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Thread: Trick or Treat A Halloween Story by Angel Dawn

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    Trick or Treat A Halloween Story by Angel Dawn

    angel cover halloween by darkhound1 dafk9o2 by angeldawn30 damf47h

    The Adventures of Angelica
    Trick or Treat

    It was Halloween and Angel, Wendy and Jane had just finished putting on their Halloween costumes. Wendy wanted to attend the party naked.. going as a nympho.. but Angel and Jane convinced her to wear a costume... so she dressed as the Joker... a very sexy girl version of the Joker. … Jane was a police woman... the hottest and sexiest officer you have ever seen... and Angel was dressed as a witch. She had added a few streaks of green to her hair that really gave her that 'witchy” look.... Yes, Angel was a hot witch... although she was not sure if she wanted to be a good witch.. or a bad witch... either way, she was definitely a sexy witch!

    The Halloween party was being held at Girlfriends, a private lesbian club in Dallas. Only members and their guests would be able to attend. The party was scheduled to begin at eight o'clock and it was already almost eight-thirty when they left Angel's home in Jane's BMW.. also known by the three of them as the 'girl taxi'.. because Angel and Wendy's ride were both two-seaters.

    Jane drove through the parking lot twice before she found a parking space.. it certainly appeared that Girlfriends would be packed with lesbian vampires, ghosts and a host of sexy goblins.. and no doubt they would all be on the prowl for some haunting girl-girl fun.

    As they walked in the door, the three girls were greeted by Frankenstein. He must have been seven feet tall! “Hi ladies, you will need to check your purses and phones.”

    “Our phones?” Jane asked.

    “Yes Ma'am... no phones... the owners do not want any unauthorized pictures showing up on the internet.. .. You can take all the photos you want outside the club.. but not inside.”

    Angel, Wendy and Jane reluctantly handed over their purses and phones to Frankie and then walked inside the club. Girlfriends was decorated like a Halloween carnival... Orange and black crepe paper was everywhere … there was a scarecrow stuffed with hay and there were two big pumpkins sitting next to each other that had been painted pink and looked like two huge boobs... and there was even a boob cake!

    “Angel! Look at the cake!” Wendy exclaimed.

    Angel laughed …. “I know! … I feel like licking it!”

    “Me too!” Jane laughed.

    “Oh my! … look... Supergirl is here!” Wendy pointed.

    “I see her.. and Catwoman.. and.. over there... It's Sara... dressed as a nurse.” Jane replied … “I think I might need to have a breast exam before the night is over.”

    Angel and Wendy laughed as they continued to look at all the beautiful girls in their Halloween costumes … there was Wonder Woman.. a school girl who was wearing a see-through top... a playboy bunny ...little red riding hood, who was wearing about the shortest skirt you could imagine.... a sexy pirate who looked like she was on the prowl for some buried treasure … and a girl dressed in a Hooter's outfit... only it was definitely not standard Hooter's attire as part of her areolas were showing. There was even a group of four girls dressed as the Lion, scarecrow, the tin-woman and Dorothy, who was carrying a little stuffed Toto. And then they noticed two of the servers that had been hired for the private party... “Look!” Angel spoke... “It's Emily and Jennifer.” They looked so fucking sexy in their little black playboy bunny outfits..with their bow-tie collars and their huge firm tits on display.

    Jane waved at them … and they both waved back. Jane quickly noticed that Emily did not seem very happy about working with her hated rival Jennifer and as they watched them, they noticed that they were talking to each other... “Oh my!” Jane gasped. “Jennifer just called Emily a fucking whore!”

    “There must be something going on between the two of them.” Wendy said.

    They watched the two eighteen year old's as they got nose to nose and tit to tit with their eyebrows slanted... the exposed top of their tits pushing and shoving together ... speaking to each other at the same time.. but their little confrontation was cut short when another server stepped between them.. no doubt telling them to 'chill.'

    “I'd like to see the two of them go at it!” Jane said.

    “So would I.” Wendy replied.

    As they three hot sexy girls continued walking through the bar, Angel noticed a big-titted brunette who was holding a camera and taking pictures of some of the girls in their Halloween costumes… “Hey!” Angel said... there is a photographer taking pictures... let's go get our picture taken.”

    “Cool.” Wendy answered as the three girls walked over to the photographer. They waited for a couple of minutes until she was finished. Then the girl photographer placed her camera on the small round table that was next to her before slowly turning around.. placing both of her hands in her hair as if she was posing for a picture. Her name was Kim Halili. She was Asian.... black hair.. dark brown eyes.. and was dressed as an Elven warrior princess. Kim was hot! She was about five feet six inches tall, weighing around 124 pounds with a 42-23-36 body. Although she was not wearing a bra tonight, her bra size was 34G. Oh yeah, Kim had huge tits! And those tits were thrusting out from her chest... naked.. except for the little diamond shaped pasties that barely covered her obviously large nipples. With thigh high leather boots and a leather-cloth combination thong she was definitely hot!

    She smiled as she looked at Angel, Wendy and Jane standing in front of her with their Halloween costumes … the three blondes looked so deliciously hot. “Oh my! Who do we have here? Let me guess ...” She looked at Angel... her dark eyes surveying Angel's stunning body from the top of her witches hat all they way down to her shoes.. “You are obviously a witch! .. A very voluptuous witch!” Angel smiled as she continued, moving her eyes to Jane .. “And you are a policewoman. .. You can handcuff me anytime you want!” Jane laughed as the photographer glanced at Wendy.. “Hmmmm... let me think for a moment... “Joker! Am I right?”

    “Yes... you are right.” Wendy smiled at her.

    “Y'all look so sexy! .. I'm Kim ...want your picture taken?”

    “Yes!” Wendy answered as she walked over and stood in front of the stairs that led up to the 'private' rooms.

    “My Goodness, don't you make a sexy Joker!”

    “Thanks!.. You look pretty hot yourself.” Wendy smiled as she put her left hand behind her head and arched her back.. thrusting our her enormous tits as she posed for Kim. (Click... click … click.) And, of course, having a weakness for big tits, Angel could not keep from staring at Kim's magnificent rack as she took pictures of Wendy.

    “Thanks! The photos will be available in a couple of hours... you can pick them up at the door as you leave.”

    “Thank you Kim.”

    “I'm next.” Jane said as she walked a few steps to toward the pole that was in front and to the right of the stairs. Yes, Girlfriends had a pole.. in fact, they had two poles.. for those girls who wanted to do a little pole dancing. Jane looked hot as hell in her policewoman costume as she reached up with her left hand and grabbed the pole and spun around a couple of times. Angel and Wendy were impressed as they whistled and clapped for Jane. Jane then lifted her right leg and braced it against the chrome pole as she leaned forward.. pushing her magnificent tits around the pole until the shinny chrome pole was trapped in her massive cleavage.

    “How sexy!” Kim said as she snapped a few pictures … (click.... click..) “One more” … (click)

    Jane then slid her tits up and down the pole for a few moments before she stepped away... noticing that Kim was licking her lips. As she watched, Angel was also licking her lips from time to time as she continued to stare at Kim's bountiful tits.

    Kim turned around .. “Who is next?”

    Angel approached her …. her eyes still staring at Kim's massive tits that were on full display.

    “Oh My! We have a wicked witch!” Kim exclaimed as all the girls laughed out loud.

    “How about over there.” Angel pointed … “In front of the pole dancing picture on the wall.”

    “Perfect!” Kim replied as she, along with Wendy and Jane, followed Angel until they stopped in front of the picture on the wall, Kim spoke … “Love the hat! .. now... let's see … Hmmm.. what if you turned just a little to your left.... Yes! .. Just like that... let's see all of that incredible cleavage!”

    Angel placed her left hand behind her neck and thrusting our her elbow as she placed her left hand on her left shoulder.

    “Yes.. that is perfect!” (click .. click … click …....... click)

    “What if I pulled my costume down over my tits?” Angel did not wait for an answer as she reached up and grabbed the fishnet straps that held up her witches costume and slid them off her smooth shoulders... letting the front of her costume fall down over her massive tits.

    “Holy Shit!” Kim gasped as she stared at Angel's incredibly huge rack... “Damn Girl!... and those nipples! Holy Shit!”

    Angel grinned as she reached down and grabbed her long hard nipples and gave them a good pinch... twisting them for a couple of seconds before she made a fist with her right hand and placed it under her chin as she reached up with her left hand and placed it on top of her hat.

    “Oh yeah!” Kim said. “You have done this before!.. that is perfect!” (click .. click .. click …. click)

    Angel smiled and batted her eyes at Kim … “Can we take one more?”

    “Are you kidding me? I'll take pictures of you all night!”

    Angel kept smiling as she walked over to the edge of the granite topped bar. She climbed up on top of the granite counter and stretched out on her tummy and looked into the camera.

    “Mmmm, that looks so fucking hot.” Wendy whispered to Jane.

    “Angel always looks so fucking hot!” Jane said as she reached behind Wendy and squeezed her ass.

    “Ouuuu.” Wendy gasped .. “That might get you in trouble.”

    “I hope so.” Jane purred.

    Kim began giving instructions to Angel … “Ok.. now look into the camera.. yes... like that... that is great! …. now... can you lick your lips for me?”

    Angel extended her tongue and licked her upper lip.

    “Oh yes!” (click … click) “God! I can't believe how huge your nipples are!” (click)

    “Oh, I can believe it!” Jane spoke softly.

    Wendy echoed Jane's comment .. “I can believe it too.” Wendy then turned toward Kim.. “And they are just as hard as they are huge!”

    Kim moaned to herself, but Angel, Wendy and Jane all heard her. After Angel had climbed off the bar and pulled her costume back up, Kim stepped toward her.. stopping just in time before their huge over-sized tits were about to meet head on. She leaned her face forward and spoke softly .. “Anytime you want to do some modeling, let me know.”

    “I will.” Angel replied quietly as her eyes drifted down to Kim's deep cleavage.

    “I also shoot videos.” Kim continued with her eyes locked on Angel's big heavy tits.

    “Oh?” Angel asked without her eyes leaving Kim's big tits.

    With her eyes still staring into Angel's abundant cleavage, Kim replied .. “Un huh.. Perhaps you and your friends might want to do a video sometime.”

    Angel's eyes were still completely focused on Kim's extra-large tits as they continued their conversation without looking into each others eyes … “That might be fun.”

    Kim was practically gasping as she spoke … “Oh, I am sure it would be fun for all of us.”

    With her eyes still staring into Kim's incredible cleavage, Angel asked .. “What do you think Wendy? … Jane? … should we make a video sometime?”

    Wendy replied .. “I would love to.”

    And Jane, being the ultra exhibitionist that she was, responded … “Absolutely.. but if would have to be copyrighted... to keep it from going viral on the internet!”

    “Yes, of course.” Kim answered without her eyes leaving Angel's huge tits.

    Angel then whispered .. “I want to touch them.”

    Kim knew exactly what Angel meant .. “So do I.”

    With their eyes still staring at each others huge tits they slowly closed the final few inches that were between them as they front of their costumes touched.. and then all of that enormous amount of bare naked cleavage touched. It felt so fucking hot that Angel and Kim thought their tits were melting together.

    “Unnnnnnnn.” Angel moaned.

    Kim gasped … “Ahhhhhh.”

    The two big-titted girls pushed into each other a little more as their enormous tits began mushrooming up and out...

    “Ok you two!” Wendy said as she grabbed Angel's arm and pulled her away...

