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    Putting away food would be quite the understatement to best describe Keun, for he consumed enough for three men his size, showing no signs of being full. But he would stop, offering a sincere thanks to the Keeper's mate for such a filling morning feast. "The fates allow as such, I will remember this Inn when I venture through these parts again." Another nod of thanks given to the keeper, as he rose from the table to return to his room to collect his things for the journey that awaited. That intense look returned, as he would wait outside the tavern, his thoughts disturbed.

    Shya was a bit astounded, noticing Keun devour his food...but not showing any surprise upon her face she continued to finish her morning meal. Now, finally clean...Yes, she did manage to fit in her relaxing bath, short lived as it was, hair now washed and starting to finally dry. She had combed through it with her fingers before the great hearth earlier to aid in the drying process. What little help it was in attempting to tame the hip length mass of wild copper curls, Shya kept it swept down the supple length of her back as she quietly ate. Her clean svelte frame encased in appropriate clean clothes, much like the ones she had been traveling in prior. Feral orbs watched Keun with mild interest, it was quite obvious that he was in a hurry...

    Staring up into the skies, he seemed to be almost searching for something. His head then tilting slightly to one side, before nodding to himself. Once his new ally exited the tavern, he would point to the North. "That is where I was headed before the bandits decided otherwise. Are you well versed in the seasons of these lands?" Taking several steps forward, before pausing to glance over his shoulder.

    The new Inn's door stood open as he stood there just beyond the threshold, at first Shya had almost thought he was talking to himself until he had voiced his question in her direction. She looked at him as she arose from their tressle table, cloth napkin wiping away any of her breakfast reminants before tossed upon the table. A nod of thanks followed by a smile was given in Mary's direction for such a wonderful meal. Her attention placed back upon Keun as she strode forward on silent booted feet, reaching the threshold she paused. <q> "North ehh?" Fall was upon them, clouds blanketed the sky but the sun would probably shine later in the day. <q> "I have lived within this realm fer many a years Keun, Fall is upon us an' soon Winter's cold shall na' be far behind."

    Those dark eyes settling onto her, taking in what she says, before looking forward once again. "Does the moon ever pass before the sun here?" Keun appeared to be studying the various shadows on the ground, rubbing his chin.

    <q> "How so? As in an Eclipse?" Canting her head to one side as she watched him, those intense orbs of jade-n-citrine remained unwavering upon his massive frame.

    "I believe that is the term used. That is the time when the Daemons rise to cause their chaos through the realms. There would be enough sent through in hopes of delaying the passing of the moon from the other side. Time passes slower here. This ... Eclipse would provide a means to them, and to her."

    <q> "The only thin' tis Keun, 'tis it an eclipse of the Sun err one of the Moon tha' matters? Fer iffin it's one of the Moon, tha' one will be arrivin' on the first of the followin' month, twill be the Day of the Dead. On tha' day they twould easily fit inta' this Realm my friend." A frown marring the smoothness of her brow as she subconciously raked long lean digits through that mass of swirling copper hair.

    "Then that would explain how Syndra was able to easily taint the bandits from such a distance, as well the snake daemons from the hearth. The closer to this time, the more powerful her dark arts will become." Dropping down to one knee, he scoops up a handfull of dirt, letting it sift through his fingers. "Those that are swayed by lust and greed will be easy prey for her, just as those that walk the path of darkness. If you have anything to protect the Keeper and his mate, do so now, for she will strike at you through those you know." Wiping his hand clean along his trouser leg, Keun began his trek. "Fleet of foot we must be to reach those cliffs in the distance by nightfall."

    <q> "Aye, I suppose so. But, one must remember Keun, during the Three Holy Days of the Goddess, Gaia one must remember tha' the veil between the Realm of the Living and those who have passed on ta' the Other World 'tis very thin. The Dead of our Ancestors walk this Realm. Startin' on All Hallow's Eve, October 31st, then 'tis the night of feasting, the celebration of the Day of the Dead where all our past loved ones, pets included are honored at a Great Evening Feast. 'Tis then upon the last night, November 2nd that we ring in the New Wheel Year of the Druids." Her peircing gaze looking into those of deep cinnamon. "Syndra may grow powerful durin' tha' time, but so do we. As for Master John an' Mistress Mary, have nay fear, I have already taken care of them as well as their establishment, they are safe from this evil woman, Syndra an' her minions."

