1.Don't give out or ask other people for Personally Identifying Information (or PII). PII is anything that would allow a person to contact you elsewhere or find you in real life, because that can be extremely dangerous. PII includes IM screennames, email addresses, phone numbers, your full name, etc..

2.Don't say something totally vulgar without using any curse words, or just mask out some letters in a harsh curse word.

3.It's OK to talk about sex and puberty, as long as there's nothing graphic or gratuitous in your post, like a steamy description of a sex act. No personal descriptions either.

4.Don't post anything that glorifies, encourages, or tells people how to do things that are violent, illegal, or harmful to themselves and/or others.
Don't put hate speech on our boards. That includes negative stereotypes, racial epithets (like curse words used to describe a group of people), and bigotry.

5.Don't get into flame wars. We want you to discuss your opinions and express yourself. But don't insult other people on this board to get your point across, please.

6.Saying cruel and demeaning things about other people on this board or people you know in real life is not OK. Talking trash about a politician or other public figure might be OK, but only if it doesn't break any of the other rules.

7.No chain letters, pyramid schemes, or virus warnings (they're not always correct and they clog up the board).

8.Don't post copyrighted material on the boards, or pretend you wrote something when someone else actually wrote it.