    Angel giggled as she stepped back... she was flattered that Wendy was just a little bit jealous of Kim. Angel and Kim, finally, for the first time in several minutes, looked into each others eyes …

    Kim handed Angel her business card … “Call me.”

    “Yes I will ... I always wanted to be the director of an erotic lesbian video.” Angel grinned as she took Kim's card. She then turned around and, along with Wendy and Jane, began walking toward their reserved booth as Jane reached over and squeezed Wendy's tight ass again.

    “Ummm," Wendy gasped again …. “You keep doing that and I am going to fuck you!”

    “Promises... promises … promises.”

    On the way to their booth, they saw Joy and waved. Joy waved back as she strutted toward the three big-titted blondes in a black leather costume.

    Wendy turned toward Angel .. “Who is she supposed to be?”

    “Hmmm... I am not sure.. but she looks hot as hell!”

    “Catwoman.” Jane said as she stared at Joy.

    Wendy replied .. “I think Catwoman is supposed to have pointy ears.”

    “I think her pointy nipples make up for that.” Angel giggled.

    “No shit!” Wendy added .. “You can tell how much they are straining at the front of her leather outfit from here.”

    “I am still gonna go with Catwoman.” Jane said as Joy stopped in front of them.. her huge tits barely contained in her black leather costume.

    “Oh Fuck!” Wendy gasped .. “Look Jane.. she is showing off her areolas.. just like you!”

    “She is showing a lot more than me! Look at her pussy!” Jane whispered.

    “Oh My God!” Angel gasped.. her pussy is showing!”

    “I am still gonna go with Catwoman.” Jane said as Joy stopped in front of them.. her huge tits barely contained in her black leather costume.

    “Hi!” Joy smiled as she approached the three stunning blondes.

    “Hi Joy!.. or is it Catwoman?”

    Joy laughed.. “Well... I was supposed to be Catwoman... but the damn mask would not stay on my face.. it did not fit quite right so I said 'Fuck it'!”

    The four girls laughed at her remark... “I think you look so much sexier without the Catwoman mask... give me a hug.” Wendy said as she took Joy in her arms and squeezed her tight.. mashing all of their deep massive naked cleavage together.

    “Mmmmm,.. Hello to you Wendy.... and ” Joy gasped as she hugged Wendy tight.

    Jane tapped on Wendy's shoulder .. “My turn.” As Wendy reluctantly released Joy, Jane reached out and grabbed her … “How about a little areola kissing?”

    Joy wrapped her arms around Jane and as they pushed their huge tits together.. both of them softly moaning as the exposed part of their areolas pressed together in a sexy areola kiss. “Mmmm Jane, “ Joy whispered in Jane's ear. “I can feel the tiny little bumps on your tit crowns touching mine.”

    Jane swayed to the side just a little so the part of their areolas that was exposed slowly slid across each other.. causing both of them to gasp as Jane whispered back into Joy's ear .. “It would not take much for our nipples to kiss each other... maybe we can dance together later and do that.”

    “I would love that, you sexy bitch.”

    “So would I.” Jane smiled as she stepped away.

    “Ok Angel.. it's your turn.” Joy said as she stepped toward Angel.. the bare part of their tits meeting together with a gentle slap. “Ummmm Fuck! I love your tits.”

    Angel moaned... “You do feel good tonight Joy.”

    As they separated, their eyes turned toward a crowd that had gathered near them.. “I wonder what all the commotion is about?” Joy asked.

    Wendy answered.. “It looks like that is a confrontation between Supergirl and Wonder Woman!”

    “Oh, this I gotta see!” Jane said as they all walked toward the circle of girls who had gathered around... squeezing their way through the crowd until they were looking at Supergirl and Wonder Woman.. facing each other.. with their hands on their hips.

    “I don't think you are woman enough!” Supergirl said.

    Angel leaned toward Wendy and whispered in her ear.. “I know her.”

    “Who is she?”

    “Her name is Veronica.. she goes by Ronnie.”

    “Who is she?” Joy could not hear Angel because of the noise in the club.


    “Which one is Veronica? Joy asked.

    “Supergirl.” Angel answered.

    “Mmmm,” Joy purred .. “I think before the night is over I want to get me some of that Supergirl.”

    “Who is Wonder Woman?” Jane asked.

    “I don't know who she is.. but she is fucking hot!”

    “Yes she is... but so is Supergirl.”

    Supergirl and Wonder Woman were still tormenting each other as Wonder Woman hissed … “My tits will take yours on anytime.. anywhere.”

    “Bring it on Bitch!” Veronica snarled.

    Jane leaned over toward Angel .. “Holy shit!... Wonder Woman has some big tits on her!”

    “Oh yeah!” Angel answered.. but so does Veronica.”

    “So do we!” Wendy smirked.

    Angel and Jane smiled at Wendy.. “Yep.. We sure do!”

    Veronica stepped closer to Wonder Woman … “You want to crush tits with me, you fucking whore?”

    Jane turned to the girl that was standing on her right... she was wearing the little red riding hood costume.. “Do you know who Wonder Woman is?”

    “Her name is Heather.”

    Jane nodded as she responded ..“She looks hot.”

    “Oh yes. You don't want to ever get tit to tit with her... Just look at those huge nipples on her!”

    “I can see them.. they are huge!”

    “And hard!” Riding Hood replied .. “It only took her about two minutes to invert my nipples when I was with her... those nipples are devastating!”... She then glanced down at Jane's enormous nipples that were barely covered by her policewoman costume. “Damn girl!.. Your nips are as big as hers!”

    Jane smirked .. “Bigger.”

    “Maybe... but I am not so sure.”

    Jane continued... “Supergirl has quite a pair on her as well.”

    “Yes she does... it could be a very painful nipple war!”

    Veronica and Heather were still insulting each other and were about to get into it when one of the bouncers stepped between them... “Ok girls... no one minds a little friendly game of titty-mash.. but I can tell you two don't like each other.... break it up.”

    Heather arched her back … thrusting her huge tits out .. “Another time slut!”

    Veronica arched her back to... also thrusting our her enormous tits .. “Latter bitch!”

    As the two tit warriors walked away from each other, Jane told Angel and Wendy that Wonder Woman's name was Heather.

    “I would like to get to know this Heather.” Angel said.

    Jane grabbed Angel's hand ...“Ok you pussy hunter... lets go sit down and have a drink.”

    As Angel, Wendy and Jane turned around and began walking back to their booth, Joy went with them for a few steps before she spoke again .. “I think I am gonna shop around for a little while... Maybe go flirt with Supergirl. … I'll catch up with y'all later.”

    “Ok Joy.” … “See ya later Joy” .. “Don't do anything I wouldn't do.”

    Joy giggled … “Wendy, I think you would do most anything... so I should be ok with whatever I do.”

    Wendy stuck out her tongue at Joy as they all laughed... and Joy disappeared into the crowd.

    Several minutes later Jennifer stopped at their booth.. exchanging greeting with Angel, Wendy and Jane. The girls ordered two mixed drinks each and within a few minutes Jennifer was back with their drinks. “It looked like you and Emily were having a disagreement earlier.” Wendy said.

    “I hate that fucking cunt!” Jennifer spoke softly so as to not be heard by anyone at the club. “They called me and asked if I would work here tonight and I told them 'sure, would love to'.. then when I get here I discover that they also hired that fucking whore Emily!”

    “Well.. maybe you two need to kiss and make up.” Angel responded.

    “She can kiss my ass!”

    Jane and Wendy giggled as Angel continued .. “Maybe you two need to fuck it out.”

    “I already out-fucked that bitch!.. made her cum twice!.. then she lied to her sister Lisa about what happened... Emily is such a fucking cunt!”

    “Well ...” Angel said .. “Just try to behave the rest of the night.”

    Jennifer nodded, then turned and walked away.. the little bunny tail on her outfit bobbing left and right as she walked.

    “Sounds like they have a feud going on.”

    “I think they do Wendy.” Angel replied.

    “Well ..” Jane added .. “It is what it is... I am sure they will eventually settle things between them.”

    They picked up their drinks and began sipping as the DJ began speaking into her microphone … “Hi everyone! Are there any spooky lesbians here tonight?” The crowd clapped and cheered as the girl DJ continued speaking .. “How about a little music?” Again there was cheering and yelling … “Ok! The dance floor is officially open for business!”

    “Hey!” Wendy asked as she pointed .. “Who is the schoolgirl?”

    “Where?” Jane asked.

    “Over there! In the see through top.”

    Angel looked and spoke ...“Ah... that does not look like any school girl outfit I have ever seen... she might as well be topless.”

    “It is a sexy Halloween school girl costume Angel.” Jane replied.

    “Oh … ok .. so it is... who is she?”

    Wendy and Jane shrugged their shoulders just as Emily walked by their table.. “Hey Emily!” Angel got her attention.

    Emily turned around and walked toward them .. “Hi Y'all.”

    “Hi to you too … say... Emily … who is that over there.. with the see through top on?”

    Emily turned and looked then turned back around … “Lucia”

    “Who?” Wendy asked.

    “Lucia.” Emily then pronounced her name slowly … “Lou-see-ah”

    “Ah.. ok,... Lucia.. got it. Thank you.”

    “My pleasure.” Emily smiled as she turned and walked to the next booth.

    “Damn!” Wendy said .. “We need to get out more often.. there are all kinds of hot women in here!”

    “Un huh.” Jane answered.

    “Well what am I?” Angel asked.

    Wendy smiled at Angel ...“Oh Angel.. there is no one like you!”

    “Amen to that.” Jane said... “Ok, who wants to dance?”

    Wendy quickly responded as she scooted her ass out of the booth and stood up.. “I'll dance with you.”

    Jane stood up and looked at Angel … “Angel?”

    “I think I will sit here and watch.. and drink a little more.”

    “Ok.” Jane grabbed Wendy's hand and they headed off to the dance floor and were soon shaking their heads... hair flying everywhere as they danced to the fast beat of the rock song that was playing through the speakers.

    Within a few moments, the crowd began buzzing again as another woman had entered the club. There were even a few couples on the dance floor who stopped dancing as she walked by.... “Oh My God!” Angel spoke to herself as this topless stunningly beautiful creature was walking toward her... and she was topless! As she strutted closer and closer, Angel finally recognized her in the dim light of the club. It was Ashley! And yes, she was topless all right. A topless Harley Quinn... A Harley Quinn with huge tits! As she approached Angel, Angel could not keep her eyes off of those big huge wobbling tits... she just could not help it.. Angel was a tit-girl. Ashley smiled as she stopped right in front of the booth where Angel was sitting … “Hi Angel.”

    “Ashley.. Wow... you look... wow... How did you get in here topless?”

    Ashley laughed … “I was wearing a sweater.. and took it off as soon as I walked through the door.”


    “Un huh.. I mean like.. what are they gonna do?.. throw me out?” Ashley laughed as she finished her sentence.

    Angel's eyes dropped to Ashley's tits... just as they had done earlier with Kim.. She could not help it. “You have a good point... ah..well.. Hmm.. you have two good points.”

    Again Ashley laughed .. “So do you Angel.. as I remember... and I adore your costume! You make a great witch! .. Love the hat... oh! You even died some of your hair green!”

    “Oh it's just that stuff that washes out.”

    “You look fabulous Angel.”

    “Thank you Ashley.. so do you... God I love your tits... Oops! Did I just really say that?”

    Ashley giggled.. “Yes you did.. we should hook up again sometime.”

    “Would love to... care to sit here with me?”

