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Thread: New Story: College Girls Fourway War

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    Post New Story: College Girls Fourway War

    Hello! This is the setup chapter(s) for my first attempt at a group fight.

    It is a different approach to writing compared to my usual stories. If you enjoyed my first story, Red Twin X Blue Twin, but not many of the others, I hope this story will be more for you!

    This story, however, features four girls with shifting relationships that will rock back and forth as the story progresses! I hope this first part gives an idea of where I will take the story! This is all I have written at the moment, so I am not sure when the next part will be!

    That said, if you do like my usual stuff, I uploaded a side story to feuding families on my Pixiv. It was my first baby step into making a ‘chose your own adventure’ style novel, hence why I can’t upload it here and still have it work.

    As always, please let me know what your think if you make it to the end!


    College life hadn’t quite gone as expected for Jane Hedges.

    The tall, frizzy hair brunette had expected college to provide her a fresh start after her life as ‘Plain Jane’ in High School, but the pandemic had almost immediately ruined her plans.

    Franklin University’s various societies and clubs had been temporarily shut down, and her lecturers took place entirely via zoom. This no whispering in the back of the auditorium, no hushed swapping of notes, and no hauling ass across campus together to make their new class.

    The girls and guys in her university dorm mostly kept to themselves, possibly the most covid-conscious student in existence. The guys gamed online and the girls spent their evenings facetiming friends from home, meaning she, with no friends to call, was even more isolated than in high school.

    Her second year was beckoned in with Jane moving into a house-share with a few girls she found on the school forum.

    Her hopes of building a fun and exciting relationship with these housemates ended when the four girls seemed happy to only remain acquaintances, however. Offers to eat together were passed up, with their house chat only pinging when someone was gonna be home late and wanted the oven turned on in advance.

    After a dour two years, though, at the end of her second year that things got really weird.

    In-person lessons and lectures finally started, yet, Jane realized that she felt as lost a headless chicken. Both literally and socially.

    It was normal for the little freshman to feel this way, surrounded by new places and faces, yet she was a sophomore going into her third year, almost a junior, yet she still had no friends, and no good memories to look back on in the future.

    Jane wasn’t one to despair, however.

    As the sun set on her second year of university life, and her house-share quietly dissolved with everyone going their separate ways, Jane decided that she would set up her own!

    One that would be filled with excitement and passion, and girls just as interested in having a good time as her! Even if the first two years were miserable and friendless, this would mark the start of her colorful college life!

    Her summer break was spent finding a house, it had to be good, like one from the movies. Eventually, she found a place she adored, a fancy-looking house, not too far from campus, 17 Bellingham Way. Bellingham Way was in a pretty high-end neighborhood, it was a gorgeous, regal-looking house that she had no business thinking about living in.

    But once she had seen it, the thought of living there wouldn’t leave her mind.

    It had five bedrooms, four of which had ensuites, and a generally beautiful ambiance, which would both be perfect for bribing-no, attracting, housemates.

    It was strictly no students, however.

    But the resilience and persistence of an academically successful pandemic student should never be underestimated. Jane sent an impassioned, handwritten letter to the landlady, listing all the reasons she should be allowed to rent the property.

    And whilst Jane cringed and coiled into a little bundle of embarrassment after her fit of passion faded, the letter had already been put in the mail.

    And to her surprise… It actually worked!

    For what may have been the first time in her life, one of her awkward, rambling moments of passion, had actually worked in her favor! The landlady empathized greatly with her incoherent ramblings and even went as far as to rent the place to her, and her still non-existent group, at a discount!

    The rest was the easy part.

    Due to her posts specifying that she wanted only girls, and it being extremely late for students to be making housing arrangements over summer break, Jane might have worried about whether she would get enough people to fill the empty slots, but with the gorgeous and glamorous house on her side, that wouldn’t be a concern.

    Her post on the college forum resulted in a comment from a visiting student from Ireland, a gorgeous redhead called Bridget.

    Likewise, her post on a university Facebook page resulted in a message from a beautiful blonde called Astrid, who was also going into her third year.

    From there, the process wrapped itself up.

    Jane stressed that still needed more people to fill all five spots, which lead to Bridget mentioning that she knew a girl from her visiting student group chat who was looking for a place to live, and soon an email from a young woman called Ayumi appeared in Jane’s inbox.

    Astrid said something similar, stating that she knew someone who was still looking for a place to live, which led to Jane being messaged by a stunning brunette called Emilia.

    Things were quickly settled, and their move-in date was approved and fast approaching.

    Jane buzzed with excitement as she flicked through the Instagram accounts of her new housemates. All four girls were gorgeous, with faces that would let them dine with movie stars, and bodies that could get them on the cover of any magazine in the world.

    Jane thought it unreal that she was going to be ‘punching above her weight’ and hanging out with girls like them- making friends with girls like them. None of them talked much on the group chat she had set up, each girl seeming entirely disinterested in talking to any of the other four, but she believed that would change when they all met in person.

    Jane didn’t know how right, and how wrong, she was.

    [Chapter One: Immediate Tension]

    Astrid had always felt quite tall, despite being only above average in height. Her long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and cherry-red lips gave her a striking beauty, and her curvaceous, hourglass figure, complete with long legs and a high waist, meant she always stood out from the crowd.

    Her sense of fashion guaranteed it, the blonde always picked out clothes that would accentuate her best features. After years of being the ‘Queen’ wherever she went, this ability to always look her best was practically instinctive, and today was no different, despite only being move-in day.

    Despite her day only involving a bit of light lifting and then some socializing, she was wearing her most expensive Nike running shoes, and a pair of tight black leggings that clung to her plump thighs and round ass. A blue sports bra cupped her large breasts, showing off her faintly visible abs and narrow shoulders in the process.

    Yet, even with her bombastic body on display and a face of subtle makeup, Jane made her feel small.

    An impressive feat, considering Astrid was standing on the first step of the stairs, and Jane, was on the hardwood floor below.

    Jane was tall, practically a giant, and still looking down at her slightly, despite her advantage in elevation.

    Yet, as the girl continued to talk, brushing her frizzy brown hair behind her ear as she did so, Astrid started to feel tall once again.

    The brunette was bumbling in her speech and red in the face, whether from excitement or awkwardness. Astrid had long since begun to zone out of the conversion, replying only with vague ‘oh’s and ‘um’s to Jane’s mentioning of a ‘weekly girls’ night in’ or ‘hitting the clubs together on Saturdays’. The oblivious brunette hadn’t yet noticed her apathy.

    Astrid had instead begun to inspect the girl, her eyes silently evaluating her new housemate’s looks. Jane was tall, with long legs and solid curves, but she didn’t have much style. Rather than highlighting her long legs with tight pants as Astrid would, she was instead wearing an unflattering pair of sweatpants that ruined her proportions, and her baggy sweater not only made her seem more rotund than she likely was, but it also just screamed ‘I’m lacking in confidence’ too.

    She seemed innately awkward and instantly struck Astrid as the type to struggle to make friends. The kind of girl who could only exist to make the blonde stand out. In fact, whilst Astrid felt slightly guilty at the thought… she couldn’t help but feel that Jane wasn’t even qualified for that.

    Forget the brunette’s cringy post about having a good junior year together, the only reason Astrid had responded to the post was that the house was gorgeous, so gorgeous she had no idea what the landlady was thinking opening it up to students. Soft white walls with wooden beams and support arches, an elegant chandelier in the entryway, and an ornate wooden stair railing with a gold accent gave the house regal charm that should have been far out of her price range. Rather than cheap student accommodation, the manor-like house resembled that of a noble family’s, complete with a room for a live-in maid on the first floor.

    The very same room that Jane had claimed for herself, as though it would be hotly contested ground.

    ‘Seriously Jane, that little closet of a bedroom?’ Astrid thought, her eyebrow twitching as Jane rambled on, ‘Do you want to be the head of the household or our maid? Have a little self-respect, you giantess.’

    Her blue eyes forced into ‘cheerful’ crescents; Astrid stared down at her luggage sprawled across the large entryway.

    ‘Fuck… I should have made Dad help me move all this shit upstairs…’ The blonde groaned inwardly, her curvaceous physique deflating slightly at the thought of the task ahead of her.

    It was at that moment that Jane seemed to realize that she was spewing Astrid with verbal diarrhea, as the awkward brunette stepped back, almost tripping over Astrid’s luggage as she did so.

    “Ah- Oh, I’m so sorry!” Jane laughed nervously, her eyes shying away from Astrid’s. “I got a bit carried away there… Would you like some help moving your stuff-“

    Just as Astrid was about to leap at the impending offer, however, she was interrupted by the doorbell ringing.

    “I wonder who it is!” Jane squeaked excitedly as she turned away from Astrid, hopping between bags of clothes and suitcases as she made her way to the front door.

    ‘Ah? No, finished your offer before you answer the goddamn door…!’ Astrid complained to herself as she watched her free labor retreat.

    She remained standing on the first step of the stairs, as she watched Jane open the door, as much as she could with Astrid’s clutter spread across the room.

    She couldn’t hear who had arrived over the sound of Jane’s excited babbling, but as she leaned over the stair railing trying to get a glimpse of the new arrival, she stepped one step back, solidifying her height advantage on the second step of the staircase.

    It was from the second step that she saw a foot wearing a Nike running shoe, no less expensive than her own, extend through the doorway and deliver a sharp kick to her haphazardly placed suitcase.

    “Fuck, let’s get this shit out the way, shall we?” A strained voice cut through Jane’s rambling as the suitcase rolled across the wooden floor. The speaker then slammed a suitcase of her own down where Astrid’s used to be, before delivering what Astrid could only assume to be a sharp hip thrust to the door, forcibly slamming it open and sending a bag of Astrid’s clothes flying across the room.

    “Ah, that’s better,” The girl groaned raggedly.

    Jane stepped back in a fluster, perhaps sensing the impending confrontation, which allowed Astrid and the newcomer to lay eyes on one another.

    In an entirely subconscious decision, Astrid’s appraisal started from the bottom rather than the top. The blonde instinctively knew that she needed to assess the other’s assets before deciding on her response to her luggage being kicked so savagely.

    The newcomer had long legs, plump thighs, curvy hips, and a tight, high waist, all of which were wrapped in a pair of formfitting leggings.

    Astrid’s blue eyes narrowed as she realized that the branded leggings were the exact pair she was wearing.

    A tight, honey-tanned stomach lead up to a red sports bra that cupped a pair of bountiful breasts. The girl was showing plenty of her golden tan skin, possessing a confidence that was completely absent in Jane.

    Astrid’s jaw clenched slightly; she already knew who it was. After all, she invited the girl herself.

    The head of luscious brown hair spilling over her shoulder and the pair of emerald-green eyes surrounded by naturally dark eyelashes confirmed it.

    It was Emilia.

    Blue eyes met green, as blonde and brunette looked at one another.

    “Oh-Astrid,” The tanned brunette exclaimed in shock, “Is this your stuff all over the place?”

    “Yes, Emilia, it is.” The pale-skinned blonde replied dryly. “That’s my luggage you just kicked.”

    “Astrid, babe,” Emilia laughed in what Astrid understood to be exasperation, “Your crap is all over the place, I can’t get in!”

    “Emilia- babe, I just got here!” Astrid shot back, allowing a small tinge of annoyance to permeate her words, whilst suppressing the rest.

    Jane was awkwardly attempting to make space on the floor for Emilia to put her stuff, gently organizing Astrid’s things as she did so.

    Emilia moved a few more things in, the silence between the growing deeper and deeper.

    It quickly became apparent to Astrid that the honey-tanned girl had no intention to apologize, which caused her to feel as though she had just swallowed a rock.

    ‘God, seriously? This Emilia is so unreasonable!’ Astrid thought, suppressing the urge to scowl.

    Despite inviting Emilia to house share, Astrid and the brunette weren’t particularly close.

    They had met only once before this. During the twilight of their second year, the Franklin University Climbing Club held a small session that the pair attended. Activities, clubs, and societies had for the most part gone online only during their first two years at Franklin, so this meet was an attempt at an in-person send-off to the graduates, as well as an attempt to gauge interest in the club for the following academic year.

    It was during this met that Astrid and Emilia became acquainted, and discussed their difficulties finding new housing arrangements.

    ‘Rude little bitch… She was perfectly polite back then, and more than happy when I roped her into this, so where’s all this attitude coming from now…?’ Astrid complained to herself as she made her way down the stairs.

    “Ah- Erm, I’ll make some coffee?” Jane stuttered, the cowardly giantess looking as though she would rather be anywhere than in-between Astrid and Emilia.

    “Sounds perfect,” Astrid said, a little too quickly.

    “Sounds great,” Emilia said sharply.

    The frizzy-haired girl immediately ducked out of the room, leaving the blonde and the brunette alone.

    “Well, I’d better move my ‘crap’ upstairs then,” Astrid said irritably.

    “Some room would be great,” Emilia agreed, a thin smile spread across her face.

    Yet, as Astrid began pulling her suitcase toward the stairs, and Emilia had only lifted a few more bags into the entryway, the brunette suddenly changed directions and started making her way toward the blonde, a large bag in hand.

    “Er, Emilia…? I think you’ve left your shit outside?” Astrid scoffed in confusion at the rapidly approaching brunette.

    The girl didn’t reply immediately, instead taking a large step up the stairs to join Astrid on the third step of the wooden staircase. Immediately, the sickly-sweet smell of perfume and peach-scented shampoo invaded Astrid’s lungs, causing a subconscious grimace to flicker across the blonde’s face.

    An identical frown passed across Emilia’s delicate face, something that Astrid didn’t miss.

    “What, you don’t like my perfume?” Astrid snapped, slightly offended by the unspoken insult.

    “It’s a bit strong, cutie,” Emilia bit back, “You’ll have to get used to mine though, yeah, uh-huh,-I saw that look on your face just now.” Following these words, she slammed her bag down next to Astrid’s suitcase before straightening up to look the blonde in the eye.

    Astrid didn’t appreciate the look she was receiving, and without realizing it, her smoothly sculpted calves grew taut, and her plump thighs tensed as she straightened her body in response, the blonde attempting to look down at the brunette. Yet, as her round ass cheeks tightened in her black leggings, she didn’t miss that the brunette’s did too.

    Blue eyes flickered in shock as Astrid realized that Emilia seemed taller than she was when they last met. A large presence bore down on her, larger than she was expecting when she invited the girl…

    “Oh, will I now?” Astrid said coldly in response, her voice low and menacing. Her heels left the ground and her face tilted up as she looked down her nose at the other girl. As she did this, the buxom blonde leaned forward slightly, sending a cloud of fruity fragrance toward the brunette.

    “You will,” Emilia growled, mimicking Astrid’s movements.

    Their perky chests, bounded in red and blue respectively, were heaving as the pair panted in annoyance. Astrid glared challengingly into Emilia’s green eyes, which were staring unflinchingly back at her.

    ‘God, I’m gonna push this arrogant little bitch down the stairs if she keeps this up…’ Astrid thought darkly, her teeth grinding together hard enough to create sparks.

    Maybe she could sense the tension all the way from the kitchen, or maybe she had a terrible sense of timing, but Jane suddenly called out,

    “Ah- could someone help me with the coffee machine, please? I don’t know how it works!”

    Their stare-down between blue and green broke as the two pairs of eyes darted in the direction of the kitchen.

    ““Figure it out then!”” Astrid and Emilia yelled, their faces warped in annoyance.

    “Ah- um, okay!” – Came an awkward reply.

    ‘Gah, fuck. That was a bit much, Astrid.’ The blonde thought to herself as she refocused her gaze on the other girl.

    “Let’s take a few steps back,” Astrid suggested, her tone reconciliatory. “All your stuff is still outside; don’t you want to bring it in?”

    “Well, I thought I should go and pick my room, to avoid any misunderstandings later,” Emilia said airily.

    ‘What misunderstanding? The rooms are first come, first served. You bitch.’ Astrid thought, before saying,

    “Misunderstanding? What sort of misunderstanding could there be?”

    She grabbed onto her suitcase and took a step up the stairs, wishing she hadn’t packed as much as she did so.

    “Ah, well, you know…” Emilia replied. Despite her not going into detail, she still managed to irk Astrid.

    ‘Hmm? Know what? Go on, say what you’re thinking, I dare you.’

    Not being able to read Astrid’s mind, and not noticing the blonde’s goading gaze, Emilia didn’t reply. What she did do, however, was pick up her bag and quickly take two steps, overtaking Astrid on their march upstairs.

    ‘She is so… fucking rude…!’ Astrid growled inwardly.

    Matching her new housemate’s pace, Astrid continued to complain to herself about how much attitude Emilia had.

    What she would soon come to understand, was how different a person could be depending on their environment! She had met the brunette only once, and in a place where both girls had to restrain their egos.

    Now, though… each girl was on her ‘home turf’!


    Almost immediately after the blonde and brunette marched upstairs to decide their rooms, two Ubers pulled up on the driveway of the luxurious student house.

    The cars didn’t roll on, but rather rocketed onto the drive before breaking hard enough to leave tire marks. Almost immediately, the two men were getting in each other’s face, shoving, and yelling at one another. The drivers had both picked up their clients at the Franklin airport, only to inflict upon each other a severe case of road rage, only made worse by the fact the drivers seemed to be going the same way.

    “Erm, fellas, wanna help a girl out?” Called out an irritated voice from one of the cars.

    When the only response given was the continued sound of the two enraged drivers threatening each other. The girl called out again, making no effort to hide her anger, “…No…? ‘Kay then, fuckin’ cunts.”

    The girl then kicked open the door to her backseat, causing the door to scrape the uber parked next to it.

    Neither driver noticed it, the pair too busy engaging in a slugfest in the well-maintained front garden.

    Bridget then climbed out of the backseat, hauling a large backpack with her.

    Her temper wasn’t the only thing fiery about her, Bridget had long red locks, which swayed behind her in a ponytail. As if to balance out this red hot impression, however, a pair of bright green eyes, cherry red lips and a few small freckles across her small nose gave her a soft sensual charm that countless men and women would find irresistible.

    The redhead wore a white blouse with black buttons, tucked into a dark blue, high-waisted plaid mini-skirt. The blouse was tight on her chest, looking as though the button would be sent flying by her barely bound breasts, whereas her waist seemed tantalizingly narrow and her hips temptingly wide. It may have been a struggle, but the miniskirt did manage to cover her perky ass cheeks before failing to hide her plump thighs. Wrapped in black tights, her perfectly sculpted legs were on full display, kicking out with wild abandon as she climbed out of the death trap of a cab.

