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    Hatred 7

    Hatred 7

    Revelations and Truths

    It began with an mistake then slowly escalated from there. There's a reason most people knock before entering a room, but familiarity breeds contempt.

    Tifa had still been unconscious when her friends arrived aboard their airship and Josyln had just returned from helping staff spray down the square with Tranquilizer while others kept looking for those still under the effect of the berserk. Tired, she'd been mobbed by the group who mistook her for Tifa.

    There was the huge black guy with a gun for a hand, the creepy old guy with a permanent sneer that smelled of cheap tobacco like her dad used on occasion and the only one that seemed to realize their mistake was a large red cat she initially thought as a pet which sniffed at her from all angles.

    But the worst was the blonde guy in the blue jumpsuit that just simply pulled her into a tight hug. The only person to hug her in a manner similar was her father...ever since he'd almost crippled her first and only boyfriend. Yuffie was tugging at him frantically her voice drowned by the babble of the others as everyone talked at once.

    "I'm sorry," was all she heard him say as his hands stroked at her hair. Unconsciously her hands went around him as well before she caught herself and she started trying to push him away. It was about as effective as Yuffie's pulling as he was immoveable.

    "Cloud, my boy. What are you doing to my daughter?" She heard Dio ask, his booming voice drowning out all others.

    "Daughter?" she heard him ask, as a he pulled away and she got her first look at his blue eyes with the green glow. They studied her intently before he sucked in a breathe. "Dio...what is this about?"

    A quick rundown later and Joslyn once again found herself at the center of attention though for a different reason. But things calmed down once everyone scattered to help with the current crisis. But Joslyn made it a point to avoid Cloud and his eyes. At least until Tifa woke up.

    And then again on the night of their match.

    Cloud and Tifa had just sparred in the Battle arena while their friends, Dio and a few of Joslyn's circle had been in attendance. She'd been feeling run down from the effects of the gas and wanted to ensure there were no lingering effects. It had also been a way to corral Cloud since he'd been acting...not in an expected manner since seeing the discs and hearing of Tifa's history.


    Tifa brought her gloves together, activating the battle materia she'd chosen before giving Cloud a traditional bow of acknowledgment, then falling into a ready stance. For his part Cloud saluted her with his Buster sword running his hand along it to activate his own materia, before swinging the blade in front of him.

    For a long moment the pair remained motionless, then the horn blared the start of the match and both exploded into action. Darting forward Tifa ducked under a horizontal swing, the blade passing perilously close to her chest, now restrained by her battle bra, before delivering a series of quick blows to Cloud's ribs. The blonde fighter grunted, before delivering a kick that she was barely able to block.

    With Tifa skidding back from his kick Cloud leapt forward his sword smashing down where Tifa had so recently been. Nostrils flaring at the scent of her shampoo his hand snapped out, grabbing at her hair, and hurling her to the ground. Holding the Buster blade one handed, he punched downward as she crossed her arms to block the blow and grab at the limb. Pulling him down she swung her body into a sitting position as she held him in an armbar.

    Cloud grunted as he powered himself off the ground lifting her up, even as she still clung to his arm. She quickly released him, flipping away as he charged forward swinging his sword in a manner designed to drive her back. Eyes following the pattern she knew she could grab at it, but if she did then so did he. Ignoring the bait the leapt back and charged forward, swinging her body around the blade before leaping into an uppercut with a cry of "DOLPHIN BLOW!"

    The blow connected solidly sending Cloud arching into the air. Flipping his body as he reached the apex he in turn shouted. "METEORAIN!" Swinging his sword in a downward arc fiery rocks erupted from the blade to explode near a frantically dodging brunette. Landing on his feet Cloud planted his sword vertically in front of him even as Tifa erupted from the cloud body spinning as she delivered a series kicks that drove the ex - SOLDIER back.

    "C'mon Cloud, she's making you look like a chump," Yuffie called before turning to a wide eyed Joslyn. "You're not gonna cheer on Tifa?"

    "Cheer her on? He's trying to kill her!" Joslyn replied aghast. "If he hits with her with that, he'll..."

    "Ah, you worry too much." the kunoichi wave an uncaring hand. "They do this all the time, trust me. Now c'mon, give your sis some support. Not that it'll do much good."

    Annoyed at Yuffie's flippant assessment of her sister's chances Joslyn cupped her hands and and shouted. "MESS HIM UP SIS! YOU GOT THIS!!."


    Unfortunately Tifa had been unable to..."mess him up" Cloud's SOLDIER training and mako enhanced physique proved more than capable of handling Tifa's Zangan style martial arts (for the fifth time according to Yuffie) and the climax of their match found Tifa on her back with Cloud's Buster Blade at her throat. Though disappointed at her sister's loss Joslyn was fascinated by her fighting style and resolved to talk to her about it as soon as possible...

    Which ended up being later that evening when she wandered over to Tifa's room shortly after dinner. Throwing open the door like she usually did before the others arrived. Unfortunately for her tonight was also the night Cloud and Tifa had apparently made up and, now alone, were currently engaged in making up for lost time.

    Three pairs of eyes widened in shock as three young people all looked like a deer caught in the headlights. As a reversal from earlier Cloud was flat on his back, head hanging off the bed as Tifa slowed her movements, but never completely stopped. For a long moment Joslyn stared at the couple even as they stared back, before sputtering a frantic apology and fleeing the room.

    "Awkward," Cloud muttered to himself. Raising his head he stared suspiciously at Tifa's strangely satisfied expression. "What're you smiling about?"


    <NEXT DAY>

    "You're thinking bad thoughts."

    Joslyn jumped at the words. Sitting across form her Yuffie was working on a third bowl of ice cream even even as she cocked her head. "That stuff's going to go straight to your thighs, you know?"

    "I don't have any to begin with," Yuffie shrugged. "And don't change the subject. What's got you looking more sour than Red trying to smile?"

    "Red...that's the cat right?" Joslyn was still learning the names of her sister's friends as they made their presence known in Gold Saucer. They were being given the royal treatment for their help in dealing with the berserk outbreak a week past, and were taking time to unwind after some battle they'd been involved in at nearby Fort Condor. "And nothing's bothering me."

    "Bull," Yuffie replied. "I heard you sprinting past my room like a bat out of hell. Now spill."

    "...promise not to laugh?" Joslyn hesitated. At Yuffie's nod she moved in closer. "I went to check up on Tifa last night. But Cloud was with her and I uh..."

    "Oh...OH!" Yuffie covered her mouth as she fought back a snicker. At Joslyn's hurt look she tried to appear serious. "Well...uh...did they see you?"

    "YES!!" Joslyn's hid her face in her hands. "They saw me and I saw everything...EVERYTHING!!"

    "Everything?" Yuffie's expression turned calculating. "How many inches?"

    "Well he was pretty dee...what kind of a question is THAT?!?"

    "A pretty valid one I'd say. And at least they aren't just avoiding one another anymore." Yuffie cocked her head as she took in Joslyn's demeanor. When it hit her she almost spit out her ice cream. She swallowed and kept her voice low. "You're know. A virgin are you?"

    Joslyn sputtered at the question before glumly nodding. "Not for lack of trying you understand. Dad made an example of my first boyfriend when he started getting handsy. And he's made it quite clear he's a believer in equal that even if you're a girl you're equally liable to get an ass kicking."

    Yuffie choked on another mouthful. "Wait...hold up. You were that desperate you...!?"

    "A girl has needs," Jo defended herself. "And who're you to talk, you don't expect me to believe you're not one."

