Sometimes It's More Than Just A Tittyfuck

Aimee made a living as a Cosplayer. While she wasn't overly tall, her legs were longer than her frame would suggest. They led to a tiny waist and short torso which held two large, pillowy breasts that were soft and supple despite naturally sitting high on her chest. Her face was pretty, almost sensual, with deep blue eyes you could swim in. Her hair constantly changed color to fit the character she was playing, to the point that nobody knew the real one other than herself. Perfect pale skin completed a truly astounding package.

While she went by the name Betty Biggins professionally, she also enjoyed the nicknames she had picked up along the way. Double D Daphne, Big Bo Peep, and others had been born whenever she wore a particularly daring version of a characters outfit. What she didn't like, usually, was the attention of the drool riddled geeks with pock-marked faces and the sexual prowess of a castrated monk.

Aimee was becoming a star as she moved on to bigger and bigger Cons. Jessica Nigri, Kristen Hughey, Yaya Han and other top stars couldn't compete. She was bigger up top and curvier everywhere else. The circuit allowed her to use her skill to move up the ranks, and the pay scale, while still getting to pick and choose when and where she would perform most of the time. Despite her growing popularity, she still did the occasional smaller or even local show, especially the one where she first got noticed for her Lois Griffin top with 3 buttons missing.

Orange hair really worked on her, so Daphne from Scooby Doo, Lois from Family Guy, Jean Gray of X-Men lore, and even a take on Lion-O from the Thundercats were regulars in her rotation. Aimee was also used to having her pick of men and women to bed from shows whenever she wanted. That's what led to the small Midwestern show she was working at the moment being so different.

His name is Mark, and he's both gorgeously handsome and hung like a horse. She had never tittyfucked someone whose cock busted up through her cleavage to the point that she could easily get the head and part of the shaft in her mouth. He was smart, nice to her, and unwilling to do anything else besides the titjob. When she asked why, the answer was simple, "My wife's tits are just as big and even firmer than yours. She doesn't mind me playing around when I find someone busty enough to turn me on, but I'm not cheating on her for some 20-something with nice tits."


Tricia loved her husband and wanted to do something special for his 45th birthday. Over the years she had done a little sleuthing whenever he found some toy on the side with tits big enough to get his 10 inches to full attention. She never worried though, Mark had a type and she knew she was the best version of it. Things had gone so well that she barely paid attention beyond the initial check anymore.

This time was different. She still wasn't worried about his straying, but the big chested Cosplay girl was easily the prettiest of the women he had taken a liking to. She was also clearly all natural up top along with curves to match everywhere else. Betty Biggins was a perfect name for her, and Mark's favorite convention was the smallest one that Aimee regularly worked. With the woman's costume schedule for the weekend posted on her website, the wife went to work.

At 47 years old, she knew she still had what it took to turn every head she wanted to. Her legs and ass were still strong and shapely, even if a little cellulite might be trying to make headway. Her eyes were a sparkling black, almost cat like when her pupils were fully dilated. Her hair was jet black and her skin carried a natural tan, hinting towards the distant Native American heritage that showed through in her.

But, the real prize was her chest. The girls had grown a bit over the years, but remained stubborn when gravity tried to tug on them. They were full and firm, but had enough jiggle to confirm their authentic nature. She didn't show them off very often, but their shear size required a certain amount of pronouncement no matter what she wore.

She loved that Mark told her every time he met another big breasted woman, and that he never did more than slide his big cock between the other pair. Not that she had to worry. Even now she could take his full size inside her and finish him off several times, draining him whenever he wanted. She was his tit queen and his sex goddess, and all she had to do was say the word and he'd drop whatever bimbo he was currently giving the titfuck of her life.


"I'm going with you this year, okay?"

"Really? Why?"

"I'm a comic book geek too honey, and I wanted to go with you. Maybe make it a special celebration of your 45th by showing everyone you've got the hottest wife in the world."

Seeing the apprehension on his face, Tricia continued, "You can still tittyfuck the little Cosplay girl. I'm not going to cut out your fun just because I'm there."

"I don't have to. She's big, but they're not as nice as yours and I'd rather feel your girls wrapped around me than hers."