    “Oh I would love to Angel.. but I have a date tonight... kinda... “


    “Yeah.. someone I have been chatting with online for a few months.. she is supposed to be here... but I don't know what she looks like or what costume she is wearing... maybe I need to hire a private eye to find her.... anyone you would recommend?”

    Angel smiled... “What is her name?”


    Angel smiled again... “I charge four hundred dollars per hour plus expenses..” Angel then pointed to her left … “She is right over there.. in the sexy school girl outfit.. the one with the fish net top.. with her nipples poking through her top... and since you are topless, it will be very convenient for the two of you to do a little nipple fucking.”

    “Mmmm we actually talked about that!”

    “Well now you can do it!.. that will be four hundred dollars plus another forty for the drinks.”.. There was a long pause before Angel burst out laughing.

    “Oh you!” Ashley laughed... “Call me sometime.”

    “I will.” Angel said as Ashley turned around and walked toward Lucia... her big naked dense tits swaying on her chest as she approached the sexy school girl.

    As a slow dance song began playing. Wendy and Jane snuggled together on the dance floor... rubbing their over-sized tits into each other as they swayed with the music. Lucia had been dancing with the cowardly Lioness and was about to walk off the dance floor when she felt someone grab her arm. As she turned around, her eyes opened wide at the stunningly gorgeous topless blonde who was standing in front of her. “Ashley?”

    “Hi Lucia. It is wonderful to meet you.”

    “Wow!” Lucia's eyes glanced down at Ashley's huge naked tits that were capped by her long hard rigid nipples .. “You look incredible.” Yes, Ashley was stunning... with lovely dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, she stood five feet seven inches tall, weighed 129 pounds and measured 41-25-38-? . Her big heavy forty one inch tits required a 34F bra unless she was topless like she was tonight. Lucia was speechless as she looked at Ashley.

    Ashley was also quite taken with Lucia.. she was incredibly sexy... a brunette with lovely brown eyes. She stood five feet eight inches tall, weighed 130 pounds and measured 42-23-37. Yes, Lucia was a G cup girl... she wore a 34G bra.. except for tonight... her fishnet top was all that covered her big heavy tits.. and the top did not really cover them.. as you could easily see all of her magnificent big globes of firm tit-meat. Even her rock hard nipples were poking through the fishnet... which, as Angel had said, would make things very convenient. “You look incredible too Lucia.”

    After the two hot women spent a moment with their eyes gazing up and down each others incredible body, Ashley leaned forward and spoke above the music... “Let's dance.” Ashley moved a little closer until their hard naked nipples touched. “Ouuuuu.”

    “Ummm, I know.” Lucia smiled as she wrapped her arms around Ashley's neck and they began to slow dance. Ashley's arms moved around Lucia's waist as the two big-titted women pushed their mammoth tits together.. their heated nipples disappearing into each others dense tit flesh. “Ohhhhh this is better than I imaged it would be.”

    “Umm Hmmmm.” Ashley moaned as they slowly moved around in a tight circle on the checkered dance floor. As they danced, they slowly began to sway against each other.. Ashley would slide to her right as Lucia would move to her left.. dragging the front of their huge tits back and forth across each other.. sending shivers up their spines. They quietly moaned into each others ears as they brushed their cheeks together... shivering with sexual desire.

    Lucia gasped into Ashley's ear … “You feel so good Ashley.”

    “Mmmmmm,.. Yes you do Lucia” Ashley purred as she moved back a couple of inches so that only their big stiff nipples were touching.... then they began swaying again... flicking those big hard rods of flesh back and forth against each other... left and right... back and forth.... catching and bending against each other before slipping free and springing back... only to do it again from the opposite direction. Both hot women were beginning to feel the heat building up in their huge round tits as they flicked their nipples together. Lucia and Ashley moaned and gasped with each flick... and just as they were really beginning to get into it.... the slow song stopped and a fast beat rock song began playing through the speakers. They stepped back from each other.. their hard lengthy nipples still throbbing.. as they began to move their bodies to the quickened pace of the rhythm... their big firm tits barely jiggling on their chest as they danced. Oh yes, their heavy tits were bouncing up and down and back and forth.. but not very much … their heavy dense tits were just too solid... too firm... to flop all over the place.

    As Ashley and Lucia were dancing, Wendy and Jane were still dancing with each other.. shaking their asses and waving their arms in the air. As Joy walked by the dance floor, she noticed Ashley was there. Every girl needs a rival. There are times when a girl needs to vent her anger and frustration... times when she needs to unload on another girl. Someone that she really does not like... perhaps the dislike is strong enough to be classified as hate. But this rival must also be irresistible... sexually irresistible... to the point that even though you may hate her, you cannot resist the opportunity to engage her sexually... in a never ending emotional and physical war to prove who is sexually superior .. to see who is the alpha bitch. This rival must be someone who is attractive... and someone who equally needs to vent her anger and frustrations... someone who constantly needs to 'fuck it out'. Joy's rival was Ashley... and Joy could not resist the opportunity to intimidate her.

    As the music stopped for a few seconds, Joy quickly walked over to Jane and tapped her on the shoulder .. “Mind if I dance the next song with Wendy?”

    '”Not at all Joy.” Jane replied as she stepped away and strolled off the dance floor.

    “Hi again Joy!” Wendy smiled as another upbeat rock song began to play through the speakers.

    “I need your help.” Joy had to speak a little louder so she could be heard over the music.


    Joy then leaned forward, their big tits meeting and getting re-acquainted as Joy continued.. “Let's get close to Ashley and that girl she is dancing with... I want to be ass to ass with Ashley.”

    “Ok! We can do that.” Wendy answered as she moved the two of them closer to Ashley and Lucia... until they were dancing next to them. Joy looked over her shoulder and moved a little to her left as they got closer to the dancing duo... then she butted her ass against Ashley's ass... their leather clad buttocks slamming together with an audible 'thud'. Ashley did not think much of it... probably someone who had already consumed too much alcohol and was not paying attention to where she was....then there was another hard impact as the woman behind her rammed her ass into Ashley's ass again. This time Ashley moved forward a step... only to have her ass get slammed again.

    “What the fuck?” Ashley turned around and tapped the black leather clad bitch on the back of her shoulder and was about to say something as the woman in black turned around to face her. It was Joy! “I should have known it was you..... Bitch!”

    Joy stepped forward as their big heavy tits met together with a 'Splat!' .. “Cunt!”

    Ashley's eyes narrowed … “Whore!”

    “What's the matter Slut... is my ass too hard for you?”

    Ashley laughed... “Why don't we find out?”

    “It would be my pleasure.” Joy hissed as she turned back around and swayed her tight leather clad buttocks in front of Ashley. Knowing her challenge had been accepted, Ashley turned back around facing Lucia She leaned forward.. and slammed her leather clad ass hard into Joy's leather clad ass... 'thump'. For the next five minutes... in rhythm with the beat of the music... Joy and Ashley slammed and smacked their asses against each other... slamming into each other with great force... banging their buttocks together again and again. Wendy and Lucia were getting turned on by the ass fight that was happening in front of them.

    As their leather clad asses slammed together it made a dull thumping sound... quite different than if their asses had been naked 'pop' .. 'thump' .. 'thud'. .. pounding their buttocks together.... until a slower ballad began playing..... and then their ass slapping turned into an ass grinding competition as they began to grind their buttocks back and forth against each other. The tight leather covering their asses made a swishing sound.... but the music was too loud for either Ashley or Joy to hear it. Back and forth they ground their buttocks together.. pushing against each other until the music stopped. Ashley could tell by the look in Lucia's eyes that Lucia wanted all of her attention... so Ashley grabbed her hand and led her off the dance floor.

    Joy and Wendy also walked off the dance floor... hugging each other before going their separate ways. Wendy was looking for Jane but could not see her anywhere, so she strutted back to the booth where Angel was... only Angel was not there... so Wendy sat down and began sipping her drink.. watching the couples who were dancing together. She was alone for about two minutes when a striking woman with raven black hair began walking toward her. She was dressed as a nurse.. and her costume fit her like glove. As she approached the booth where Wendy was seated, Wendy finally recognized her in the dim light. It was Sara.. and Sara looked hot!

    Sara stood five foot seven inches tall, weighed 127 pounds with midnight black hair and very dark eyes. Her 41-25-37? body would drive any woman out of their mind. And her big dense tits which required a 34F bra were breathtaking in her sexy nurse costume.

    “Hey Wendy.. want some company?”

    “Sara! Sure!”

    Sara slid into the booth next to Wendy.. her short nurse costume sliding high up her thighs as she sat down. “How are you feeling?”

    “I feel great!” Wendy smiled as she answered.

    “Are you sure?” Sara asked as she gave Wendy a playful look.

    Wendy picked up on it as she replied.. “Well.. actually .. now that you mentioned it... I have been having a little discomfort in my tits.”

    “Oh? What kind of discomfort?”

    Wendy frowned as if she were ill … “It's like a fever.... kinda that aching feeling .. you know?”

    “Hmmmm …” Sara gave Wendy a concerned look … “Perhaps I should take a look.” Wendy twisted her hips and turned toward Sara as Sara asked... “Show me where it aches.”

    She reached out and placed her hands on Sara's hands and pulled Sara's hands toward her, placing the palms of Sara's hands on her big tits... “Right here.”

    As Sara closed her hands over Wendy's huge G cup tits, she gently squeezed... “Right there?”

    “Ummmm,, yes.. right there.” Wendy whispered.

    “They feel so tight Wendy... so tense... maybe a massage would take some of the aching away.” Sara said as she continued to squeeze and knead Wendy's enormous tits in her hands.

    A few minutes earlier, Angel had left the booth and was on the dance floor.. it seemed that everyone wanted to dance with the big-titted blonde witch. As girls came and went from the dance floor, Angel continued to dance for another thirty minutes before she walked off the dance floor and strutted to the women's restroom. She heard shouting coming from inside the restroom as she pushed the door open and walked inside. There were about five or six girls who had formed a circle around two girls who were yelling at each other....

    “You fucking cunt!”

    “You slutty bitch!”

    Angel thought she recognized their voices as she squeezed her way though the small crowd .. and sure enough... it was Veronica and Joy. Superwoman vs Catwoman... and they were discussing their tits.

    “No fucking way your tits are more solid than mine!” Veronica hissed as she thrust out her chest...

    “You need to get some fucking glasses... 'cause it is fucking obvious that my tits are more solid than yours!” Joy yelled at her.

    Veronica stepped forward.. slamming her huge tits into Joy's equally impressive pair... 'splat!' Joy took a step back and lunged forward.. slapping her huge tits into Veronica's big round globes … “smack!”

    For the next couple of minutes, the lunged into each other again and again... slapping their huge tits head on into each other... 'clap!' … 'smack!' … 'slap!' ….

    “Fucking bitch!”

    “Vulgar Whore!”

    As Veronica and Joy reached out and grabbed each others hair, Angel stepped toward them and wiggled her way between them, facing Joy .. “Ok girls!... Stop it!”

    “Who the fuck do you think you are?” Veronica yelled. Angel turned around and looked at Veronica … “Angel.. I did not know that was you... … This is a private affair.”

    “Take it outside in the club..... you will have more room... you will get a bigger crowd.. and you will not interfere with anyone who needs to go to the bathroom.” Veronica stared into Angel's eyes for a moment before Angel spoke again .. “Go on.. you and Joy get out of here.”

