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    Hatred 6


    More than One step Ahead

    Rufus's room

    Scarlet woke up with a gasp as if from a nightmare. Momentarily confused she looked around the bedroom before recognising it as Rufus's. And with that realization came, also, the memory of her recent failure. Hand across her face she cried bitterly at that memory. She'd been so close. So damn close.

    "Awake I see."

    "Rufus?" Scarlet sat up quickly as Rufus entered the chamber in only a pair of briefs. Looking out over expanse of Midgar from his windows Scarlet saw that night had fallen. "How long was I out?"

    "A day and a half," he replied, sitting at the foot of the bed. "Hojo said he had something that would perk you right up, but considering what had happened I doubt you'd have wanted any more substances in your system."


    "Don't," he held up hand, then pointed as his personal screen. Scarlet's expression became panicked as she saw what it was. Her and Tifa...on the Sister Ray. Even as she watched she saw her past self pull down her dress, exposing her tits to the brunette. "It took quite a while, but you of all people should know that it's impossible to keep something from me for very long."


    "I also found this is your office," He held up another disc, that could only be of Tifa's fight with Viola. "The girl Lockhart was...ahem...fighting bears a striking resemblance to this Ms. Long that the Turks picked up with you.

    Scarlet had nothing to say in her defense as he continued his clinical assessment of her activities. His hand went to the covers, pulling them down and exposing her body. Despite how sore she felt she was quite surprised to see how unmarked it was after she and Tifa had been through. His hands stroked her body, pausing between her legs before making their way up to her breasts.

    "And then I find out that they found you half naked and unconscious in Gold Saucer...coincidentally where Lockhart had also been spotted." Rufus's voice was starting to get deeper and even as she watched, a noticeable tent formed under his briefs. He was getting turned on by this and, the way he was describing it, she had to admit she was as well.

    "Would you like me to tell you what I have planned for her," she said as she crawled over to him, pushing her hands down his underwear to grab at the swollen flesh, gasping at how hot it felt. "How I will crush her flat with these boobs that you love so much."

    "How I'll have her begging me for mercy from the ground while trapped under my body." Scarlet whispered as she pressed her body in close while fingers worked delicately on his rod. His breathing becoming ragged. "Can you see me me sitting on her victorious as I wrap a collar around her neck and...EEK!"

    Scarlet squealed as Rufus roughly pushed her back onto the bed. She felt almost scared at the expression of sheer lust and desperation on his face. "You aren't leaving this room," his voice was hoarse as he kicked off the briefs. "Until I've heard everything. EVERYTHING!"

    <Main corridor>

    At the sudden loud squeals from the door behind them Elena's expression took on a look of shock. She turned to Rude, her partner for the week. "Is he?"

    "You get used to it," Rude's face remained expressionless behind the dark glasses.

    "But he's so young...and she's so ommph!"

    Moving with a speed that defied his size, Rude was on her and his hand clamped firmly over her mouth. "Whatever you do," he hissed quietly. "Never mention her age if you want to keep healthy."


    Scarlet's eyes were wide with lust at her lover's violence. Rufus pounded away at her with a savagery that had his heavily cushioned bed creaking as his manhood spread and filled her deliciously. Her legs were around his hips as her inner muscles squeezed at the invading organ trying to get a grip. If anything it only added to the stimulation as, with a whine of disbelief, she felt an orgasm building already even as her lover's violent grunts heralded his own explosion.

    With a howl she felt certain could be heard throughout the entire building she came harder and faster than she had in years, her legs releasing their grip and kicking out wildly. As she came a ring of muscle deep within her clamped down on the hot swollen flesh in sweet torment. For Rufus the pressure was unbearable as he gave a roar that matched her own cry as jet after jet of his seed spurted into her eager womanhood and their bodies went rigid from the pleasure coursing through them before collapsing bonelessly onto the bed.

    Despite the euphoria, Scarlet felt disappointment. Despite how incredible it had been it had also been way too short as she caressed her lover's short blonde hair while his breathing tickled her sensitive flesh. High above them the mirror she'd once considered tacky showcased their bodies wrapped tightly around one another as they basked in the afterglow. Then Rufus began moving again.

    With disbelief she squeezed down on his flesh still trapped within her. He hadn't softened...not in the slightest. If anything he was even harder than when they'd started. His head rose from the breast he'd been using as a pillow, his arms on either side of her head, as his speed picked up once again.

    Leaning back, he grabbed hold of her hips roughly tugging her to him in swift, short, strokes as he started thrusting forward and upwards. She arched her body to match his movements. "Slow...slow down," she gasped at him, sparks working their way up her spine as his thrusts became ragged. Releasing her hips he again placed his hands on either side of her body as he loomed over her body, sweat dripping from his body onto hers as his face contorted from the pressure.

    Her own expression agonized, Scarlet reached up and placed her hands on either side of his face, drawing his head down to hers as their lips met roughly and tongues dueled furiously. His movements began to taper off as his attention was split. Grunting savagely he reared back again, this time dragging her with him as she latched onto him like a leech, bouncing energetically in his lap.

    "Shall I tell you more?" She gasped out as they finally came up for air. He groaned at that and fell over onto his back, letting her straddle him, eyes rolling back into his head as she added a twisting wriggle as she ground down on him. "How she will be our personal toy to enjoy at our leisure..."

    Scarlet lost her voice momentarily as his hands grabbed at her bouncing boobs. The feeling of Rufus's hands massaging the tender flesh and tweaking at the nipples, even as his slick tool continued to plunge deep had her moaning in a high pitched whine. Which soon became a shriek as she grabbed at him with a series of contractions more powerful than the last, his accompanying yell sounding as much pained and pleasured, the pulsing spray matching her pussy's spasms almost perfectly his body bending like a bow.

