Hi, own one pair of Altec 14's. Sat for years. I took them completely apart,removed insulation to air out and bare cabinet also. Vacumed cabinet, just cleaned everything. All connections to speakers, x-over etc.were replaced with new cat. 6 wire and soldered. New terminals from parts express ($3.50 each) were installed to accomodate 14-2 house wire along with cat 5 24agw wire(high freq.)Permatex blue silicone to reinstall woofers and all stainless steel allen hardware. Total cost...$20 for both. Foam cone surrounds were shot, this is normal. $150 to redo at a high end stereo store I trust. Total cost for everything...$470 for a mint pair of model 14's Just acquired a pair of model 15's for free...doing the same, they also need foam surrounds. Check out partsexpress.com free catalog,great stuff,reasonable. Jeenie67