    ‘Fucking hell, those mad men almost fucking killed me,’ She thought as she began making her way to the trunk to grab her suitcase.

    Yet, just as that thought passed through her mind, Bridget experienced her umpteenth fright of the last hour as the back door of the opposite uber was kicked open. The door just missed her before slamming into the door she had just closed.

    “Fuck me!” She cried out in shock, before yelling, “What the hell?”

    “What the hell to you too.” A cold voice said back.

    Out of the backseat of the other uber then climbed another girl, one who Bridget struggled to recognize.

    Deep dark eyes shined like onyx against milky white skin, with a pair of pursed lips colored ruby red. Long and shiny black cascaded past the girl’s shoulders, blending with the black blouse on her chest. Straining against this black blouse was a pair of barely bound breasts that were disproportionate to the girl’s delicate waist. Yet in another contradiction, her hips were wide and domineering and wrapped in a white miniskirt that just managed to hide her crotch. Wrapped around the girl’s plump, soft thighs were a pair of black tights, pinching her sensitive skin into a seductive mold. The entirely black blouse and tights left her white skirt the stand-out feature of her outfit, drawing even more attention to her curvaceous physique.

    Bridget was dumbstruck at the other girl, who had worn an outfit identical to her own in all but the color, but more surprising than that was this girl’s identity!

    It could only be Ayumi, who Bridget had invited to the house herself!

    “Ayumi…?!” Bridget cried out in shock.

    ‘What the fuck? Is she some sort of reverse catfish or something?’ Bridget thought in awe.

    Her shock wasn’t without reason! Bridget had developed an acquaintanceship with Ayumi via Franklin University’s visiting student group chat, a group that was joined via Facebook, and the Ayumi she had engaged in small talk with, the Ayumi she invited to house share with her, didn’t look anything like this!

    The Ayumi she had invited looked juvenile and baby-faced, whereas the girl in front of her… was a complete bombshell beauty!

    “And you are… Bridget…?” Ayumi questioned back, seemingly confused by the sight in front of her. The Asian beauty’s dark eyes that roamed across the redhead’s fiery body contained a mix of emotions.

    This was no surprise, as Bridget herself hadn’t updated her profile picture in years, preferring to post selfies on Instagram instead.

    “Yeah, that’s me,” Bridget replied, getting over her shock at Ayumi’s appearance, “You almost killed me just now, what the hell was that about?”

    “Well, you almost…chopped my fingers off with your kick just now,” Ayumi stated bluntly, brushing a strand of black hair behind her ear as she did so. She had paused halfway through her sentence to find the correct word, but it didn’t diminish the blame lacing her words.

    ‘What the hell, it’s not like I saw you! I was hardly on purpose!’ Bridget screamed inwardly, wishing she could scream into the opposite girl’s ear. ‘You clearly saw me though, you barely missed me!’

    Crammed between the two parked cars, the pair of similarly dressed beauties engaged in a silent stare-down. Bridget’s chest was heaving in agitation, with the flashy display of her chest making her emotions obvious. On the plus side, however, she could see Ayumi’s chest rising and falling too, which made clear that despite the girl’s cool face, her emotions were running red hot.

    ‘Ha, look at you. You keep a straight face but you’re getting all worked up.’ Bridget sneered inwardly, ‘I’ll be the bigger woman, just this once.’

    “Yeah, my bad, Ayumi. I didn’t see you in there.” Bridget groaned, prying her gaze away from the other girl to prevent her temper from getting the better of her.

    She turned, moving once again toward to trunk, only to feel her bombastic body tense when she heard Ayumi speak again.

    “My bad too, Bridget. I also didn’t see you.” Ayumi said impassively, her voice dry as a desert.

    ‘OH-! Eat shit, you little bitch! You must be blind if you didn’t see me!’

    She clicked open the boot of the trunk, the sounds of a brutal brawl between drivers still reaching her ears, and lifted out her suitcase. She then stood on her tiptoes, as she reached up to close the trunk.

    As she did so, however, she felt a red-hot gaze burning into her ass. The redheaded beauty could feel the blue plaid miniskirt failing to hold back her perky ass, her twin cheeks revealing themselves to the other girl as she stretched higher. As though daring the oriental beauty to keep looking, she shook her tightened ass in Ayumi’s direction, the inverse peach swaying left then right in a mesmerizing movement, after which she sent the girl a smug, over-the-shoulder look.

    She caught Ayumi’s milk-white face contorted in humiliation, the bombshell biting her lip in anger.

    Bridget looked back toward the closing trunk and let her red hair swing behind her as she did so.


    The gorgeous ginger grinned to herself as she heard Ayumi snort in defiance to her provocation, she turned ready to taunt the Asian beauty, but she was instantly stunned by what she saw.

    Ayumi had just got her own suitcase out of the trunk and was now reaching to close it. Mimicking Bridget’s seductive movement, Ayumi’s curves were on full display. The black sheen tights flexed her tight calves, tantalizing thighs, and seductive ass cheeks, clearly outlined by the white miniskirt. Her green eyes glared into her new housemate’s plump thighs and seductive ass cheeks hard enough to burn holes in the black pantyhose.

    Ayumi had clearly sensed her gaze, as the black-haired beauty started to rock her hips back and forth, from left to right like a metronome. Bridget bit her lip as her green ears remained locked to the girl’s curves, only this trance was interrupted when Ayumi tilted her head to look at Bridget, her eyes filled with smug condescension.

    This look only last a single moment, but it filled Bridget with a bubbling loathing for the other girl.

    ‘Haaa… Fuck! You think you’re hot shit, bitch? I’ll rip that fat fucking ass to shreds if you step to me!’ Bridget seethed inwardly, only letting a single huff leave her lips in response to the girl’s taunt.


    Everything about the girl seemed to be custom-built to infuriate Bridget. Whether it was how arrogant and condescending she was, or deceptively curvy the girl was.

    It was painful for Bridget to admit, but she had expected Ayumi to cling to her, a fellow visiting student, like a loach, at which point she would generously take the lead and help the poor girl adjust.

    The false image the girl had presented via her profile picture had certainly contributed to Bridget’s expectations of how things would play out…

    ‘Shit… I wonder if she thought that she’d have to ‘look after’ me during our time here…’ Bridget grimaced to herself, ‘Like fuck I’d follow her around like some headless chicken!’

    She wheeled her suitcase around her uber as she walked towards the front door of her home for the next year, walking along aside Ayumi during her approach.

    The pair had to zigzag between a dozen different bags and a few suitcases and storage boxes that had been dumped outside the house, the duo subtly racing one another toward the front door.

    When Bridget got to the door, she tried to enter, only for Ayumi to do the same.

    Their suitcases collided in the doorway, trapped against each other.

    Bridget refused to say a single word to Ayumi, and Ayumi remained seemingly emotionless, though both girls’ heaving chests gave away their annoyance.

    After a final vicious yank, both suitcases rocketed through the doorway before slipping out of their owners’ hands. Each collided with a stack of piled luggage, sending the bags flying like bowling pins.

    Bridget, feeling her rage about to spill out of her, drop her backpack to the wooden floor. Ayumi did the same, and the pair were immediately in each other’s face, Bridget had her hands on her hips, a posture Ayumi was mirroring

    “So, Ayumi-”

    “So, Bridget-”

    Both girls snarled simultaneously before the beauties locked eyes in a tense stare-down.

    “How was your journey from China?”

    “How was your journey from Scotland?”

    Bridget asked mockingly, knowing with 100% certainty that Ayumi was Japanese.

    Ayumi also knew, however, that she was from Ireland, not Scotland. Bridget knew this because she had told her during their talk in the group chat.

    “Oh, you think you’re so funny,” Bridget hissed, getting into Ayumi’s face as she did so.

    “Not as funny as you,” Ayumi growled back, not showing the slightest bit of weakness, and even going as far as to push her forehead against Bridget’s as she glared into the redhead’s green eyes.

    ‘Fuck, my first day in the country and I’m about to go to jail for fucking murder,’ Bridget thought to herself as she and Ayumi inched closer and closer.

    Just as hell as about to break lose, however, as a voice interrupted the impending cat-ball.

    “Ah-No way! I just piled all their stuff so nicely!”

    A frizzy-haired brunette had appeared out of nowhere, staring at the mess of luggage on the entryway floor with a heartbroken look on her face.

    “Oh, wait, sorry- that doesn’t matter!” The girl said in a sudden backtrack, “I’m Jane! You must be Bridget and Ayumi…?”

    Faced with Jane’s burning gaze, Bridget quickly pulled away from Ayumi, pulling down her skirt as she did so.

    “Yeah, I’m Bridget, nice to meet you, Jane,” The curvaceous redhead said, trying her best not to sound perfunctory.

    “I am Ayumi, a pleasure to meet you, Jane.” The black-haired beauty echoed, her voice as passive as ever.

    Jane’s chocolate brown eyes darted between the pair, looking at them as though they were bombs that could explode at the slightest touch.

    ‘Urgh, she definitely saw us getting in each other’s face’ Bridget groaned internally as she tried her best to look at Jane gently.

    “Um, well, y’know, Astrid and Emilia are upstairs, picking out rooms! Those two are a little intense, but, well, they’re super nice- I’m sure they are!” Jane rambled awkwardly; her voice slightly shrill.

    ‘God, can you just get to the fucking point, Jane?’

    “But when they’re together, things seem… to get a bit tense! …Kinda like you two just now, aha….”

    ‘Ah…Fucking hell…’ Bridget thought, sharing a subtle glance with Ayumi as she did so.

    Before she could think further or respond to Jane’s incessant rambling, a loud voice echoed down from the top of the stairs.

    “What the hell? This is the second time my stuff has been knocked all over the place!” Bridget’s sharp green eyes darted to the top of the wooden staircase, where they locked with a pair of piercing blue eyes.

    The blonde girl with skin pale enough to compete with Ayumi stood haughtily above them, looking down on the pair of visiting students.

    ‘Huh look at her, the perfect little gym slut,’ Bridget sneered, her eyes raking across the blonde’s tight body and perky tits.

    "Maybe if it wasn’t in the way, it wouldn’t get knocked all over the place!” Bridget hissed back.

    She could feel the blonde’s hot gaze dragging across her body, just as she was doing the same to her. Bridget could tell, even from the opposite end of the room, that the blonde didn’t have a single nice thought about her in her head.

    That was fine because she didn’t have even an ounce of goodwill toward the blonde either.

    In fact, as she sized the other girl up, her annoyance and disdain only grew more vicious quickly becoming a bone-chilling hatred.

    Bridget didn’t believe in love at first sight, but she now knew that hate at first sight existed.

    As she looked into the girl’s eyes, she knew the blonde felt the same.

    The girl, Astrid, hated her. Bridget knew it, and Astrid knew that she knew.

    Likewise, Bridget hated her, she knew that Astrid was aware of it.

    “We just got here, actually. We didn’t have time to move it.”

    Snapping Bridget from her hate-filled trance was a different voice, one that came from the honey-tanned girl standing next to the blonde. She had long brown hair, an elegant mix of different shades, unlike the plain Jane’s messy mop of hair. Though she loathed to admit it, the girl had a gorgeous face.

    Wide, expressive eyes that were colored a deep green were surrounded by thick, dark eyelashes. Whilst Bridget used make-up that morning to achieve the same effect, she had no doubt that the brunette’s were all natural.

    ‘Pah- matching outfits, how cute’ The ginger thought, distracting herself from her envy with a smirk at how alike the arrogant duo was, matching in all but the shades of their tight-fitting outfits.

    Her mocking eyes, as if drawn by the subconscious desire to taunt Astrid, locked with the blonde’s pair of blue orbs. Yet, she was surprised to see that the piercingly blue jewels seemed to be laughing in synchrony with her own.

    ‘What’s so fucking funny- Oh shit… Me and this Japanese bitch are wearing the same fucking thing too…!’

    Bridget’s eyes flashed with indignant humiliation, a response that was mirrored in the blonde’s gaze.

    Both girls bite down on their lips, their hands clenching into fists.

    Their mirrored exchange occurred within the space of a single second and was soon interrupted by Ayumi’s cold voice.

    Actually, it was us, who just got here. You two decided to choose rooms before cleaning up your mess.”

    Green eyes darting, she saw that Ayumi and the brunette had locked eyes in a stare-down of their own. Mirrored sentiments of hate and mockery passed back and forth before both faces suddenly contorted in humiliation, girls biting down on their lips as scowls spread across their faces in parallel.

    “Ah, guys, I’ve made coffee if anyone-” Jane stammered, before-

    ““““Shut it!”””” The four girls yelled out in unison.

    Bridget’s voice overlapped with Ayumi’s, the blonde’s, and the brunette’s so perfectly that it seemed as though only a single girl had shouted.

    The shared scream seemed to act as a signal to the four, as each pair suddenly started moving toward the other.

    The blonde and the brunette made their way down the stair in lockstep, just as Bridget and Ayumi marched between the scattered bags.

    At the bottom of the staircase, the four girls collided, their respective charges taking them straight toward the others.

    Bridget glared at the blonde opposite her as she felt a dense bomb of sickly-sweet female fragrance explode on her, a four-way collision of shampoo and perfume.

    Resisting the urge to cough, she tilted her head up to look down at the blonde opposite her, only to be surprised that she was the same size as the other girl.

    It had been hard to judge the blonde’s height when she had been standing at the top of the stairs, but she had thought the blonde would be smaller than her close-up.

    ‘Look at this slut trying to look down her nose at me,’ Bridget scorned as she saw the blonde tilting her head too.

    Imperceptibly, Bridget’s heels left the floor as she attempted to stand taller than her new opponent, only for their respective heights to remain a perfect match.

    ‘This little…’

    “You must be Bridget.” The blonde hissed into her face, her hot breath hitting Bridget’s snarling lips.

    “You must be Astrid.” The redhead hissed back, leaning in close to Astrid’s face to make sure her breath tickled the girl’s nose.

    Bridget was faintly aware of Ayumi and the brunette, Emilia, getting in each other’s face.

    ‘I don’t know if I want that Emilia cunt to treat that arrogant Ayumi to a painful lesson, or for Ayumi to ruin that haughty gym slut…’

    “You guys are so cute, coordinating outfits like that,” Astrid growled, her blue eyes dripping with disdain, “The pair of you are a perfect match.”

    “Ha, thanks…” Bridget said icily, “I don’t think you two twins are making those outfits of your work though?”

    “Oh, with curves like mine-ours, we can pull off anythinggg…” The blonde purred, trying to conceal her obvious irritation with a layer of mockery.

    Astrid brought her bombshell body forward, slamming it into Bridget’s bombastic physique.

    Their tits slammed together, blue sports bra against white blouse. Bridget felt her large orbs be deformed under the assault of Astrid’s expansive tits. Packed under her blue sports bra, the density of her rival’s titflesh was overpowering.

    Bridget didn’t see the sudden assault coming, but she wasn’t worried, at least until she realized she had been knocked a step backward.

    ‘OH, this bitch!’ She thought furiously, immediately taking a step forward.

    She could sense that Ayumi had been knocked back too, the foreign student’s war of words with the brunette suddenly gaining a physical edge.

    What allowed Bridget to claw back some pride, however, was that despite Astrid initiating the attack, the blonde had been knocked back a step too. Something that was made obvious by the blonde taking a step in synchrony with Bridget.

    Whilst Astrid’s tits were a densely packed weapon, the softness and endless bounciness of Bridget’s chest was a perfect defensive armament, helping her send Astrid stumbling away.

    “You have curves, sureee... But you don’t have anything over me- usss.” The redhead taunted, her words dragged out in an attempt to downplay her annoyance.

    She then slammed forward in a retaliatory attack of her own.

    She watched with glee as Astrid’s face contorted in shock as her tits were submerged in a sea of overflowing titflesh. Yet, whilst Bridget succeeded in knocking her opponent back, she had somehow been repelled too!

    ‘Fuck, that shitty sports bra, it’s like hitting a brick ball!’ The redhead groaned as she staggered back.

    ““Aah?!”” She gasped in shock, as she felt the side of her ass squash against a soft force coming from the opposite direction.

    Looking around, she realized that Ayumi had been forced back too, at the exact same time as her. Their round buttocks wrapped in tight miniskirts had pressed together causing the pair to gasp in unison.

    Inexplicably, rather than a sense of comradery, Bridget felt struck by an overwhelming humiliation and a bubbling irritation. Embarrassed and annoyed that Astrid had pushed her back, yes, but also frustrated by the fact that she and Ayumi had been forced back in unison, that yet another comparison could be made between them.

    ‘If only I’d lasted a second long, I could have got one over on this arrogant bitch…’ She growled to herself.

    Bridget’s green eyes did little to hide her thoughts, but coincidentally neither did Ayumi’s, whose dark eyes revealed the exact same sentiment as the pair locked eyes in a hateful glare.

    ‘Oh, eat shit, you cunt…’

    Bridget thought as a scowl spread around her slightly flushed face.

    Taking a step forward once again, the redhead didn’t miss the fact that Astrid seemed to have an issue with Emilia in the same way that she had an issue with Ayumi, the blonde and brunette exchanging silent smirks and scowls as the four squared up again.

    “Ha, the gym slut twins are having a little fight?” Bridget taunted mockingly, blowing hot air into Astrid’s face as she did so. She dragged her green eyes from Astrid’s tight and perky gym body to Emilia’s matching physique as she did so, drawing an obvious comparison between the two-toned girls. “Even your matching leggings won’t make you stand out when you stand next to me.”

    “Pah! Is that some sort of visiting student uniform, or did you bitches go out of your way to coordinate?” Astrid hissed back, causing a few drops of spit to hit Bridget’s snarling lips. The blonde’s scorching gaze moved between the Japanese and Irish girls matching outfits with vengeful scorn. “Oh- Actually, maybe you realized you’d look a bit better if you swapped skirts? Is that what you were doing outside just now?”

    Bridget felt as though she had just been flash-banged by her rival’s words, her ears filled only with the sounds of ringing and the sound of her own pounding heart.

    “Go fuck yourself!” Bridget shrieked, slamming her body into Astrid’s with wilful abandon.

    “You first, slut!” Astrid screamed back, matching Bridget full-body blow with one of her own.