    Shya would only get a blank stare in response to her spoken words, for they made little sense to him, which was another reason why he did not like to converse, when settling things with his sword was much quicker. She would however get a small grin from the warrior, calling Syndra a woman, his stride breaking out into a sprint all the while taking quick glances at the sky. He knew the Druid warrior would keep pace, so there was no looking behind him, those dark eyes keeping keen watch over his surroundings. That brisk pace was kept up for at least over an hour, until he came across a small brook. Looking very little out of breath, the warrior knelt down by the brooks edge, scooping up several handfulls of water to quench his thirst. Only then did he glance over at Shya.

    Of course Shya didn't have a problem keeping up... she had two powerful mounts at the ready. The stable lad was there once again, only this time handing the reins back over to Shya. She was about to offer Sta'Illin to Keun, but it was too... late...

    He was already off at a steady jog. A faint shrug was given, a few coin placed in the lad's hand as she swung into the deep saddle that was cinched up upon Hwyver's back. With a single breath of fluid grace she was seated, reins placed within leather gloved hands as she followed in Keun's wake. Hwyver's son, Sta'Illin, was being ponied, his reins easily attached to Shya's saddle. It wasn't long before they came abreast of Keun when he paused at the stream, Shya allowed both stallions to drink their fill. Talin, the dark Wolf was nearby, somewhere within the brush keeping pace as well as keeping watch. Shya merely lifted a brow in Keun's direction.

    "We are making good time. Should reach the cliffs before night. He pondered asking about the second horse, but was not ready for another cryptic response dealing with Gaia. Spotting a tree close by, he was suddenly climbing it, to get a better vantage point of where they were presently located.

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    "Wonderful..." Giving a pat to Hwyver's neck as she watched him climb, the air was cool but the sun was now shining as she had predicted earlier. And if she could read minds she probably would have thrown something at his head, instead she sat there silently awaiting him. Both horses having their fill of drink too stood in silence...

    Climbing back down the tree, Keun kept looking about the area, looking slightly agitated. His hand was now resting on the hilt of his sword, darks eyes so narrow, they looked closed. "This place is ... Tainted."

    Shya canted her head, her delicate hearing picking up anything odd, her nostrils flaired drinking in the subtle scents almost all humans could not detect. She flashed a look at Keun, eyes of emerald-n-amber narrowing as she spoke...
    "There has been blood sacrifices here..." Glancing about them. "Be verry careful where yea step fer 'tis likely we're standin' in the middle of the whole thin'.." She cursed herself as well as Hel's Domain...She had better training and senses then to follow blindly, growling to herself.

    -Ffft!!!- Subtle sound slicing through the air ... Keun suddenly staggers backwards as if struck, when blood began pouring freely from an unseen shoulder wound ... More annoyed that hurt, Keun reaches for the invisible object, pulling it free when he was struck several more times, blood appearing on his chest and neck ... "P-poison a-arrows!!" Keun was able to shout in warning before his legs no longer held up his weight, causing him to fall face first ....

    Flame arrows were shot at the horses, while more invisible arrows were fired upon Shya. Whoever they were, they were well hidden, as well using weapons of distance. As for Keun, his body was still ....

    "By Hel's bloody Domain!" She roared, usually when that happened people ran for cover as she threw herself from Hwyver's back to the earthen floor. The horses stood their ground the flaming arrows pelting past them, some bouncing off their leather armor. Shya then gave them the command to charge, they screamed their challenge in unison as both massive stallions charged into the underbrush of the unseeing, they could smell their oppponents with those delicate flared nostrils as they began taking them to ground. Shya in the meantime reached Keun's side...
    cursing under her breath in Gaelic. She needed a field of protection of some sort to make an attempt to drag the massive Keun out of sight as well as harms way.

    The warrior's skin felt ... Cold to the touch, the remaining arrows turning visible as the enchantment ended. Shouts of a savage/primitive dialect were being yelled, as several huge skull wearing savages were descending down from the trees, weapons drawn by one, while two others readied a net. Arrows were still being fired at the woman, while others redirected their focus on the horses. Primitive they look, but their attacks were well coordinated. The skulls worn as helmets, described their assailants as possibly those of a cannibal clan, looking for their latest meal ... For every one downed, another would take his place ....

