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Thread: The Two Widows of Ace Jethro (aka The Exorcism of Ace Jethro

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    The Two Widows of Ace Jethro (aka The Exorcism of Ace Jethro

    The Two Widows of Ace Jethro

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    The Echelon was a retreat in Jasper, Arkansas where old folk that belonged to an obscure but wealthy Christian sect called the Patriarchs spent their last days. Built on fifty acres of land, it had a large hotel like building where the old inmates stayed. There was a nurse quarters for the nurses who take care of the ageing clientele. A large native stone church that held Sunday masses for inmates was the main attraction on the property. A small bakery which sold donuts, sandwiches and fries was open to the public for takeaways.

    The bakery was managed and run almost entirely by a woman named Mattie. Mattie was the widow of Ace Jethro, who had established the cafe. The Jethro’s stayed in a little cottage on the property before Ace’s death in a car accident during a hiking trip with his buddies. The accident revealed that Ace had not one but two wives. Apart from Mattie, Ace had legally married a woman named Alma who lived in the neighboring town of Pine Bluff.

    The Jethro’s (all three of them) belonged to the Patriarchs. The Patriarchs had some strange laws that some might describe as chauvinistic. Every male member of the sect could have two wives, a law which Ace Jethro took advantage of during his short life. The chauvinism extended to the lives of the widows. The two widows were expected to live a life of celibacy. It did not end there. The widows were expected to share a roof and provide companionship to each other for the rest of their lives and cherish the memory of their dead husband.

    It would be an understatement to say that the woman’s rights movement of the sixties had not penetrated the Patriarchs. Brainwashed at an early age, the Patriarch women were unable to fit into normal society and blindly followed the rules of the sect. Mattie and Alma were no different in this regard.

    The Echelon had a designated clergy headed by Gal Young Un, a female pastor who held Sunday mass and made decisions regarding the running of the retreat. Even though she was the first female pastor of the sect, she was a strict enforcer of the laws pertaining to women folk. After a meeting with Ace’s widows, Mattie (in person) and Alma (over the phone), it was decided that Alma would move to The Echelon and help Matty run the café that was established by their husband Ace. The two women were expected to share the small cottage where Mattie had lived with Ace. The widows agreed to the arrangement without a murmur of protest.

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    Chapter 2: The Meeting

    When Mattie Jethro walked into Pastor Gal Young Un’s parsonage, Alma Jethro had already arrived and was seated in a little chair, a large suitcase by her side. The widows did not look at or acknowledge each other. They would do so only after being introduced by Gal Young Un.

    Gal Young Un, dressed in her traditional red robe waited for Mattie to sit in the chair beside Alma. She regarded the two women. Fine specimens, she thought to herself. Both of them tall, with slim bodies, wearing shirts, with sleeves rolled up and long modest skirts. Their physical resemblance was a bit uncanny. It was a shame neither woman had given birth. Or maybe it was a good thing because their husband Ace was notorious for his hard drinking. She did not waste any more time and addressed the women who sat obediently in front of her.

    “Well, ladies. I am so glad both of you agreed to this new arrangement. Mattie here will show you the ropes, Alma. Remember. The two of you are going to spend the rest of your lives together. Cherish the memory of Ace. Let the love for your departed husband bind the two of you together and help you rise above any conflicts and disagreements that might arise. Like you once shared a man, learn to share what he left the two of you. If there is any trouble or disagreements between the two of you, do not hesitate to contact me. Live according to the wishes of the Good Lord like good Christian women.”

    Mattie and Alma smiled at Gal Young Un, but not at each other. Gal Young Un looked from one woman to the other. They were both well raised according to the strict traditions of the Patriarchs. She did not expect any trouble from these two. In fact, she expected the café to make larger profits once these two went to work together. Gal Young Un considered herself to be a good judge of people.

    “Matty, you may show Alma to your cottage. She might need to freshen up after her journey. Then you can take her to the bakery and teach her everything about the job. Remember. Whatever belonged to Ace belongs equally to you both now. Let not greed or jealousy color your relationship. You are both now excused.”

    The women left the parsonage. Mattie walked in front while Alma followed her carrying her large suitcase. It was a hot day and dark sweaty circles had appeared under the armpits of the women’s shirts.

    Mattie was thinking – how do I live the rest of my life with this woman? A woman who was wife to my beloved husband. I must share the cottage and the cafe with this stranger. What have I done to deserve this fate?

    Alma was thinking – why isn’t Mattie talking to me? Why is she walking in front of me as if she is the leader and I am a mere slave follower? Does she hate me and view me as competition? I think the two of us are off to a bad start.

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    Chapter 3: The Cottage

    The little garden in front of the cottage with bonsais and well-trimmed bushes surrounding a lawn impressed Alma. Mattie let them into the cottage.

    "That’s a real nice garden," Alma said meekly as they entered the house. No reply came from Mattie.

    Alma saw a kitchen to the left, but Mattie was already climbing the flight of stairs on the right side of the entrance. Alma followed her, taking in Mattie’s large figure climbing the stairs in front of her.

    The bedroom to which Mattie led her was spacious. The room had a rather small bed, a writing table with a chair and a big cupboard, none of them occupying much space.

    “This is our bedroom”, Mattie said rather desolately.

    “Oh! It’s lovely Mattie. Thank you for letting me share your private space,” said Alma.

    Mattie did not acknowledge the earnest and genuine expression of gratefulness. Instead, she produced a couple of keys from her skirt pocket.

    “This is the key to the house, and this is the key to the cupboard,” said Mattie, pointing to the large cupboard at the head of the bed. Alma slowly took the keys from Mattie.

    They exchanged a stare, Mattie looking at Alma with distinct coldness and Alma looking back meekly, but not looking away.

    “There is breakfast on the table downstairs. I am off to the café. There is work to be done. You take a bath, eat breakfast and meet me at the café.” Mattie walked out of the room before Alma could ask any questions about the short and terse instructions.

    Alma moved her suitcase to a corner of the room. She had seen a door in the corridor which she thought would be the bathroom. It was. A shower inside a glass cabinet. Clean and well-scrubbed white tiles. Alma bathed as fast as she could and went down to the kitchen. She wolfed down the chocolate donut and the chicken sandwich which Mattie had left for her on the table. Her hunger briefly eclipsed the uncertainty she felt after her brief meeting with Mattie. Alma thought the donut offering to her was in direct contrast to Mattie’s sharp and aloof demeanor in the morning.

    After locking the door, Alma hurried towards the café where she was intent on helping. She did not want to be a burden. She wanted to help Mattie as much as she could at the café. She planned to earn her keep. By claiming her rightful share. Not more. Not less. Whether Mattie Jethro liked that or not.

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    Chapter 4: The Bakery

    A queue of people waited in front of the bakery counter which was manned by two elderly women in blue uniforms. Alma entered the bakery, looking around for Mattie. She saw her through a small window behind the counter. Mattie saw her at the same time but did not smile or acknowledge her. Alma saw a door beside the counter which led to the kitchen where Mattie stood in a blue apron over her jeans and shirt.

    The kitchen did not have any windows and as Alma entered, she felt a wave of heat wash over her. Lord, what sin have I committed to be sent to this infernal furnace, Alma wondered to herself? She noticed that Mattie’s shirt already had wet spots of sweat all over them.

    Mattie produced an apron from somewhere and handed it to Alma. The hostile expression that Mattie had worn for much of the morning was intact.

    “Could you cut up that chicken into little cubes?”, Mattie asked rather shortly, beckoning to the central table in the kitchen on which there were clumps of meat. Alma walked to the table and obeyed the order.

    The women went to work. Alma cutting the chicken slowly into little cubes. Mattie making sandwiches. The first act of collaboration and esprit de corps between the two Jethro women. Laboring together. Sweating together.

    Occasionally, the women would steal glances at each other as they worked. Alma with a kind smile that weakened considerably as the day passed. Mattie, on the other hand showed no sign of relenting from her quietly hostile position.

    When the day got over, they were both drenched in sweat. They cleaned up together, still not exchanging a word, their large figures keeping a distance, trying not to bump into each other inside the hot kitchen.

    But they could smell each other. Like all Patriarch women, neither wore perfume. A very slight smell of their sweating lingered in the kitchen air. A testament to their long day at work. It was pleasant. Both women enjoyed it.

