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Becky and Sam had been friends all growing up. Next door neighbors, the two girls had done almost everything together. Gone to the same school, played the same sports, excelled in the same classes. Now both girls had graduated high school and were ready to head out into the next phase of their lives. There was one problem.

"I want to **** you up."

"What!?" Sam exclaimed. The two girls were in Sam's parent's basement watching a movie. Becky had been wordlessly staring at Sam for a few minutes before speaking up.

"I want to fight you Sam. And I think you want to fight me too. We've been compared to each other our entire lives in everything. We're even in everything. But, I want to know which one of us is better."

Sam stared at Becky. She started breathing quicker. She felt the same way, she loved Becky but she couldn't help the feelings of jealously and anger when Becky succeed over her and she was sure Sam had those feelings too. But neither girl had ever said anything about it before.

"This is crazy Becky. I don't want to fight you, you're my best friend." Sam said.

"You're my best friend too Sam, but sometimes I just want to grab you by the hair and put my fist into your stomach."

Sam's eyes widened. Becky had the same thoughts she did. She had just dreamt the other night of sitting on top of Becky and slamming her head into the hard ground. She had played with herself while thinking about it.

"You're....you're right Sam. God I just want to rip your breasts off sometimes. It doesn't make sense, I shouldn't want to beat you up, but GOD I want to so badly."

"Becky, its ok. I want it too. I want to beat you to a pulp. I'm getting turned on just thinking about it." Sam was wearing a thin night shirt, Becky noticed that she was aroused.

"So, what do we do about it?" Sam asked.

"I don't think either of us is going to be able to go off to school next year without fighting it out once. Let's take a week to prepare and then meet in the woods behind the high school. We'll fight it out there. No one to stop us."

Sam nodded. "Ok. Promise me something though."

"What's that?"

"I'm not going to give you any mercy, and I don't expect any from you. I want to know which one of us is the best and I want to settle it. No stopping. Not if you cry. not if you beg. I want this to be it."

Sam smiled. "I was thinking the same thing."

The week went by quickly. Neither Becky or Sam really talked to one another, outside of some trash talking texts. Never having been in a fight of any kind before, both girls try to study as much as they could: a little boxing, some MMA, and of course catfighting. Sam spent her time on youtube watching as many catfights as she could, noticing what the winners did and how she could use that to her advantage. She pictured herself sitting on top of Becky, her face bruised and bleeding as she rained down punches on her former best friend. Sometimes she pictured herself strangling Becky until she stopped moving. Sam often played with herself as she thought of the life leaving Becky's eyes. It scared her a little bit but she had her best release as she pictured herself taking her friends life. Becky stole her dad's credit card and signed up for a catfight membership site. While watching one of the fights between two eastern european girls, Becky saw something that took her breath away. The winning girl had just gotten a submission from her opponent. Before taking a victory pose the winning girl slid her vagina over her opponents face and grinded her hips on her opponent. Becky had never thought of doing something like that. She had humped her pillows before, but the idea of doing it on someone's face, ESPECIALLY Sam's drove her wild. It was the ultimate expression of domination. She pleasured herself that night thinking about it.

On the day of both girls wore athletic leggings and sports bras and told their parents they were going for a run and wouldn't be back for awhile. They went separate ways so they could get their focus on the fight. Sam arrived first, she stopped at the clearing and caught her breath. She wiped some of the sweat out of her blond hair and started to stretch. She had been waiting years for this moment, and now that it was here, she was sure that she was going to stomp her best friend into the dirt.

Becky arrived a few minutes later. Her brown hair in a ponytail, she took it out when she saw that Sam had her hair down. She stared silently at Sam for a minute before also beginning to stretch. She had never known this side of Sam before. She hated that Sam had brought this up. Her desire to fight had been a secret she was willing to keep buried but now that it was out she had to hate Sam. She thought about the fun times she had together with Sam at parties, at the beach. She then thought about choking Sam out in the dirt, and she shivered in anticipation. She was ready.

After a few minutes both girls approached each other for a staredown. They were equals in height and weight. But, Sam could help but notice their contrasts. Sam's breasts were bigger, but Becky had a larger butt. She had worn white leggings and a white sports bra, Becky had worn black. The quiet tension grew until Becky broke the silence.

"Sam, are you sure you want to do this? We could really hurt each other."

"Becky, yes. I'm planning on hurting you. You're my best friend and I love you, but we need to settle this. It's been driving me insane."

"Ok. I'm going to **** you up, I hope you know that."

Sam smiled. "I do, I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Before we do this, can I hug you? Just to be sure there are no hard feelings after this." Becky asked.

"Sure. Good idea. We're still friends after all."

