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?You?re seriously not wearing the aviators on your first day, are you?? a sleepy mumble, muffled by the heavy folds of a down comforter, escaped the sprawled photographer as she squinted towards the window, where Isabella nursed her second cup of coffee. Upon hearing the raspy, sleep-slurred voice, the detective glanced over her shoulder, unable to help the smile that followed. Soles of boots caused a stray creak or two of hardwood as she surrendered her mug to the surface of a dresser as she crossed the room to sit on the edge of the queen sized bed.

?Sorry, baby ? I was trying not to wake you,? she couldn?t be sure whether it was nerves that caused an electric buzz in the pit of her stomach, or the way Elliot looked engulfed in white bed linens, a lanky arm bent so that her palm flattened against her temple, fingers falling to shade her eyes from the morning light. Either way, fingers were gentle as they smoothed away disheveled brown hair so that she could press a soft kiss to her lover?s forehead.

?Mm, you didn?t- your alarm did, and the three times you hit the snooze. Seriously, Iz, if you don?t want to get up ?til two hours before your shift, for Christ?s sake, set your alarm then.? The bed creaked and sheets whispered as limbs rearranged so that Elliot could roll onto her back, her arm arcing languidly behind her head as she regarded Isabella. Only half awake, the remnants of her dreams melted away into the golden flecks accenting her hazel eyes. As if in thought, she regarded Isabella a moment in silence before fishing her right hand from beneath the covers, reaching to hook an index finger around the nosepiece of the aviators and gently pulling them off.

?Maybe you should save the clich?s for your second day.? The sunglasses then found themselves a new owner as Elliot put them on, index finger sliding them up the bridge of her nose. ?Let us cool people rock the look the way it was meant to.?She couldn?t help the cocky, however lazy, smile that followed.

?You just think you?re hot shit , don?t you..? A tease followed by the intention to pull the blanket over Elliot?s smirking face, however was easily anticipated as Elliot locked her fingers around Isabella?s wrist and pulled her close.

?Nope ? I know,? a kiss ensured any sort of witty retort couldn?t be returned, with Elliot?s intentions soon becoming clear as she murmured quietly once the kiss broke. ?How long ?til you have to be to work??

?Whatcha got in mind??

?Shut up and come back to bed..?

What Elliot got in return was far from an argument.

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