    Mattie showed Alma how to shut down the bakery. They still did not speak much. They walked back to the cottage together. It was around 5 pm. The air was hot and humid. A typical Arkansan evening.

    Mattie was thinking – what were they supposed to do together, the rest of the evening? Mattie liked a whiskey or two after a day’s work. But how could she share it with a stranger? After Ace’s death, she had liked to drink alone.

    Alma was thinking –What an infernal relationship this was turning out to be. The wretched competitiveness between her and Mattie and the long silences. What could she do to arrest this utterly dreadful stalemate between them? They had their whole life ahead of them now.

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    Chapter 5: The First Night

    Mattie went for a bath. Alma waited at the kitchen table for her turn. After a while, she got bored and took a look around the living room. A bookshelf had True Grit by Charles Portis and Shane by Jack Schaefer among other Western paperbacks. At least we have something in common, thought Alma who liked to read. Everything in the room was neat and ordered. Then Mattie came down, sweet smell of soap around her and Alma went up for a bath.

    It felt good washing the grease from the kitchen off her body. Alma took time cleaning herself, before changing into a white shirt and short skirt. She contemplated whether to retire to bed or seek out Mattie downstairs. She decided to go downstairs and see what Mattie was up to.

    When Alma went downstairs, Mattie was in the kitchen. She had a bottle of whiskey on the table in front of her. Alma stood at the kitchen door waiting for Mattie to see her.

    Mattie looked up from her glass. Both women looked at each other uncertainly. Alma felt Mattie’s eyes going up and down her body. A candle placed on the table provided a warm glow to the intense drama between the two women.

    Mattie thought - should I invite her for a drink? I might as well. How long can I be hostile to her?

    Alma thought - will she invite me for a drink? Or should I invite myself?

    "Care to join me for a whiskey?", Mattie asked, keeping her tone neutral.

    "Yes. Sure," said Alma, unable to believe she had been invited for a drink, but also tempering her expectations because of Mattie's cold tone.

    She sat down in the chair facing Mattie. Mattie poured a drink into a glass and pushed it towards Alma.

    Alma picked up the glass and raised it towards Mattie - "To us", she said spiritedly.

    The two Jethro women clicked their glasses together and took a sip of their drinks.

    A silence descended over them. Alma drank down her whiskey quickly to smoothen her nerves. The whiskey went straight to her head in a few minutes.

    "So, do you miss Ace?", asked Alma boldly.

    Ace Jethro. The elephant on the couch. The man who had been husband to both women.

    Mattie looked at Alma as if she had been hit with a sledgehammer. Alma did not look away. She thought Mattie looked beautiful with her wet hair over her large offended face.

    "Sorry, we have to talk about Ace sooner or later. What could be a better time than over a drink?", asked Alma coolly. "I miss him a lot. I lived alone in that rented farm in Pine Bluff by myself since the last two months …..when Ace was around, he would kill all the rattlesnakes around the farm. There were just so many. Then when he was gone there was nobody to kill those snakes. They just kept growing. I would keep the windows and doors closed all day. I couldn’t sleep because those god forsaken creatures would be hissing and fighting all night. It drove me nuts. I could not take it anymore. Just being alone like that with all those snakes trying to get to me. Then there was nobody to tend to the farm when Ace was gone. The rent was mounting and that moonshine smuggling landlord of ours ..... he had an eye for me. He would come sniffing like a ***** dog. He never did that when Ace was around. I could not take it anymore, Mattie. That's when I called Gal Young Un ..... and asked her if there was something for me ..... someplace to go ..... someplace to stay. She talked me into this, Mattie. It was not my intention to move in on you, Mattie."

    It all came out of her like a waterfall. Mattie placed a hand over Alma's. She looked touched. Alma placed her other hand over Mattie’s, and they clasped their hands together.

    "It’s ok, Alma. We will have handle this. I am sorry I was so rude to you all day. I just didn't know what to expect." Mattie paused looked down at their clasped hands and then continued "After Ace's death things have been hard for me here. This place is a bit harsh on widows. It is almost like I lost my social standing. It is just the way people look at me. I can see it in their eyes. As if they know there is no future for me now. It is like I've turned into nothing overnight. Ace used to be the main guy around here. He used to get things done even though he was a drunk."

    "I know exactly how you feel."

    Their hands were clasped tightly together now. Alma smiled sympathetically at Mattie who returned the smile.

    "I'm so glad you opened your heart like that", said Mattie.

    "I've wanted to get all of it off my chest for a while. Maybe it was the rye whiskey that did it."

    They both laughed at that. They continued to hold hands.

    "Did Ace ever talk to you about me?", asked Alma curiously.

    "No, never. But I was aware of you. I knew there was another woman. I mean Ace would be away for a month. I guess he was with you."

    They looked at each other intensely. The ramifications of the sexual triangle they were both party to was dawning upon them.

    Mattie withdrew her hands from Alma's grip. Alma looked surprised. Mattie scorched her with a piercing stare.

    "I shouldn't have brought it up. But I just want you to know that I was aware of you too. I think Ace spent a month with me and then he would go back to you. A month with each of us. That’s how Ace rolled." said Alma.

    "I guess so. Which one of us met him first?", asked Mattie. Now that Alma had brought up their bone of contention, she was not about to let go.

    "I met him at a country fair in Pine Wells ten years ago. We married a month later in June 1969", said Alma.

    "I'll be tarred and feathered! I was married to Ace on June 18th, 1969. What is your marriage date?", said Mattie rather haughtily.

    "I married Ace on June 9th, 1969. I have a certificate to prove it. I remember he left me exactly a week after our marriage to go to Bull Shoals. Told me it was to work as a stuntman in a Western. I guess he left to get married to you."

    The two women looked at each other with an air of competitiveness.

    "I remember him arriving a couple of days before the marriage. But he left a week later. Said there was a job in a chain gang out in Pine Wells. Guess he came back to you." Mattie’s tone was accusatory.

    They looked intensely at each other. Their bosoms heaved. Thin drops of sweat had appeared on their foreheads, perhaps from the emotional grappling they were both engaged in.

    Mattie searched Alma's face. Did she want to continue this dig into the past?

    "I think I better go to bed. I like to turn in early. I must wake up early you know. You can sit here and help yourself to another whiskey if you want", said Mattie rather shortly.

    Alma did not reply. Mattie got up and went upstairs. She turned off the lights and got into bed, leaving space for Alma. Mattie usually liked to sleep naked in bed. But the arrival of Alma would put an end to such sartorial transgressions.

    Had she beat a hasty retreat? Would Alma see her reticence in examining their shared past as a weakness? These thoughts plagued Mattie as she lay in bed.
    A few minutes later, she heard Alma enter the room. Mattie lay still but then turned around. Alma’s tall figure stood beside the bed looking down on her. Mattie could see her considerable bosom heave as she towered over her.

    “Are you sleepy, Alma?”, asked Mattie.

    “Yes. What time do we have to wake up, Mattie?”, asked Alma.

    “I wake up at half past five. I start work in the café at six am. The café opens at seven-thirty am,” said Mattie rather solemnly.

    “I’ll be ready, Mattie. We’ll open the café together,” said Alma in a tone she hoped would inspire some solidarity.

    “Sure, Alma. That would be great,” said Mattie without much emotion.

    Mattie watched Alma in the dark, waiting for her to get into bed. She would be sharing the bed with her husband’s co-wife. The other woman. Her sexual rival. She felt a tingle of excitement swim through her body, despite her best effort to repress her feelings.

    Alma watched Mattie’s slim tall, slim figure lying in bed as she took off her sandals. A hint of cleavage was visible as Mattie had unbuttoned the top buttons on her shirt. A slender limb had escaped Mattie’s long skirt and Alma stole a long glance at it. She was about to get into bed with a person whom she would regard as an enemy under normal circumstances. She would be sleeping with the enemy.

    Alma climbed in and lowered herself onto the bed beside Mattie. The bed just about fit the two of them. They could hear each other breathe. Both knew that sleep would not come easily that night. The tension between them was palpable. Their bodies were stiff like corpses. Not even corpses would be as silent as these two were. They could smell each other’s aromas.