    Angel could tell that Veronica was not pleased as she responded .. “Ok! Fine!” She brushed past Angel.. reaching out and giving Joy a shove as she walked past her and out of the restroom. Joy immediately followed her.... and several minutes later, Angel walked out of the restroom. Veronica and Joy had not gone very far... about twenty feet along the wall before they had squared off with each other again... there were about eight other women watching as they had their hands in each others hair and were jerking each others heads back and forth... cursing and screaming at each other.... Then Veronica released her right hand from Joy's hair and slapped her face hard! 'SLAP!'

    Fucking bitch!” Joy screamed at her as she released her hands from Veronica's hair and slapped her back... landing a solid smack to Veronica's face 'SMACK!'

    “Cunt!” 'SLAP!'

    “Whore!” 'SLAP!'

    “Slut!” 'SLAP!'

    “Bitch!” 'SMACK!'

    “Ok girls! That's enough!” One of the bouncers, a huge man who must have stood about six feet six inches tall, had stepped between the two angry women. Angel immediately recognized him.. his name was John ... a detective with the Arlington Police Department “No fighting!... or I will throw your asses out of here!”

    Veronica took another swing at Joy... but the bouncer caught her hand... “I said that is enough!”

    “She started it!” Joy hissed.

    “I don't care who started it...... no fighting! No slapping!.. No punching!... Got it?” Veronica and Joy continued to glare at each other as the bouncer asked again... “Got it?”

    “Fine!” Joy hatefully responded.

    Still standing between the two women, the bouncer continued... “Look girls... No one cares if you want to bang your tits together.. or bang other parts of your body together... no one cares if you want to have a little fun with each other... this is a private party... and the rules about what can take place have been relaxed.. but you cannot pull each others hair or slap each other.. or punch each other.. or kick each other.. … are we clear? …. I said are we clear?”

    “Yeah fine!” Veronica continued to glare at Joy.

    Joy then turned toward the bouncer... “So.. you have no problem if we tit fight?”

    “As long as there is no hair pulling, scratching, slapping. punching or kicking.”

    “You are taking all the fun out of it.” Veronica said.

    “That is how it's gonna be.. or I will throw your asses out of here. This is not a fight club... this is a Halloween party. Understand?”

    “Yeah I got it.” Joy mumbled.

    “I will be watching.” the bouncer said before he turned and walked back toward the bar.

    Joy stepped toward Veronica … “Fuck you!”

    “Fuck you!” Veronica hissed at Joy as she placed her hands behind her neck. … locking her fingers together with her elbows out in front of her … Veronica was, without a doubt about the sexiest Supergirl you could ever imagine... she was five feet seven inches tall, weighed 130 pounds, with light brown hair and blue eyes. Veronica measured 41?-24-38... Yes, Veronica was a G cup girl... her enormous tits were displaying a tremendous amount of cleavage... and part of her areolas were visible!! ...and her big nipples, which were barely covered, were straining at the front of her Supergirl costume.

    Joy was not the least bit intimidated as she placed her left hand behind her head and posed for Veronica. Joy was not only stunningly beautiful... she had a 41-24-37 body on her five feet eight inch fame.. with deep black hair and very dark eyes... and although she was an F cup, compared to Veronica's G cup, the difference in the size of their massive tits was mostly insignificant. The inner half of her huge round globes of dense titflesh was squeezed together, creating an enormous amount of cleavage, and like Veronica, the inside of Joy's areolas were visible with her nipples barely covered by her black leather costume.

    They glared at each other for almost a minute.. swaying back and forth in front of each other... both hot bitches more than willing to show off their huge firm tits to each other.
    The crowd of costumed girls had moved into a tighter semi-circle around Veronica and Joy as they continued to taunt and tease each other.. as if they were trying to make each other jealous... and usually, with bodies as perfectly developed as the ones they possessed, each girl could easily intimidate their adversary. Both Veronica and Joy had experienced, on many occasions, the ability to strike fear and doubt into the minds and souls of other women. Sometimes all it took was just revealing some of their deep cleavage... sometimes it was the sheer presence of their huge over-sized nipples that would strain at their clothing... and often, it was the mere sight of their enormous round dense globes of firm tit-flesh. But.... there were moments that they had both faced another woman who was their physical equal... another hot bitch with luscious tits.. big heavy tits as big as their own pair of big luscious tits.. there were times when both Veronica and Joy had stood in front of another stunningly gorgeous woman who was not intimidated.. who was not afraid... and who was not going to back down from any challenge. These were the moments that they cherished... these were the moments they lived for... these were the moments that they dreamed about and searched for... the chance to match their incredible bodies against someone who was just as beautiful.. just as lovely... just as sexy.... and just as hot. This was one of those moments.

    Joy and Veronica had moved closer to the wall and by now there were almost twenty girls around them in a horseshoe shaped circle... watching … staring.... waiting … with Angel right in the middle of the on-lookers. The two hot bitches stepped toward each other.. with their hands out.... as if they were two wrestlers about to lock up... but their hands moved toward the front of each others costumes... their fingers reaching inside and spreading each others tops open. Oh yes, there were numerous gasps as four of the biggest firmest tits that most of them had ever seen were now completely exposed.. sticking straight out in all of their glory... capped by four huge hard throbbing nipples. It was more than enough to intimidate most women.. but the sight of each others big naked tits only added fuel to the fires of the bittersweet hate/lust that were already burning deep inside Veronica and Joy. They wanted to rip each other apart... they wanted to slap and claw and jerk each other around by their hair.... and they were both frustrated that they could not do that.. at least not here... and not now. However, the bouncer had not said anything about squeezing...

    Together they moved their hands to the outside of each others big round globes of dense tit-meat.. palming as much as they could... and then, as if it had been planned, they pushed each others huge tits together.... pushing firmly.... as if they were trying to push each others nipples together.... squeezing each others big heavy tits together.. more and more... staring at each others massive racks... Veronica watching Joy's big nipples being squeezed closer and closer together... and Joy's eyes were locked on Veronica's huge nipples as they were being pushed closer and closer together.... finally, Joy was able to push Veronica's big tits together enough that the circles of Veronica's areolas were barely touching each other... and by now, Joy's incredible areolas were also barely touching together. Each hot bitch had squeezed each others tits together so firmly that their nipples were almost touching!

    “You are such a fucking whore!” Joy hissed.

    “Oh Honey,” Veronica smirked , “I am not anywhere near the whore that you are.”

    Joy moved both of her palms over the center of Veronica's heavy tits and dug her fingers hard into Veronica's dense solid tit-meat and squeezed hard .. “Take that you fucking bitch!”

    “Unnnnnn,” Veronica winced as she returned the favor by placing her hands firmly over Joy's incredible tits and squeezing back.. as hard as she could... her nails digging into the firm flesh of Joy's enormous tits... “You love that bitch?”

    “Ohhhhhhhh fuck!” Joy cringed as she squeezed back... “Unnnn... not as much as you love it.. you dirty slut!”

    It quickly became a war of attrition... both girls squeezing each others tits with all of their strength... nails digging … fingers squeezing... causing each other to gasp and moan from the sweet combination of pain and pleasure. A few minutes quickly elapsed before Angel felt someone tapping on her shoulder... It was the bouncer. “Excuse me,” He said as he tried to move past Angel...

    But Angel turned to her right and began speaking .. “You said no hair pulling. .. slapping... kicking... punching.. and whatever else you said.. and they are not doing any of that.”

    “I do not want this to get out of hand.”

    “If it gets out of hand John, we will ask for your help... ok?”

    “How do you know my name?”

    “We have met several times John, I am Angelica Johansen.”

    “The P.I.?”


    “Damn! It's the costume.” He replied as his eyes drifted down to Angel's massive chest.. “Now I recognize you!”

    “Ah.. John?... my eyes are up here.”

    “Oh yeah.” John answered .. “Sorry about that.. it's just.. well... you know.”

    “Yes I know.” Angel smiled... “I'll let you know if we need to break it up.”

    “Well.... ok then..... it was nice to see you again Angelica.”

    Angel smiled at him for a second before he turned around and walked away.

    Joy and Veronica were still squeezing the hell out of each others huge tits... and neither girl was about to give up. … but neither girl wanted to do this all night... so it was time to change their tactics. Joy moved her fingers to Veronica's thrusting nipples and pinched. …. hard ….. very hard. “Ohhhhhhhhh!” Veronica moaned as she grabbed Joy's magnificent nipples and pinched... twisting them around with her fingers.

    “Ahhhhhh Shit!” Joy moaned. It hurt. It hurt a lot. .. and she doubled her effort on Veronica's stiff nipples.

    “Oh God!” Veronica squealed as they began jerking each others big tits up and down and left and right.. jerking those huge heavy globes around by their nipples.

    “Unnnnnn Fucking bitch!”

    “Ohhh you goddamn whore!”

    For the next couple of minutes... which can seem like an eternity when your nipples are being pulled and twisted and pinched, they tortured each other... jerking … yanking … cursing … until they had had enough. Joy let go first as she moved her hands to Veronica's shoulders and pushed... which hurt like hell as Veronica squeezed Joy's ridged nipples until they popped free from her pinching fingers. They were breathing deeply as they glared at each other.

    “Fucking whore!” Joy hissed … “If we were somewhere private, I would fuck you up so bad.”

    “You've got it all wrong you dirty bitch! I would be the one who would fuck you up!”

    Joy squinted her eyes... glaring with hate … “God! I so want to rip your fucking hair out!”

    Angel was three steps away from the two hot bitches.. watching... ready to step in if it turned into a catfight.

    “I want to bust that dirty stinky cunt of yours!” Veronica hissed.

    Joy growled ...“You want to do some cunt busting, bitch?.. I'll bust cunts with you all night!”

    “You dirty nasty ugly fuck-whore!” Veronica hissed as she stepped forward and placed her hands on Joy's shoulders … “I'll bust your tits right now!”

    “Bring it!” Joy yelled at her as she placed her hands on Veronica's shoulders... “I'll bust your tits wide open!”

    “Arrrgggghhh!” Veronica grunted as both big-titted bitches yanked each other forward.. their huge dense tits meeting with a loud 'SMACK!'

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Joy moaned as they butted their over-sized tits together again. 'SLAP!'

    “Whore!” .. 'SLAP!'

    “Cunt!” … 'CLAP!'

    “Bitch!” … 'Whack!'

    “Slut!” … 'SMACK!'

    “Ahhh.. you fucking little cum-slut!” 'SLAP!'

    “Unnnn Goddamn cum-whore!” 'SMACK!'

    'SMACK!' … 'SLAP!' … 'SMACK!' … 'CLAP!' Joy and Veronica rammed their huge tits together again and again.. like two bighorn sheep butting together. It was fierce... hard .. constant … slamming into each other with enough brutal force that they would bounce back from each other... their huge dense tits constantly butting together.. reshaping.. distorting ... compacting... recoiling... springing apart... again and again. They grimaced.. and moaned .. and gasped... making 'Ah' and 'Uh' sounds each time their heavy tits would splat together. From a distance it sounded like someone clapping their hands very loudly. … and it hurt... you damn right it hurt... but something else was also happening... Veronica and Joy were getting sexually turned on.