"Nonsense, honey. I know she's not a threat and I'm sure you'll enjoy her big floppy bags coaxing a load or two out of your shaft. Just don't spill too much on her, I'm going to want my share a time or two."


Mark couldn't hide his smile no matter how hard he tried. Several of the regulars at the Con stood slack jawed at the smoking hot chick with the black hair and big tits. Once they pieced together that she was his wife, the jealous appreciation that soon became sincere compliments made it even better.

To top it off, his favorite side titties was at her table doing a little show for the crowd. She had a little platform she would put out at shows to stand and dance/wiggle for the horny nerds. This time she didn't really need it as she was rocking the orange hair look all weekend and started it off with a Jessica Rabbit dress that put the classic character to shame.

She winked at him openly, and then made sure she winked at a few more men before returning to her table for photos and signatures. Mark wasn't in line, as he had already garnered plenty of her memorabilia over the last few years, but he took in the impressive crowd she had gathered. A rising Cosplay star at a small, local Con like this was almost unheard of and the attendees made sure she was easily the biggest draw of the weekend outside of any high caliber actors that might take the payday to show up.

He felt the breath at almost the same time he heard the voice.

"If I had a dick, I'd titty fuck her myself." Tricia shamelessly reached around her man and grabbed his semi-hard penis through his pants as she continued, "She's prettier in person than her pictures. Tits are bigger than I thought they would be as well. She might even be a bit bigger than me. Doesn't matter though, you can see how floppy she is in that dress. Mine are way firmer."

"I still think yours are bigger Trish, and they're way firmer. Completely different types of tits."

"Then why do you like titfucking her so much?"

"They're so soft they just mold around me. I don't even need lotion with her."


"Word has it there was a big titter in the crowd today, and that she's your wife."

Mark stared wordlessly at the young woman whose huge, soft tits were wrapped around his cock, stroking him perfectly as always.

"Is she as big as me?"

"A little bigger."

"How firm are they?"

"Really firm. Better than most women 20 years younger than her."

"Think she'd be up for a little fun?"

While he didn't say it, the mouthful of cum he had deposited in her throat told Aimee that he was definitely into it.


The first full day of festivities had been excellent. They had managed to bring in a few recognizable names from streaming shows that were gaining in popularity, along with 1 or 2 who had been featured on TV. Local artists and writers were showing off their work and ideas for potential new comic books and artwork. Collectibles and card/board games were heavily featured, with tournaments and special prizes to be had.

As the day wore on, Mark found himself back at his favorite spot watching Aimee dazzle in a Daphne outfit that lacked the shirt under the purple jacket top. Her big, creamy tits were jiggling like crazy and her round, juicy ass was peaking out from under the too short skirt with every movement. He hadn't mentioned her comment to Tricia, not wanting to upset his wife, but seeing the younger woman putting on such an amazing show made him briefly consider it.

He was brought out of his daydream by the commotion in front of him. From out of nowhere, a sexy Velma had appeared on stage. The skirt was short, the orange sweater was struggling to surround the huge breasts under it, and the black haired woman was wearing nerdy glasses to complete the look.

He stood dumbfounded as the crowd gasped at the sight before them. Velma had strutted over to Daphne and butted tits with the well known star. She then turned to the crowd and said, "Velma was always the hot one. Daphne showed her stuff off to Fred every episode, and she still couldn't land him. A real woman keeps it for that special moment with a man who deserves it. A desperate slut shows it all to anyone who is willing to pay."

As his wife left the stage, her husband's side tits still seemingly too shocked to react, Mark felt the tug on his arm as Tricia led him back to their room. Once there, she did things to him that she hadn't done since they were dating. As she rode him to a third body racking orgasm, he couldn't help but notice how turned on she was as she trash talked the other woman's body and screamed out what she would do to her if she had the chance.


The rest of the day passed without incident, and the couple returned to
their room after dinner for what Mark thought would be a quiet night in. Just as he had relaxed enough to feel like he might be able to doze off, the phone to their room rang. Tricia answered it, and spoke curtly to whomever was on the other end of the line.

"Oh yeah?...We both know that isn't true...I'd like to see you try...You know where we are...I'll be ready."