    But the lord did not make them suffer in each other’s close presence for too long. He grants sleep to those that he loves. The pleasant smell of female sweat that emanated from the curvature of their underarms tranquilized the women into the throes of a tired sleep.

    So ended the day, with the two Jethro women sharing a bed. It had been an emotionally draining start for the two wives of Ace Jethro, in which they shifted between feelings of hostility, companionship, empathy, competitiveness, jealousy and sexual tension.

    One can only wait eagerly for the two tall and slim women to stir from their slumber and resume their strange relationship over the next two days.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Chapter 6: Days and Nights Together

    Their life together began rather uneventfully and soon plummeted into the rigors of routine. You could say the two women were in a forced arranged marriage. They were thrown together by circumstances beyond them. Like two prison inmates locked together in a jail cell for life. There was no escape for either one.

    Alma began to accompany Mattie to the café every morning. Before that she would wake up early and prepare breakfast for the two of them. Mattie acquiesced to Alma preparing breakfast. She expressed her formal appreciation after every meal. After breakfast, they would walk together down the cemented pathway that connected their cottage to the bakery. Prying, old, hungry, and curious eyes from the old age home would watch the two fine and tall women in their shirts and skirts walking side by side in the early morning. It was a sight as sweet as the cry of the morning hen and the chirping of the early birds.

    In the bakery, Alma always obeyed Mattie’s orders. To her credit, Mattie was never rude to Alma after that first day. A mutual respect grew between them. Alma respected Mattie’s experience running the bakery. Mattie silently acknowledged Alma’s willingness to work hard and learn. It was a simple business that involved hours of physical labor. Alma discovered during those first few days that running a bakery was easier than working in a farm.

    Working in such close proximity, the women became used to each other’s aromas. Mattie decided she liked the way Alma smelled. Alma noticed Mattie would take in a deep breath whenever they were close to each other.

    They would eat their lunches together in the bakery. Not much would be said between them. During the first few days, Alma would try to make conversation, hoping that Mattie would open up like she did during their first whiskey laced evening together. But she was met with reticence. Mattie had closed herself off like a tortoise in a shell. Alma tried to coax her out. But she stayed right there.

    They would shut shop after work and walk back up the cemented pathway to the cottage. During her first week at the Echelon, Alma hoped Mattie would show her around the Echelon property. But no such offer of a guided tour was made by Mattie. One evening, Alma ventured out by herself. She was not welcomed at the hospital by the nurses, who seemed busy and irritable. The old men eyed her wantonly while the women seemed to look at her as if they cursed her youth.

    Having lived on a farm for most of her life, the oakwood and hickory vegetation of the Echelon offered nothing new to Alma. The Echelon property that was hostile and dull in parts forced Alma to retreat into the cottage where Mattie was kind enough to offer her some whiskey. But having bestowed this considerable generosity on her new housemate, Mattie retreated into a book – “Hombre” by Elmore Leonard.

    Alma tried to start a conversation about Westerns, hoping to deepen their relationship through a discussion about popular Western paperbacks. But Mattie was not forthcoming, politely signaling through her body language that she was not interested. Exasperated, Alma went up to her room and brought down a book of her own that she had packed into the suitcase – “The Treasure of the Sierra *****” by B. Traven. She saw Mattie glance at her book, but not another word was exchanged between the women that evening.

    This became a ritual. In the evenings, after work at the bakery was done, the women would sit in the living room, adjacent to each other, reading their books and sipping whiskies. The scene was illuminated by a single table lamp. Their chairs were a foot apart from each other. Sometimes their bare feet would accidentally brush against one another. But neither of them shifted their chairs to allow more space between them.

    Mattie would usually retire to bed first. Alma would follow her a few minutes (less than five) later. Mattie felt like Alma always waited for her to go to bed first so that she did not have to go to bed alone. This was a correct deduction by Mattie. Alma did not like sleeping by herself after Ace’s departure. She liked having Mattie by her side in bed. She liked Mattie’s smell just liked Mattie liked her smell.

    Both women left a small space (as much as the small bed would allow) between them when they slept. But as the days passed Mattie discovered that Alma would violate the line of control in her sleep. Sometimes a bare leg would twine with her own bare leg and wake Mattie up in the night. Once, Alma’s hand fell on Mattie’s bosom, her hands enveloping one of Mattie’s breasts. Mattie gasped and let it stay there for a while, before Alma removed it herself, when she shifted into another sleeping position.
    Alma found that Mattie was a light sleeper. Sometimes she would talk in her sleep and wake Alma up. On occasions when Alma would wake up in the night, she would look towards Mattie. There would be no sign of breathing which meant that Mattie was awake. Alma even asked – “Mattie, are you awake?”, but the question was met with a stiff silence.

    The weeks spent together had also made both women aware of each other’s physical beauty. They were struck by how equally matched they were. Their modest dressing made it hard for both women to find out what the other was like naked. But after work, they changed into rather short skirts. They noticed their similar slender long legs and large feet. Mattie noticed red patches on Alma’s knees. She figured it was from kneeling on the hard ground while working out in the open for so long. Alma noticed that Mattie’s legs were well taken care of. It was not a peasant’s legs and feet. Alma liked to watch Mattie’s feet in particular. They were like a Hollywood superstar’s with not a mark on them.

    Alma would often walk around the house with two of the top buttons on her shirt unbuttoned. Mattie was always buttoned up like a priestess*** but after a few weeks, Alma noticed that even Mattie had begun to unbutton the top two buttons on her shirt, when she was in the house with Alma. They were subtly showing off their cleavages to each other. A slow and gradual undressing.

    Their increasing sexual attraction towards each other was tempered by a fervent shared religiosity. On alternate days, the women prayed together, kneeling side by side to a wooden idol of Christ. The Patriarchs practiced idol worship. The little cottage would be filled with the slightly manic chants of the two women in the evenings, for around twenty minutes. It was to compensate for the fact that Patriarch widows were not allowed attendance during Sunday church.

    Living together in a house and sharing its conveniences can make you acquainted with more than the other person’s physical peculiarities. There was a basket outside the bedroom to drop dirty clothes. Alma felt shy to share the basket with Mattie, but Mattie told her she could put her dirty clothes in it. One day when she opened the basket, she saw Mattie’s bloodied underwear. Alma washed the underwear clean and laid it on the bed for Mattie.

    Even though she was shocked at this intrusion into her privacy, Mattie thanked Alma for the kind gesture. The favor was returned the very next week when Alma was menstruating. Mattie washed Alma’s bloodied underwear and placed it on the bed for her. Alma was particularly pleased by this tender return of a favor. It made Alma feel like they had shared something very intimate with each other.

    This feeling encouraged Alma to suggest that the two of them catch a movie together in town on the fifth Sunday after she had arrived at the Echelon. To her surprise, Mattie agreed. Being widows, they were not permitted to attend Sunday service at the Echelon Patriarchs Church. The bakery was closed on Sundays. They cleaned the cottage and worked in the garden on that day. After their weekly cleaning and washing, they were left with no other social obligations. A taxi picked them both up and dropped them off at the Majestic Cinema. They bought tickets for “The Last Picture Show”, a film by a young director called Peter Bogdanovich, based on a novel which they both loved by Larry McMurtry. The film left both women with a sense of longing and nostalgia. But more importantly, both women sat with their elbows touching throughout the film.

    Later that night, when they were both in bed together, they did not feel the need to leave a space. After weeks together, they felt comfortable sleeping with each other. That night, Alma sleepily placed an arm around Mattie’s stomach. Mattie did not remove the hand. She instead placed her arm over Alma’s. With her lower limbs and toes she rubbed up against Alma’s lower limb.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Chapter 7: Bleeding Together

    Gal Young Un paid them a visit at the bakery. She told them she was happy with the way the bakery was making money. Profits were increasing and she promised them a higher share in the gains. She noticed the chemistry which the women shared. It was unlike anything she had seen before among Patriarch widows who were forced to live together. Such arrangements were usually affected by jealousy or mutually inflicted melancholy. But these two seemed to be glowing in each other’s company. They looked as happy as two pigs in mud, as her daddy used to say.

    During the day and later that evening, they noticed the other woman visiting the toilet frequently. The women knew they had begun to menstruate together.
    “I have heard that friends who become very close usually menstruate at the same time”, said Mattie.