    Though neither Bridget nor her opponent were aware, their respective ‘partners’ in their spontaneous 2v2 had done the same thing, screeching insults of their own after their mutual taunts had pushed them over the edge.

    Bridget and Astrid slammed into each other in a mutual body slam, causing tits to crush tits in a cruel compress, and stomachs to slap together, from tightly toned abs down to their crotches.

    What the redhead didn’t anticipate, however, was her peach-like asscheek, barely covered by her miniskirt, smashing into Ayumi’s. Plump thighs covered in black pantyhose were hissing like snakes as they were ground against each other, their miniskirts had snagged together, each hiking the other up and exposing tensed glutes.

    Bridget had no doubt her sexy lace panties were now visible to Jane, who was still awkwardly watching from the sidelines, but she had no time to stress about that, as the redhead found herself forced into an unintended clash.

    She gritted her teeth as she was forced to exert force on two fronts, keeping her body balanced against the dual pressure from both Astrid and Ayumi. A drop of sweat ran down the side of her face as she glared at the black-haired beauty out of the corner of her eye.

    Seeing at Ayumi was also glaring at her, however, made her temper explode!

    ‘You’re glaring at me?! You fucking bitch! You’re the one who slammed into me!’

    She reached her inside arm around Ayumi’s back before viciously pinching the girl’s narrow waist.

    Yet, to her surprise, Bridget suddenly felt a sharp stinging pain in her own waist. It was the feeling of skin being pinched between finger and thumb, and she did not doubt who the culprit was.

    ““““Argh-! Back off!”””” She growled in pain at her supposed teammate, yet for the second time since their spontaneous showdown started, her words were amplified fourfold.

    Not only had Ayumi hissed at the same time as her, but Astrid and Emilia had also spoken in perfect synchrony.

    Her green eyes darting to the other pair, Bridget could see the blonde and brunette had also collided, their seductive legs, wrapped in matching leggings, had squashed together from ankle to hip. Though she couldn’t see it, Bridget had no doubt their asses had pancaked against each other just as hers and Ayumi’s had.

    Bridget was being crushed by Astrid and Ayumi,

    Astrid was being squashed by Bridget and Emilia,

    Ayumi was being squeezed by Emilia and Bridget,

    Emilia was being pressed by Ayumi and Astrid.

    Though neither girl had intended to, each bombshell beauty had taken a single step inward as they moved to lock up with their rival for the third time, resulting in a tight four-way compression.

    ‘Fucking cunts… all of them…’ Bridget groaned as she strained against her two opponents, being crushed by Astrid from the front and Ayumi from the side.

    Bridget’s tits were being pressed against the blonde’s so hard she was struggling to get oxygen into her lungs, but she refused to back down, or let herself be knocked back.

    The twin rage from both Astrid and Ayumi meant that she was filled with an unquenchable thirst for battle.

    ‘I’d rather…fucking die than lose to these bitches!’ She cursed to herself as she panted into the blonde’s face.

    She could see an identical feeling in her rival, her green eyes were practically chained to Astrid’s blue orbs in a mutual death stare.

    ““I’m better… than you…!”” The redhead hissed in unison with the blonde, their snarling lips brushing against each other.

    As they taunted each other, Bridget could faintly hear Ayumi and Emilia saying the same thing,

    ““I’m…better than… you…!””

    Just as Bridget didn’t specify who she was talking to, Ayumi hadn’t specified either, something that she knew was a not-so-subtle jab at her.

    She pinched harder on Ayumi’s tender waist in retaliation, yet, she was instantly forced to realize that Ayumi had picked up on the implication in her words too, as the black-haired beauty tightened her pinching of Bridget’s sensitive skin.

    ““““Mmnph-FUCK!”””” All four girls gasped in strained voices, their hourglass bodies all squirming in synchronous pain.

    This agonizing thrash caused the precarious balance between the bombshell beauties to collapse as Bridget and Astrid tumbled past each other. They had been face-to-face, body-to-body, but both had slipped by 90°, which caused them to fall toward their opponent’s old position.

    Their equally matched bodies slide past each other, the redhead’s tits dragged painfully against the blonde’s pair before their feet hooked together. Bridget’s sneakers caught on Astrid’s Nike running shoes, causing them to trip over each other, at which point Bridget’s right shoulder smashed against Emilia’s, who had lost her ‘support’ from Ayumi, causing her to fall too.

    This forced a shocked gasp from her lips as the redhead was sent into a spin. Her momentum was brought to a screeching halt before being pushed in the opposite direction. She did a 270° rotation, thankfully avoiding a painful faceplant, before landing on her ass where Astrid once stood.

    She felt a warm, firm body collide with her own. Sideboobs bounced together like the balls of a newtons cradle as asses crushed into each other.

    “Ah, fuck…!” She groaned to herself, her eyes rolling from the shock and sensory overload. Her shoulder ached from the collision, and her right leg was bent under her, causing her to sit on her foot which was suffering under the weight of her ass.

    Before she could begin to move, however, she realized their twisted joke of a situation.

    ‘Ha…You have got to be kidding me…’ The redhead thought, a wave of manic, twisted anger bubbling inside her.

    Astrid had also fallen to the floor, her ass landing right where Bridget had once been standing. Looking as rough as she felt, the blonde was visibly disheveled and seemed dazed from the fall. Her left leg was bent at the knee, resulting in a foot being trapped under her ass, much like Bridget’s own. Further still, however, the other leg was outstretched, which exposed her tight crotch in a detailed cameltoe.

    ‘If you were gonna fucking fall on your ass like that, why wait till I fell too?! You dumb bitch!’ She seethed internally, ‘Now we both look like fucking idiots!’

    This anger born of embarrassment only continued to grow, however, as Bridget’s green eyes trailed down the blonde’s perfectly sculpted right leg was outstretched. Her legging-bound limb lead down to another outstretched leg, one just as perfect to Bridget’s eyes- only this one was wrapped in black pantyhose rather than workout leggings.

    It was... Bridget’s!

    ‘Get your fucking pig trotters off me!’

    The redhead’s insides twisted in humiliation at the unwilling intimacy of their situation. The pair looked as though they were yoga buddies stretching each other out, or a pair of close girlfriends comparing foot size, rather than the hateful strangers that they were.

    ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!!! You cuntttt!’ Bridget screamed to herself, her thoughts exploding in a hateful frenzy.

    Gnawing viciously on her bottom lip, her malice-filled eyes locked together with Astrid’s. Despite the stunned silence that stretched between them, the blonde seemed to be going just as insane as the redhead was, their stare-down loaded with hysterical, silent screams.

    The pathetic ridiculousness of the situation only got worse for Bridget, however.

    Whilst her mutual death stare with Astrid had occupied her eyes, it hadn’t completely isolated her from reality. She could feel a warmth pressing into her side. Her left tit was molding against a soft orb, whilst her hip and ass were squashing against a hot mass.

    The gears in her brain finally kicked into gear, and to her deep embarrassment, she realized that she was once again pressed against Ayumi. The Japanese girl had taken a fall of her own and landed right next to her.

    In fact, it was as though the pair had fallen into the same spot.

    ‘Gurgh…This fucking slut…!’

    Keeping her green eyes bolted to Astrid’s blue eyes, she attempted to turn her head to hiss at Ayumi, only for her soft white cheek to squish against the other girl’s.

    Shame flowing through her, she tensed in shock, both her curvaceous body and her thoughts freezing.

    In some subconscious part of her brain that was still operating, the redhead became vaguely of two things.

    The feeling in the right foot, the one she had crushed under her heavy ass, was gradually transmitted up her spine to her brain, at which point she noticed that it, much like her left foot, was pressed against something too.

    Something her subconscious mind instantly recognized to be Ayumi’s left foot.

    Her stomach twisted as this recognition slowly emerged in her conscious mind. The hysteria inducing-truth spread like a virus across the redhead’s ego-fuel brain.


    Bridget felt as though her entire body had gone numb, her anger and shame overloading her senses.

    Anger and humiliation coiled within her lower stomach, twisting and churning into a painful knot just above her crotch.

    ‘I- She…! This…! Ah…Ha…SSHITT…! This-Ah…!’

    Bridget’s frantic thoughts were trapped in a loop, the redhead overdosing on an unrelenting surge of anger.

    She didn’t want to be the first to pull back from their cheek-to-cheek, she couldn’t be. Ayumi had to be the first to retreat, otherwise, it would mean losing to the other girl.

    But despite their squashed tits rising and falling in unison and their hot breath mixing in the air between their lips, Ayumi was refusing to pull back!

    Shame and humiliation coursed through her without end, but her pride wouldn’t allow her to back down, even though Astrid and Emilia were watching her.

    Thinking of this, however, her eyes looked once again to the other pair, only to realize that Astrid… was squashed up against Emilia, in the exact same way that she was pressed against Ayumi.

    Their hateful tits, wrapped in blue and red sports bras were denting each other, and their arrogant hips and slutty asses, bound in matching leggings, were crushed together too.

    ‘Hahahaha… EAT SHIT…!’ Bridget laughed internally as she noticed that not only were the opposite pairs’ feet pressed together, but so were their cheeks.

    ‘You fucking gym slut bitches think your so fucking hot, you’re just a pair of fucking losers!’ Malicious glee flickered in Bridget’s eyes as she took in the sight of the blonde being embarrassed along with her tanned counterpart.

    The knot of humiliated rage in her navel was soothed slightly by the sight, a warm tingling bubbling above her crotch that eased the pain of shame’s sharp sting.

    This feeling continued to grow as she saw that Ayumi’s left leg was outstretched and pressed against Emilia's right, their shoes pressed together as if comparing sizes.

    Her green eyes curled into devious crescents, only to lock with another pair of green eyes- Emilia’s.

    The honey-tanned girl was looking in her direction, her cherry-red lips spread in a sadistic smirk.

    Four green eyes locked together before Bridget suddenly tensed yet again.

    She was laughing at Emilia- laughing at her for being turned into a joke by Ayumi and Astrid, but Emilia was laughing at her too.

    Because she was no different.

    Whilst Emilia had been tripped by Ayumi and squashed against Astrid, Bridget had been tripped by Astrid and pressed against Ayumi.

    A blush spreading across her face, Bridget felt her navel throb in a sudden convulsion brought about by her deep embarrassment.

    Biting her lip, and watching Emilia do the same, she hissed-

    ““““What are you looking at, bitch?””””

    -Only to hear not only Emilia saying the same but Ayumi and Astrid too.

    Whilst her cheek had finally been separated from Ayumi’s, both girls moving at the same time, she wasn’t happy at all, Because, In a single instant, it was as though all four girls had been dowsed in a bucket of cold water. Any amusement at the other’s misfortunes had been washed away as all four were made painfully aware of their mortifying situation.

    Bridget had been humiliated by Astrid and Ayumi,

    Astrid had been humiliated by Bridget and Emilia,

    Ayumi had been humiliated by Emilia and Bridget,

    Emilia had been humiliated by Ayumi and Astrid.


    Emilia felt hatred in all directions.

    The honey-tanned brunette had never anticipated the situation to end in such a mess so quickly. From the second she stepped through the door of her new home, she had felt so mad she could barely think straight.

    ‘First, there’s Astrid and her big fucking ego, acting like she owns the place, then this black-haired cunt turns up!’

    Whilst Astrid had gotten under her skin far fast than anyone had before, it was because she was being a condescending bitch.

    Ayumi, though?

    All it took was a single look for Emilia to realize that she hated the visiting Japanese girl, and a single look to realize that the girl hated her too.

    ‘Dressed like a fucking whore, yet you dare look down on me, bitch?!’

    Then there was the redhead, Bridget, who she didn’t really notice or think much off.

    That was, until she caught the Irish girl mocking her, taking pleasure in her embarrassing situation, despite being in the exact same situation herself.

    ‘That fucking redhead dares to look at me like a joke- you’re a fucking joke, you bitch!’ She seethed, glaring at Bridget.

    Part of what made this entire situation so shameful was that their four-way showdown had ended in all four girls being reduced to a pathetic, unfunny joke, resulting in Emilia being more embarrassed than she ever had before.

    The fact that she couldn’t get one over Ayumi, or Astrid, even now made her fury burn so hot she thought she was going to die.

    The bronze brunette could only pant raggedly, doing her best to calm the fire inside her. The others were doing no different, resulting in the foursome sounding as though they had just finished a 100-meter sprint.

    Reinforcing this false image, was that Emilia’s feet felt like they were on fire. Though she was wearing her best Nike running shoes, her right foot pressing against Astrid’s left, and her Left foot pressing against Ayumi’s right made them feel hot and uncomfortable.

    Made her feel hot and uncomfortable.

    ‘One of you pull back already, FUCK!’ The brunette screamed internally, desperate to rid herself of the revulsion in her stomach.

    Neither Astrid nor Ayumi moved though, both girls simply continuing to pant, their teeth clenched in stubborn defiance.

    ‘Oh, that’s how you wanna play it then?’ Emilia hissed to herself, ‘Fine, I’ll make you back down.’

    Glaring viciously at Ayumi and doing her best to ignore the infuriating fact that Ayumi had done the exact same thing, she fixed her blazing eyes between the Asian beauty’s spread legs.

    The black pantyhose clung to the girl’s plump thighs, the nylon only serving to accentuate her legs’ natural seduction.

    This seduction was wasted on Emilia, however, as the brunette’s green eyes stabbed straight into Ayumi’s exposed crotch.

    The white miniskirt the Japanese girl wore had long since been hiked up, exposing her panties to the light of the entryway’s chandelier. The elegant frills of her black panties were now clear to Emilia’s taunting eyes, the brunette staring as though she had x-ray vision.

    “Bet you don’t like me staring at your slutty little cunt like this, so go on, close your legs, you bitch,” Emilia hissed at the raven-haired girl, her face filled with mockery.

    Her eyes didn’t move from the girl’s crotch, but out of the corner of her eye, she could see the girl’s blouse rising and failing, the girl struggling to hide her anger. Her once-white face was flushed red and was warped in a mix of anger, embarrassment, and disgust, but as though she possessed iron bones, she just refused to retreat from their foot contact.

    “I don’t,” Ayumi growled, her voice cold and dry, despite her obvious embarrassment. “But I don’t think you like me looking at yours either. Those lewd clothes you are wearing don’t hide your… pussy at all.”

    It was Emilia’s turn to flinch. Whilst she of course knew these leggings gave her a cameltoe, it had never been a concern before, after all, she wouldn’t go around spreading her legs to blatantly.

    Bridget’s green eyes flickered upward, leaving her opponent’s stuffy pantyhose-covered slit and making their way toward her face.

    As it happened, Ayumi’s eyes had simultaneously broken their lock on Bridget’s pussy lips, causing their annoyed glares to collide.

    Bridget felt her insides twisted in red-hot humiliation.

    ‘She even glares at the same time as me…’

    She grit her teeth and saw Ayumi do the same. The two beauties of opposing tones weren’t even the slightest bit capable of masking their frustration with their other nor their annoyance at their stalemate,

    ‘Shit, how does this bitch piss me off so damn much, with, like, no words at all?!’ Emilia screamed silently. So much blood was rushing to the swollen knot of burning emotions in her navel that she felt as though she had two heartbeats.

    Her lower stomach twitched and churned with unbearable heat as the sound of Ayumi’s enraged pants, along with the sound of blood flowing through her ears, became all she could hear.

    Astrid and Bridget exchanging barbed words became an indistinct murmuring, the brunette only able to sense the atmosphere between the other duo by Astrid’s body tensing uncontrollably against her own.

    It was as though Ayumi had become the only thing that existed in the brunette’s head, her mind and senses consumed by her singular desire to destroy the Japanese student.

    “I can see why you don’t like showing it off,” Emilia spat, ripping her gaze from Ayumi’s dark eyes back to the girl’s panties. “That cunt’s obviously been used by all of Tokyo,”

    She could hardly even differentiate the panties from the black pantyhose, much less see her slit in detail, but there was a sense of violation in looking up a woman’s skirt that she knew was getting under Ayumi’s skin. The brunette heard a hiss escape from gritted teeth before the visiting student laughed darkly,

    “You, a dirty whore, dares to speak like that to me?” The Japanese girl asked threateningly. Her words her spoken with such forceful conviction that Emilia almost believed she was a dirty whore. “You are just a vile… cumdump, not qualified to talk to me, much less try and compete with me.”

    ‘Fucking… ‘Cumdump’?! Is this bitch high? Who fucking speaks like that?!’ Emilia screeched internally, her emotions a mixture of sheer shock and unadulterated rage.

    She didn’t know if it was due to English being Ayumi’s second language, or just how Ayumi was, but the girl was completely devoid of the ability to maintain the flow of a conversation. Her words destroyed the cadence and rhythm whenever they exchanged words. Yet, whilst the girl lacked a slick tongue, often having to pause to think of the appropriate words, she made up for it with sheer force of will.

    Emilia grunted in anger, her honey-colored stomach throbbing. She couldn’t stop her exposed abs from tensing and twitching as her insides coiled in anger. As she felt a drop of sweat roll down her stomach, she cringed in frustration that she was showing off more skin than her opponent, feeling a sense of unfairness.

    “Cumdump? You disgust freak, who speaks like that?” Emilia growled, her eyes still burrowing into her opponent’s cunt. “I thought you were a loose bitch, but it turns out you’re just a perverted bitch! Stay off the porn whilst you’re on this side of the fucking ocean, okay?”

    “I am just saying what I see,” Ayumi growled back instantly. “And I prefer to watch it than star in it, unlike you.”

    ‘Fuck! I’m gonna kill her, I’m gonna fucking kill this cunt bitch!’ Emilia felt as though she was losing her humanity under Ayumi’s verbal, becoming less of a person and more of a rabid dog.

    Her eyes, tinged with bloodthirst, lashed upward, colliding once again with Ayumi’s. Her dark orbs were filled with just as much malice.

    If all the dark bubbling emotions building inside her were a sticky black oil, then this glare was a clash of swords, sending a hot spark into the flammable mass.

    ““Do you want to die, you bitch?!”” Emilia shrieked, her words cutting through the air like a knife.

    ““I’ll kill you, whore!”” Ayumi screamed, the black-haired beauty’s latent emotions exploding in a fiery inferno no weaker than Emilia’s.

    As their hateful glares stabbed together, however, it dawned on Emilia that someone else had screamed in unison with her.