    Rufus's hand slipped from her breasts to rest at his side as his body relaxed collapsing back onto the bed while Scarlet remained straddling him, her expression dazed and satisfied as a thin line of drool rolled down her face. She could still feel him, like a rod of iron inside of her. Sighing happily she smiled down at him giving it a tentative squeeze. His eyes flashed open as he stared up at her and Scarlet felt the thrill of power. For the first time since they'd started sleeping together she was the one in control.

    "We're not done yet," she purred, licking a finger and running it across his jaw before he snapped it up, sucking on it. Her arousal increased at the sight as she began to bounce lightly on him. "Did I tell you she has a sister? Imagine the possibilities..."

    "," were the last coherent words from his mouth for some time afterwards, as he grabbed at her hips, pulling her forward as he began thrusting up hard.

    Outside Elena squirmed uncomfortably as Rude shut his ears from years of experience. Nonetheless he kept his body at an angle to avoid shaming himself with a tent forming in his dress pants. They had to stop soon...right?


    <Two Weeks later>

    Scarlet wandered back into the underground gym of the Honeybee Inn with a noticeable spring in her step which surprised many of the girls there. The assumption had been that she'd finally been scared off by Vicky, and now here she was bouncing back in as if nothing had happened. No...something had happened, Viola knew, as she gestured Scarlet towards her office.

    "You know for someone who was a hair's breath from getting offed you're in an awfully good mood." She remarked as she toweled off the sweat of her own workout.

    "You just had to ruin the mood didn't you?" Scarlet scowled, but the expression didn't quite reach her eyes. "I...we almost had her. I came THIS close!!"

    " you didn't." Scarlet's expression turned incredulous but before she could object Viola held up a familiar looking disc. "It took some convincing, but I got Hinata to believe that I was clueless of your intentions. I told her I'd be interested in going up against the siblings and she sent me this."

    Setting up her own player Viola let the match play out as she retreated out of the room for a smoke. After watching that tape and the intensity of the fight between the sisters she had to honestly wonder about their chances. She'd guessed that Tifa and Joslyn had gone at it, but what she had seen was beyond her estimations. And that Tifa had able to fend off Scarlet like she did...

    Fifteen minutes later she crushed her third cigarette and tossed it into the bin before returning to the room. The disc had reached to the point where the two girls were on the ground. Viola had entered just as they'd fallen apart. "How can they laugh like that..." Scarlet whispered. "They're trying to..."

    "I don't hate Tifa," Viola said quietly. Scarlet's head jerked around. "Don't get me wrong. I want to fight her again, and beat her...but I don't hate her. You'd be hard pressed to find any that hated her among the girls that fought her."

    "That makes no sense," Scarlet growled, turning her attention back to the screen where the two women were squaring off again on their knees. "If you don't hate your opponent you can't destroy them."

    "I don't want to destroy her, I want to BEAT her. Important difference," Viola replied. "You let your emotions run away with you and you make mistakes...just like I did."

    "You're making fighting sound complicated." Scarlet complained. Then both fell silent as the sibling's fight entered the next stage. Tifa had begun to overpower the teen only for Joslyn's body to go limp and dump them on the ground together. Their ground fight was slow and deliberate, and just like the women watching on screen Scarlet could feel her temperature rise at the sight of the two brunettes rolling back and forth on the ground. The fierce, grunting, cries from both made her shiver involuntarily.

    "Different from my disc, isn't it. They're staying in control and making the fight intense. " Scarlet flushed at as Viola whispered close to her air. But she had to admit the difference between Viola and Tifa's wild brawl that took them back and forth an entire arena wasn't as...stimulating as the slow battle between the two brunettes. "Just look at how many have their legs crossed. Look even closer and you can spot the one fingering herself."

    Scarlet flinched as she hit the fast forward button, glaring over her shoulder at a smugly grinning Viola. "Arousal is another way to get an advantage." She grinned. "You don't have to be into it, could be more to your benefit if you aren't honestly."

    "You do realise they're sisters, right?"

    "They didn't," Viola clarified as Scarlet resumed as they were taking a water break. "They only found out afterwards."

    "Hard to believe she's only eighteen," Scarlet scowled at the screen. "Their family genetics are some kind of fucked up."

    "I'd be more concerned with her ability," the red head pointed out. "She'd clearly been fighting for time and is no amateur."

    Turning their attention back at to the screen Joslyn had just knocked Tifa to the ground where she lay curled up in pain. "" She asked, as Tifa slowly rose to her feet. Less than a minute later the younger sister was the one on the mat after a blow that had the two watching cringe at the power behind it.

    "Now do you understand why I said you didn't have her?" Viola asked as Joslyn rose to her feet and the two began boxing their tits together. "They say that my fight with Tifa was the best ever seen. After watching this do you think they're still correct."

    "," Scarlet answered honestly as Joslyn struggled to rise from the ground again. Once back on her feet she and Tifa locked up in a painful clinch that soon had both down low as they kept hammering at one another. "I remember Tifa mentioning her fight with her sister. Something about her tits gave a better fight.

    "Look at the time stamp," Viola said quietly. "This happened barely three days before we got to Gold Saucer. There was no way in hell she had recovered after a fight like that. If she hadn't been worn down..."

    "I GET IT!!!" Scarlet gnawed at a knuckle as Joslyn rolled on top of Tifa splashing her boobs down onto the other girl. The effect on both women was evident as their tits spread out visibly."I wasn't a hundred percent either but this... Do I have a chance against someone like that?"

    "Right," the red head bluntly replied. "But that you finally understand what you're in we can get to work."

