Establishing himself in this new realm was easy enough. The so called melting pot material realm was pretty much an open forum any more, so as long as he didn't draw too much attention to himself? Attention?? In a realm where demons, daemons, herms, and futas ran rampant. JUST to name a few? Things were golden. By the numbers. Securing a solid alibi ... Er, legal place of employment.

Enter, the Club Cliche'.

Was it about being at the right place at the right time? Khaleb didn't believe in luck. Still, landing a position as part of their security team as a bouncer? When one was well over six feet tall, porting some serious dreadlocks, and dressed like some reject biker from those Mad Max movies?

He'd fit right in.

His boss happened to be one piece of delicious eye candy named Tasha Morrigan, who welcomed him into the fold, by tell him while in her employ, the number one rule was to have fun. If she ONLY knew. Still, it was about keeping things low key, while maintaining a semi low profile. The Cliche' would be more than enough of an distraction for him. Tasha had a rather ... Unique aura about her for a mortal, one that held his curiosity, but not enough to inquire about ... Yet.

There was a secondary reason for picking this particular realm ...