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    Exclamation RULES and REGULATIONS

    Okay, since there seems to be confusion as to how things are run on this board, here are the rules:

    1) No spamming.
    2) No rudeness whatsoever.
    3) No racist or homophobic comments.
    4) No pedophilic content. People in stories must be 18 or older.
    5) No beastiality.
    6) No posting of links to sites containing material as per rules 3, 4, and 5.
    7) I am not a fan of death battles. That being said, I will allow stories with death to be posted as long as the death itself is NOT the main story element. For now. If forum members are clearly upset by a death battle story, I will remove it.
    8) I am not a fan of gore or extreme violence. My stance on stories with those elements is the same as with death.


    Please do not post copyrighted material that violate Hostboard's Terms of Use. Hostboard is kindly allowing adult forums to use their services, but if we post copyrighted videos or photos, that could lead to trouble for them. They may end up being shut down, or at the least, we could be asked to leave.

    That being said, if you post a link to a site such as XVideos or XHamster, etc., where someone else has posted copyrighted material, I will deal with it on a case-by-case basis. Generally, a 30 second to 3 minute clip will be tolerated, but entire videos? NO. I personally do not find it right for the original video uploader to be posting the video to those sites to begin with because our hobby is one where if the producers don't get our support through sales, they may shut down. We're not "mainstream". Producers of sexfight or catfight videos don't make the gazillions that, say, Vivid or Wicked do. So, please remember that. If you're going to post a link, please at least make it an actual discussion. I really do not want to see a link, a few words, and nothing else. Also, it would be nice it you could credit the producers.

    In regards to non-sexfight / non-titfight / non-female-combat material, especially video clips, the same as above applies. I would prefer people not post them since Hostboard could get into a lot of trouble for them. However, as with the above, I am okay with short clips being posted occasionally if it serves a purpose in regards to our hobby. Please use discretion and think before posting. What I won't accept are posts with large amounts of clips, multiple posts with clips in succession, posting thread after thread of clips, dominating the front page of the forum with threads of clips, etc. So, again, please be respectful of the forum, of the forum members, and especially of Hostboard by using discretion when posting clips / images. Thanks.

    UPDATE on TRADING: Posts requesting / offering trading is not allowed as well. I understand that people can just e-mail one another or meet up in real life to trade. That's not my issue. Producers of our niche market content make very little money because our love of titfighting and sexfighting, and of female combat in general, has a relatively small community. This forum will not publicly support something that will cause the very people who produce what we love to not be able to produce what we love at the capacity they normally can. Thanks.

    UPDATE on PRODUCER PERMISSIONS: Sometimes, images may be posted with the permission of the producers of the content. One good example is images from custom videos paid for my members of this forum. If you post content that you have permission to post, please make sure you mention who the permission is from. This isn't just a copyright issue. It is also a matter of giving credit where credit is due. After all, this kind of online "word of mouth", in a manner of speaking, is some of the best advertising producers can get.


    Advertising for Sexfight videos, Titfight videos, or videos containing titfighting and/or sexfighting are allowed in the Producers thread only. I will not ban producers of such content from advertising because they are the reason we have content to watch. However, since I have received quite a few complaints about advertising threads, I think keeping advertisements to the Producers thread is the best way to balance things. Thanks for your understanding.

    NOTE: If you are producer or creator, you are allowed to have a link to your site or where you works are sold in your signature. The only request I have is that you please don't make your signature too big. Thanks.


    Rule 2 above used to state "No flaming whatsoever". Apparently, some members took it as meaning "I'm not flaming if I'm telling someone off for [supposedly] breaking the rules" or "I'm not flaming because I am telling someone off for posting what I personally don't think fits this forum" or "I'm not flaming because someone needs to tell this person their English sucks". I do not accept that. This forum is a friendly, supportive, positive place for ALL people who like sexfighting and compeTITiveness in female combat. Our community is not large. Again, we are NOT mainstream. I want ALL members to feel welcome and accepted. I don't care if YOU think someone is breaking the rules or posting something not to your liking or unfit for this forum. There is never a reason to be rude, and that includes messages in the reports you send me. "That stupid f-ing moron is posting again" is NOT something I want to find in my inbox, and I've received countless messages of the sort.

    So, Rule 2 is now "No rudeness whatsoever". If you don't like something, let me know nicely and I'll look into it. Thanks.


    When it comes to commenting on old threads, I didn't want to make a rule about it. Instead, I'll just ask that you please be mindful of the fact that when you comment on a thread, it bumps the whole thing to the front page. Every once in a while, someone will come read and then comment on a whole slew of old threads from, like, anywhere between 6 months and 10 years old. When that happens, they all end up on the front page, which pushes down a lot of new threads. That is not fair to the people who made those new threads. So, please expect that the administrative team will usually delete bumping posts, especially if many are made very close together.


    A final note is that although we have rules, sometimes you may find me or members of the moderating team allowing something that contradicts the rules. A good example is when one of our members who contributes to our forum decides to try to sell a story on Amazon and makes a post about it. That is technically an ad, which should go in the ads sticky. However, the mods and I often will be okay with the post staying up for a few days to help the member get some exposure before closing or deleting the thread.

    The mods and I prefer to run this forum with discretion instead of an iron fist. But, please don't misunderstand. We take the rules very seriously. So, when we do make a rare exception, we will be sure to make it clear why and how long that exception will last.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    UPDATE on "GREY AREAS" - This is an update to the Discretion section in order to cover "grey areas". Sometimes, something comes up that is not clear whether it goes against the rules or not. For example, would sex with a Minotaur be considered beastiality? What about Furries? When something like this comes up, we use discretion by seeing how members of the forum feel. If it seems people are general okay with it, then we give it a pass. If not, we delete.

    And, those are the rules. Now, please enjoy the board.
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