Seeing the look of tired confusion on her husband's face, Tricia filled him in. "That Cosplay slut is coming up here. I'm going to flatten her soft titties and fuck her brains out, so you don't have any questions about why you've stayed with me all these years."

What Mark didn't know was that Tricia had contacted Aimee weeks before the event. The two women had talked over the scenario, and played their parts to perfection. The dark haired woman wanted to give her husband an extraordinary gift for his birthday, and what she chose was a titfight/sexfight with a young, busty woman whom he had already been somewhat intimate with.

She was so confident that she even told Aimee that she wanted it to be real, with the winner getting her chosen stakes as a reward. Tricia's stakes were simple. If she won, Aimee became her toy for the rest of the night and if she came back to the Con in future years she would have to let Tricia know so she could have the younger woman for another night each time. Aimee's stakes were also clear. If she won, Tricia had to watch Aimee fuck Mark in front of her, and admit to the crowd at her table the next day that the younger woman had bested her in front of her husband.

What both the wife and the other woman didn't know was that they both felt threatened once they met their counterpart, and both wanted to win at any costs now. Neither felt confident in herself, but there was no time to psyche themselves up. At 8:15, the doorbell to their room rang. Mark opened it to see Aimee in nothing more than a terrycloth hotel robe and whatever she might be wearing under it.


"Ready to get your flabby boobs crushed?"

Mark turned to see his wife standing there with a hotel robe of her own on, hips cocked and hands placed firmly on them as she glared at the currently orange haired woman.

"Ready to get the cobwebs fucked out of your tired old pussy and the sour milk beat out of those worn out old bags?"

Pleasantries exchanged, the women dropped their robes to reveal their naked bodies to the room. The contrast was almost comical. Aimee was paler with light pink areolas and nipples while Tricia was much more tan and had chocolate areolas and nipples of her own. The wife was firmer and stronger looking from head to toe, while the Cosplayer was thicker and meatier looking all over.

"Told you mine were bigger, you old slut."

Aimee wasn't wrong. Mark had been sure his wife's tits were bigger than the younger woman's, but seeing them out in the open it was clear that it was the other way around. Tricia didn't respond verbally, but demonstrated her better firmness and fitness by placing her hands in her hair and lifting each breast with just her chest muscles.

"I'm firmer, mine look better, and I'm going to make your saggy titties cry before we're done."

The dark haired woman strode directly into her opponent, four breasts coming together with a clop, the paler pair yielding quite a bit of space.

"Look at those cow titties run away. I guess Bessy Biggins isn't as hot as she thinks she is."

"It's BETTY Biggins, bitch, but you'll be calling me mistress when I'm done fucking you out."

"You'll be calling me mommy after I whip your ass."


Despite the bravado of both women, and the aggressive start to the fight, neither had every done anything so sensual yet competitive before.

Looking to press her early advantage, Tricia slapped a bearhug on her opponent and started grinding her tits into their larger opposition. She smiled as her grunt of exertion was met by a louder grunt of pain from the pale woman. She tried to push the younger woman back, but was met by a surprising amount of resistance. What happened next truly shocked her.

Despite being bigger than her foe, Aimee was much softer looking to the point that Mark and Tricia both thought she would be the weaker woman. Instead, she ignored the pain in her chest and the pressure of the bearhug being applied by the older participant, and used her extra weight and girth to quickly push her opponent all the way to the hotel room bed and splash her weight down on top of the MILF.

The blow was softened as they hit, and the subsequent bounce split them apart for a brief moment. Denying her age, Tricia was the first to move and straddled Aimee. As the orange-haired cosplayer reached up to grab the wife's hands, a happy accident of sorts occurred. Tricia wasn't strong enough to stop her arms from being pulled, but the movement brought her breasts down on top of Aimee's in full contact.

"Oh fuck!"

Acting quickly, she pinned her opponent's forearms down to the bed and dropped a half dozen boob bombs. Each one made her smile more as she watched the bigger, softer tits give increasing ground to her spectacular boulders. As the bigger woman started to buck underneath her, Tricia took advantage of their combined weight on the bed sinking them down and making for an impromptu trap. She slid forward so that her ass was squarely on the other rack, arms stuck under her shins. Seeing a look of anger, and she hoped fear creeping in, the geeky hot wife verbally assaulted the pinned woman.

