop. Obliging, Viola released her grip getting wearily to her feet while Shirley lay on her back in the mud, one arm across her face, as her body shook with sobs of pain and humiliation. Viola however wasn't done, as she placed a foot firmly onto Shirley's rack striking a pose and giving her boobs a shake for the cheering crowd.

    Removing her foot, Viola raised a victorious fist as she stepped gingerly out of the pool wiping at the mud covering her body. Waving at the frenzied fans she gave her body a final sexy shake before disappearing behind the curtain. As soon as she was gone Shirley crawled out herself to a few scattered cheers of her own, though a few jeers followed, as she quickly ducked behind the curtain herself. Placing the glasses down carefully Scarlet lay back in the couch. "So what happens now?"

    "Now? Shirley will recover a little older, and much wiser," Rhodea replied. "Viola will go back to making sure my darlings are kept fit and beautiful until the next comes to challenge her."

    He rose to his feet offering a hand to help her off the couch. Coming to her feet she found herself face to chest and felt a bit put out, wondering how she'd missed how tall he was, not missing the glares from both brunettes this time. "I must leave you now as I take part in the next act of the night. But Victoria will guide you to Viola's room."

    "But Andy," It had to be the bitch, Scarlet thought to herself sourly. "I wanted to go with you. Can't..."

    "Now now, sweetie. One must always attend to one's guest, especially one as important as this." He patted her cheek even as Scarlet gave her a bitchy smile. "Besides, it would help for her to know where the dressing rooms are. She might end up sharing a stage with you one day."

    Scarlet's blood turned to ice. The son of a bitch had seen when she and his slut had to their little show. And she knew too if her expression was any indication. He smiled at their horror and discomfort moving towards the staircase. Recovering, the brunette scowled, spinning on her step and lightly moving down the stairs. Scarlet moved quickly to follow.


    Viola, wrapped in a soft towel, sat in a soft plush chair as she gingerly applied a salve to her sore breasts. She felt sorry for the cleaning staff after the condition she'd left the shower in but other than that she felt satisfaction at how tonight had gone. Shirley had been tough, but like Viola had suspected she lacked staying power. She could've ended to fight earlier, but she still had a reputation to maintain...and Shirley needed to be reminded who was in charge. After tonight they'd give her and her girls a wide berth...until some other bitch got too full of herself.

    Even as she thought that she heard voices in the hall. Loud voices.

    Loud and angry and shrill voices. She recognised Victoria's voice, but not the other. Curious now she rose, pulling her towel tighter, and moved to her door. One of her duties was making sure the girls didn't get TOO physical...unless it was being paid for or, unofficially, in the gym after hours. A little hairpulling, a few slaps here and there, kept the girls competitive nature in check. But out and out brawling was not allowed. And Victoria was known for having a temper hot enough that she'd had to step in on multiple occasions. Now she was standing in the corridor jabbing a finger into a stacked blonde who showed no indication of backing down while poking a finger of her own at the brunette. Viola stepped into the corridor and cleared her throat even as Victoria grabbed the blonde's top dragging her in almost nose to nose.

    "Ladies, if you want to do this you'll have to wait for the next event schedule," she said as the two sprang apart. She glanced as the blonde. "And you are...?"

    "Someone who's been looking forward to meeting you," she replied. She gave a sneer in Victoria's direction before moving towards her. "I'd like to have a private."

    Viola gave the blonde a once over. She was in decent shape with little excess fat, even in the areas where it'd be appreciated. Except for the chest region. She had a rack that would match most of the girls Viola knew, despite the outfit. Wondering if she was already due another event she nodded at Victoria, "I got this Vicky."

    "Okay, Vi...," she gave the blonde a nasty smile. "Be seeing you around."

    "Oh most definetly," the blonde replied. Viola sighed, massaging her temples. If it wasn't one thing it was another. Back in her room she ducked behind the wardrobe.

    "Now...what is this all about?" She asked. "Some sister, cousin, best friend or girlfriend I've tackled or offended in some way?"

    "I've been looking for you because we share an acquaintance," she answered. "A certain woman that we could generously say is responsible for your current situation."

    Viola froze in the process of snapping on a bra. Slowly she maneuvered herself back into the room proper. She did not bother putting on anything else she didn't want ripped or damaged. "And what is you exactly?" She was tense. Blondie's answer would determine what happened next.