    Shya was able to deflect their paltry arrows with her own skill of object projectory control it was enough to give her time until they were about to toss that net...<m> "Vile Neanderthals, And they call us Scots barbarians...!" A snort made as she started chanting under her breath, within moments she was scurrying amongst the undergrowth with another furred beast within her mouth. Yep, you guessed it, Keun. She had shape-changed them both into a pair of ferrets, easily slipping past the enemy and their net as she heard Talin's howl. The cue for all of them to regroup somewhere safer as the stallions broke off their battle to follow.

    Confused they were, poking at the net that should have contained their prey ... But nothing. Screams of rage echoed through the forest ....

    She also had the audacity to curse Keun around a mouthful of fur for failing her so soon in this wild adventure. Her only pleasure...the fact that he was out cold from the poison, at least temporarily, until she cured him. Sta'Illin had suffered a few wounds by arrow, but nothing Shya couldn't heal as they all managed to get far enough away. Talin had managed to locate a safe place well out of distance from the psycho bone guys. Those sharp little teeth of hers released the furry ferret form of the unconscious Keun. Not having enough time to change him back nor herself either as she scurried up to Hwyver's saddle bag, rummaging down into it it didn't take long to locate what she needed. The small vile removed she carried it swiftly back to Keun's ferret side, stopper undone by those clever little claws she forced the potion down his throat, careful to lose very little of the precious brew.

    Eyes would eventually open, but somthing was amiss ... His perceptions were all wrong ... How potent was the poison that coated the arrow tips ... His body felt out of sorts .... That was when he attempted to speak .... Ever see a ferret mentally lose it? Not a pretty sight.

    Shya was afraid of that...Ever see a ferret with a frizzed out hair job on schrooms? Well they were all witness to it. And if a wolf as well as a mighty warhorse, named Hwyver could laugh...Keun would be hearing them for this was nothing out of the ordinary for a day and a life with one Lady Shyallea, Druid High Priestess. She too was attempting to keep her laughter under control, it was quite the sight as she attempted to *mind link* to him hoping her voice would be able to calm him down some. ~~ "Keun...'tis alright, I honestly had nay choice but ta' shape change us.." ~~

    Death to the warrior was like rebooting him ... And in this present form, his mental guards were not there to prevent Shya tapping into his mind .... Vivid images of men, women, and children dying in horrible ways. Death on a horse. Covered in blood. All hail the Violent Messiah!!! All hail the Messiah of Violence!! All hail the warlord of Chaos!! Evil personified ... Keun????? No mercy. No remorse. Malice so
    tangible one could drown within it's dark embrace. The screams of the slain almost deafening, as each death was displayed in all it's unholy glory ...

    Ouch... ouch... ouch...! Went through her mind, cringing more inwardly as her jaw snapped tightly shut as vivid pictures of his past paraded through her mind in brutal throbbing succession. ~~ "Enough Keun! 'Tis enough, yer here safe... with me, Shya..." ~~ Like that was a real comfort. Of course being of a masked furred face looking down into his, attempting to keep him still was probably not helping much. He had to calm down before their transition back could take place. Those deep emerald pools slashed through with amber flecks tried to seek out his of cinnamon, if he focused on her eyes, the one thing that remained the same about her, it should help. ~~ "Yea must trust me Keun...Please..." ~~

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    Keun was no where to be found during the night hours, following the attack at the tavern, nor did he leave word if he would return. But at first light, one would have to blink twice to believe the sight. A large warrior unclothed from the waist up was replacing the Tavern door all by himself!!! The new door was fashioned of a much stronger oak, and would take at least two men to make certain it was properly secured!! The warrior worked silently, save for the hammer blows to fix the bolts/pins. No break would be taken until the task was complete. His hair pulled into a ponytail, offered an intense? No, focused look inside those dark eyes, and only when he was finished, did he nod in the direction of the Keeper of the Tavern. "I don't think this door will be easily damaged, keeper." A light layer of sweat covered his upper torso, the scars and strange tribal markings easily displayed.

    Shya had been too busy with the interior cleaning to notice the disappearance of Keun, helping the Mrs. to set things aright, especially mopping up the mess on the worn wooden floor as well as taking out and properly disposing of the charred and broken wooden chairs as well as a bench that had caught fire. Her bath...temporarily forgotten since the old wooden planks of the Inn's floor was soaking up its reminants. They worked scrubbing down the smoke and soot filled room, the windows taking on a shinier sheen that matched the now newly painted and dried interior walls. Shya stepped back, rag in hand as she took in her handy work upon the windows, that feral gaze skipping over to Keun who had finally returned, taking a short break she cocked her hip onto one leg as she watched the warrior work, when finished she admired his handiwork with a nod of approval as John showered Keun with thanks.

