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Thread: Two in the Caboose: Chapter 2 The Snack Break

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    Two in the Caboose: Chapter 2 The Snack Break


    Heres the second part to my story! I think this one is much better although its a bit shorter. Hopefully I'll be posting the final part to this story and more stories soon!
    If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment here or contact me somewhere else! I love hearing suggestions and ideas people want added.

    Amy and Kim both got suddenly quiet both feeling a bit insulted by the others comment

    Amy “what? How can you hate the smell of fried chicken! I think it’s great!”

    Kim “well how can you hate the smell of sushi? I love it!”

    Amy “well i guess we both have different tastes, to be honest I’ve ate pretty much nothing but fried chicken today”

    Kim “well I’ve ate nothing but sushi today”

    Amy “no wonder your gas smells so bad to me then!”

    Kim “same for your nasty smelling gas”

    Amy giggled “well, let's try to not offend each other's senses as much as possible then?”

    Kim giggled as well “yes lets try and hold it in, as much as possible at least”

    Amy “well its gonna be difficult, like we've established, were both gassy girls…”

    Kim “that's true, I don’t know how we're gonna get around it being in this little train car”

    Amy looked around the car before spotting the restroom in the back “hey, I’ve got an idea! How about we just use the restroom anytime we feel gassy!”

    Kim giggled “that sounds like a good idea, mind if i have the first go?”

    Kim got up from her chair, turning her backside towards Amy and making her way too the middle aisle, before backing up into the restroom, locking the door behind her. As soon as Kim had got inside Amy had regretted letting her go first as Amy could already feel her own stomach starting to gurgle.

    Amy “hey you almost done in there?”

    Amy reached behind clenching onto her cheeks hearing the loud noises of Kim letting loose in the restroom. Finally Kim headed back out into the train cart.
    “Ahhhh, alright it's your turn”

    Amy bursting to let loose quickly got up and headed butt first into the restroom and locking the door, as soon as she got in she could smell the other girls nasty odor still plaguing the tight room, the fishy smell of the girls gas was too much for Amy to handle, she undid her tight jeans and slide down her panties, plopping her fat ass on the toilet seat, the seat still warm from the other girl’s rear only a few seconds ago

    Amy sat there for a minute letting out as much gas as she could into the toilet, Amy started to enjoy the smell more the longer she was in there, as her own gas overpowered the other girls, however she soon heard Kim on the other side of the door.

    Kim “h-hey, could you hurry up? I gotta go again”

    Amy felt annoyed thinking to herself ‘this bitch already had to go again? I barely had a turn!’ she quickly got up, pulling up her panties and putting back on her jeans and heading back into the train car where see say Kim desperately trying to hold it in, Amy couldn’t help but let out a giggle “your turn!”

    Amy headed back to her own seat, Kim almost booty bumping her to move her out of the way as she headed towards the toilet ‘rude’ Amy thought to herself. Amy assumed Kim was going to be there in a while, so she headed over to her travel pack grabbing a snack she had saved for later, it was a bit of chicken she had snuck out of the buffet with and put in a small paper bag, she plopped herself right back on her seat and and reached into the bag grabbing a piece of chicken.

    Just as she was about to take a bit Kim walked back into the train car and quickly spotted the other girl’s snack

    Kim “hey! What are you doing? Your just gonna make the problem worse”
    Amy scoffed “relax we already worked out this problem if i get gassy ill run back into the bathroom”

    Amy was lying of course, she may be grosser than most girls but there's no way she was going to eat on the toilet

    Kim smirked “alright fine then, I guess you won’t mind if I have a snack too!”

    Kim reached into her own travel pack and grabbed a paper bag, reaching in and grabbed a plate of sushi in a small plastic box that looked just like the ones you would get at the buffet

    Amy was shocked and wanted to say something, but knew it would look very hypocritical considering she had a piece of fried chicken in her hand

    Amy “alright fine then, we can both eat our snacks but ill give you a warning, whenever I’m in private I always eat with my pants off, it just feels a lot better to me”

    Kim giggled back “alright but just to let you know I do the same, and I agree, it does feel a lot better!”

