Several months had passed, and things were starting to look pretty grim. Not only had Eve continued to be missing, it was becoming painfully clear that someONE or someTHING was going out of he/she/it's way to erase any viable evidence that one Eve Nora Lizt had ever existed.

No one at the coffee shop had even seen her since she up and quit her job well over a year ago.

Her parents? Won't go there, trying to keep this PG-13.

No Evan either. Not even a Nora sighting, which would have gave them something to go with. And Steele?

He was going all Punisher on anything/everything daemon now. Jara said it best. "Beauty indeed soothed the savage beast, an' we better be finding her soon!!!"

When not out on the job with the others, he'd hole up inside his media room for days at a time ...

"Yer not dead, Eve, I know it. Feel it in my bones. Gonna find you, better believe that."