The two girls hugged. Sam and Becky felt good while embraced, it almost felt nostalgic.

"I'm sorry for what I'm about to do to you Sam. I love you."

"I love you too Becky, I'm sorry."

The two girls separated and began to circle each other. Nervous sweat started to pool on their bras. Neither girl had any idea how to start this. There had been so much back and forth over text and over IM but now that it was here they couldn't find the words. A few minutes of circling later, the school's clock tower chimed at the hour. Both girls looked at each other and knew, when the clock stopped, the brawl began.

At the last chime, the two girls screamed and rushed at each other, limbs flailing as they tried to get a grip on something, anything. They ended up grabbing a hold of each others long hair and pulled. The pain was excruciating as they felt their hair pulling out of their roots. Becky let go of Sam's hair with one hand for a moment to slap Sam in the face and tugged again at Sam's blonde locks. Sam grunted with pain but kept a grip of Becky's hair. Becky let go again and landed a harsh slap, the sound echoing through the woods. Sam's cheek was reddening and tears were forming in her eyes, but she kept a hold on Becky's hair and yanked harder. Becky yelped in pain and anger and reared back again to deliver a massive slap.

"OOHFUGH!" The third time was not the charm for Becky. When she reared back to strike again, Sam moved quickly and let go of Becky's hair to deliver a punch to her stomach. Becky hadn't been ready for it and Sam's fist dug in right above her belly button. Becky's gripped released on Sam's hair as she tried to hold her aching stomach. Sam quickly capitalized, wrapping her arms around Beckys head in a headlock and squeezed. Becky's groans of pain quickly became screams as Sam tightened her hold. Sam's fighting inexperienced showed as she wasn't sure what to do now. She fired punches to the top of Becky's head provoking screams from the brunette with each one but it wasn't enough. She looked over to the large trees and grinned evilly.

"Time to get one with nature whore!" Sam yelled as she dragged Becky over to one of the large oak trees and rammed Becky's head into the side of the tree. The thud was brutal. Becky screamed in pain and started to sob. Sam pulled Becky's head back again and rammed it into the tree once more. Sam was dying to see her handiwork and let go of Becky. Becky sank to her knees and quietly sobbed. "Let me see your head Becks, I wanna see if I made you bleed." Sam grabbed Becky by the hair to look into her friends eyes and saw blood running down her forehead and a fiery stare. "Oh shi-" Sam started to say right before Becky drove an elbow into her crotch. Sam had never felt pain like that before. She dropped to the ground and held her injured vagina moaning in pain. Becky scrambled away to regroup and nurse her injuries.

There was a moment where it could've stopped. Both girls nursing injuries, now having experienced a fight, and the pain it brought could've agreed to stop there, curiosity satisfied. But as Becky watched Sam hold her crotch in pain she felt the trickle of blood running down her forehead and made a decision. She stood up and walked over to her injured friend.

"You know something Sammy? I was always surprised you made soccer captain over me, I always had a stronger kick!" and drove her foot into Sam's already injured crotch. Sam shrieked in pain and Becky stopped abruptly, sure that someone had heard. The moment passed. "Oh, sorry babe, no one's coming to help you." Becky turned Sam onto her back and mounted her. She grabbed Sam's sports bra and pulled it down revealing her large chest. "God, I always hated you for these things." And drove her nails into the top of Sam's breasts. Sam's screams were beginning to get horse as Becky left red streaks down the front of her chest. "God! That felt good." Becky said. "But, I gotta make em bleed!" And she drove her nails into Sam's chest again this time making a small amount of blood run down. "Oh god Becky you're ruining my boobs. Please stop, please" Sam pleaded. Becky grinned. "Ok, just one more thing." Becky dug her nails into Sam's nips hard. "There. I won't use my nails anymore." Becky drove her fist into Sam's left breast flattening it, and then her right breast, alternating shots. Sam's proud chest began to show ugly bruises and she was openly weeping as her best friend destroyed her body. Becky took a moment to enjoy herself as she saw blood run from Sam's nips. "Boy, I bet this isn't how you though it would go huh Sammy!" Sam muttered something in-between tears. "What was that? Speak up"

