Dr.Sophia Howell sat down in her office, looking at the results of Sara Adevado's MRI and EEG. Her MRI came out fine, but her EEG detected abnormal brain waves that had concerned her greatly. Jared Yanez walked in, with a smile plastered on his face.

"Hello Dr.Howell."

Sophia put away Sara's paper into her folder and put that away.

"Hello, Jared. How are you feeling?" Asked the British beauty, getting his folder and looking at his condition.

Yanez, Jared. Symptoms: Legs come fog-like form, like mist. Complains of lightheadness and becomign transluscent during random moments.

" I'm feeling a bit odd, but overall okay." Jared didn't sound to conviencing. But Sophia understood why he would lie.

" Ah. Well, we made some observations and came with a conclusion: You possess the power of Sublimation, which is the ability to turn yourself into a gaseous mist. Now, we know you have trouble controlling this, so we want you to stay at the clinic, to see if there is any trigger that causes these random moments of Sublimation, alright?"

The fourteen-year old blinking at Sophia at first, but sighed, nodded.

"Yes, Doc. Thanks a million."

"You're welcome. You can tell your mother to come inside and have a chat with me, yes? "

The boy nodded and off he went.