Trying to help a friend, Crisitina out from She's looking for someone who loves clone/twin fights. So if you're familiar with Two-of-Her (when they existed in the mid-2000s), Selfcest manga (ex. Selfcest in the Forest (Selfcest in the forest - Page 2 >> nhentai: hentai doujinshi and manga), Street Fighter - Chun Li, Cammy, or Juri, Blueversusred - (Clone Encounters of the Sexy Kind: Ch.3 Pg.7 – The BlueVersusRed Online Comic), doppelgängers in media (ex. VIP Pamela Anderson, Ming-Na Wen in Agents of Shield), catfight/sexfight stories or movies (V190 Dangerous Doubles comes to mind from California Wildcats: Dangerous Doubles), I think more or less of that should give you the idea. Like minded people inquiry, please. I'll pass along the message who like to respond to her if interested. Thanks. -snb780
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