    “I have heard that too. I got my periods a week after you last month. Do you remember, Mattie?”, asked Alma.

    “Yes. Now we got them on the same day”, said Mattie.

    They gazed shyly at each other. A magical primeval event seemed to have taken place between them. As if to celebrate their simultaneous menstruation, the women knelt down before the wooden statue of Christ at the end of the living room and prayed fervently. The room filled with their primeval religious chants and cries which went on for ten minutes. Anyone listening to them might have noticed that the chanting was almost animalistic and deeply sexual in nature. Something was brewing between the two widows.

    Prayers done, they sat on their chairs and began to read their books. Mattie placed her feet over Alma's feet. Alma thought it was an accident and waited for her to remove it. When she didn’t, Alma slowly looked up and what she saw was something she had not see before. Mattie’s face wore a seductive expression. The often aloof, silent and hard working woman was expressing herself sexually. Alma decided to play it cool. She did not move an inch. Mattie had played truant with her for too long. She was going to have to work extra hard to seduce her.

    Mattie began to rub her feet up to the arch of Alma’s ankles and down to her toes. She did this a few times, awaiting a response from Alma. Even though shivers of pleasure were swimming through her body from the rubbing of their feet, Alma pulled back her feet, disentangling them from Mattie’s. She looked arrogantly at Mattie, making her message clear. She was going to have to work hard for it.

    The women stared at each other for a few moments; the air between them was pregnant with lust. Weeks of repressed lust threatened to explode between them. Mattie had lit the fuse for things to explode, but Alma had poured water over it.

    Alma waited for Mattie to make her next move. She could feel her ******s becoming erect with lust. Alma did not have to wait for long. Mattie slowly got up from her chair, closed her book, placed it on the table beside them and walked away. Alma sat there, a little surprised, as she watched Mattie walk calmly up to the staircase and climb them slowly up to their shared room.

    Alma, sat in the chair, a little stunned. Was she that trivial? A wave of hatred for Mattie’s behavior washed over Alma. There she was, ready to be seduced. But Mattie had walked away after the first rebuff to her lustful overture.

    Alma also closed her book slowly, threw it atop Mattie’s book on the table and walked angrily towards the staircase. When she reached, the stairs, a fierce sexual rage seemed to take possession of her body and she ran up the stairs, as if in a frenzy.

    Mattie heard the ruckus as Alma ran up the stairs; she lay alert with sexual excitement in bed, preparing for whatever was going to happen between them. She expected the door to be flung open. But there seemed to be a pause. Maybe Alma was composing herself, outside the door, before she stormed in. Mattie used the pause to switch on the table lamp beside her side of the bed. She placed one hand over a breast and located the ******. It was raised erect with sexual tension. Then the door opened and Alma walked in. She quietly removed her sandals as she normally did and walked towards the bed, where she stopped and smiled at Mattie. Mattie waited.

    Alma unbuttoned her shirt, slowly, as if performing a sacred ritual and took it off. Her breasts had a nice round shape without being overtly buxomly and she raised them in the air as she proceeded to remove her skirt. The erect ******s made vulgar dark red orbs against the thin cotton of the brassiere. She stood for a moment in her brassiere and panties, staring at Mattie in bed. Even in the light glow of the table lamp, Mattie could not take her eyes off Alma’s beautiful slim body, endowed with just the perfect amount of flesh in all the right parts. Alma’s body was like a perfectly ripe fruit that was in its prime, it begged to be plucked and eaten. Then Alma climbed into bed beside her. Mattie gulped. Alma’s arm brushed hers as she laid down.

    “I just had to take my clothes off. I hope it is all right with you, Mattie. It’s too hot to sleep in clothes. When I was in Pine Bluff, I would just take all my clothes off before I jumped into bed,” said Alma in the calmest of tones as if she had performed the most innocent of actions.

    “It’s OK Alma.”

    Mattie jumped out of bed and walked out of the room. She took refuge in the bath where she looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was flushed red, her forehead was awash with sweat.

    She felt like she would combust with all the lust that had welled up in her body. She wanted to storm into the room and jump onto Alma's semi nude body and they would mate in a sexual frenzy.

    She opened the bathroom and slammed it shut behind her.

    Inside the room, Alma heard the bathroom door being slammed. Brace yourself, she told herself. She could feel her erect ******s straining lustily against the thin cotton of her brassiere, as if they had a life of their own. She heard Mattie pause in front of the door, just like she had done. Then the door opened quietly and Mattie stepped in. She walked slowly to the front of the bed and turned towards Alma. Their eyes locked in a challenging glare. Without another word, she unbuttoned her shirt carefully, clearly showing herself off to Alma. After, she dropped the shirt onto the floor; she raised her ample brassiere covered breasts up in the air as if they were weapons. In the bed, Alma licked her lips, signaling to Mattie that she wanted her desperately. Mattie then dropped her skirt onto the floor. She seductively walked towards her side of the bed and deliberately knelt down so that Alma could watch her breasts hanging down in the brassiere.

    Alma took in Mattie's tall and slender semi- nakedness. Just as she had suspected, Mattie's body was much like her own. She was a slim and sexy woman, with long legs. Mattie climbed in beside her.

    Their shoulders and arms came into contact, neither woman made an attempt to move away. The sides of their legs brushed, sending bolts of electric lust through each other’s bodies.

    Mattie turned off the table lamp and the room plunged into darkness. The women lay there, waiting for the other one to make the next move. The sides of their bodies continued to joust and rub in barely fulfilling sexual contact. Their armpits were wet with sweat and the air was filled with the aroma of their bodies. They lay beside each other, stewing in their lust for each other. A few moments of tense anticipation passed and the air was filled with the smell of the ******l secretions. The smell was unmistakable. They had made each other wet by simply laying beside each other, semi-naked. But neither woman made any more sexual overtures to each other that night.

    They were almost inflicting a form of punishing sexual repression upon each other by delaying the inevitable. Denying each other what they both wanted the most - coitus between their bodies! Ordinary people would not understand this weird and unique mating dance between the two devout women. It was a relentless test of each other’s mastery over their sexual chastity; lust mixed with religious fervor.

    Mattie’s reticence had at its center, a fear of Alma intruding into her life and dominating their relationship. Alma’s craving for Mattie’s attention and approval also had its center, a longing for more say in how they both lived. They were like two wrestlers, fighting with their mutual attraction and also the rules of engagement.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Chapter 8: The Exorcism

    When Mattie woke up the next morning, Alma was already in the kitchen making coffee for them both. A wave of sexual frenzy surged through Mattie’s semi-naked body as memory of the sexual encounter between her and Alma penetrated into her early morning awareness. She saw that Alma’s side of the bed was still wet with her sweat and other bodily fluids. Mattie sniffed at the sheets, taking in Alma’s aroma and suddenly felt a longing for her. She knew she would not be able to control herself for much longer. She knew that it was her fault that she and Alma had not had sex with each other. It was time to make amends.

    Mattie washed her body of the sweat, put on a new pad for her menstruating vagina and changed into fresh clothes. Before she went down, she left the top three buttons on her shirt unbuttoned, showing off quite a bit of her cleavage. Alma had prepared coffee and the two of them sipped the coffee, sitting across each other on the kitchen table. Mattie pushed her chest up towards Alma but Alma acted like she did not notice, refusing to look at Mattie’s cleavage. She seemed to have adopted Mattie’s coldness as her preferred scheme in their mating dance, and acted as if the events of the previous evening had been placed on a back burner. Or so it seemed. But Alma could feel the wetness inside her vagina. It was almost like an itch that needed some scratching.

    The women did not talk much. But merely exchanged glances and glares of a distinct sexual nature. Almost as if their eyes were sexual organs used to undress and stimulate each other.

    After coffee, they walked together towards the cafe. There was a cool early morning breeze and they both shivered a little. Groceries like bread, eggs, dough and jam had been dropped off at the front of the cafe. The women picked them up. Mattie opened the cafe and they went into the kitchen.

    Mattie told Alma to chop up the bread for the sandwiches while she made the doughnuts. She said there was leftover filling for the sandwiches from yesterday and they would not have to make anything new today. The women went to work.

    It was hot inside the kitchen and they began to sweat.

    "We should probably get a fan. Or even a cooler," Alma wondered out loud.