    Her movements stiff like a clockwork soldier, her honey-colored head turned, following the source of the voice… until her cheek once again squashed against Astrid’s, who had turned in her direction too.

    ‘It’s never-ending, I can’t fucking win!’ Emilia screamed to herself, her thoughts spiraling, ‘If it’s not Ayumi, it’s Astrid or that ginger bitch!’

    Hysteria bubbled beneath her green eyes, only to be mirrored in Astrid’s blue eyes.

    ‘I’m gonna kill them, then I’m gonna kill myself-’ Emilia began to think before,

    “Guys, that’s enough.” A determined voice said, breaking her self-destructive trance.

    Jane, who had been forgotten by all four girls, stepped into the middle of the square. Looming over the quartet like never before, the brunette turned slowly, her brown eyes looking down at them.

    “I’m not having my housemates… kill each other on the first day here.”

    With one foot, she kicked apart Emilia and Ayumi’s feet, before doing the same to Astrid and Bridget, finally ending the stalemate between the two pairs of girls.

    ‘Fuck, urgh… Was she always this tall…?’ Emilia thought. The blazing fire that had been building with her had suddenly been suppressed, by the awkward and cowardly Jane, of all people.

    “-Ah, It’s not like you can kill each other tomorrow either though, or, like, ever!”

    ‘Ahh…And you ruined it…’ The honey-tanned girl cringed.

    Emilia sighed; hearing Astrid do the same.

    The pair exchanged an awkward glance, before pulling themselves apart.

    Looking past Jane’s leg, the complete opposite of sexy in her grey sweatpants, she locked eyes with Ayumi. The fire in the other girl seemed to have been snuffed out.

    The ridiculousness of their situation suddenly hit her. The fact that they were sitting in a pile in the middle of the entryway, ten minutes after first meeting one another for the first time. That she had gotten so angry over nothing-

    ‘Fuck me, this whole thing has just been a-’

    “Maybe you could just, find another way to settle things? Like, a more peaceful way maybe?”

    Instantly, Ayumi’s eyes lost their softness, regaining a sharp, prideful and competitive edge. Emilia felt similar emotions bubbling up within her.

    ‘Why am I feeling like a pathetic loser… when this bitch is still showing me attitude?’ Emilia thought, her eye narrowing. Scorn filling her eyes, her thoughts continued to race.

    ‘I don’t need to worry about Astrid, that arrogant bitch… I’ll let her and Bridget kill each other… All I need to do…’

    Staring into Ayumi’s eyes, she could tell the Japanese girl was scheming.

    But it didn’t matter.

    ‘… Is deal with her…’


    “Maybe you could play a board game? Maybe monopoly, or maybe Cluedo or something? Oh- Twister! Twister is always fun!” Jane continued to ramble, completely unaware of the unintended consequence of her words.

    “You could have a running race- Eh?!” Jane was interrupted when she saw the four girls climbing to their feet around her.

    The blonde and brunette gently stretched, their tight waists twisting as though the duo had just finished a yoga session, rather than a hysterical bitch fight.

    On the other side, the ginger and raven-haired girls were pulling their miniskirts back down, dusting them off as though they had just finished a picnic.

    “That’s a great idea, Jane,” Astrid said, her voice eerily calm compared to a few moments ago.

    “It is.” Ayumi agreed.

    Despite their words, Jane couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong.

    This feeling persisted as she watched them begin to move their stuff upstairs.

    It lingered after Ayumi and Bridget disappeared at the top of the stairs, and refused to fade, even as Astrid and Emilia worked in harmonious silence to transfer their many bags to their rooms.


    It had been an overcast day, and the sun had set around an hour ago.

    Far from home at number 17 Bellingham Way, Ayumi was perched on her windowsill. Secluded within her new room, she had ditched the miniskirt, showing her tight waist and wide hips in all their seductive glory. Balancing on the windowsill with a set of hips like hers had actually been a challenge, though she had managed it in the end.

    A book rested on her thighs, though her mind had long since wandered away from its pages. Instead, the tranquil beauty stared out, her dark eyes filled with the amber glow of the nearby houses.

    For the last twenty minutes, her hand, as pale and fragile in appearance as porcelain, had alternated between tucking strands of long, dark hair behind her ear, and brushing against her plump red lips.

    In line with Jane’s first impression, Ayumi did possess the qualifications to be a model. She was the perfect picture of a gentle beauty, contemplating under the moonlight.

    Only, her thoughts would be surprising to any mind readers…

    ‘That bitch… That irritating bitch…’

    At the current moment, she was cursing Astrid, who had shoulder barged her snow-white frame hard enough to bruise, and whose mocking gaze had completely infuriated her during her entanglement with Emilia.

    Until now she had alternated between cursing Bridget, who had infuriated from the moment they arrived, starting with her inconsiderate and dangerous door slam, and Emilia, who had convinced her that hate at first sight existed.

    She wasn’t sure who she hated more, who she wanted to fuck up and put in their place more.

    The entire farce of a fight with Emilia had thoroughly ruined any chance of peaceful coexistence the pair had once had. They had traded barbed words unrelentingly, but neither of them had come out on top. They had gone blow for blow, tit-to-tit, but both had been knocked back. Every time she glared at the bronze brunette, the other girl was glaring at her.

    ‘Sometimes… A draw is worse than a loss…’ Ayumi thought darkly, her brow furrowed.

    Indeed, like two dueling samurai, or two cowboys having a stand-off, it would be easier for both when the outcome was determined instantly. For one to win, and one to lose, so the enmity would be put to rest.

    But if the swords slashed each other to shreds, leaving only two hilts, or the twelve bullets collided in a row, leaving only two empty revolvers, the fight wouldn’t be allowed to end.

    It would just continue in a new form, one without dignity, or honor. The respect and regard for an opponent would regress, reverting to an animalistic hatred, spiraling and spiraling until the duelists were just a pair of frenzied beasts.

    A fight that could have ended in a single moment would become a drawn-out slugfest in the mud and muck, simply because they were too evenly matched.

    ‘So...Are you going to go down peacefully…Or are you going to make me climb into the mud, Emilia…?’ Ayumi thought broodingly.

    The thumb running gracefully along her lower lip paused. Staring out the window, the amber glows blurred as her reflection forced its way to the forefront.

    She watched her reflection’s face contort in a mix of humiliation and anger.

    ‘Who am I kidding… You have already covered me in mud…Emilia…’

    Her lips spread in a cruel smile.

    ‘…But at least you are covered in mud too…!’

    Even if she knew the rationality of it all, and understood that two samurai with shattered swords should treat it as fate settling their grudge, she still couldn’t resist the savage, animalistic desire to drag her opponent down into the murky depths. It didn't want to let Emilia go, even if it meant having to get her hands dirty.

    The sound of a flushing toilet, however, snapped her from her dark thoughts.

    It was Bridget, using her ensuite. Her face twitched in annoyance.

    It was ‘their’ ensuite bathroom.

    Jane had been told that each other upstairs bedrooms had an ensuite, this was true, if not misleading. It was actually that each pair of bedrooms shared an ensuite. Ayumi would enter through the door in her room, and lock the door on the opposite side of the bathroom, the one that connected to Bridget’s.

    So, the process and functionality were the same, enter from the bedroom and lock the door, but the meaning was completely different. It now meant, sharing with Bridget.

    Sitting on a toilet seat she had just gotten off.

    Toothbrushes sitting next to each other.

    Shampoos and conditioners piled together in an unorganized mess.

    It would be averse to sharing with anyone, much less Bridget.

    ‘Not what I thought she’d look like at all.’ Ayumi grumbled.

    Bridget’s Facebook picture featured a bright red furball covered in freckles. Whilst the picture was nearing a decade old, Ayumi had assumed the Irish girl wouldn’t look too different. She was completely wrong.

    That alone would have been enough to unnerve her, but this had even worn the same outfit as her, matching Ayumi in all but color. Bridget had the curves to match too, something she found even more nauseating.

    Thick thighs, but small calves. A narrow waist but big tits, and bigger hips. Bridget’s figure was a perfect hourglass, just like her own.

    ‘I’m better, though clearly, she disagrees.’

    Talking at the same time, walking at the same time, getting pushed at the same time, falling to the floor at the same time. There were too many similarities, too many identicalities, between them for either of them to feel comfortable, and they both knew it.

    Ayumi’s eyes wandered across her reflection’s curvy body, from her large blouse-bound bust to her wide hips and plump thighs.

    ‘I’m better. I know I am.’ She repeated.

    ‘Better than Bridget, better than that slut Emilia, and better than Astrid.’

    Finally, her thoughts had looped back to the blonde.

    Her brow twitched a few more times, and after biting on her bottom lip, she rolled off the windowsill and began to pace around the room. Her small feet quietly moved across the wooden flooring, on and off the rug in the center of the room.

    ‘I know I’m a better woman than all three of them… I just need a way to prove it and shut them all up for good.’

    Her pacing continued, the long-legged beauty walking in circles as her contemplation continued.

    Suddenly, however, she stopped, before suddenly darted toward her desk. Pulling out a bit of paper, she ripped it in half lengthways, before turning it horizontally. She pulled a black pen out of her bag, before scribbling some words on it. She then marched towards her door. Not seeing the need to put on her skirt, she walked out into the corridor.

    Not even looking at Bridget’s door, she strode down the corridor to the top of the stairs, where there was a large landing with a few plants and couches. Ignoring the regal furnishing of the luxurious house, she looked at the bulletin board on the wall.

    Maybe the landlady had put it there, or maybe it had always been there, Ayumi didn’t know.

    But she had a use for it now.

    “What are you doing?” A voice said interrupting her plotting.

    Her eyes shot to the source of the voice, where she saw it was Astrid.

    The blue-eyed blonde was wearing a pair of small booty shorts and a small undersized tee, clearly nightwear. Ayumi clocked the small strips of underboob poking out the bottom of the top, as well as the perky, firm asscheeks popping out of the tight shorts.

    ‘Utterly incapable of dressing properly, this blonde is addicted to showing skin.’ She thought to herself.

    This thought must have been visible on her face, however, as Astrid’s visage became clouded with anger.

    “Ha…? What’s that look for, huh?” She asked threateningly, taking a step closer. “Did I just see the slut wearing no skirt judging me?”

    A frown spread across Ayumi’s face, anger bubbling inside her. She matched Astrid’s step with one of her own.

    “I didn’t say anything, but since you want me to insult you, I’ll go ahead,” The black-haired beauty spat.

    “Great, speak up, I’m listening you pantyhose slut,” The bombshell blonde laughed in response.

    The black and blonde duo were just getting each other’s face, when Ayumi was interrupted for the second time within a single minute.

    “Huh, if you were gonna have a bitch fight, you should have invited me to come and watch.” Strutting out of her room came Bridget, picking her teeth with a mocking smirk on her face.

    Her arrogance was immediately cut short, however, when Astrid spat in a mocking squeal.

    “How cute, you guys are still matchinggg!”

    Ayumi’s face warped in a sudden display of horror before her head whipped around.

    ““You…!”” Ayumi groaned in frustration when she saw that Bridget had come strutting out of her room without a miniskirt on, her long legs on full display in her black pantyhose.

    When she realized that the redhead at spoken in unison with her, her eyes lashed out in a vicious glare, stabbing into the other’s girl’s emerald eyes, just as they stabbed into hers.

    Ayumi felt her chest heaving in furious shock, and she could see Bridget’s twin orbs doing the same.

    ‘Why are you not wearing your skirt? You could be wearing anything else, or pajamas, like a normal person, so why are you coming out to join in the fun dressed like that?’

    Ayumi questioned silently, her gaze carrying indignant reproach.

    Bridget’s only asked was a hateful glare that seemed to say, ‘What about you, why aren’t you dressed properly?!’

    After pausing in shock for a brief moment, the redhead carried on sashaying, her hips swaying from left to right.

    “I don’t know what you’re laughing about, bitch,” She laughed mockingly, directing her glare at Astrid, her toned derisive, “I can see you and your tanned twin are matching too… How adorableee!”


    Hearing a flustered gasp, Ayumi’s head swung round, as did Astrid’s, after which they saw the honey-toned Emilia leaning against her doorframe. The brunette was wearing an undersized tee, with plenty of underboob on display, and a pair of booty-shorts.

    Just like Astrid.

    “Shi-You…!” Astrid gasped in shock, the blonde visibly surprised at how quickly her karma arrived.

    “Oh, shut it!” Emilia hissed back, stepping out of her room and marching toward the blonde. “Don’t act like you own the trademark for fucking booty-shorts and crop tops. I can wear what I want, and look better than you doing it.”

    “So why are you just walking around in tights? Giving blondie a little strip tease?” Bridget taunted as her small feet brought her toward the landing.

    “I was here first, minding my own business,” Ayumi snapped back, before being interrupted by Astrid,

    “Like I asked, what are you doing?”

    Bridget and Emilia stopped talking, both curious about the answer.

    For a brief moment, there was a harmonious silence between the four girls, before Ayumi’s next words ruined it.

    “There is only so much room for so much ego under this roof, so I was thinking of a way…to shrink your big heads a bit.”

    These words provoked an immediate reaction from the four girls.

    “Huh…” Astrid scoffed, her blue eyes filling with an icy chill.

    “That so…?” Bridget smiled widely, the grin not reaching her eyes.

    “I can think of a few ways to shrink your head right now,” Emilia snarled, the girl clearly still furious at the result of their earlier collision.

    Hearing Emilia’s words almost caused Ayumi to throw herself at the honey-colored girl, but she barely managed to restrain the impulse.

    Instead, she stepped closer to the bulletin board and pinned the paper in her hand to the very top.

    The three girls came closer to have a look, their shoulders all brushing together. Trying to suppress their tempers the four girls said in unison,

    ““““The Arbitration Board.””””

    “What the fuck is an arbitration board?” Emilia hissed, practically leaping to be the first to question Ayumi.

    “The arbitration board is where we can…settle things between us. The four of us will decide together on a way of competing-” Ayumi began, before being interrupted,

    “Compete how? What if I wanna slap you in the mouth until you beg for mercy?” Emilia asked loathingly.

    Ayumi could tell that the brunette was trying to get under her skin in any way possible, but she answered anyway.

    “That’s fine with me, but when your go is over, it’s my turn to slap you in the mouth until you beg,” Ayumi growled, stepping closer to Emilia until their noses were practically touching.

    “How would you decide the winner?” Bridget asked, her eyes unconsciously darting between Astrid’s cheeks and Ayumi’s as if wondering who she wanted to slap more.

    “Well, you two would be watching. Timing, or counting slaps, or whatever.”

    A flicker of dark joy passed through four pairs of eyes simultaneously.

    “So, we would get to watch…get to help judge…” Astrid purred, the blonde rubbing her thighs together silently as she spoke. “Though, maybe it should be called the victory and defeat board?”

    “That’s too long,” Bridget snapped back, “Why not, the judgment board?”

    “We have a lot of space on this board…” Emilia hummed. The brunette was entirely unconcerned about what the board would be called, her mind instead traveling in a different direction as she pushed her body into Ayumi’s.

    Ayumi couldn’t stop herself from glaring at the brunette, pure enmity filling her eyes, as the honey-toned girl’s soft curvy pressed against her own.

    ‘Can’t believe we’re the same height.’ Ayumi groaned, complaining to herself that she hadn’t somehow grown an inch since their last ‘weight in’.

    “…We’ll have to fill it with something,” The brunette continued, her voice teasing despite the loathing spilling out her eyes.

    “What do you suggest?” The black-haired beauty hissed, pressing a pantyhose-covered foot down on one of Emilia’s bare feet.

    “Mmph…I think we would have a punishment for a loser, with photo evidence that we can pin on the board as proof of their loss,” The brunette groaned, pushing her free foot down on Ayumi’s as she did so.

    “Haaa…” Ayumi groaned, grinding her forehead into her tanned rival’s. “So maybe we should call it… the humiliation board…’

    “Hm… That sounds… good…” Emilia growled, a hot breath escaping her lips and hitting Ayumi’s as she pushed back against the black-haired girl.

    ‘It was my idea, but I can’t wait anymore, I want to destroy you, right here right now.’ - Ayumi thought, her dark eyes shining with venomous hatred.

    ‘I can’t wait either, I’m gonna humiliate you here and now.’- Emilia’s glare said back

    Just as Ayumi was bracing to throw herself at her opponent, and her opponent was about to throw herself at her, the duo was interrupted by Astrid and Bridget.

    “I’m gonna spank the shit out of you when you lose to me, maybe it’ll finally teach you how to behave!” Astrid hissed hatefully.

    “When you lose to me, you’re gonna lick my feet like the good dog you are!” Bridget spat back.

    ““This humiliation board is gonna be fucking covered in pictures of you, you slut!””

    Ayumi and Emilia turned to look at the pair, and saw the duo pressing up against one another as though they had walked into a mirror. Their foreheads were touching and their tits were squashing together, stomachs plastering together and even their crotches faintly pressed.

    Their bubble butts tensed, the duo were balanced on their tiptoes, each trying to stand taller than the other, but despite their efforts, they remained the exact same height.

    “Get a room you two,” Emilia scoffed, her face contorted in vicious mockery.

    Ayumi wasn’t sure if the brunette was laughing more at Astrid or Bridget but was amused regardless.

    “We will when you will, you lovebirds,” Bridget hissed back scornfully.

    Ayumi stopped feeling amused when she heard that, and Emilia dropped her smile.

    Both pairs of girls popped apart, before squaring up in a tight compress, each girl panting heavily.

    “Let’s start tomorrow then, what time?” Astrid asked, pushing her body into Bridget and Emilia as she did so.

    “Let’s sayyyy-Four? We’ll meet here and decide how what to compete in then.” Bridget suggested, slamming her pantyhose-covered hips into Astrid and Ayumi’s, before supplementing, “I’m looking forward to destroying you Astrid, but not everyone brought ten million bags, so I gotta do some shopping.”

    “That’s fine with me, enjoy the last night with your ego intact,” Emilia taunted, glaring at Ayumi as she did so. She then proceeded to bump her body into the two closest girls, Ayumi and Astrid, her soft assets squashing against the others'.

    You enjoy your last night.” Ayumi hissed back, returning the bump with one of her own.

    With everything that needed to be said, said, the four girls then pulled themselves apart, before turning and walking back to their rooms.