    "My options are limited," Yuffie grunted. "Two geezers, a cat and a guy who's girlfriend can punch holes through concrete if pushed. Living here I imagined you'd be beating them off with a stick."

    "Dad's taken care of that," Joslyn grumped, happy to have finally unloaded what had been on her mind. "You mind comin' out with me and Tifa tonight? We're supposed to be having some big shot from Midgar in for a visit."

    "Sure, where?" Yuffie looked confused as Joslyn's face turned concerned again.

    "They want to meet us in the club room."

    "So this person knows about your exclusive club and about Tifa being here..." Yuffie stated slowly, understanding now why her friend looked nervous. "I trust I'm not the only one uncomfortable by this?"


    "What time is it?" Yuffie asked.

    "Only five minutes since you asked last time," Tifa replied, exasperated. Behind her, Cloud was looking around the room curiously. It was larger than he expected after watching the discs and well maintained. He'd already spotted at least three spots where hidden cameras could be located. He glanced over at Joslyn in time to catch her quickly looking away. She'd understandably been avoiding him, but when he caught her looking at him it was with an expression he couldn't identify.

    Joslyn was not particularly happy having Cloud here, him being a guy and all, but after seeing him in the arena she'd rather have him here than Dio on the cameras. She could see him whispering something to Tifa which had her blush and give him a jab in the ribs. Following where he was looking her eyes fell to the center of the room. Such as it was it wasn't hard to guess what he was asking.

    A loud knocking at the door made them all jump before it swung open and two women entered. The younger hung back deferentially while following her senior who was slim, and about as tall as Tifa, and wearing a dark kimono with a phoenix pattern while her hair was held up in a Wutai style by several golden pins. But beyond her appearance was Yuffie's reaction as she quickly ducked behind Cloud with a gasp of horror.

    "Don't you hide from me, Sticks," Madam M purred as she swayed up to Cloud, her kimono rustling. "I've always wondered where you'd turn up."

    "You're not the boss of me anymore," Yuffie declared defiantly, though it would've carried more weight if she wasn't peeking out from behind the blonde Soldier. "What the hell're you doing here anyway Mikoto?"

    "It's Madam M now," she replied fanning herself. "And I'm here for several reasons, though finding you and the handsome Mr. Strife is an added bonus."

    "Okay M," Tifa replied positioning herself between Cloud and the woman, "What do you want...and better yet how'd you even know about this place?"

    "And the code to get in?" Joslyn asked angrily and she stood next to Tifa.

    Madam M, Mikoto, took in the appearance of the young brunette. "Siblings?" At Tifa's exasperated nod she continued. "I've known about your little place for quite the while now, your father and I go way back."

    "I think dad would've mentioned knowing something, someone" Joslyn remarked, her expression speaking volumes.

    "Charming," Mikoto murmured. "He kept his vices out of his family life, and a man has needs after all. I met him shortly after I left Wutai and he became my...sponsor of sorts."


    "Oh yes, he was quite prevalent behind the scenes on the world stage. Whenever a dispute needing handling he relied on me to...settle the matter."

    Tifa sucked in a breath.

    "I don't like where this is going." Joslyn growled, before looking at her sister. "You have any idea what she's talking about?"

    "Unfortunately," Tifa grimaced. "There was a rumor going around. Particularly wealthy individuals that would bet on anything from as simple as a Chocobo race to how many would die from an artillery strike."

    "And this bitch is saying that..."

    "Your father was one of them...yes." Madam M cocked her head. "Sorry to have to be the one to tell you your dad wasn't some defender of justice little girl but..."

    Whatever she was going to say went unsaid and Joslyn jumped forward and cracked her palm across Mikoto's face, an outraged expression on her own. The black haired woman took a stumbling step back as her kimono slipped exposing a shoulder before she sneered, cocking back a small fist which she slammed across Jo's cheek.

    As the brunette staggered back Mikoto delivered a second punch to the girl's stomach before grabbing her hair to hold her steady. Opening her hand she delivered a swift fore and backhand slap before Joslyn responded by butting her head into Madam M's face. Recoiling from the hit she was open as Jo grabbed at her own hair with both hands. Screaming incoherently both were bent almost ninety degrees as they yanked at each others hair while Mikoto delivered wild blows with her free hand.

    All this took place over a few seconds before Tifa, Yuffie and Cloud jumped to separate the fighting women. Cloud grabbed at Joslyn, lifting her into the air while she screeched in outrage, her feet lashing out and keeping Yuffie away, even as Madam M's flailing hands were seized by an angry Tifa who pulled the limb behind her back. Both women screamed as both had hair pulled out at the roots before they came apart.

    "Calm down, Joslyn," Cloud grunted as he struggled to control the squirming girl while not grabbing at places he shouldn't. Even more difficult was controlling his all too natural reaction to the girl's rapid gyrations on his body. She abruptly grew still as she felt a rather sharp poke near her butt even a Cloud controlled his breathing. "Calm down, she's trying to get you angry."

    "Stay still or I'll break it," Tifa warned, as she held Mikoto's arm bent behind her back. "What the hell are you planning?"

    "Something that doesn't concern you right now." the woman gritted out as her back bent to compensate for the pressure on her joint. "This is between me and understand that right?"

    Tifa growled to herself and she reluctantly released the masseuse. But in doing so she noticed something that intrigued her. Under her dark kimono, Madam M had her chest bound. Tifa recognised that as the Wutai version of her sports bra which got her wondering...what did she have underneath...

    Massaging her arm Mikoto ran her hand through her thoroughly messed up hair before picking up her fan. "I heard you showed some promise, but if that's all it takes to rile you up then I heard wrong." She said as Cloud held the girl carefully.

    "Let me down...Cloud," she hissed at him. His eyes were concerned as she relaxed her body. "I'm fine...really."

    Releasing her to the ground Cloud stepped back warily, but stayed close enough to react if they started hacking at one another again. "What do you mean by you HEARD I had promise?"

    "Oh don't honestly think you could run something like this and keep it quiet do you?" Mikoto rolled her eyes in an open, just how stupid are you, manner. "Even less so once your...sister got involved. By the way did you know the current hot bet is Avalanche vs Shinra?"

    This last bit was directed at the other three in the room, much to their consternation. The idea that the fate of the planet was being treated as a mere wager was disturbing.

    "Tifa here is also apparently a personal side bet. Her and a certain blonde you're all familiar with." She held up her fan. "Don't ask. No one knows the identities of those involved save those they sponsor. And sometimes not even then."

    "Okay, so you're here to...test Josy?" Tifa said, positioning herself next to the teen. "Why...and why should we let you."

    "Because I have information that would benefit you should she...pass. And also because...

    "...I ASKED HER TOO."

    "Dad?" They all looked around the room at the echo.


    "Like he said, I was the best," Cloud's danger sense started screaming at this as M and Tifa locked stares. "But I don't go after wounded prey. Maybe once you've fully recovered we can have our own"

    "Sorry, but I think I'll occupied for the near future."

    "So disappointing," Mikoto murmured. "Finding good conversationalists is quite the chore for people like us."

    "We're nothing alike," Tifa replied.

    "So how're we going to do this," Joslyn asked, stepping up, her eagerness for another fight only enhanced by the fact that she didn't much like this woman. "I'm down for anything you've got."

    "Oh I sincerely doubt that you little savage." Mikoto remarked, returning her attention to the teen, contemptuously. "And I never said I was going to be the one testing you."

