Site Wide Announcement: March 17, 2020

Up until this week, while things appeared to have remain quite, rest assured Hostboard has continued to evolve.

Much has been done in the way of patching files which will allow us to continue to run the site on current systems and are probably about 85% done.

There has also been much work done to the back end allowing us greater control of spammers (faster and better searching techniques).

With the latest world wide Covid-19 pandemic, we are halting any further work on Hostboard.

Hostboard has always been a free system relying on advertisements (which was temporarily removed and never reinstated) as well as donations

Unfortunately, the latter has rarely ever equated to more than maybe $10 on a good month.

Since every well has its bottom, I am reserving any funds to pay for hosting as to keep the system up and running, since we don't know from day to day what is happening.

One day when this is all behind us and there is a rainy day fund saved back up, we will hopefully pick things back up.

Until then please be safe and remain healthy,
Team Hostboard