    "I do not accept thanks for something that I brought to yonder doorstep, keeper. " But Keun would lightly slap the man on the back, before returning to pick up what items were left over from his task of
    repairing/replacing the door.

    There had been a tiny smile that briefly flashed across his features at the sight of Shya assisting the keeper's mate. Yet another side to this woman that had came to his aid, just a few nights ago. Another mental note made. Perhaps trust could be extended to another ... Perhaps. For now Keun would return the borrowed tools to the local blacksmith, then tend to the increasingly loud rumblings that came from his empty stomach.

    A fleeting smile passed across Shya's bow shaped lips catching Keun's comradery with the proprietor. Mary was busy in the kitchen, she knew that they would all be hungry when the jobs were done, in fact they were almost complete. Shya was finishing up with the windows, the local carpenter had supplied the Inn with replacement chairs and a new plank bench. The ash and soot from the large fire place had been cleaned to the slate stone beneath, a new iron wood rack now held ready to burn logs. Shya too was getting very hungry and couldn't wait to sit down and eat the hearty meal Mary was preparing in the back as she began to hum a Gaelic tune while finishing up washing the panes.

    "You are well versed in the arts of many things, Shya." Simply stated. "Perhaps I was ... Too quick in my original judgement. If I may ask a simple question of you?" Standing with his arms folded across his chest, hints of an amused expression threatening to show itself at any given moment, his head did tilt to one side, upon picking up the strange tune that came from her.

    Shya has stopped in her actions as the soft lilting tune died in her throat, a delicate winged brow of russet took flight at his inquiry...pause given at if in thought... <q> "Aye, tha' yea may..." Deep orbs of jade-n-amber searched his features as she quietly awaited the question.

    "I asked this of you before, the bandits that prey upon those that are lessor, and fewer in numbers. Now that you have seen that they were tainted by the dark arts, as well the recent attack here, what is the path you walk now?" His posture/stance remaining the same, though he was very interested to hear of her answer. Which in turn would assist him in his own choice in the matter.

    Weight was shifted to one hip as forarms folded against her chest, <q> "I walk the path of tha' which is right an' wha' is good for this Realm...Tha' which has attacked us as well as others are abominations ta' Gaia an' must be purged from these lands...Tis' my job as a Child of the Great Mother ta' do all tha' I can ta' defeat them.." Cocking her head to one side, allowing a unruly tress of fire to slither down over her shoulder to her waist. <q> "Need I say more ta' my....cause?" Twin auburn brow following suit of its partner.

    "No. Your past actions have already spoken for you as well. As stated before, the Daemon Queen will not take kindly to another that would stand against her, and she will try to harm those that ally themselves with you as well. If you continue this path, the price paid may be terrible indeed. This is why I do not wish your aid. Tis a burden I carry, and I do not wish it upon another." The bass tones of his voice did not waver, nor did his eyes avert in any random direction. This woman earned the right to know a taste of what awaits her.

    <q> "Keun, I have paid many-a-prices within my lifetime...Fer good an' bad resons an' intentions. I learned long ago the price paid an' the path I follow." Deep pools of emerald-n-gold swirl together like sharded splinters of glass. <q> "My path is na' straight an' cobbled, but tis narrow, full of twists an' turns an' rocks as well as many forks... An at times I create mine own path Keun." A rumble then emitted from her stomach announcing to the room how it felt at the moment as her crossed arms relaxed, one palm attempting to cover the growling of her belly.

    "Then let us slay the beasts that dwell within the both of us, and after, I shall tell you more." He would venture inside the tavern, pausing long enough to test the door yet again, before heading up to his room to get cleaned up.

    That was good enough for her as she gave him a nod of that firey copper head of hers, a few wild whisps skated across her visage before they were raked away with a careless hand. She too decided now would be a great time to clean up and change into some clean clothes... Perhaps even able to get in that long desired bath and a hot meal as she followed in Keun's wake, a faint smile curling at the corners of her lips as she sauntered in.