    All eyes turned to the other girl that they had forgotten. Cloud in particular was disturbed by how easily she slipped past his notice. Perhaps half a head shorter than Joslyn, and sporting a dark ponytail, she was also wrapped in a dark kimono as she shuffled herself to the front as she bowed gracefully.

    "Lady N...Naoko." she said quietly. Joslyn caught herself before she bowed in return, flustered at the girl's demeanor. "It is Naoko's privilege to be your opponent tonight."

    "Naoko is my most requested masseuse, and one my most promising protegees." M boasted proudly. "If you will pardon me a moment."

    Leaning down she whispered into the girl's ear. Nodding, she dragged off her kimono, leaving herself clad only in a pair of red lace panties. But the sharp intake of breathe was due to what was above that. Smaller than her opponents, just above a Double D the pair were the milky paleness so desired by Wutai women and unmarked by any form of blemish. If there was any hang it was due to the obvious weight behind each, almost perfectly circular, orb tipped by a long dark spike.

    "You're father informs me that you enjoy matching your tits against other women." Mikoto informed her. "The style was quite popular back in my day as well, ranked just behind another way of fighting. I hope you haven't hit a damper since your recent...defeat."

    "Considering I plan on winning the rematch you don't need to worry about that," Joslyn grunted in irritation as she removed the straps of her blouse and pulling it off in a rush. Her long pointed boobs bounced at their freedom before settling high on her chest.

    "Very pretty, aren't they Naoko," M smiled behind her fan. "What do you think of them?"

    "They look firm madam," her expression turned eager. "Naoko looks forward to crushing them."

    "The hell..." Joslyn took a step forward even as Cloud's hand clamped onto her shoulder. Tifa marched over as well.

    "She's trying to get under your skin," the elder brunette whispered. "This isn't some friendly little fight. She's a professional."

    "Keep you temper under wraps," Cloud added his voice soft. "If you lose control you'll likely lose very soon after."

    Joslyn took a deep breathe, nodding, before marching forward to stand opposite the black haired girl. Up close she was even more impressed by the other's boobs. Though slightly smaller than her own she knew better than to underestimate a pair as flawless as these. "Any rules?"

    "No punching or biting. Beyond that anything goes so long as the target are the breasts," Mikoto replied. "No time limit, only surrender. Do you understand?"

    "Yes Madam, Naoko understands." The girl replied, eyes shining as she moved closer, bumping her chest as Joslyn's. The teen felt the strength behind those tits, but she was confident in her own pair as well, pushing back which had her boobs move around and slightly over the other pair due to the height difference. She nodded eagerly.

    "Then BEGIN!"

    Immediately Naoko batted her boobs upwards sending Joslyn stumbling back with a gasp. Tifa covered her face with a groan. "I warned her this girl was a professional. She isn't going to start off slow like how we did."

    "Ow...ow," Jo whined with startled pain as the smaller girl bashed her meaty boobs into her own monsters with a steady back and forth that forced to her to retreat a few steps to try and get some distance. What surprised her was that Naoko didn't move to follow, merely placing her hands on her hips and rocking her rack side to side slowly. Mocking her.

    Joslyn leapt back in stabbing both of her breasts into the opposing pair, both sets rippling as they were forced together. Naoko pushed forward as well compressing the boobs together, both pairs spreading at the tips as the girls ground them together. Stepping away momentarily both pairs filled back to their original shape quickly before the shorter girl took the initiative, spearing her boobs back into the brunette's.

    Joslyn grunted as Naoko attempted to penetrate her breasts and then smiled as they pushed back against the other girl's quivering mass. "These aren't the flabby tits you might be used to," she grinned as she pushed hard sending Naoko back a step. The short woman's expression never shifted as she came right back ducking slightly. Jo saw this and knew what coming. Setting herself her tits slammed down and Naoko's were coming up.

    Both girls moaned at that collision their tits wobbling on their chests. Naoko recovered first, this time swinging her tits and Joslyn who gasped at the blow before grabbing at the other girl's shoulder and slamming her own boobs fiercely into the other. The SMACK of that blow forced a grunt of anguish from Naoko. Joslyn pulled her in for a second thudding collision, before she grabbed the teen just above the elbow and slammed back with startling force.

    Tifa winced at the sound of the four breasts smacking together even as her sister cried out at the blow. Both girls rebounded off each other as they slammed their boobs together in vicious repetition that soon had them both grunting and yelling with every other slam. "How many has she been in," she asked the woman next to her.

    "Nineteen fights, eight of them titfights." Madam M replied, fanning herself. "She's fifteen, two and two, so I still have some work left to do."

    "That doesn't seem like very many considering your confidence?" Tifa noted as Jo splashed her boobs brutally onto Naoko's, both sets distorting before quickly filling back in. "Just how old is she."

    "Twenty - two. It's sometimes to our benefit that we look younger than we really are," Mikoto answered, then she looked at Tifa speculatively. "Just how confident are you in her?"

    Tifa's eyes narrowed, ignoring Jo's shout as Naoko slammed her tits upwards again, levelling out their boobs, before resuming their spinning motion around the room as they continued smashing their breasts together. "Why are you asking?"

    "A side wager, if you're up to it,' the kimono clad woman remarked, pausing in her fanning. "I didn't expect to find the delectable Mr. Strife here, and these competitions are always so stimulating."

    "Are you asking..."

    "Why don't we have him service the winners...yes." Mikoto set her feet as Lockhart spun around, anger on her face. The first time they'd met hadn't allowed her to push the brunette, considering what was at stake, but now she could feel the old juices flowing and the thought of locking up with the woman was almost as enticing as riding the young blonde. "It seems only fair since he's getting some free service as it is."

    Tifa's outraged expression suddenly shifted to something she couldn't identify. She looked over at Cloud who stared back curiously before turning back to Madam M. "Agreed, on the condition that if Josy wins you don't bother us until my say so."

    "But I thought we were nothing alike," M mocked, before looking back at the groaning women. "Naoko, how long are you going to play with her?"

    "Apologies madam," Joslyn heard the girl gasp out as they bounced off one another again. As she pulled her in for another slam Naoko released her grip on Joslyn's bicep and wrapped her arms around the taller teen, pulling her into a hug, as their breasts compressed. Joslyn's arms were trapped against her body and if her opponent was anyone else she might have had difficulties, but her opponent's small size worked against her as she was still able to work her long arms around Naoko's waist.

    Both pairs flattened in a painfully, mushrooming out at their tips as the girls ground their tits together forcefully. Despite the discomfort both girls gasped breathily as their nipples came into play. Even as the flesh spread and rolled from their actions, within the dense compress of the meaty orbs their spikes jousted and stabbed fiercely sending pulses of pain and pleasure through the young flesh.

    "Oh god," Joslyn groaned at the sensation. Naoko said not a word, but her moans were proof enough that Jo's nipples were having as much of an effect on her as hers were having on Jo. Both twisted their upper bodies and rolled their shoulders as they kept shoving their boobs together while both stabbing and scraping at the other. In doing so their breasts slowly began to angle upwards till their nipples emerged, stiff and full and fully engaged.

    Eyes fluttering Naoko altered her strategy first loosening her arms slightly to deliver three quick sharp blows with her right tit, then tightening her arms again after Joslyn got a quick hit back. The brunette growled in frustration after she did this a second time as it was difficult for her to get any kind of force behind her hits while they were pressed together like this. "Josy!" Turning her head at her sister's voice she saw Tifa make a hefting motion. Eyes widening she turned her head back and smiled down at the smaller woman.