    "Get to work? What are you talking about?" Scarlet asked, confused, her attention drawn away from the climax of the fight as both brunettes crushed their bodies together.

    "I didn't make you watch this to dissuade you," Viola said pointing back at the screen as Tifa rolled a suddenly frantic Joslyn under her, begging the teenager to stop. It took another minute, but the younger sibling finally quit and Tifa rolled off of her. "I did it to finally get you to understand just what you're up against. Now that you realise you can't just, GET Tifa, we can start actually working on you. When would you be available for a match?"

    "A match?"

    "Yes, a match." Viola replied, sitting up. "I know how tough you are, so what we need to do is get you some actual experience. Fight someone that ISN'T Lockhart. When are you available?"

    "Tonight is fine," Scarlet smiled eagerly. "I have some energy to burn off."

    "You sure about that?" Viola remarked wryly. "I DID swing by to check up on you a couple days ago. The bald guy said you were...indisposed. By the way you might want to talk to your boss about soundproofing your office...or maybe your floor."


    Scarlet had to wait since they couldn't do anything until the other girls had left. There was some disappointment at Vicky and her clique not being there, but they were apparently preparing for a performance. Which Viola pointed out, suited her just fine. Finally it was just her, Viola and a tall, green eyed, blonde Viola referred to as Maria.

    "Maria's agreed to test you," Viola explained as the blonde stripped off her top to showcase a pair of breasts as full and round as her own, topped off by long pink nipples. Maria's form was more voluptuous than Scarlet's, owing largely to her choice of profession, boobs jutting out heavy and proud. "I thought it'd be a change to match up against someone your own size instead of a few bigger."

    "Viola tells me you've gone up against Lockhart a couple of times," Maria said her voice deep, what some would call silky. "Never had the pleasure, but saw her go against a friend of mine. Beat her senseless then they shared a drink, was the damnedest thing."

    "Going to say this only once," Viola stepped onto the small fifteen by fifteen mat she'd lain out. "No hands, only breast on breast. Hand activity is limited only to bearhugging, no grips from slams. Stepping out of the square is a point against you unless you both step out in which case it's just a restart. Thirty minutes or until one submits...any questions?"

    "None here," Maria smiled as she strutted onto the mat.

    "Yeah, what's the bucket for?" Scarlet asked pointing, as she removed her bra leaving her only in her black lace panties. She tossed it into a small pile to join her jeans and t-shirt. After two weeks boobs had fully recovered and rippled out from her chest firm and proud, her dark brown nipples stiffening in excitement. She moved onto the mat to stand opposite the other blonde eyes inclining slightly up. She wasn't sure what Viola had in mind with all the rules.

    "Let's just call it insurance for now, "Viola said resting said object beside her, then announced "Thirty seconds to feel each other out,"

    Maria immediately brushed her boobs lightly across Scarlet's causing the short haired blonde to gasp at the touch even as she gently swayed her own at the other, her brown nipples delicately scraping across the milky white flesh.

    "Mmm...nice and firm," Maria whispered as she circled Scarlet's areola with her pink nipples, brushing Scarlet's own thick spikes lightly, teasingly. She smiled at Scarlet's gasp from the sensation. "When you tangled with Lockhart did her nipples fell as good as this?"

    "Bite me," Scarlet grunted in response as her breathing quickened. She badly wanted to start swinging, but instead she stared down in concentration at their swaying breasts, raking her nips across Maria's as they crossed

    "Oh, that felt nice," Maria sighed as they continued their comparison. Both could feel the firmness in the other's boobs as they kept on rolling them against one another. No sign of any weakness in either the breasts or their owners. Both gave a few tentative shoves but felt no give. "You learn quick. I like that."

    "Time," Viola called. Maria swiftly retreated, their breasts flowing back into their original shapes. Scarlet felt the heat in her body from the comparison and she gritted her teeth at the feeling as she also stepped back. "Ready to begin?"

    In response, Maria raised her arms over her head, shaking her tits. Scarlet's eyes narrowed at the challenge, but this was what she'd come her for. Stepping forward she lined up her breasts with those of her opponents, drawing a gasp from Maria as nipples dug into areolas, before wrapping her arms around the upper body.

    Maria took a moment, head back as she licked her lips, before throwing her own arms around Scarlet, who abruptly came to a realization. This girl was into this. Turning her head she caught Viola's grin right before she called. "Begin!"

    Both blondes tightened their arms, the titflesh swelling and spreading between their arms. Even as Scarlet felt the flesh against her inner arms she thrust her boobs against Maria's causing them to squash together even more while the other blonde rolled their breasts together probing for any softness. Finding none she began thrusting back at Scarlet, both wincing at the increased pressure.

    Viola stood back as the two pushed against the other. The only sounds in the room was the breathing of the two blondes and and the occasional grunt. Maria was one of Viola's closest friends, and supporters. She was also the only person she knew that fought exclusively with her breasts. and as the timer ticked past four minutes she made her move.

    Scarlet's eyes widened and her body stiffened, as a shocked, "OH," past her lips. Her eyes shining, Maria gave a contented sigh as she forced Scarlet back first one...then a second step as the short haired blonde seemed to be almost in a trance.

    "Feel good don't they, those are what nipples feel like," the green eyed woman whispered huskily at Scarlet's dazed face. She ground her boobs into the other woman in motions that more involved her shoulders than her actual breasts then sighed again. "Oh, that one felt nice. I think I almost bent them that time."

    Scarlet seemed to catch herself as she halted Maria's advice and started shifting her shoulders in a rough mimicry of the long haired blonde. 'No, no, no. Like this," Maria murmured pulling Scarlet in tighter, shifting her shoulders in the opposite direction. The other woman almost seem to lose her footing at the motion, her body tensing. "Feels amazing doesn't it. Tell you what, quit now and I'll let you taste them once I'm done."