    As you know, sometimes a competitive titfight, or, for that matter, a catfight, can become very erotic. Of course that does not happen all the time... but there is something inside a woman... maybe it is the thought of showing her opponent that she is sexier... that she has better tits.. of perhaps she has a need to prove that she is sexually superior. And although there is a release of the hormone oxytocin during sex, this hormone can also be released during foreplay... and, in some women, even during a titfight or a catfight. Estrogen and progesterone are two other hormones that can also be released during the above mentioned confrontations... hormones that can affect a woman’s sexual desire. This was happening to Joy and Veronica as they slapped and slammed their heavy tits together... they were getting turned on... and they both knew it.. and now they were left with two choices.... they could force a surrender from the other.. which seemed unlikely because their big tits were so evenly matched.. not just in size, but in firmness and density. Yes, it could be assumed that eventually one of them would yield to the other.. maybe one would become exhausted before the other... and perhaps if they slammed together long enough, maybe … just maybe, one pair of tits would eventually wear down the other pair of tits... but being so evenly matched, that might take a very long time. Then there was the other choice.... force an orgasm from the other woman. Joy and Veronica soon realized that the second option was the better choice.

    They pushed each other away... gasping … glaring at each other.... no words were needed... they both knew what was about to happen next. Veronica stepped toward Joy until their huge tits met nipple to nipple. She then placed her arms around Joy's waist, locking her fingers together behind Joy's back. Joy moved her hands down to Veronica's short red skirt and slid it up.. exposing Veronica's hard tight buttocks and her skimpy red thong... she then clutched Veronica's ass in her hands and squeezed.. pulling Veronica toward her as their over-sized tits mashed together. Both hot bitches would have loved to prove that they possessed the better, harder, stiffer pair of nipples in a nipple duel, but that would have to wait until another time.... right now it was all about making the other cum.

    They began grinding their huge tits together... up and down.. left and right.. their hard erect nipples twisting against each other deep inside their mushroomed tits... and they could feel every little movement of their ultra-sensitive nipples scraping together... pushing together and moving against each other. It was pure sexual lust that was bonding their huge tits together. They moved their faces toward each other as if they were about to kiss,, then, at the last moment, each girl turned her head slightly to her right as their cheeks touched and fondled each other... their lips close to each others ears as Joy whispered … “I fucking hate you!”

    Veronica hissed in Joy's ear .. “I fucking hate you more!”

    “How dare you think that you are a better woman than me!”

    “I am a better woman.” Veronica gasped into Joy's ear.

    “I am glad you feel that way bitch! There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than beating an alpha bitch wanna be.”

    “You fucking slut! I'll show you who the alpha bitch is!”

    Joy hissed in Veronica's ear .. “I already know who the alpha bitch is.... me.”

    “In your fucking dreams.”

    “Oh.. you will be the one who will be dreaming about me for weeks.”

    They were still sliding and moving their massive tits against each other... forcing them together... grinding deep into each other … “I am gonna make you cum.. you fucking cum-whore!”

    Joy gasped in Veronica's ear .. “You are gonna cum first.. you filthy cum-slut!”

    Their pussys were already drenched. Joy's juices were running down from her exposed swollen pussy.... and Veronica's fuck juices had already soaked her tiny red thong. “I am gonna tit-fuck you bitch!” Veronica moaned into Joy's ear.

    “Unnnnnnnnn.” Joy moaned .. “I am going to tit-fuck you.. you nasty cum-whore!”

    They began pumping their big swollen tits directly into each other... nipple to nipple... areola to areola... firmly pushing into each other before moving their big tits back.. but not far enough to separate them from each other... not even far enough back to allow them to see each others stiff hard nipples that were pushing hard against each other... tip to tip. Pumping …. pushing … thrusting … tit-fucking each other. Joy and Veronica were relentless... working together in a perfect rhythm... a precise tempo... push .. push … thrust … push … thrust … again and again. Five minutes quickly became ten minutes and both big-titted bitches were on the verge of an orgasm. They fought their urge to release and let go... using all of their inner strength and willpower to delay the inevitable. Veronica and Joy were winners.... losing any competition was unacceptable... and as they climbed the summit of orgasmic pleasure together, they struggled to keep from cumming. But pleasure always finds a way.... and they were reaching the point of no return together.... they felt it in every part of their bodies.

    Their legs tensed... their powerful glutes began to spasm... nipples were throbbing... and their pussys were contracting as spasm after spasm twitched their engorged clits. Veronica and Joy were going to cum. Locking their opened eyes together, Veronica tightened her arms around Joy's waist as Joy dug her fingers harder into Veronica's jerking hips... they sighed.... gasping.. panting... and then they could see it in each others eyes... there was no mistake about it.... their orgasm had begun. They pushed their weighty tits together one final time and kept them plastered firmly together.. feeling their throbbing nipples jerking against each other... feeling their huge tits trembling and shaking together... the rush of pleasure was like a raging river... and then it was upon them. They tilted their heads back and moaned....

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” … “Ohhhhhhhhhhh!”

    Joy gasped …. “Fucking Cum-Whore!”

    “Fucking Cum-Slut!” Veronica moaned.

    Vagina's gushed. Clits throbbed. Hips jerked. They were cumming together.

    Veronica's pussy gushed.. flooding her thin red thong.. until her girl-cum was seeping through the thin cloth... dripping from her thong. At the exact same moment, Joy's pussy gushed an equal copious amount of girl-cum... spraying the inside of Veronica's thighs. Their nipples discharged into each other... enough for their nipple-cum to ooze out between their big pressed tits... running down the underside of their huge globes and down across their clenching abs. It was a powerful orgasm... fueled by lust and hate... by desire and anger... and the contractions went on and on.. as if they were now in a contest to see who could cum the most.

    “Unnnnnnnnnnnnn!” … “Ouuuuuuuuuuu!”

    Their bodies jerked with one spasm after another for more than a minute.... pussys gushing... nipples leaking …. panting... gasping … clits jerking … buttocks clenching … it was more than either of them expected as Joy's hot cunt erupted again... spraying her hot juices on Veronica's thighs.... and Veronica's cunt was gushing again … her sweet fuck-juice dripping from the soaked crotch of her red thong. After shocks jolted their bodies for an additional minute as they slowly descended from the pinnacle of pleasure.

    Still panting and moaning they moved their faces toward each other... once again looking like they were going to kiss.. but like before, they turned their heads at the last moment and began whispering in each others ear....

    “I still want to rip your hair out you fucking cum-whore.” Joy hissed in Veronica's ear.

    Veronica gasped into Joy's ear ...“And I want to slap you so fucking hard.... over and over, you dirty bitch.”

    “I want to fuck you up... fuck you up badly.”

    Veronica then purred into Joy's ear … “Sounds like you want a no holds barred bitch fight.”

    Joy gasped her reply .. “Until you are unconscious.... you fucking cunt.”

    “I am gonna fuck you up bitch.” Veronica hissed.

    Joy then pushed Veronica back... and yelled at her .. “You fucking piece of whore shit!”

    Veronica's eyes turned red with anger as she doubled her fist and swung at Joy, barely missing her face... “Fuck you!”

    Before Joy could counter-attack, Angel stepped between them … “Stop it!”

    “Get the fuck out of the way!”, Veronica yelled at Angel. “I want to rip her tits off!”

    A couple of other girls had grabbed Joy.. keeping her away from Veronica as Angel turned toward Veronica .. “Not now Ronnie.” Veronica was fuming mad... as she glared at Angel... but Angel remained calm as she kept her eyes locked with Veronica's. “Go get a drink and calm down.. before you get your ass thrown out of here.”

    “Who the fuck is gonna throw me out?”

    Angel looked deeply into Veronica's eyes … “I can …. and I will.” There was a little pause as they continued to stare at each other … “Come on Ronnie.. let me buy you a drink.”

    Veronica took a few deep breaths as she pushed her huge tits back inside her Supergirl costume... “All right.... fine.”

    As Joy walked away, making her way into the crowd of costumed girls, Angel reached down and grabbed her hand and walked with Veronica to the bar where they sat down next to each other as Angel ordered a drink for both of them.

    Meanwhile Joy had covered her tits again with her leather costume and had finally calmed down.... “Ok.. I am ok... leave me alone.” As the crowd disbanded, she made her way back to the dance floor... and was soon dancing with a girl who was dressed like the Devil.

    Back at the booth, Jane had joined Wendy and Sara... squeezing Sara between them. They were sharing some deep three way kisses as Wendy and Jane massaged Sara's bountiful tits... and Ashley and Lucia were getting very cozy on the dance floor .. still rubbing against each other as they moved their hands to each others ass cheeks and began squeezing each others buttocks. It was eleven o'clock.. and things were just beginning to heat up on this Halloween evening.

    As Angel and Veronica were talking at the bar, Veronica began speaking about Joy again.. “I am really gonna fuck her up Angel .. I have a black belt in karate, you know.”

    “Yes you told me.... that is very impressive.” Angel answered. Angel was also a black belt in karate... actually, while serving in the Navy, Angel had earned the highest rank... a tenth degree black belt... also know as Ju Dan. But Angel was not the type who would brag about such things. It was enough for her to know that she could defend herself in any situation .. “You don't really want to hurt Joy do you?”

    “Her name is Joy?... and all this time I thought her name was whore.”

    Angel could not help but giggle … “Yes... Joy.”

    “I want to rip her apart Angel.”

    “I have an idea.. why don't the two of you settle things woman to woman.”

    “You mean a sexfight?”

    “Sure.. what better way to prove that you are the true alpha bitch than sexually dominating her.”

    “I'll think about it... do you know how to get in touch with her?”

    “Yes I do... I can set up a meeting for the two of you... but only if you promise me that you will not use your karate powers on her.. I would not want Joy to get physically hurt.”

    “I'll think about it.”

    “Good.” Angel smiled just as a very attractive woman dressed like a character from one of those Si-Fi moves tapped Supergirl on the shoulder, asking her if she would like to dance.. and a moment later, Veronica and her new dance partner were dancing on the dance floor... Angel was about to get up when Wonder Woman sat down where Veronica had been sitting.

    It took about two seconds for their eyes to lock... and another two seconds before their eyes drifted down and began taking in the intense sexual essence of each others outrageous bodies. “Hi there.” Wonder Woman said as she smiled.

    “Hi to you too.” Angel answered politely.

    “Nice witch costume.”

    “Thank you.... and you look fabulous!... You know, when I was younger, I had a crush on Wonder Woman. I thought she was the sexiest, most beautiful and most powerful woman in the world. She was my heroine.... and here you are!”

    Wonder Woman laughed … “Well, I cannot say that I grew up admiring witches. I was terrified of witches!”

    Angel peered deeply into her eyes and with her quite sexy voice she replied .. “You should be.” There was a moment of silence before they both giggled. “You are Heather?”

    “Yes, how did you know my name?”

    “I saw you earlier and asked who you were.”

    Heather smiled... “So you are interested?”

    Angel smiled … “Who would not want to meet Wonder Woman?”

    Heather continued to smile .. “I meant if you were interested in me.”

    Angel softly laughed … “Yes, I got that the first time... I was just having a little fun with you... and the answer is 'Yes.'.. a definite Yes.”

    “Well we are certainly off to a great start, huh? … and you are?”

    “Angelica... but everyone calls me Angel.”

    “It is nice to meet you Angel.”

    “The pleasure is mine... or should I say will be mine?... or perhaps pleasure is something we will share together.”

    “I love to share Angel.”

    “So do I Heather.”

    “Sooooo …. what should we share first.”

    “How about a little spit?” Angel answered as she parted her lips and moved her face toward Heather. Heather opened her mouth as she moved toward Angel. Their lips met... their mouths opened up even wider.. and their tongues touched... swirling together inside their locked mouths.... rolling .. lapping and licking. It was a long deep kiss, lasting more than a minute before they slowly parted with their mouths still open... several strands of their mixed saliva stringing between their lips before breaking apart and falling down on their huge tits. “Mmmmmmmmmm,” Angel purred.

