We brainstormed a little about these theme, but there is so much more we can do with it.

Not only are we constructing a new service, but we are building our relationships and working no building our own spiritual lives.

One idea I think would be great would be to make videos of different members of the planning team in hard hats.

I got the idea from pay Per Post who posted videos during their startup. Then they started doing confessionals.

Check out this one:

Pay Per Post Start Up Confessionals.

The videos could be serious or silly or just plain fun -- but would tell about ourselves, entertain, and keep people's interest.

During the fall we could post different people's videos, pictures, music practices with hard hats on, or holding construction signs.

We could name small groups after different parts of constructions: The Cornerstones, the Foundations, the Body Builders, etc.

There are lots of Bible verses around building themes and many graphic ideas.

Take one of these ideas and run with it and post here -- or come up with your own.