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    Those ... Ferret brown eyes were almost blood red, normal warrior perceptions were ... Different. The voice speaking to him might as well sound like falling rain, but he became suddenly calm. Almost too calm, like a cobra ready to strike. But not just yet. Calm he would remain, that fury somehow ... Held in check, as he/it seemed to be transfixed upon the one responsible for his current condition/fate. Unmoving, but on several levels ... Aware.

    Shya slowly nodded her head, a low sigh escaping her lips as she gentled her grasp on him seeing that he was finally relaxed as he stared up into her ferret face, but remained focused upon her intense gaze. She then closed her eyes chanting low in her Gaelic tongue as a tingling feeling traveled through their bodies, nothing painful, merely a strange magical-like sensation. Sure enough, when Shya opened her eyes they were back in their normal human forms. This time a warm welcoming smile hovered over Keun as Shya sat back upon her haunches, releasing her grasp upon his arms, silence for now she felt was best.

    These spells seemed to weaken the woman. That was good to know. She masked this. That was also ... Good to know. The smile was met with a cold calculating stare, his eyes still carrying their red haze. With one fluid motion, the Messiah flipped from the prone position he was in, to his feet, the sword gripped firmly in his hand. Was the woman waiting for a thank you?? She'd be lucky he did not send her back to this Gaia, along with her pet wolf and horses. No. There were others that would quench his thirst ... An almost evil grin appeared on his face, as he suddenly ran back where they were just ambushed moments ago. Even the style in which he ran seemed different, his foot falls making nary a sound, his movements more fluid, as the arrows were deflected ... "So, it seems that you have used up your paltry supply of mystic arrows, savages?? Pity. Come face the Messiah and taste my wrath!!!" The first one foolish enough to attempt an attack, was blocked, and nearly beheaded, his weapon torn from his dying fingers and rammed through his spine before he hit the ground. No, that wasn't nearly enough to satisfy him. More. He would rush right into where several were on the ground, using their numbers against them, from those that were firing upon him in the trees.

    Actually, no, she didn't expect a thank you at all...At first she was wondering if she was going to have to defend herself, the look on his face as he raised that sword spoke volumes. Talin's hair stood on end, but no growl emitted from the wolf's jaws as the group watched Keun take off back into the same direction they had just come. He reminded Shya of a mad-man possessed and therefore let him go as she reached over and picked up the small jar with the potent elixir within it, her tall lithe frame uncoiling with predatory ease arising from the ground, she then replaced the bottle back into Hwyver's saddle bag. The sounds of the battle in the distance could be easily heard but no hurry was made on her part quenching her thirst from her water sachet that hung from the horn of her saddle.

    Laughter came from the Messiah, as more savages began almost appearing out of nowhere, providing nothing more than a rising body count. The poisoned arrows that seemed to be so effective before were not even slowing the crazed warrior down, as he even went as far as to pull one arrow from his arm, jamming it into the eye socket of another!! Any barbaric fool could hack and slash, the Messiah picked his strikes with deadly precision, until he stopped at one savage whose head dress was different from the others. That's when things became even more strange, as the leader began yelling in an unknown dialect, which the warrior responded moments later in kind? It looked like he would be added to the massive bloodshed, but by the posturing done of both, there seemed to be some sort of ... Bargaining going on. The remaining assailants were now flanking their leader, as he surrendered, bowing before Keun. He appeared to accept the terms presented to him, as the rest followed suit. A glance over his shoulder to the woman ... "It seems that they have lost their thirst for battle, Druid. We may continue without delay." Lowering his own sword, he seemed to relax. And with one swing, the leader's head was sliced clean off his body, rolling to a stop mere feet from Shya. Keun would address the others in their own tongue, each of them raising their weapons in tribute to him.

    By this time, Shya had swung back up into the saddle. A flick of her wrist had her neck-reining Hwyver in the direction of the battle with the other two in tow. Of course it didn't take them long to reach Keun, how could one miss him in action?? Watching him with those dark jade-n-amber eyes of hers, the feather-head-dressed leader it seemed had called for a truce of some sort, but then she wasn't sure, she didn't speak that language. So it only took but a moment watching Keun slice the cannibal leader's head clean off, spying the gapping mouth of his foe and unseeing eyes staring up at her from beneath Hwyver's front hooves. Glancing back to the "Messiah" she simply quirked a delicate copper brow, leaning her svelte frame back into her saddle against it's high cantle.