    “Ummm Hmmmm.” Heather nodded in agreement. “I have never kissed a witch before.”

    “And I have never kissed Wonder Woman before.... nor have I ever fucked Wonder Woman.”

    “And I have never fucked a witch before.. but I think I am about to.... am I right?”

    “Oh yes... yes you are right... but do you mind if we dance first?”

    Heather slipped off her bar stool... “I would love to dance with a witch.” She reached out and grabbed Angel's hand and led her toward the dance floor. Angel was the one who usually led other girls.. but it was ok that she was following Heather... After all, she was Wonder Woman!

    As they stepped on to one of the two dance floors at Girlfriends, the song ended and the DJ begin speaking … “Attention all you sexy hoblins and goblins!... The coffin has arrived!” Everyone, of course, turned and watched as two men wheeled the coffin to the middle of the club. Wendy, Jane and Sara had to see what all the commotion was about as they slid out of the booth and made their way though the crowd of ghouls and ghosts. The coffin was a normal sized casket.. painted black and was on a large cart with wheels. After rolling the coffin into place, then two men who were both dressed like Dracula, stepped back as the DJ continued. “So who wants to spend some time in the coffin?” There was buzzing and chatter going on as the girl DJ kept speaking. “Don't worry, it has a ventilation system so there is no need to be afraid about running out of air.... The cost is two dollars a minute.. and it is for a good cause... all the proceeds tonight will benefit the Gay and Lesbian community here in Dallas!” The announcement caused a lot of cheering and clapping.

    By now, a crowd had gathered around as one of the men asked.. “So who wants to spend some time in the coffin first?” He asked as he opened the lid, letting everyone look inside. It was indeed, a normal looking coffin... except the satin ruffled interior was black!

    Wendy whispered to Sara and Jane... “That looks like fun.”

    “Nooooo... way to creepy for me.” Sara shuddered as Jane and Wendy giggled.

    “I'll get in there with you Wendy... it might be a lot of fun.” Jane smiled as she winked at Wendy.

    “We want to get in there!” Wendy said to the man who had just opened the lid. “She reached inside her tube top where she had stashed some money and pulled out two hundred dollar bills and handed them to him.. “For both of us.”

    “There is really only room for one at a time.” He smiled as he checked out Wendy and Jane.

    “I think we can manage to squeeze in.” Jane said as she batted her eyes at Dracula.

    He took the money and waved it over his head... “What do you think? Should we let the Joker and the Policewoman in there together?” (Lots of cheering and clapping).. “Allrighty then!” He helped Jane get into the coffin first.. watching as she laid down on her side.. scooting her back to the side of the coffin. Then Dracula assisted Wendy, helping her squeeze in... and sure enough, just as he had said.. the coffin was made for one at a time... but somehow Wendy managed to get inside... wiggling herself into position facing Jane.... and even though her ass was squished tight against the side of the coffin, just as Jane's ass was tightly pressed against the opposite side of the coffin, they squirmed around for a few seconds until they were both laying down.. stretched out... tit to tit... with hardly any room to move. “Comfy?” Dracula asked....

    “Very” Wendy smiled.

    “Ok... Now let me point out the safety features of your coffin.”

    Wendy and Jane giggled... “Safety features?”

    “You will notice a little red light that is recessed in the lid... If you touch it three times within five seconds, the lid will automatically unlock and you can push the lid open. Got it?”

    “Yes. Got it.”

    “Ok. .. have fun.”

    “Oh we will!” Jane giggled as he closed the lid and locked it. Jane and Wendy were in total darkness.. but they could feel the air blowing down on them from the air hose that was connected to the top of the coffin. Everyone waited a few minutes before they slowly began to wander off... leaving Wendy and Jane alone with each other in the dark confines of the coffin.

    Angel was somewhat amused by all of this... because if she knew anything, she knew that Wendy and Jane were already squirming around.. hands fumbling with each others costumes in an effort to get naked with each other. Yep, there was no doubt in Angel's mind that Wendy and Jane were going to spend their time in the coffin fucking each other.

    The music was loud and face paced as the DJ began playing songs again. As couples were dancing on the twin dance floors, Joy had introduced herself to Sara and they were already snuggling and whispering to each other in the booth she had been sharing with Wendy and Jane.

    As the evening moved along, Angel and Heather danced ever song together for the next forty-five minutes... until a few couples around them stopped dancing. They had gathered around a couple that was standing in the middle of the checkerboard dance floor.. holding each other tight and kissing deeply... Long deep wet kissed as they clutched each others buttocks with their hands. As Angel and Heather wiggled their way through the circle of costumed girls, they noticed that is was Ashley and Lucia... involved in a hot and heavy make out session. They were deep kissing.. their hungry mouths glued together.... and Ashley was clutching Lucia's naked buttocks. You see, Lucia was not wearing anything underneath her little plaid schoolgirl skirt... nothing. .. nada … zero …. zip!

    As they watched, Lucia finally stepped back, reached down, and pulled her fishnet top off.. flinging it up in the air before embracing Ashley again... naked tits merging with naked tits as they stared with lust into each others eyes.

    They wanted each other as only two hot bitches in heat can want another woman... and soon they began kissing again. As Angel and Heather continued to watch the sexy scene in front of them unfold, Ashley and Lucia had moved their right thighs between each other thighs and were humping each other in rhythm to the beat of the music.,, thrusting... humping... their big full round tits in constant contact as they rocked on each others smooth firm thighs. As they hump-danced together, there would be the occasional nipple slip, as one of their huge nipples would pop free from their pressed tits which were continually moving and grinding and bouncing against each other. Each time a nipple would momentarily slip free from being trapped between their heavy globes, the crowd of costumed voyeurs would gasp at the sight of their big long hard intimidating nipples... but just as soon as the crowd caught a brief glance at one of their huge throbbing rods, they would again quickly disappear inside their heavy dense compressed tits.

    They kept pushing and shoving their abundant tits together through a few more songs before they stepped back from each other. They slipped off their heels, kicking them to the edge of the checkered dance floor and then Ashley began to unbuckle her leather pants. The crowd of on-lookers watched, hooping and hollering as Ashley slowly slid her leather pants down over her hips.. It was like they were watching a stripper.. and Ashley gave them a good show... dancing and thrusting her hips as she shimmed out of her leather pants and kicked them away. Then came her thong... she placed her fingers inside the waistband of her thong and jerked her thong hard up against her pussy a few times before peeling it off of her luscious hips and sliding it down her thighs.. kicking it off to the side. By now, everyone had stopped dancing as Lucia and Ashley stepped toward each other again... wrapping their arms around each other as both hot bitches pushed her right thigh up against the others naked pussy.

    As the loud music continued to play, Ashley and Lucia humped each other... thigh to pussy... sliding their wet cunts up and down each others thighs... their heavy tits mashed tightly their tongues danced between their parted lips... flicking and licking at each other in the space between their mouths... and everyone could see their tongues flicking... slashing back and forth against each other.. and the crowd cheered the two hot women on.

    Meanwhile, several costumed creatures had stopped at the coffin... listening to the moaning and gasping sounds that were cumming from inside the coffin shaped black box. Occasionally the small group of listeners would hear a little knocking sound cumming from the coffin.. no doubt someone's hand or foot had banged against the interior walls... but, within a few minutes, one by one, the small group made their way toward the dance floor to see what all the excitement was about.

    By now, the dance floor crowd had grown... almost everyone in the club had gathered around the small dance floor.. some girls were standing on chairs and even on the top of some of the tables to get a better view. Joy and Sara had left the booth and were standing in the crowd... along with Veronica. And since no one was seated in any of the booths are at the tables, even Jennifer and Emily were watching... although they were not standing near each other. Yes, practically everyone in Girlfriends were watching Ashley and Lucia... except for Wendy and Jane, who were together in total darkness … locked in their coffin fuck.

    As the minutes passed, hot pussy juice began running down each others right thigh as they humped each others wet cunts.... the thigh to pussy humping was creating some very sexy squishy slurping sounds... and then Ashley and Lucia were overwhelmed with pleasure... they looked into each others eyes.... they were cumming.... the constant wet friction of their big swollen clits... sliding up and down and grinding against each others firm athletic thighs had reached it's zenith. They gasped together... eyes wide open with pleasure... their pussys gushing their hot girl-cum against each others thighs.... rivers of cum running down their leg... dripping to the checkerboard tiles.... their arms were around each other... their huge tits quivering in ecstasy... panting … moaning... as they rode each others thighs through their trembling orgasm.

    As they slowly moved their arms from around each other, it quickly became obvious that Ashley and Lucia were not finished. They both dropped to the floor on their knees, and with moments, they were on their asses with their legs stretched out in front of them.

    They placed their hands on the floor with their arms extended to support the weight of their upper bodies... then Ashley began to slide forward on her ass toward the middle of the dance floor... Lucia was inching her way toward Ashley at the same time... Both hot bitches sliding forward on their asses .. moving toward each other, scissoring their legs as they moved their pussys closer and closer .. Ashley's leaking pussy was leaving a trail of wetness on the tiled dance floor as she inched forward until their pussys were a few inches apart. She looked into Lucia's eyes .. “My pussy wants to fuck yours”

    “Mmmmm... and my pussy wants to fuck yours.”

    “A very hard fuck.”

    “Mmmm yes, a very hard fuck.”

    “I want to feel every little sticky fold of your pussy mashing tightly against mine.”

    “Oh God yes Ashley!” Lucia was already breathing deeply as she began to inch forward, closing the distance between their wet cunts. When they were almost touching, Lucia flexed her pussy for Ashley.. watching Ashley gasp as she flexed her vagina... making it open and close a few times

    “Ouuuuuuuuu Lucia, that looks so fucking hot!” Ashley whispered as she flexed her own powerful pussy in response.. closing her vagina tightly and then letting it contract before opening back up. Then Ashley flexed her cunt again … spraying a mist of her hot sticky sweetness on Lucia's labia.

    “Oh Fuck!” Lucia gasped with wide open eyes.

    Ashley then closed the short distance between them.. their extended sticky pussy lips touching first, then they both rocked a little to their right as their thighs slid together and their labia merged.. their wet hot pussy lips spreading out between them.. they rocked a little as they worked their lips apart until they could feel the smooth wet inner part of their pussys touching... as their vagina's kissed. Lucia flexed her pussy first.. letting her vagina open up and then close against Ashley's, then it was Ashley's turn as she flexed her powerful pussy. They pushed their flexing vagina's against each other... their fuck-holes opening and closing as if they were kissing each other.. several minutes wet by until there was a pool of pussy juice on the tiled floor beneath their flexing pussys. “I want to get closer.” Ashley said as she pushed against Lucia a little more.

    Lucia responded .. “Closer and tighter.” as she also squished her wet cunt more firmly against Ashley's. The lights above the dance floor were changing colors as they began their hot fuck.... flashing blue, then red, then green... flashing in tempo to the beat of the music.