    "Yeah, maybe we should," said Mattie.

    Alma ogled at the sweating Mattie as she chopped the chicken. She had sweat on her forehead and under the armpits. Alma thought Mattie looked like she had just made out with someone. Mattie could feel Alma's eyes all over her. She grew self-conscious and resolved that if Alma made a move on her, she would submit.

    "You sure do sweat a lot," ventured Alma.

    "I've been like that since I was a kid. They used to call me sweaty Mattie when I was in school," said Mattie, throwing the gauntlet.

    The women eyed each other. They had begun playing their little sexual game again.

    "You're sweating quite profusely yourself Alma," said Mattie. They were like two competitors in a sexual tug of war.
    "Yeah ..... Ace used to joke that I sweated like a pig", said Alma suggestively.

    "He used to tell that to me too", said Mattie.

    They looked at each other, both full of sexual intent.

    "Ace liked to sniff my armpits. Did he do that to you too?”, asked Alma boldly.

    "All the time", said Mattie calmly. "We would be working right here in the this bakery, side by side like you and me and he would come and grab me from the back and ask that he be allowed to sniff my armpits." Mattie tried not to gulp or waver as she said it.

    "Gosh! When we worked together in the farm, he would do the same to me when I was drawing water from the well" said Alma excitedly.

    Something stirred inside Mattie. She was opening up like a dam that was being overwhelmed by a river.

    "Can I sniff your armpits, Alma?", she asked, as confidently as she could.

    Mattie felt her bosom heaving as if her nipples were protesting in sexual frustration.

    "That's one hell of a strange request, Mattie. But if you would like to, I don’t see why not", said Alma.

    Mattie walked towards Alma. Alma raised her arms, as if in submission but when Mattie was close to her, she grabbed Alma by her arm and twisted her around and then threw her arms around Alma’s waist, pulling their bodies together.

    “Is this how Ace used to grab you, Alma?”, asked Mattie as she plunged her heaving breasts into Alma’s back. She plastered her face along the side of Alma’s face.
    “He used to hold me a lot tighter, Mattie,” said Alma, gasping.

    Mattie tightened her grip around Alma’s waist and also lowered her face into Alma’s armpit, wetting her face with Alma’s sweat.

    Both women gasped as Mattie ravaged Alma’s armpits, first with her face and then began to lick at the sweaty patch on her shirt. Alma twisted and turned in Mattie’s arms but Mattie would not let her go. She licked Alma’s armpit to her heart’s content and then twisted her around, plunging her breasts into Alma’s. The women threw their arms around each other, slim bodies and ample bosoms becoming plastered together.

    "Would you like to smell my armpits now, Alma?", asked Mattie lustily.

    "Should I?", Alma's tone suggested that she desperately wanted to.

    "Oh go right ahead! It's just a way to get to know each other and be comfortable in each other’s company. We are two sweaty girls after all", said Mattie, whispering into Alma’s face.

    Their faces were red with lust. Sweat had appeared on their foreheads and cheeks.

    She raised her arms, exposing the sweaty armpits of her shirt and Alma eagerly lowered her head and took long sniffs of both armpits.

    "I like that you don’t wear any perfume. You're confident of your aroma", said Alma.

    "I noticed you don’t wear any either. I like the real smell of any person that I meet. I guess I'm just a country girl that way," said Mattie.

    Mattie felt her contempt and fear of Alma receding. A longing for the new arrivals acknowledgement was replacing her fear. She was increasingly enamored by Alma and wanted the two of them to become closer. She was sure that this was what Alma wanted as well.

    Mattie checked the clock. It was almost time for the two women who stood at the front counter to arrive. She knew she had to do something before the bakery opened to the public.

    She threw her arm around Alma’s body, bringing them close together. Alma also threw her arms around Mattie’s body, the two women stood locked together like that feverishly hugging, their breasts pummeling into each other. They began to run their hands up and down each other’s backs, with their cheeks pressed together.

    Alas, before their sexual encounter could approach a crescendo, their co-workers arrived and the women had to tear themselves away from each other. Clothes were adjusted and hairs combed with bare hands to show that they were both having a normal day. Claire and Harold were the couple who manned the front counter. The elderly couple were chatty and curious that day. They watched Mattie and Alma with suspicious eyes and asked a lot of questions about how the two were getting along. Mattie gave them coffees and she and Alma answered the questions as best as they could. Mattie knew they had been put to it by Gal Young Un to check if she and Alma were getting along. After finishing their coffees, the couple took the sandwiches prepared by Alma and Mattie to the front counter. The customers began to trickle in.
    The interruption of their budding sexual union seemed to anger both women, as if they accused each other for delaying their mating. They exchanged glares and the sexual tension between them was like an actual tangible entity. If only glares could stop the sexual itching that had spread across their bodies and their sexual organs. Breasts heaved. Nipples stayed erect. Vaginas were wet with secretions. Armpits became awash with sweat. Even though they were not touching each other, the women felt like they were locked together by some powerful sexual force beyond them.

    The women went through the motions, barely able to contain their lust. If they had no co-workers or a relentless trickle of customers, they would be rolling around on the floor in a catball, tearing their clothes off each other’s bodies. Instead, here they were like two caged animals, taking sniffs of each other’s aromas, desperately waiting for the day to get over.

    The work day ended, after what seemed like ages. But the women did not lay a finger on each other, even after their co-workers left. As if by mutual consent, they shut down the bakery in a flurry of activity. They hurried back to their cottage, trying to look calm and collected. But both of them could feel the lust welling up within each other. Their sweaty faces looked mean and hungry. Anyone watching them would realize that both women were in the grip of a powerful sexual neurosis.

    As they neared the cottage, Alma grabbed Mattie’s fingers with one hand and the women entwined fingers tightly. Mattie let them in, opening the door to the cottage with her free hand. Once inside, they literally jumped into each other’s arms and locked together in a tight bear hug. Alma pinned Mattie to the wall at the foot of the staircase. Mattie was surprised by her aggression. But Alma had a leering smile on her face. They were nose to nose.

    "You have been leading me along for too long, you tart" said Alma challengingly.

    "I was paranoid about your arrival. I didn't know what to expect. But I think I already like you. I think you like me too," said Mattie, realizing that this was a continuation of the game between them.

    "I was quite excited about meeting and living with you, Mattie. But the fact that we shared a husband ..... I knew Ace could come between us," said Alma.
    They were whispering to each other now. A feverish sex fuelled whisper.

    Their noses rubbed. Breasts heaved against each other as they spoke.

    "Alma, the truth is that Ace has been inside both of us. He has bedded us both. That primeval animalistic fact is bound to drive a wedge between us," said Mattie. She pushed back at Alma.

    The women tightened their grips around each other as the harsh truths came gushing out of them.

    "We both need to exorcise that drunken son of a bitch Ace Jethro. We both loved him dearly but now he's got to go. Now it's you and me, Mattie. I want to get really really close to you," said Alma yearningly.

    "Even I want to get really really close to you, Alma.”

    Their faces hovered around each other, mouths tantalizingly poised.

    Mattie dug her fingers into Alma’s hair. Alma did the same. They fastened their mouths around each other. Tongues came darting out like snakes and writhed together. Using their grips on each other’s hair as leverage, the women tried to outkiss each other. Like two gluttons, they feasted on each other’s mouths for a few moments.
    Mattie pushed Alma towards the living room. Their mouths were fastened around each other as the women danced towards the place in the house, where they normally read books.

    The women had forgotten to switch off the lamp after their sexual encounter, the previous night. The lamp cast its glow on the women as they groped each other ravenously.

    Then Alma disentangled herself from Mattie’s grip and tore her shirt off her upper torso. Mattie matched the move. Brassiere’s were unhooked and dropped onto the floor in seconds. The women took a moment to examine each other’s exposed breasts.

    Mattie’s breasts were white at the point where the breasts began to curve out from her chest, but changed into a nice pink color as it became fleshier, achieving a dark pink pallor at the point of fullness. The large erect nipples looked sharp. The breasts were covered with a very thin film of sweat.

    Alma’s breasts were white all over with little pink spots on them. Her erect nipples were large and a dark pink, in direct contrast to the predominantly milky white shade of the breasts. The nipples stood out due to its dark pink color. Like Mattie, Alma’s breasts were also covered with sweat.