    "What did you do?" Mikoto turned to Tifa, snapping her fan shut. "Outside interference is..."

    "I did nothing more than you did earlier, considering your girl's actions." Tifa replied breezily, turning to face the female member of the Trio. "Is there a problem with that."

    "I'd say there is!" Madam M hissed as Naoko cried out in surprise and not a little pain as Joslyn lifted the smaller girl off her feet. It wasn't easy given how low her arms were but again, Naoko's small size worked against her. In the course of their movements, twisting and squirming, Josy's nipples found themselves jabbing upwards at the underside of Naoko's. The sudden stabbing pain made her thrash frantically as the teens spikes slowly bent her own.

    Even through this though the small woman's movements made holding her difficult as Joslyn bent her back slightly to compensate. The feeling of nipples pushing into Naoko's was pleasing, but caused her to lose focus as she stumbled slightly at the woman's violent contortions, allowing her back onto the ground. As soon her feet hit the ground she immediately rose on her toes lifting her boobs away from Josylns's painful spikes.

    At the brief separation Joslyn's breasts fell away and Naoko dropped her heavy orbs onto Jo's monsters. The brunette wailed at the sudden pain before launching her own tits upwards sending the other tits upward and causing both to release their grips on the other. Breathing heavily Joslyn allowed her lips to curl into a smirk as Naoko's nipples were slightly limp after their treatment.

    "Naoko not playing anymore!" Clearly angry now the dark haired woman stomped forward, swinging her boobs to send Joslyn's wobbling. The teen hissed at the blow, but maintained her smirk as she swung back catching Naoko's right orb in flight. Both taut orbs crashed together with a violent fleshy THUD before sliding past. Both beauties grunted at the pain but their left breasts were already in flight as they resumed slugging them at the other.

    Twisting her shoulders with steady force Naoko smashed her boobs together with Joslyn's larger pair as the teen's smirk faltered as the smaller woman would not give way as their tits slapped together with stinging pain. Frustrated, the brunette reached for the other woman, only to have her hands slapped away as she then swung her tits at an upward catching hers off center and causing her to back off slightly.

    Cloud heard Joslyn's whine at the sting of that hit even as Naoko continued to advance, dark eyes shining, as she sped up her shoulder motions beginning to deliver almost two hits to every one of Jo's. Her own grey eyes watering at the battering she was receiving the teen hit back as best she could while taking one reluctant step back after another. More concerning to him however was the sight of M and Tifa almost nose to nose their faces intent.

    "Stay here," he muttered at Yuffie before wandering over to the two women. Knowing what he knew now Cloud was now only too aware of the subtle undertones of how women interacted with one another. And he'd spotted more than a few while walking around with Tifa when before he'd be more concerned with keeping other guys attention away from her. But even if he was as clueless as when he'd first started you didn't need help to guess what these two were on about. "Tifa, is something wrong?"

    Tifa didn't break her staring contest with M at Cloud's approach. "Nothing serious, M just wants to go to the backroom and hammer out a disagreement."

    "It's not quite that important, though I can understand why she's a bit reluctant," Mikoto purred, fanning herself. "She's had quite the busy week."

    "Not so much that I can't handle some personal business," Tifa replied and Cloud, recognising the shift in her tone, took a step back. "And Dio's got quite the medicine cabinet!"

    At the last word Tifa's hand slashed forward grabbing at the kimono and yanking it down, tearing at the fabric. Her fingers also caught at the binding that had been around M's chest, a pair of sizeable globes that were easily in Tifa's league bouncing free.

    "You stupid bitch, you have any idea how much that cost!?" M snarled as she reciprocated, ripping Tifa's blouse from her unresisting form.

    "No more than my promise." Tifa hissed back as she removed her sports bra. "I promised Cloud full disclosure, and if I'm going to kick your ass, it's not going to be behind a closed door."

    Just like she'd hoped, M's temper was as short as ever and she charged at Tifa, hands curled into claws even as the stacked brunette leapt to meet her. Hands clutched at luxurious hair while they slammed their bodies at one another in spiteful comparison. The last of Mikoto's pins fell away under Tifa's enthusiastic tugging even as she yanked in return, what remained of her kimono falling away leaving his just panties and stockings, both screaming their outrage.

    "Madam?" Tired and with a delicate sheen of sweat covering their bodies the two younger participants paused in their battle, staring at the thrashing women as Tifa pushed M up against a wall.

    "Joslyn!" Yuffie shouted, pointing. Understanding Joslyn, almost politely, tapped Naoko on her shoulder. As the shorter girl turned to face her, Jolsyn slammed both of her tits forward hard sending the unprepared masseuse to the floor.

    "That was for the cheap shot before," Joslyn stated. "Now get up. I thought you were going to crush me?"

    Her expression wary now, and concerned, Naoko nonetheless got quickly to her feet and slung her orbs at a waiting Joslyn who absorbed the hit before swinging back as they resumed fighting on an even footing. On the other side of the room Tifa repeatedly slammed her left tit into Madam M's as she kept the other flat against the wall. Grunting in frustration, she released the brunette's hair and grabbed at the boob, crushing and squeezing. Tifa bellowed at the pain, jumping back and punching at the gripping hand.

    "You have no idea who you're fucking with little girl," Mikoto purred as she stalked towards the brunette. Tifa snorted as she stood still, watching the older woman approach. "This is the big leagues. You think you're ready?"

    Tifa's response was to yank M into a hug. The older woman didn't resist and simply shoved her own arms under the brunette's as they wrapped them snugly around the other. Their boobs flattened and spread rapidly at the pressure. "I've been looking forward this for some time now," Mikoto whispered, pressing her forehead against the younger woman. "Ever since they started talking about some newblood making a name for herself. Didn't think I'd get the pleasure of flattening you though."

    "Same shit, different bitch," Tifa growled as she butted back. Somewhere behind her she could hear both her sister and Naoko crying out at loud flesh on flesh impacts. But she couldn't concern herself with that. Disrobed, M displayed a body that was toned with just the barest hint of musculature. Looking soft enough to cause one to get one overconfident until you felt the strength underneath. "You don't think I have better things to do than dealing with stupid cunts looking to make a name for themselves?"

    "My name's already made darling," M said, her breathing becoming heavier as they crushed their bodies closer and tighter together. "Only fun now is dealing with bitches that get too big for their skirts."

    "You aren't woman enough to fill my skirt," Tifa hissed back as she humped her tits at Mikoto's pushing her back a step. M in turn rotated her shoulders, shoving first one, then the other breast to collide with it's opposite with special force. Tifa was familiar with the method and started shifting her own shoulders. The result was the two dancing in a small circle as their boobs bashed and rolled against one another. "But you are right about one thing. It's always fun knocking some uppity slut down a peg or two."

    Barely ten feet away the younger Lockhart was in a fight of her own as she and the smaller masseuse from Midgar slowed in their swings as fatigue set in. They now cried out at every hit as they delivered slow, but heavy slams which made the girls stumble at delivery. One such brutal blow rocked both girls to their foundations as Joslyn sank to her knees with a hoarse groan.

    Naoko also sank to one knee, bracing herself with her right hand before pushing herself back up. For several long seconds the teen made no move before slowly rising to her feet ,swaying slightly from the pain. "That...that the best you got?" Josyln gasped out, body heaving at the effort. Naoko looked nothing like the confident woman from the start of the fight as she rested her hands on her knees, reddened boobs hanging low.

    "Naoko...Naoko make stupid girl BEG to stop!" She snarled as she raised her body to face the teen.