    "Ah shit," Viola thought to herself as Scarlet's face changed from her dazed expression to one of revulsion and then anger . She took several sharp deep breathes and started pumping her boobs at Maria in short, swift, thrusts that surprised the other blonde and seemed to disrupt her rhythm.

    "Ow..." Maria grunted at the hits even as Scarlet tightened her arms crushing their bodies and breasts together even tighter. The green eyed beauty's face briefly took on a look of annoyance, then her expression turned crafty as she tightened her own grip. "A fighter, eh. Good. Wouldn't be much fun the other way."

    Scarlet kept her expression neutral. Her nipples still...hurt...and THAT was the word she was going to use for it. Maria's long pink spikes still had her legs weak as they'd stabbed at her own, but now with her own nipples pushing back she could focus on crushing this green eyed bitch. Unless she has some other tricks, her mind warned her. Mostly their nipples simply bounced off the other before pricking at the areola in a manner that made women panting harder and faster.

    Maria shoved strongly against the blue eyed blonde pulling in close to take advantage of her slight height advantage. Scarlet began boxing her tits in retaliation forcing Maria down to her level, who responded by grinding their boobs together. Both were developing a light sheen of sweat from the effort which caused their boobs to slip and slide as they pressed them together.

    Scarlet was getting frustrated at the grinding and stabbing pain and pleasure of Maria's prominent nipples. And while she knew her own spikes had to be playing havoc with the blonde's own swollen boobs she didn't seem to be making any progress. And she couldn't just push her away either. Instead she leaned in closer, trying to force Maria onto the back foot. The thick blonde responded by bracing herself and shoving back as they butted foreheads, grimacing as their titflesh started spreading upwards as they went low.

    Their faces were scant inches apart as they gasped in effort before Maria brushed her lips across Scarlet's. "You taste good," she whispered, licking her lips then gritted her teeth straining as she redoubled her efforts against the blonde exec. Scarlet could feel legs trembling at the stimulation from the feeling of the other's lips. Needing to act in a manner that the green eyed titfighter would not expect she threw her body forward, fully off her feet at her opponent.

    It was a desperate move and seemed destined to fail as Maria took two steps back before catching her balance and hefting the slimmer blonde above her. But deep within the dense flesh of their boobs their nipples continued their private, unseen duel.

    Jousting, stabbing and poking neither pair had left the arena of the brown and pink areolas as their owners had bucked and thrust and squeezed their bodies together. But the sudden shift in movement as one blonde was suddenly above the other caused the tips of the left orbs to shift and Scarlet's began jabbing at Maria from below in painful pleasure.

    "Ahh...AH!!" Maria gasped loudly in shock, her legs giving way as she sank to her knees dragging Scarlet down with her. The slimmer blonde wasn't entirely sure what had happened but her opponent had tightened her grip immensely as she ground their boobs together almost frantically. She flexed her arms to get some kind of space so she could bash her own boobs back at the wild blonde.

    Maria shifted her boobs. It had felt incredible but the nipple fight was a draw as far as she was concerned and as stimulating as it would have been to continue it business came before pleasure. She loosened her grip slightly surprising Scarlet who hits weren't amounting to much before rearing back and delivering the hardest shot she had for the match. She smiled at the blonde's yell of pain then winced as she hit back with collision of all four breasts that had her pair bounce up against her chest.

    Scarlet's eyes narrowed as she slammed her boobs at Maria as their arms shifted to around their necks. Maria's boobs were smaller than Tifa's but they wouldn't lose in thickness or firmness. She felt the power behind each swing of her teats even as she beat back her own in retaliation. Unlike before there was no pleasure mixed in, now it just discomfort, quickly heading towards pain.

    Viola sat up. It had only taken thirteen minutes but it looked like Maria was through playing. She slammed her boobs at Scarlet who responded eagerly as their orbs crushed together at the apex of their swing squashing together, quivering, before falling back onto their chests. The blonde beauties hurled their heavy breasts in savage repetition that quickly them both grunting fiercely with each clapping blow.

    Maria clenched her teeth as she heaved her tits into the other blonde. She'd taken Viola at her word that Scarlet was inexperienced but tough, but if anything she might have been understating the tough part. She could hear her grunting in pain each time they smacked their boobs together even she whined in turn and feel despite it all she felt no softening in mammaries.

    Scarlet could hear Maria whining with each hit of breast on breast. It was getting painful, but still manageable. More annoying was the sweat dripping down her face and into her eyes when her only focus needed to be to hit harder and hit faster. Blinking she hissed at the stinging pain of their still distended nipples digging deep with each lunge as if the spikes were continuing their own personal competition to see which could penetrate flesh first.

    Squealing at the rhythmic pain both blondes kept hammering their tits into one another just past the twenty minute mark before Scarlet, at least Viola thought it was Scarlet, delivered a crushing blow that made her jump even as Maria stiffened and fell back. She screamed as she managed to avoid falling onto her back, arms supporting her even as Scarlet sat back on legs with a pained shout. Both massaged their swollen boobs, staring intently at the other, Viola clearly forgotten.

    Maria's eyes narrowed as she sat up, and locked her hands behind her back. Scarlet's face betrayed her confusion at the move as she reached for the other blonde, only to wail in a surprised pain as Maria's left breast crashed into her own. Rotating her body the green eyed blonde delivered a second blow with her right before Scarlet shook her with a retaliatory strike right boob on right that had both globes swell and spread, flattening impressively at the points. Hands now on her hips Scarlet slammed back even as Maria hurled her boobs at her in spiteful comparison.

