This is my first time making a real post on this forum and I hope its one you guys will enjoy! This is the first part to a story I started writing a few months ago that I should be getting around to writing the ending too soon (hopefully)
I wrote this story because of how rare it is to find good *** fight stories online or really *** fight stories at all! So recently I've taken up to writing stories about things I wish I saw more of!
I'm planning on starting to write more often so if you enjoy this story you'll probably enjoy my other stories I'm working on as well!
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Anyway to get on with the story!
(warning: contains gas, if your not into that, you might not enjoy this story, sorry!)
(second warning: this is like the first major story I've ever written and I'mma be honest, chapter 2 gets much better)

Amy made her way out of the bathroom stall, still trying to hook her belt around her tight jeans. Well, for any other girl they would be loose jeans but her sizable behind took up all of the space she had left in her pants. She hated it, not her big rear of course, her jeans, however, were unbearably uncomfortable for her, sadly she would have to keep them on for a while longer as she would be taking the train back home. Her only chance to take em off was the occasional bathroom break, though, due to the girl’s somewhat-fattening (or thickening) diet she often took bathroom breaks every half an hour, this diet also had the nasty effect of making her gassy really easily.

Luckily she knew a spot where this wouldn’t be a problem! She always was able to get the very back cart on the train all to herself and took the seat closest to the back on the right. Behind the back row was a narrow hallway that led to a bathroom, the hallway was so narrow she always had to go down it *** first or else she couldn’t turn around to use the seat.

As Amy was finishing up her makeup in the bathroom mirror she heard the steam whistle of the train coming closer, quickly making her way towards the door before turning her head to look back at the mirror. She giggled as she saw her massive butt following behind her, giving it one playful smack across her cheeks before she left. One thing for sure, Amy was proud of her gigantic booty even if it did get in the way sometimes.

As Amy came out of the bathroom she saw the train coming quickly, grabbing her small luggage she made her way towards the back waiting for the door to open. As she was waiting she quietly let out a little gas, she couldn’t believe after just going to the bathroom she was still a little gassy. Finally the doors started to open, she turned around grabbing onto her luggage handle, she turned around with her rear facing towards the opening door. She quickly moved backwards wanting to hurry on before the doors closed. Although just as she was about to turn down the hallway her *** was stopped right in its tracks. This caused Amy to let out a loud gasp as her *** forcefully smack right into something else. “What the ****?..” Amy questioned as she turned around to see what was blocking her path.

Amy turned and was very surprised to see… Another girl? Amy froze completely as both girls stared right into eachothers slowly reddening faces. Amy was not at all expecting to see anyone else on this part of the train, especially not another girl her age. Amy then looked away from the girls face and towards her own rear to see what it got blocked by, she let out another gasp as she saw the other girls fat *** pressing right back into hers! Amy quickly stood straight up as did the other girl, both wanting to get away from that embarrassing position as quickly as possible. Amy quickly apologised “eek! I’m sorry I didn’t notice you there”.

The other girl responded back “oh no I’m sorry I should have been looking where I was going”.

Both girls then turned around finally facing each other, luckily neither had ***** as big as their rears were. “Heh I guess we both weren’t really paying attention then” Amy stated.

The other girl giggled “hehe yes, it’s a good thing we're both pretty big in the back or else one of us might have gotten bumped right back off the train!”

Amy giggled back. Now that they were finally face to face she was able to get a better look at the girl. She looked about the same age as her as well as the same height, infact their bodies looked extremely similar! Amy had a very curvy body and the other seemed to match her every curve, their breasts, hips, and waists looked like they matched down to the inch! Even their clothing was similar as both had on tight jeans and a black tank top. The only real immediate difference between the two was their skin tone and hair. Amy was a white girl with blonde hair and light blue eyes while the other was an asian girl with dark black hair and dark green eyes.

The only part of their body left to compare was their behinds, Amy got a little look at the other girls butt earlier but that was barely a few seconds before both had gotten up and turned around, from what she saw the other girl had a massive butt as well! It even looked as big as….. Well no of course there was no way it was as big as her own! She must have just not have gotten a good enough look at it all, but of course she isn’t gonna be trying to purposefully get peaks at another girl’s rear, especially one she doesn’t even know the name of! “Oh I just realised we haven't told each other our names yet! I’m Amy and who might you be?” Amy shoots out her hand causing her breasts to shake a little waiting for the other girl to shake it.

“Oh! Nice to meet you Amy, I’m Kim!” Kim extends her own hand out, her own **** shake a little bit.

Before they could even finish their friendly handshake the train started moving. “Oh my, we should sit down.” Kim worried.

Both girls left their luggage by their respective door and tried to squeeze down the aisle together. The train rumbling made it impossible for them not to occasionally bump into each other but they were able to stay apart for the most part. Finally Amy had gotten to the seat she wanted, the one to the right all the way in the back, she then quickly noticed that the other girl had taken the seat right next to her across the aisle. “Oh, you sure you wanna sit there? I mean we have this entire cart to ourselves you could sit anywhere!” Amy questioned.

Kim just relaxed herself shifting her rear around trying to get comfortable “Oh no I’m fine, I always sit here it’s the best seat!” Kim giggled as she leaned back.

Amy giggled back “hehe well it is a nice spot!... wait, you always sit here?” Amy questioned.

Kim quickly answered “Yup!”.

“Huh, well… I always sit right here and I’ve never seen you on the train before and I ride it three days a week!” Amy states

Kim looked a bit puzzled “oh? Well I ride this train three days a week as well and I’ve never seen you before, I ride sunday, monday, and tuesday”

Amy giggled realizing their situation “Oh I see, I usually ride Thursday, Friday, and saturday!”.

Kim giggled back “oh I see hehe, wait but today is wednesday, why are you riding the train today?”.

