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  1. “America is a business and should be run by a businessman.” That’s what Hoover voters thought, too.
  2. when she was denounced on the floor of the United States Senate as the "grandmother of all agitators,"
    she replied:
    I hope to live long enough to be the great-grandmother of all agitators.

    -mary jones
  3. If you see a notice above in a yellow bar, click on it and allow ActiveX controls. This will install the ImageShack Toolbar.

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  4. When i got this at an estate sale a few years back it had the power cord and it fired up fine. i was hoping to learn how to use the thing at that time. It went into storage when other thngs came up and now i am in a different place and need to sell everything lying around that i don;t need for cash. Unfortunately i can't find the power cord but if you know about these things you probably have one--they're different than the usual ones that say, keyboards and amps might have btw. Anyway-i see no reason why it wouldn't fire right up but i also saw no reason why my marriage had to end so I guess we don;t always know what lurks below the surface in women...and oscilloscopes, do we? The rest is up to you see pics
    from -

    h ttp:// 348097f3#ht_500wt_1093
  5. http:
  6. http :// 32510
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  8. "Clearly that night we should have gone down there and shot a few people,"
    "In retrospect,
    that's exactly what we should have done.
    We should have blown a few heads off."

    - Daryl Gates
  9. I normally don t write reviews. However, when something as awesome as this speaker comes along I had to write something. I had experience with the previous model (Magnum 12HO) that the Definimax 4012HO replaced. I didn t think things could get better I was wrong. I have one of these in each of my bass horns. The amount of clean SPL these will generate is unreal. When pushed with 500 watts the sound pressure is so high it modulates your vocal cords and makes it hard to speak. I have them high passed at 35Hz to protect from bottoming out. With the HP filter in place, I ve yet to find just how loud they will go. These things will drive you out of the room. Highly recommended, and I do mean highly. You can t go wrong with these.
  10. h
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guns kill people,

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Hollywood careers

by tomt on April 10th, 2020 at 06:29 PM
And how things go,

In Hollywood.

At one time,

Italian 'organizations', controlled

The majority of mainstream entertainment.

Had I not married a woman of Italian descent,

I might not have realized this.

Starting in the 1940's,

This began to change.

Another group of people,

Began to take over, the mass entertainment industry.


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Right about now

by tomt on March 16th, 2020 at 03:48 AM
As ww3 progresses,

This Corona virus,

This is one of the major points on the curve.

Helping bankrupt the banksters

As most of the battles are being fought

In the financial arena,

This is resulting in many fewer deaths

and much less destruction.

The people who control the money system,

Are the targets of this war,

When they are removed from authority,

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Updated March 16th, 2020 at 04:09 AM by tomt

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by tomt on February 28th, 2020 at 12:26 AM
Those that realize how,

unintelligent the masses really are,

Are the ones running this world.

And they have done, literally,

A bang up job.

Economic downturns, wars,

And bioweapons, have stunted

Human Development, ever since.

We are actually on the leading edge,

Of the next truly great civilization.

Changing so slowly, most don't see it.

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Child abuse

by tomt on July 4th, 2019 at 09:56 AM
Millions read the news today, the pedophile ring “busted” or the earlier article about how the FBI actually ran it for several weeks, expanding it, drawing in tens of thousands. Those who read it thought they knew, thought they were getting the story but as is so often the case, the truth goes so much further.

When Veterans Today tied the murder of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia to a White House blackmail plot and a strange tale involving the Keshe Foundation, it became clear

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