    One minute they swung from their hips bashing their tits back forth against one another faces screwed against the pain as breathe hissed out from behind clenched teeth. They kept their eyes locked on the others face, better able to gauge how they were hurting the other from the facial twitches as their boobs smacked against one another.

    Another minute they'd focus their attention on one breast, flinging them as hard they could at other yelling at the sore orbs collapsing into one another with each violent impact before being flung again by the determined women, neither flinching away from the pain. Finally Maria cried out loudly at the pain falling back in shock as Scarlet sneered and Viola stared in surprise. "That's two for two," she crowed.

    "Fuck you, blondie," Long gone was the teasing expression from earlier as Maria got back to her knees and delivered a ferocious uppercut to Scarlet's boobs causing the short haired blonde's face to go white with pain as the sneer slipped. Maria grunted loudly at the blow as well, but set herself up and delivered another stunning shot that caused Scarlet to shuffle back in retreat. "I'm through playing with you."

    "You're blonde as well, tramp!" Scarlet snarled, her face turning as red as her tits in embarrassment for retreating as well as anger. She threw her body forward again, smashing all four boobs together even as Maria started swinging again. The resulting impact knocked both women back as they clutched at their aching mammaries.

    Viola began to get concerned as she saw the expressions on both women then looked at the timer. Twenty seven minutes gone, three left. Even as it ticked past twenty eight both women yelled, throwing themselves at one another. Jostling their breasts together their hands hit and slapped at one another. But before Viola could get involved arms went over shoulders as they crushed their bodies together, grinding fiercely as they hissed at one another like a pair of cuahls.

    "Had enough yet?" Scarlet taunted as she strained her arms to drag Maria even closer as their boobs continued to balloon outwards.

    "I'll crush you for that," Maria spat, shoving her tits out powerfully, smiling as the blue eyed blonde winced at the pressure.

    "You'll need more than what I'm feeling to do that," Scarlet grunted out. "I'm the one flattening you."

    "One minute left," Viola called as both blondes strained their arms, heads thrown back as they screamed their effort at the far ceiling. One voice slowly changed from pain, to fury, and Maria shifted her body pulling a tired Scarlet to the ground in surprise.

    "I said I would crush you," Maria snarled as she ground down on the other blonde, causing Scarlet to bellow in pain, before she tightened her own arms, pulling Maria to her and flattening their boobs even further. Grunting in anguish at the pain Maria could not stop Scarlet from rolling her onto the mat.

    "And I said I'm the one that's going to flatten you!" Scarlet hissed back in a rage all her own as she crushed Maria under her even as the other blonde willingly squeezed back, not the least bit afraid of matching Scarlet from an inferior position, fully confident in her breasts crushing power. Eyes locked their arms kept grinding their bodies tighter and tighter.

    "Time!" Viola announced. Neither blonde moved. Arms still wrapped firmly around one another they only had eyes for the other. The only thing they wanted to hear were words of submission from the other. The only sound was a sudden gasp from Scarlet as her grip slipped from the sweat coating their bodies and Maria swiftly replaced Scarlet on top before she could reapply her grip. Viola grabbed at the bucket beside her. "I said time!"

    Again she was ignored as both blondes glared at the other, squeezing the other. As they crushed their bodies together Maria's face gave brief, barely noticeable twinge of pain. But Scarlet noticed, and with a hoarse groan that came from the pit of her stomach the green eyed blonde felt herself rolled under her opponent. Panting she stared into the blue eyed face above and bared her teeth in defiance.

    "I SAID...TIME!!!" Viola screamed as she dumped a bucket of foul smelling water onto the embattled pair. It had the exact opposite effect as both gasped at the smell and feel, but not one to let an advantage slip by Maria shoved upwards trying to topple Scarlet. Caught by surprise the smaller blonde couldn't avoid being rolled off the top, but she thrust back and avoided being drawn under. Humping and thrusting their breasts at one another both determined beauties refused to relinquish their grips.

    "Don't make me get a hose!" Viola threatened.

    "I'm not done with her yet!" Maria yelled.

    "Fuck you, I'm flattening your tits," Scarlet shouted back.

    "Time's up," Viola repeated angrily. "Release and roll apart!"

    Seeing neither blonde giving the slightest inclination of responding to her orders, even as their bodies started rocking as they both tried to take the top spot, Viola marched onto the mat. Squatting down she grabbed hold of two handfuls of yellow hair and, ignoring the angry yells, smashed the heads of the two women together as hard as she could. Both went limp almost immediately.

    Growling to herself Viola picked up her bucket and marched back to the showers. After filling it she grunted slightly under the weight in time to see Scarlet groaning as she rubbed at her head. Upending the water onto the two once again, Scarlet sputtered as she rolled away while Maria gasped and coughed. Shoving hair out of their eyes and blinking both tensed as they caught sight of one another.

    "Enough," Viola set herself between the two blondes. "Gods what the hell's wrong with you two, this was supposed to be just sparring."

    "Get out of the way, red," Maria said as she got to her feet. "You asked me to help feel her out, and we're not done."

    "Maria this isn't the time. You know..."

    "If you stop me now we'll settle this elsewhere," Scarlet threatened. "I'm not stopping till she's flat and on her back!"

    "My thoughts exactly," Maria growled as she tried to get around Viola.

    "Dammit, fine." Viola exploded. She pointed back at the wet mats. "First one to knock the other onto the carpet, or flattens the other wins. Anymore funny stuff and I'll hand both of you your asses."

    Both blondes glared at one another before nodding. Neither bothered to wipe off the water and stepped carefully until they were certain they wouldn't slip.

    "Ready to lose blondie?" Maria taunted.