    The women took a step forward to let their naked breasts meet for the first time. The erect nipples poked into the soft fullness of each other’s breasts, before brushing against each other. The women let out whispering moans.

    “I still remember how Ace used to pleasure my breasts,” said Alma as she gripped Mattie’s bare lower back.

    “Oh yeah? Want to show me how he did it?,” asked Mattie, suggestively, digging her nails into Alma’s hips.

    Without another word, Alma lowered her head and bit at Mattie’s nipple. Mattie let out a cry. Alma pushed Mattie down to the carpet before lowering herself down towards where Mattie’s head rested, in such a way that she could feast on Mattie’s nipples while kneeling down on the carpet and her own breasts hovered over Mattie.

    Alma bit down hard on Mattie’s nipple again before giving it a nice lick. Mattie’s nipples were wet with sweat and Alma liked the slightly salty taste. Mattie also took a bite of Alma’s dark nipple and then gave it a lick. The women let out cries and moans as they inflicted both pain and pleasure on each other’s nipples. Their nipple biting was made saucier by their shared knowledge that Ace’s mouth had been on both their nipples.

    Alma ran her hands across Mattie’s smooth stomach, giving it a nice rub, even as she bit and suckled on Mattie’s nipples. Mattie’s hands took turns rubbing Alma’s sweaty back while also grabbing the flesh of Alma’s buttocks.

    Their breasts were the first sex organs that the two Jethro women explored in their journey of carnal knowledge of each other’s bodies.

    Having pleasured each other’s breasts, Alma took a step forward and began kissing Mattie’s stomach. Mattie’s skin was smooth and smelled of cream. The step forward weaned Alma’s breasts away from Mattie’s mouth. Mattie licked at Alma’s belly button, before kissing Alma’s stomach. Alma lowered her stomach onto Mattie’s face, leaving just enough space so that Mattie could move her head around.

    The carnal knowledge of each other’s stomachs did not last for too long.

    Alma climbed across Mattie’s body and lowered her mouth onto Mattie’s vagina. A musty smell of sweat and Mattie’s sex, mixed with remnants of the soap Mattie had used to wash her groin that morning, enveloped her. She saw tiny summer boils in the insides of Mattie’s groin. At the same time, she lowered her own vagina onto Mattie’s mouth. Mattie received Alma’s vagina with a lascivious lick across the outer fold of skin. She could smell Alma’s secretions. There were bits of hair around the rim. Alma moaned and returned the favor. Mattie held onto Alma’s buttocks while Alma wrapped her hands around Mattie’s shapely thighs.

    They began to pleasure each other’s pussies, first slowly, then as their tongues and mouth aroused each other’s pussies they buried their lips in each other’s pussy lips. The women were venting weeks of pent up sexual rage up on each other’s vaginas.

    Alma tantalized Mattie’s vagina, continuously licking across each and every fold of her co-wife’s pussy, so that Mattie had no other alternative except to open her legs further for Alma to explore.

    Mattie did the same to Alma. Her tongue visited every nook and corner of her co-wife’s pussy lips. Alma spread her legs further, unable to guard herself against Mattie’s assault on her vagina.

    Tongues were inserted deep into each other’s pussy lips, both women tasting each other’s fundament. Ace’s mouth and sexual organ had been to these parts before.
    As they elevated each other to the doorstep of sexual crescendo, the women let out cries. The inevitable was finally here. The last few weeks had been a feverish foreplay. Neither woman could wait anymore. They licked each other to an almost hysterical ecstasy. Alma orgasmed onto Mattie’s face. But Mattie continue to lick at Alma’s pussy even as Alma exploded onto her face, covering it with her pussy milk. But Mattie kept on, continuing to lick, as if to extract every last drop of pussy milk that had been stored inside Alma’s vagina.

    Alma paused her licking of Mattie’s pussy for a few seconds to enjoy her orgasm. Then she resumed her endeavor and a few moments later Mattie also exploded into Alma’s face. Alma positioned her face perfectly near Mattie’s cunt so that she could taste each and every drop of it. She even opened her mouth as if Mattie’s pussy milks were the nectar of the gods.

    Alma raised herself and turned her body around and Mattie welcomed her in a tight embrace. Alma lowered herself onto Mattie and they hugged each other feverishly. They kissed deeply. The tongues which had been inside each other’s vaginas only a few moments ago were now inserted into each other’s mouths.

    “Would you and Ace entwine legs when you made love?” asked Mattie, enamored by Alma’s face which was covered with her vaginal milks.

    “Oh yes, all the time. We always twined our legs together when we made love”, whispered Alma.

    The women entwined legs as tightly as they could, rubbing the backs of their limbs against each other and running their feet and toes across the arches and curves of each other’s legs.

    They rolled around on the carpet, in a game of dominance, both women wishing to be on top. This mating dance was not just one of love but also about establishing sexual dominance over the other woman.

    Mattie emerged on top of Alma and pinned her arms onto the carpet, their fingers entwined. She lowered her breasts onto Alma’s. Alma raised her breasts to meet Mattie’s. A slow fighting with breasts began between the women.

    “So did you and Ace entwine fingers a lot?”, whispered Mattie.

    “All the time. We would always entwine fingers during intercourse,” said Alma.

    They entwined their fingers really tightly. To someone watching them, it might have looked like someone had glued their fingers together.

    Mattie’s nipples pierced into Alma’s. The entwined fingers, normally an expression of love now assumed the nature of two wrestler’s testing each other’s strength.
    Mattie’s nipples ravaged Alma’s nipples and breasts. Alma let out cries of both pain and pleasure. Then Mattie suddenly raised herself up and pulled Alma up with her.
    “Let’s take this upstairs to the bed,” said Mattie.

    “Oh yes, do let’s …..” whispered Alma.

    They ran towards the stairs, holding hands. After climbing a few stairs, Alma who was in front, turned around suddenly and grabbed Mattie by the shoulders. She lowered Mattie onto a lower rung of the staircase. Mattie acquiesced, not knowing what Alma had in mind.

    Alma grabbed Mattie by the hair, simultaneously, raising her groin and planting her vagina onto Mattie’s face. Mattie was caught unawares, but she knew this was a game of dominance.

    “I want to see your face while you lick my muff”, Alma, whisper-growled down into Mattie’s face.

    Mattie plunged her face into Alma’s groin. It was already wet with pussy milk. Mattie licked Alma’s inner thighs and vaginal clefts clean of the secretions. Then she looked up at Alma, whose face wore a look of utter and complete wantonness. They glared at each other.

    Alma tightened her grip on Mattie’s hair as if to indicate that she had a job to do. Alma’s pussy emanated the seductive odor of sex, now that she had ejaculated once. Mattie plunged her nose into the leaking cavern. She rubbed her nose up and down Alma’s the rim of Alma’s vagina. She heard Alma moan.

    Then Mattie began to lick Alma’s muff. She inserted her tongue as deep into Alma’s muff as she could. Alma understood what Mattie wanted. She raised a leg and placed it on the rail of the stairs. This enabled Mattie to plunge her tongue deeper into the cavern that was Alma’s pussy. Alma let out a cry as Mattie penetrated and ravaged her vagina with her tongue. Mattie knew that she had penetrated into the very essence of her rival’s body. She licked and licked. Alma twisted and turned on the staircase, raging with pleasure. The staircase shook due to their amatory exertions. Mattie gripped Alma’s buttocks so that would not fall down and Alma held onto Mattie’s hair.
    Mattie could feel Alma’s pussy quivering. Alma’s pussy milk dripped onto her face and onto the stair case. She felt the quivering reach a crescendo. They continued to glare at each other, feelings of utter lust and mutual hatred running through their minds.

    Then Alma exploded for the second time that evening onto Mattie’s face. If Mattie had thought she had licked Alma’s pussy dry the first time, she was wrong. There was a lot more where that came from. A flood of pussy milk ejaculated and hit Mattie’s face like it was a waterfall. Mattie opened her mouth wide, drinking it down like she could not waste a single drop.

    Pussy milk discharged for the second time in months, Alma leaned against the rails as if she was spent and needed to lay down somewhere. But Mattie raised herself and pulled Alma towards her. The two women did a dangerous embrace on the staircase. They were so obsessed with each other now, they did not care if they would fall and break their legs.