    Though he wasn't facing the woman, she was still being addressed ... "They have knowledge of ... Quicker routes that will shorten the time taken to reached the cliffs. They serve my cause now ...." One would slowly approach the woman, with one of those *magic* arrows, presenting it to her, before quickly making his way back to where the others stood. "Perhaps your knowledge of the arts will confirm what I have already assumed as such. These savages do not have the intellect to fashion such spells. The question remains, who supplied them? Syndra's foul arts leave a taint on whatever she touches. If she is behind this, then we travel with care, for she has already established herself on your realm. These savages were to be rewarded simply from the spoils collected from their kills. " Pausing, he'd tilt his head to one side as another pointed at Shya, rambling on for several moments. Whatever he said, brought a slow grin back to the face of the warrior, enough for him to once again glance over his shoulder at her. "It seems witnessing you using your arts has impressed these savages as well, and it was their intent on capturing and taking you to their shaman." Those deep bass tones never changed while he spoke. It was almost like a low soothing dull roar.

    Hwyver was very protective of his mistress, snorted, ears pinned back as he snapped his teeth at the approaching "savage" however Shya checked the mighty buckskin stallion by pulling in his reins, causing him to flex his head at the poll. A steel shod hoof struck the ground as she reached for the arrow, a faint whiff was taken. A single nod of that russet head of hers was was indeed of dark magic. Twisting her torso in the saddle as her fingers found the straps to her saddle bags a soft towel produced she placed the unused arrow within it, then back into her leather satchel before her attention was brought back to Keun and the others. Her gaze once against moving to settle on the warrior as he told her what the one savage had just said. Apparently Shya had become a wanted woman...and not by one Shya found favor with as she canted her head a faint chilling smile touching rose hued lips. <q> "I never knew I was so popular with people..." Her words dripping with sarcasm.

    A grunt would be his only respond to her, his attention turned back upon those that stood before him. Another brief conversation ended in him being escorted to their village. If the woman wished to follow, it would be of her own accord. There were still some unspoken issues of what the Druid had done, which would be addressed ... Soon. The short trek did nothing to ease the fury flowing through his veins, his eyes however were of a darker red. Savages he called them, they moved with an uncanny grace all their own, sometimes not even disturbing a mere blade of glass, their dirt covered forms often blending in with the surroundings. Upon reaching the village, the survivors quickly relayed what had happened to their previous leader, as well the she devil that knew of the arts. There would be protests of allowing outsiders into their village, though Keun breaking the neck of the one that had a problem, soon solved any more issues. They would be lead to a smaller hut where a blind shaman resided. His eyes lacking pupils, and were of pure white. It would be the woman that was told to sit, and Keun would act as a translator between the pair, something he found most ... Amusing. Women and men alike whispered and pointed at the she devil, as they entered the hut, the smaller children seemed afraid of the Druid.

    Ohhh joy...Being escorted by a bunch of cannibals...and to their home-site, Shya gathered that much. She also felt a rather cold chill emanating from Keun. Shya chose to ignore it as her keen eye sight took in every little thing at a passing glance. Those villagers who dared to come close received a stinging swipe of Hwyver and Sta'Illin's long black tails accompanied by the flattening of ebon tipped ears and snapping teeth which could remove fingers in one swipe...They drew quickly away, Shya's attention was drawn once again to Keun as she watched yet another one of his foes crumple to the ground. Now before the hut, she was motioned to dismount and enter. Raking back a few wild hip length skeins of copper she dropped the reins against her stallion's withers, kicking both feet from the stirrups Shya swung down in one graceful move. Her feet landing in silence upon the soil... Gaelic commands were whispered to the massive stallions before calling the ebon wolf, Talin, to her side. A low growl was heard as villagers quickly backed away with wild frightful eyes and babbling in their own tongue as they watched the fiery haired Druid and wolf enter in the wake of the brutal warrior, Keun. Piercing feral orbs quickly adjusted to the dimness of the light within, her fluid steps bespoke volumes of her commune with Nature and the Great Mother as she took a seat near the old Shaman, her legs crossing before her...Talin then laying down beside her. Shya casting her gaze directly at Keun before passing to the leathery worn face and blank stare of the Shaman.