    Joslyn moved slowly, advancing on the tired woman who swung her left boob at the incoming brunette. The teen grunted at the blow, before wrapping her arms around the small woman's neck and slamming both of her breasts into the opposing pair while Naoko squealed as the pliable flesh collided and collapsed against one another. Wrapping her own arms around Jo's neck she grabbed handfuls or the girl's thick hair and slammed her own boobs back in blows that had their legs wobbling with each hit.

    Over Naoko's shoulder Joslyn could see Tifa also fighting hard. She and Madam M were currently in a stalemate as each cried out as the other squeezed fell back a step or two, before the lost ground was regained as the former was squeezed back. Maybe the woman wasn't talking out her ass when she said she used to be the best.

    To anyone looking, Cloud Strife was a picture of calm. Leaning against the wall at the sounds of women locked in feminine combat he shifted his gaze between the pair of fighting women, his indifference gave heart to the Lockhart siblings while shaking the confidence of the two dark haired women from Midgar. Why was he so unconcerned...was he that confident in the sisters? From her spot seated cross legged at his side, Yuffie drew confidence from his apparent disdain despite her concern for her friends.

    On the inside he was a roiling mess of hormones and lust that it was taking all his SOLDIER training to suppress. Directly in front of him was his girlfriend's sister, currently slamming tits with a slim girl on trembling legs as they squealed in voices that made it difficult to keep his own soldier from getting it up. A slight facial tic was the only sign he gave as the girls boobs slammed together with a loud CLAP and the smaller girl dropped to her knees. A few seconds later Joslyn followed her down, dropping her monsters onto the opposing pair in the process.

    And to his right Tifa, his girlfriend, was busy jousting with Madam M like a pair of Behemoths during mating season as the two angry females kept shoving each other back and forth despite all the squeezing and yells of pain and frustration. Frustration finally won out as they both released the other and stepped back before slamming forward with all four breasts colliding with a loud THUD that sent the flesh jiggling violently as both women stumbled back. Each took a moment to assess the damage, decided it wasn't enough and leapt at one another again.

    At the third lunge both women paused as they stared at the other. Both now fully recognized that the other's reputation was indeed earned, but all that did was heighten the desire to beat the other down. "Get over here," Tifa said thickly, as she held her hands up, palms out.

    Mikoto strutted forward raising her own hands, their open palms coming together fingers curling and locking in tight. Slamming their chests together again their hands went wide, horizontal to their bodies, shaking slightly as they went down to their hips then slowly back up to chest level.

    Both groaned as neither gained any advantage and they kept grinding their boobs into the other to try and distract from their test of strength. Her head over the brunette's shoulder Mikoto had a view of both Joslyn and Naoko facedown on the ground in pain. Even as her arms burned with effort and Lockhart's groans in her ear she saw Joslyn rise to her arms, stare briefly directly at her, then sit back on her haunches at Naoko stirred.

    Even after she'd dropped her boobs onto Naoko the woman wouldn't back down and had slammed back, their breasts thudding together agonizingly. She didn't know how long it had taken, but she did know it took fourteen direct collisions of all four breasts head on before they'd both simply collapsed onto their stomachs, instinctively protecting their vulnerable mammaries.

    Groaning now the teenage brunette got her arms under her, tossing her hair over her shoulder, and stared into the eyes of the Mikoto as she matched both boobs and strength with her sister. Good luck with that, she thought to herself as she then turned her attention to her own opponent. Naoko was still on her stomach but began moving as soon as Joslyn's eyes fell on her.

    Naoko panted as she pushed herself up onto quivering arms. "You ready to quit?" Looking up at the voice she stared into the gray eyes of the opponent she'd been given. Shaking her head tiredly she pushed herself onto her knees as Joslyn shuffled forward and with hoarse, desperate groans the two girls fell into each others arms. Rocking back and forward they clutched their bodies tightly together as they shoved and shifted their boobs with what energy they had left.

    "Make you...beg..."Naoko murmured as she shoved her breasts forward, both sets quivering violently at the pressure. Joslyn gritted her teeth, then gasped as the girl loosened her grip. Panting quickly she reciprocated the squeeze, Naoko squealing in her ear, as she shoved her breasts powerfully into the opposing pair. Both flattening and spreading in agony, before she released her own grip.

    How long could they go on Yuffie wondered. Joslyn and Naoko were barely moving and in any normal situation you'd just declare it a no contest. Unfortunately the one person that could do that was currently engaged in her own fight that was still going strong. Mikoto and Tifa were both now also covered in a sheen of sweat as their arms remained extended as they both attempted to overpower the other.

    Mikoto's expression was set in a perpetual grimace as she gave soft moans of "ow" in Tifa's ear, repeatedly. She was a professional masseuse, and as such her arms and hands needed to be strong to perform her duties, but she couldn't gain any leverage as their trembling arms went low again and she felt the brunette strain for all she was worth.

    Tifa grunted fiercely into M's ear even as she felt the woman tense her arms and bash her boobs. Tifa bashed back and ignored the twinges of pain in her shoulders as she pushed as hard as she could and slowly curled Mikoto's hands back. She felt the woman's head raise off her shoulder even as she shouted at the pain of her wrists being bent, but then Tifa felt herself falling forward before being thrown backwards through the air. The toss was so sudden that she barely had time to set herself up for the fall.

    Madam M ignored the sound of THUD of Tifa's body hitting the ground, wincing as she tried to massage some feeling back into her hands. She'd underestimated the rumors of Lockhart's strength. Grunting, she got to her feet in time to hear Naoko cry out in a fear filled voice as she was pushed onto her back by the bigger Joslyn who shoved her tits down hard as they started to burrow into her student's flesh. Seemed she'd underestimated both siblings...she turned at a whistle.

    "I typically believe in fair play so..." Cloud said, nodding behind her.

    "Where do you think you're going?" Mikoto whirled at the voice, Tifa only a few feet away. "So you know a few actual moves, maybe I should take you a bit more seriously."

    "You're sister's fight seems almost done," she nodded in the direction of the two fighting women as Naoko managed to push Joslyn off her for a few seconds, breasts pumping furiously at one another, before Joslyn rolled back on top. "You sure you want to continue this now?"

    Tifa looked in the direction of Joslyn even as her sister dropped her heavy boobs onto Naoko's softening rack. Unless the girl could pull off some miracle that fight was over. Then Joslyn looked her direction. And winked. She turned her attention over to Cloud and Yuffie. Yuffie nodded enthusiastically, giving her an OK sign, while Cloud gave a dramatic sigh then flashed a thumbs up. "I think I do. Can't have some has been going around saying she's the best."

    M's face turned ugly as she stomped at the obstinate brunette. "Fine then. First I humiliate you in front of your boyfriend, then I have you watch as Cloud has a taste of what an actual woman is capable of."

    Tifa's response was to punch her left boob deep into Mikoto's as the flesh flattened, then rebounded outward. She grunted at the blow then swung her own left to spear at the opposing globe cause the brunette to wince. Setting themselves they began hurling their tits at one another with a violence that shocked everyone in the room.

    "Ma...Madam?" Naoko moaned in confusion at the upside down sight of M and Tifa swinging at one another. Joslyn's boobs were heavy on her own pair, though she kept her arms snugly wrapped around the teen squeezing as best she could while rocking their bodies, trying to displace the girl. ""

    "Naoko should worry about...about herself," Josyln gritted out as she pushed downward, crushing the girl to her as their mammaries mushroomed at the pressure. The girl was a fighter, she could give her that, and her tits were firmer than almost any pair she'd gone up against before. "You ready to quit...or do I have to...have to flatten them?"