“I could ask you the same thing!” Amy Shot back.

“Huh guess that is true, well, my boyfriend was wanting me to come over today and he lives across town, now I’m just heading back home!” Amy Answered.

“What a coincidence I was going to meet my boyfriend as well, hehe he was begging for it too” Kim shook her butt in the chair a bit, “guess he was hungry for a taste of my big ol’ ‘pumpkins’!”.

Amy couldn’t help but laugh “Pumpkins? Is that what your boyfriend calls them? Well, I would be lying if I pretended my boyfriend doesn’t have names for my cheeks as well”.

Kim was a little curious now “Oh really? Hehe now you gotta tell me!” Kim gave Amy a poke teasingly.

“Well he likes to call them my big old ‘cantaloupes’!” Amy shook her rear as well.

Kim laughed back “Cantaloupes? Yours is even worse than mine”.

“What? No it isn’t! Your name is way sillier!” Amy teasingly answered back.

“Well let’s just agree they're both equally silly, and I think we can also both agree our boyfriends might love our butts a bit too much considering they’ve already named em’.” Kim responded.

“Oh Yes that is absolutely true for mine, he can’t get enough of my butt! I mean I can’t blame him really” Amy teased.

“Same for mine, he loved my fat *** a bit too much, but it’s to be expected when you got a rear like mine” Kim teased back “he says it's the biggest he's ever seen by far!”

“Oh mine says the same to me, it’s a good thing we’ve never met each other's boyfriends then, one would have to change their mind” Amy giggled.

Kim giggled, she was tempted to ask “which one?” but realized that might not be the best question to ask. Kim changed the subject “So why do you like sitting back here anyway?”

“Well for one I get this cart all to myself, or well, I get it all to myself normally, plus it’s right next to the restroom” Amy answered.

“Oh really? Same for me, guess I’m not getting it by myself this time but it is nice to be right next to the restroom” Kim replied and slightly embarrassed whispered to Amy “I get pretty gassy easily that’s why I like having it to myself”.

Amy was a bit surprised to hear this but understood having the same problem herself “Heh same here to be honest I get pretty gassy myself so I won’t mind if you get a little gassy as well, I just hope your alright with mine is all”

Kim rolled her eyes “oh don’t even worry I can handle it, I just hope you can handle mine”.

Amy let out a quiet snort “oh you don’t have to worry about me, just… don’t say I didn’t warn you”.

“Well don’t say I didn’t warn you either” Kim replied.

Amy was a bit annoyed at how lightly Kim was taking this, she just didn’t understand what was coming, smirking a bit Amy felt a **** coming on, she would give Kim a little taste to show her what she meant. Amy loosened her cheeks a bit, aiming her rear towards the other girl and let loose, although, at the exact same time she heard Kim let loose as well.

Amy looked over, noticing Kim in a similar position to her own, quickly the air filled with their combined smell, Amy couldn’t believe it but Kim was just as bad as hers! Nothing she couldn’t handle but a lot more than she was expecting there. “Oh my, you weren't kidding!” Amy said, waving her hand in front of her nose.

“Neither were you!” Kim answered back. “Well still, I think we’ll be alright, just don’t aim that thing at me again!”.

“Same to you.” Amy answered annoyed.

Amy and Kim were both feeling a bit embarrassed from that exchange, they stopped talking for a bit looking away from each other, that didn’t stop them from continuing to let loose in the small cart, each time one did the other clearly heard it and soon responded back with their own. Amy was getting so embarrassed by this it started to make her face get hot causing her to sweat a bit, the massive amounts of gas filling the room make it even hotter. eventually it got to the point she couldn’t take the heat anymore. “Geeze is it hot in here or what?” Amy asked fanning herself with her hand.

“Yeah I was gonna say the same thing” Kim replied fanning her own sweaty body.

Amy somewhat embarrassed asks “So, would you mind if I took off my top? It’s just making things worse.”

Kim giggled “sure, only if you let me take mine off as well!”

Amy smiled, quickly reaching for her top pulling it off, throwing her top to the seat next to her, as she does she feels someone else's top land on her face. “Eek! What are you doing? I’m sitting here!” Kim shouted.

“Well I’m sitting here too!” both girls throw the sweaty top off of their own faces and onto the floor.

Kim looked over to Amy “I’m sorry I think we're getting off on the wrong foot here”

Amy looked back over to Kim, a little taken back seeing that she was now wearing just a bra and pants “Y-yes, I’m sorry too, how about we continue talking from where we left off? What were we talking about again?” Amy pondered.

Kim giggled “I think we were talking about our booty obsessed boyfriends”

“Oh yes that hehe, this might sound a bit odd to you but… my boyfriend actually enjoys how gassy I am” Amy looked away shyly.

Kim “No way really? Well it isn't that odd because my boyfriend enjoys how gassy I am as well! He even takes me out to eat at places that he knows gets me gassy!”

Amy “Oh my! It seems we both have very similar boyfriends, mine loves taking me to places he knows will make me gassy”.

Kim “And where does he take you?”.

Amy “He takes me to the American/Chinese buffet across town”.

Kim “No way mine takes me to the same place!”.

Amy “Oh really? Huh, it's very strange we’ve never ran into each other before”.

Kim “Well it’s like we said before, we go into town on opposite days”.

Amy “Oh yes that is true, still, I was at the buffet with my boyfriend today, guess you weren't?”

“Oh no I was! You sure you were? I feel like I would have noticed an *** like yours at the sushi bar” Kim giggled.

“Yes I would have noticed that big booty at the fried chicken” Amy giggled back.

Kim “I hate fried chicken so there’s no way you’d see me there”

Amy “well I hate sushi so you wouldn’t see me there either”

Both girls then said at the same time “I hate the smell!”