    Keun would listen to the sharp tooth shaman ramble on in various tones, his sightless eyes more than once falling upon the form of Shya. "They are not please by the presence of the wolf, it is the mark of the beast, as is its mistress, the blood haired she devil. Hmmmm. It appears in their eyes, we're the evil ones. Especially you. That is why they attacked." Bemused? Yes, that would be a term best used to describe his expression. The warrior would say something first, which caused the shaman to shudder, then become quiet, also words could be heard from outside the hut. That red eyed stare would fall upon Shya, as did a most ... Malicious smile. "The shaman has been instructed to watch his tongue concerning the animals that travel with you, unless you unleash them upon all the women and children, to devour each one until their bellies swell full, for you are the she devil of Gaia."

    Anger flared within those eyes taking on a glowing feral hue, more of gold then of their usual color... Her face taking on its usual stoic manner before she quietly spoke, directing her words at Keun. <vq> "Never...never...ever again give my word as threat unless I give yea permission ta'...An' iffin any untoward malicious act is made upon my person err my mounts err the wolf, instead of the women an' children facing such a gruesome act...The men will in their stead." Worse would have been done to any other who would have done what Keun had, but he would eventually pay for what he had said in Shya's name, of that she was sure of as she glared directly at the mighty warrior, her facial features once again placid upon the surface.

    His response would be equally calm of tone, as well the fury seething inside those eyes of dark crimson. "As I did not as for, nor require your permission to state such. If you wish to try and converse with them, by all means do so. One word from me, and even your limits would be tested. I ask of nothing from no one, especially a woman." The smile would return as the warrior turned his focus back to the shaman, who seemed to sense something amiss. They would converse once again, for several long moments, and it looked in doubt if he would even include the woman this time. Be it the strange tint within his eyes that caused such a shift of his mannerisms? Or had the brush with death, combined with the morphing of his mortal coil via the arts, unleashed the inner demons within? For this wasn't the same man that fixed the tavern door .... "He has seen you in his dreams, and the Goddess of the Shadow said you would taint their lands, if they did not kill you. " Such a short answer considering the length of the conversation between the shaman and the warrior. If he was not telling all, it was difficult to tell, under the current tension between the two. Whatever the shaman said next, did not sit well with the warrior, for the look on his face expressed a desire to add to that previous body count.

    <q> "Oh nay, why should I interfere in yer charming ways of handling this situation...?" Insulting him with such a lilting brogue, her hand stroking over the warm ebon wolf beside her. <q> "Why... beheadin' people an' breakin' their necks is such a fast an' easy way fer everyone ta' comply...An' yea seem ta' be doin' it so much better than I could." Ohh and then to polish it off with a syrupy smile that never touched those hardened luminous pools. <q> "An as fer yea askin' na' from any woman...." Growling low. <vq> "Then never use my name... Aye, a woman's name...In threat ever again, use yer own damned name." Shya was not a stupid woman by any means, and well he know it now. Becoming silent as the conversation between the two men continued... Even now Shya spoke nothing, hearing Keun's last statement about the Shaman's dreams... Obviously planted their by this Syndra person... Good as well as dark arts could be practiced in dreams 'twas when the body was most susceptible to influence.

    And like that? The warrior turned and left the both of them. This thread bare alliance was done. He did not need the Druid's help, nor required it any longer. The messiah would take matters into his own hands, as it always had been, as it always will be. Instructions were given to the men outside the hut, just as the shaman scrambled to his feet, stumbling after the warrior, shouting after him. Whatever he said in return caused most inside the village to grow very quiet, his tone was as clear as his intent. Taking two that knew the surrounding terrain with him, the warrior proceeded to make his way from the village. Leaning inside the opening of the hut, the shaman sighed deeply, before being lead back inside his hut, sitting once again, his blind gaze falling upon Shya.

    Shya arose to booted feet, dusting off the dirt and grasses and such that has accumulated upon her person in the past day, Talin arose to all fours, shaking his massive form. Both sets of predatory eyes...they could almost mirror one another as they watched Keun leave with the stumbling blind Shaman on his heels listening intently upon the jumble of foreign words harshly spoken. A gentle hand rested against the massive wolf's shoulder as they proceeded to head for the door in departure but the Shaman waylaid them as he returned to his seat. This causing Shya to pause, pivoting on cinnamon leather trew clad hips, a single russet brow snapped upward, her palm settling against cocked hip, awaiting for the next move in this chaotic endeavor.

    "And what say ye, Shyallea, follower of Gaia?" Wait. Did that just come from the Shaman??? "What inner demons drive ye?"

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