    None of the four, nor Jane, the early bird who was already asleep downstairs, had realized the life-changing shift their humiliation board would bring to the quartet…

    -End of Part 1

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    Re: New Story: College Girls Fourway War

    A new story by you. I have to read it now

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    Re: New Story: College Girls Fourway War

    Immediate tension indeed. Looking forward to the next chapter!

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    Re: New Story: College Girls Fourway War

    Hot story. The details are fantastic. Hooked already

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    Re: New Story: College Girls Fourway War

    This is super hot, I'm so eager to read these four lock up! Especially with that dynamic of switching alliances that you've signposted.

    Will you be sure to include lots of true fourway battles? I wanna see an eight-tit mashup!!!

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    This prologue is awesome..great writing, enough details and most important so hot..i like group fights so much special sexfight catball group fights ..i hope we will see some catballing and alot of four way titfight and nipple fight or even waiting for the next chapter

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    Re: New Story: College Girls Fourway War

    Lotus this is a fantastic start!!!!!!
    Hope to read something new soon, I'm dreaming for the next chapters....

    The four of them promise a lot

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    Re: New Story: College Girls Fourway War

    Chapter 2: A Winner and a Loser

    A stream of sunlight forced it way through the closed curtains, lighting up the newly decorated room. The thin ray of light bounced on a rose-gold mirror on the desk, shining on a collage of photos that had been hung on the wall. Further along the cream-white wall, between two mahogany support beams were a few strings of multi-colored bunting that gave the room a cheery charm.

    The start of the semester was still the better part of a week away, so the student household was still harmoniously quiet despite the sun having long since risen. This meant that Astrid’s first morning at 17 Bellingham Way would start peacefully, contrary to the previous day’s chaos

    ‘Mmph-God…’ The blonde groaned, sitting up in bed and instantly seeing the cluttered mess of bags and suitcases on the ground, her many clothes still not packed away properly.

    Astrid’s sleep had been restless, filled with bizarre dreams that had evaporated in the morning sun and left behind sleep dust in her eyes.

    Stumbling out of bed, she made her way to her ensuite, the one which she reluctantly shared with Emilia.

    Stepping inside, she could hear waves hitting the seashore echoing under the door on the other side of the room.

    ‘Urgh, not like I care if you use a sleep playlist, just…put it on a sleep timer or something,’ The groggy blonde groaned to herself, unable to shed her morning irritability.

    She moved to wash her face in the large sink, before realizing that she should properly lock the door on Emilia’s side.

    She hesitated slightly, wondering if turning the lock of the door would be loud enough to stir the brunette from her slumber.

    When she had picked her room, Astrid hadn’t realized that they would be sharing a bathroom, and she couldn’t help by think that they should try to lay out some rules.

    ‘I really…don’t want to get woken up at 3 am by Emilia having a shower or something…’ She mused, her thoughts still slow.

    Thinking of this, she looked past the sleep dust clogging her eyes to the shower.

    ‘Maybe I’ll just have one now-’ Only for her already squinting eyes to narrow further when she saw a tangle of brown hair spilling out the drain.

    ‘Already…?’ She groaned.

    Astrid wasn’t necessarily the tidiest or cleanest woman, as evident by the piles of clothes around her room but tolerating her own mess, in her own space, was it was different from enduring someone else’s.

    ‘Let it go, let it go, let it go,’ She sighed, in an attempt to release out the tension before it could spread.

    ‘Let it go, Astrid,’ The blonde told herself, ‘She clean it later, I’m sure...’

    Though not entirely sure if she believed this self-assurance, the tangle of hair caused her to stop worrying about waking the other girl up. She clicked the lock, flipped the faucet on, and started scrubbing her face with warm water, before shifting to cold.

    She remembered to unlock Emilia’s door, eager to avoid the brunette marching around to her bedroom in a rage like she had the night before, when she had forgotten. The blonde patted her face dry with a small towel and admired her crystal-clear complexion in the mirror, before making her way through her room and into the corridor.

    A pair of stripey pink sleep socks carried her past the paintings on the walls, and toward the upstairs landing.

    Her sapphire-blue eyes couldn’t resist looking at the arbitration board, or rather, the ‘humiliation board’. Rather the taking down the piece of paper bearing the board’s previous name, someone had instead pinned a second piece on top of it, the words ‘Humiliation Board’ written in aggressive, yet girly scrawl.

    ‘That was definitely Bridget,’ Astrid thought, as she stared at the four-way declaration of war.

    Thinking of the redhead caused frustration to swell up inside her, her stomach feeling as though it had been filled with fire. She had a feeling that her dreams had been filled with fantasies of putting her new Irish rival in her place.

    Her thoughts reaching that point, the blonde thoughts strayed to the ‘duel’ scheduled for the late afternoon. She was confident and looking forward to the chance to beat down the redhead, but unlike the previous catfights she had been in, the spectators wouldn’t be in her corner, but rather vultures coming to feast.

    If, if she lost- which she wouldn’t- there would be no backup, no consolation, only mockery.

    Anxious butterflies spread across her stomach, her toned navel contracting and coiling. Perky breasts rapidly rose and fell in her undersized pyjama top, the blonde panting slightly.

    Her emotions were a contradictory mix of insecure nervousness and vicious bloodthirst.

    ‘It’ll be a good opportunity to pay that bitch back for yesterday,’ Astrid fumed, deciding she would rather be angry than scared, her fists clenched into balls, ‘Plus I’ll get to watch Ayumi and that bitch Emilia tear each other to pieces, what could be better’. As nails dug into soft palms, she felt her morning tranquillity rapidly disintegrating.

    The butterflies in her stomach had now been set ablaze as yesterday’s multiple humiliations replayed themselves in her mind. Thinking of Bridget, her infuriating attitude and out-of-control ego, made her think of Emilia and how irritating the brunette had been.

    ‘I should have been a bit louder, woke that slut right up,’ She seethed, turning away from the humiliation board that would soon have its first piece of ‘evidence’ pinned to it.

    Her fluffy socks muffled her footsteps on the ornate wooden staircase before she tiptoed under the chandelier toward the kitchen.

    She could hear a faint clatter coming from the open-plan room, causing her hourglass body to tense slightly.

    ‘Bridget or Ayumi? Or maybe Emilia- and she just left the music on?’ She tensed uncontrollably, the nervous anticipation reappearing in her mind.

    ‘Arranging a ‘fight’ so seriously, even though we all live together…Gah, how awkward…’ The blonde cringed to herself, ‘What do I even say to them?’

    Thankfully, however, the figure she saw as she stepped into the room wasn’t any of the three, but instead, the bushy-haired Jane, who was already up and dressed, wearing a large hoodie and a pair of blue jeans.

    “Oh- Hiya!” 17 Bellingham Way’s more amiable brunette called out, waving excitedly.

    ‘Ahh-Phew,’ Astrid sighed.

    The blonde wouldn’t have to get in a bitch fight before she had even had a morning coffee, which was something to be relieved about, though, she still felt an inexplicable disappointment flutter through her heart, before quickly disappearing.

    The blonde pulled herself onto the breakfast bra and began chitchatting with the tall girl.

    ‘She is a bit annoying,’ Astrid thought, ‘But compared to the other three, she’s not bad at all.’

    Jane kindly slid a coffee over the counter, which Astrid sipped as the small talk continued.

    The brunette had just begun explaining her plan to join the Cheerleading Club, much to Astrid’s bewilderment, when Ayumi strutted in.

    Astrid felt her body stiffen slightly, which she hoped wasn’t too noticeable, considering she was sitting.

    The curvaceous beauty was ready for the day, her long black hair casually bound in a bun, with a few selective strands trailing down her nape. She was wearing a tight white tanktop, that displayed her busty breasts in all their glory, with a long caramel trench coat drawing attention forcing any eyes onto her large chest. Below the waist was a pair of black skinny jeans. Bearing many small rips and slices, the pants flashed small samples of plump white thighs, forming a seductive black-and-white contrast.

    ‘God, are you going into town to grab some stuff, or are you going on a photoshoot?’ Astrid couldn’t help but sneer, not realizing that countless girls had thought the exact same thing about her before.

    Her piercing blue gaze was so fixated on the Japanese girl that she managed to see the transfer student flinching slightly as she noticed Astrid’s presence.

    ‘Ha, you were so arrogant last night, where’d all your courage go now then?’ The blonde thought condescendingly, completely forgetting her earlier awkwardness.

    Ayumi must have been eyeballing her just as hard though, as the raven-haired girl suddenly snapped,

    “You must have given up on tonight then, walking around dressed like that?”

    The blonde felt anger flare up inside her, her insides twisting in a sudden movement.

    ‘This bitch, the first thing she says to me, and it’s this?’

    Astrid’s early worries seemed entirely laughable now.

    Ayumi, Bridget, and Emilia had no intention of getting along with her, so there was no need to worry about what to say, or who she was going to meet when she turned a corner in this new house. She just needed to make sure she had the bigger attitude and that she was ready to launch her verbal assault first whenever she locked eyes with another girl.

    She had no need to get along with any of them.

    ‘Being quiet for Emilia? Not knowing what to say? What a joke! I don’t need to tip-toe around these bitches, they need to tip-toe around me!’

    “Excuse me?” Astrid laughed in anger, instantly infuriated by the girl’s assertion. She spun off the barstool. Putting her hands on her hips, she spat, “I haven’t given up on anything. You’re just trying to hide your insecurity by overdressing.”

    Ayumi’s jaw clenched in annoyance, which caused a sadistic glee to bubble up in the blonde’s navel.

    “This isn’t… overdressing.” The Asian beauty paused before repeating the word, which caused Astrid to smirk. At least, until the following words wiped it off her face.

    “This is fashion. You don’t know this because you dress like a whore.”

    ‘What the fuck, bitch?!’ Astrid had finally experienced what Emilia had endured the day prior, the Japanese girl’s words striking her like a blunt battering ram.

    ‘You can’t compete in a war of words, so you just flip the fucking table?? Well, I’ll set it a-fucking-blaze if you wanna play like that!’

    “Babe, that’s not fashion,” Astrid hissed, her face warped in mockery, “That’s covering up your pathetic body to hide that you’ve got no curves.”

    Astrid knew that momentum was more important than truth when giving a bitch a verbal beatdown, so she ignored reality when insulting her opponent.

    This proved correct as Ayumi’s face contorted in furious indignance, the girl’s hands clenching into fists.

    ‘Oh? Not happy about this, well this is gonna make you cry!’ Astrid glared, her blue eyes filled in icy rage.

    “You dress like you’re allergic to showing skin, and I know why,” She continued, taking a step closer to the other girl. “You can’t stuff your fucking bra when you dress like me, can’t you, huh?”

    The blonde grabbed her perky tits as she spoke, her face a malicious smirk. Astrid watched with glee as Ayumi’s face contorted as if she had swallowed a fly.

    ‘Yeah, what you gonna do? Get your tits and show me that their real?’ The blonde laughed to herself.

    The frustrated look on Ayumi’s told her that the Japanese girl was agonizing over exactly that.

    Just as Ayumi seemed ready to launch another brute force assault, however, Jane jumped in between the pair.

    “Whoa-ah, guys, really now!” The brunette stammered awkwardly. “Didn’t you agree to play a game or something and hash all this out?”

    ‘Ohhh- we are… though not the type of game you’re expecting, babe.’ Astrid thought as she rolled her eyes.

    She took a step back, feeling Ayumi’s burning stare fixed on her tits.

    ‘Huh, you wanna see, don’t you?’ Astrid thought, Why not? I’ve always been generous…’

    In a sudden movement, she pulled her crop top up, letting her perky boobs bounce out of the cotton. Small red nipples surrounded by soft pink areolas were suddenly revealed as her twin peaks popped out in the middle of the kitchen. Her flat stomach, tight waist and slender shoulders made her already large tits seem even bigger, something she knew all too well.

    Jane was facing Ayumi, so she didn’t see, but Ayumi saw, the Japanese girl’s face shifting from one emotion to the next in a matter of seconds.

    Astrid saw shock, and anger mixed with a faint tinge of what she thought to be jealousy, before Ayumi’s face suddenly filled with…

    ‘Amusement…? Y-you’re- looking down… on me…?!’ Astrid thought, her anger spiking in a sudden fit of hysteria.

    The other girl turned away, making for the front door. Seeing this, Astrid pulled her top down, just as Jane turned around.

    “What did she find so funny all of a sudden?” The clueless girl asked.

    Astrid could only say that she didn’t know, whilst seething in silence.

    Hearing the front door slam, she grabbed a handful of fruit, before beginning her walk back to her room.

    She passed Emilia and Bridget fighting on the upstairs landing.

    Emilia was wearing a tight pair of pink yoga shorts and a black sports bra, whilst Bridget was wearing a pair of booty shorts and a crop top just like her own.

    Trying to force down the writhing nausea in her stomach at the thought of matching outfits with Bridget, Astrid lent on the wall and watched the duo, her face an expression of malicious joy.

    From piecing together their hysterical screams, Astrid understood that Emilia had decided to do some yoga on the landing, of all the places in the house, and Bridget hadn’t liked that one bit.

    “What, you wanna fucking compare, then let’s do it!” Bridget hissed, the freckled and furious redhead grinding her body into Emilia’s. Her tits were squashing against the brunette’s, her crop top offering little protection, but she didn’t seem to mind.

    “Come on then, you bitch!” Emilia hissed back, matching the ginger girl’s every movement with one of her own. “We’ll see who’s fake and who’s real.”

    Spectating the show, Astrid could piece together that Bridget had made a comment about Emilia’s ass, which had led to an immediate shouting match breaking out between them, each girl claiming her booty was better.

    Astrid would have been quite happy to watch the pair rip each other to shreds, if not for Ayumi’s taunting making her even more short-tempered than usual.

    “Can you two just fucking shut up, and save it for later?” The blonde hissed, “I don’t want you making any excuses for your loss.”

    ““Fuck you!”” The blonde’s feuding foes spat in one voice as they glared at her in unison.

    Despite their cursing, the pair proceeded to pull apart, their hourglass bodies moving in opposite directions as they continued to hiss at one another.

    “I’m going out anyway, can’t waste time on a plastic slut like you,” Bridget growled, her voice aggressive despite her quick retreat.

    “Fine, run away! Your ass is still getting beat tonight!” Emilia spat back, her legs doing just as much ‘running’ as her opponent’s.

    Though she wasn’t sure who was supposed to be fighting who tonight, Astrid realized that she and Ayumi weren’t the only ones with a hairpin trigger.


    Time dragged as the appointed time grew closer and closer.

    After the morning’s excitement, the afternoon was mostly a snore-fest, doing a bit of online shopping before watching Netflix as she folded away clothes and organised her stuff. The only real ‘entertainment’ was when her attempt to make Emilia clean her hair out of the shower ended with the pair getting in each other’s face.

    “Why do you think you can boss me around? Do you think I’m your goddamn maid or something?” -Emilia had said defiantly.

    In the end, she had been forced to clean it, the brunette refusing simply to spite her. In retaliation, she had called Emilia a ‘lazy little bitch’ and threatened to make her the first one on the humiliation board, which had pushed the brunette into a hysterical rage.

    The exchange whilst hatefully exciting had caused the bundle of anger and annoyance within her to knot even tighter, the only relief coming when she heard Ayumi and Bridget arrive home simultaneously, at around 3 pm. The exchange students broke out in a fight coming up the stairs, each girl’s angry stomps reverberating through the house.

    She had listened from the door, her head peeking out whilst her thighs unconsciously rubbed together as their hateful screams entered her ears.

    The duo had come home with the same shopping bags, prompting accusations of being a copycat to fly around. Astrid had listened to the ridiculous and petty screaming match with malicious enjoyment. That was, until she locked eyes with Emilia, who had been listening in too.

    ‘You bitch!’ The clash of blue and green eyes screamed silently.

    ““One hour!”” Ayumi and Bridget yelled down the corridor, the pair having spotted the eavesdropping duo mid-fight.

    Lightning seemed to crackle between the four girls.

    “Ayumi clearly had the same idea as me,” Bridget growled, “So wear your leggings again!”

    She lifted a shopping bag bearing the Nike logo, and Astrid felt her stomach drop.

    ‘These bitches… They didn’t!’

    The taunting looks in the foreign duo’s eyes told her that they had, however, and the irritated glances they were sending each other served to confirm the fact.

    ‘You wanna compare against me, fine! Let’s do it!’

    ““You’re gonna regret challenging me!”” Astrid hissed, hearing Emilia speak simultaneously.

    Angry humiliation at the brunette sharing her words cascaded through her, even before she saw mockery fill Bridget’s green eyes.

    ““I won’t, it’s time to put you in your place!”” The ginger girl spat. Yet, as soon as she did, Astrid’s eyes flashed with mocking scorn, laughing at the opposing girl for speaking in synchrony with the black-haired beauty.

    The atmosphere on the second storey was blazing hot. Dense surges of anger and humiliation billowing from all four women.

    ““““One hour.”””” The quartet promised, none flinching at their shared words this time.

    Returning to her room, Astrid discarded her previous outfit plan. Wearing a pair of sky blue, lace panties, she then pulled on her leggings from the previous day. One leg after another, the black polyester stuck to her long legs like a second layer of skin, highlighting her perfectly sculpted calves, and her firm, plump thighs. After pulling the nylon/spandex mix over her bubble butt with some difficulty, the waistband slapped against her pale skin as Astrid released it, satisfied with the look of her wide hips and thick ass.

    She pulled the leggings up slightly around the crotch, just enough so that the outline of her puffy pussy lips could be seen.

    Astrid then pulled on her blue sports bra, making sure her perky tits looked good, as she knew all three girls would be judging them. She then pulled her long blonde hair into a ponytail, before slipping on a pair of white ankle socks.

    After twisting and turning in front of the mirror for a few minutes, bending away from the mirror to check out her ass, and doing a standing split to admire her slit, she finally felt ready. Her hourglass figure thrumming with powerful confidence and potent sexual energy would overwhelm any girl who dared to challenge her.

    Only to have 53 more minutes until the time of their clash...

    ‘Hurry up…Hurry up…’ Astrid commanded the clock.

    Feeling her anticipation and anger blending together in her navel into a sticky knot, she looked at the clock only to see she still had 50 minutes.

    ‘Fuck it!’ She thought. Spraying her neck and wrists her perfume, and her chest with a body mist, she marched out into the corridor.

    Only to see Emilia coming out of her room too. The girl was matching her in all but tone, the ponytailed brunette wearing the same red crop top as the day before, with the matching leggings too.