    The dark haired woman's response was give a surprising burst of power and roll the surprised Joslyn onto her side as she humped her breasts furiously at the teen, trying to complete the roll. "Naoko not quit, Naoko flatten stupid little girl!" She gasped out as their boobs squirmed and wobbled between them. A cruel expression crossed Jo's face as Naoko's words registered.

    "Fine then," she hissed pushing her face close to the woman's. "We'll do it your way."

    With a grunt Joslyn rolled their the opposite direction as she pulled Naoko on top of her. Arms tightening and heads thrown back, both beautiful faces contorted with effort as they ground their massive mammaries against one another. Gasping heavily, Naoko's face underwent a change as a look of almost bliss crossed her face and Joslyn moaned in shock.

    Deep within the still firm flesh of their boobs their nipples continued the duel that had begun way back at the beginning and despite being temporarily tamed earlier, Naoko's spikes finally proved their superiority bending their rivals upwards momentarily before they slipped past one another. "Naoko's...better," the woman whispered, smiling through the tears at the horrified brunette below her. "Naoko's...oh...AHH!"

    "Who's better?" Joslyn purred, her expression shifting from disbelief and horror to one of relief and pleasure. That her nipples would fail in the eleventh hour almost broke her, but with a sudden violent trembling she felt Naoko's boobs retreat as her own penetrated deeply. She felt the other girl try to pull away, but tightened her own grip despite the pain of her own defeated nips. "Oh no...Not just yet."

    Naoko's face was one of utter despair as she looked at how her breasts had been dented by the teens pair, molding around the breasts as they pressed inward. "Keep looking!" Joslyn spat as she clenched her arms and the girl above her thrashed at the pain, her arms disengaging and pushing weakly the teen's shoulders. Remembering what she'd seen of Tifa's first fight, Joslyn rolled the weeping woman under her, before sitting up.

    Tifa squealed while Mikoto grunted as they boxed their orbs at one another. At times they punched them directly at one another causing the flesh to flatten at the tip while nipples stabbed painfully at the firm flesh. Then they would hurl them laterally, the momentum causing the flesh to smack together loudly, swelling at the point of impact before falling back onto their chests. Neither was slowing and if anything their swings were becoming faster and more violent.

    Madam M resembled nothing of the poised, confident and alluring woman that greeted those that entered her salon. Her straight hair loose and flailing behind her sweating body while her lips were curled in fury as she hurled her treasures at the younger woman. She hated the moans of agony forced from between her clenched teeth as their boobs splattered against the other as much as she resented the thudding pain.

    Gritting her teeth she placed her hands under her boobs and began manipulating them like fists, punching them at the brunette. Scooping up her own breasts Tifa twisted her own body smacking her tits into M's which wobbled in her hands. Grunting Mikoto punched back with her tits the force of the blows knocking the quivering flesh from their owner's hands more and more as the position was uncomfortable and effort to hold them hurt as much as the blows from the other.

    Tifa despised the fact that she'd had her boobs mangled more in the last few months than she'd had for years. It felt like women were coming out of the woodwork that wanted a crack at her. Even as her boobs continued to slam and slap at the angry half naked woman opposite a part of her wondered if maybe just taking a dive would solver her issues. Let all this be someone else's problem. Then she shook her head. Anyone that beat her would have to damn well work for it. Absorbing a hit from M's right breast she used the backward momentum to swing her left boob savagely at Mikoto's incoming orb.

    Both women shrieked at the blow, Mikoto stumbling back as the flesh crushed and folded around it's opposite before flopping down. Massaging their chests both glared balefully at the other, but before they could move Joslyn shuffled into their view.

    "I...I got her, sis," Joslyn beamed as she held a limp Naoko in her arms. The result was indisputable as Naoko's boobs had been pushed inward almost against her ribs. "She...she hurt me, but I got her!"

    "Ma..Miss," Naoko whimpered in agony raising her head to look at her employer. "Naoko...Naoko..."

    "Naoko lost," Josyln declared loudly, releasing the girl to fall limply to her knees, her entire body shaking as she sobbed bitterly. "So do I pass your little test?"

    Mikoto gaped at Naoko's weeping form before staring furiously at Joslyn," You little bitch, I'll..."

    "Do nothing!" Tifa warned as she grabbed M by the shoulder, and boxed her right tit deep into the woman's chest knocking her to the ground. "You're fighting me, remember?"

    Mikoto scrambled to her feet. "First you...then her!" she snarled, her original job long forgotten, as she charged at Tifa crashing directly into her as the two bounced off one another, screaming. Recovering they both grabbed at the other arms going around necks and grabbing at hair.

    "No one messes with my family," Tifa growled, then hissed as they heaved their tits to collide with frightening force. "Hope you've got someone to watch the shop while you're out."

    "You fucking bitch!" M chanted over and over as she slammed her boobs at the brunette. "You fucking bitch."

    In the interim Cloud had moved over to Joslyn, supporting the tired girl as she leaned against him. The contest was over and now his concern was figuring out how to separate the two enraged women still fighting. Thankfully the problem was solved for him as a high pitched shriek filled the small room. Falling to the ground in agony, Cloud covered Joslyn's body as he sought out the source. Naoko was already probably unconscious while Yuffie rolled on the ground. Tifa and Madam M had released their grips falling to the ground as hands covered ears ineffectually.

    Then as quickly as it started, the sound stopped, leaving everyone involved dazed and with a slight headache.


    "Why did you interfere Dio?" M shouted sitting up. "I was not done with this one!"


    "Oh...sorry," Cloud quickly removed his hand that, in the course of covering Joslyn's near naked form had latched onto one of her sizeable globes.

    "Dio, I can't accept this, she challenged me and you know..."


    "So what information did you have for us?" Cloud asked as he helped Joslyn to her feet. Once she was stable he walked over to Tifa who was still shaking her head at the sound. She smiled, accepting his hand, then stared at M, most of her hostility gone. "We played your game. Now spill."

    Glaring up at him she then smiled and spread her hands. "Nothing?"

    Tifa's expression changed, but before she could say anything Cloud marched over to the oddly satisfied looking woman and clenched a glowing first as he channeled his materia. "I'm in no mood for games."

    "Neither am I," Mikoto's face turned serious as she go to her feet and reaching for her hairpins. "I don't have the information. Dio does. I was just here to see if his daughter was ready."



    "But...we can't just leave looking like this!"


    "Will you be there?"


    "" Joslyn called tentatively. Yuffie came up behind the girl guiding her outside as she hugged herself.

    "That was cold Dio," Cloud remarked loudly, not sure if the man was even still listening. Mikoto gave a harsh laugh.

    "No, that's actually quite like him...before she made him soft." Mikoto bent down to stroke at Naoko's still form. "She really worked you over didn't she..."

    "Tifa, we need to go."

    "One second Cloud," the brunette strode over to the older woman, who rose smoothly at her approach, pushing their chests together till the points disappeared into the flowing flesh. "Joslyn know what that means."

    "Oh you don't have to worry about that," Mikoto purred as she pushed back with each word. "Anytime, anywhere and any way you want to do it."

    "Good, so long as we're on the same page," Tifa plucked one of the golden pins from M's fist and waved it in front of her. "I'll hold onto this as a reminder."

    Stepping back, their breasts rolled back out into their original shapes, pointing menacingly at the other woman almost in a promise of their own before she joined Cloud in exiting the room.