    "Say that when you actually knock me down for once," Scarlet taunted back. Maria snarled at the reminder and swung her boob at Scarlet who hurled her own in retaliation. Both yelped at the SMACK as the flesh connected and stumbled back. Both had expressions of shock before charging back in and swinging again. It was almost like the crack of leather as they shrieked at the pain, retreating once again.

    Cautious now they approached warily making tentative half thrusts at one another before swinging their boobs at one another. Despite the squeals of agony at each clapping blow and the suffering their faces showcased neither backed away this time. They beat their breasts together brutally and with clear intent as both stood flatfooted as sweat mingled with the water dripping from their bodies.

    Maria began shoving her shoulders forward with each swing to get more force behind it, and got Scarlet to back up three reluctant feet before the hurt, but angry, blue eyed blonde slugged back boxing with her tits and shoving them deep into Maria's. The green eyed blonde cried out at that and quickly gave up her advantage as Scarlet advanced determinedly.

    Maria was nonetheless familiar with the technique and boxed back with her boobs as their nipples once again came into play as they collided and scraped past the other before digging deep into areola and flesh. Both blondes hissed at the pleasurable sensation but neither allowed it to distract them. Remembering early in the fight, Scarlet went low and delivered a brutal boob uppercut to Maria knocking the blonde back several steps as she struggled to keep her balance.

    Her eyes glittering Scarlet stalked the other blonde who became uncomfortably aware of how close she was to the edge of the mats. Hurling herself at Scarlet, Maria battered her back two stumbling steps before the short haired blonde caught herself and swung back savagely, her face a mask of concentration as she slowly forced the bigger blonde back step by angry step until her progress was abruptly halted at a corner of the mat.

    Viola watched from the southern section as the two beauties pounded their breasts brutally against one another. Ten minutes on and she'd lost much of her anger. Being honest with herself she admit that she'd been expecting this outcome, which was why she'd had the water ready before it had even started. Both blondes were hammering each other in the north western corner as Scarlet fought to get Maria out of the square even as the voluptuous blonde struggled to say in. Then she winced at the sound of a loud ponderous blow that had Maria stiffen...but made Scarlet sink to her knees with a loud wail of agony.

    Scarlet felt sick. That blow felt like it had done actual physical damage to her left boob as she gingerly fondled at it. "Poor baby," she heard Maria whisper contemptuously. "Better quit now before I really flatten it."

    Taking a deep breathe Scarlet staggered to her feet. "Lockhart couldn't make me quit, what makes you think a soft titted cow like you could?" She hissed in response. Maria's face turned almost purple as she threw herself at Scarlet with a scream of rage. Scarlet yelled back as she met her swung back with equal fury. The two began an almost perverse dance on the mat as they battered and splattered their boobs against the other wielding them almost like clubs.

    Circling the mat both beauties took turns slamming the other backward before the aggressor tired and the other angry blonde forced her into retreat. They swung their meaty globes so hard at the other that it was only violent painful collision of flesh on flesh that stopped either women from spinning around completely or falling on their face. Maria beat Scarlet back near to where Viola stood before the slim blonde halted her and they slammed their boobs together in a wild melee that them both squealing in pain and anger. And some fear mixed in as well.

    Maria couldn't remember the last time she felt this furious. Cow...she'd called a SOFT titted COW! She swung her breasts downward, using her height advantage, staggering the smaller blonde who backed off. Trying to take advantage of her lack of balance she instead ran into another uppercut which made her scream at herself as she now flailed her arms to regain her balance. Seeing Scarlet charging Maria set herself and slung her left boob even as Scarlet swung her own. Both heavy mounds collided loudly and flattened appreciably as both blondes shrieked and Maria collapsed onto her hands.

    Scarlet bent over clutching at her chest even as Maria groaned on her hands and knees. She smiled painfully at the wet trembling back of her opponent. "Better quit now," she mockingly said to big blonde. Who stiffened and stared up at Scarlet through the wet hair covering her face, a low growl building in the back of her throat, before lunging from her knees and tackling her tormentor. Scarlet screamed in surprise as she was dragged to the ground but then came back fighting.

    Viola jumped to her feet as Maria's tackle had dropped both women close to the mat's edge. The voluptuous blonde could've won then and there but her mind wasn't on a ring out. She'd threatened to crush Scarlet and it was obvious that was what she intended. Arms wrapped snugly around the other the blondes crushed each other mercilessly. From her position the redhead could see the distortion in the two pair of tits and how thickly they spread as they were pressed together.

    Moaning hoarsely the blondes began again rolling slowly, this time not from trying to replace the other on top but just from the sheer effort they were putting into crushing the other neither had energy to spare to try and stay on top. Viola watched with concern as they approached the edge of the mat. If they rolled off she'd have to stop them and if the last time was any indication neither would be willing to accept a draw. Getting up again she extended a foot and halted their roll inches from falling onto the carpet.

    Green and blue eyes stared up at her coldly, but tiredly. "Remember what I said about going off the mat?" she reminded them. Both pair of eyes blinked confusedly then turned to stare at their opposite. Both blonde heads nodded and slowly, warily, they released their grips and rolled apart. Both were gasping heavily and there wasn't a single dry spot on their bodies. Viola stepped back as they got back to their knees and crawled towards one another.

    Maria sat up and spread her arms as her heavy breathing making her breasts jiggle. "C'mon cunt, me and you. Woman to woman."

    Scarlet's eyes narrowed, her own breasts rippling with her exhausted breathing as she wiped her hands on the moderately drier surface of the mats. Bashing her tits roughly at the other blonde to ensure no tricks she wrapped her arms around the other's lower body. Maria grunted at the contact before wrapping her own arms over Scarlet's, butting her head down at the other till they were eye to eye, nose to nose.