    "The same as you, I'd imagine," realising Viola's intention the blonde rose smoothly to her feet, legs spread. "She humiliated me and I aim to see that she suffers in turn."

    "So that's what it is," Viola said softly to herself. Ignoring the blonde's impatient expression she walked slowly around her, examining closely. She paused in front of Scarlet's face staring, before raising a finger to smudge at the make up, ignoring the outraged expression. "I thought I'd recognised you. That makeup is good at a distance but when you get close you can tell the difference...Scarlet."

    "Then why didn't the others..." Scarlet started.

    "No one really watches the screens here, for obvious reasons." She replied, moving back a step. "Only reason I could tell was cause you started appearing on those emergency broadcasts with...Tifa and her friends. Aren't you a bit old to want to tangle with someone like Tifa...or Victoria?"

    Scarlet's eyes went icy at this remark. She stalked up to Viola to stand with her eye to eye, chest to chest. Her words were soft, her voice gentle, but the implication behind them were anything but. "You disparage my age again," she said shoving her breasts at Viola. "And you'll find out just how willing I am to...tangle."

    For a long minute the two stood facing off, hands on hips, pushing their boobs at one another, eyes unblinking as two considerable wills clashed seeking to dominate the other. Scarlet's age had always been a touchy subject to her, the closer she neared forty, and her temper was already frayed after having to deal with Victoria. She wasn't about back down now and bashed her tits at Viola's larger pair letting her know as much.

    For her part Viola recognized that Scarlet would not be cowed and her eyes narrowed as the blonde shoved her tits at her own with enough force to make her foot to slide back slightly. Frowning she bashed back compressing their boobs even more, despite the dull thudding pain from earlier. Sore boobs or not, Viola was certain she could take Scarlet, though doing so in her own room was something she'd rather avoid. She was pretty sure she could pass off the no fighting rule with the fact that Scarlet did not work there. Staring into the blonde's blue eyes she saw the rage there, and something else.

    Eagerness. She WANTED to throw down tit to tit with her. Then realisation hit.

    "So that's how she beat you," she said softly. At Scarlet's suddenly confused expression Viola stepped back and with a flick of her hands, flipped the blonde's boobs out of her top. Scarlet didn't flinch, but stood unabashed as her tits rolled and bounced before settling high and proud on her chest. "If you've come looking for me then you know my history. What makes you think I could help you after she beat me?"

    "Because she DIDN'T beat THESE!" Scarlet said giving her boobs a shake. 'We were...interrupted...before we could continue our fight. And I've also seen the tape of your fight. You could've handled Tifa but you hesitated. Why?"

    "Is that what is looked like?" Viola asked, and almost amused expression on her face as she sat down. "My original plan was to get her to disqualify herself but Tifa wouldn't cooperate. And there's something else you need to understand."

    "Tifa came to Sector Four as an amateur. The first time people took notice of her was when she got into a fight with a local whore." Viola started. "It was short, but vicious. When she won the girl's pimp showed up and tried to bully Tifa into paying damages. She kicked his ass and the enforcer he brought along. She could've handled the whore no problem, but she chose to meet her on her own level. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

    "That she can handled herself? Everyone knows that."

    "No..."Viola sighed. "Every time Tifa got into a fight she fought by the rules of the street instead of using whatever those martial arts moves she has. However she had a temper and occasionally lashed out if it boiled over. This is what I hoped to take advantage of. Instead she fought me on my terms and matched me move for move."

    "But why'd you quit?" Scarlet asked as Viola smiled slightly at the last bit. "From what I could see the two of you looked even. So why..."

    "She squashed me. Squashed me flat. At the end of the day her tits were just bigger, bet...stronger." Viola laughed bitterly. "By the time I came back to my senses I was naked and pictures were already circulating, despite Tervin's best efforts."

    "Funny you should mention that," Scarlet replied. "He was the one that put me onto you. He was still quite upset about that detail and I quote...Viola was just doing her job, she didn't deserve being humiliated by that bitch...end quote."

    "He always was a sweetheart," Viola smiled. "But I can't help you find Lockhart. You know how hard it is to keep fifty women under one roof from killing each other?"

    "How about fifty-one?" Scarlet asked. At Viola's raised eyebrow. She continued. "I'm not going to be caught dead in one of those bee outfits but I'm going to have a chat with Mr. Rhodea. I think you and I are going to have a lot to talk about...and a lot of work to do."