    "Fucking cunt," Mikoto grunted, before gently massaging her chest. Though she was sure she'd hurt Tifa more than the girl had let on she had to admit that the brunette had hurt her as well. Dropping down she cradled Naoko's head, stroking at the girl's hair. "Maybe I got soft as well."


    Staring out over the dark ocean below her Yuffie still heard Cloud as he came up next to her as she sat on the railing. "Shall I remark about how pissed Cid gets when he sees you sitting there?"

    "Sure, if you don't mind getting the same response." Yuffie grinned as Cloud chuckled. They were three days out from Gold Saucer and Joslyn seemed to alternate between a kind of melancholy to a kind of aggression where she challenged the others to a few rounds on the mats. Cloud was the most common participant, after Cid realised that the girl was serious and he wouldn't just be able to fondle and grab. "How's she doing?"

    "Tifa is resting last I checked," he replied. Seeing her look he clarified. "Not from that you little pervert. And haven't seen Joslyn since her recent huff and...what?"

    "You really don't get it do you," Yuffie remarked. "Why she's acting like that?"

    "Beyond probably still being upset with Dio?" Cloud replied, his expression sober. " Yuffie, up until maybe two weeks ago I thought Tifa and I had come clean. Now I find out that she's some unofficial queen in Midgar that apparently has a fetish for fighting with her tits and...AND has some kind of feud going with a particular blonde that even SOLDIERS rather not deal with. And now possibly with one of the people that helped me rescue her. Forgive me if I have more on my mind than what's making her hormonal sibling tick."

    "You're hopeless," Yuffie remarked as she swung her legs over leaping back onto the deck. "I suppose that's the appeal."

    Cloud regarded Yuffie's departing form with a confused look. Sighing he looked over at the horizon. Sometimes he missed the time back when he believed he was an actual SOLDIER and his biggest worry was getting another job.


    "Tifa?" Joslyn knocked carefully, ears open in case she was...busy.

    "Come in"

    "Ah, okay. What did you...?" Joslyn paused as she saw Cloud sitting up on a couch as he regarded her curiously. "Um, I can come back later."

    "Nope, sit down." Tifa was lying on the bed in cotton nightgown that was so think it was almost see through. She patted at a spot next to her on the bed. "The three of us need to have a talk."

    Joslyn looked at Cloud who shook his head. "What's this about Tifa? You've been keeping me at arms length since we got back on board."

    "About that...I've got a confession." Tifa took a moment as Joslyn sat down. "What first set me off against M...she wanted to add a side bet to Joslyn's match. That you would...service...the winning team."

    "That? I already knew about that."

    "Now don't be angry I..." Tifa blinked. "Wait, you knew?"

    "She did basically say what she intended while the two of you were fighting," Cloud shrugged. "Considering how the two of you went at it it wasn't hard to figure out."

    "And that brings us neatly along to point two..." Tifa's face took on a somber look as she shifted her body to rest her head in Joslyn's lap. "I shouldn't have taken that bet because I would've lost."

    "What?" Both blonde and brunette demanded.

    "I...would...have...lost," Tifa said slowly and with emphasis. "You think I like admitting to something like that? M had one hell of a rack and she would've eventually beaten me down."

    Cloud got up to sit on the bed close to the siblings. "I don't claim to be any kind in that field of fighting but from where I stood it looked fairly even, maybe even a little in your favor."

    "Cloud, my tits had barely beaten Joslyn's and then they were still so soft that Scarlet came damn close to finishing me off. All in the span of barely a week." The brunette said, looking up at the ceiling. "They only just started recovering and then I had to let M push my buttons. It would've been gradual, but if Dio hadn't interrupted us I would've lost. Believe me when I say that."

    "So what you're saying is that if I challenged you now, I'd win?" Joslyn asked speculatively.

    "Dear heart, you try that and I'll give you your first lesson in Zangan style martial arts...the hard way." Tifa patted her sister's cheek, before poking a finger deep into her titflesh as Josyln winced. "Plus I think Naoko worked you over more than you let on. But now for the main reason I called you here."

    "What's that?"

    "Our prize after all," Tifa smiled up in a manner that would do Cid proud. "Cloud has to service the winners."

    "Fine then, I'll leave you to it," Joslyn as she rose off the bed. Before she even managed two steps her sister had pounced her from behind, her hands groping at the teen's tits. "S..Sis?"

    "I said OUR prize," Tifa whispered in her ear as Cloud sat frozen on the bed. "After all YOU are the one that had a win under your belt."

    "Tifa..." Joslyn groaned as her sister fondled her. "Why would I..I want anything..."

    "Come off it," Tifa angled Joslyn's body till she stood directly in front of the blonde Ex - SOLDIER before removing her blouse. "You think I don't see the way you act like a twelve year old with a crush? You're my sister Josy, and I love you. If I had to share my boyfriend with anyone I'd rather it be with someone I could trust."

    "Don't I get a say in this?" Cloud demanded, his breathing getting deeper.

    "Sure," His girlfriend smiled as she stepped away from a panting Joslyn and shrugging out of the shift that barely covered her to begin with. "Do you want to do both of us?"

    "..." Cloud's brain took a brief second to consider that question before his libido gave it a swift kick to the nuts and then punted it out the room as he nodded. Tifa giggled at his expression as she pushed her sister into his lap.

    "Be gentle with her,"


    Be gentle with her, she'd said. Perhaps the words would've been better aimed at the wild brunette. Josyl...Josy remained shy and almost innocent even as they undressed. But once she got him on the bed things went from zero to a hundred in a hurry.

    What she lacked in experience she made up for in stamina and enthusiasm as she clawed at him while bouncing frantically in his lap as she came thrice before the contractions of her tight virginal body drove him over the edge and he filled her over the course of several deep thrusts. Panting, Cloud came back to himself as he stroked at the girl's trembling body. He felt Tifa at his back as the embraced them as best she could while murmuring something at the teen.

    He felt her pussy contract around him tentatively then she leaned back to face him. "More," she whispered, pulling his face down to hers as she kissed him hard enough to almost bruise. "More!"

    Cloud straightened his legs and lay back on the bed giving Joslyn free reign as she rode him viciously, face screwed at the pleasure. His vision of her bouncing body was obscured as Tifa decided that she had spent enough time on the sidelines. As sat firmly on his face, Cloud's tongue and lips went to work and soon both sibling were gasping and panting even as blonde below gave muffled grunts while all three bodies writhed wildly on the bed.

    Hands firmly planted over the other's mouth the sisters shouts were muffled as first one, then the other sister came, Joslyn's eyes rolling back into her head as she tumbled off of Cloud, his engorged prick popping free. His hips jerked in frustration at the lack of stimulation before Tifa noticed, coming down from her high. "Poor Cloud. Let me help you with that," she cooed as she wrapped her breasts and then her mouth around his swollen flesh.

    His yell of delight, muffled by her own body, excited her even further as she pushed her pussy back into his face to remind him of his obligations. He wrapped his around her waist pulling her closer as he licked, sucked and nibbled at her even as she manipulated her tits around his dick while her tongue flicked delicately at the head.

    It was a game they liked to play. Who could make the other come first. Cloud's dick pulsed and throbbed between her breasts, under her tongue even she kept thrusting involuntarily as his tongue lapped deep. It wouldn't be long as the pressure was rising and both were desperate for release. Then Cloud felt an unexpected wet and rough and unbearably pleasant sensation running from the bottom of his prick, join Tifa's in lapping at the tip, before making it's way back down.