    Slowly their arms tightened squeezing inwards with the effort as their swollen boobs spread outward. With her arms on the inside Scarlet could feel both sets pressing up against her grip as they crushed each other tighter and tighter together. Scarlet groaned and Maria whimpered as their glands were forced back into their chests, making even breathing difficult. But still neither would release the other as their breast flesh continued to bulge out against their arms.

    Sitting at the edge of the mats Viola shook her head in reluctant admiration. Though their cries of effort and pain were no longer as shrill there was no denying the determination of the two blondes. She'd expected one or the other to be knocked off of the mat at some point, Scarlet more than likely, but the Shinra blonde was displaying the same gutsiness and refusal to quit the redhead had some to expect. She hadn't expected Maria to respond so violently though.

    For the years she'd known her Maria was always the consummate professional. Viola frowned to herself at that thought her mind drifting away from the desperate cries of the two blondes. Back in Gold Saucer Tifa had been very willing to actually kill Scarlet. If they hadn't arrived when they did she might very well have. That did not match anything she knew of, or had heard of, Tifa in the years following her loss. Scarlet seemed to bring out, in equal measure, the best and worst in those she interacted with. So, Viola wondered, what was in store for her if stuck around the blonde for much longer?

    Maria clenched her teeth as she blinked sweat and tears from her eyes, glaring into the tired and sweat stained face from behind her own drenched blonde locks. She could feel Scarlet's boobs quivering, softening, under the assault of her own pair. She smiled painfully at the thought, pushing her head forward as she stared deep into the glistening blue eyes. "Crush you...gonna finish," she whispered before pushing forward while squeezing Scarlet to her.

    "," the short haired blonde moaned at the sudden pressure. Maria was driving her boobs at her with a sudden energy that Scarlet found difficult to push back against. Angling her own body forward the slim blonde thrust back as both beauties got one foot under them. Panting heavily they rested their faces together while their mammaries, trapped between their bodies, quivered violently at the climax of their battle.

    Both blondes wailed at the feeling of their boobs crushing, and being crushed before one cry transitioned to a shriek of despair. Not willing to believe what she was feeling Maria looked down to the sight of Scarlet's breasts pushing into her own. It was slight but, even as she looked on, her orbs quivered and retreated even further. "," she whispered, mirroring what the other blonde had said not to long ago as she looked up into a pair of triumphant blue eyes.

    "Oh yes," Scarlet spat as she watched the tears slowly flow down the others face, from the wet intense green eyes arcing down the flushed cheeks to the chin before giving a sigh of almost pleasure of the feeling the drops pattering onto her hot flesh. On a whim she leaned forward and licked, long and slow, at a streak her tongue brushing against the right of Maria's lips before licking her own lips, "Mmm. You taste good too."

    " more..." Maria whimpered as her arms fell away, grief sapping what little strength she had left. "You"

    "Yes, I win..." Scarlet held Maria's limp form as the words slowly registered. She'd won. Her boobs...her body ached horribly...but she'd won. Almost contemptuously she released the long haired blonde who curled up on the mat sobbing bitterly as she, in stages, made her way to her feet. She looked over at Viola with a bright smile but was confused at the intense, almost hostile look the red head gave her.

    Then the moment passed and Viola's expression turned neutral as she moved over to Maria's shuddering form. "Hit the showers," she said. "We'll talk after."


    Ten minutes later Scarlet exited the showers still wrapped in a towel. Viola was talking intently with Maria who looked to have recovered her composure. She nodded at something Viola said then got up and headed towards the showers, flinching slightly as she passed Scarlet. "What was that?"

    "That was Maria asking for time off to...recover." Viola said her expression unreadable. Then she took a deep breathe. "You have NO idea how badly I want to kick your ass right now. BOTH of you!!"

    "What the fuck's your problem?" Scarlet demanded. "You said she agreed to fight with me. We fought, I won."

    "And that's your problem you goddamn..." Viola stepped back visibly trying to calm herself. "You don't think more than one step ahead. I set a time limit because I DIDN'T want to two of you damaging the other. I NEEDED Maria to be in a proper frame of mind because she had a match this week."

    "Well how about I..."

    "Stop...don't even finish that sentence." the red head held up a hand. "You're in no condition to take on anyone in a serious fight."

    Scarlet sat quietly as she absorbed all of this. Part of her wanted to just walk out of there for this bitch daring to talk to her in this manner. And the other part couldn't help but admire that she DID dare to talk to her like this. "What is this about." She asked. "If it was as bad as you say it is you could just get someone else or do it yourself. Why did it have to be her?"

    Viola stared at Scarlet for a moment. The blonde could herself being judged but didn't let it bother her, not now. "Who do you think runs this place?" Viola finally asked.

    "Well doesn't Mr. King Bee Andrea? It is his place after all."

    "Hardly," Viola snorted. "He owns the place. Pays everyone and is the biggest draw when he gets on stage, but he doesn't run it."

    "Then who?"

    "Right now it's divided between me and the Anguin sisters...Elizabeth, and you know Vicky already." Viola explained. "They're his favorites, but I'm the one who he takes to his bed. They're the face of the place, I'm the one that keeps everyone in line."

    "If you're the one that keeps everyone in line, why don't you just deal with them?"

    Viola's face turned uncomfortable at that. "If it was just Vicky I could deal with that, not easily mind you, but her sister...well lets just say that if I was asked if anyone could go up against'd be Liza.

    Scarlet sat up at that. Now this was getting interesting.