*CRACK* as Becky leaned in to hear what Sam had said Sam headbutted Becky in the nose. "Aggh!" Becky screamed as she fell backwards and felt the blood run from her nose. Sam tried to nurse her injured breasts but they hurt too much to touch. Sam was filled with a rage she's never felt before. Rushing over to Becky's prone body Sam grabbed her legs and stomped Becky's crotch several times before removing her bra and began to strangle Becky with it. Sam grunted with effort as she throttled Becky. Between the blood coming out of her nose and the improvised noose around her neck Becky was struggling, but Sam couldn't get a good grip between the sweat of their bodies and the blood. Frustrated, she released Becky who savored the rush of oxygen. But she only got to enjoy it for a moment before Sam pulled her head between her thighs and started to squeeze. Sam had seen this move done in some of the wrestling videos she had watched and thought it was effective. She strained with effort as she squeezed Becky's neck, but realizing she wasn't getting enough leverage switched into a triangle lock, positioning Beckys head right above her crotch and grabbing her leg to increase pressure. Staring down at Becky's bloody face, Sam felt amazing. She could feel Becky's struggles on her crotch and she felt herself start to get wet. She released the pressure momentarily to adjust. As soon as she got space, Becky sunk her teeth into Sam's inner thigh. Sam shrieked "You ****!" and released Becky.

Becky coughed as air rushed back into her lungs and she stood up as Sam nursed her thigh. Wiping the blood from her nose Becky raised her fists. "Come on *****, get up. I'm not done with you yet." Sam got to her feet and noticed the difference in the damage they had taken. Becky's face was a mess. Her nose was cracked and her forehead had a cut in it. She had to wipe blood from her mouth every few seconds. But her body was almost pristine. Sam's chest was a mess. She wouldn't be wearing a bikini anytime soon, and her stomach had bruising. She stood up and raised her fists. "You sure Becks? I don't think I can **** up your face any worse." "I'm going to kill you!" "You're dead!" The two girls charged each other this time swinging fists. They exchanged shots, some to the body, some to the face. Despite her earlier damage, Becky was getting the better of Sam. Sam swung a haymaker that Becky ducked and drove her fist into Sam's solar plexus and kidneys. Sam's hands dropped and Becky followed up with a couple of shots to Sam's face rattling her teeth and causing her eye to swell up. Sam recovered and landed a jab to Becky's nose but Becky powered through and landed a hard shot to Sam's mouth, busting her lip open. Sam stopped momentarily and the brunette followed up quickly grabbing the blondes hair and firing punches into Sam's face. Blood began to run from the cuts opening up on Sam's face. Sam felt herself fading. "Oh no. Is she gonna win?" Becky nailed Sam underneath the chin and Sam dropped to the ground. Sam could barely see through her swollen eyes but could make out Becky standing in front of her. "Becks..please stop. it hurts so much." Becky got close to Sam and whispered "Sorry Sammy. No mercy." And drove her knee into Sam's face. Blood spurted from her nose as Sam fell backwards motionless.

Becky could see Sam's ragged breathing, but she wasn't done. Becky wanted the ultimate satisfaction. She mounted Sam and lightly slapped Sam's face. "Come on, wake up for this. I want you awake." She saw Sam's eyes flutter. "Good." And she drove her fist into Sam's left breast again causing it to spurt blood. Sam could only moan in pain. Becky drove her fist into Sam's stomach and Sam spit up phlem and blood. "Say I'm better than you Sam. SAY IT" and she drove her fist into Sam's right breast. "****! AAGH" "SAY IT" as she punched Sam in the face, drawing fresh blood. "Say it and I'll stop hurting you." Sam gasped out a ragged breath. "Ok..Becky youre better than I am." "Say I'm the queen." "What" Becky clawed Sam's crotch "Say I'm the queen!" "OK, OK you're the queen! Just stop!" Sam was crying now. Beaten and humiliated she only wanted Becky to quit.

"Remember Sam. We said this was to a finish." Becky stood up and removed her sweaty leggings unveilng her shaved vagina and large butt. "And every queen needs a throne." She positioned herself over her best friend. "The last thing you're going to see is my butt. Sorry Sam. You lose." Becky sat down covering Sam's nose and mouth in her butt. Sam's cries were muffled as tried to fight back, reaching and grabbing at anything she could. "Oh no you don't. This is my victory and I'm going to savor it." Becky fired punches into Sam's breasts and stomach until her moving slowed. "Therrrrre we go. Time to see if this is as good as I dreamt. She scooted her vagina over her friends face and began to grind on Sam's broken nose. Becky played with her breasts and mauled Sam's as she brought herself to a loud release. Becky looked down at her friend and saw the recognition in her eyes and smiled. She lifted herself off of Sam who took a small breath. Becky then jumped and landed butt first onto Sam's face with a crunch. She stayed ontop of Sam, playing with herself and torturing Sam until Sam's body finally spasmed. "Wow, that took longer than I thought." Becky said as she stood up and looked at the broken face of her former best friend. Eyes frozen in fear. Becky went and got her phone. "Just need something to remember us by babe." She made a peace symbol and took a selfie next to Sam's dead face. "Besties for liffffffeeee."