    She was even wearing white ankle socks.

    ““You’re early,”” The blonde and brunette hissed in unison.

    Astrid felt red hot loathing bubble inside at how similar she felt to the other girl, biting her lip in hatred. Emilia did the same.

    Their glares smashed together in a humiliating tangle, both women furious and embarrassed at their persisting symmetry.

    They turned in a single movement, walking down the corridor in lockstep.

    The pair marched to the landing atop the stairs, only to arrive at the same moment Bridget and Ayumi did.

    As the blonde expected, the duo was wearing the exact same leggings that she and Emilia were wearing. Their firm asses and plump thighs revealed in all their seductive glory, whilst their pussies were faintly visible. Ayumi was matching Emilia, with a red sports bra of her own, whilst the redhead…

    ‘Wearing blue, of course she is.’ Astrid hissed to herself, her eyes locking onto Bridget’s fat chest bounded by a blue sports bra.

    ‘Hmphh, I didn’t think she’d be so…so…’ Astrid groaned, not willing to complete that thought.

    She had seen Bridget’s curves but expected the girl to be weaker than her in the end. This expectation hadn’t been met, much to her dismay.

    Her eyes locked with Bridget’s searching for signs of weakness, only for her gaze to be mirrored right back at her.

    It seemed that Bridget was just as dismayed as she was.

    ‘What, you thought you were gonna strut out here and I was gonna just roll over?’ Astrid seethed, furious that the girl thought she’d look better than her.

    She marched toward her redheaded opponent, accidentally bumping hips with Emilia as she did so. Ayumi and Bridget had a similar collision, causing all four girls to stiffen in annoyance.

    “So, how are we going to do this?” Bridget hissed as the four girls locked together in a tight square, much like how they had the previous day.

    The foursome crushed against each other, now even more identical than they were before. All four had long ponytails, all four wore identical sports bras and leggings, and all four were wearing white ankle socks.

    ‘Fuck- I hadn’t realized we were all the same height,’ Astrid thought, suddenly noticing the obvious- now none of the girls were wearing shoes. She saw grim glints flash in the three other pairs of eyes as her opponents all noticed the same thing.

    The blonde felt embarrassment well up inside her, as though it was a personal failure to be the same height as the others, as well as an irritated frustration.

    She wasn’t delusional enough to think that the others had grown this tall just to spite her, but did they really have to be the same height as her? All three of them?

    An inch smaller would be great, and whilst them being an inch taller would be upsetting, it would still be less aggravating than their four-way tie.

    “We decide on the format…then pair up to compete,” Ayumi answered, her voice low as she pushed and was pushed by two different girls.

    “Fine…So what are we competing with… first?” Emilia grunted in response, her right tit pancaking against Astrid’s left, as her hips pressed hard enough into the blonde to crack them.

    “Since you all like these…. little strength contests… how about we start with that?” Astrid suggested, panted slightly.

    “And how should the loser… be humiliated?” Bridget growled through clenched teeth, her blue sports bra pressing into Astrid’s so hard the dividing line between them was no longer visible.

    “I said I’m gonna spank the shit out of you, so that’s what I’m gonna do!” The blonde growled back, slamming her hips forward in a sudden slam.

    ““Urgh…!”” Emilia and Bridget groaned, as their hipbones were battered by the blonde sudden assault. The duo both pulled back, before countering with blows of their own.

    ““““MNPH-Fuck!”””” All four girls gasped as their wide polyester-wrapped hips smashed together, each member of the quartet wincing in unison.

    “Stop…Fooling around!” Ayumi hissed, her words pained, “Where are we doing this…? Unless you want to do it right here…?”

    “We can do it in my room,” Bridget snapped in response, the redhead’s face contorted in a grimace from her mutually destructive hip slam.

    Astrid and the ginger girl locked eyes in a taunting glare, the redhead’s green eyes seeming to say: ‘Do you dare follow me, slut?’

    Astrid’s blue eyes overflowed with aggression in response: ‘Of course I dare, bitch.’

    The Irish student pulled apart from their body-locked hate-square, and turned, sashaying down the corridor to her room. Pulled her eyes from her hateful opponent’s round ass, still swaying from side-to-side, the blonde exchanged a final glare with Ayumi and Emilia, before the three girls followed Bridget.

    The redhead’s room was still relatively basic, other than the provided furnishings, there was only some stationary on the desk, and a set of fairy lights above the bed.

    “Huh, no Scottish flag…?” Ayumi asked, looking around questioningly.

    “Show me your Chinese flag and I’ll show you my Scottish flag,” The Irish girl hissed in response, showing the Japanese girl no mercy.

    Whilst the duo were bickering, Astrid’s eyes spotted a camera sitting on the desk. It was a modern-looking polaroid, a camera that would instantly print any picture it took.

    ‘Ha…Not only am I gonna destroy you in your own bedroom, but I’ll also use your camera to take a picture of your red-raw ass afterward…’ Astrid smirked to herself.

    “Oh, eat shit, Ayumi,” Bridget spat trying to end their back and forth. Her eyes locking with Astrid’s she questioned, “So who is going first then?”

    Astrid felt like her insides convulse in red-hot rage as the redhead looked at her goadingly. Yet, just as she was about to respond, a certain brunette beat her to it.

    “I can’t wait for a single second longer,” Emilia hissed, stepping toward Ayumi.

    “You read my mind,” Ayumi laughed coldly in response.

    “You’re gonna be bent over my knee you arrogant bitch,”

    “Get ready to cry, you weak whore,”

    The pair stood a few feet apart, on a circular rug in the center of the room. Like two beasts getting ready to pounce, the honey and milk-toned girls stalked one another, their steps landing perfectly on the other’s footprints.

    Astrid exchanged an annoyed glare with Bridget, the matching girls frustrated that they had to wait their turn.

    “What, hand-to-hand then?” Emilia asked as she and Ayumi circled one another, their matching frames oozing menace.

    “Unless you two wanna do it tit-to-tit like we did yesterday… Oh- wait… that didn’t end so well for you,” Astrid hissed.

    “It didn’t end too well for you two either… whore-tits!” Ayumi spat back, her eyes not moving from their lock on Emilia, even as she taunted the blonde.

    ‘Ha… she is still pissed about earlier,’ She thought, gritting her teeth as she remembered how the black-haired beauty had scoffed at her sudden flash of tit-flesh. She was still pissed too.

    “Shut up!” Bridget growled, impatient anger lacing her words, “stop showing off your flat asses and get on with it already!”

    ““Fuck you!”” The two fighters screeched in a furious union.

    Despite their curses, however, the duo gritted their teeth and lifted their arms. Twenty graceful digits interlocked as palms were pressed together before their elbow bent as they prepared to start their strength contest.

    Ankle socks ground into the rug below them as their legs stretched into a lunge, each girl’s left knee bent in front of them whilst their right left was extended behind them. The curvy women’s perky tits and firm asses stuck out in different directions as the duo braced themselves for the struggle, each glaring into the other’s eyes, their faces only a few inches apart.

    ““I’ll count down from three!”” Astrid and Bridget called out in unison. Blue eyes glared at green, both girls surprise at their synchrony.

    ““Just get on with it!”” The intertwining pair cried out, throwing Bridget’s words back at her. Neither cared about speaking at the same time, the duo’s thoughts likely occupied by the countless silent threats and taunts contained within their mutual death stare.

    ““Three…!”” Astrid and Bridget cried out.

    Astrid’s insides coiled in a fit of furious embarrassment.

    ‘Stop copying me!’

    ““Two…!”” Bridget and Astrid called.

    ‘Gah, shut up and let me do it!’

    As if drawn by magnetic attraction, Astrid couldn’t stop herself from taking a step toward the redhead. At the same time, the other girl had moved toward her, causing their sides to slam together from their sore hip bones to their small sock-covered feet.

    ““Mmph…! One…!”” The duo groaned in unison, their hips stinging in pain. Hateful glares tangled together as their hands reached around each other’s back.

    ‘Fuck you, bitch!’

    ““GO-! EEEEK-?!?!”” The blonde and redhead announced, only to deliver vicious pinches to each other’s juicy ass cheeks as they did so. Squealing in unison, they jolted, their hourglass bodies thrashing against each other as the two beauties in front of them started their duel.

    The brunette and black-haired girls tensed as the ‘go’ announcement echoed throughout the room, their long legs and round asses growing taut, yet despite a few seconds passing, nothing happened.

    “Come on you sluts, stop holding hands and do something already!” Bridget called out in pained irritation, twisting her finger and thumb as she did so.

    “Hhgnn!” Astrid gasped in pain, feeling her sensitive ass being bullied by her soon-to-be opponent. She certainly wasn’t one to turn the other cheek, however, as she returned the attack with a brutal twist of her own.

    “Shi-mmhh!!” Bridget moaned, clamping her mouth shut mid-curse with her free hand. As their hips continued to grind together, the blonde and red duo glared furiously at one another.

    ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!’ Astrid seethed, her rage spiking with every second she spent near the Irish girl, ‘God, I hate you so much I’m gonna fucking be sick!

    She could see the exact same thoughts lurking within Bridget’s emerald-green gaze, the unspoken sentiments reflecting between them.

    Astrid’s eyes flickered back to the combatants, only to see that the pair were still immobile.

    “Hurry up and start, you cunts!” Bridget spat, “I haven’t got all day!”

    ““Gahhh…! Fuck…you…!”” Emilia and Ayumi hissed, the bombshell beauties straining frantically.

    Astrid wasn’t sure if they were talking to each other, or their two spectators, yet, after the furious fighters spoke, Astrid noticed them trembling, their bodies shaking almost imperceptibly.

    Astrid’s blue eyes dilated as she realized that from the fighters’ sock-covered feet, up their tensed legs and down their twitching arms, the matching girls were desperately applying as much force to the other as possible.

    Their snarling faces had flushed a bright red due to the immense effort they were exerting, beads of sweat rolling past snarling lips.

    Astrid felt her ginger rival shudder as the same realization passed through them, and as the blonde watched the girls desperately push against each other, she felt a strange heat swirling in her lower navel.

    ‘Ha… These sluts… they were so arrogant before…now look at them, so red in the face… snarling like idiots…’ Astrid panted, not noticing that she was rubbing her thighs together.

    “That’s…gonna be us… As soon as they’re done…” Bridget whispered, her voice filled with a strange heat.

    Astrid ripped her gaze away from the deadlocked duelists to look at her opponent. Whilst the redhead’s gaze was still filled with combative malice, her face had gotten closer to her hair in hue, a pink blush covering her cheeks.

    ‘Haa…My face feels so hot… I bet I’m just as flush…’ Astrid groaned to herself, sensing that her face was just as pink as the other girl’s. ‘It’s because of those two…going at it like that… They’re so serious but they look so…’

    Astrid’s thoughts ended abruptly as she realized that, as Bridget said, they would be locked together just like that in a few moments. Wrapped up in a battle that would feel solemn and serious to them… but look ridiculous to Emilia and Ayumi.

    Bridget’s pinch had lost its strength, her attention stolen by the fight they were spectating. Astrid’s had too, and she was willing to lie sleeping dogs lie, not eager to start their pinch fight again.

    “That’ll be us… Only… I’ll beat you way faster than this,” Astrid whispered back, trying and failing to hide the heat in her breath.

    “You wish!” Bridget panted breathlessly in response.

    The four girls continued to pant, Emilia and Ayumi’s gasps harsh and sharp, whilst Astrid and Bridget’s were hot and shallow.

    The blonde felt as though the swirling heat in her abdomen had begun leaking down to her crotch. Like watercolor paint dyeing white paper, the heat spread- a sensitive, tingling following it.

    ‘What is…wrong with me…?’ She gasped, desperately resisting the urge to rub her smooth and sensitive thighs together. ‘Just hurry up and finish it already…! Emilia or Ayumi, I don’t care who!’

    Her contact with Bridget felt electric, her long leg buzzing and thrumming against the other girl’s, whilst her hip and peach-like ass cheek felt as though they had been set on fire.

    ‘Don’t move, Astrid. Don’t move. Just let it pass… and you’ll go back to normal.’ The blonde told herself again and again, forcibly keeping her hands away from the cunt that seemed to be begging for attention.

    Emilia and Ayumi’s locked arms were shaking even more, their sweat-soaked palms slipping and sliding against each other.

    The moans escaping from their gasping mouths sounded more and more exhausted, and their exposed stomachs rippled with strain.

    The battle between beauties may have been subtle, but the persistent stalemate required an immense amount of force to maintain.

    And it was getting closer and closer to its conclusion.

    While Astrid was conflicted over who she wanted to win, the tanned fighter’s left knee buckled slightly. This minute shift in the battle between the legs caused an immediate effect.

    Ayumi, for the first time in the fight, managed to seize a small advantage. If the mutual grip between the girls had been a flat horizontal line, it had now titled, with Ayumi pushing down on her opponent from above.

    “Ahah! Go on Ayumi, hurry up and finish her!” Bridget suddenly cried out.

    Astrid’s lower lips clenched together through the tight black leggings, realizing that Emilia was about to lose.

    The churning warmth in her lower navel seemed reluctant for the fight to end, whilst Astrid’s brain wanted the end to hurry up and arrive soon. Neither of these conflicting emotions cared about Emilia winning, both wanted to see the brunette humiliated further, just in two different ways.

    “You can do it, Emilia!” She cried out, regardless of her feelings, however. The redhead had cheered, so she felt like she had to match it.

    The tanned fighter did not appreciate this cheer though, her furious green eyes shooting a hateful glare at the blonde.

    This distraction proved fatal, as the next second the sweaty and sticky brunette fell backward as her feet slipped out from under her.

    The sound of her dense assmeat squashing against the wooden floor echoed throughout the room.

    Emilia had lost.

    And Ayumi had won.

    Watching the infuriating Emilia hit the floor, the brunette’s face contorted in a mix of disbelief and rage, Astrid felt the warm tingling sensation throbbing in her stomach, and couldn’t prevent a sadistic laugh from escaping her arched lips.

    ‘You’re so pathetic, Emilia… You must be so ashamed that the sexy body… you’re so proud of got knocked to the floor… all covered in sweat…’

    “Phaha!” Her crotch throbbed again and again as though she had a second heart beating next to her womb. The blonde couldn’t help but giggle to herself, before quickly clapping her mouth shut with her hand.

    ‘Haha…I shouldn’t…Hhahaa!’

    She wasn’t fearful of the brunette, especially not now, but that didn’t mean she could join the others in mocking her.

    Putting aside the antagonism between the two groups of students, the foreign visitors, and them, the locals, she still had to share a bathroom with the defeated beauty, so she couldn’t discard all pretences with her.

    “Guess that’s all your weak ass is good for, cushioning you when you hit the ground?” Bridget laughed in scathing mockery.

    She wasn’t congratulating Ayumi but instead taunting the defeated girl. Either way, Astrid didn’t care, since the redhead’s words helped to muffle her scornful laugh.

    “Shitt…!!” Emilia groaned. The honey-tanned girl was desperately clutching her thighs, pressing down on them as though trying to suppress an ache, her dazed eyes simply staring at the ceiling.

    Despite it being Ayumi’s victory, the Japanese girl didn’t join them in humiliating her defeated opponent. Not out of kindness or mercy, but because she was bent over, breathing deeply with one hand pressed on her lower stomach, the other on her knee.

    Both the winner and the loser were dripping with sweat, each looking as though she had just run a marathon despite the fight only taking around two minutes. Before the showdown, the duo had flat, toned stomachs, though neither could be said to possess a six-pack at a casual glance. Now, however, after the battle of balance that required every bit of strength their bodies had, their abs were swollen, revealing impressed abdominal muscles. Sweat steaming off their exposed cores, the womanly softness of their slim stomachs had seemingly disappeared, evaporating into the air along with their sweat.

    “I… Win…” Ayumi gasped, the sweat-soaked Japanese girl sounding incredibly weak, despite her victory. Her soft white buns wrapped within the red sports bra were heaving up and down and covered in a mix of sweat and saliva.

    Though whose saliva, none of the four could tell.

    “Gaah…Eat shit…!” Was all Emilia replied with, the bitter brunette lying collapsed on the floor below, her breasts rising and falling frantically as she struggled to get her breath back.

    “Haahaa…! It’s time for your loser’s punishment, Emiliaaa-!” Bridget cried out, her words overflowing with twisted glee. The redhead was so excited that it was as if she would be spanking the brunette’s bouncy ass instead of Ayumi.

    “Fuck…You…!” Emilia gasped in response, forcing herself to her knees and painstakingly moving aside. “How about you actually compete first before acting all smug, you stuck-up Scottish bitch…!”

    Astrid chuckled again as she saw Bridget’s arrogant smirk be smashed to pieces by the brunette’s piercing words.

    ‘Hahaha…“I’m not Scottish, I’m Irish…” Go on- say it!’ Astrid mocked internally, waiting for the ginger girl’s response.

    Sadly for Astrid, her opponent simply snorted, not deigning to respond to the bait.

    If her eyes trained on the other girl, however, the blonde missed Emilia’s bloodshot glare locking onto her as she laughed. The green eyes were like sharp, vicious emerald daggers that had been forged out of humiliation and hate.

    Astrid’s involuntary snort at Emilia’s loss had been heard loud and clear.

    Not realizing the malice her laugh had attracted, however, Astrid took Emilia’s place on the rug, with Bridget taking Ayumi’s.

    Standing there, only moments away from competing, Astrid’s distracted thoughts were blown from her mind. No long occupied by the warmth in her crotch, nor by worries of how she may look as she engaged in her clash of strength, the blonde only thought one thing.

    ‘I’m gonna win!’

    ‘I’m going to beat you, Bridget!’

    Her long legs stretched out like a ballerina, the blonde started circling the redhead. Her petite feet, wrapped in tight white ankle shoes landed in the exact same spots that Ayumi and Emilia had walked on, as she and her opponent continued to circle one another, they too began walking in each other’s footsteps.

    Neither girl noticed the residual warmth of their rival’s feet pressing into their own, however, as both were too busy glaring into the other’s eyes.

    Blue and green eyes were liked two whirlpools trying to suck up one another, their deep gazes twinning and tangling together.

    Astrid’s chest was rising and falling, her body already slick with a tense sweat.

    “Ha, no rush or anything,” Emilia spat, interrupting the tension between the two predators.