    "And I don't just mean tit for tit, you couldn't tell under the suit but she's got a hell of a rack," she continued. "I've seen her fight, she's had some actual training. Whenever Vicky gets in over her head...which isn't as often as you'd think...she steps in."

    "So basically, as long as this Liza is around this place is divided into two cliques..." Scarlet said, tapping at her chin thoughtfully. "What if she wasn't here?"

    "What're you thinking?"

    "What if we were to arrange a meeting between her and Tifa? I imagine someone of her temperament would be quite eager to go up against the former top bitch of Midgar."

    "Assuming you could even arrange that...what if she actually beat her?" Viola asked curiously. "Wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose of what you're doing here?"

    "If Lockhart loses to her then she's not worth my time...and just sets out target closer to home." Scarlet gave a predatory smile. "I imagine win or lose Vanessa won't be in any condition to cause much issues if you...WE started to move against her...partner."

    "Partner?" Viola murmured at that as Scarlet held out her hand, just like she'd done when they first came to an agreement. And just like before she felt a degree of reluctance. Scarlet was like a Behemoth in a Wutai shop, but she couldn't deny the blonde made an appealing argument. "Agreed. I'll keep my ears to the ground in case she shows up anywhere I have contacts."

    "I already have a suspicion on where she is," Scarlet replied. "I'll let you know if it gets confirmed. For now I better get back."

    Viola nodded, as the blonde casually dropped the towel, slipping on her panties and then wriggling her hips as she slipped on the jeans. She skipped the bra for obvious reasons, shoving it into her purse before walking out while slipping on her shirt. Her expression turned speculative as she watched the door hoping again that she hadn't made a mistake.


    Just off the coast of Wutai the Highwind hovered as most of the crew slept. Word had spread that a WEAPON had been sighted and they had arrived to hunt. Down in his quarters Cloud Strife came awake sharply. Sense seeking what could've dragged him from his slumber he heard a soft whimpering near his ear. Turning his head he kissed gently at the face surrounded by dark brown hair. Murmuring, the expression relaxed as she swung a leg over his, pulling herself closer.

    Sighing to himself, Cloud turned his head over and looked into pretty face that framed a pair of dark eyes and a mass of equally dark hair. At her pleading expression he drew her head to his in a deep lingering kiss.

    Licking at him Tifa snuggled in close, glancing over his body, as her fingers traced down his chest. "Looks like someone enjoyed herself last night."

    "Might I remind you that this was your idea," he chuckled. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine learning that Tifa had sister. The idea that he'd have sex with both was even further from that. As her hands went lower, his went high, cupping at a breast. "I think I tired her out."

    "Give her time," Tifa giggled. "It's funny how fast she went from wanting to fight you to wanting to fuck you."

    "I was more surprised you were cool with it." Cloud replied. "I was expecting another throwdown like...the tape."

    Tifa gasped as Cloud's soldier quickly came to attention. "Well now, maybe we can arrange an exhibition for you...but for now, maybe I'd better take care of this."

    Cloud bit his lip as he struggled to keep quiet as Tifa maneuvered breasts and mouth to torment and pleasure him. He couldn't imagine life getting much better.

    And he was right...but it could always get worse.


    This one I had some fun with since this was Scarlet's first fight that didn't involved Tifa and set myself several points where I could have it end. Do I have her lose through inexperience, or maybe have her get knocked out repeatedly. Maybe she'd the one that does the knocking.

    Once I neared the original ending of the fight I took a seat back put on some Sabaton and listened to it blast for maybe quarter of an hour before coming to my conclusion. Then went back and redid it from the halfway mark and extended it. It's funny how everytime I write a chapter I have to shift my original plans for the next one to suit. Which is why I like putting snippets of what's to come next as a way of reminding myself.
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    Re: Hatred 6

    Bit on the fence with all the sex scenes. With Rufus it was expected, but Cloud banging both Tifa and Joslyn was surprising.

    All that aside it was fun seeing Scarlet getting a win. And it played out pretty much how I expected considering her personality. And I spotted some foreshadowing with Viola worried how hanging around Scarlet would affect her.

    So now I wait for Tifa's take on the weeks following and what brought on this willingness to share Cloud.

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    Re: Hatred 6

    Quote Originally Posted by Baine View Post
    Bit on the fence with all the sex scenes. With Rufus it was expected, but Cloud banging both Tifa and Joslyn was surprising.

    All that aside it was fun seeing Scarlet getting a win. And it played out pretty much how I expected considering her personality. And I spotted some foreshadowing with Viola worried how hanging around Scarlet would affect her.

    So now I wait for Tifa's take on the weeks following and what brought on this willingness to share Cloud.

    Don't have a lot of experience writing sex scenes even in my more official fanfics, so this is kind of an experiment for me since the original story had Scarlet and Rufus being lovers, mainly due to how Rufus allowed Scarlet to get away with her laugh while constantly telling Heidegger to shut up. I guess other fans picked up on it as well. And Scarlet deserved a win after everything I've put her through.

    The last paragraph was actually a kind of spur of the moment thing that I just wrote for fun and then it just kind of stuck. Would it work? Hell I've read enough fanfics where Cloud ends up being shared by Tifa and Aerith and even a few where Yuffie gets in on it as well, but the big thing is don't want to add in the sex just for the sake of sex so I need to try and balance it. My main problem now is finding opponents for Tifa since she is the "reigning champ" whereas I already have Scarlet's opponents all lined up.

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    Re: Hatred 6

    Well you could use her "reigning champ" status as an excuse for her to get complacent. Or just the fact that they are on a quest to save the world.

    But the again with Joslyn around she'd get plenty of exercise and competition, especially if you're having Cloud banging them both. Maybe have her take a bit of a backseat till she crosses paths with Scarlet again.

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