    They embraced feverishly. Then out of the blue, Alma spat onto Mattie’s face. It hit Mattie like a bullet, Alma’s phlegm mixing with her pussy milk on Mattie’s face. Mattie spit back and the two women spit at each other a few times, in a fit of sexual rage and jealousy. Things were reaching a head between them.

    Then Mattie climbed a rung above where Alma stood and caught her by the hair. Alma knew what was about to happen. She was too spent to fight back. She let herself be lowered until she was on her haunches and Mattie placed her pussy onto Alma’s face. Tables were turned.

    Mattie did not waste any time. She wanted Alma to go deep into her, so she placed her leg onto the stair rail, elongating the gate to her essence as much as she could. Alma licked the drying pussy juices from around Mattie’s vagina before poking her tongue into Mattie’s cavern. She used her tongue like a knife, giving sharp lascivious licks at the tender but sensitive regions of Mattie’s cunt. Mattie let out sharp cries of pleasure every time Alma’s tongue licked at her nether regions. The air around Alma was filled with odor of Mattie’s sex. Only when a woman was possessed by pure sexual rage would she emit such a strong odor of sex, thought Alma.

    Then, without a warning, Alma plunged her whole tongue into Mattie’s vagina. Mattie let out a cry at the sudden change in tempo. She realized that Alma was really bent on punishing her for delaying their coitus for so long. Well, she wasn’t about to be at the receiving end all the time. While Alma’s tongue was plunged deep into her cavern, Mattie deliberately closed a pussy fold, trapping Alma’s tongue inside her vagina. She also tightened her grip on Alma’s hair so that Alma could not remove her face from her cunt.

    Alma glared up at Mattie and Mattie down at her. The glare was a mix of pure lust and untrammeled sexual rage. Alma tried to speak, but her tongue was stuck inside Mattie’s vagina. Mattie began to grind her pussy onto Alma’s face in a circling motion. The folds of her vagina rubbed all over Alma’s face. Alma mumbled as if pleading for mercy.

    Alma fought back by vigorously rotating her tongue inside Mattie’s cavern. There was enough space for that. Now it was Mattie’s turn to let out a cry of pleasure. Or was it a cry for help? The staircase shook violently as the women fought viciously with their cunt and tongue locked together. What if the staircase broke under their weight? This possibility did not seem to trouble the two women as they fought to sexually humiliate their rival.

    Alma felt Mattie’s vagina began to quiver. Her tongue which was stuck inside only elevated the quiver. She used it like a weapon, until Mattie exploded in waves, letting out rhythmic sex fuelled cries as she discharged her pussy milk onto Alma’s face. Alma’ tongue was released from captivity, but she positioned her face with her tongue stuck outside, eager to gulp down every drop of Mattie’s sexual discharge.

    When Mattie had discharged everything that was pent up inside her, Alma stood up and the two women embraced fiercely. Anyone watching would not be able to say whether the two women were fighting or fucking.

    They were both spent now. With arms around each other, they walked up the remaining stairs and without a word, as if by mutual consent entered the bath. They stepped into the shower together.

    It was big enough for both their bodies to fit in. Mattie opened the shower and hot water began to pour on them. The devout women stood under it, letting the hot water scorch their bodies, as if they were two sex fiends washing away their sins.

    They locked together again in a mutual embrace. They lovingly washed each other’s bodies of sweat and other excretions.

    “Did I hurt you badly?” asked Mattie tenderly.

    “We needed to do that, Mattie. There was no other way. We both know it,” said Alma.

    They ran their hands slowly over each other’s backs. As if nursing each other back to full strength. Their breasts were slowly pleasuring each other as they embraced and whispered to each other.

    They felt their nipples grow erect again as if they wanted another sexual encounter. Their eyes locked, searching each other. Had they finally exorcised Ace? Now could they live peacefully with each other without breaking into a civil war? Both ladies got mixed messages from each other’s eyes. The eyes told no lies.

    Alma rubbed her nipples against Mattie’s. The feeling was electric. They looked at each other once again with wanton lust. Mattie raised her breasts and attacked Alma with her own. That set off another battle between the two women. They both launched a vicious attack, rubbing nipples against each other and poking their taut breasts with their erect nipples. The shower was filled with their aggressive cries.

    Their mouths locked together in a competitive kiss. Tongues attacked each other as if they were blades. They launched their tongues into each other’s mouths, going as deep as they could.

    The encounter in the shower, which had a tender beginning, was fast escalating into acrimony. As if to signal her intention, Mattie bit into the flesh of Alma’s neck. Alma bit back. They seethed at each other like two animals, with the hot water pouring over their naked bodies. Red welts had appeared over their bodies.

    Alma inserted a finger into Mattie’s vagina. Mattie glared at her and then proceeded to insert her finger into Alma’s vagina. Alma spat into Mattie’s face. Mattie spat right back. They almost snarled at each other.

    Alma turned off the shower with her free hand. It was distracting her.

    The fingers inside each other’s vagina gained a new vigor. One finger turned into two fingers as they pleasured each other’s cunts.

    They locked their mouths together as they worked each other’s vaginas with their fingers. They spread their legs so that their rival’s fingers could penetrate deeper. Gasps, moans and cries of lust and hatred filled the bathroom now.

    The steam from the hot water enveloped their bodies and made the glass shower all misty. The women began to perspire again.

    After pleasuring each other’s cunts for a while, the women would disentangle for a fierce embrace and top it off with a torrid kiss. Then they would get back to inserting their fingers into each other’s vaginas again.

    Free hands were pressed against the glass. At times, the mutual fingering grew so intense that the women would change positions, going back and forth inside the shower, their bodies bumping into the glass. A crack appeared on the glass door.

    The women were approaching another sexual crescendo. They spat into each other’s faces. Their red lust laced faces became covered with each other’s phlegm. Bodies were now covered in sweat. They began to lick the sweat off each other’s bodies and armpits even as their fingers went deeper into each other’s cunts.
    The usually clean shower was filled with the odor of their sweat and pussy milk.

    When they finally came, they came together. They removed their fingers from each other’s cunts, lined up their cunts so that they were facing each other and discharged the pussy milk into each other’s groin. Their cunts discharged the pussy milk for a good minute. The women looked deep into each other’s eyes, searching, as their cunts exploded. Neither woman looked away until they had discharged every last bit of pussy milk inside them.

    They locked in a sweaty embrace and planted tender kisses on each other’s cheeks, like two generals sharing a drink after a nasty war.

    They stepped out of the bath, both women still in a sexual daze and walked into the bedroom, holding hands. Alma pushed Mattie onto the bed and jumped in beside her.

    They hugged each other tightly, holding their bodies close, breasts rubbing and legs entwined.

    “Do you think it’s done?”, asked Mattie, running her hands through Alma’s hair.

    “I don’t know, Mattie, I don’t know”, whispered Alma, running her hands across Mattie’s hair.

    They held each other with the most intense tenderness.

    “My pussy is so sore”, whispered Mattie.

    “So is mine”, Alma whispered back.

    They smiled at each other and rubbed noses. Hands rubbed their sweat laced bodies, as if comforting each other after what they had done to each other.
    Mattie lifted one of Alma’s legs onto her hips and Alma wrapped the leg around Mattie and the two women came closer to each other, their breasts lodged pleasantly against each other and legs entwined. The twining together of their long slender legs also lead to their pussies getting parked near each other’s thighs. Alma’s pussy against Mattie’s thigh and vice versa. Mattie pulled Alma closer and their pussies which were sore, rubbed against their fleshy thighs. The women let out soft moans. Just when they had settled down to fall in love with each other, their sore pussies wouldn’t allow it.

    “Are we going to do it again?”, asked Alma. Her tone suggested she wanted to.

    “It certainly looks like it,” said Mattie, sounding as eager as Alma.

    With that, Mattie began to rub her vagina against Alma’s thighs. A moment later, the women were rubbing their pussies intensely against each other’s fleshy thighs. They gripped each other’s hair tightly as their pussies began to get wet again.

    This time their bodies were locked closely together as they used each other’s thighs to pleasure their pussies. The looks of sexual rage were back on both women’s faces. They bit each other’s lips as they exchanged intense kisses. Their bodies rolled around on the small bed.