    "And I would agree to all this...why?"

    "Because like me, you can't accept being second best." Scarlet pointed out. "You could let Rhodea handle the girls that step out of line but you choose to handle it personally. You like to fight, to prove your superiority, to prove you're the best."

    Viola remained silent at this eyes studying Scarlet closely. "Assuming you're correct, and I'm not saying you are, you still haven't convinced me why I would agree."

    "Because I heard of your reaction to Tifa appearing in the this Sector," Scarlet said, triumphantly. "You want a rematch as much as I do. And I can provide the means to track her down and either get us to her or bring her to us."

    Viola had to admit it was all very tempting...but there was still just one more matter. "You're right, being second best does not appeal to me. But assuming Tifa becomes a non issue you and I will have to settle up, won't we."

    "Looking far ahead aren't we," Scarlet smiled coldly as she held out a hand. "Do we have an accord?"

    "We have a deal," Viola accepted Scarlet's proffered hand smiling, fingers closing around tight. Smiles became strained as both women locked eyes again, taking each other's measure one last time. Coming to their conclusion, both gingerly released their grips. "I'll meet you back upstairs once I've had a chance to throw on some clothes."

    Scarlet nodded and headed out closing the door carefully behind her. Viola's expression changed, becoming thoughtful as she considered what had just happened. The idea of someone of Scarlet's pedigree actually getting into a titfight would be downright laughable if she hadn't heard it from the horse's mouth. That and she was all to familiar with women of Scarlet's stripe. She'd seen how Scarlet had been more than ready to get into it with Vicky, and personally experienced how she reacted to perceived personal slights. Hot blooded and vindictive.

    She wondered how Scarlet would react if she knew Viola had lied to her twice during their conversation. She knew exactly where Tifa was...or had been, since it had been a couple of days. Word along the grapevine had her involved in some incident in Gold Saucer. The other lie...Scarlet would never have believed her anyway and as far as she was concerned the end result was the same.

    Viola sighed. Things were going to be interesting around here at the very least she thought to herself, slipping on a short black dress. Stepping into the hallway she crossed paths with a still subdued Shirley who was being comforted by a tall tanned woman with purple colored hair. Squeezing past she could feel both women's eyes on her back and the image of Scarlet and Vicky popped back in her head. Forget Tifa...Scarlet had already got herself on the shit list on one half of Andrea's current favorites. Less volatile than her sister, Liza was the more dangerous of the two as far as Viola was concerned. Call it a feeling but she was the only girl in the Honey Bee that Viola was not eager to tangle with. And Scarlet might not get that choice.

    Oh yes...she thought as a smile grew on her face in anticipation. Things were going to get very interesting around here.


    Far across the sea at Gold Saucer Tifa sneezed violently, head raising off the soft pillow of the comfortable bed they'd be afforded as compensation.

    "Someone must be talking about you," Yuffie remarked, looking up from the magazine she was leafing through.

    Rolling her eyes, Tifa re-applied the ice packs that'd slipped off back onto her chest and grumbled. "I need less people talking about me right now...not more."


    Okay this one marks the first serious deviation from the original in that I re-used nothing from said original. It was an interesting write and I actually finished it late on Wednesday but kept going back to make slight alterations when I realised I was contradicting myself such as Rufus and Scarlet's discussion referencing security tapes never being discovered despite saying that she'd only edited them. I also had Scarlet just knock Vicky out to Andrea's amusement then realised that it would be more entertaining to keep her around as a recurring character for Scarlet's path. As such it's also a lot chattier than I originally intended but Scarlet needs far development than Tifa since since there is not much out there to use to build her up or show growth.

    The next chapter will also probably deviate considerably since that originally had Tifa and Yuffie breaking back into Midgar, instead of spending time at Gold Saucer. Even back when the original launched I said that GS was a wasted opportunity but I was older than many of the others in my gaming group. So now I get to do it over how I expected it to be when we first heard about the Casino city in EGM.

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    Re: Hatred 3 (re-upload)

    You're stories are crazy underviewed my man. Reminds me of a cross between Jon Grey and Deepogre the way you just stay focused on the ladies main focus being each other's chest.

    Hope we get to see Scarlet in action in coming chapters. Even with how Tifa got nerfed in the remake Scarlet'll need some work to have chance realistically.

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