<font face="Arial">The record store, the one thing that goes unchanging and while the staff has been changed around a bit, the owners keeper still lingered about. It had been a few days since our hero has seen the boy that makes his stomach tighten up in knots every single time he see him, but it had only been a few days. His eyes were shaded by the lid of that baseball hat that was placed tightly on his head, occasionally though, those pretty blues eyes flicker upward at the sound of the little bell going off, signaling someone was finally entering the all but abandon store. Once the customer (if they could be called that) was looked over, his eyes would drop back down to the numbers and would turn themselves into the smallest of squints.

Moments passed, years passed, days passed ? at least it felt that way before the teenager was flipping that baseball cap around and withdrawing the pack of cigarettes from under the counter. It was Tuesday night ? a Tuesday night that he would remember. Adrenaline was already rushing and he was slowly but surely getting anxious as the day crept into night. Everything changes in the record store when long summer days turn into cold and dreary nights ? at least on Tuesdays they do.

The last customer finally departed and Ashleigh was the one to dig out the signs and post them in the correct places ? arrow signs, pointing their way downstairs and into the other half of the basement that Sullivan had to be wondering about ? the small pools of blood, the smell of sweat and tar ? it all had to come somewhere and deep down, in that pit ? it was going to be revealed.

Once all the signs were posted, he was propping that door open with a single rock before stepping outside to smoke the cigarette he pulled from the pack. Once lit, the sticks ember glowed and he propped himself back against the window, eye flickering over the street. Back and forth ? back and forth and finally resting on Tony?s place just across the street, the ****** were making their way out ? yawns and stretches were apparent as this was their morning and everyone else?s evening. A wince of disgust as few gave cat calls ? the usual few before eyes were drifting back ? and forth, back and forth once more ? all the while that cigarette was going down and down.