    “Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah.. just like that.” Ashley gasped as she began to rock her hips.. sliding their vagina's together. Lucia was matching Ashley's rhythm as they pumped their cunts together to the beat of the music.... their feet sliding on the slick waxed dance floor...squishing their pussys very tightly together... As Ashley rolled onto her right hip just a little more, she felt Lucia's hard clit with her own hard clit.. and they began to grind their clits together... flicking their pleasure buds back and forth across each other as their sticky pussy lips would cling and tug against each other. It was a good fuck.. a hot fuck. …. rocking and pushing … sliding and grinding … flicking their clits back and forth across each other.. moaning together … gasping together... it was wonderful.... erotic …. sexy …. and it was quickly pushing both of them toward an orgasm. As long pleasurable minute after minute elapsed, the grinding became harder and harder as they pushed more deeply into each other.. their cunts were on fire.. their breathing had quickened … their hearts were pounding in their chests..... grinding …. sliding … pushing …. fucking.

    “Ouuuuuuuuu Ashley …. Your clit is soooooo fucking hard!”

    Ashley began concentrating on keeping their swollen clits together .. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh.” She moaned as she mashed her clit hard against Lucia's clit and began to jerk her hips.. letting their clits slide against each other faster and faster. The distance that her clit was moving was not very much... just a quick side to side motion... her clit moving about an inch back and forth.... however, Ashley was pushing hard.. really grinding her hard clit into Lucia's as she jerked her hips back and forth. Lucia matched the short quick movements with her own hips... pushing hard against Ashley... They were clit fucking... clit on clit.. sliding.. rubbing . Pressing … mashing … grinding … “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!!” Ashley cried loudly.

    The crowd was yelling at them.. urging them on.... 'Fuck her good' … 'Yes, fuck that pussy!' …. 'Show her how brunettes fuck!' … 'Make her cum!' Angel leaned her face close to Heather's ear .. “Don't go anywhere.. I will be right back.”

    “Ok. I will wait right here for you.” Heather said as Angel walked toward the DJ booth.

    She introduced herself to the DJ and picked up a pen and wrote a few words on a piece of paper and handed it to the girl DJ. She read Angel's note and smiled as she nodded her head up and down. Angel turned away and began walking back toward the dance floor when she noticed the coffin. 'Hmmm', she thought to herself.. “I wonder what Wendy and Jane are doing in there'. She smiled and then quickly made her way back to where Heather was standing, grabbing her hand as they watched Ashley and Lucia fuck. By now, Ashley and Lucia had been scissored together and fucking for almost thirty minutes.

    “Unnnnnnnnnnnn fuck yesssssssss!” Lucia squealed as their clits began to spasm together.. throbbing and jerking together.. “Ohhhhh Ashley, I want to cum inside your pussy!!”

    “Oh Fuck Lucia!! … I want to cum inside your pussy too!!!”

    “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shit!”

    “Fuck yessssssssssssss!”

    They both felt their orgasm beginning at exactly the same time... and both of them wanted to gush their hot girl-cum inside each others cunts... so at the very last second, they shifted their hips one last time.. and mashed their open vagina's together tightly as they felt their fuck-holes suck together.... the timing was perfect.

    “Ashley!!! Cummmmming!” Lucia screamed as her clit twitched hard and her vagina clinched.

    “Ohhhhh Lucia Fuck!!! Cummmmmming!” Ashley's clit throbbed hard and jerked as her own vagina contracted and spasamed.

    Lucia's pussy had squirted first.. pumping her hot girl-cum into Ashley's sucking vagina.. a split second later Ashley's pussy squirted... it was powerful.. as her own girl-cum along with Lucia's sweetness squirted back into Lucia's sucking cunt.... a six inch stream of cum squirted straight up in the air between their joined cunts... splashing their abs and thighs as they screamed together.



    “Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!”

    “Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn God!”

    Their cunts contracted and jerked together for more than a minute as they shared their wetness between their sucking cunts. It was an incredible orgasm for both of them..leaving them laying on their backs... their big tits rising and falling as they breathed deeply, sighing with pleasure. A couple of more minutes drifted by until they finally scooted back from one another... their asses sliding in a pool of pussy-cum on the checkerboard dance floor.

    “Mmmmmmm, that was so fucking hot Ashley.”

    As Ashley and Lucia slowly got to their knees.... still gasping and panting, Heather leaned over and whispered in Angel's ear... "Let's show them how to really fuck."

    "Mmmmmm, I thought you would never ask." Angel purred as she tugged on Heather's hand.. pulling her to the middle of the dance floor as Ashley and Lucia were standing up and walking off the checkerboard floor.

    Just then the DJ paused the music and began speaking into her microphone … “Who wants to see some more fucking?”

    The costumed crowd cheered and whistled as the DJ continued... “Who wants to see Wonder Woman fuck the Wicked Witch?” Again there was more cheering and clapping as Angel and Heather strutted around the dance floor. “Come on y'all! Let's give it up for Wonder Woman and the Evil Wicked Bitch!” There was some laughter and giggling before the DJ quickly corrected herself .. “I mean the Evil Wicked Witch!”

    As the crowd cheered and yelled Angel reached up and peeled the front of her witches costume down, exposing her amazingly enormous tits. There were a number of 'oooh's and 'ahhh's as Angel turned around a couple of times... showing off her magnificent treasures. She then stepped aside so Wonder Woman could have the spotlight. By now, Ashley and Lucia had slipped their costumes back on and were standing in the crowd that was gathered around the dance floor.

    There was much clapping and yelling accompanied by a few whistles as Heather peeled the top of her Wonder Woman costume down over her massive tits. "I want to fuck you sooooooooooo bad Angel." She spoke loud enough so that those who were close by could hear..

    And Angel replied with words loud enough for most everyone near the dance floor to hear .. "I want to fuck you too Heather."

    As the sex-crazed costumed crowd squeezed tighter around Angel and Heather, the two hot sluts began dancing... their huge tits gently swaying and wobbling on their chests as they danced, whipping their hair through the air as they danced around the dance floor. When the music stopped, Angel and Heather moved toward each other ... their heavy over-sized tits meeting with a gentle 'smack.' Angel placed her arms around Heather's neck ..staring into her sexy eyes.. and giving her that look they says .. 'I am gonna fuck you soooooooo good.'

    As the rock music began to play again, Heather placed her arms around Angel and moved her hands down to Angel's ass .. cupping her tight hard buttocks with her hands... and then the tit pumping commenced. Always keeping their huge tits in constant contact, they pumped them together with the beat of the music. Pushing together.. mushrooming the front of their heavy tits together, then pulling back from one another just far enough to keep their big nipples and areolas hidden.. then they would push them together again... pumping their tits in and out... mashing … thrusting .. pushing ... Their cunts were already dripping sweet pussy juice … most of it running down the inner part of their thighs, but a few drops were dripping and splashing on the dance floor. When the song finished, they stepped back from each other... the crowd ooohing and ahhhing at the sight of four of the biggest, longest nipples that most any of them had ever seen. Heather's tremendous swollen nipples were about the thickest nipples that you could imagine … easily an inch long.. and Angel's magnificent pair of throbbing nipples were even longer!

    As the next song began playing... which was a slow rock ballad, they began doing a slow striptease for the crowd.... slowly slipping their Halloween costumes off as the crowd cheered and yelled. By the end of the song, Angel and Heather were naked... except for the Wonder Woman belt that Heather was wearing around her waist... and, of course, Angel was still wearing her witches hat. As they dropped to their knees in front of each other, Angel reached out her hands.. placing them on Heather's shoulders and gently pushing her back. Heather had to quickly slide her legs out as she laid down on her back.

    Angel crawled forward on her knees.. sliding them between Heather's legs.. then Angel leaned forward, placing her hands on the wet dance floor to support her upper body as she slowly spread Heather's legs apart with her knees... spreading Heather's thighs... as she slowly moved forward with her body on top of Heather's... their huge tits touching.. then merging.. then squishing out a little against each other, Yes, even though Angel had her arms extended with her hands on the floor, their big tits were touching. That is how huge their tits were! Angel and Heather loved their tits touching together... it was so erotic and sensual. Angel slowly rocked back and forth on her hands and knees.. her heavy tits sliding against Heather's as their huge hard erect nipples flicked up and down each other.

    Angel lowered her mouth toward Heather's.. their thrusting nipples and swollen areolas disappearing from their mushrooming tits as Angel extended her long wet tongue and licked Heather's lips. Soon they were kissing... their hungry mouths locked together as their tongues swirled together. After a few minutes of heavy deep kissing. Angel moved her face away from Heather and stared down into her sexy eyes. Heather looked up at Angel... “Aren't you gonna take off your hat?”

    Angel smiled for a moment, then replied .. “Seriously? …. Have you ever seen a witch without her hat?”

    Heather grinned as Angel slide her knees backward.. slowly lowering her pussy down against Heather's... so that their vulvas were barely touching. Angel reached for Heather's arms, grabbing her wrists and pinning her arms to the floor as Angel began with a slow circular motion … stimulating their labia ... rotating their wet pussy lips against each other. “Ohhhhhhh Angel.” Heather moaned as their labia slowly become even more engorged, magnifying the sensation that was flowing their their pussys. “Mmmmmmmmmm”

    “Oh Fuck! … that feels so good Heather.”


    The expression on Angel's face revealed her determination to give Heather the fuck of her life. Heather stared into Angel's eyes... amazed and overwhelmed with the deep pleasure that was flowing through every part of her body.

    Angel kept moving her hips in a slow circular motion... their pussy lips getting wetter and more sticky as they moved against one another... Heather was already beginning to breathe deeper as Angel was careful not to push down to hard... not yet... she wanted this to last for awhile. Heather was now moving her hips.. in a tight slow circular motion.. in the opposite direction from Angel's movements.. they continued this slow build-up until their pussy lips were as swollen and extended as they had ever been... until they were catching and sticking together... sticking and peeling apart as they moved together... It was so fucking erotic as they began to quietly moan together. Without really changing the pace, Angel lowered herself slightly putting more pressure on their pussies as they continued to move their hips together... around and around in a circle... dragging their wet pussy lips together.. feeling them squishing... feeling them tugging and pulling on each other as they circled each other. Heather gasped.... and Angel moaned... It was sooooooo sexy.

    As Angel looked down into Heather's eyes she switched to an up and down motion. Heather could feel her labia spread out even more as it splayed open. As Angel moved her pussy up and down against Heather's she could feel her labia sliding inside of Heather's... She could feel Heather's pussy lips wrapping around hers... as if she was penetrating Heather's pussy with her pussy lips... up and down... sliding.... up … down …. gasping …. sliding... up... down... panting …. up and down.... Angel's engorged pussy lips sliding up and down inside Heather's vulva.... it was so warm and wet... and both hot women were loving every second of it.... they were fucking.... the best kind of fucking ... fucking to please each other. Minute after minute.. thought song after song, Angel moved her pussy up and down against Heather's... their hot gooey pussy lips catching and sticking together.. then peeling and sliding apart... only to stick and cling again and again... up and down.... squishing... rubbing …. fucking.. Angel

    The crowd was really into it... several of the girls already had their fingers under their costumes.. stroking and massaging their clits as they watched Angel and Heather fuck.

    Angel and Heather continued their measured rhythm for another ten minutes... moving with the beat of the music that was constantly playing through the speakers that were hanging above the dance floor … moaning and gasping as Angel slid her wet vulva up and down against Heather's soaked vulva... sliding and rubbing their splayed cunts together.... until they were both getting close to an orgasm. They looked into each others eyes and they knew that their impending climax was near as Angel rolled her hips up.. and shifted slightly forward so that her sensitive swollen clit found Heather's throbbing clit... then they mashed their two hyper-sensitive clits together.