    “No, please hurry up. Emilia still needs to be punished for challenging me,” Ayumi said, sharp sadism filling her words.

    Neither blonde nor redhead broke their staredown, both Astrid could sense the brunette and raven-haired girls grinding their bodies together.

    Their duel seemed to have only deepened their mutual loathing, though the dynamic now seemed to be tinged with superiority on one side, and furious indignance on the other.

    “Let’s lock up then,” Bridget whispered, outstretching her pale hands.

    “Let’s,” Astrid muttered in response.

    A shiver passed through Astrid as her fingers interlocked with the other girl’s.

    ‘Ew… sweaty!’ She thought as their palms pressed together, only to see the same disgust flicker through her opponent’s eyes.

    As the mutual exchange played out, for reasons she didn’t understand, the sticky wet warmth in her navel swirled once more, causing her thighs to twitch slightly. She felt, or sensed, a sudden shiver pass through the other girl too, which at least told her that she wasn’t alone in experiencing whatever she just experienced.

    As she brought her face closer to her rival, and her rival brought her face closer to Astrid, however, all the uncontrollable emotions churning in her stomach were set ablaze by a reignition of her passionate hatred for the other girl.

    It had been hate at first sight for her and Bridget, and they both knew it, even if neither of them would be able to explain how or why they felt that way.

    Forcing herself to concentrate only on the fight to come, not on her pounding heart or the heat in her crotch, she glared at Bridget. The blonde’s blue eyes stabbed past the girl’s cute, freckled nose, and past the eyelashes that had been painted with mascara, just like her own.

    Looking into the deep green pools, she forgot all about how they were the same height, about how the girl’s curves looked so identical to the ones she saw in the mirror. About the ridiculousness of the situation, and how Emilia and Ayumi were watching them.

    ‘Win. Win.’

    Winning is all that mattered. Nothing else.

    ““Ready to lose?””

    The girls said in one voice, their words colliding in the inch of space between.

    Astrid was so focused that she didn’t even care to react over their synchrony. Compared to the result of their clash, it didn’t matter.

    ““Three!”” Two voices cried out, both sadistic and taunting.

    Astrid felt Bridget’s sweet breath hit her lips, blown forcefully from between the girl’s wet mouth.

    Accidentally breathing it into her lungs, the blonde felt another hot throb in her navel.

    ““Two!”” The vultures cried out again.

    She blew out a rough breath of her own, sensing the shudder passing through Bridget as though it were her own.

    ““One!”” The spectating girls cried out, anticipating dripping from the word.

    ‘I hate you.’

    ‘I hate you.’

    Astrid and Bridget said to one another, their fiery stares doing the talking for them.

    Astrid tensed, her seductive body coiled and ready to strike forward at the signal.


    Instantly she pushed forward as hard as she could, hoping to overpower the redhead from the onset, only she didn’t move at all.

    ‘Gah-?! St-strong!’ Was Astrid’s first thought as she felt the force coming from the opponent. She immediately understood that Emilia and Ayumi’s drop-dead reaction after their two-minute clash wasn’t an exaggeration at all.

    ‘They did this… for that long…?!’ Astrid’s grimaced, hot spit flying from her groaning mouth.

    ““Hnngg!”” She gasped, her stomach aching already. The only consolation was that Bridget was gasping and groaning just as much as she was.

    “Hurry up already, you two!” Called a taunting voice.

    “Yeah, stop holding hands and do something thing!” Came another.

    A furious humiliation washed over her, as the blonde realized that she and Bridget were stuck in a complete deadlock, neither of them managing to move the other even an inch.

    ““Hnggg…! Fuck…off…!”” The red-faced duo gasped in synchrony, Astrid hissing at both her opponent and the mocking onlookers.

    Sweat rolling down her face, Astrid’s stomach was churning, her lungs burning as they were filled again and again with her enemy’s second-hand air, yet she had no choice but to keep panting desperately.

    ‘Hate…you…!’ Each girl’s glare continued to say, even as their coiling veins swelled, and their muscles bulged.

    Astrid’s ankle’s felt like they were going to break, the soft rug offering no protection against the hardness of the wooden floor. Her thighs felt like they were going to rip out of her black leggings, and her tits pop out of her blue sports bra.

    ‘Don’t stop…Don’t stop…Don’t stop…’ She repeated again and again in a process of self-hypnosis, before ‘Arghhhh…! It hurts…! Fuck fuck FUCKKK!’

    Abs and ankles. Calves and chest. Thighs and biceps. Wrists and toes.

    Every part of Astrid’s body felt as though it was ripping apart as she continued to frantically force herself against Bridget.

    ‘How long have we been doing this?’

    ‘Five, ten minutes?’

    ‘Just give up already…!’

    Astrid couldn’t even care about how close their faces were, how they were swapping air between their lungs or how their sweat was mixing together between their palms and fingers.

    She couldn’t care about how hot her crotch felt, how it twitched whenever she and Bridget groaned and gasped in perfect synchrony or how it throbbed every time she heard her merciless spectators whispering to each other as they watched.

    Not caring didn’t mean she was immune to the effects, however. Her body was getting hotter and hotter, and not just from exertion.

    The heat in her crotch was churning and bubbling and the sensitivity in her upper thighs felt as though it had been cranked up to eleven.

    If Emilia didn’t push her down to the ground, the persistent and unwanted heat would do it instead.


    The pair gasped together, their desperate grunts colliding.

    Then, just as the thought of losing crossed her mind, it was over.

    Like pressing fast forward on a movie in the middle of the climax, Astrid felt as though she had missed the most important moment.

    All she knew was that her hands her empty… and that Bridget’s bubble-butt had hit the floor with a wet slap.

    Rather than innocent excitement or sadistic glee flooding her mind, however, her first emotion was panic.

    ‘Too hot…! Stop- ahh!’ The blonde thought, her hand shooting to her burning stomach. Her abs felt as though they had been set on fire, but that was nothing unusual for her, who frequented the college gym. Instead, the cause of her distress lay deeper, under and below her aching abdominal muscles.

    Whilst she was desperately attempting to look as though she were pressing on her bulging abs, most of her force was being applied just below her belly button. Astrid’s throbbing crotch felt as though it was about to explode. Not in a painful detonation of blood and flesh, but rather in an cum-filled climax.

    ‘Stop…Stop…Gahh-What’s…wrong with me…’ She gasped to herself.

    Desperately breathing in air as though surfacing from a deep dive, her body ached so badly she thought she was going to collapse just like Bridget. Yet she couldn’t spare even a single thought for the rest of her hourglass body, because a single moment of inattentiveness could spell disaster under her spectator’s hawk-like gazes.

    ‘I’m don’t feel turned on- no, I’m not turned on. Not- I’m not. Not at all. S-so why am I about to cum? What’s going on? What’s wrong with me?’ Lightning-fast thoughts flickered through her mind in a single instant.

    Panting hard, she continued to discretely push down on her navel, wishing that she could cup her cunt within her hands to ensure she didn’t soak her leggings.

    Leggings that she now regretted pulling into such a tight cameltoe.

    ‘Did she feel like this too?’ Astrid thought, her mind filled with the memory of how Ayumi had pressed down on her lower stomach, ‘Was she about to explode down there, just like me?!’

    It felt like an eternity for the blonde on the brink of social death, but just as the climax was painstakingly forced back down, she heard a voice cut through her inner panic-

    “That’s what we call karma, you slut!” Laughed a cruel voice she knew belonged to Emilia. “Bet you feel fucking stupid now, you dumb cunt!”

    The tanned girl’s voice was filled with a hot, sadistic excitement, clearing taking great joy in the defeated fighter’s plight.

    Astrid had just wondered if the brunette would be just as pleased regardless of who won, when she heard a small snicker coming from Ayumi.

    The black-haired beauty clamped her mouth shut, forcing the laugh to an abrupt end, but it was too late.

    She had heard it which meant Bridget had heard it.

    -Which also meant that Emilia had heard her earlier laugh too.

    That didn’t matter now, however, as the focus returned to the blonde’s blue eyes, she fixed them on Bridget, who was sprawled out on the floor.

    The redhead’s legs were spread slightly, and her hands were firmly pressed down on her upper thighs as if attempting to give herself a deep tissue massage. The Irish girl’s freckly skin was dyed a deep red, blotches of pink flush painted atop her previous snow-toned skin.

    Her blue sports bra looked as though it had been dipped in a bucket of sweat, and whilst she couldn’t see a visual difference in the black leggings, judging from how sweaty Astrid felt, she knew the ginger’s legging-covered legs were likely no less wet.

    Her lungs had finally recovered enough to allow speech, but all the blonde could think to say was-


    A raspy, exhausted gasp escaped her lips, far from the dignified and stern tone she had been aiming for.

    “Lucky…bitch…!” The defeated redhead spat back, her voice filled with a furious bitterness as if denying the result with every fibre of her being.

    “Time for your punishment, Bridget,” Ayumi said, her lips arching into a cruel smile. “Ah-that must mean it is time for your punishment too, Emilia.”

    Simultaneous groans escaped two pairs of clenched teeth, though one groan sounded more winded that the other.

    “Wait by the bed,” Astrid commanded, forcing herself to stand up straight.

    Ayumi looked at her passively, waiting for an explanation before moving, whilst the defeated duo both glared at her furiously, the two sets of green eyes practically scalding the blonde with her heat.

    “What, you gonna make poor Emilia stand while you spank her? I’m bending Bridget over my knee to give her the discipline she needs.” Astrid said coldly.

    Ayumi’s dark eyes flashed with sadistic glee as the redhead and brunette both flushed a deep red.

    “Don’t go too far!” Bridget hissed hysterically, her freckled face contorting her humiliation.

    “This isn’t far at all? We all agreed that we’d be punished if we lost, after all,” Astrid answered as factually as she could, the blonde suppressing the grin that was attempting to spread across her face.

    ‘Haha, bet you’re regretting all that attitude now?’ She thought, her eyes arching into cruel crescents.

    “Get it over with then,” Emilia spat angrily.

    The brunette then strode haughtily to the bed, her long, seductive legs still possessing her usual arrogance. The tanned girl then perched herself on the edge, her legs crossed. She seemed to be facing her fate with calm determination, as though prepared to bury any and all emotion she may feel.

    “Hmph,” Bridget snorted in defiance, before forcing herself off the floor and following Emilia’s sweaty footsteps and sitting on her bed.

    Astrid’s insides coiled in irritation as she watched the redhead collect herself, acting as though she was in control of the situation.

    The blonde followed them, seeing Ayumi do the same. Two more sets of sweat-soaked footprints were added to the four, the sets of left and right feet entirely indistinguishable from each other in shape and size.

    A subtle glance passed between the vicious and victorious women, Astrid’s blue eyes mirroring the sadistic scheming of Ayumi’s.

    Astrid sat down next to Bridget, her body squashing into the other girl’s as though trying to sit on the exact same spot. The Japanese girl did the same on the other end of the bed, the mattress creaking under the weight of the four bombshell beauties.

    “God… Did you have to sit so close?” Bridget sniffed coldly, her face annoyed but seemingly unbothered by the impending punishment.

    “Don’t pretend to not care about this,” Astrid whispered in response, her voice low and dripping with threat. “You’ll hurt my feelings… and then I’ll spank your weak ass even harderrr…’

    She dragged out her last word, blowing hot air into Bridget’s burning ear.

    “Hmph!” The redhead huffed, turning her head away from the blonde.

    “Come on…Come here. Lean on my lap,” Astrid purred, taking great enjoyment at having forced her ginger rival into submission.

    The bubbling warmth had returned to her crotch, sending a sensitive tingling between her plump, pressed-together thighs. Astrid felt less aversion to its presence now as compared to earlier, however, the blonde now sat victorious on her defeated foe’s bed, rather than in a hot and humiliating strength test in the middle of the room.

    ‘Hmm…I have been looking forward to punishing you…Not too strange to get a little excited at having an arrogant bitch like you bent over my knee.’ She thought to herself, feeling her ass twitch slightly.

    Bridget groaned, before she obeyed. The mattress rose up as her ass was lifted into the air, the redhead resting her torso on Astrid’s plump thighs.

    A sudden gasp of shock came from the redhead, however.

    Astrid’s eyes practically overflowed with twisted pleasure, as she knew why her prey’s uncaring façade had cracked.

    “Isn’t it nice? You’re not going to be lonely during your punishment,” Ayumi laughed out loud. The Asian beauty had Emilia bent over her knee too, and the two soon-to-be punished girls were staring straight at each other.

    Astrid watched Emilia’s face contort in embarrassment as the brunette realized that not only was Bridget going to see every second of her punishment, but Astrid was too.

    ““Hnnngg!”” The pair cried out in unison, their curvy bodies thrashing in protest.

    ‘Hahaha, what happened to your calm now?’ Astrid thought mercilessly, her hand lifting behind Bridget’s perky ass cheeks.

    Rather than straining her neck to look at her defeated foe, her blue eyes were instead fixed on the honey-tanned Emilia. She watched her face tense slightly as Astrid’s hand hung above Bridget’s bouncy butt.

    ‘I wonder if that lazy little bitch has a similar look on her face,’ The blonde mused as she saw Ayumi’s hand ready to smash down on Emilia’s round behind. ‘Serves her right for mouthing off to me this morning.’

    ““Ah-wait!”” The girls cried out in desperation. Astrid was just about to swing her hand down, in a rapid denial of any excuses they were about to spew, only for their words to force her to a stop.

    “Y-you can’t just do it for as long as you want!” Emilia spoke in a panicked fluster.

    “Y-yeah!” Bridget gasped in agreement, before continuing. “You get, like, ten seconds!”

    ““Ha-!”” Astrid and Ayumi scoffed in unison.

    ‘Ten seconds? How kind do you think I am?’

    Despite her callous thought, her hand remained stationary, and the executioner’s blade temporarily halted.

    “Stop dreaming,” Ayumi said coldly, “Two minutes is around how long you whores lasted. That’s how long you’ll be punished for.”

    “Two minutes?!” Squawked Emilia in response, her voice unnerved. “Are you trying to leave us bloody?”

    “Do it by the number of spanks instead!” Bridget bargained desperately, “Say t-ten!”

    “Haa… Good idea Bridget, that sounds reasonable,” Astrid laughed savagely.

    “Isn’t that nice, Emilia? You get ten spanks on each of your impertinent buttocks,” Ayumi taunted the brunette.

    Astrid watched with sadistic glee as the defeated duo exchanged furious glares, each blaming the other for not negotiating a better punishment.

    Astrid’s crotch still felt warm, though she had expected the sticky wet pleasure to continue to build, as it had done during her battle with Bridget. What had once been a furious raging river of inexplicable female desire, now seemed more like a stagnant stream, however.

    ‘It’s because I haven’t started punishing this bitch yet,’ Astrid told herself.

    Her thoughts reaching this point, she viciously swung her hand down, her open palm smashing into Bridget’s perky left ass cheek.

    ““Gah!”” Two pained moans echoed out immediately following the sound of two slaps.

    Just as she had thought, the feeling of her rival’s burning hot ass deform under her slap caused her navel to throb with sadistic joy. Feeling the arrogant and proud beauty thrash on her lap, and watching an identical situation unfold on Ayumi’s plump thighs made her feel as though her life was starting to regain some of its order.

    ‘Haaa, yes. This is how it should be. No more hysterical screaming until I’m red in the face. No more getting embarrassed like a dumb slut. This is where I belong. On top.’ Astrid thought, some of her usual confidence returning to her.

    She brought down a second slap, this time on Bridget’s right ass cheek. Her palm forced down her prey’s perky ass, her fingers rubbing against the ginger’s inner thigh.

    ““Mmph!”” Once again, the defeated duo failed to contain their pained gasps.

    As Astrid enjoyed the gradually building warmth slowly making its way down to her tight pussy, a sudden stir of irritation welled up inside her. She had conquered Bridget, the redhead no longer worthy of her attention, whilst Emilia had been put in her place by Ayumi.

    But therein lay the problem.


    ‘Stop spanking at the same time as me,’ Astrid grumbled, shooting Ayumi a frustrated look.

    Yet, to her great shock, Ayumi sent her an annoyed glance at the exact same time!

    ‘You…Bitch…!’ Astrid thought, her eyes dilating in rage. ‘You keep pissing me off, first, smash me with your shoulder, then you scoffed at my tits, and now, you’re doing this? I was gonna let you and Emilia ruin each other, but I’ll put you in your place myself if I have to!’

    Unfortunately for the blonde, the Japanese glare seemed to contain the exact same sentiments. Mutual complaints and shared threats collided in a tangled knot between the blue and dark brown eyes.

    Astrid slapped down again, harder than before, watching Ayumi do the same.

    ““AHH!”” The girls screamed in unison.

    This soothed Astrid slightly, that was, until she glanced at Emilia.

    The brunette had a hand over her mouth, trying desperately to contain her pained yelps, but her eyes weren’t focused on her nor on Ayumi, the domineering punishers. Instead, her vicious eyes were staring hatefully at the redhead on Astrid’s lap.

    ‘T-these bitches… are having a little staring contest..?!’ Astrid seethed internally, her face contorting in furious disbelief.

    Emilia’s green eyes weren’t moving in the slightest, and they were clearing staring at something, which told Astrid they were chained together with Bridget’s, the redhead likely staring at the brunette with an equal amount of hateful spite.

    Seeing the look of stunned anger on Ayumi’s face told her that her assumption was right.

    The fourth spanks landed with as much synchrony as the first, and once again the punished girls squealed simultaneously.


    Seeing their burning stares deepen in intensity told Astrid exactly why the pair were so furious.

    ‘They’re pissed at each other for making the same sounds… for moaning at the same time…?! These pathetic bitches!’ She thought.

    Despite thinking this, however, Astrid suddenly felt a strange fluttering in her stomach as she was struck by the realization that whilst Bridgett and Emilia were embarrassing themselves with their synchrony… so were she and Ayumi…

    Noticing this, she stared daggers at Ayumi in humiliation-born anger, only to witness the Japanese beauty glaring straight back!

    ‘S-Stop… copying me…you slut!’

    ‘I hate… this…!’

    Whilst her heart was seized by furious embarrassment, however, the warm wetness in her crotch was growing by the second! It was as though her anger and embarrassment only made her tight slit even more excited, sending a sharp pleasure shooting up her spine.

    ““““Haaumm-?!”””” Hot moans escaped from all four girls in perfect unison. Astrid felt her thighs unconsciously clench together, her toes coiling in her sweaty ankle socks.