    Both of the girls stood up and unbuckled their pants and pulled down their panties, Amy couldn’t help but peak back at the other girls rear, she was surprised at how similar it looked to her own, it looked very soft and hairless while still remaining firm in its shape while still looking very full and curvaceous. ‘It looks just like mine!’ Amy thought to herself, but of course she realizes this couldn’t be true, she looks back against to see flaws in the other girls butt but can’t seem to find many, she does notice how sweaty the space around the other girls hole was, although she would be lying if she said hers wasn’t the same way
    Amy and Kim both sat down and grabbed their snacks, Amy took a bite out of a piece of her chicken, already feeling herself start to get gassy again

    Kim “mmm this sushi is amazing!”

    Amy looked over at Kim, almost feeling a bit disguised seeing her eating sushi, she turned her head away not even wanting to think about sushi as she ate her snack

    Amy took another bite out of her chicken “man this chicken is the best!”
    Amy and Kim both continued to eat, both not saying a word to each other, Amy unable to help herself let out a silent fart trying to ignore it, but soon Amy started to smell something that made her gag

    Amy “uhg, did you just let one rip while we're eating?”

    Kim “oh your one to talk, I can smell yours as well!”

    Amy “hey I can’t help it!”

    Kim “well neither can I!”

    Amy “how about you go eat in the restroom?”

    Kim “eww no way you do it!”

    Amy “what no way in hell!”

    Kim “fine, just don’t complain when I have to let one out then”

    Amy “fine then, just don’t complain when I let it out either”

    Kim and Amy both sat in silence as they ate, occasionally the smell of one of them passing gas would fill the air, both of them not at all trying to hide it anymore

    Amy finally finished eating and decided to use the restroom, getting up out of her seat and moving ass first into the aisle, almost getting halfway in as she felt her ass bumped back onto her side of the train

    Kim “oops I'm sorry, I'm just getting up to use the restroom again”

    Kim then quickly hurried into the restroom locking the door behind her, this made Amy extremely annoyed, she walked back over to her travel pack and put her paper bag back inside, as she walked back to her seat she looked over to where the other girl was sitting, she saw a butt imprint made from the girls sweaty ass, the outline was so clear it was almost comical, the other girls anus even left an imprint, then Amy looked closer and noticed there was a small stain left by the girls hole, Amy was disgusted by this, she couldn’t believe how gross this girl could be, but it also made her worried, she wouldn’t wanna use the restroom after this other girl the smell would be unbearable, she heard the other girl opening the lock and quickly headed back to her own seat

    Kim “alright its all yours now”

    Amy was needing to go so badly she bumped the other girls ass out of the way as she got up from her chair

    Amy “sorry! I just really have to go”

    Amy locked the door, slamming her ass down on the toilet seat, and letting out as much gas as she possibly could, after a minute or so she hear Kim from the other side of the door again,

    Kim “hey Amy… your just letting out some gas right?”

    Amy, a bit confused, answered “uhh, yeah?” unsure what the other girl was meaning by that

    Amy then blushed realizing the other girl was thinking she was going number 2, she took a piece of toilet paper and wiped herself, then looking at the paper she realized her own hole was also dirty! Luckily she didn’t feel like she had to go yet and thought she could probably wait till the end of the ride to go and headed back out to the train car with the other girl

    Amy sat back down in her own seat looking over towards Kim, still remembering what she saw on the girls seat

    Kim “so… the ride should be almost over right?”

    Amy “yeah… I think so probably in a few minutes”

    Kim “alright then, there's no need for you to use the restroom in that case since the ride is almost over I can deal with it”

    Amy “ah same for you, just let it go out here there's no need to use the restroom”

    Amy thought to herself ‘I shouldn’t have to use the restroom but just in case I do, I should make sure she doesn't use it before me’ but even as she thinks that Amy feels the gas building up inside of her, she can’t help but let one out, shortly after she hear Kim doing the same

    ‘Uh oh’ Amy thinks to herself

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    Re: Two in the Caboose: Chapter 2 The Snack Break

    Not something I'm into, at all, but it's very well written. Keep going, you should find an audience for your stuff without too much trouble.

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    Re: Two in the Caboose: Chapter 2 The Snack Break

    It's been Great Story Please Continue
    Waiting For Chapter

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