    Heather panted ...“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

    “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yessssssss!” Angel gasped

    They knew they would be coming in a few more minutes as Heather moved her arms and Angel released her grip on Heather's wrists. Heather reached down and cupped Angel's hard buttocks in her hands as she wrapped her legs tightly around Angel's. With her hands on Angel's firm ass cheeks, Heather pulled Angel's pussy even tighter against her own.... their clits were now mashed very tightly together as Angel continued to rock up and down against Heather's vibrating clit.... up and down..... rubbing … fucking …throbbing clit head to throbbing clit head … they could feel their swollen clits pulsing together... beating together... and it sent erotic chills through their bodies as they fucked. Their now sweaty skin was sliding together... four huge tits moving together.. their long hard nipples flicking and rubbing... stabbing into each other as they fucked... Angel leaned her face down and they began to kiss... tongues sliding over each other... teeth nibbling on lips... moaning and gasping as they stimulated their clits against each other. Angel and Heather loved the feel of naked skin on naked skin as they rubbed together in their steady humping rhythm... The fire began deep inside their flawless bodies... it was like a gentle rain falling on them... with the raindrops becoming bigger and more frequent.. until it became a heavy downpour. Their bodies jerked together.. their nipples throbbed and spasmed together...... Angel and Heather locked their eyes together... they wanted to witness the pleasure in each others eyes as they moaned deeply together... their hot clits caught on fire and began to burn..... the flames of pleasure consuming them as they cried out in unison together.... “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

    Almost everyone who was watching was frigging their clits... two girls had their thighs between each others legs and were humping each others wet cunts. It seemed that everyone was going to be cumming at any moment!

    Angel and Heather began fucking each other hard... driving their swollen clits together hard... pushing.. thrusting... grinding … Angel's hips began jerking.. her glutes spasmed … her big tits began to quiver... Heather's firm ass cheeks began to spasm... her hips jerking with Angel's. Their big sensitive nipples burned together.. feeling like they were being welded together with fire. They gasped together... their orgasm had begun... flowing through their bodies... Angel's pussy contracted violently... gushing a hot stream of her girl-cum on Heather's pussy.... spraying her with her love juices ... “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

    “Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssssss Cummmmmmmmming!!” Heather cried out as her pussy flexed and clinched and ejaculated her own hot sweet cum... splashing on Angel's wet cunt.... they were cummming together.... they were squirting together.... they moaned and trembled together as their orgasm overwhelmed them. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuck!!”

    “Fuck Yes!!! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

    The crowd of on-lookers was gasping and moaning as many of them began to cum with Angel and Heather... some of them reaching their orgasm quietly... some of them screaming with pleasure as hips jerked and cunts gushed. Joy was cumming.. Veronica was cumming... Emily and Jennifer were cumming as was Sara. Ashley and Lucia were fingering each other as they had been watching and they were cumming again. And Wendy and Jane were cumming together in the darkness of the coffin.

    Then Angel and Heather's hot cunts erupted a second time.... gushing against each other.. spraying each other with their hot fuck juices...... “Oh My God!” Heather screamed as she felt Angel's powerful pussy clamp down tightly against her own pussy... sealing them together... and then she felt suction. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssss!” Angel flexed her pussy hard... and Heather flexed her steaming hot pussy hard... as they sucked together... squishing their hot cum in and out of each others cunts.

    “Ahhhhhhhhhh Fuck Yeah!!!”

    “Ohhhh God!”

    Their tight pussys squeezed together... sucked together... they were pulling and tugging at each other... trying to devour each other.... and a third orgasm exploded from deep inside their sucking cunts... They screamed... they yelled.... the crowd screaming and yelling with them as many were cumming for the second time. Angel and Heather's pussys gushed a third time... squirting into each others sucking vaginas... their fuck-cum mixing together.. as they sucked their juices back and forth between their powerful cunts... squishing... slurping.... sucking together hard!



    “Cummmmmmmmmmming!! FUCK!!”

    “Oh FUCK!! Yessssss Cummmmmmming!”

    Angel and Heather moaned and panted.... as their hips kept moving.... and their pussys kept fucking and sucking.... for several more minutes... the pleasure was radiating through their bodies... It felt sooooooooo fucking good. Finally Angel lifted herself up... and both of them felt their pussy lips stretching and tugging on each other until they finally peeled apart. Angel rolled off of Heather... rolling to her back... and they laid there... breathing deeply... catching their heated breath as the crowd of sex crazed costumed creatures cheered and clapped. The dance floor had puddles of pussy juice just about everywhere.

    The two hot bitches... or perhaps it was one hot bitch and one hot witch … they slowly got to their knees and then stood up.. wrapping their arms around each other and kissing deeply for another minute as the non-stop music continued to play through the speakers.

    Several minutes later they were slipping their costumes back on and walking off the dance floor. They stopped and hugged each other.. each of them telling the other that they would love to 'hook-up' again sometime. They walked to the DJ booth together and wrote down their phone numbers for each other then shared another tight hug for a couple of minutes before parting and walking off in different directions. Jennifer and Emily had just finished moping up all of the pussy juice and girl-cum from the dance floor... and when the next song began to play, once again the dance floor filled up with all kinds of weird and frightening costumed girls. As Jennifer and Emily walked to the storage closet and put the mops into the sink, they shared a few insults with each other before they walked away and began waiting on tables again. They both knew that this was not the time or place to have it out with each other. There would be time for that another day.

    It was now a little after midnight and some of the crowd were already leaving as Angel walked toward the coffin just as the lid was opening. Wendy and Jane had been in the coffin for two hours! As she approached, Wendy was pushing herself up. Her hair was damp and disarrayed as she climbed out of the coffin... a sheen of sweat covered her naked body as she reached in and grabbed Jane's hand, helping her pull herself up out of the coffin. Jane was also naked.. her hair was a mess and her skin was soaked with sweat.

    “Well well well... Y'all missed all of the excitement!” Angel smirked.

    Jane and Wendy grinned as they reached inside the coffin and grabbed their clothes and began dressing. “I think you are the one who missed out on all of the excitement!” Wendy giggled... and Jane laughed with her.

    “We have to get us one of these things Angel!” Jane said. “You cannot imagine how hot and sexy it was in there.”

    “No kidding Angel.” Wendy said .. “There was barely enough room for us to move!”

    “Well, it looks like you found a way to move just enough.” Angel smiled as she looked inside the coffin and noticed the big wet spot on the black satin that covered the bottom of the coffin.

    “I'm gonna buy us one!” Wendy exclaimed.

    “A coffin? You've got to be kidding!” Angel answered.

    “Well... ok, it does not have to be a coffin,” Jane said, “But it would be a lot of fun to have something that we could get into that was small.. with barely enough room for two of us. It was really erotic Angel.”

    “Hey, if you two want to purchase something or have something made, it's fine with me. I might just give it try... but I think we will need two of them!”

    Wendy raised her eyebrows .. “Two?”

    “Of course.” Angel smiled.. “One for two of us... and then one that will have just barely enough room for all three of us!”

    “Yes!” Jane smiled.

    “I love it!” Wendy replied.

    “Come on girls, we need to be going.”

    “Yes,” Jane responded, “I have to be a work early tomorrow morning.”

    As they made their way to the front door, Joy yelled from across the room.. “Hey Angel.. Wait!” They stopped as Joy approached them and began speaking to Angel. “Do you know how I can get in touch with that Supergirl bitch?”

    Angel smiled as she answered .. “My rate is four hundred dollars per hour plus expenses.” Joy stared at Angel with a blank look on her face …. then Angel laughed as she opened up her purse and quickly found Veronica's card and handed it to Joy. “Here ya go.”

    Joy took the card … “Veronica.... she lives in Houston.”

    Angel nodded.

    “Thanks Angel.”

    “You're welcome Joy.”

    “I am gonna give her a call sometime.” Joy said as she turned and walked away.

    Angel, Wendy and Jane walked toward the door, stopping and visiting with Kim for a few minutes and paying her for the photo's she took of the three blondes. Kim gave Angel her card .. “Don't forget... we want to make a video together sometime.”

    “Oh I won't forget Kim. I will be calling you.”

    “I will be looking forward to it. Thanks!”

    Angel nodded as she and Wendy and Jane picked up their phones and purses from Frankenstein. “Thanks Frankie!”


    A few moments later they were driving back to Angel's home. It had been a fun evening and a Halloween party that the three of them would not ever forget.

    Happy Halloween Everyone!


    Angel ^i^

    A very special “Thank you” to darkhound1 for the incredible digital images. Thank you Dark!

    “The Adventures of Angelica, Trick or Treat” ?Angel Dawn. The digital artwork ?Angel Dawn and ?Darkhound1
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Last edited by Angel Dawn; October 27th, 2016 at 01:03 PM.

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    Re: Trick or Treat A Halloween Story by Angel Dawn

    I downloaded it. I have not written it yet but i had a look at the photos.

    So... these cudos are for Dark

    Yes, at first i was not that much to your drawings. Now i guess i am among the devoted fans of your job !!
    Thank you !!!

    For you my Angel i will come later, after i will read it.

    Be well ! Both of you ! Have fun !

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    Re: Trick or Treat A Halloween Story by Angel Dawn

    Thank you my dear friend Giannis. I appreciate your kind words... and I agree. darkhound1 is an amazing artist and his incredible images breathe life into my writing. I am very fortunate and blessed to be associated with such a wonderful artist and friend.

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    Re: Trick or Treat A Halloween Story by Angel Dawn

    Amazing story! Good job, Angel!!
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    Re: Trick or Treat A Halloween Story by Angel Dawn

    Wow what a pleasant surprise to see this little short story!

    The pictures really added to it, thank you for that.

    Now you got me wanting to see them try out the coffin for three! ha
    If "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts, everyday would be like christmas.

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    Trick or Treat   A Halloween Story by Angel Dawn

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    Re: Trick or Treat A Halloween Story by Angel Dawn

    So THAT's what you've been working on! You and Darkhound, too. Freaking amazing! I love it!

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    Re: Trick or Treat A Halloween Story by Angel Dawn

    Anubisx ... Thank you. You have always been so kind and complimentary to me. (Hug)

    christien ... thank you for the kind words... I really thought about writing a few pages describing Wendy and Jane's adventure inside the coffin, but decided to leave that up to the readers imagination. However, it might make a good short story sometime... Perhaps a couple of the characters could get locked up in there by mistake. (smile) Anyway, the 'coffin for three' may make an appearance in another story. Thank you. (Hug)

    Hank. Thank you for your nice comment. (Hug)

    Also.. for those of you who are curious... "Private Eye" takes place in a two week period in July. So "Trick or Treat" takes place about three months after "Private Eye."

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    Trick or Treat   A Halloween Story by Angel Dawn

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    Re: Trick or Treat A Halloween Story by Angel Dawn

    Sooooo....where EXACTLY is this nightclub anyway?

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    Re: Trick or Treat A Halloween Story by Angel Dawn

    Quote Originally Posted by apenman View Post
    Sooooo....where EXACTLY is this nightclub anyway?
    Does this night club accepts flies on the walls ?

    A. Penman i will follow you to that walk to the night club anyway... To get some ideas for our stories !! LOL

    - - - Updated - - -

    It was VERY !

    You know... very well written, very hot, very interesting... A typical gem that the magic pen of Angel offers to us !!

    Thanks !!

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    Trick or Treat   A Halloween Story by Angel Dawn

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    Re: Trick or Treat A Halloween Story by Angel Dawn

    My goodness, I was not expecting this! Amazing doesn't even cut it. Extraordinary is more like it.
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