"Moo for me Bessy. Moo for me you disgusting cow titted whore!" Squeezing her arms together to create a canyon of impressively firm cleavage, Tricia continued, "My tits are destroying yours. How did you ever think you could compete with a real woman like me? Mark just likes some titties on the side from time to time, but the queens always bring him back home. You'll never be half the woman I am, and after I make you cum you're going to be my plaything any time you're dumb enough to come back around."

Tricia reached back, deciding it was time to finish this pretender off and get to the victory fuck with her adoring husband. She looked over at Mark and saw his mammoth cock sticking straight out, appearing longer and thicker than she had ever seen it. The mental note was made to add this kind of storytelling to their foreplay and maybe find another titty bimbo to fuck up for his pleasure.

She reached her right hand back while grabbing hold of some orange hair with her left. Looking back to make sure her aim was true, the dark haired milf was stunned. Her own vaginal lips were the biggest, thickest ones she had ever seen...until now. Aimee surprised her again by widening her legs to allow easier access instead of trying to stop it.

Sliding two fingers in, and finding her opponents pussy sopping wet, Tricia let loose with another verbal assault. "You filthy whore. You're getting off of this, aren't you? What kind of slut fights another woman sexually and gets turned on this much before she's even been penetrated? I bet I can slide my fist in without any resistance."

Aimee just looked up at her and licked her lips. "Bring that worn out old pussy of yours closer to my mouth and I'll suck the cum out of you faster than your husband ever has."

"You're not half the woman I am and you never will be." With that, Tricia kept pumping her fingers into the eager beaver below her, while obliging her opponents request. The tanned woman's pelvis shifted slightly forward while her hand guided the paler woman's face to her crotch. Aimee hungrily latched onto the meaty treasure in front of her, sending a series of thoughts through Tricia's brain: 'Holy fuck she's good. I've got to pull away. Oh shit, I can't move. Why can't I move?'

The answer was simple. The dark haired woman's body reacted to the touch and skill of her opponents mouth with pure shock. She let up on how much force she was applying to holding her opponent down for just a second. Aimee responded in a way that Tricia would never have guessed: by sliding her arms out from under the older woman's shins, wrapping them around her opponents thighs, and pulling down and apart to give her fuller access to the pussy her mouth was now molesting.


Tricia didn't even fight it when Aimee rolled her over. The older woman's back arched with ever suck on her clit or bite of her lips. The cosplay girl was doing things to her that she would never have believed possible. Moans and yips were coming between labored breaths. Mark stood, erection straining to the point of causing severe pain, as he heard the sounds his wife made before she came.

Aimee moved with cat like quickness to change positions. She pushed forward causing Tricia's legs to go up in the air and then forced her thighs into the knee pits of her adversary. With the older woman's legs now immobilized, she dropped her still glistening pussy on top it's counterpart. Pressing farther forward, she lined her large, soft breasts up with the face of the other woman and began swinging them from side to side, slapping her foe with increasing force.

"You were right about one thing, you dried up hag. I'm not half the woman you are, I'm twice the woman you were in your prime. You might have some big, hard titties, but mine are bigger and nobody wants to tittyfuck two ugly boulders that would probably rub their dick raw. I'm about to dominate your pussy with mine and then smother you unconscious with my perfect rack. You're going to come and go, and when you wake up you're going to worship my body while I fuck your husband's brains out better than anything he's ever had."

True to her word, the orange haired cosplay girl swiveled her hips a few times and then rode the milf under her all the way through a double orgasm. Just as Tricia started to gulp in oxygen after coming, Aimee dropped her bigger, softer tits down on the older woman's face and pulled the dark haired woman in tight to ensure nothing got in. It only took a few more seconds and the body below her went stiff. Satisfied that she had won, the young titty queen got up to take her prize.


As her eyes fluttered open, all she could hear was the sound of her husband grunting and the bed squeaking. Tricia woke up and gained her bearings, only to see the woman who had just outfucked her riding her husband's horse cock like it was a micropenis. Seeing her victim wake up, Aimee simply grabbed the woman's black hair and pulled her face towards her bouncing pink nipples.

