Two S2s with original diaphragms (sn 2081 is 10.8 Ohms, sn 2330 is 10.2 Ohms DCR);

two CN157 horns;

two K15/40 woofers in excellent condition, metal work newly polished & clear coated, with perfect cones (11.0 Ohms & 12.3 Ohms DCR);

and two CN232 crossover networks ( one has a bad GRACO terminal block, but it's easy to wire up directly.

I will post an ad on U.S. Audio Mart soon. Right now, 9 May 2016, I have a US Audio Mart ad posted for a single S2 w/ presentation case.

I still have both cabinets, but they don't match. One is 'furniture style', looks like a heavy duty K-horn but much nicer. The other is similar, sort of, to the CN191; utility horn with a decorative shroud w/ louvers.