    "Not..fair," was his muffled groan as he came hard, hips jerking violently as his seed splattering against Tifa's face, the intensity of it startling her and breaking her own control as she moaned slapping her mound against Cloud's face as her own juices drenched him. As the afterglow faded, Tifa rolled off Cloud as he tried to catch his breath.

    "I hope you're up for more?" Cloud raised his head as Joslyn crawled up his body her fingers lightly caressing his manhood which responded quickly and eagerly to the attention. She giggled. "I'll take that as a yes."

    Cloud quickly discovered that Lockhart genetics extended beyond looks to also libido since as soon as he sated one sister the other quickly jumped him wanting more, almost as if they were competing to see which could drain him first. Unfortunately for them, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, his mako enhanced stamina proved too much for the siblings.

    At the end of their frantic orgy he pounded Joslyn from behind, the teens face screwed up from the pleasure, one hand gripping hard at her hips while the other was busily manipulating the older sibling as she Cloud muffled pleasured exclamations into each other's mouths. It was all too much as Joslyn howled from a intense orgasm that had her pussy muscles squeeze and massage at him in a manner that made his own orgasm his main concern. He roared into Tifa's mouth as she clung to him while his fingers worked their magic between her legs. She screamed back into him as her body quivered in orgasm before joining Joslyn's passed out on the bed.

    "Hail to the king baby," Cloud muttered to himself before toppling forward himself between the two beauties he'd successfully satisfied.


    He woke up with a start. The Highwind was silent except for the intermittent "CHOP CHOP" of it's rotor blades. Blinking tiredly he tried to get a sense of what had woken him when a soft whimpering to his left distracted him. Turning he pressed his lips to the forehead of the girl lying on his arms, rubbing at her back. The face relaxed with a sigh as she curled up closer to him. Sighing Cloud leaned back again with eyes closed before feeling another movement to his right.

    Turning his head he looked into a pretty face that framed pair of dark eyes and pouty lips. She was quite willing as he angled their heads together into a lingering kiss. Licking at him as he pulled back Tifa traced her fingers down his body while raising her head to look over it. "Looks like someone enjoyed herself last night," she giggled.

    "I think I tired her out," Cloud remarked in a satisfied manner, his hand still stroking her body as Tifa rolled onto her side. "And might I remind you that all this was your idea."

    "Well had to do something get you two to stop walking on eggshells around one another," she said, cuddling up next to him as her hand went lower to caress at sensitive flesh. "And give her time, you were her first after all. By the by...did you really think she was me?"

    "Ugh...Yuffie?" He groaned. "I was kind of frant...worried when I heard you'd been hurt. So seeing her as soon as I threw open the DO share quite a few attributes."

    "Is that so? Care to elaborate."

    "Rather not," he muttered, recognizing a no win situation. Her stroking was generating results and her folded his arm over her body to tweak at a breast. "Have to admit, this is last thing I ever imagined would happen when I heard you'd gone to Gold Saucer."

    "How so?" she asked.

    "Well neither of us is what you'd consider the sharing type," he replied. "I kinda imagined you throwing down if you walked in on me mistaking her for you."

    "Really. And how did you imagine that turning out?" She leaned in close then gasped as Cloud's soldier quickly came to attention. "I think I can guess. Maybe we can arrange something...after I take care of this."

    Cloud went stiff as Tifa slid down his body then bit his lip as he struggled to keep quiet and she began working on him. He wasn't sure if to count his blessings or lament the fact that he was unlikely to be getting much sleep in the near future. Then he felt Joslyn shift and heard her yawn as his eyes widened in a kind of dread.


    "Mornin'," Yuffie yawned as she took up her place on the Highwind's bridge, reaching for one of Shera's donuts.

    "Mornin' Fie," Joslyn waved at her as she, Tifa and Cloud clambered up the stairs.

    "Bout time the rest of you got here," Barret grumbled.

    "Relax," Tifa remarked. "I don't anyone would miss it if a Weapon decided to attack. Do we even know which one it is?"

    "Based on what Red's gramps told us it sounds like Emerald." Cid said, chomping on his ever present cigar. "And if it's here..."

    "Then there's a materia nearby." Cloud finished. "I'm a bit concerned that it's this close to Wutai. Fighting something like that this close to a major area might cause some damage."

    "We also need to worry about Shinra sticking their noses in," Barret reminded them. "So we'll have to split the team some of us will go after Emerald while the rest stick close to Wutai in case Shinra shows their faces."

    "Then we have a plan," Cloud clapped his hands. "Cid, get us to the capital at best speed. We'll need to let Lord Godo know about what's coming."

    "Got it chief," Cid gave a sloppy salute as he grabbed the wheel. Yuffie sat back, considering what going home meant. She had more than a few questions for her own dad, then she cocked her head as she watched Cloud, Tifa and Joslyn discussing something with Barret and Cait Sith. The way Joslyn was shifting from foot to foot.

    Her eyes fucking way!


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    Re: Hatred 7

    Well that was unexpected. I'll be the first to say I'd forgotten about Madam M. You seem to be taking minor characters and expanding on them for your story. And did you really give the FF universe it's equivalent of the Illuminati?

    Seeing as how you've put up a FE fanfic all alongside this I'm wondering if you're to set the stage for a fanfic with this.

    Also liked the touch with Tifa admitting she would've lost to M and that if it was just based on breasts that Scarlet had the better pair in chapter 5. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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    Re: Hatred 7

    Quote Originally Posted by Baine View Post
    Well that was unexpected. I'll be the first to say I'd forgotten about Madam M. You seem to be taking minor characters and expanding on them for your story. And did you really give the FF universe it's equivalent of the Illuminati?

    Seeing as how you've put up a FE fanfic all alongside this I'm wondering if you're to set the stage for a fanfic with this.

    Also liked the touch with Tifa admitting she would've lost to M and that if it was just based on breasts that Scarlet had the better pair in chapter 5. Looking forward to the next chapter.

    Pretty much out of minor characters now. Was going to use M as a throwaway character but decided to keep her around which lead to the "illuminati" angle. Originally Tifa was supposed to agree to settle things in the backroom in a behind the scenes fight that Yuffie would hear things crashing and blows being struck while Tifa or M would come out at intervals to say that they were almost done while having marks like a black eye or bruises before getting dragged back inside.

    Decided against it since she was an interesting character. And no, no plans on an actual FF7 fanfic till I finish my Fire Emblem and maybe till we see what angle the Remake goes. Right now the debate is whether or not Zack is alive in the Remake universe or if the cutscenes involved an alternate universe.

    Considering how Tifa had only recently fought Joslyn who nearly beat her, then Scarlet a few days later when her breasts were still soft and sore fighting someone of M's caliber was not going to end well. But as I wrote in Chapter 4, Tifa is a fighter. She likes to fight and it's not so much the winning or losing. As someone who has practiced martial arts, if you're a sore loser you won't get far. So it stood to reason that it wouldn't Tifa much if she did lost. She wouldn't like it but she wouldn't fall into some depression. Think of it like the original SF lore when Sagat finally managed to beat Ryu. Ryu didn't care and Sagat couldn't understand why he didn't.

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    Re: Hatred 7

    Have to admit that the idea for their fight was kinda hot if done right, but yeah M became a semi important character so treating her as a throwaway would've been a crime.

    I also agree on how Tifa would react to losing. She'd likely be upset but then would just probably fight them again at a later date. If I had a complaint it would be that it felt kind of rushed how quick Jo became Cloud's lover with Tifa's approval. And do be surprised if you get some requests for sister on sister action.

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