    Astrid didn’t know why Ayumi suddenly gasped and had even less of an idea as to why Bridget and Emilia moaned.

    She locked eyes with Ayumi in a moment of awkward mutual embarrassment, before her blue eyes caught with Emilia’s, an equally confused look in her eyes too.

    Sensing a bizarre four-way tangle of emotions, Astrid suddenly found the pleasure in her crotch to be unwelcome. The blonde failed to understand why it wasn’t arriving when she expected it to, yet spiking when she didn’t want it to.

    Rather than thinking about it further, she turned her attention away from Ayumi and Emilia, staring directly at Bridget’s peachy ass instead.

    Her fifth spank smashed down to the redhead’s extended ass, and she tried to take pleasure in the soft ass meat bending under her force, only for the synchrony slaps and simultaneous gasps to steal her attention.

    She felt a hot humiliation at her continuing equality with the Asian beauty, a deep-cutting embarrassment at her inability to differentiate herself. Yet, whilst Bridget and Emilia having the same problem should have made her feel better, it only made her crotch hotter as her sensitive body throbbed and twitched in shame.

    ‘Stop itt…All of youu…!’ She thought, her pussy convulsing and her toes clenching. ‘Stop being so…so…’

    Her jumbled thoughts were interrupted as she felt Bridget’s hips slide forward, the girl squirming on her lap. Reacting instinctively, she thrust her hips up, causing the redhead’s upper body to tip down towards the floor.

    Bridget caught herself with her hands, but her ass was now more exposed than ever.

    What drew Astrid’s attention, however, was the realization that the girl’s crotch was suspended just above hers. She had no doubt that if she were to spank hard enough, Bridget’s clit would smash directly into her own.

    Whilst this was enough to make her heart skip a beat, was made her crotch throb uncontrollably was the unbreaking symmetry between the two pairs of girls. Emilia and Ayumi were in an identical situation to her and Bridget, both girls looking incredibly flustered. Both girls were sporting bright red flushes, their eyes hazy with emotions lost on Astrid.

    Wondering if she and Bridget had identical looks on their faces caused her thoughts to descend into a frantic mess.

    ‘A-am I punishing Bridget… or is it the three of them punishing me?’ Astrid wailed inwardly, the blonde beauty tormented by the sensations she was suddenly incapable of understanding.

    To escape the bizarre situation though, she had to push on and deliver fifteen more spanks to Bridget’s seductive ass…

    Seven to the left cheek and eight to the right.

    Two more slaps rang out, prompting Astrid to glare once again at Ayumi, whilst the two defeated girls moaned in unison before sharing a glare of their own.

    The pleasure built.

    Two spanks, two groans.

    The heat got hotter.

    Astrid refused to indulge the strange sensations rampaging through her body as she continued to punish the defeated ginger, yet even without her consent, the sticky wet pleasure continued to slowly seep into her leggings.

    Contrary to how she thought she would be feeling when she started punishing Bridget, she found herself wishing it would end already.

    Heavy and hot moans filled the air along with the scent of sweat as the time between hits grew longer, Astrid needing more time to force down the pleasure in her cunt. Time that Ayumi clearly needed too, since their spanks continued to land together, their synchrony unrelenting.

    Bridget’s hips dropped over and over, as her firm buttocks were beaten down by Astrid, the black leggings growing wet with sweat from both girls. Astrid’s were wet too, both with hot girl sweat and the bubbling leak from between her pussy lips.

    Eventually, it was done, however, and Bridget rolled off the blonde’s lap, collapsing to the floor with a hot shriek in tandem with Emilia.


    The blonde, on the other hand, flopped backward, collapsing onto Bridget’s bed, her chest heaving as she tried to suppress the near-explosive pleasure.

    Blue eyes stared at the ceiling as she bit down on her lip, whilst her hand crushed her engorged pussy. Her stinging hands were pressing down on her trembling twat as though it were a bleeding wound, the flustered blonde trying to prevent the pleasure frothing around inside her from leaking out of her sensitive slit.

    ‘Stay down. Stay down. Fuck Astrid, don’t you dare… cum now…!’ She repeated again and again.

    ““Hnngg-!!!”” She gasped suddenly, having finally managed to quell her boiling crotch.

    ‘-No!’ Astrid thought desperately, as she registered the sound of another gasping in unison with her.

    Forcing her gaze from the ceiling above, the tired blonde turned to look down the bed, only to see Ayumi staring straight back at her.

    The black-haired beauty had also collapsed onto the redhead’s bedsheets, her bountiful breasts rising and falling as rapidly as her own. The Japanese girl’s creamy skin was coated in sweat, and as Astrid’s blue stare took in the sight before her, she noticed that Ayumi was also cupping her cunt.

    ‘Ha…What a pathetic joke.’ Astrid groan internally.

    The raven-haired woman’s typically cold gaze was tinged with hints of pleasure and exhaustion, but her clenched teeth told the blonde that the frustration was mutual.

    “Fuck you.” Astrid whispered, practically inaudibly.

    Astrid was panting too hard to hear Ayumi’s equally quiet response, though she didn’t need to hear it. Neither did she need to know Japanese to understand what Ayumi was saying-

    “Fuck you.”


    After glaring at Ayumi a few moments longer, the blonde beauty forced herself off the bed. Her body boiling and coated in sweat, she stood above the defeated duo. Bridget and Emilia were on all fours, glaring and snarling at each other like a pair of dogs.

    The shared punishment had done nothing to repair their distorted relationship, only making it worse.

    This didn’t surprise Astrid, as she and Ayumi were in the exact same situation. The shared victory had only made the competitiveness between them grow more desperate.

    Just as she was about to taunt the pair, she felt her knees lose strength, causing her peachy ass to land back on the bed.

    Reflexively, she glanced toward Ayumi, and-

    ‘Same again, this fucking bitch…’

    She felt her insides knot together in anger, but she held herself back from saying anything, as they had more pressing matters to attend to.

    ‘This punishment board… needs its picture.’ The blue-eyed blonde thought maliciously, her cold gaze landing on the dog-like duo.

    “As entertaining as it is to watch you two bitches snarl at each other, I hope you’re not forgetting something.” She spat condescendingly, crossing her still trembling legs as she looked down at the pair.

    “Wha-?” Emilia grunted, her green eyes filled with confusion.

    “I will be needing a picture of you two to put on the humiliation board,” Ayumi stated, her voice blunt and to the point, despite her still flushed face.

    It didn’t escape Astrid’s notice that the black-haired woman had crossed her legs too, and she couldn’t help but question- ’Did I cross mine first, or did she?!’

    Forcing herself to stop thinking about it, Astrid redirected her attention to the task at hand.

    “Bridget, I notice you have a camera over there that looks perfect,” Astrid hummed, her eyelashes fluttering at her defeated opponent.

    “Yeah, whatever,” Bridget growled in response, bitterness contorting her face. “I lost the match, but I’m not your slave, so go get it yourself.”

    ‘Gah- shit!’ Astrid fumed inwardly. She had planned to make Bridget get the camera since her knees still felt weak, but the redhead had instantly blocked her scheme.

    “F-fine!” The blonde spat, standing up once again as she began to make her way to the desk. She could feel three scorching hot stares burning into her perfectly sculpted legs, causing her heart to pound in panic.

    ‘They can’t see anything, right?! My leggings are black, just like theirs, and I can’t see any wetness on them… unless they’re not wet or anything…? Am I the only one…? I can’t be, those sluts were moaning like hell!’

    Her thoughts spiralled without end as the three other girls scrutinised her womanly curves. Her plump thighs, her peachy ass, and her tight cameltoe.


    Astrid felt her breath grow hot under their stares. Stares that stuck to her crotch even after she picked up the camera and began walking back to the bed.

    She didn’t know why she felt the way she did. She normally wore outfits like this to the gym, and never felt embarrassed, yet for some reason-

    ‘Too much…their stares are too much…!’

    After what felt like an eternity, Astrid sat down again, managing to hide her curves from the other women.

    “If you guys are done checking me out, it’s time for the photo shoot,” She spat, covering her unsettled heart with haughty words.

    In response were three snorts, but no rebuttals of her claim.

    “Photo shoot?” Bridget harrumphed, her eyebrow twitching into a scowl. “Film isn’t cheap y’know? You get one picture.”

    “Ha. How convenient.” Ayumi snorted, rolling her eyes.

    “Hey, unless you’re paying, shut your mouth!” Emilia chimed in, the honey-toned beauty growling in annoyance.

    “I didn’t know you were so concerned about Bridget’s bank account, Emilia?” Astrid scoffed.

    “That’s enough!” Bridget interjected before Emilia could reply, “Let’s just get this over with, shall we?”

    The four lapsed into a sudden, awkward silence.

    Just as Astrid was wondering how to go about this ‘photo shoot’, Ayumi spoke up.

    “Get on the bed, hands on the wall.” The black-haired beauty commanded, rising to her feet to give the defeated duo space on the bed.

    Astrid matched her movement and watched as Emilia and Bridget exchanged a hesitant glance before climbing onto the bed.

    The brunette and redhead rested on their knees, with their hands pressed against the bedroom wall. Long, sweat-soaked hair rolled down their petite backs, leading Astrid’s eye down their spines to their perky bubble-butts.

    Astrid swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

    “Are you pulling them down, or am I?” She questioned, suddenly eager to see just how battered their asses were below the leggings.

    “Gah-?! You-!!” Bridget squeaked in shock. She turned to give the blonde a vicious glare, even as she flushed bright red.

    “I-I’ll do it!” Emilia stammered as she jumped at the opportunity, as though afraid that Ayumi wouldn’t give her the choice. The brunette’s hands left the wall, causing her upper body to press against it for support.

    Astrid watched with a fiery gaze as the brunette’s breasts deformed against the wall, squashed within her tight red sports bra.

    The honey-toned girl then reached down to her leggings and began to slowly pull them down. Her hips swaying from side-to-side like a metronome as she did so. Inch by inch, tanned buttocks began to pop out of the black fabric, revealing sensual red panties.

    Astrid sensed Ayumi tense slightly when she laid eyes on Emilia’s ass, causing the blonde to smirk.

    ‘Ha, don’t tell me, you’re wearing red panties too? You two are just too much…’

    Perhaps sensing her derision, Ayumi sent her a vicious glare as the tanned beauty continued to peel down her leggings.

    Soon, the two ass cheeks were fully visible from top to bottom in all their glory. Plump yet not fat, shaped but not muscular. Astrid felt her insides twist as she glared at Emilia’s ass.

    Even the traces of the brunette’s defeat, the red-hand prints covering her bouncy buttocks, didn’t make Astrid feel any better.

    ‘She doesn’t look good at all. I look way better than that…! So why- why do I feel so annoyed?!’

    As irrational as it was, Astrid practically wanted to strip down herself, just to prove that she was no worse than Emilia.

    No-! That she was better than Emilia!

    Ayumi seemed even more glacial than usual, which told the blonde that she was equally irked but Emilia’s display.

    “I think the defeated should learn to lower themselves before their betters,” Ayumi hissed coldly toward Emilia, who seemed to be radiating with arrogance despite her situation.

    “Hmm?” Emilia hummed, turning her head to give Ayumi a taunting stare. “Look at you bitch, you had all that action earlier, but you’re still desperate for another piece of my ass? Well too bad, baby, next time… I’m gonna destroy you.”

    “Once a loser, always a loser.” Ayumi hissed in response. Her hand tensed as though about to deliver another slap, before ultimately deciding against it.

    Astrid was enjoying the spat from the side-lines when she noticed that Bridget was following Emilia’s lead and beginning to strip.

    Slowly her leggings were pulled down her waist, her ass rocking slightly as she peeled the fabric down her sweat sweat-soaked skin.

    That was when Astrid noticed something that made her cunt clench.

    ‘Blue panties?! This fucking…this fucking copycat slut…!’ She fumed internally, overcome by a sudden embarrassment. Embarrassed by the fact that she and Bridget were matching, even below their leggings, and equally humiliated that she was in the same position as Ayumi yet again.

    She sent a wave of scorn from Ayumi’s direction, causing her to cringe to herself as she realized that the black-haired beauty had noticed her reaction.

    Thankfully, Bridget was too busy performing her striptease to notice what was going on.

    Inch by inch, her perky and peach buttocks revealed themselves, the soft and squishy buns finally freed of the black leggings.

    ‘Come on…just a bit more… Pull them down just a bit more…!’ Astrid found herself hoping as she stared at the Irish girl’s crotch.

    But tragically, the redhead pulled her leggings lower enough to expose her ass, but no further than that, the black polyester leggings were still raised around the girl’s pussy.

    ‘Urgh, what’s wrong with me? Wanting to see this slut’s snatch…?!’ Astrid suddenly thought as she realized where her thoughts were going. ‘It’s just because I wanted to see if she was wet…! That’s all!’

    She wasn’t entirely sure if she believed her own justification, but regardless, she was interrupted but Bridget’s cocky voice.

    “You can stare all you want, but I’m not pulling them down any further you know?” The redhead mocked. “The punishment was spanking, so that’s all your ever going to get.”

    “Ever going to get? Big words,” Astrid huffed in response. “You’ll be embarrassing yourself any way I want the next time you lose.”

    “Like I’m ever going to lose to you again, bitch!” Bridget spat in response, swaying her ass back and forth.

    Now it was Astrid’s turn to struggle with temptation. Her hand trembled slightly as she contemplated sending another spank toward the ginger girl’s ass.

    ‘This little bitch…! Fucking goading me…Argh…I’m not giving you the satisfaction…!’ The blonde growled to herself, deciding against it in the end.

    Feeling frustrated about how the defeated duo was acting so arrogantly, she glanced at Ayumi and saw similar sentiments in her eyes.

    “You two are getting on so well apparently, so why don’t you get a bit closer?” Ayumi commanded.

    This command caused the supposedly calm and collected girls, proudly showing off their asses, to tense slightly. Astrid watched as their shared a glance full of irritation before they began to shimmy closer together before stopping.

    “A bit closer?” Astrid said, taking great pleasure in their discomfort. This condition prompted the pair to send her a piercing stare, but ultimately, they obeyed, moving closer until their reddened asses gently pressed together.

    ‘Haa…That’s wiped the smirks off your faces, you little bitches…!’ Astrid thought as she watched the pair squirm in discomfort at their proximity.

    That was, until she noticed something on Bridget’s left ass cheek…and a matching ‘something’ on Emilia’s red ass cheek.

    ‘That…You’ve got to be kidding me!’ The blonde thought incredulously. On Bridget’s ass was Astrid’s handprint, and on the exact same spot on the other girl’s buttock… was Ayumi’s handprint.

    ‘Fuck, I know she was spanking hard, but…the exact same spot?!!?’ A surge of emotion bubbled in her stomach, causing her to twitch slightly.

    ““No way…”” She whispered to herself in shock, only for Astrid to jolt in surprise as she heard Ayumi speaking in unison.

    Astrid’s head whipped around, her eyes locking with Ayumi’s in their most hateful glare yet.

    ‘You bitchhh!!!!’

    Astrid had no doubt that if she were to press Emilia and Bridget together back-to-back, the handprints engraved on their asses… would overlap perfectly…!

    ‘How is it possible to be so similar…?! I hate this! I hate her! So much!’

    She turned back, too angry to even think of Ayumi, only to see the defeated duo in a hate-stare of their own, though she didn’t know what they were angry about.

    “Let’s just fucking take this picture, okay?!” She hissed, wanting nothing more than to get out and escape back to her room.

    ““Do it then!”” Bridget and Emilia spat.

    Astrid lined up the angle, making sure that the proof of her victory was clear.

    “Turn around,” Ayumi spoke, just when Astrid was about to order the same thing.

    Gritting her teeth, she resisted the urge to lash out, whilst the duo on the bed exchanged a scowl but obeyed the order.

    Their flushed faces now in the shot, Astrid pressed down.



    “Don’t touch that, leave it on- actually just give it to me,” Bridget complained as Astrid attempted to handle the newly printed photo.

    The girls had pulled their leggings back up, the match and punishment now both truly over.

    “Hmph, how do I know you’re not going to shred it?” Astrid hissed, even as she passed over the camera.

    “Not everyone is as petty as you, bitch,” Bridget spat. “It’ll be on the board when it’s done. One of you pin up what the challenge was, and I’ll put this under it.” She continued, gesturing to the photo.

    “Fine,” Ayumi said, back to being as impassive as ever.

    “Now, get out my room.” The redhead ordered.

    Exchanging a catty look, Astrid, Emilia, and Bridget all moved toward the door.

    Allowing the other two to leave first, Astrid turned toward Bridget, only to see the redhead glaring daggers at her.

    “Don’t miss me too much, slut. I can come back to spank you again whenever you want, I’m only down the hall.” The blonde taunted mercilessly.

    “Ha! Next time, you’ll be the one getting humiliated. Just wait, you cunt.”

    Astrid only responded with a snort, letting the door shut behind her as she left.

    -Though at this time, Astrid didn’t realize how quickly Bridget’s final boast would be proven right.

    [End of chapter 2]


    It feels like it has been an eternity since I have been on this site, so hello again! I remember the reception to chapter 1 being quite nice, so despite not uploading much here anymore I thought I’d follow up with part 2. I hope it was an enjoyable read!

    This is a very slow story, with a lot of set-up and general ‘not sexfight’ descriptions of the house, etc. This is very much not the norm for me, but I wanted to try something different with this story from the onset, trying to step around from my normal style and emulate writers such as Anubisx.

    If my ‘usual’ such is like a fast-food meal, then this is my attempt at a 5-course meal. Hopefully, people who may not typically enjoy my works may find enjoyment in this story- that was my hope anyway!

    That said, if you made it to the end, and want to try some of this ‘fast-food’, I have a series on Pixiv called Crimson Empire vs Azure Kingdom! It’s not done yet, but has quite a few chapters, with multiple different character pairings.

    I have no idea when I will next upload, whether here or anywhere, but thank you for reading and please leave your thoughts below! I love reading comments.

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    Re: New Story: College Girls Fourway War

    I really liked the way you wrote the strength contests. There’s a lot of strength contests that go unexplored in the sexfighting world. I was initially hesitant about the ‘four-way’, but this seems more like 1v1 between 4 different girls which could work out well. I’d be interested to see how you write a strength contest between the two winners (or two losers or both).

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