"Hopefully your mouth is better than your tits and your pussy." Tricia did as she was told, tears welling up in her eyes as she heard her husband come right as she started sucking the other woman's tit. With the rocking motion subsided, the wife began to eagerly worship the breasts of her conqueror, unable to control herself despite her shame. "Mark, tell your wife why she's sucking my perfect tits."

"Because you out fucked her. You made her cum harder than I ever have and then used your chest to knock her out. Tricia wasn't as good as you were tonight, and I'm yours whenever you want me now."

"Did you hear that bitch, your husband almost got it right. I did out fuck you. I did make you cum harder than you ever have before. I definitely used my much better rack to smother your ugly face and knock you out. But I wasn't just better tonight. I'm a better woman than you and I'll fuck you up and fuck you out again anytime you're feeling up for it. You'll never be as good as me."


(6 months later)

"Tricia, honey, I've been your best friend for years. I know when something's wrong. You know you can tell me anything, right?"

Tricia nodded, a look of horror on her face.

"Carl and I have spotted a woman coming in and out of your house several times the last few months. Carl even wanted to confront Mark about it, but I told him to let me talk to you first. I think you've been home when she's been there, but she leaves looking like she's had sex. So, is Mark having an affair?"

Tricia couldn't hold out any longer. She had already grown tired of Aimee visiting, but her second fight with the younger woman was even more dominant than the first one. Aimee had made her cum 4 times and didn't stop until Tricia agreed to make the stakes from the first fight permanent. Aimee was fucking her husband several times a month, sometimes making Tricia get him up and ready and then stealing the orgasm. She had to tell someone, so why not her best friend Karen?

As the story spilled out, Karen struggled to keep the shocked look on her face from turning predatory. She was blonde, leggy, busty, and had been told by many men that her body was so good and face so pretty that she set unrealistic standards for Barbie to live up to. She was supposed to be the center of attention wherever she went.

In fact, Karen had long harbored resentment towards Tricia, but she had kept it suppressed. She knew the woman's hair, complexion, and Native American looks gave her an exotic appeal, but the blonde was sure she was prettier. She also knew that Tricia was the only woman she had met who had a body in her league and tits that outsized her. It bruised her ego every time they were at a pool party, the beach, or anywhere else that Tricia got to show off the girls, because the attention Karen felt belonged to her would immediately go to the other woman as everyone openly ogled her chest.

The worst part of it all was that Karen didn't even think Tricia was sexy. She was built, for sure, but it was starting to fade everywhere except the rack, and even that seemed too good to be true. As her friend regaled her with the details of the younger woman defeating her soundly on two separate occasions, her mind wandered further to something her husband had said long ago.

Carl had come back from the gym after playing some pickup basketball with a few of the guys. Mark was there, and apparently he had left an impression on them all in the locker room. Karen was gob smacked when her husband, who had a thick 7.5" beast that was the biggest she had ever seen, told her that the other man was clearly bigger than anyone else there. She wasn't sure how big, exactly, as Carl wasn't going to ask Mark and Karen could never figure out how to ask Tricia, but now she was starting to think her chance may have finally arrived.

As her best friend finished recounting her humiliation, including being to motorboat the other woman in front of the crowd while the orange haired girl was dressed as Lois Griffin, Karen started to lay her trap. "Oh honey, that sounds awful. How is Mark treating you?"

"He's been great. I thought losing would make him think less of me, but it hasn't. He says I'm still his tit queen and the sexiest woman he knows. I even told him that when I was on top of that bitch in the first fight, that I was thinking about trying it again. He came so hard I didn't have time to tell him I don't think I can take the humiliation of losing again, and that I'm afraid he won't want me anymore if another woman beats me."

"What if it was safer, with stakes that aren't as crazy?"

Tricia looked up and saw the glint in her friends green eyes.

"Maybe you and I could do something like that for our guys? If I win, I get to give Mark a BJ, and if you win, you get to give Carl one?"

The dark haired woman's demeanor went cold just as the beginnings of a smile crept into the corner of her best friend's lips.

"You slut. You want to kick me while I'm down and suck my husband's cock! Well, here's the deal. He's got more meat than your puny little man does, and all you're going to do is see it while I'm flattening your little boobies and fucking you till you beg me to stop and give your husband the best head he's ever had."