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Very thoughtful critique, JB. I am just reading "The Library Gala" for the first time and I like how the author makes every scene pregnant with sex. That is something I should learn. Anyway, your criticism is valuable.
Kingofdapirates is one of my very favorite writers on the board, exactly for this reason. As I've often written about his work, he is an absolute master of the tease. As you say, sexual tension saturates every chapter of any story that he does but he manages to keep it on a high boil while teasing his readers with confrontations to come which take a long time actually arriving. When they do, though, he really pays off with a bang! I think in "Library Gala", in 40 pages, there is only one sex scene, and that is on a video where many of the details are missing. I think I would have great difficulty stringing the readers along that long, but it is a technique I should experiment with some day! But I don't know if I have the patience to do that!