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Thread: Delete Account

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    Angry Delete Account

    I've PMed repeatedly, I've tried to post on the Help Desk (which isn't working), so I'll try this.

    How the FUCK do I delete my account? Why the FUCK is that not an option under either profile or account settings? Why the FUCK is there no way to get consistent, timely answers to basic mother FUCKing questions like that?

    I really want to delete this one and JugglesTheClown.
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    Re: Delete Account

    Just like everything else here, Steven and the rest of the jackoffs running Hostboard pay no fucking attention to anything. What's the purpose of this section, of the "Help" Desk, and being able to PM people if you never fucking respond to anyone? Why the fuck does it take so long to get two accounts deleted, and why can't we do that on our own anyways? Fucking imbeciles.

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    Re: Delete Account

    Still waiting for the option to delete my accounts or have them deleted. Shouldn't take this fucking long. Been asking for a fucking month.

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    Re: Delete Account

    My accounts STILL exist. There's still no option for me to delete them. There's still nobody that seems like they give a shit enough to make anything work here and definitely not enough to perform what should be an extremely simple task.

    Who the fuck is so stupid they set up a message board without the option to delete your account?

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    Re: Delete Account

    Since Hostboard has existed (1999) the administration has NEVER deleted an account. Accounts go dormant and inactive. We did have a delete function at one point to allow users to do it themselves. As we upgraded over the years, it went by the way side. We have since re-implemented it...
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