    So intense was their jealousy fuelled love making that the women, fell onto the carpet beside their bed, locked together in a ball of sweaty flesh. They rolled around on the spacious floor, locked closely together, tongues fighting, nipples piercing into each other, thighs pleasuring each other’s pussies and legs tightly interlocked.

    Yells of rage and ecstasy filled the room. The full body contact between their slender bodies elevated the pleasure experienced by the women onto another level. The rubbing of every inch of their bodies together as well as the rubbing of wet pussies across thighs was too much for both women. They exploded into each other’s thighs and groins. Once again, their orgasms lasted for a good minute, their pussies continuing to quiver lightly even after every drop of pussy milk was dispelled. The women whimpered at each other, as if they were teenagers engaged in a silly emotional squabble.

    They lay together in each other’s arms, unwilling to disentangle. They enjoyed the way their slender bodies fit perfectly together, locking up easily in a large ball of flesh. They savored each other’s bodies for long minutes, arms locked around each other in a tight embrace, legs rubbing against each other.

    Then they picked themselves up from the carpet, which was smeared with their sweat and pussy milk.

    They fell on to the bed, exhausted and spent. Their pussies and bodies hurt from all the intense fighting and love-making they had performed together.

    They entwined fingers tightly as they lay side by side.

    “Is the itch in your pussy gone?”, asked Alma.

    “I don’t know, it’s so damn sore”, said Mattie.

    They laughed.

    “Tell me something”, said Alma.
    “What?”, asked Mattie.

    “What was the most times you and Ace had sex in a single day?”, asked Alma.

    Mattie did not have to think for too long.

    “That would be four.”

    “Oh my ….. four here too.”

    They turned sideways to face each other. They both knew what this meant. They had brought each other to orgasm four times now. They had to fuck one more time to completely exorcize Ace from their lives.

    Not another word was uttered.

    They turned towards each other and kissed for a few moments. Their hands went down to each other’s pussies and pleasured each other. This time slowly and leisurely. They rubbed each other until they could feel the other woman’s pussy getting wet.

    The wanton looks on their faces, as if they were bestowed by the devil himself, returned. They eyed each other with pure lust. One finger went into the other woman’s cunt. Then it became two and their kissing gathered intensity.

    “Do you want to go whole hog?”

    “Go the whole hog?”

    “Yes, bring each other to orgasm using cunts.”

    “Oh yes.”

    They had used their tongues and fingers so far in this mating session that had turned into a marathon.

    Alma climbed on top of Mattie. Mattie welcomed her, by grabbing her buttocks. They let out soft moans when Alma lowered her cunt onto Mattie’s. The cunts were dripping wet and perfectly poised for pussy on pussy mating.

    Alma started by rubbing her cunt slowly against Mattie’s. Every time Alma’s cunt was about to touch her own, Mattie would raise her own cunt and the women would let the two cunts stick and linger together for a few moments before embarking on the next rub.

    They entwined their fingers tightly together for leverage. They looked like two female warriors mating for some prehistoric battle over a man.

    As they got used to the new method of mating, the speed of rubbing increased. Alma slipped up and down Mattie’s cunt, in a more vigorous manner. The rendezvous of their cunts created pleasing sounds in the room; a perfect accompaniment to the women’s moaning and crying.

    They exchanged vicious sexually charged glares as their engorged mounds slapped each other. Mattie opened her legs wider for more intimate and intense contact between their mounds.

    Alma was caught unawares when Mattie enclosed her engorged mound with a flap of her vagina. Their pussies were fastened together for a few heavenly seconds before Alma’s pussy broke free.

    They whimpered and snarled at each other. Mattie pushed Alma off her and climbed atop, easily lowering her engorged mound onto Alma’s. Alma let out a yelp. Fingers were entwined once again.

    Mattie was also able to achieve Alma’s swiftness in rubbing their cunts together.

    Both women sensed the peak arriving again. As if by mutual consent they slowed down the rubbing of pussies to make their love making last longer. The rubbing happened at longer intervals.

    When they sensed the other woman quivering or felt like she was on the verge of slipping into an orgasm, they would stop for a few moments and start only after normalcy was regained. This went on for a while, stopping and starting, stopping and starting. They wanted to make it last as long as possible and the orgasm to be one for the ages.

    They kissed each other’s fingers and legs as the love making went on and on. The pussies dripped like an overwhelmed levy, forming large patches on the bed. They took turns, pushing each other off the top and getting into the driver’s seat.

    Then finally they reached a point when their pussies could take it no longer. The small patches that had formed on the bed became one large patch with their combined pussy juices. The sweat from their bodies also contributed to the large patch on the bed.

    The women began to drive each other to the peak again. They knew there was no getting off now. This was the finale. They timed that final rub perfectly and they exploded together. Mattie, who was on top, when it happened, fell on top of Alma and they locked together in a furious embrace, as their quivering cunts let out a shower of pussy juice. They had saved the best for the last. The orgasm went on and on as waves of pleasure washed across the women’s bodies. They yelled and moaned, gripping each other as tightly as they could.

    Their cunts quivered like there was no tomorrow. Neither woman was sure if they had driven each other to multiple orgasms.

    But when they finally rested and went to sleep in each other’s arms, they both knew that Ace Jethro had been exorcized.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Chapter 9: Aftermath

    The next day was a Sunday. The bakery was closed. The women woke up feeling as if they were cleansed.

    But the exorcism had taken its toll.

    They had to apply ointments on each other’s pussies. They were swollen and had a sinister dark red pallor from the relentless action of the previous night. The women treated each other tenderly.

    Their bodies and sexual organs ached from the events of the previous night.

    Their nipples were red and pink welts had appeared all over their bodies. The women had an intense discussion whether it might be stigmata.

    They took account of the damage to the house.

    The bed on which they had performed the final mating had a broken leg. The carpet on the floor would have to be thrown away. It was matted with their pussy juices and sweat.

    The glass door of the bathroom shower had a huge crack and would have to be replaced.

    The stairs creaked loudly when they climbed down. The stair railing had come off its mooring. It would have to be repaired.

    The carpet on the living room was also matted with their pussy juices and sweat. It would also have to be thrown away.

    The women calculated that the repair work would not only cost a lot of money, but arouse suspicion among the people at The Echelon. They were especially worried about Gal Young Un who had an eye in every nook and corner of the property.

    They held hands and retreated to their bedroom. They put their worries behind them and nursed each other in bed. They took healing licks of each other’s breasts and whispered to each other all day.

    “I think we are finally rid of him.”
    “I think so too.”
    “Now we can live in peace.”
    “Yes we can.”

    Their pussies were too sore to be used on that Sunday. Nonetheless, they both became wet and dripped onto the bed sheets as they indulged in a prolonged foreplay.

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    Re: The Two Widows of Ace Jethro (aka The Exorcism of Ace Je

    Fantastic! Beautifull written and a compelling story with two really appealing characters. Great work!

    Did you enjoy writing the sex scenes in this one or did you find it a chore?

    Please keep the stories coming!


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    Re: The Two Widows of Ace Jethro (aka The Exorcism of Ace Je

    Quote Originally Posted by JB57 View Post
    Fantastic! Beautifull written and a compelling story with two really appealing characters. Great work!

    Did you enjoy writing the sex scenes in this one or did you find it a chore?

    Please keep the stories coming!

    Cheers jb.

    Yes, enjoyed writing that chapter. But took a whole day and was drained.

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    Re: The Two Widows of Ace Jethro (aka The Exorcism of Ace Je

    Wow, wow, wow, amazing one!
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    Re: The Two Widows of Ace Jethro (aka The Exorcism of Ace Je

    Quote Originally Posted by Anubisx View Post
    Wow, wow, wow, amazing one!
    Thank you for your kind words. Anubisx.
    Contact me at [email protected] to share ideas and for Word doc copies of my stories.

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    The Two Widows of Ace Jethro (aka The Exorcism of Ace Jethro

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    Re: The Two Widows of Ace Jethro (aka The Exorcism of Ace Je

    thank you very much ,, so great works

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    Re: The Two Widows of Ace Jethro (aka The Exorcism of Ace Je

    Love your story!
    I'm a big fan of this kind of slow build-up, where the protagonists steadily grow their lust for each other but can't act on it until it becomes overwhelming.

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